Star-Phoenix from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada on February 18, 1980 · 34
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Star-Phoenix from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada · 34

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
Issue Date:
Monday, February 18, 1980
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f CO News Monday, Fobruary 18, 1980 Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Star-Phoenix Deaths CLASSIFIED RATES (Continued) Arizona floodwaters recede By The Associated Press Some of the thousands of residents of Phoenix, Ariz., who fled raging Salt River waters returned home Sunday after flooding proved unexpectedly mild. In Southern California, where at least seven persons have died in a series of storms, residents braced for new rains moving in from the Pacific. The latest storm in Phoenix on Saturday night dropped less than 2.5 centimetres of rain, instead of the predicted 7.5 centimetres that had Krompted warnings of a 500-year ood and caused as many as 6,000 families to leave their homes. More than 15 centimetres of rain has fallen since Wednesday. At least 400 homes were damaged, along with hundreds of streets, roads and bridges. No dollar estimate was available. Flood waters still covered many low-lying areas of Phoenix, and seven of the 10 bridges linking the north with the south in this metropolitan valley of 1.5 million were unusable. Arizona Gov. Bruce Babbitt said the main concern was the colossal confusion the area could expect today and Tuesday when thousands of commuters jam the three remaining bridges. Californias latest storm stopped at about dawn Sunday, after sending tons of muddy water cascading down hillsides, through homes, and washing cars and garages into the streets. One woman was killed when a mudslide tore through her canyon home. In northern California, rains and high winds flooded highways and snapped lines that knocked out power to thousands. The National Weather Service warned there is an 80 per cent chance another storm will hit the California coast soon. In the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta, about 100 workers applied heavy rock, canvas and plastic sheets to strengthen a levee system weakened by wind-blown waves and high tides. More than 7.5 centimetres of rain fell in the Los Angeles area Saturday, bringing the season total to nearly 62.5 centimetres 17.5 centimetres more than normal. Possible death list reduced LOS ANGELES (AP) - The number of young women secretly photographed as possible targets for torture and murder in a case linked to the deaths of at least five teen-age girls is about 400, not the 500 first announced, it was reported Sunday. "In some cases we have six or eight photographs of the same girl, The Herald Examiner quoted an investigator as saying. "And there are probably 10 or 12 girls' with more than one photograph. The investigator asked not to be quoted by name. Sixty of the young women have been identified and are alive and well, the investigator said. Deputies are checking to see if 30 to 40 women reported as missing matched any of the hundreds of photographs, which were originally color slides. Roy Lewis Norris, 32, of Redondo Beach, and Lawrence Sigmond Bit-taker, 39, who was living in a Burbank motel, originally had been arrested on unrelated kidnap and rape charges which were dropped. They are being held on unrelated assault charges. But while the men were in jail, evidence was developed linking them to the five killings. Sheriff Peter Pitchess said recently. The hundreds of photographs were found when deputies searched the property of the two men. The Torrance Daily Breeze reported that Norris was declared a mentally disordered sex offender in 1970, spending 42 years at a mental hospital. In 1975, doctors were reported to have said Norris would not benefit from further care. Three months later he was imprisoned after being convicted of sexual assault in Torrance. Bittakers parole from a California prison expired five days before he was arrested with Norris on rape-kidnap charges, which were dropped when the victim was unable to identify the suspects. , Bittaker and Norris had served time together in 1978 at San Luis Obispo, Calif., before they were paroled about one year ago. Nuclear firm pays $1 55,000 fine HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) - The operator of the Three Mile Island nuclear power plant has paid without protest a $155,000 fine imposed for safety violations in the worst commercial nuclear accident in the U.S. history. Robert Arnold, vice-president of Metropolitan Edison Co., said his firm paid the fine last week rather than seek a public hearing A hearing would have been expensive and time consuming for Met Ed, Arnold said. After the nuclear accident last March 23, the commission's investigators discovered a faulty pressure-relief valve in the crippled Unit 2 reactor-generator. That malfunction, cited by the commission in assessing the fine, al lowed coolant water to escape, causing the reactor core to overheat. The commission also cited Met Ed for an emergency backup system which failed to properly cool the reactor because its pump valves were closed in violation of federal regulation. Arnold said Met Ed disputed several of. the commissions findings but chose not to contest them. Cargo plane crashes; 7 killed BILLERICA, Mass. (AP) - The crew of a British cargo plane reported trouble gaining altitude in a heavy snowstorm shortly before the . aircraft crashed and burned, federal officials say. Seven people aboard the four-en-gined Bristol Brittania turboprop were killed in the crash Saturday. The only survivor is reported in guarded but stable condition. The plane crashed minutes after takeoff from Boston's Airport. The plane was bound for Shannon, Ireland, with seven men and ,a woman and 26.3 tonnes of computer parts. It was on a charter flight for Digital Equipment Corp. China issues unity plea COMFORT WITH FLOWERS For a complete selection of sympathy flowers, call your FTD Florist Flowers Canada Saskatchewan Region PEKING (AP) - Opera in the park, a solar eclipse and the constant din of fireworks on a bright Saturday enlivened Chinas celebration of the Lunar New Year and the beginning of the Year of the Monkey. In a New Years greeting, Chinese leaders called for Taiwan to join China, saying they are confident the island and mainland would jointly celebrate the new year sometime in the 1980s. The togetherness of Taiwan ana the mainland is like lips and teeth let us raise our banners of patriotism and strive for an early resolution of the sacred business of national unification, said a frontpage open letter to the Taiwanese in the Peking Peoples Daily. The Nationalist Chinese established their government on Taiwan after being driven from the mainland by the Communists in 1949. In Taiwans capital of Taipei, President Chiang Ching-kuo called on the people to consolidate efforts for security and peace. He said Taiwan entered the new year under a harmonious and joyous atmosphere. He added : But our compatriots on the Chinese continent have been living in agony. The New Year also was celebrated on Taiwan anc in Korea and several other Asian countries. Pekings Park of the Altar of the Sun was among those staging opera and other special entertainment for the spring festival, as it is presently called. The sun had a different sort of altar in southern Yunnan province, where scientists set up their equipment to study the eclipse from atop a lull.. Star Phoenix Printed and published dally except Sundays and statutory holidays by Armadale Publishers Limited at the office of the STAR-PHOENIX, 204 Fifth Avenue North, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, S7K 2P1, Second Class Mail Registration Number 0098. , Direct dial numbers for Star-Phoenix General Number 652-9200 Editorial Number 664-8231 Circulation Number 664-8320 Classified Number 653-2100 JX Strutter, Emoutte Vtc ftetMrU; Jumm I totro. Eucutte Editor; Ed 1 ad Tyn. MarteOng Itanagar; tterv Cdroy, Production Miagr; IU. TtenqMon, Actertteng Manager; Jack Cook. Managing Editor; Dick Ward, Circulation Mmigar; Joan Taylor, Accountant and Cradk Manager; WIN Popoff, Mandate Editor. Tenders FORSALE BYTENDER Lots 8 and 9, Block 15, Plan G.300 are being re-offered for sale by tender until February 25, 1960, 5 00 pm. Tbls property Is located in the Retail Commercial zone at 516 Main Street, Klndersley, Saskatchewan On the property Is a frame 100' x 40' building with a full basement. Highest or any tender wi II not necessarily be accepted. Please mark envelope clearly and submit to: Town Administrator Town of Kindersley Box 1269 Kindersley, Saskatchewan SOL ISO FORSALE BYTENDER Lot 19, Block 9, Plan C 9 Is being reoffered for sale by tender until February 25, 1980, 5 00 p m. This property is located in the Retail Commercial zone at 114 2nd Ave-nue East, Kindersley, Saskatchewan. On the property is a frame 48' x 20' building with a full basement. H Ighest or any tender will not necessarily be accepted. Please mark envelope clearly and submit to: Town Administrator Town of Kindersley Box 1269 Kindersley, Saskatchewan SOL ISO TENDERS ASBESTOS ENCLOSURE SCHOOLS AT WATROUS AND YOUNG Sealed tenders will be received up to 4 00 p m Regina City Time, March 12, 1980 at the office of the Architect, for renovations, Including fire wall, doors, etc., to schools at Watrous and Young. Each tender shall be accompanied by a certified cheque or bid bond in the amount of 5 of the tender and made payable to the Long Lake School Division No. 30. Drawings and specifications may be obtained by General Contractors from GROLLE ARCHITECT & ENGINEER LIMITED, 4114 18th Avenue, Regina, S4S 0C4, on deposit of a cheque In the amount of $50.00. Drawings and specifications will be on display for subcontractors and suppliers at the following locations School Division Office in Watrous, Construction Assoications at Reg ina, Saskatoon, Moose Jaw, Humboldt and Sanford Evans and Southam Building Reports at Winnipeg. The lowest or any tender not neces sanly accepted. R. Wayne Phillips Secretary-T rea surer Long Lake School Division No. 30 Wtatrous, Sask. SOK 4T0 TENDER SOURISVALLEY EXTEND1CARE HOSPITAL, WEYBURN, SASKATCHEWAN PROJECT NO GS 1005 FIRE ALARMAND SPRINKLER SYSTEM Sealed tenders will be received by the Director of Public Works Branch, 1942 Hamilton Street, Regina, until 2 00 p m. Central Standard Time, March 7th, 1980and will be opened In public immediately thereafter. The work cons! sts of extension to the main Sprinkler and Fire Alarm Systems. Tender documents may be obtained by the General contractor from Department of Government Services, Architecture & Engineering Branch on deposit of $25.00. This deposit will be refunded upon return of the tender documents. In good condition, within thirty days after the opening date. Tender documents may also be viewed at Construction Association offices In Regina, Moose Jaw, Saskatoon and at Southam Building Reports and Sanford Evans Services Ltd. in Winnipeg. Subtrade contractors shall file their tenders in accordance with the Saskatchewan Bid Depository Regulations at the Regina Construction Association before 2 00 p m. city time, March 5th, 1980. Tenders must be accompanied by a Certified Cheque or Bid Bond In the amount of at least ten percent (10) of the tender price. The Province reserves the right to reiect any or all tenders rece.ved. Deputy Minister, Department ot Government Services, Province of Saskatchewan. CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING Ph. 653 2100 8.00-8 00 Mon - Frl. 8 30 noon Sat. CLASSIFIED WORD ADS Star Phoenix Classified Ad Rates Fifteen Cents Per Word Per Day Six Consecutive Insertions for the Price of Five, Minimum Count of 12 words. Minimum Dally charge $1 80. ir COMMERCIAL WORD ADS Sixteen cents per word per day. Slx Consecutive Insertions fur the price of five. Minimum count of 12 words Minimum dally charge $1.92. r Classified Display Is charged at $8 54 per single column Inch. Where 10 point or large type Is de sired by the advertiser for the com plete advertisement the rate perl word Is JO cents per day. Minimum count 12 words, minimum dally charge $3 60. Figures In groups of five or less, dollar marks, Inltlul let tors, etc. count as one word. Where one line Is set In 10 point and the bal ance set In ordinary classified type the charge Is $1 65 per day for the 10 point-line. Where the use of a box number is desired, count as four words extra. City or rural Star-Phoenlx Box Numbers pleabe add $2.25 extra to cover cost of handl Ing and postage. While every endeavour will be made to forward replies to box numbers to the adver tiser as soon as possible, we accept no liability In respect of loss or damage alleged to rise through el ther failure or delay In forwarding such replies however caused whether by negligence or other wise. City advertisers must pick up I box replies at the Star Phoenix office. THE STAR PHOENIX ASSUMES NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR1 ERROR AFTER THE FIRST IN SLRTION. Tenders (Continued) -jCITYOF oaskatOn 40321962 TENDERS FOR AGGREGATE Sealed tenders addressed to the Purchasing Agent, City Hall, Saska toon, Saskatchewan, and plainlyl marked on the envelope "T ender for I Aggregate" will be received andl opened publicly at 2 00 P.M., C.S.T. I on Tuesday, the 27th day of Febru- ary, 1980 for the supply of aggregate! for the City of Saskatoon for 1980. APPROXIMATE QUANTITIES 355.000 Tons Base, Sub Base, andl Street Gravel Aggregate I (55,000 Tons East and South of River) (300,000 Tons West and North ot River) 85.000 Tons Asphalt Aggregate 10.000 Tons Pipe Bedding Sand (2,000 Tons East and South of River) (8,000 Tons West and North of River) 8.000 Tons Sheet Asphalt Aggregate I 12.000 Tons Street Sanding Aggregate 1.000 Tons Crushed Rock Specifications, Instructions to Bid-1 ders, and Tender Form may be obtained from the Office of the Purchasing Agent 88 - 24th Street East, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan S7K 4K4, after 1:15 P.M., C.S.T. Tuesday, February 12th, 1980. Lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted. V E BACON PURCHASING AGENT TENDER FOR THE CONSTRUCTION OF SIDEWALK, CURB SIDEWALK RECONSTRUCTION CATCH BASINS AND BOULEVARD Sealed Tenders, addressed to the I Purchasing Agent, 88 24th Street East, Saskatoon, Sask., S7K4K4 and plainly marked "Tender for the Construction of Sidewalk, Curb, Sidewalk Reconstruction, Catch Basins and Boulevard Improvements" will be received and opened publicly 0t2 00p.m., C.S.T. onTues-day the 11th day of March 1980 for the following approximate! quantities: 49,100 metres of rolled curb and 1.5 metre sidewalk 10,600 metres of combined curb 29.200 metres of separate curb 12.300 square metres of sidewalk 3.200 square metres of sidewalk reconstruction 63,000 square metres of boulevard improvements 340 catch basins 3.300 metres ot catch basin lead Tender forms, plans and specifications may be obtained from the Office of the Purchasi ng Agent after 1 15 p.m. Tuesday, February 19th, 1980 upon a deposit of a cheque for $50 00 which will be refunded if plans are returned. The lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted. V. E. BACON PURCHASING AGENT TENDER FOR SALE OF USED THEATRE SEATS Sealed tenders for the above will be received by the undersigned up to 3 00p.m., Friday, March 7, 1980. Specifications may be obtained from D. Fonger, Materials Supervisor, 405 Third Avenue South, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. The lowest or any tender will not necessarily be accepted. H. O. Langlois, Superintendent of Business and Administration Saskatoon Board of Education PEOPLE ARE LOOKING OVER THESE ADS STAR-PHOENIX CLASSIFIED ADS Phone 653-2100 8 to 8Mon.-Fri. 8 30-noon Sat. Semi-Displays Accepted 8 00 a.m. to 12 noon dally Monday tu Friday for publication following day (except holidays). NOTICES Death and Funeral Notices $7 00 for first 125 words. Each additional word, 15 cents. Births, Marriages, In Memorlams, Engagements, Card of Thanks, $5 00 first 50 words Each additional word 15 cents per word. Word Ads Accepted Office Hours: 8 00am. to4.30p.m for next day's publication. Word ads will be accepted by tele phone from 4:30 p.m. B'OO p.m Monday through Friday, and will appear for publication second day after order. Word ads accepted 8 30 noon Saturdays will appear In Mondays publication. Cancellations will be accepted to 8 00 p.m. Monday through Friday and 8 30 a m. to 12 noon Saturday for next day's publication. Cancellations will be accepted to 8.30 a.m, Mondays only. On days when the business office lb closed, word ads for publication may be left In the box In the front vestibule of the Star-Phoenix office. Please be sure to leave your name, address, phone number and number of Insertions desired. Display Advertising SCHEDULE OF COPY ACCEPTANCE. THURSDAY 12 00 noon for Monday, THURSDAY 3 00 p m. for Tuesday, FRIDAY 12 00 noon for Wednesday, MONDAY 3:00 p.m. for Thursday, TUESDAY 3 00 pm. for Friday; WEDNESDAY 3 p.m. for Saturday publication. All of the above times on a "copy In hand basis", allow time for copy pickup and preparation. PROFESSIONAL AND BUSINESS CARDS Minimum Count Two Lines One month. $8.00 per count line per munth. Twelve months or more: $7.50 per count line per month. SUBSCRIPTION RATES By carrier $1 00 per week collected bl-weekly BY MAIL IN CANADA 1 year $75 00 1 month $9 00 Sat. Only yearly $20.00 BY MAIL IN U.S A. & FOREIGN Subscription rate per year... $69 00 Postage $176 00 Total $245 00 6 months $39 00 Postage $91 00 Total $130 00 3 months $19 50 Postage $45 50 Total $65 00 Saturday Only $19 00 Postage $31 00 Total $50.00 MAIL SUBSCRIPTION RATES IN SASKATCHEWAN 1 year $69 00 6 months $39 00 3 months $21 00 1 month $7.50 Sat. Only yearly $20.00 BUZ IK The passing of Mr Peter John Buzlk age 73 years of 63 O Nell Crescent occurred at his resident e on Friday, February 15, fiBO The Funeral Mass will beheld Tuesday, February 19th at 10 a m. con-celebrated bvVerv Rev Father M. Bzdel and Kev. Father V. Korba from st Peter and St Paul Ukrainian Catholic Church. Kith St. A MunroeAve Prayers will be said on Monday, f ebruary 18th at 8 p m from St Peter and St Paul Ukrainian Catholic Church Surviving are. his loving wife Anna one daughter-Mrs Glen (tleanore) Matdonaldof SaxkaUxm; two sons: Neville and Robert both at home, four grandchildren: Karen, Deborah, Brent and Lisa: two sisters Miss Lena Buzlk and Mrs Mike (Mary) Pawllk of Saskatoon; two brothers: Joseph More of Sudbury, Ontario and Frank More of Toronto, Ontario. Mr. Buzlk was ptedeased by his parents, two sisters, one in Infancy and Mrs Anne Horbav In 1976 The late Mr. Buzlk was burn In Winnipeg, Manitoba and moved to Krv-dor, Sask. in 1908. Then In 1945 he moved to Saskatoon and had lived here since that time He enloved sports and politics and worked as a volunteer for several charitable organizations He was also a very active member of St. Peter and St. Paul Ukrainian Catholic Church. In lieu of flowers donations may be made to the Saskatchewan Assocla tlon for Retarded Children, 215 Canada Building, Saskatoon, or the Saskatchewan Heart Foundation, 440 2nd Avenue, North, Saskatoon. Interment will take place In the Roman Catholic Cemetery. Arrangements are in care of Park Funeral Chapel. 1 CLOSED ALL DAY SATURDAY, SUNDAYS 652-9200 Deaths DAUCELA The passing of Mr John Daugela age 77 years of 110f 33rd Street West, Saskatoor occurred in a Saskatoon Hospital or February 14th, 1980 The Funeral Mass will be held on Tuesday Febru ary 19th at 10-30 a m from St Michaels Roman Catholic Church conducted by Rev. D. O'Driscoll Prayers-will be said at St. Michaels Church on Monday evening at 7 3( P m. Surviving are. his loving wife Margaret, two sons, George and Gary both of Vermillion, Alta , one daughter, Edith of Saskatoon, alsc five grandchildren, Darcy, Mark, Darla, John and Pam, a brother Vic tor residing in Lithuania, a cousin, Mrs. Annie Gerwing of Swanson Sask Mr Daugela was predeceased by five brothers in Lithuania. Mr Daugela was born In Lithuania and came to Canada in 1926 to the Swanson District In 1942 he moved to the Saskatoon district where he farmed until his retirement to Saskatoon in 1977. He was a member of St. Michaels Roman Catholic Parish Interment will be made in the Roman Catholic Cemetery Arrangements are in care of Westwood Funeral Chapel. GREIG Mrs. Esther Creig (nee Torwalt) of Kelowna passed away in Kelowna on Sunday, February 10th, 1980 age 55 years. Mrs. Greig is survived by her loving husband Roy of Kelowna, two daughters. Royetta and Arlyn and one son Rayden; all of Fort MacMurrav, Alta. Alse by her mother Mrs. Martha Towalt, Saskatoon, three brothers and three sisters. The Funeral Service was held in the Memorial Chapel of Val-leyvlew Funeral Home on February 13th, 1980 Rev. Glen A. Rhmk and Rev. Erwin Fuhrmon officiated. Interment was In Lakevlew Memorial Park Safe in the arms of Jesus, Safecn His gentle breast, There by his love overshaded, Sweetlv her soul shall rest. GUANZON The death of Magno S. Guanzon age 75 years of 601 Douglas Crescent occurred in a local hospital on February 17th, 1980. The Funeral Mass will be held on Wednesday I morning February 20th at 10 00a m. I from St. Francis Roman Catholic Church. Prayers will be offered In St. Francis Church on Tuesday evening at 8 OOp m. Surviving are- tiis wife Benita, 5 children, Alfredo. Vancouver, B C , Benjamin. Saska' toon, Cesar in the Philippines, Mrs. Eugene Dimaiuat, Virgma, U.S A. I and Efren, Saskatoon; 13grandchil-Idren and 2 great grandchildren; 1 I brother and 1 sister and many rela-I fives, friends and associates Mr. Guanzon was bom in the Philip-I pines He had served as a Director I and head cashier of the Wise Com-Ipany in Manila for many years prior I to his retirement. Mr. Guanzon I came to make his home in Saska-Itoon in 1971. Funeral Service I arrangements are in care of the Sas-I katoon Funeral Home. LEVESQUE The passing of Miss Judith Ann Levesque age 18 years of Prince Albert. Saskatchewan occurred In a local hospi tal on Saturday. February Ibth, 1980. The Funeral Mass will be held on Tuesday, February 19th at 10 a m. cele brated by Rev. Father M Bedard from SS. Donatlen et Rogatien Roman Catholic Church, Prud homme, Sask. Prayers will be said on Monday. February 18th at 8 p m from SS Donatlen et Rogatien Roman Catholic Church, Prud homme. Sask Surviving are parents, Mr and Mrs Roger Levesque of Prud homme, two sisters-Mrs Irvin (Jocelyn) Wurst of Wakaw and Evelyn of Edmonton, Alberta, five brothers. Ronald,of Saskatoon, Armand of Prince Albert, Jerry, Danny and Scott of Prud homme; four grandparents Mr. and Mrs. Albert Levesque of Saskatoon and Mr, and Mrs Oliver Lavertu of Selkirk, Manitoba. The late Miss Levesque was born in Pnnce Albert and moved to Wakaw In 1964 where she received most of her education. In 1975 she moved to Prud homme and has lived there since that time Interment will take place In the Prud homme Roman Catholic Cemetery Arrangements are in care of Park Funeral Chapel MARKWART The death of Mr Henry Markwart age 69 vears of Rosthern occurred in the Rosthern Union Hospital on February 16, 1980. The Funeral Service will be held on Wednesday, February 20 at 2 00 p m fron Trinity Lutheran Church, Rosthern conducted by Rev Peter E. Mathiasen Surviving are: his loving wife Molly (nee Heinbigner), three sisters, Mrs. Emma Penner, Edmonton, Mrs. Frieda Kreiter, Rosthern and Mrs Edna Zumno, Calgary and many other relatives add friends. He was predeceased bv his parents, three sisters and three brothers Interment will be made In the Rosthern Cemetery Arrangements are in care of Funk's Funeral Home. Rosthern PAETKAU The death of Mrs Helena Paetkau age 88 years of Rosthern, Sask , formerly of Saskatoon and Hepburn, Sask occurred in hospital at Rosthern on February 14th, 1980 The Funeral Service will be held on Tuesday, February 19th atl 30pm from the First Mennon-ite Church at 418 Queen Street, Saskatoon. (Memorial donations to 'Gideon Memorial Bibles" will be appreciated in lieu of flowers ) Surviving are 2 daughters Mrs David Adrian (Helen), Abbotsford, BC and Betty Willms Saskatoon, 4sons Jack and his wife Adeline, Hepburn, Sask, Frank and his wife Ella, Stonev Creek, Ontario, John and his wife Kav, Fruitland, Ontario aid Henry and his wife Verna, Hepburn, Sask ; also 16 grandchildren; a great grandson and 1 sister Mrs Tena Jantzen, Rosthern She was predeceased by her husband Jacob Paetkau in 1965. Mrs. Paetkau was born In Osterwick, Russia. She came to Canada with her husband and family in 1923 to settle on a farm at Hepburn, Sask where she farmed with her husband until retiring to reside in Saskatoon In 1951. For the past year and a half she had made her home at Rosthern. Mrs. Paetkau was a member of the First Men-nonite Church and had taken an active part In the work of the church ladies organizations Interment will take place in Hillcrest Memorial Gardens. Funeral Service arrangements are in care of the Saskatoon Funeral Home. PARKER The passing of Mrs. ; Jennet Ellen (Nell) Parker age 87 years of 1306 5th Ave North, Saska I toon occurred in a local hospital on Friday, February 15th, 1980 The Funeral Service will be held on (Tuesday, February 19th at 3 30p m. conducted by Rev N Stewart Dingwall from Park Funeral Chapel, 311 Third Avenue North Courtesy parking north of the Chapel Surviving are. her husband, Rov; her sister, I Mrs Mary Trask of Saskatoon, her (brother, Mr. William Mather of Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, and numerous nieces and nephews. She was predeceased by her infant daughter Myrtle in 1916 bv 5 sisters and by 2 brothers The late Mrs. Parker was born in Morden, Manitoba and In 1904 came to saskatoon In 1906 she moved to Asquith and married Roy Parker in June of 1913. In the early W0 s she moved to Saskatoon and has lived here swtee that time Mrs Parker was an active member of the I O D E. In lieu of flowers Memorial donations mav be made to the Canadian Cancer Society, 305 - 219 22nd Street East Interment will take place in Woodlawn Cemetery. Arrangements are in care of Park Funeral Chapel. REYNOLDS The passing of Mr. Isaac(John) Reynolds age 84 years of Sherbrooke Community Centre occurred at his residence on Saturday. February Ibth, 1980. The 1 Memorial Service will be held on Wednesday, February 20th at 3 00 pm. conducted by Rev. S. John Cameron from Park Funeral Chapel, 311 Third Avenue, North. Coutesy parking north of the chapel. Surviving are one sister: Mrs. Sarah Brymldsen of Ottawa; one Ibrother: Jack Reynolds of England, (two nieces- Mrs Allan (Myrtle) 1 Walton of Saskatoon and Mrs. Mel- vin (June) Newman of Ottawa, one Inephew- Mr. Neil Brymldsen of Young, Sask Mr Reynolds was pre-Ideceased by; one brother Willian land one sister Mrs. Annie Ham-lmond The late Mr. Reynolds was born In Biringham. England and Icame to Canada to the Young Sask Idistnct in 1914. In 1970 he moved to I Saskatoon and has lived here since Ithat time In lieu of flowers dona Itions may be made to the Sher-Ibrooke Community Centre I Memorial Fund. 301 Acadia Drive. ICremation Arrangements are in Icareof Park Funeral Chapel.

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