The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 24, 1952 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 24, 1952
Page 6
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PAGE SIX '(ARK.)' 'OOUKTBH Here Is Comparison of Key Planks In GOP and Democratic Platforms CHICAGO tfl—Here is » comparison of key planks In the 1952 Democratic and the 1052 Republican platforms: Civil rights: Democratic—"We favor federal say we cannot afford Ihe expense and effort necessary to defend ourselves." Republican—"We should develo- op with utmost speed a force In . as distinguished from paper legislation effectively to secure plans, of such power as lo deter these rights to everyone: <1) the right to equal opportunity for employment; (2) the right to security of persons; £3) the right lo full and equal participation in the nation's political life. . . . We urge that action be taken at the beginning of the 83rd Congress to improve congressional procedures so that majority rule prevails and decisions can be made after reasonable debate without being blocked by a minority in either house." Republican—-'''.'.^ believe that It Is the primary responsibility of each state to, order and control its ou'n domestic institutions, nnd Ibis power, reserve lo the states, is essential (o the maintenance of our federal republic. However, we believe that the federal govern sudden attack or promptly nnd decisively defeat it. This defense against sudden attack requires the quickest po.s-sible development of . . . air power nnd the simultaneous readiness of co-ordinatrd nir, land and sea forces." Labor: Democratic—"We strongly nrtvo- cate the repeal of the Taft-llartley Act. . . .(It) has been proved to be inadequate, unworkable nnd unfair." Republican—"We fnvor Ihe retention of the Tart-Hartley Act . . . (but with) such amrnrimenlK . . . ns time and experience show to be desirable." Agriculture: Democratic—"We will continue lo protect (he producers of basic agricultural commodities tinder the for all farm products in the market place." Tax reduction: Democratic—"As rapidly as defense requirements permit, we favor reducing taxes, especially for people with lower Incomes. But we will not Imperil our nation's security by making reckless promises to reduce taxes." Republican—"We advocate . . . reduction of expenditures by the elimination of waste and extravagance so that the budget will be balanced find a general tax reduction can be made." Subversives In government: Democratic—"The loyalty program of President Truman has served effectively to prevent Infiltration by subversive elements and to protect hnncst and loyal public servants against unfounded and malicious attacks." Republican — "By the administration's appeasement of communism at home and abroad, it has permitted Communists and their Icllow travelers to serve In many ment should take supplemental a-;-1 port program nt not less th . in ~ 00 (Jon within Us constitutional Juris- per cent of parity." Republican—"We favor a farm program aimed at full parity prices terms of a mandatory price sup-| key nircnclo.i and to inliltrate our diction against race, reunion or national origin. . . . We will prove our good faith by ... enacting federal legislation to further Just and equitable treatment In the area of 'discriminatory employment practices. Federal uclion should not duplicate state efforts to end such practices; should not set up another huge bureaucracy." Foreign policy: Democratic—"We pledge our unremitting efforts to avert another world war. . . . We will continue our efforts to strengthen the United Nations. . . . We reject the ridiculous notion of those who would have the United States face the aggressors alone." Republican—"The present art- ministration, in seven years, has squandered the unprecedented power and prestige which were ours at the close of World War II. ... We shall encourage and aid the development of collective security forces. . We shall support the United Nations. . . . We shall always measure our foreign commitments so thai they can bo borne without endangering Ihe economic health or sound finances of the United States." National defense: Democratic — "The Democratic party will continue to stand unequivocally for strong, balanced defense forces for land, sea and air. the defeatist view this country— Wo reject American life. We pledge fair but vigorous enforcement of laws to safeguard our country from subversion and disloyalty." Rayburn Soys People Won't Trade Prosperity for GOP's Promises CHICAGO M>» — The Amrrican people won't trade Democratic party prosperity for Kenubllcnn promises (his fnll, says Speaker of the House Sam Rayburn. In a speech to the Democratic convention last night Rnyburn stressed the don't-changc-horsos- in-midstrenm Idea with which the Democrats hope to win In November. "The Republican leadership tells you that you oupht to change," Rayburn said. "I suggest that you treat this proposition with deep distrust. "What they ask of you Is n modest request from their point of view. It Is only that you trade your new car for an old buggy; swap your television set for a mWic lantern; Jump from the bed Into n strait-jacket of unccrtaintv." Rayburn told the delccatcs t h e OOP tried, after choosing Gen. DuJghl D. Eisenhower as Us presidential nominee, to sfiy a new Republican party had been horn. But he said: "The proof that nothing has changed Is clear. . . . It is the same old party with a new candidate. . . . The American pco- of those who pie arc not going lo trade pros- LUXORA NEWS By SUCg. O. C. DKrVT.R , -jTnvr 24, perity ;or promises," Rayhurn made his speech in ac- | tfucste. Mrs. centlng the convention'3 perma- | H. E. Stanford unrt Mrs. .1 T. Moore. nent chairmanship. of Atlanta. On., enjciyej lisl'im, Mr. and Mrs. William Lynch and eons of Flint, Mich., are visiting Mr. Lynch's mother. Mr.i. J. \V Lynch, and sister. Mrs. Tom Collii and family for two week.?. Miss Betty Mlfflln returned home last week end from Baltimore. M.i.. where she visited friends lor i-*o v.'eete. Misses Gloria fins?, jjwiy; Minton, and Pramrfi Davis o'f Wynne, were her houwjui;v!s over the week enrl. [ Mrs. E. VI, Oclom '« In Ml. c.'om-' ens, Mich., where sue is visit in; her son. Tommv, and family Mrs. R. K. Simon-ion nnd ron Rush, of Little Rock sj>on'. fh» weekend v,ith Mrs, H. W Spanti anrt Mi's Florence Hush, Mr. nnd Mrs. Philip onv and son of California visiu-d lr:?;u)s here last week. .\fr. and Mrs. fi.-.ya! Lan^srlon returned home Sunrfsv form n ^•eclc's vacation at E.'urel'a 5nrjn^= ; Mrs. Woodrn-.v Foidecccy is \ r islt- Ins relatives in Filrminf;h,vn Ala. Mrs. R. T. Uallcw is a piUrnt in the Baptist. Hospital In Memphis. , Mr. Gale Hauna returnrd rnmc M'Wiay Irom ll'.c Mrthoc : .«l Hospital tn Memphis where he v/a-j a patient for '•everrtl rlavs Mr. Ttty V.'hlrniort. Rav O'.nc n L. Houck. II K Hunfoul ind Oil- hcrt Lynch were Liltle H,;i.k .isi- tors Sunday. The Ltixora Book Cliih huirl It-, annual outing In:-t Tur-H:!V and Wedne-'d.iy at Nanabak-et th? C. B. Wood's rotlnse at K.T.-fcshoo Fif'.een memrjer.'; 3r.(l tmre Russell BouiMi. Mrfi. ! Reds Draff Chinese Labor su'lrmnlng a/id fooaUnp. Mr C 11ONO KONG i/Fi —The Chinese! C. Driver. Jr.. entertain?.! thrir Communists have drafted 200,0001 Canasta Club last n.'cri! ' peasants as forced labor to built!; 100-mile railway aton? the ; for dinner. Tn the evening sanies, Mr, I. M. Cnstlio and Mrs. Russell , . . I'tiklcm province coast opposite Na-[Bowen won high .".cores. ( lon/i Mst Formosa , say patches from Canton. r STRAIGHT BOURBON WHISKCY THt »WIIK1K SISTIHIKO COMriHT. IN(. . r[«IM. Ill 406 W. Mo in Phone 4591 Save at Wards Sale Prices FORMER 274.95 REFRIGERATOR WITH A FULL-WIDTH FREEZER REGULAR 149.95 FINE 10-LB. CAPACITY WASHER WITH PUMP 234.88 137.88 Save $40 on Words 8.9 cu. ft. Supreme Model wilh a 50-lb. capacity freezer and full-widlh froster Iray. Oulstanding for oil these conveniences too—Twin Food Fresheners that hold 19 qls. of fruil nnd vegetables, handy utility container, drop shelf for small packages,! 8.5 sq. f I, shelf area, $) 0 DO WNJCRMS. Here's Ihe lowest price ever on a Ward Wn<hor wilh Wring-A-Malic wringer. Efficient 6-vane Swirl- ator washes clothes thoroughly yel genlly without tangling. Automalic timer stops washing action after I to I 5 mmules. The 2" balloon rolls of wringer automatically adjust lor pr«isw«. $5 DOWN, TERMS, J 406 W. Main Sports and Auto Needs MANY ITEMS CUT TILL SATURDAY REG. 49c Spark Plug. Priced extra-low 37e REG. 59e Auto Bug Deflector. Plastic 44e REG. 3.59 Western Field Camp Jug 2.97 REG. 6.79 Western Field lee Box. . . 5.97 REGULAR 8.95 COMMANDER . 1 / .OO Pricts incl. «zeA. V' 12-mo. guarantee. An outstanding value at this «x- tra-low salt pric«. Ampin power for dependable llarts, ordinary driving needs. Fils moil popular carl. REG.l2.Vi Standard BaHery.24-mo. 9 uaranH«.!0.«i REGULAR 1.95 VITALIZED OIL at. can l.OO f W. tax incl. Premium grada—one of Ihe world's finest oils. Equal or superior to brands selling for 40c a quart. Fights power-robbing sludge, carbon, acids. Save. REG. 1.35, 5 1-qr. cam Vitalized, Fed. lax incl. 1.11 SEA KING " OUTBOARD $148 J-HP "Neulral" Twin • quoli motore lellmfl for up to $40 mor«. Shirtt from neutral lo forward with motor running. Auto- malic rewind stort«7. Fully waterproof magneto, 360° pivot. O.8.C. roteH JOOOrpm. 12-HP EQUALS motori selling for S70 more .. ,$237 10% Down on Termi Phone 4591 SALE-FREE INSTALLATION Reg. 24.95 2 2. 44 Most Sedans You'll like the smooth, cool finish, Ihe brilliant "locked- In" colors of these Best Quality Saron Plastic covers. They're buill to look "custom-made"—expertly tail- Ofttd with elastic inserts for a tight, wrinkle-free fil. Ouilted plastic trim. Save now on 5 new patlerm. REG. 16.45 Best Fiber Ready-Modes, now only 14.88 60-DAY GUN LAY-AWAY SALE TillScpltmbtrlS f- Holds your yaa E Reg. 31.95 Western Field .22 Automalic 23.88 ® Mossberfr ..UO-Ga. Bolt-Action Repeater 23.95 (c) Mossberjj Repealers. 20-Ga. 25.95 16-Ga. 31.05 (5) Reg. fii.95 Western Field Repealer ,59.88 (f) R«g. 24.95 Weslern Field Clip Repealer ~21.S8 fj) Reg. 72.95 W. F. De Luxe Repeafre .... 67.S8

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