The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 9, 1950 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 9, 1950
Page 7
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TETORSDAY, MARCH 9, 1950 BUYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE SEVEN Negro Chief Challenges British Act to Exile Him Army Signal Corps Has New TV Wire FORT MONMOUTH, N.J., March Goubau. Nalurnlly, the army men LONDON, March 9. (/T)—Scretse KJl am a, Oxford - educated Negro chief of the African tribe of Bain angwatos, has vowed to fight Britain's action to exile him and his white British wife from his homeland. 1 The government's decision dep- vlng the 27-year-old chief of the throne, given him by a vote of the tribe, has ; threatened repercussions throughout the polyglot British commonwealth and e^en in the United Notions. Commonwealth Relations Secretary Patrick Gordon-Walker announced in the House of Commons yesterday that Seretse was ordered not to return to Ills homeland in the British Protectorate of Bcch- uanaiand. It brought sever criticism from several members of the House o f Commons, Including Winston Churchill, and in most of London's press. Seretse earlier had charged tha he had been tricked into coming to London. His wife, the forme Ruth Williams who was once a London typist, has stayed behinc in the mud hut capital of Serowe awaiting the birth of their firs baby. Seretse told newsmen last night "I intend to fight the decision. He declared he would challenge i in court or possibly in the unite Nations. Wife Ordered (o Remain He also said he would go Horn soon in defiance of the exile orde He ordered his wife to stay i Serowe. Winston Churchill, in Common yesterday, asked Gordon-Walke that Seretse has a right to go ack to that very place and meet (his wife) at that very place ef6re the government take any urther action?" To Gordon-Walker's reply that e could not, Churchill commcnt- 'A very discreditable transac- Lalwr member Archibald Femicr rockvvay said he would Introduce motion in parliament on the ubject. Leaders of colored colonial peo le's organizations began draftlni rotests. Their spokesman, Load' Constantino, a West Indian crlckc 'layer, said: "We shall oppose this treacher nd if necessary we shall appes direct to the king; for the whol uture relationship between th colored and -white peoples of th empire is now gravely threatened. Dr. J. Darlington-Kolle, .who sal he Is director of a New York or animation called Afro-America Cultural ncasearchers, handed Ser else a telegram from the groi promising to appeal on his beha n the United Nations en tl- rounds that the British action a violation of the human righ charter. The liberal London News Chron 5cle said in an editorial that was hard to escape the conclusio that the government had been 1 "to sacrifice Seretse In order th we may not inflame against the white opinion of Soutli Afr cans." Seretse Makes Charges Seretse had charged that t Army Signal Corps has nnounced development of a single- rand wire that can carry a him- red different television transmis- 0115 instead of the one Image now irrlcd by coaxial cable! The new wire couia oring about lajor changes In the present tcle- ision se'np, the signal corps said, riss-crosslng the country and car- ying television far beyond its pres- nl limit of major urban areas. The inventor of the wire Is a 43- ear-old German refugee, Dr. Gcorg 'Will not the minister consider action was meant to appease the tainship. olor-consclous South African gov- rnment of Prime Minister Daniel '.•Malan, who favors segregation 'f the races. cordon-Walker den ned this. The London Times said It the Bamangwato tribe was willing to ake a white queen, "it would not seem to be for the Imperial government, pledged before all nations to respect the equal rights of ai: races, to overrule them." Gordon-Walker said the government had withheld recognition c Serctsc's chieftainship until t h disappearance of what he callet tendencies to disruption "whicl threaten the unity and well-being of the African protectorate." He denied that the decision had been taken because of Seretse's marriage to a white woman. ' Seretse's tribe of about 150.000 Bamangwatos is the largest in the Bechunanlnnd protectorate, which lies on the border of the Union of South Africa avid Southern Rhodesia. Britain has decided to take over direct control of the area during Seretsc's exile. The government also has exiled Seretse's old uncle Tshekedi Khama, who as regert of the tribe protested n- gainst Seretse's marriage and against his acceptance of the cnief- ilcknamed the wire the "a-String." tier its Inventor. The announcement, made here •esterday at, the signal corps laboratories, said the new wire was Imple, Highly efficient and inex- icnsive co make. The engineers said the "G-Strlng" ilso could make possible a videophone system, whereby telephone Flying Saucers Pop Up Again In California VAN NUYS, Calif., March 9. W) —Here conies those flying snuccrs afntn. here early today reported iscrs comd see as well as hear Mho llwt "'W linrt received mimnrous Ms from citizens who said they raw a (lying saucer ship through they are talking to. As for. as the army is concerned. Ijowever, the wire's major use will ]0 to make improvements in radar operalton. fire Department Called To Untangle Irked Cot KANKAKEE, 111.— (1T>— Mrs. Pnul Di Pietra's cat got his tail caught In a washing macnine. He bared teeth and claws and resisted her efforts to free him. But a fire department squad arrived, covered Uie cat with a rug and worked htm loose quickly. Housework Easy Without NaggingBackache As u-e KCt ol.ler, fitresa anil strain, overexertion, escesjiive BinokiriB or exposure to cold sometimes slows down Jti.lney function. This niuy lead miiny folks to com- l>lilin of nrjKKins bftcVaclH-, loss of pel" flivil onercy. }ionil»chrs rnit! cliiriness. ttetlinz up nights or frequent passuKes may Ivsult Iron) minor uluililer irritations due lo COM, dampness or dietary indfscretions. If your discomforts are due lo IheHe muses, don't wait,-try Doan's Pills, n m1M diuretic. Usf.1 successfully by millions for over 50 years. While iffese symptoms may often otherwise, occur, ll's atimzinK how many timya Doau'B cive hapuy relief — help the 15 miles of kidney tuU-a and filters n-tsh out ivaste. del Uoan'a I'iils today" the foggy San Fernando Valley sky Composer Eddie, Coffman snld he first spotted the bright object while driving. He said it appeared to be about 400 feet in the air and traveling at extreme speed. Coffman said ho sped back home woke his next door neighbor. r ac(or liccd Hadley and Mrs. Htulley. The thice of them were discussing the saucer when he said it n|v pearcd again. They looked at 1 with a 20-tiower telescope »hd tt- tmated it to be 50 feet In diameter und black on top. Reminded that the moon was In about the same irasltlon in the sky, offman said: "I've seen a lot of moons, being >ast 21. If that was the moon, it looked most peculiar." The police reiwrted that several other citizens reported seeing the object. Newspapers In nearby Los Angeles also received » number of cills Iran persons who reported seeing the same object. Thailand Government Seeks Better Rubber BANGKOK—</P)—The Thai government has lakcn the first steps towards Improving the quality of rubber exported from the country. It Is building three "model tae- Iprles" in the rubber district of Trang, ni South Thailand, while output will serve as examples for small holders in processing of sheet rubber. THEY'RE HERE! THE GILLESPIE-HUDDLESTON EVANGELISTIC TEAM Hear Them Sing and Preach at FULL GOSPEL TABERNACLE Lilly & Vine Streets Rev. R. T. 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