Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on April 4, 1895 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 4, 1895
Page 5
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THEELDlMSHIRT THC-BEST-EVEH-PRODUCED-FOR "faE-MONEY- PERFECT-FlTTINQ' GUARRHT 5ED WftlWTTa Ml/SHK HMD EIGHTEEN HUNDR&D LlNEK ONLY 1.00 WILL BRICK MARKET. DEWEgm The ''Hatter^anf Furnisher. &SS^ Save This Coupon No extra charge for it, but it is valuable. It bares our names, and that will remind you of the necessity of a New Spring Suit. Present this coupon with a nominal sum of money at our store and we will make to your order the . handsomest suit of clothes that ever aclorned^your body. TUCKER &YOUNG, THE, FEflRL 6TRBET TfllLORS, THE DECLARATORY RESOLUTION PASSED LAST NIGHT BY~THE COUNCIL. The Haioiin anbmlt a Proposition to Ihe Council, aud a Committee 1* A p« pointed to Consider It— Include* a Leave to tne ;city for Ten Yearw of Office* In a Proposed IHa»onie Temple — J>. A. Mlddleton Appointed l>epnly Treasurer— The Appointments of Attache* at the Water Work* Confirmed— Home Report* Read. The session of Ihe city council last night was one of strict attention to business. There was a full attendance. An order was ordered issued to Geo. E. Barnett, city treasurer for $500, part payment for the cemetery property. The claim of Elizabeth Kardea for $2.46 for taxes erroneously assessed was referred to the finance committee. The following claims were allowed: CLAIMS ALLOWKU. Street dept pay roll ................................... S Certainly Did Not Read Onr Ad. Friday! You want to know how we know? You^want to know how we know? We know you didn't read because we didn't sell the stuff! Misses' kid spring heel, patent tip worth $1.25 only 59c Ladies' kid Oxfords,patent tip shoes for 50c. Ladies' tan Oxfords and Nullifiers, hand turned, soft and flexible, worth $3 for $1.00 To be Continued TODAY ONLY. 50G&NTS For unlaundried shirts, long and short bosom,assorted sieve lengths Wamasatta muslin, bosom lined with Butchers linen. Pure Linen Bosom, the regular dollar quality, as man as you want for 50c. OTTO KRAUS. ~S S3 in 2S 73 <Ri V •'- 2S 3:! (i U7 13 GO MONEY TO 'LOAN! On Jlortgnfrp?<.'curlty;at'0,7 and 8 per cent. MOXKY TO J'OAN. On MortKaws Security and eany.Montlilj payments. Consult J. T. COCKBURN. (Rooms " and 3 Spry Building. WANTED TO SELL i'The North Street House ou North L 1 street between 5th and Oth street. "Will be sold on ronsonablo terms. Address, MRS. C1IA8, MAEKLE, Hartford City, Inch AGAIN IN LINGO. NEW HAMESS SHOP. I have moved my harness and saddlery shop t,o 020'Twelfth street, where 1 will turn out the best, goods for the least money. GEO. W. FOSTER, AagiiHt Worth Jleleaied on Hall, Then JlenrrtMted. August Worth, charged with stealing from the Pan Handle, was last evening released on 1500 ball. He waB however, rearrested within a few hours after his release on a new charge, that of taking a coat belonging to one of his follow workmen, and ho is again confined in the jail. WHERE IS LITTLE HENRY? DAILY JOURNAL THURSDAY MORNING. APRIL 4 McKoen'sstoamlaundry — good work V. C. Hanawnlt Is wiring his rosl denoe on Broadway for tho city B. Foglesong has taken possession of the rooms over Jacob Herz' tailor- log establishment. A foot mat was lost yesterday morning from the hook and' ladder truck, while on tho way to John Hall's •aloon fire. Acting through the blood, Hood's Sareaparllla cot only cures scrofula •alt rheum, etc,, but gives health and Tljtor to the whole body. The K ran d jury has summored several minors to appoar before them [Thursday morning for tho alleged playing of pool and billiards. Wanted — A good girl for general douse work. No washing, good wages. lust como K 1th good recommendations. Call at No. 216 Eighth St. The Knights and Ladies of Honor lave removed their furniture and lacings from tfco Progress hall to McCaffrey's ball on the corner of Broadway and SUsb. streets. Tliel'urentM ot Fifteen Year Old Henry .Fnzurkn are Worried About Him. Henry Jazurka, of East Market street, has not been seen by his parents since Sunday and it is thought he has gone to Chicago, Henry is fifteen years of age, and loft home last to attend Sunday School. It i9,feared that he has cut loose from home. It >1«J l)u «! Much for Ton. Mr. Fred Miller, of Irving, III. writes that he had a severe kidney trouble for many years, with severe pilns in his buck and also that bis bladder was affected. He tried many so-called Kidney cures but without any good result. About a year ago he began use cf Electric Bitters and found relief at once. Electric Bitters is especially adapted to cure of all kidney and liver troubles and often gives almost instant relief. One trial will prove our statement. Price only 50c for large bottle. At B. F. Keesling's drug stofy. ChnrtiOH Ash Cook late of Adams township but now living on the Swigart farm in Clay township, has charged Lawis Smith of Adame township with malic • lous trespass, and a warrant was yesterday issued for Smith's arrest. look alleges that Smith forced an entrance to a house which he. Cook, was vacating and illegally took possession. Awarded Highest Honors—World's Fair. DR; CREAM BAKING POW1R MOST PERFECT MADE. i pun Grip* Cream L ' Tartar Powder. FFM i Ammonia, Alum o* •viy other adulterant 40 YEARS THE STANDARD. Don't Tolmcco Spit or Smoke Your Lift Away, is the truthful, startling f.tleof a book about No-To Bac, the harmless, guaranteed tobacco habit cure that braces up nlcotinod nerves, eliminates the nicotine poison, makes weak men eai strength, vigor and manhood. You run no physical or financial risk, as No-To-Bac is sold by B. F. Keesling under a guarantee to cure or money refunded. Book free. Address Sterling Remedy Company New York and Chicago. The lodt>rn \\tj Commends Itself to the well-informed, to do pleasantly and effectually what was formerly done in the crudest man. ner and disagreeably as well. To clonnso the system and break up colds headahobes and fevers without unpleasant after effects, use the delightful 1U quid laxative remedy. Syrup of Figs. A ^raali Fire. A 8re starting from a defective flue at John Hall'* saapie room on Wall street yetterdaj about 7 ». m., resulted in cooilderahle damage to tha roof of the building. The department waa called oat Electric Pent flept puy roll Mlclutnl N'avln, Inying gutters, ecu W. L. Fernnld. Himbor'for streets Jnciit) Wt'sterwe'.ler, extra flivman G. W. Spybold A- Bros sunds lire Uept Mnry Hoflor, washing lire Ueyt - iw Ellen Br,.tvn -1 10 Central Electric Co sunds E L dent 382 94 Warren Elect Specialty Co sunds £ L dope 62 SI M-t Klei-t C» Bunds E Ldflpt -'•! IS ClevelandSuppiy Jo sunda K L dept (JO!) American Carbon " " " " " 1' >'k> Peru Elect life " •: K)-'J Standard Carbon " 17 75 City cron<urer, frelsht E L dept "U -'!>' Melnotte beubeuas.-tenslnoer l').75 Otto BlBsalnRliiim " " 15 00 LonRwelUk CurainlnRS, stationery 15 (X) City treasurer, frelylii for W W dept !i ±2 Asti & Hwlley de»k city offices 3!i 00 Llntori a Graf KHS lltiliiKi rlcy oQlceB 5 00 " " repairing pump spencer park 250 General Elect Co sunds Spencer park _ 3i> City treasurer, Interest on bonds Sn HI " " payment to Standard Ele:t Co : .: 1015 00 LofMnsport fi- L <VC Co cas lor Murcb J-' 34 Win P McGrew. labor cm W W K ua Electrical Appliance CC sunds E L dept,.. las Hi Thos Grlllln sund» and labor W W dept... 7 J5 ditberluo White washing lire dept ~> 25 Water works, sunds E L dep '... -105 •' payroll • K7 CO A. U. McAllister 4 Son suuds E L dept 1-H 1-1 An ordinance providing for the con. ducting of drainage from the roofs of buildings In eome direction other than across the sidewalks of the city, was passed. The ordinance provides that the change where necessary, shall be made before August let. The matter of the opening of a street from the south end of Sixth street to Erie avenue, was referred to the street commissioners, with tbe request that the board hold a meeting at 10 a. m., April 23d, to consider tha matter. The matter of vacating the allev between Ilia and 12ih streets, from Market to Spoar stieets, was referred to the city commissioners. A resolution waa passed instructing the clerk to notify railway companies Interested to repair Warden street at their crossings. The unfinished improvement of Seventeenth street, between High and Milos streots, was ordered completed, and the gas company will be notified to lower its pipes on the street. Tbe monthly reports of the fire captains were ordered placed on file. The preliminary report of the city commiaeioners on tbe perplexing question of the joining of Uh'l and Mardyke streets was read. It showed that certaiu property would have to be appropriated, and named the property owners who would be damaged by the appropriation. The report was received. Tno final report will in, elude the amounts of the damages claimed by each one Interested. The lot which must be crossed is owned by D. D. Dykeman. The council approved the contract and bond of F. P. Beam for the work of improving Beth streetby graveling and grading from the Pan Handle crossing south to JJStite street. M. J. Bligh is on the bond Tbe work is to be completed by August 15th. Tbe figures.jire, excavating, 10 cents a cubic yard; gravel. 40 cents a cubic yard; bouldericg- gutters $2 a lineal rod; boulderlng alleys. !?12 a square rod. The following report of the affairs of the electric light department for tbe last month was ordered placed on record: Thornton for a lot in Mt. Hope cemetery. JOHNSTON'S LAMV POST. A communication from J. D. Joha- Bton was read. Mr Johnston represented that the recent action of police Chief |Morrissey in preventing lha replacing of the post in front of the Johnston hotel on which a mall box, anJ Landlord Johnston's sifin had been held, after the post had been knocked down accidentally, was against the rights of Mr. Johnston, and contrary to the spirit and intent of the sign ordinance. The letter was referred to the police commissioners and the city attorney. The lengthy report of the water works trustees was referred to the water works committee, The following appointments reported by the water works committee were confirmed by the council: superintendent, Henry tl. Munford, salary $75 a month; engineer, Patrick Walsh, $60 a month; assistant engineer, J. J. Ayers, $55 a month. By a resolution the council authorized and directed the water works committee to repair and rebuild the race wall and the -dam, if they find it ne. cessary. TO PAVE MARKET STREET. A declaratory resolution providing for the placing of a brick pavement on Market street, from Second to Fifth streetsp.w.as passed, and the clerk was ordered to advertise for bids on tho work. The specifications provide for either a broken stone or a concrete basis, and tbe street railway company will be expected to place its ties 8A- inches • below the level of the grade. It is thought that all the points have been covered in the specification. The street railway company, can only be compelled, according to the city attorney, to pave between lt= rails, and tho fifteen' inches outside that has before been in argument, Is only to be kept in repair by tho company after it ha? beea constructed. The electric light committee reported that a bid had been received for tho brick office building that at present blocks Race street on Sixth street, and they would probably soon dispose of it. Tne appointment by c'.ty treasurer Barnett of D, A. Middleton as deputy treasurer to have charge of the water works department, was confirmed. Tho clerk was instructed to notify Manager Skinner to remove a loog distance telephone pole from its pres ent place in an alley between 16th and Not Samples! Of what you don't want but a full stock of Desirable Shoes At Wf\LKER 5c RfVUGH Where quality is pur first object at prices to make them GO. 17th streets from Market [to " Ice privilege 225 CO " " water rent for st sprinkling 375 00 Receipts from miscellaneous sources 2iil 44 •' saloof bonds 2'-,uuO ue Total amount or receipts *43,SOS S7 By amounts turned over to city as per statement of same attached: To. Ul $13,803,87. Showing full and complete settlement of water works trustees with the city treasurer, leaving a balance to the credit of the water works funds in the hands of the city treasurar to the amount of $3,367.01. We wish to make special mention of the system of reports and accounts as adopted by D. A. Mlddleton, clerk, also the correctness and the manner In which books have been kept. J. C. HADLEV, D B. BOYKU, CBA.S Rl-VGLEBEN', Finance Committee. THE MASONS' PROPOSAL. W. D. Pratt, representing the Ma- eonic fratc-rnity of Logaoeport, made a proposition to the council and Messrs. Reed. Blesslngbam and Boyer were appointed a committee to consider, investigate and report on the proposition at the council's next regular meeting. Mr. Pratt said the Maeons desired to domicile tho city officers on the ground Hoor of a proposed Masonic Temple to be erected, if possible, on the lot owned by Tipton lodge on the northeast corner of Fourth and North 'streets. He statsd that it Is the most desirable place in ths city for the city offices, which would be leased to the city for ten years at $1, COO a year, the offices to be arranged to suit the tenants. Two handsome drawings by Chicago and Grand Saplds archltecis were exhibited. The clerk was instructed to order GASPING FOR BREATH- CATARRH SUFFERER'S SCORiT OF HIS TORMENTS. Tile M onderful Cure .Tl«<le bv Mnn- yon'H lilitie Pellet*. to ELECTKIC LIGHT CLKRK's KEPORT, To the lliuor ar.d members ol ttie city council. BGt'Qtlemen: Tne clerk of the electric light department submits the following report for tbe month ending March 30th, 1895. To amount received from March 1st xoMaichSOth. $44793. As follows: For wiring, $181.03; limps, $5950, metere fS 50; Ighliog, $171 90; Forest mills scales. $33.00 By treasurer's receipts Nos. 13 to 28 inclusive, M47 9S. Respectfully submitted, F. P. ROGEBS, Clerk E. L, dept. Tbe claims of B. F. Keeeling for 121.60; John Ku.vj»-h for f 151--and M. M. Crockett for $6.20. taxes erroneously aateised, were referred to the finance committee. ~< ~ A deed wat ordered iaiuod to J. H. streets, to a spot a few feet south, accommodate a property owner. The city engineer was instructed to prepare a grade and plans for the improvement of Usher street from IGth to 17th streets and 16:h street from Usher street ti Erie avenue. The clerk was told to notify the property owners on the north side of Market street between 19th and 20th streets, to construct cement sidewalks within sixty days, or the city will do tbe work. Tbe matter of the transfer of tbe liquor license of John Sahriefer, deceased, to Michael Suulbaum, was laid over to the next meeting. There is $40 due the Scbrlefer estate on the license. Tee ordinance committee was instructed to prepare an ordinance pro- vidicg for the putting down an,fehe proper connection of sewers, gas and water mains and other pipes beneath Market street, before the new brick pavement be put down. The following waa submitted by tbe committee. WATER TVORKS BDSIXESS. To the Honorable Major and members of the Spear the police commissioners to enforce •- tbe laws relating to projscting buildings after failure of offending property owners to remove obstructions after sixty days' notice. The council adjourned. We . herewith submit report of re ceipta of,water works funds aa sho«n by the ;boolca of the water works trustees. ; D, A Mlddleton, clerk; Comme.Qcing Dea.'28t,h, 1893, end* Ing M*rcb 29 ib. ,1895.'.- , . . ..»19-UG 7J 880 TO 86500 At tlieOprrn Houte. The Huntley-Bixby dramatic com. pany gave ao excellent rendition of a war drama. "The Loat Cause" last night at the opera house. Tonight a strong society drama, will be presented. A Jlxii of Prosperity Depends largely on the beaUh of his wife. She should maintain her health and promptly correct any weakness by using Zoa-Phora. Sold by B. F. Kens- ling and Coulsun & Co. ADDITIOVAL ITEHS. Ask to see our $1.98 cape at the Trade Pake?. Natural gas bills for April now due and payable at the company's office on Pearl street. Latest style of millinery at Lucy Krauaa 1 , 321 Pearl street. Watch for the spring- opening the latter part of the week. Leoora Lewis of Tipton township has been declared of unsound mind, and her step mother wat yesterday made her guardian. The demented ?ounglady. : Is a daughter of the late Wm. R Lawte. <, Mr. John B, A\\>3tt of 10G Colgate- street, Cleveland, Ohio, eays: "For the hist six years I have suffered terj ribly from catarrh in ita most disagreeable forms. I had all the disgusting symptoms of that loathsome disease. There was a continual dropping of mucous into my throat, a busing and roaring in my ears and violent pains above the eyee and nostrils. My breathing- was labored and heavy, and at times, I would be literally gaspiog /or breath. My system was nearly broken down from the disease when I began to u=e Munyoo's Catarrh Remedies. 1 had not much fp.ith In them, but in a very short lime a big- improvement was noticeable. Now I am thoroughly cured and enjoying better health than I have for over tea years. Have you Catarrh? Are you willing to investigate a treatment that cures catarrh by removing the cause? If so ask your druggist fora 25 cent bottle of Munyon'ti Catarrh Cure and a 25 cent bottle of Catarrh Tablets. The Catarrh Cure will eradicate the disease from the system, and the Tablets will cleanse and heal the afflicted parts and restore them to a natural and healthful condition. Munyon's Honcoeapathic Home Remedy Company, of Philadelphia, put up specifics for nearly every disease, which are sold by all druggists, mostly for 26 cents a bottle. Those who are in doubt as to the nature of their disease should addrebS Professor Munyon, 1505 Arch street. Philadelphia, giving full symptoms of their disease. Professor Munyoc will carefully diagnose the case and give you the benefit of bis ad vice absolutely frco-of all charge. The Remedies will be sent to any address on receipt of retail price. Vandal la Mne L.IW Rite Fxcnmlonn, April !i<L and SOth. 1-S03. Oa April 2d and SO in. 1895, the Vandalia line will sell excursion tick ets 10 points in the South and Southeast at O*E FAKE BODXO TUll 1 . In addition to the above, round trip tickets will be sold to points in Arkansas and Texas on April 2d, at rale of one fare plus $2. Liberal limits and stop-over privileges allowed. For full particulars call oo or address any Vandalia line ticket agent, or VT. F. Brunner, Assistant General Passenger Agent, St. Louia, Mo. VandalU lda« Jixenrwloun. On April 2 and 30, 1895, home seeker's excursion tickets will be on sale at very cheap rate* to vvious points in the South A0 d Southwest. For rates, limit itop- n»er privllgeg. etc., apply to J. C. EDGKWORTH. Agt.. Loga Deport, Ind. New carpet* and curUindrla cad. Tariety at the Trad* Palac*.

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