The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 19, 1950 · Page 17
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 17

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 19, 1950
Page 17
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TfcWMBAY, «, • • . _ . • IMJITHBTIUL.] Oy^oordingHout. with Moj.H^.pl.loUt OUR WAY By J. R. William. u«»I.**!-!.*****'a?u«yi^ r^Ko»ni«7iiir^r^?^7T? 1 ^T^ . FTf^~~ \ \ TT —i— j a§55?3r«Ss* 5*« —• *•« x^eMPT-rtKie . THE EAVES ? ,, IT'S A MIRACLE THIS CUV AIN'T EVEN DO 1DUTVMMC 1 FUEW (f HEOCI Hungary and Tito Vi« ot txpotition BARI, Italy (AP) — Pro-Soviet Hungary and anti-Soviet 'Vugo-f «tevi» had the two biggest exhibits I «' thU year's "Pair of the East" al! Iflt* historic Marco Polo port. But' the? weren't trying to sell anything *« eich other. Both offered heavy machinery, manufactured goods, "tth emphasis on household ware •nil f»rm implements, hides, wood«wk aiid foodstuffs. The displny* gave the Impre.ssion that both countries were turning out vwt quantities of highly modem machinery and manufactured icodi. Price* were diwcribed as "comparable to the price of similar Italian producta." FOR SALE U tack l> M M reul*r*e4 Abo •MM. Ml;ahea« We Mrw OSCEOLA TILI * CULVERT CO. *,"7",: : / a " , from lh « excited chatter that had followed Miss Aggie's scream. *- v^k-.. iJT; .-;, ™ at "omeone had pushed her there was no doubt. Nor was there any thai the assailant had mil- taken his point of attack or Miss Aggie would have fallen 30 feet A*.lki T»i;;;: S. °°* n to her death and not just - • • to the landing. • But there was doubt—and Leeana caujht herself watching him covertly as they followed Martin Prwton to Miss Agatha'i room—In the «tory Jasper Thome had babbled out so quickly—and so unasked-for. [f he had seen a light in. her room ind had heard her L /T". S i. an ? r ' ly to s °meone. why nadn t be investigated? The coppery taste of tear was i tk<- fci.M,: • l n Dana's mouth as she watched fresh suspicion spread over Sondra s haunted, lovely face Sondra seemed more sure than ever that her husband wat the killer. , c t. r,. * ."t ' £ *•••' "' "•'••••»< "k B»l II Ikerc." J«»p,r »„.. « M Wl«. I. t ,yl., ,. , nm , mf . A f « '• •"" •>•"" '• r Amu LOANS Wiggs Co. KEALTORS Phone 2751 BlytheTille *!urt did YOU do win your !•• c«n |«t an *••• f*r whiter at home j»»t ar Wlaint TMT ihoe service P»lr :O«t . an Eitr»' Thr»m|[h Shoe Repair. XIH J^flSS AGATIIA lay hi .crumpled heap on the landing halfway down the stairs But »he wasn't dead. The Jow moan that crept past her pale lips, and i moment later her eyelid] flickered and opened. "Pushed me,- rtw "Pushed — " "Who?" Martin Preston demanded. She tried to shake her head but the effort r was too i^-eat and ihe collapsed against the deputy'p chest. He scooped her up in c*p»- ble arms and, ignoring the others started up the stairs. "I'll get the doctor," Peter Tnorne offered, and Sondra, who nad been, standing. helptenly bv cried out: »™-»» "j, "I'm going with you!" -You're not!" Peter mapped. You're staying here! Help Leeana with Aunt Agatha. She'll need .women with her kUI trie doctor comes." »«*<xi »t him witb new . He was different. She dldn t understand the chameleon- like changes, bat this was on* of tfle nice ones. No one had taker time to s*t AGATHA THORNE ha- regained coDiciousness and was exploring her brittle old limbs with her flnger. by the time Dr. Carlos Zimorunsky arrived. She greeted him with a wry urin that brought »n answering glint to the Me man's eye«. "Takes more than a thug lo handle you, doesn't it, Aggie?" • "H might not have," testily. • Where's Clem Purdy? I want to tell him a few things!" She sounded, Leeana thought, for all the world like Hiss Maigie, as though Agatha had •natched up the Thome family cudgels the instant they fe« from her sister's lifeless hands. Zimbrunsky beamed. It did him jood, he told them with a quick look around, to have so lively a patient once in a while. This coroner business— Then, realizing be WM using bad taste in a houae where death had struck once and had tried again, he added: "Shoo out now, all of you but Miss Leeana. I'll examine my patient before Clem gels here aad I 1 lose* me In the shuffle oi invejti- j eative nonsense." When they had gone he turned lo Leeana, "All righl, young .womau—say what's sticking out all over you « Leeana told him about Jasper and Hie gun and the accusatioo <n.ii Sandra hnd "planted" it. She told mm, too, that Jasper said he heard Miss Aggie arguing witb someone. Agatha nodded "Thai was Peter," she said. You were angry?" ~ l ""?>''' was! He accused me of killing my sister." Peter had it all figured out a- convincingly u he had presented the case against Leeana Mis* Aggie had entered her lister'» room through the connecting bath had smothered her with a pillow before going downslairs to wait in the dark. Of course, she had known Leeana was going lo be- sent to town alter Clem Purdj' L*eana glanced at the thin, gnarled finger* picking at th« blanket. Certainly it had not ben Ihose hands at her throat! She said, "Peter is going too rar Aunt Agatha." "He is spinning quite a web. isn t he?" Zimbrtmsky looked up from his examination. "Around himself, i' m a f r ,id.» He sighed C4em isn't going to like thi»." • • « J^EEANA met SherifJ Purdy hurrying up the stain as she went down to the living room where Mart was holding forth—in vain. if his scowl »as any Hfrometar ol success. "Come sit by me," Sondra Invited, and as Leeana sat beside her on the loveseat, Sondra whispered I need you." At once fear seemed to reach out and engull Leeana. What had happened tonight? Had Peler tossed his frail old aunt bodily over the banister, hoping to her crushed by the fall? Or had it been Jasper? Suddenly there was a new tinge to Sondra'j terror. It became the black fear of discovery, the des- IJerate fear that drives a man or a woman, to kill and ki" again Leeana forced herself lo go on breathing, to sit quietly ai Man his questions. <T« Be Blytheville Gloss & Paint Co 136 E. Main Phone 6716 SHoe SHOPI M a i N ST. I C9ft«r»t«' Cufv.crt Til« Corrugated M*t«{ .Culverts' •• to 14 In. G>(et Concrete S«pti<; Tank*' Metal S«ptic Tanks . S«wer Tile •e»« Pi lit! Deliver A. H WEBB way II at State Line 714 HAIRYlYETCH ••Iboa Ry«, Barley and Seed Wheat. for Fall flouting See ... Blythevine^Soj.b*a n Corp. "J^**"** Iwne *»s« FOR SALE Cwrele olTert*, 12 | nc h to 4« inch, plain or reenforced. AIM Contrele Building Block, cheaper than lumber for Barn., rhicken ho« W5 , pomp hoasei, tenant h»Me4, t«l shed* We detrrer. Call n f<, r tn* erttnuite. OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. Phone tSl \ NU-WA Laundry Dry Cleaning We're Proud of Our Work n« work 0 Woodwork aclurinj * Weldinp BARKSDALE MFG. CO. • Machine work • Manufacturing Man has constantly decorated hts neck clear back to the dnys when y etc ' KEROSENE & FUEL OIL Dial 4091 or 740 Shirley Hipp iAGNOLIA DEALER yip 1 •RED SPOT enttian Blind.— Auto Gla.t AUSTIN & WICKER ' MIT ED MAT10M& CUNr-t.Qt.MCE | "^« fast tf»r* it one thing C ° K/ujiBTiLLB (ARK.) OOUHrER NEWS "What kind of people ar« th» Trilbys an>wav? They'r* alwa>i out of lugar the same time I am!" PRISCUvA'S.POP Kvcry Mother Knows BY AL VERMEEH SAVH HOORAY! MOM'S HOME FROM SHOPPING) WELL! IT'S NICE TO KNOW VOU'RE ALL SO HAPPY HAVE MS HOME! A Down Payment HV M1CHAKL O'MAI.LEY and RALPH LANE MEV/THATiSY IT MM* XX* POUtfH, , *V BOU6H,/ LOUt. H«5WT MOW ITS CAPTAIN EASY On With the Dance BY LESLIE TURNER its A »TI*BOWJ oo. cuss: turwen iwS' .6TTSR. UPLMN* MV CHORE nen - IKat - . . _ ... ' ME A CW1NK. .1 THJNK HE SPILLED sews KS HANP. Toy THINK U OH POISON J HE WAS? QUICK! SPILL BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES BY EDGAR MARTIN

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