The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 20, 1950 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 20, 1950
Page 2
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! WO BLYTHlCVn-LE. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Second Political letter Stirs Up New York Voters Lckman Message " To Alger His* I* Published BT The Assncl.ifrd Press Publication of a second personal letter by a candidate for the Scn- »t* kept national political attention focu«ed today on the heated New York campaipn. Senator Herbert H. Lehman tn- • Lib-NY) said he had no apology to make for a two-year-old letter in defense of Alger Hiss, former state Department aide sinte convicted of perjury. Lehman noted it was writ• t«n before Hiss' indictment. Lehman's letter w?s made public while controversy still flew about, a letter written by Lehman's Republican opponent, u. Gov. Joe R. Hanley, which Demccral.s contend showed Hanley was "paid off" to run for the Senate rather than the . governorship. President. Tnininn told his news conference yesterday he had read the Hanley letter and was sorry he had. it is too bad a thing like tint. .' t\ss to come out In public, the President said. He added that, yes, It, certainly , would have an effect on the New Y-rk election and won't hurl Democratic crrsnces. Truman Expects Victory Mr. Truman also said he expect* the Democrats will win next : month's congressional election by a landslide, increasing their majorities In both Senate and House. He doesn't plan to do any campajgn- ins. he said. I-e wouldn't comment on election prospects In Individual states, but said he hopes Senator Francis J. Myers' wins in Pennsylvania. Myers is opposed by Republican Gov. James H. Duff. : The Hanley tetter had repercussions in California, it was brought up there by James Roosevelt .son of the late President, who Is opposing Republican Gov. Earl Warren for reelection. Rooserelt Draws Parallel Asking why U. Gov. Goodwin J. Knight got out of the race for governor early this year, Fioose v el t suggested there might be a parallel to Hanlcy's withdrawal In New York. He referred to Dewey as "the senior partner in the firm of Dcwey and Warren" and asked: "What went on , here In California?". Warren retorted that he had nev- Good Entertainment Everyday Open Week Days 6:45 - Show Sfarls 7:00 Saturdays & Sundays 1:00 Always a Double Feature I>as( Times Today "OIJWr.K FEATURE CUMMINGSJAYWARD Ik LOST MOM EN V «>IGNES MOOftEHtAD muitinc iw aim IIMI mm trail) IUHIIU Blythcville FULL GOSPtl TABEKNACLE LIU; *>4 Vtm* G. C. Ovtn», Putor 9:45 Sundsj School Fiy Aurtln superintendent. Classes (or all agej 11:00 Morning Worship 6:45 P.YP.A meets nrlth prc*l- denl, Gene Ledbetter. 7:45 Evangelistic Service ulth sermon by pasfer. fuesday and Friday nights serv. lew at 1:45 Tuesday night U P.Y.P.A. Night. A UNIVERSAL-INTERNATIONAL RElttSi Pius RORY CALHOUN GliV MADISON 'Massacre River' •Also Cartoon ASSKMBI.Y OF GOD Rer E. C. gin*, pi i tor Sunday S«hoo) 9-41 am Mornint Worship ll:oo a.m Women's Missionary Council 6 30 p.m Men's Cooperative Council 6'30 p.m Christ's'Ambassadors 6:30 p rn Junior Christ Ambassador* «-30 p m Evangelistic Service t:fc pn. Tuesday 7:30 pjn Priyer Me<|. ing Thursday 7:30 p.m Blblr stuay CAI.VAKV BAPTIST 16lh »nt1 i:hlfk«»awl.« F. H Jernltan iu.,lo» Stindaj SrhooJ S'M : < m Morning Wn'shlp 11 oo am Intermediate G A'» 5'30 p.m BTU 7-Oti p.m Evening Worship 8 00 m Wednesdaj choir reh*rsal .nd oJficers and leachen rn^-tln, a r the same hum 7'00 Wednesday Praj'ei Meeting »:00 Friday Mtn'i Brotherhood Importance of UN Seen in Failures Of Old League Importance of missions of the United Nation."; today can be explained in the tailure.1 of the League of Nations. Dr. Alfred Vise, rabbi of Temple of Israel here, told members of Blytheville's Rotary Club yesterday. "When Japan Invaded Manchuria, the first overt act of World War II, the League protested. "H nlso protested when Italy Invaded Ethiopia and when Hitler occupied the Rhineland," he snid. He pointed out that lack of action spelled [allure for the riciunct League. In contrast to this type of attempt at world government. Dr. Vise pointed to the U.N.'s action in Korea. Guests at the meeting included NaUian Weinberg, L. C. B. Young and Ben P. Butler, all of Osceola, Charles Chandcrlin of Memphis, Earl Magcrs, of Dell, John Lewis of St. 1 Louis, John Edwards of Batesville and Joe Ray Price and R. L. Banister, both of Blytheville. NOTICE Notice is hereby given that the undersigned has filed with the Commi.Mioncr of Rercrmes of the State of Arkansas for permit to sell and dispense beer at retail on the premises described as 811 S. 1st. Blytheville, Mississippi County. The undersigned states that lie is a citizen of Arkansas, of good .moral character, that he has never been convicted of a felony or other crime involving moral turpitude; that no license to sell beer by the undersigned has been revoked within five years last past; and that the undersigned has never been convicted of violating the laws of this state, nr any other state, relative to the sale of alcoholic liquors. Application is tor permit to be issued for operation beginning nn the 1 day of Nov. 1050, and to expire on the 30 day of Jum*. ins I.. Allrl Porrt Subscribed and sworn to before me this 1!) day of October. 1950. Mrs. Marshall Dlackard Notary Public My Commission expires: 3j9[53. er discussed the question of withdrawal wilh Knight and he said of Roosevelt: "Is there no end to this man's trickery? He has no equal since patent medicines were sold on street corners [rotn a buckboard." Knight, too .threw down Roosevelt's suggestion. "I became convinced that my candidacy might help Mr. Roosevelt," he said In explaining hi.' withdrawal. "With defeat starinr. him in the face, Mr. Roosevelt wil 1 no doubt resort to other disreputable maneuvers before the voters count him out." VALUES! VALUES! Tables — 32" high, 24" x 36" top wilh lw o large 9" drawers. A good storage or bedroom furniture piece. Used Frigirlaire Refrigerator — ljrg« 10 foot size in perfect running condition, Duo Therm Oil Heater _ Large gi zc for home use. Ready to use now. APPLY New. PHONE 2132 CHURCH OF THE IMMACULATE CONCEPTION Rev. Ann* H. Kn4rrlln f., lo , Rev. Bernard G. Malont Sunday Masses, 7:30-10. a m. Weekday Masses 6:45-8 « m. Holy Days 6:00 and g a.m. Friday Novella devotions 1:00 pm. Confessions Saturday TOO-8'00 p. in. K1KST I.UTHEKAN CHURCH Sixth and Walnut O .Wlexler. Pailor "Moments with God" KLCN each Sunday 9:30 a.m. Sunday School 10:00 a.m Divine Worship 11:00 a.m FfKS'l CHRISTIAN CHURCH I,ruler I) Slrulihar. minister 9:30 a.m Choi] Practice 9:45 a m Sunday School 10:50 a.m Morning Worship 6:16 Chi Rho Junloi and Senior C y F Lunch 6:.70 p m chl nho Junior »nd Senior O Y F Lesson 1:30 p.m Evening Worship CHKISTIAM SCJENCB SOC1FTY 1311 \\ Main St. Sunday School 9 30 a.m Sundav Service 11:00 a m Reading Room Wednesday 2-:io- (:30 pm WedncMlaj service 8 p.m ••Probation After Death," will be read in all churches and Societies of the Church of Christ, Scientist, on Sunday. LAKE STKKBT METHOIHS1 CifURCH Rev. George HcGliehey. paitor Hob McHalUy church srtiuut au gerinlendent; p B Jarrati chairman ol the Board ol stewards Mr« Bill} King president ol WSCJS Sunoav School 10:00 «.m Morning Worship 11:00 lm MYF S pjn Evening Worship 7 p.m WSCS 2:30 p.m Monday Choii Practice 7 p.m Wednesday FIRST RAPT1ST F. C. Brown pastnr Sunday School 9:40 a.m Morning Worship Service. I0:5b a.m Training union. 6:30 p.m. Evening Worship Services 1:30 p.m. Wedne.sday Sunday School Cabinet Meeting. 11:45 p.m Praye< Service. 7:45 p.m Officers and Teachers meeting 7:00 D.rn FIRST CIHJRCI1 OF THtf NA7.ARKNE Roy»l fi Srrhiilli. Pastnr Sunday Schoo 1 9:45 a.m Sermon by pastor 1] a.m Sermon by pa.stor 7:30 p.m Nazarene Training Union 6:30 p.rn Wednesday Night Prayei Meeting T30 p.m W.F.M.S Wednesday alternoon i p.m. Sunday School Visitation Friday 7:00 p.m FIRST BAPTIST CHAPKI. MISS'ON Kttv Oavlrt Smith Simdav School 9:40 Worship S rvtce 10:S5 a.m. Training Union ' :30 pjn ^Evening Worship 1: JO p m. FIRST METHODIST Roy I. Bajrlej, Pastor Church Scnool 9'45 a.m Morning Worship II a.m Youth Chotr iZchearsal S 45 p.m 6:30 p.m Junior Fellowship. In- tcrmediale M.Y.F. Senior-Young Peoples M.Y.F Evening Service 1:3n After church fellowship J?:,10 pin Wednesday, choir rehearsal T.V' l.K IKKAKI, Dr. Alfred Vine, rihM Sunday 10 n.m. i Sunday School for All groups Sunday 8 p.m. Services »'Ilh wr- mon,' "United Nations Week." Memorial services lor Joe Isaacs Tuesday I p.m. Meeting o< Temple Sisterhood FIRST PRKSHVTEKIAN CHIJBCH K«v Harvey Kldd, pastor 8.45 Sunday School 1! a.m. "Time of Trouble." 6.30 p.m. Young People's Meeting ':30 p.m. "The Home-Front." Wednesday 6:30 Covered dlih dinner. 7:30 Prayer Meeting 8 p.m. Choir Rehearsal. CHURCH OF CHKIST Harold F. Sharp, Kvanteliai .Main ami Highway 61 Two muming worship services— 8:45 a. m. "Jacob's Ladder." Song service directed by James Thomson. Bible Classes <):50 a.m. Second morning worship hour 10:50 a. rn. "Jacob's Ladder." Song service directed by W. T. Shelton. Bible classes 6:45. Evening Worship 7:30 p.m. "Origin and Claims of Catholicism No. 5," Monday 7:30 Men's 'fiible class Wednesday 9 a.m. Ladles' Bible Class, Wednesday evening Bible classes 7:LO p.m. ST. STKJ'IIKN'S KI'ISCOI'AI, William F. Filzhujth, vicsr Twentieth Sunday after Trinity 7::io a.m. Holy Communion. 0:30 a.m. Church School II a.m. Morning Prayer ' Monday 7 p. m . gt. Stephen's Men's Club Oct. 28 St. Simon and 'Jude, Apostles, 10 a.m. Holy Communion. Rural Churches GATEWAY TABKRN'ACLB L fi rVjrah. pastnr Church Service 9:45 a.m Evening Worship. 7-30 o.m HUFFMAN BAPTIST DarM McPeiXe. pallor 10.00 a.m Sunday School 11:00 a.m Morning Service 7 .10 p.m 8.TO Meeting 8 p.m Evening Service Friday 7 p.m choir practice «n orayer meeting BURDKTTE CHURCH OF OOI> Rev. O. E. May Sunday School H 4ft a.m Morning Worship. 11 a.m Young People. 7:00 p.m Evening Worship g 00 p.m HALF MOON ASSEMBLY OF GOD Rer Martin Kea K »n rutor SMiday School 10:00 a.m Worship service 11:00 a.m Yiung Peoples CA Service «:30 p.m. Ctenlnt Church Worship T:JO p.m Mld-Week Service Friday I pjn FRTDAT, HUFFMAN CHURCH Of COD Amot A. I.tdfortt, pui»r Sunday School 9:46 > m Mornint Worship 11:00 §.m Evening Service 7:30 p.m YP.E Saturday 7:30 p.nt ROUND LAKE CHVKCH Of CHRIST Sunday School 10 a.m. Communion 11 a.m. Bible Study 7:30 p.m. Wednesday Night Bible Study 1:30 p.m TARKKO MISSIONARY RAPTINT R«T Parker Hiy mlnlttrr Sunday School 10 *.m Preaching Service Ham B.T.U «:30 pm Preaching 1:30 pm Prayer Meeting Friday night CLEAR LAKE BAPTIST J. K. Co*, Ms(»r Sunday Schoo] 9 45 a.m Worship Service 11:00 »m Training Union 6:30 p.m Worship Service 7:30 pm Mid-Week Service 7:iO p.m Wed- ne.sday VARRKO MKTHODIST ORIIRCH I.Inlry E. Vowel). Minister Church School every Sunday to a.m Church Worship Services 2nd ano fourth Sundays n a.m. first tnd third Sundays 7 p.m PSCP flnsi and Ihtrd Simd»T» PKOMISKH i.AMI MF.THdDlSl CHI'KCH Linley K. Vowell, Minister Church Schoo! every Sunday 10 a.m Church Worship Services _ flrsl and third Sundays 11:00 a.m Second and fourth Sundays * 30 p.m M.Y.F meetings second and fourth Sundays 5:30 j..m WSCS second and fourth Thursdays WEST BI.YTUF.VII.I.K PARISH MF.THODIRT W B Vaunt. Pastor Wesley Memorial Chureh Church School 10:00 a.m Supl Floyd Davis Worship Service 11:00 a.m Wot ship Service 7 p.m HALF MOON METHODIST CHURCH Church School 10:00 < m Ljnt Earl Baker Worship Service 11:00 «.m Worship Service 7'00 p.m WOODLAND CORNF.R BAPTISI Arnold Clayton, Minister Sunday School 10 a.m Worship Service—11-00 »,m C A Service 7:00 p.m B.TU 1:00 p.m Evening Worship «.oo p.m Wednesday Prayer Service 7:00 I.MMANirei. BAPTIST A M. Rnuaton. past*r Sundaj School to a.m Morning Worship 11 a.m Training Union. 7 p.m Ti relttvt ri 2, WICKS hrttil... W VAPORUB SKYLINE $1 Per Carload '/i Mi. No, of Blytlieville on 61 LAST TIMES TONITE All Technicolor Program JEANNE CHAIN "CENTENNIAL SUMMER" Pf.US COLOR CARTOON DtCK HAYMKS DO YOU LOVE ME" SAT. ONLY $1 Per Car Every 3rd Car FREE 3 BIG FEATURES ' No. 1 Busier Cr.ibhe Al (Fuir.y) SI. .Tohn in "Billy the Kid's Roundup" No. 2 Bcla Lugosi In "Bowery at Midnite" No. 3 Billy Gilbert Shemp Elnn-ard "SPOTLIGHT SCANDALS" ! ALSO COLOR CARTOON DOUBLEHEADER FALL REVIVAL HEAR EVANGELIST BESSIE L. FISHER Memphis, Tenn. One of (he truly outstanding lady cvan- Ktlisls of (he Asscmhlies of Corf, with a message (hal will bring you hack again. Prayer for (he sick every nighl. Ocl. 17 Service Each Kv«ning 7:45 P.M. ARTIST EVANGELIST NELL GA1NES CHEEK Memphis, Tcnn. Oc(. 17 ? ? 7 ? 7:45 Each Evening Bihle messages illustrated wilh heauliful Hanno-Graph Hand Painted Pictures — Gospel Songs and Choruses. AT.t. RCKNKS USKD HKK OWN \VOkK OF AHT FOR BOTH YOUNG AND OLD THE ASSEMBLY OF GOD CHURCH 71h. * Ash Sis. Pastor, H. E. SIMMS Evening 8errlc« ; l:M pj WrdncwUy nlcht pi«y«i T pal OOSMf.L Carl CullfKia. f-rti Sunday School, 10:00 t.n Moinlni Worship ll:QQ im Tralnlni Union, t:M p.m Evenlni Worship. I:M p m Thursday 7:30 PM P'*m i ARMOR EL W. E. KdmojjUan. *ast Sunday School^0:00 a.m Preaching 11:00 a.m Tralnlni! Union TOO p.m Evening Worship «:90 p.m Wednesday Prayer Meeting T. OOSSF.1,1. MKTHODIST Let Anrter««n. Minister Church School 10 a.m Worship Service "I tm M.Y.F Groups • p.m Bvening Service 1 p.m. Mid-Week Serrie* Thuradty p.m NEW I.IrlEItTV BAPTIST Five mill's South Hlrhva? II RuKell Duffer. M'Ur Sunday Sehool 10:00 a.m Morning Worship 11:00 ajn Training Union 1 p.m Evening Worship Service > pm NUMBER NINE BAPTIST Gene Shult., paitar Sunday School 9-45 a.m Mornine Worship 11:00 am Sunday a 15 p.m Mission Arm bru School auditorium rralnlnn Union 7-00 pm Sunday achnol and church at Yai- Evening Worship t pm Luxoro Churches ASSEMBLY or GOD 10:00 a.m Sunday School 11:00 a.m Worship Servic* 6:00 o.m O A Service 7:30 p.m Saturday Service 7:33 pjn Wednesday Prayer «er- vice <;miKcr. or CHRIST Bob Wwdwaro tTangeliat Bible studi ll> a.m Morning Worship. 11 a.m. Communion 11:45. , Evening Worship 7:00 p.m. Thursday, -7:30 p.m. Bible Class. flKS-I BAFT'S! A K Hill paitor J. C Dickinson part** 10: a m Sunday School ' 11.00 a.m Worship Service* 6:00 pm'^ B T TJ 7:00 pm~ Worship Service 7:00 pjn Wednesday Prayei Service. I.UXOHA METHODTS1 H L. Koblnaon Paitor Church School 10 a.m Morning Wuiship II a.m RITZ THEATRE Manila, /Irk. 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Amot H. EndrrifB Every Sunday Mas. 1 ! g a.m. Holy Days 6:00 and 8 a.m. First Friday of. month 7:30 a.m. FIRS') PENTECOSTAL Norman Kent, put*r Rventng Service 7:0" p m riRSI U 1 Lawrence pastor Sunday School u 45 a m Morning Worship. 11 a.n» Vounj People 5:00 pm Wedne.sday evenlnt wrvlc« riRSI ASSEMBLY OF GOO •un<U; . Uornrfl* »or»hip II »m. ¥«tto| PMpto C.A'i f :« p« Ocrrie* 7:W p 1:M mm ThurwUy WMC S pj wrraooirr C. Taylw, •ehcol. t-M » WanUf Sfrrle* I! tm u*tho«l*t Tovt Wonhlp •enrlot 1 pm W«ln««J«y Touth Ctiak I:M mm. Onto Otx* T:M WILSON CHURCHM rini MrUiwtM Church H. I,»nn W»4«, yuU Sunday School 10 «,m. Belli, superintendent. Preaching 11 i.m. by the lUr. John T. Self of Luxor*. Methodist Youth Fellowship «:w p.m. Mrs. Dcwey Stotts, tduH letd- Beware Coughs following Flu After lh« flu it over and gone, the c lhal follows m«y develop into chronic bronchitis if Deflected. 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