The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 8, 1950 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 8, 1950
Page 11
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WEDNESDAY, MARCH 8, 1950 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE ELEVEN OUT OUR WAY By J. R, Williams Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople SAD ? OOR 61S MOMENT, VES.I KNOW-THEN A LONG SPELL OF BAD WEATHER.' WEU-, I'LL V.GNTIOCJ LAST VEAR./ /_ LOOK OUT-- ITS COMIMV FIRST NICE DAY MG GETS TH' FEVER- 1 PUMP UP TH'. TIR6S, JACK IT DOWN, FILL fT UP! AKf THEM — Suppose x RiVJ ACROSS/ 1'U SW6RWE, TOO, 10 SHOW ITS TH6 R6AL- MOM-SKID ARTICLE. CTUA.U TEST OF 1H6 ~ BE SURt TO U6ES SO THE SAND WILL LOW TOS&JR SitoES AS BORKi TWRTTV YEARS TOO SOON DREIFUS PUT yO WATCH CONDITION Old of a Chapter By Edwih Rutt <^r^ m» • H *«* sttytct. <»ic TI1K STOilYt Alice ilMpr, mffrt- inry to ilurl*-! Italic?^. m |»u|»*lar wj-ltrr, hnN fuunri h^rnelf Htr«HK«- ly attruclrd tt, Brent. Mairlrl'* h unbuild, I* Mpllr o( Alice'* xmm- plrtun* Ihnl tlri-Hl IN rrvi-t. Murlrl Holly- '* your walch running n dayri '*'» noH Well; « our «xp«rl repairman It In *•> tondilion. mpt, tffitfcnt r«a»onabl* USYCRCDIT DHEIFU-S Mee! Urelfui . . • Wear !]iainiinrli I2figU a ttl«>Mll. ILTIHEVICtl Mi UTtniUM tviiml ivrflrr'M nskcd AHtr to m»J * Alic at. lir*t friend. ir *k« U i- love wli As An Aid I" Rheumatism Arthritis ; - drink A-! MOUNTAIN VAttEY Thousand* have been helped by this famous health water. Not a laxative. Try H for the next few week* • „. aee how it may b*lp >•«•- Ajtr<wr Doctor Alxxrf MOUNT AM VALUET MINERAL WATER Srosslown \Vhiskey Shop 109 So. Division, Bljiheville 1 ^ xxv «CO you don'l love Brent Hal° leek?" Chuck Wisner wrinkled his freckled nose al the flushed Alice Pine and signaled the waiter. "I'll need another," he said, through clicking teeth, "while I tell a very charming young liar a few of the facls of life." Even before the drink came, he proceeded to do so. Brent was in love with Alice, and Alice was in love with Brent. What could be .simpler, he asked? Alice replied that Chuck had had too many drinks. Perhaps, but did she know other things? Chuck began to tell them. Alice drove home in a kind of troubled daze. She slipped into ithe house through the kitchen, 11 was procrastination, she knew, ol ihc first order. The courageous thing would have been to go Muriel at once. But somehow she , couldn't just then, [ She reached (he library unobserved. Muriel's work of the -morning, a heap of yellow sheets .lay on ;her desk; She glanced at briefly but did not touch JL She sat down, lit a cigaret automatically. Then thought, lucid thought, a seeming impossibility a few mo ments ago, came with a rush. Am she knew definitely what she hai "to do. She half-rose frotn he chair. It was weakness to Icm porize. Better face it; have don with iL Her eye fell on the ycllov papers. She picked up the top one- Th: work was an important part [ Muriel's novel. Muriel was gel toward Uie end,—manufacturing day by day an interesting, erhaps important, book. Bill just ow the papers meant something "sc Lo Alice. They furnished a legitimate ex- use to go in to Muriel; lead "up o a discussion instead of plung- ig abruptly into iL Shu began to read. / She wanted to read with care. ;ut her mind refused to co-oper- te fully. Words, sentences, per- isted in forming on its fringes. nd she was aware of trying to do wo things at once—absorb lory and latk, from afar, to Muiel Ha Heck: » • • >UT, abruptly, she was talking to^Muricl no longer. She was dinfi, with furious concentra- ion, unconscious of a frown cut- 'Ing deeply into her forehead. She finished the last page. Then or a moment, she sat utterly tunned. It was unbelievable. Yet there t was, a scribble on yellow, wnit- ng • to be transcribed in clear readable black by Alice's typewriting. Alice Pine got up slowly. He right hand, hard and savage, held a crumple of yellow. And little red dots seemed to be dancing tortuously t in front ot her 'eyes. She did not walk into the study 5he swept into iL / Muriel sat at her table, com posed, cool-look ing, the inevitabl cigaret dangling from her lowe lip. "Gosh, Aliccl 1 know I'r smoking. But ttiCrc isn't any othe fire. So why behave like you'r going to one?" Muriel stopped. Alice felt the red dots runnin together, merging into a du crimson glow. And the words an sentences, lately so clear on th edge ol her mind, merged also- into a confused jumble"I won't type this!" Muriel did not start. She mere said, eyes like quiet silver. "Alic have you gone nuts?" "No, But—you have." Muriel smiled unconcernedly. Jslen, honey, aren't you a wee t ovcrzealous? 1 know, 1 asked ou to be critical. Also, I know ml I'm a lousy writer, maybe, ul"—she touched the mashed pa- GIS with a scarlet fingernail—"1 idn't think I was this lousy. 1 * Oh, Muriel!" Alice's voice rose. [t isn't that and you know it, .'s just thai you—you can't do lis thing." "Can't I?" Muriel's eyes hooded uddenly, After that, for a space, silence iy heavy on the" room. broke lt>e silence. "Darling," she said patiently, you asked me once what I was oing to make of my central char- cler, Larry. I couldn't tell you hen. Now, though, Larry ha* leveloped quite logically." "But, Muriel, Larry Is—is Brent never realized before what you were working up to. It wasn't so dreadfully apparent before. But now, you've done all except narne \im." "Well," M ti r i e I interrupted, chuckling, "(here's no law against ising a prototype. Of course, and quote: 'All characters in this story are entirely fictitious.' Unquote." 'Oh," Alice waved exaspcr- atedly, "that's jusl talking around ;he point. It is Brent, and you've misrepresented him. You've made iiin a defeated, (rustrated man. A weak man and a—a total loss. And he isn't, essentially." An edge crept into Muriel's voice. "I need you, I suppose, Alice, to tell me what kind • ol man my husband is?" Alice gaped at her Incredulously. This woman, with the dangerous, yellow gleam in her eyes and a cold smile playing about a tight, red mouth, could not be Muriel Hallcck. Gay, even- dis positioned* 1 Muriel, so kind, thoughtful and tolerant. This woman was a stranger, ruthless, cruel-looking, Alice bit her lip, said: "I know I'm taking a lot on myself. But why did you feel that you had to iio it, Muriel?" (To Bf C«ntin»cd) Hyflrogenation Is a process for turning liquid vegetable oils Into solid white fat. PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Guaranteed Best Prices Kirby Drug Stores BILL GODWIN SPORTING GOODS Now in Stock: Baseball Uniforms LIVEBALT All Types of Athletic Equipment "the Only Exclusive Sporting Goods Store in Mississippi County" I'hone 6762 '121 \\. Main SPRING PLANTING SEED We have for sale planting seed to serve your needs. Spring Oats, Alfalfa, Pasture Mixtures, Lespedeza, Sudan and Other Field Seeds. SOYBEANS OUR SPECIALTY Please call us or come in to see us for your spring planting requirements. Blytheville Soybean Corporation 856 Phones 857 RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY DRS. NIES & NIES FARM DITCHES DITCH BANK LEVELING PRIVATE ROADS OR ANY 828 Itemcmber that number for ELECTRICAL SERVICE Whether you need contract wotk, wiring or appliance repair., COY GOODSON can do the job Tight. BLAN HEATH CO. EXCAVATION SHEET METAL WORK OF ALL KINDS Custom work for gins, alfalfa mills, oil mills. Custom Shearing up to \l\ inch thickness. Frank Simmons Tin Shop S.J.COHEN Contractor LYNCH BLDG. BLYTHEVILLE ARK. 1.17 South liroadway Phone 2051 Chamblin Sales Co. • Soles & Service • /Tour Friendly Studebaker Dealer" I RAILROAD & ASH PHONE 888 FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS BY MERRILL BLOfiSEB Snug Fit A/ira DOESHTKNOW HME FOUND A VW.Y- SLOW DOWN/THAT FREIGHT TKWN HAST,* HOWOS TRAPPSDI LETS cur TWROU&H . THIS OELO/ MEAVF 17 LIK£ GLTTIN& no. 1 /( AN ouveour, OF A BOTTU.' If 1 could buy another model like this one, I woutuivt hesitate a minute—but I don't trust the new cars nowadays!" PRISCILLA'S POP BY AL VERMEER 1 WISH THERE WAS A WAV TO GET EVEN! LET'S JUST QUIT BUYING SOAP! COMMERCIALS MAKE Mangle Huilcls Alibi HY MICHAEL O'iHALLEY and RALPH LANS I CAN 5POT A POIEWIAL MUBOtRER A AWE UPWIND WITH MY EYES CLOSED, VIC. 1 SAY YONDER /i«.MAN6LE WOULD STOP AT NOTWNS. I'M SORRV YOU'RE V BUSINESS, MRS, SAYtBOOK/^ L?AVlNG,MR.AUWGtE.I IQQKING ATTER NOUBAfFAIRS NOW YOU WONY SEE A KEEPS M*ON THE RUN, CHRISTOPHER SKI, /j&--~^_ SOU KNOW. HE LOOKS UKE RESPECTABILITY ITSELF, CHARLIE-BUT I DON'T LIKE HIM EITHER. EVERYTHING IS SET, SCROBE.THS BOY WILL SKI ALON6 TOMCWRO*. AND AS FAR AS 1H6 WORLD Will EVER KNOW,]J YOU LEFT FOR CHICAGO BY PLAWE TODAY. PCKfCCT,' BY LESLIE TURNEB THAT COPS GOT HIS GAIL, TELLIkl HE 1 CAU'T DEISJE OW HOME TO DOG FIATS; LIL. DRWE VOU TILL I OVERTAKE MVt=eiEWD WHO'S H£M>ED FOB. TH& SAME PLACE. 1 HEAR IPS AN UNSPOILED Birtf TH'OLDWESTl I SEE. VOU WEAU HE WEWT OUT F1R5TTO FIUB (k PLACE r AMD NOW HE'S SENT FOR WU? I DO WOT! IT'S WWE VE»R5 SWCE I LAST LAID EVES O» TH»T UARMIMT- WHEW HE STEPPED OUT OWE NIGHT TO FEED W HOGS 1 . W HE DUWWO v^ 1VE FINftUV RUM U* DOWN 1 HUSBAND, WOW IHAT BUGS BUNNY I'M CURING MYSELF O' SLEEP VVALKIN'' WITH THIS JUNK AROUND TH 0EP I WON'T BE ABLE T'GET OUT/ WHAT'S TH' I-IPEA? WHAT'S TH' M-MATTEP WITH YOUR THERE'S SO MUCH PILEP AROUNP IT I CAN'T GBT WHAT A \ S-SCREWBALL.' BY V. T. HAMLI? YEZ2JK...AND WHEN ) BUT WHO V YEH.' I V MY 5TAI2S. OOP. I CAME TO. f-W (COULD FW/E/ WONDEe^ ARE YOU H V N6CKLACS \M\5yDONESUCKl \VHO,.Y«J JACCUSINS 9U KNCJW (7LDANG C'MPN DOME IT/ I HAVE \ THINSf LOUSE.' HOOTS AND HKR BUDDIES PUG , BY EDGAR MARTIN WtVX ,ora xoii i wow vsftwv

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