The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 20, 1950 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 20, 1950
Page 9
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T*">AT, OCTOBER », 1959 Russian Press Scoffs at Sfassen Talk Request Pravda Brands Act As 'Dirty Game', Of Warmongers f ' ' .MOSCOW. Oct. 20. '.</P)_The So- "«t Press, today scoffed at Harold *assen's request for a conference; Generalissimo Stalin as a M'rty.gnme." •.In the .first- Soviet reply to the letter from (heiJniversity of Pennsylvania, president and former Republican Presidential aspirant the Communist Party organ" Pravda fiild. , 11. Slasse " by his statement showed hat in reality in his program there > s not the word 'peace.' Nor the K'ord 'international cooperation.' in the. program o f Harold Stassen were Is arms race and further intensive preparation for war. The niirriedly pi4 on'mask of the peacemaker cannot hide the real face of Harold Stassen.." Sfassen Asks .Meet Stassen. who talked in Moscow In 1947 with Stalin, asked the Russian premier early In October for a similar face-to-face meeting "to slop the drift toward war." (Stassen in his letter to Stalin also urged thnt the Russian dictator change the Soviet Union's present Policy 'and "move toward world peace and freedom for mankind ") ' 'Siassen," said Pravdii. "in his letter demands no more, no less than a change by .the Soviet Union of its policy. . "It is not difficult to see that Stassen is not only crude, but also ridiculous in'advancing, this wild demand which excludes all possibility of a serious view of any degree of 'document' worked out by the president of Pennsylvania Uni- •fcsity in cooperation with veteran J^r-mongers Eisenhower and Dul- 'les." Quints Steal Show at Feast In Hew York \ NEW YORK. Oct. 20. W-CailR- da's Dionne quintuplets, who sang and sparkled last night to steal the show from a bevy of celebrities at a memorial dinner, will go quietly to St. Patrick's Oathederal today to attend a mass celebrated by Francis Cardinal Suellman. The 16-year--old girls appeared at " the sixth annual Alfred E. Smith memorial foundation $lpo-a-plate dinner.last night. Among the host of important folks appearing was vice President Alben w. Hartley. But'the quints did' the show-stopping, in clear sweet voice they ,.j.ang six songs, in French and Emj- ••*BE~ :ncludin S "The Sidewalks of y^t York ." favorite of the late Al Smith. .. . The famous youngsters -Annette Cecile, Emilie, Marie and Yvonne- were dressed alike in blue taffeta evening gowns and .white capes. Besides Barkley, distinguished ptests included Cardinal Spellman New York's Gov. Thomas E. Dewey, _U. S. Sen. Herbert H. Lehman, U. S. Ambassador to Mexico William O'Dwyer, and Warren Austin, chief U. S. delegate to the United Nations. Florida Storm ,Coit/y JACKSONVILLE, Fla., Oct.. 20. (AP)— Florida's estimate,'; of damage,climbed, to about $12,000,000 today from the hurricane which took a few last licks at beaches while in its death throes In central Georgia. All storm warnings were ordered 1951 - 800,000- 1950^ 1,300,000* IW:-- 1,000,000 CRIMP l\ HOUSING BOOM- Ihe government's new Regulation X, imposing stiffer credit regulations on home mortgages, is aimed at cutting-home building from the record high of an estimated 1,300,000 unils in 1950 to "not more than 800,000 units" in 1951. Actually, many builders fear the new credit restrictions may reduce the number of houses built far more than that, but the government has the power to ease mortgage terms if Regulation X puls too big a crimp in the housing boom. Poetess Millay Found Dead AUSTERUTZ, N: Y., Oct. 20. (ifI —Poetess Edna St.. Vincent Millay, who once wrote of death that she would not "give him a leg-up," Is dead. She died alone, as she had lived since the death of her husband, Eugen Jan Boissevuiti, about a year ago. Miss Milny, 58. apparently suffered a heart attack early yesterday, her doctor said.- after she had worked all night editing proofs of some new poems in her bis white house on east hill. Dr. Oscar Wilcox said she probably had started upstairs to bed and fell as pain struck. down as the storm's center thrashed uneasily to the west of Columbus, Ga. goes a long'wa because it'i KENTUCKY WffiS -A BLEND r- X ?" F ' in n * utr>1 »P iri *- Copr. 1949,SchCTileyDi«. Inc., Tt.Y.C. NE Q5AT OF DRAMEX FILLS WACKS AS rT COLORS OUR LIVING ROOM IS OUST LIKE CRACKS ALL GONE. NAIL HOLES,TOO ' NO NEED TO REPLASTEA WKEN ITS SO EASY TO BRUSH ON NEW WALLS WITH ORAMEX COMES IN WHITE AND 8 LOVELY ' ES PLASTER-HARD IN 4 HOU RS I UKE FAINT-RESURFACES LIKE PLASTER, iri ONI EAS/COAT' CRAMCX maVw waltboord took tik. lowly pla»fer, tool On. cool hfdei u s ly Mam. end bl.rn.jlM,, cr.ole, lovely miw "living room" wolli. fry if ,oon. You'll |ov< DRAMEXI --^4.65 PHONE ANY WESTERN UNION OFFICE l>r» m t. r ) AN.VWHEHE in th. U.S.A. ASK FOR '.'OMRATOt 25^ Continued from Page i. television maintenance business. Strictly for the bucks that are In it, he says. "I should hate to have the lime come when I had la say yes to some people I know." • • • • . The marquee lights >1 > lubar- h»n theater went h'aywlre Ihe »lher nljht and Ihe feature picture turned H «•»> His Wife." Hmmmm, with i Udy salmon, no doubt.' • ».'•'•'' Hollywoodsman to a bsbe: "Would you like to come up to oath?" 81 " 1 '" 6 "' and 5in " " 10> ' alt >' • * • Budd Boetticher is huddling wild Ann Sheridan on "A Moment of Fear, to be made in Mexico. . Jane Wyman nixed the lead in "The Travelers" and script' trouble Is Plaguing this Warner opus. . Marie Windsor's perfect "38" will sup in o a sarong for "Hurricane a »d.' ... Jon Hall will never hi" 5 ,t Rme - ' ' ' Errt)I F 'ynh'« 5 nt . the 'Zaca. makes its movie debut disguised as an 1864 sloop of war in "Bloodline." RliKI, INDIANS PLKN'tv REAL wo- 0 ™ 111 happcn ° nly in'Holly- '. Crow Indians at Billing: ... were hired for a redskin- cavalry battle h, "Warpath." Then they were sent to "boot camp" to learn how to be Indian warriors Prop man Carl Coleman tausht em how to use a IH>W and arrow- make-up man Norman Fringlc shored them how | 0 apply war paint; hair stylist Mary Smith filed cm up with-braided black wigs over heir modern butch haircut*; Joe Wonder coached them in war dancing, and Jack Sanders showed them how to ride bareback. Drive-ln fheaUrs In the East are mtroriuclne automobile washing and sreasinj- service while you watch the picture with "no ji e gle—no oofher." Probably this conversa- takes place: "Loge section?" "No, Ihe pit section." • * • The Johnston office censors are shuddering over Tennessee Williams' casual announcement that he will adapt his novel, "The Roman Spring ol Mrs. Stone." as a movie script. The gimmick |,, t}, at one VOU \ A make even the French censors blush SPECIAL PROGRAM Tuesday Nighl, Oct. 24 ,-7:30 P.M. E-C/'Took^athings Speaker Invllallon Extended to All "G.I.'s" In Mississippi County REFRESHMENTS LOOK BEHIND THIS EMBLEM You'll Had... Mar* than 3 million m»n and woman, ALL VETERANS ... Tr*m*niio<» physical r«iourc*> . . . High Mrals . . . Strong purpom . . , Prld* In being • v«t ... Why Not Pay Your American Legion Dues Now? DUD CASON POST 24 Blythevllle Carrier AIR CONDIUONiNG HEATING REFRIGERATION - ELECTRICAL - Sales-Service-Engineerinf City Electric Co. Phone 2241 PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Guaranteed Best Prices Kirby Drug Stores • . Nelson Eddy opens hts fall concert tour In Santa Barbara. He'll visit i« cllies throughout Ihe coun- lr y. ... Mlmtc Aflhur Blake almost fro/e In his tracks ihcn Ethel Barrymore, escorlcd by John, Jr., walked Into a night club Just as he was beginning' Ills satire nn her. But Ethel liowlcd louder than any other ringslder. • Railway Official Beaten, Robbed HICAGO, Oct. 20. (/?')—Fred G. aurley, president of the Atchison, ropeka and Santa Fe Railway, was beaten and roblwd near the union railroad station in Denver early yesterday morning, a Santa Fe spokesman said last, night. The Cl-year-old railroad executive, the'.spokesman'said, suffered cuts and bruises in the sirect attack by Ihree men. He also was robbed of his wallet and watch'. The attack occurred after Gurley hacl left his private, railroad car at union station and went for a walk "to get some fresh air." Rules for Communist Registration Laid Down by Justice Department WASHINGTON, Oct. 20. Hules for forcing registration of communist groups were officially laid dow,, Io dny by the Department of Justice. . Their application appeared certain to touch off a scries of hearings and heated legal actions, with actual registration delayed for years. . Under the new anil-subversive law, • Communist orgnnliatlorm have until Monday to sign up voluntarily. After that, registration by force is called for. But this cannot be done until President Truman names the five- man bi-paitisnn subversive activities control board set up In the act. .. The Communist Party has said it does-iiot intend to register and supply Us roll of members, estimated by the' pni to number' ahoiit M.OOO. /\nd CoinmunLst "notion" anil "front'.' groups have'shown'no signs of compliance. This leaves it up. to the attorney general to certify to the bo.rd that RUCh-and-sucli groups regarded by him us Communists have filled to comply with the law ^Officials expect the first such citation to be issued against the Communist Party itself. : French Government Under Heavy firm ' PARIS, Oct. so. Ifli —- premier Rene Pleven's government came under heavy political fire yesterday because of French military military defeats In Indochina. Communist Deputy P | c , re JHBe I opened the debate In the national assembly by demanding an "immediate end" to Ihe wtir. Kdmond Midielel, a right-wing follower of Gen. cluules DC oniille, cnllrtl for n more enereclle fight against the communist-led forces of HP Chi Minh. George' Taket Long-Awaited Rid* PORTLAND. Ore., Oct 20. (If, —Cheerful George finally took his long-awaited train ride to San Francisco. He went as a guest of Southern Pacific Railroad trainmen, Cheerful George is 32-year-old George Nelson, bedridden for 18 years since paralyzed by a swimming injury. For years railroad men have returned George'.i bedroom window greeting pj their tr»fn» 1'asMil his canby, Ore., home. They call him "Cheerful Oeorge" arid tielr contributions arc flnanclnr his two-week excursion In California. '•'••..•• • ' . With the young mail in the luxury train compartment was hU mother, Mrs. Kffle Nelson'. They'll visit Nelson's cousin In San Frah- cLsco. A small- orchid floutishw Maine. First American Tour FURIOUS Kalian SympKonelU V I R T U 0 S I—D I—R 0 M A Aiiflilorium Concert Ha)J Alemphis, Tenn. ' Sunday, Ocdihcr 22, 3;;iO l'.i\t. Prices: $;, ?.'!.(]0, ?2..ll), §1 80 Succiiil K'iiJes for Oul-of-Town Parties. ANfllKR CONCKHTO TKUKY-HULI, 1'IANO CO. IS YOUR LUCKY DAY! Saturday October 21 **s?l. The Sensational sr^V P. ' A Complete Set of 4 -,/••. HUDSON I GIVEN AWAY ™ .™' ^^^ *^^ ^*^ ^^^ ™ ^ ^ES. Just come in some lime «.ji,,,-,!„,, /„_ <,.„:._t.i i«_ IS ON DISPLAY! Yes, now you tan sec (he hrilli;int. '51 Hudsons...the only cars witK'"Step-Down" design. There's a lol we can say about their beauty, roominess, ride, performance and safely. . .but why not sec for yourself. ~Ask your w,ife fo come along, loo, because the first 100 ladies to come to our showing Saturday (or this evening) will receive a lovely <irchjd. Take a ride in a Hudson Saturday and you'll really see how much .pleasure'a car can bring. Just come in some time'Saturday (or tonight if- you prefer) and register for this terrific pri/.e Some one will win a complete set of automobile (ires; the size and kind .you can choose yourself. Remember, there's nothing to buy and you don't have to be present at the drawing Saturday afternoon. Just come by and sign your nam« and address. || Drawing at 5:30 P.M. Saturday A BURNETT HUDSON SALES 515 East Main— Blythtvil,. • \ • *•** trt . ^:,',-.> i '. ^ '1 i 1^ ,- % f . ** » , y ^ < V*' SHOWROOM AND USED CAR LOTOPSN UNTIL 9:30 EVERY, NIGHT

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