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Star-Phoenix from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada • Page 31
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Star-Phoenix from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada • Page 31

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
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I Local C9 Monday, April 12, 1981 Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Star-Phoenix Saskatoon's debt position improves StarPhocnix Printed and published daily By Les MacPherson of the Star-Phoenix except Sundays and statutory holidays by Armadale Publishers Limited at the office ol the STAR-PHOENIX, 204 Fifth Avenue North, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, S7K 2P1. Second Class Mail Registration Number 0098. Classified Index Phone 653-2100 Buying, Selling, Renting, Trading, READ and USE Classified Ads. DO IT DAILY! and other general municipal revenues. When applied against various funds already collected to repay specific debts, the city's net debenture debt is is $21.9 million, below the 11-year average.

In terms of constant 1971 dollars, the city's net debt has actually declined to about $8.8 million in 1981 from more than $25 million 10 years earlier. debt was $53.5 million, the highest level in five years. The amount is, however, below the total debt recorded in 1971. Excluding school board and self-liquidating debts where repayment is financed through utility rates or local improvement levies, the 1981 gross municipal debt totals $30 million, the most since 1972. This amount must be paid for through the city's share of property taxes According to the report, the city's unused borrowing capacity, limited by the provincial government, now exceeds $82 million.

The report follows an in-camera meeting one Saturday in February during which council examined a report on medium-term finincial implications and restraints facing the city during the next five years. Prepared by finance director Andy Gilewicz, the report has not been made public. Outside borrowing to finance municipal projects is on the upswing in Saskatoon but the city has begun the 1980s in a stronger debt position now than it was 10 years ago, according to a report from the city's administration. As of the end of last year, the city's gross outstanding debenture Direct dial numbers for Star-Phoenix Accountants (Chartirod) Accountants 312 314 372 345 Classified 653-2100 Circulation 664-8320 Acreage Indus! Acreagt Rural Agents Aircraft Anniversaries Antiques 75 181 13 109 179 490 Rent 432 17 Antique Vehicles K. Struthere, Executive Vlce-Preel-dent: James E.

Petro. Enecutlve Editor; Ed Sebaatyen, Marketing Manager; Merv Cary, Production Manager; R.D. Thompeon, Advertiaing Mana- Sar; Jack Cook, Managing Editor; (ayne Wohlberg. Circulation Manager; Lawrence Gelaal, Controller; Wilt Popofl, Associate Editor. Apartment Blocks.

Antrtmims-Hottit Appliance Repair. Appraiser ACC 329 Articles For Salt 103 Article Wanted 117 School official remains firm on Aberdeen bus route issue Janitorial Service .276 landscaping 264 Lawnmowers 142 Lawyers 320 Legectes Memorial 10 Listings Warned 41 Livestock A Accessories 356 Loans Wanted 26 Lodge Notices II Lost n' Found 16 Lots To Rent 453 Lots For Salt 451 Lumber 105 Management Consultant 316 Market Research 311 Meals 136 Memorial Society I Motile Homes 971 Money To Loan 16 Monuments 9 Mortgages S11 Motorcycles A Bicycles 200 Motortiomes 205 Moving A Storage 284 Musical Instruction 291 Musical Instruments 300 Notices 22 Notary Public 322 Nursing Homes 296 Search for hunter abandoned Autn isi Auto Rentals 117 Auto Repairs A Accessorial '190 Autos aanted 183 59 BaoysMlrre-Clilldcirt 302 sands A Orchestras SC. properties 457 CLASSIFIED RATES einns Board A Room For Rent 400 Board a Room Wanted 401 Boats Accessories 202 Buildings 348 Bases For Sale 175 Business Collages 294 Business Opportunities 470 Cabinets-Furniture 260 Chain Saws 352 Campers-Trailers 204 Camping Equipment 206 Card 01 Thanks 5 Carpets 256 Ottlct Help 67 Optometrists 334 Out 01 Town Properties 466 PilntlngOecoratrog 237 Parcel. Letter Service 306 Parking 197 Private Party Rates (Classified ads set Solid a pt.) The following rates apply to noncommercial private sales and services only, and are based on a count line, per Insertion basis. The minimum charge Is S2.S0.

Minimum size 2 count lines. All private party advertisements ordered from outside Saskatoon's re-tall trading area will only be accepted on a prepaid basis, cash, money order, cheque or charge card. Part Time Helo 61 Patents. Trade Marks 326 Personal 14 Personal Services 16 Pets 140 A general search for a hunter missing near Hudson Bay since Sept. 23 will not be reopened this spring, according to a Hudson Bay RCMP spokesman.

The search for Bill Earnshaw, 65, of Regina, has been discontinued, and RCMP will not start another organized search "unless we get some kind of a lead," said Sgt. Ernie Miller. Helicopters, airplanes, overland vehicles and dogs had been used in the search last fall. On Oct. 31, one of Earnshaw's sons and some friends found the hunter's rifle and jacket about 25 kilometres southwest of Hudson Bay, near Catenng duo Cement-Brick 245 Christmas Trees 105 Coins A Stamps 119 Coming Events 19 Commercial Property 480 Condominiums 496 Contractors-Carpenters 229 Photooraohv 121 Plisttrlng-Stucco 239 Plumbing A Heating 236 Poultry i Eggs 364 Product 134 1 to 2 Insertions 3 to 5 insertions 6 to 9 insertions 10 to 13 insertions 14 or more Insertions 65c a line 48c a line 40c a line 35c a line 33c a line cottages for sate oo Cottages For 461 Crematoriums 7 Custom Harvesting 366 Prat.

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bus at 7:25 a.m.,' said Penner. The division has refused to change the route, stating that it conforms to policy. The Sopatyk children attend school in Aberdeen but the bus first drives beyond Vonda seven kilometres in the opposite direction before heading back along Highway 27 and past the turn-off to the Sopatyk farm. The division laid out this circuitous route because the bus driver lives slightly south of the Sopatyks and it conforms to policy that he pick up the children on his way to Highway 27. If he were to pick them up on the way back he would have to veer off the highway.

Mrs. Sopatyk said she has been told routes are often winding because bus drivers are guaranteed a certain number of kilometres a week. But Milton Hertz, president of Hertz Northern Bus Ltd. which supplies 50 buses to the division, said she was mistaken. His said his bus drivers are paid for a minimum of 96.5 kilometres a day, regardless of whether they drive that far.

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The trustees demoted Sawkey last December after he wrote a letter to them allegedly criticizing their employment practices. The trustees resigned Dec. 14 following controversy concerning their decision to demote Sawkey. Tony Selinger, a former Regina separate school board administrator, was appointed official trustee for the school division. Trade A Construction Help 53 Trades A Professions 227 Trade Schools 292 Trucks For Sale 174 -S-P Photo by Peter Wilson pawin.

bask, occurred on Wednesday. April 7th, 1982. The Funeral Service will be held on Tuesday, April 13th at 2:00 p.m. conducted by Rev. School bus policy defended Truck Repairs A Access 191 Truck Rentals 169 Trucks Wsnted 185 T.V.

Rentals 447 Allan T. Shaw from the Ni-pawin United Church. Surviv tioooies a trans no Home Improvements 256 Horse Trailers 360 Hospital Personnel 77 Hotels A Motels 472 Houses For Rent Furnished 425 Houses For Rent Unturn 427 Houses (Untum. Fum.) 429 Houses Wanted To Rent 431 Houses For Sale 980 Houses Wanted To Buy 973 In Memoriams 4 Industrial Lots 370 Industrial Mich, Repairs 368 Instruction 290 Insulation 233 Insurance 27 Investigation-Security 266 Investments 28 Investment Properties 476 Wanted To Rent 449 Warehouse Soace 463 ing are: her loving husband, Fredrick; two daughters: Mrs. Ruth Gvsler of Laura, Sask.

and Mrs. Joyce McKay of Warehouse Sptct To Rent 437 Well Drilling 272 Prince George, B.C.; one son: windows James of Margo, five grandchildren; two great grandchildren; one sister: some time, said earlier the bus ride was particularly tiring for the girl. But the Sopatyks maintain the ride also is tiring for their other two daughters, aged six and 11. Hertz said there would be no problem if the Sopatyks' bus driver lived in Vonda. The route would then start in that community and the Sopatyk children would not have to double back.

"All routes are established in order to minimize the number of miles that have to be driven," said Penner. He confirmed that, if there is medical evidence of a need, the division is willing to supply special transportation for the 12-year-old who has cerebral palsy. The Sopatyks, who have been driving the children to school themselves for Upholstery 114 Vtcttion Properties 459 Vans A Accessories 177 Vehicle Storage 196 Mrs. Betty Cassidy of Saskatoon and one brother: John Pray of Humboldt, Sask. She was predeceased by her par ents: Mr.

and Mrs. Mike Pray, one sister, Mrs. Sarah Bell and two brothers, Mike Pray and Steve Prav. The late Mrs. En Deaths Deaths gele was born and raised at ICtnlmH) Bruno, Sask.

and married ner husband Fredrick in 1930. She resided at Bruno until moving BIRNIE The death of Harry Hastings Birnie age 80 years, 9 months, 14 days of 124 Main Street East, Saskatoon occurred suddenly at his home on April 10th, 1982. The Funeral to Carrot River in 1944 and In 1958 to Margo, Sask. In 1973 Mr. and Mrs.

Engele retired and moved to Nipawln where they have since resided. Flowers are gratefully declined Service will be held on Tues day, April 13th at 1:30 p.m. MOHR The passing of Mr. Edmund Otto (Ted) Mohr age 82 years of Asqulth, Sask. occurred at his residence on Friday, April 9th, 1982.

The Funeral Service will be held on Tuesday, April 13th at 2:00 p.m. conducted by Rev. N. Stewart Dingwall from Park Funeral Chapel, 311 Third Avenue North. Courtesy parkin? north of the Chapel.

Survivinc are: two nieces: Mrs. Marlorit Holt of Asquith, Sask. and Mrs Helen Odland of New Westmin and memorial donations may be made to The Arthritis Society, 860 Victoria Avenue East, from Grace Westminster United Church conducted by the Rev. W.A. Stevens.

(In lieu of flowers the family would appreciate donations to the Sas Regina, Sask. The Pallbearers will be: Trevor Engle, Donald Carter, Floyd Stewart, Harry Gade, Bill Currie and Dave Nelson. Interment will take place in the River's End Cemetery. Arrangements are in care of Park Funeral Chapel. katchewan Heart Foundation).

He leaves to mourn his loss his wife, Sylvia; one daughter, Bev Wahl and her husband Bill ster, B.C.; two nephews: Robert Mohr of Hav River, N.W.T., and Jack Mohr of Re gina, and two sisters-in- law: Mrs. Vera Mohr of Saskatoon and Mrs. Goldie Mohr of Llovdminster, Alta. He was predeceased by his parents: MOKER Louis Moker age 71 years of 424 9th Street East, Prince Albert passed away in the Prince Albert Hospital on Thursday, April 8th, 1982. River Park Limited, Prince Albert are entrusted with the Funeral arrangements.

Prayers will be offered Monday, April 12th at Mr. and Mrs. Henry Mohr, two sisters: Alma and Bertha and five brothers: Claus, John, Hank, Ralph, and Carl. The late Mr. Mohr was born in Trenton, Nebraska and came 7:30 p.m.

from St. Mark's Roman Catholic Church, Prince Albert. Mass of Resur with his parents to the Avon-dale district of Saskatchewan in 1902. In 1947 he moved to the rection celebrated by Rev. Fa town of Asqulth and had resided there since.

Mr. Mohr had ther S.J. Racjynski from St. Mark's Church on Tuesday, farmed in the Asqulth district prior to his retirement and had served with the R.C.A.F. dur April 13th at 10:30 a.m.

Louis was predeceased by his first wife Nan In 1970, his parents the late Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Moker (nee Kathleen Venne) of Calgary; four sons, Dr. Howard Birnie and his wife Maxine, Norman of Oklahoma, Edward Birnie and his wife Jean of Edmonton, Daryl Birnie and his wife, Isobel of Calgary and Jim Birnie and his wife Lois of Canmore, Alberta; eighteen grandchildren and three great grandchildren. He was predeceased by his father and mother, John and Jane Birnie, three brothers, John, Bill and Jim and one sister, Jessie Johnson.

Born in Geneva, Illinois on June 17th, 1901, he came to Wawota, Saskatchewan with his parents in 1908. He married Sylvia Surr-Ing in 1930. He was Telephone Lineman at Hodgevllle, Saskatchewan, 1936-1947, owned and operated the Power House, Ogema, Saskatchewan, 1947-1951, owned and operated Bir-nles Confectionary, Victoria Avenue, Saskatoon. He was a Ham Radio Operator since 1962, call letters VE5UB and held a Certificate of Proficiency in Radio Advanced Amateur, a W.A.S. Certificate (Worked All States) and a W.A.C.

(Worked All Continents). He served as Steward at Grace United Church. His hobby was building Grandfather clocks and since his retirement he had built sixteen, the seventeenth is unfinished. Interment will take place in Hillcrest Memorial Gardens. Arrangements are in care of Saskatoon Funeral Home.

ing World War Two. Flowers are gratefully declined and Memorial donations may be made to the Saskatchewan Surviving are: his present wife Adeline (nee Konner the for Heart Foundation, 279 Third mer Mrs. Adeline Shanks), five daughters, Marlene (Pe Avenue North, Saskatoon, S7K 2H8. Interment will take place ter Tarnowsky) of North Bat tleford, Kathleen (Harvey in the family plot in Woodlawn Cemetery. Arrangements are in care of Park Funeral Chatlam) of Saskatoon, Bever ly (Conrad Sherwin) of Sylvan Lake, Alberta, Betty-Lou (Cal lahan) of Vancouver, Connie-Mae (Stephen Wernikowskl) of Regina, fourteen grandchll dren, two stepsons and two stepdaughters, eleven step grandchildren, four step great grandchildren, one brother and six sisters: Eugene (Joy) Moker of Wakaw, Ethel (Mrs.

Frank Einarsson) of Prince Al bert, Julia (Mrs. Jack Cotton) of Calgary. Mary (Mrs. Al Wallace) of Creston, B.C., Kathleen (Mrs. Wilbur Kirkpa PASTOR The death of Kath leen Pastor age 82 years of the trick) of Lynden, Washington, Elaine (Mrs.

Wilfred Piccard) of Edmonton, and Peggy (Mrs. Battleford Regional Care Cen tre and formerly of Saskatoon occurred at her residence on Walk in the park Sunny skies and temperatures of about eight degrees attracted many people outdoors Easter Sunday for a stroll in the park. Similar weather conditions are expected again today and Tuesday. (S-P Photo by Glen Berger) Saturday, April'lOth, 1982. The Funeral Service will be held on Thursday, April 15th at 1:30 p.m.

from the Chapel of the Saskatoon Funeral Home. VESKERNA The death Of Mrs. Frances Veskerna occurred in Outlook Union hospital. Outlook, Sask. on April 10th, 1982 at the age of 88 years.

Mrs. Veskerna was born April 26th, 1893 in Czechoslovakia. She immigrated with her family to Taber, Minnesota, USA in 1903 and in 1906 they came to Canada to the Tullis, Sask. district. She married Joseph Veskerna on September 3rd, 1913 and they farmed at Demaine, Sask.

In 1946 they moved to, the town of Demaine and in 1953 they moved to Saskatoon. In 1973 they moved to the Outlook and district Pioneer Home Units in Outlook. Left to cherish her memory are: her daughter Eva and her husband Orval Hastie of Outlook, her son Ralph and his wife Monica of Saskatoon, seven grandchildren, seven great grandchildren, and her brother, John Kadler (Joe Kadla) of Aukland, New Zealand. She was predeceased by her husband In 1974, her son Edward in 1954, and by four brothers. Funeral Services will be held Tuesday, April 13th at 10:30 a.m.

from St. Andrew's United Church, Outlook, Sask. with the Rev. Austin Jagoe officiating. Interment will follow in Woodlawn Cemetery, Saskatoon at 1:15 p.m.

Memorials to the Saskatchewan Coucil for Crippled Children and Adults, 1410 Kilburn Avenue, Saskatoon would be appreciated. Outlook Funeral Outlook Sask. is in charge of Mrs. Pastor was born In Hun gary June 9th, 1899 and mar City may seek water guarantees rled Paul Pastor on September 5th, 1920. In 1930 she and her young daughter Margaret joined her husband who had Immigrated In 1927, and settled in Guernsey, Saskatchewan where they lived until moving Ian Taylor) of Ottawa, Ontario, also numerous nieces and nephews.

Born October 24th, 1910 in Wakaw, Louis grew up in Wakaw, started up The International Harvester Dealership in St. Benedict in 1929. In 1952 he moved to Prince Albert and entered Into the partnership of Moker and Thompson until he sold his Interest in 1964. He was a fourth degree Knight of Columbus, active in curling, golfing and enioyed fishing. He was a former member of the P.A.

Kiwanis Club and served a number of years on the P.A. Catholic School Board, St. Mark's Parish Board and was Parish Bookkeeper. Friends wishing to place a Memorial may do so to the Canadian Cancer Society in lieu of other tributes. Interment in Prince Albert Memorial Garden.

Henri Paulhus, Gordon Bailey, Glenn Goodman, Duff Robison, Paul Longpre, and Vern McQuarrie-Directors (Phone Prince Albert 764-2727). to make their home in Saska toon in 1952. Mrs. Pastor was predeceased by her husband on October 21st, 1959. She is survived by two daughters.

Margaret Krause, North Bat tleford and Olga Pastor, San official, however, maintains that even such a large-scale diversion would not have significant downstream impact. The recommendations to council are based on a report from city solicitor Marty Irwin, who says there are few legal steps the city can take to prevent the province from authorizing river diversions. the city press the province to ensure an environmental impact study is completed prior to any river diversion project. The issue arose several months ago when some council members expressed concern that water diverted from the river to a proposed heavy oil upgrading plant near Moose Jaw might have implications for Saskatoon. Some members are worried that any diversion may be expanded beyond the plant's fresh-water needs and end up supplying water to much of southern Saskatchewan.

They fear this could have threatening implications for upstream water quality and supplies, including in Saskatoon's. At least one provincial hydrology Guaranteed rights for Saskatoon to a fixed quantity of water from the South Saskatchewan River may be sought by the city from the provincial government. In a report to be received at city council's meeting Tuesday, the city's board of administration recommends seeking such a guarantee. The report also recommends Francisco. California and one granddaughter, Calla.

Interment will take place in Wood-lawn Cemetery. (Courtesy parking area south of the Saskatoon Funeral Home Chapel on 4th Avenue at 25th Street)..

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