The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 9, 1950 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 9, 1950
Page 2
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' 'PAGE TWO BLYTHEVFLLE (ARK.) COURIER NEW! THUBSDAY, MARCH », 19W The Notion Today: The Loyalty Issue Uncle Sam's Loyalty Program Soon Will Be Two Years Old B.v JamM Marlotr 4- WASHINGTON, March 9. (/!•) — The government's loyalty program Is three years old this month. Under It, 182 of the government's 2,000,000 employes have been fired for disloyalty. An additional 2.47G quit while under FBI Investigation or — having been investigated — before government officials could make a decision as to their loyalty or disloyalty. Some Republicans, like Senator McCarthy of Wisconsin and Senator Malone of Nevada, say they still are not satisfied with the program. ' Right' now McCarthy Is chnrging there still are Communists or Communist sympathizers In the government. Truman Set Up Check President Truman by executive order set up the loyalty Investigation program March 22, 1947. This was at a time when relations with Russia wew . wretched and Congressmen were calling for a loyalty check. This was the program: All government, employes not already checked for loyalty were to be checked over. They had to fill out forms' giving the history of their lives for .the previous 10 years. These forms went to the. FBI which checked them against Information in the FBI files. If anything suspicious wa.s found, the FBI then started a full-scale investigation of the individual. Of course, information given the government about an employe would bring an FBI Investigation, too. Tha results of the FBI Investigation went to a three-man loyalty board set up In each government agency. If the FBI report made an em- ploye's loyalty seem questionable, the board held hearings. If then the agency loyalty board thought,the man should be fired, he could appeal to the agency head. For instance to the secretary of state. If the agency head upheld hts board and ordered the man fireti, the man could make one last appeal: To the loyalty review board, a 21-man board appointed by the President. If this board, after hearing the man's case, decided the disloyalty fndings against him were justified he was fired. There was no other appeal. found tn his favor, he was safe. (This loyalty review board has restored to their Jobs 134 employes who appealed to It.) Of the 182 fired for, disloyalty »lnce 1947, about 106 had been working for the government some time. The remaining 16 were newly hired people Altogether the. FBI fit ItjtoUmy to mak'e » fun, jftafy^*^ 1 !* e <" v " Malone I? Dlssitlsflfd Senator Malone is riot satisfied with the set-up of the present Iby •Ity review board, which is answer able to the President. He wants Congress to set up a review boart' which would be an Independent government .agency. * Malone says that under the President's . board, department heads "could and did ignore the board's findings at will. It's doubtful Congress will do anything about Malore's idea.'(An official of the President's board says there is not a . single case where a department head has kept an employe found disloyal bj the President's review board.) • McCarthy lias particularly bang ed away at the state Departmen in charging that there are Com muntsts or their sympathizers stil in the government. The Senate foreign relations com mittee has appointed a subcommtt tee to look Into what he has to sa. Its investigation started yesterday. Phonograph 'School' Sounds Warning Note for Husbands State. Education Official Visits Missco Schools Morgan R. Owen, director of th division of instruction for the Slat Department of Education, was vis itlng Mississippi County schools tills week. On Tuesday and Wednesday, h visited the Dell and Shawnc Schools. He was accompanied b By Arthur Ertson WASHINGTON, .\farcll 9. Wj— The men of tills country, many of whom already harrassed and henpecked by theEr wives, now face a new and terrible marital threat. Soon we may not be able even to sleep in peace. This horrendous fact came out eslerday at a sleep-learning dem- nstration. You've probably heard about Icep-IcarnIng by now. Some psych- Hgisls think you can learn while our asleep. With a slny speaker n your pillow. Hie phonograph or ape recording mnchlne can grind lit lessons while you're snoozing. It works, too, the experts say. We'll get around to the sleep- earnlng demonstration in a mom- nt, after a word with Richard C. Darnell, who sells tape recorder hlch he hopes people will buy ) use In. their night homework. "It's amazing what you can do ith suggestions to a sleeping per- on," Darnell told reporters. Hiislmml lilts Salad "A wife was eager to get her iusb;md so he'd eat salads. So very night while he wa.4 asleep. Ije kept telling him how good alads were. "Well, about three weeks later, ler husband said he thought he'll ry a salad. He's been eating them ver since." Now a wife that would do this or a salad obviously will soon mve other pet projects to work on. And what one wife will do, others will do. v The ide'a will become commcrclal- zcd, and wives will be buying phonograph records which will coo t their husbands at night, urging (A) better attendance at bullets and P-TA meetings, <B) a more encrous. attltucic toward washing lislics and <C) more money for the nlssus. The possibilities are terrifying. As for the sleep-learning demonstration, it was held in a front window on busy Connecticut Avenue. The sponsor: Educational Services, which peddles learn-a-for- ign-language phonograph records. Mary Jane Hayes, n nice brunette item who also answers to the name of "Miss Washington," came in, went to the front window and climbed Into bed. Miss Washington a Hit Then while the phonograph muttered a nord arlUitdo!* "rnlster moiislur Jtnd good day bon solr and while,the crowd on the sidewalk wondered what goes here, photographers .took pictures of Miss Washington.' This went on' for 30 minutes. Whereupon the photographers said they had enough pictures, Mi? W; said she - hadn't learned any French, which seemed probably under the conditions, nnd a reporter said: "Frankly, I'd rather spend my nights thinking about Miss Wash- ington than about a French nooun." • Everybody laughed, -except me. Just wasn't In the laughing mood, I guess. I couldn't get my mind off salads. Cancer Campaign To Be Discussed Ben T. Laney, state chairman for the 1950 cancer campaign will head a delegation that will visit Jones- bora Monday night tor a planning meeting. Dr. 'Charles L,. Crals?, fund campaign chairman for North Mississippi County, Mrs. Gilbert Hammock, lormcr county commander; and Miss Jane Shelton, chairman f the Nu Phi Mu sorority project provide a cancer cupboard in ilytheville, will attend the dinner ting at the Pine Room of the fotel Noble in Jonesboro. The campaign Is to start in Apri Poin. c .eU, Mississippi, Greene, Clay, audolph and Lawrence counties te to be represented. Mrs, W. R Irooksher of Fort Smut), a volun- eer worker in the cancer program nd state commander will attend he meeting, and explain the cran- Ugn plans. Mrs. Harry W. Kaines Li county hairman for North Mississippi Jounty, John Mayes, visor. county school airrier- Announcement Effective .March I, 1950 SHIRLEY HIPP is the new consignee for Magnolia Petroleum Co. Bljllicville, Ark. Phone 4091 If Xo Answer, Call 740 With the Courts Mi am: cry liaiirenm Glover vs. Willard 5lover, suit for divorce. The rosefish, or Ives birth to live ocean young. pc arch. IIIJI.CJAEUAN LFAVKS—Dr. Peter Voutov, charge d'affaires of the Bulgarian legation, leaves the State Department at Washington with the white paper he received In which the United States broke diplomatic relations with Communist Bulgaria. The nation wits directed to 'pUlhtiraw its small diploma Lie mission here. (AI» Wirepholo) Australia Plans More Migration From Britain AUSTRALIA PLANS 12 CANBERRA. Australia — (A*) — Australia's new government plans to step up migration to Australia to 200.000 this year. Of these 100,000 will come from Britain. There will be 50,000 displaced persons from Europe, 10,0(10 Hollanders and 40,0(10 people from H variety it countries including Malta and Eire. Immigration Minister Haroll Holt aald tne government \vill follow threo principles In migration. Increase the annual Intake of migrants 'to the highest possible level. Maintain that Intake over a long period. Concentrate on getting 3. predominance of British stock. fCiwanis Club Sets Date for 'Ladies Night' Date' frjr the Klwanlx Club's annual "Ladles Night" program has been set as Mar. 24 and Paul Flowers, columnist for the Memphis Commercial Appeal, Is to be guest speaker, It was announced .yesterday. The announcement was made by Hermon Carlton, vice-president of the Blythcville Klwanls Club, at the luncheon-meeting of the club yesterday. "Ladles Night," an annual affair, Is devoted to tbe entertainment of Kiwanlan.V wives at a part^ Eiv*en by the club. The party will be held at Hotel Noble. At yesterday's mccllng, members of the club heard Charles (Gabby) Street; former major league baseball player and now a' color man for the St. LouU Cardinal broadcasts. Guests at yesterdays meeting Included a delegation of 10 members of the Dell Klwanls Club. They were Bob Henderson, Charles P. Konnetl Garlield Lewis, John M. Stevens Jr. R. B. Crawford, O. E. Hunnlcutt M. R. Griffin, Charle.s Armstrong E. H, Prewctt, and P. M. Tate. Other guests were D. L. Griffith of Memphis, Sylvester (Pop) Moslcy Coach Russell Moslcy. Coach Joh Staples and Coach James FIshe of Blythevillc High School; Rub Carson, the Rev. William J. f hush. Harold Portcrfield. Bill Spcn ,ccr, Noble Gill Jr., C. L. McWatcr. oe' Greeson S. a, Shclton, M. T. Day, L. E. Baker, Jlnuny Kittany, H. L. Halsell Jr., FranU Wilson, and Fred S. Sallba. It Is estimated there are a quarter of a million gasoline service stations In the United States. I^gypt was once one of the first Christian countries. 1 but its people are now predominantly Nfoslem. Fifteen p«r cent at arlvers tr* responsible for 90 per cent of accidents, research studies report. CATARRH SUFFERERS UMfTID TIME ONLY! TREND'S SINUS FIND CURB FOR MISERY DUE TO NASAL CONGESTION, SUTfLY RUSHED HEREI Helfcf at !nit from torture of ciniu, cnUjrh, »nd har fever du* to H4ial conce.v (ion U je*n lofiay in repoita of mccwi with • formula which h*a the power to reilurr sEormmR sin'n >ieaOac>i«. dt>fKtil nostril*. earach*. h«*'kEnz *rd »nee*int: misery tell of bit*led relief ifter using Et_ KLOROS'OI, cost* tJ.Ot>. fcut consMtrinp rtsulLi. thia E» not M pensive, amnunta to only pennies pet rlore. KLOHONOL (chutJon. use only »t dlrvcUd) »oM with money-back KU»ranU« \ij Woods l>rng Slorr — .Mall Urdtr* KHied 2 3 4 A WONDERFUL FLOUft FOR REAt SOUTHIRN BISCUITS. Cold Merfat "Kitchen-tested" Enriched Flour iplnui or self-rising) works wonders with your favorite biscuit rcdpo. That's bccnum Gold Meclid's rcnuuknble bnk- iug (itialUiea nro uniformly superb . .. iL'ith everything ytut fcriA-r. Mnkcs delkioun southern biecuita ... fino tt-xttired cakes. .. Lonrler flaky paatrica. FINE COTTON BAG—NO PRINTIHG. Gold Medal's 25, 50 mul 100 Ui, &ack» 1mvc no printing on them—juat a pjijwr label which soaks oJT in 2 or 3 minutes, VALUABLE SILVERWARE COUPON. Coupons good on stun- nine "Queen Hess" Pattern silverware- in gen nisi* Tudor Flute by Oncida Community Sitvoremitlia. BETTY CROCKER COOKING HELPS. New easy recipe* for the best nml tJirifiUnt en tin' iranis evtir—developed by America's No. 1 fotwi expert, LJctly Crocker. General Mills "Try this law cut family < tarn, (vtlt kin ton) CMtm ciu<H ni 11 D~»L f t General Mills guarantee! Gold Medal "Krrcfieji-feiferf" Enriched money DOCK UUdranieO: F | our to g i ve completely satisfactory remits or your money bock. Wake Patch tests, made on women's skin, show that TREND is milder for your skin than the purest soap. And why not? TREND ia neutral. Imagine a dishwashing suds that cuts grease faster than any soap made.. .yet actually babies your hands! in your dishpan or double your money back! 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You'll marvel at suds that last and last . . . and glassware that is left so free of film it shines like crystal without wiping. Buy TREND today at this bargain price. TMND Is fully |«amtt»4 to do a (aster, better job of washing greasy dishes, pots and pans th»n any dishwashing soap you can buy—or double your money back. If you are not entirely satisfied, return the unused portion to your grocer. He is authorized to refund double your purchase price. O o <3 -tht yntfe bleach TREND, the scientists say, has the finest 'grease-stripping' action ever developed. It gets right under the grease on dishes, pots and pans — — right under dried egg am! cereal -strips it ofT like magic. Prove it yourself. Buy TRKND today. T MORE REST WITH HERE'S WHY SPRING-ABU COMFORT SUPPORT COMFORT FOR All Whether you* CONTOUR COMFORT FOR Alt It). IffDBBOBI rf>WW» hoW "Ca*troUnl Comfort" fcoilf '• WADE FURNITURE CO 'Trade with Wade and Save" I

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