The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 9, 1950 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 9, 1950
Page 5
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F ' THUESDAY, MARCH 9, 1950 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.)' COURIER KIWI Paris Lights Burn Despite Strikes France Drafts Key ' Personnel to Keep Industry Running PARIS, March 0. Wj—Thousands o( ^fillty workers struck through- oiitjllrancc today but a government draft of key jx?rsonnel kept the lishls and giis burning. The only immediate noticeable effect of the stoppage \ws a lowering of gas pressure. Householders found it took a long time to cook - breakfast. Industry rild not appear to be hi by the walkout which had bcei scheduled to begin at rMdntgrit ( p.m. EST) last nirjht. At least ten per cent of til 100.000 workers In the nationalize( utilities were at their posts, drafte under war powers act of 193f Thoush all utility \vorkers \vcle sub jcct to the "requisition," whic provides jail terms for violator police yesterday delivered draft no ticcs only to 10.000 key men, a gov eminent spokesman said. A spokesman nt the ministry of commerce and industry said no worker had rebelled at the draft. The ministry said It had no immediate information on how many of hte other 90.0CO utility workers had struck. Strike Has IJlllc Success Reports from outside Paris indicated the strike was having small success in other major French centers. Gas and electricity service /were reported normal in Dijon, Nice, the rubber manufacturing center of clcrmont-fcrrand. and in heavily industrial Met?,, where normal deliveries of ea s reportedly were bein: ma jji to the big coke ovens a PhSpourg and Sarrcgucrohics. Power sfniion crews, who received their draft notices yesterday afternoon. Had reported for work on ihc niRht shift without incident Workers striking In defiance of the draft orders are subject to penalties up to live years in prison. The commerce and industry ministry reporter! this morning the power rating in Paris electricity plants was about normal and far above the level available In previous strikes. They said there probably would be no current shutdowns. The nation's other centers—Mar- Cotton Men Of Missouri To Hear Smith WHEAT (AND TAXPAYERS) WILL HIT THE CEILING—A jjmni hangar that once houseu wnr planes at Topeka, Kans., Air Force Base Is now piled high with wheat This is one of fonitf huge hangars [eased at the base by the Commodity Credit Corporation to create enough space for) WO,000 bushels oi corn and wheat, bought to keep prices up. The base adjutant, Maj. Jobn Si Buflin. looks over the mountain of whom. Four Are Killed In Advance Fire Am'ANCE. Mo., Mrrch 9. Wl— Three small boys and their father wished in a fire that engulfed -heir farm home shortly before midnight last night. The mother and another son escaped with serious burns. Neighbors expressed belief a kerosene stove exploded while the family slept. The victims v.'cre Buford Grader, 26, Dwalne, 0, Donald, 4, and Billy, 2. The bodies ol the children were found embraced in their father's arms near a window, Indicating where they were felled by the flames while attempting 'to escape Mrs. Grader, 22. was found running, down a road near the flaming four-room house with her threc- month-old son. Dennis, In her arms They were taken to a Cape Oir- ardcau hospital in a serloiis con oil ion. TINY SUN TOGS BHS Red Razoo Club Holds Display Df Winning Entries in Photo Contest PORTAGEVfLLE, Mo., Mnrch Ilonnle P. Grcenwcll, executive vice-president ol the Missouri Cotton ProdiiQprs Association, today announced Hint Gov, Forrc.sL Smltli will be the principal spenker nt the organization's first nniinnl meeting to be held In the Armory at Stkcs- ton Mnrcli 18. OUier , .speakers on tho program will be Conyre.ssmnn George T. Chri.stophcs, re]»resenlatlve from the Sixth Missouri DLstrlct; Con- Ri'c.ssmaji Pf\»l C. Jone.s, representative from the Tenth Missouri .District, and ?:d Linscomb of Mrnr- phis. 'rcnn., director of public relations for the National Cotton Council. The group was organized in March j last year and ILs membership includes leading cotton farmers In every cotton-producing county In Missouri. Its objectives are 'nctlcr- i)> gthe economic ixxsition of farmers, farm tenants and farm workers in Southeast. Missouri, and otherwise Improving the general economic welfare of the region. Grcen'.vell said tajk.s arc ojicn to the public whether or not they are members of the association. Worships Drop Anchors ATHENS, Greece, March ». Five war-shins of the U. S; Sixth Task Fleet, which had been ordered to slay away from Greek ports during the national elections, dropped anchor todrvy at Phiileron liay for t four-day visit, One-fifth of the knitic accidents in the U.S. in 1947 Involved children. Involving moral turpitude; that no licerwo to sell beer by the undersigned has been revoked within five years last past; and that the under- slRncrV has never been convicted ol violating the laws of this slate, or any other slate, relative to the sale of ntcohollc liquors. Application Is for permit to be is- sued for operation beginning on th« 1 day of April 1850, and to expire on the 30 day of June, 1950. Frank Moors Subscribed and sworn to belors me this 8 day of March 1050. Mrs. Marshall Blackard, Notary Publis My Commission expires: NOTICE Notice is hereby Riven thai I lie undersigned has filed wltli the Commissioner of Revenues of the Stale of Arkansas for permit to sell and dispense beer at retail on the premises described as Huffman, Mississippi County. The imclers!°neri stales that he Is a citizen of Arkansas, of gcxxt moral character, that he has never been convicted of u felony or other crime (/A Utlt-ttl-M • Syrup of 9l*tk D Weak, Tired, Nervous, Pepiess Men, Women Not as nnmxlnf? AH It may seem, because ayoijng chittt knows that it la good. Children never mind Inking Byriip of Black-Draught when a laxative la nccdiMl to Fiirl cllminnUon. Syrup of Black-Draught bus a B[)lcy ilavor! Tt'H tmro! It's scientifically pre- pfired from llio finPsL Imported herbs known for centuries for laxative use. Syrup of Blaclt-Draiifjhl IB iiicrerusinj? Its popu- InrUy slcinHly. Rn, do as others do when youngsters are crying 1 , fretful niul oul-of-sorls hncFiunc Ihoy need a InxMivo, give Syrup of Btack- Drnuglit. You \vilt bo snlisfted with the positive, pleasant results. UoitiiMtibcr, for grown-ups, Black-Draught is sold in powdered or grnnnlnled form; uoals less Ihnn onn cent n dose. You cnn nlwayn jjct lilnck-Drmi^ht at the dealer's nearest you. UK E 'T L O D ?A E K NE SYRUP OF BLACK-DRAUGHT GetN«wVioi,l The Red Kazoos at Blylhcvillc-fr High "chool will display winnli \ entries In a local photographic con-, est this week, along \vlth the exhibit of winning entries In the riation- \\ Ili«h School photographic en tics t spoiisoreci by the Eastman Kodak company. Harry FrHzhis, Jr,, president of .he Red Rfl7.oo club, said tnclny that :he winners of ihe club's contest were to be entered In the national contest nexl fall. Approximately 80 black and while photographs are in the national exhibit, which is being shown to high schools throughout the nation. Ohio Ex-GI in England Living.of Party Scene 'MANCHESTER, England—//TV- Lima, Ohio ex-GI. now attending Manchester university, is staying at an English home where he -and other American soldiers enjoyed weekly parties back In 1044. William L. GMnes is living at the home of tvTr. and Mrs. Frank Wat- .malign"' of Mnnchi'slcr who gave parties thriughout, the war for U.S. troops. He is studying English political history at Manchester. Included In Ihe national exhibit are four first place winners, four second prize winners, and four third p-ace winners, as well as the Nebraska fnim scene photograph that won the grand prize. The scope ol the contest extends into foreign countries and n grand prize is also awarded for the out: standing South American entry. In the local contest. K. B. Gee. Jr., won first find second rating In the -semi-nrofcsslonal division, and Albert Fairfteld won third and fourth place ratings. There were ibout 15 entries in this division. In the senior amateur group, Marjorie Hale won bolh first and second fjlace ratings from a. fTelcl of about 30 entries. The exhibit Is set up at. the high schocl auditorium and will he open between 3 n.m. and -1 p.m. throirgl: Saturday afternoon. Belly Landing Saves Transport NEWARK. N. ,!„ March 9. {/Pj— A twiH-enginc C-4G transport plane with 51 persons nboard slid 200 feet In n safe belly landing last night in rain and darkness a I. Newark airport. Airiwrt nuthoritie-s said the landing near of the i.hip, bound from Miami, Fla., to Newak, collapsed as the plane touched the runway. Most rilrta'lcclli) * or*«w»ua- r p iiLdmj '<!<•* JiUMo Llrvxra Istlt nt flay, liavis tilcinjf of vitality ltd over liy even!UK. onroi oinitltu In.n /or I>li«v1 (-liis nu'jikmi'i'iary tiniy f-Or, Tif n-'lrri''"n^"''rrilplcls U [Vr C »"w i^fl! vim. visor, vJinlity.bciicr ucrvi^, ihii vtrc il«y. At ill I liniR sturoi. evi'rj'wlitre.—lj Illyllirvllte, at Kirhj A Wonite l»rur of the 50 11 pnssenges thought was merely a rough landing. Streams of gasoline from punc- ircd tanks spewed on the rnin- vept runway as the passengers and mbed dt*'s n a ladder to tfcly. No one was injured, but a vcgnnnl woman was taken to a ospiliil for a routine checkup. A port of New York authority olice emergency crew brought a idder to the plane d^ar, about six eet off the ground. Passengers were Lold not to smoke because of the JOG Is of high-octane aviation gaso- ine. The lights remained on in the jr ship and there was no pa me excitement. A darling little sleeveless dress to wear now. with a blouse—lalcr It makes a .perfect sundress. Trim with colorful ric rac. To match,'a Pattern No. BJfiO is n sew-rile perforated pattern In sizes 1, 2, 3. 4, 5 and 6 years. Size 2, dress, 1'A yards of 39-inch; bolero, ** ynrd. Send 25 cents now for the Spring and Summer FASHION. 48 pages of new styles, fabric news, special features. Free pattern printed in- slrie the boak. For Ibis pattern, scnri 25 cents in COINS, vonr name, address, size desired, and the PATTERN NUMBER to Sue Burnett Courier News. 530 South Wells Street. Chicago T, III Send 25 -cn(s now for the Spring and Summer FASHION. 48 pages of new styles, fabric news, special features. Free pattern printed inside the book. scille, Lille, Lyon, Nice and Le Havre—all had normal light and power. Soine of them had norma" gas pressure. . •Niphi Life Jangles Paris night life jangicd on past the midnight deadline without even a flicker. Communist and non-Comimmist unions joined in the strike call to back up demands for a 3,000-franc ($8.50) monthly minimum wage increase. They protested the draft order but in a statement gave ns- snrance that gas and electric tiy nccesary to community life would be provided. The union, had rejected a management offer to pay increases ranging from 750 to 6,00 francs ($2 to SIS) monthly. Though basic service was being retmained to be seen whether enough workers would obey the draft summons to cope with, peak load periods. Treat your COUGH IHSIDE-OUT! Vv^erewoff Bares Germon Fangs FRANKFURT, Germany, Marc 0. f/pj— Germany's undcrgroun "werewolf" organization bared it fangs ngain today. It distributed leaflets sayiu "Americans, English. French Spuds Lose in Color Feast; Chef Takes It On Lam, Aide Says NKW YORK, March 9. W)—Tim potatoes were n little green—noL unripe, just un-bluc. It wfis nt n dinner last night at (he Statlcr Hotel for the inter- society color council, a professional group ranging from artist-s to ink makers. Since they all were interested In color, they decided to mix the rainbow with r the menu. Blue potatoes, snper-gVeen pens, canary yellow chicken, etc. *, Head chef Josef M. Fanssone muttered U) himself In French as he prepared the unorthodox dishes. Ali were n success, however, except the spuds — which changed color and came out a blue-green or tur- rpioise color. After the menl Chef Fnussone was nowhere to he found, "He has disappear'," snid an nkle. Crocodile Fortunes Said To Be Illusion of Past Mt, Whitney, CnUIovuin, liig point, in the U. S., Is 14,495" tall. feet Russians, we wnr IT you." The pamphlets prild the wcrcwnl stiil was alive "and growing stronger tiny by day." The organization took- its name from n. legendary person who conic at will, change his form into wolf and practice cannibalism. Composed of young German din hards, the werewolf sprung int< prominence at the close of the war it had been hibernating until today DARWIN. Anslrblln— (/P)— Coma o Darwin by nil means, but don't expect to make n fortune shooting crocodiles, says Northern Territory Administrator A. R. Driver. Crocodile hunting grounds. 1". the vast, 'aiinly populated NorLhcrt Terr i tor v of Australlia have been shot out in the last 20 years. The 30-foot monsters have gone find today any croc more than 10 fee loii£ is thought n Rood skin. "Every year dozens of young mei return south dlheartcncd after hav ing gambled their savings on spotlight, a dinghy, a .303 rifle, and a dark, mosquito-ridden rover," says Dnier. Most of the successful shooters are established in some business in Durwln, and take a few months oil each year lo p,o shooting. Draughon-Trained For Good Position Miss M a r y Abbott is the, daughter of Mr.; and Mi's, H. J,' Abbott of Spnrkman, AT- kansas, A / I e r' graduation from Spar km.™ High School, she took a secretarial course nt the Draufilion School of Bxisi- •!'_ ness, and now holds nn excellent secretarial losilion with the Tennessee Vnl- .ey Electric Supply Company of Little Rock. This is just one of thousands of j instances where Draughon gnatl- i notes nnmudinlely secure tine: jobs upon qualifying through Draughon training. i; The Drauglion School of Business is lite only private business college in Arkansas that is fully accredited and approved by the State Department of Kducalion. Now in iis _4i)lh continuous year of operation, the Drnu^hon School is one of the oldest business training schools in the; South, and points with pride to more than 50,000 graduates. There are DrniiRhon courses teaching all brandies of business. For information concerning any type of business training, write DRAUGHON SCHOOL OK BUSINESS, Little Rock, Arkanr.Ti, where business is taught as business is done. Also Howling Co-Hit I MAD COMEDY HIT...Set lo NEW Hit Parade Songs/ BETTY ' VKTOS .«•£.'<, '„ MUTTON *mi • WIIL1AM •& DEMAREST JUNI ^v >iAVOC W • Plus Bifr Color Carloon • Watch tor "Mighty Joe Young" BLYTHEVILLE'S ONLV ALL WHITE THEATRE Thur.-Fri. • 2 Big • »ic Double Feature Hits I DeCARLO IDURYEA- RIVER LADY ! Beriiil — Curl win Also THEATRE Manila, Ark. l.asl Times Today "AMSTERMiNDS" >villi The BOWCTJ Uoys News anil Comcily Friday & Saturday "STAGE TO CHINA" • .with George O'Brien Cartoon and Serial ise-t the tickle. Take >rt, old Rcll's CoiiKli 'riip: «nd Tcry your (hront and iirs pour om cxlrn rclions which tenrl to Runh nway phlrsrm im inniie out, Mo vconrtcr KcH'it ntnps tickle, Is c(nichs-f\fU!r-coH3, even rt-Uevpa eipwf- « c^ll^K^l, DoetnrH prcscrthr the fnmr In- nlicnts. Cnnr»TitrM U» conUin _____ to r_hitrtrcn. 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