The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 24, 1952 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 24, 1952
Page 5
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THURSDAY, JULY 24, 1952 BI/TTHEVILLE (ARX.) COURIER NEW 'FIV1 'Draft Stevenson' Sentiment Grows (Continued from Page 1) pointing tow aril Son. Ru-harrt B. Russell ol Georgia—it he would take it. Flussell tolrt hi.s ciiinpai^n st]'atcgisl.s hfi coulrin't cDliceivo under any circumstances in which ho would tr;irte n powerful place in the Senate for (lie slanrtby job of Six Red Bridges Ruined by Allies Commodity And Stock Markets— N«w York Cotton Open High Low Clo5O OH 3fi75 3705 3672 3699 Dec 3GVT 36ft5 3655 3f>77 Mar 3648 3fl74 364!> 3663 May "3631 3660 3630 3055 vice president. If lie is unavailable, Sen. John Sparkman of Alabama and Sen William KuLbright of Arkansas both with "Fair Deal" (callings were handy. Russell's • campaign manager. Sen. Edward Johnson of Colorado, predicted the Georgia sen a lor would win the presidential nomina- i tion on (he 10th ballot. ' Thfi camps of other avowed can| didates also exuded public confl- ! dence. ' Sen. Estop Kefauver of Tennes- I see, leading the field in publicly I commuted delegates, p I ti g g e d nway M getting secondary choice ballots after the first count. Credited with 263 sure votes, he Bombing of Ports Followed Up by Huge Aerial Raids SKOUti. Korea i/P> — United ,Va- Uoiw pilots said they destroyed six Communist rail bridges deep in f North Korea today in a foltowup • to ypjsterday's deadly co-ordinated } bombing of Communist ports HIK! power facilities. 1 U. S. Air Force Mustangs, Shool- ' ing Starp and Thunder jets cut three j bridge. 1 ; ami damaged iwo in North- \ west Korea. Thimderjet pilots said , they wiped nut thrne more bridges! near Kowon on ihe east coast, I Rome 200 U- S. Marine, Air Force, Second Division On 'Old Baldy' SEOUL, Korea M*i — The Army announced today the U, S. Second Division Is the Allied outfit, fighting troops for possession of "Old Baldy," the prized hill oh the western'front and scene of R week-long battle. The Second Division is one of (he famed outfits of the 25-month- old Korean war. STEEL from Pa^e BARKLEY (Continued from Price 11 He said he h:id not had time, "since I received this invitation," to wrilp a speech. He said, "1 a in not hcne as n candidate for any office this convention c-at) confer." In the 1 back of Sundny. ! AH DrmnrraU Hclnslated 1 i Since then, the union has rc-in- ' ; staled all its original demands, ; based on Waerr Sinbiliy.ation Board | proposals last Nfarch 20. It has i teclinicjillv wiped the slate clean of all oomprotnise.s reached during days and weeks of bargaining since (hen. One possible tnnir: at today's meetinj; u-;is a plan now under study to sci?.e a small portion o( the industry under tbe 1D48 Se- Irrtive Service Act Iliit oEficials wore ktio\vn to believe (but that apju'ciacb at best could ease only slightly the devastating sU'ol shoi t- N«w Orleans Cotton Open High 1/iw Od ........ 3R73 3702 3672 Dec '. ...... 3652 36R1 36il Mar ........ 3641 3RB9 3f!43 Mny ....... 363L 3657 3629 Clare 3G"4 3647 Soybeans Sep . Nov . Jan Mar May High 30(1 2K07'f 25)2 203 . 293 Low 3011' 281V 280'• 291)' 291 Close pectcd ninny more on lhai initial test. Supporters of Averell Harrimnn of New York, the mutual security administrator, clinched to the hope that tlie Stevenson draft movement would Hop and the party would turn to its only all-out "Fair Deal" candidate, namely Harmnan. Sen. Robert S. Kcrr of Oklahoma hoped lo pick up the pieces if the 1 leading candidates should fi^ht themselves to an exhausted standstill. As the hour of decision ap- I proncheci, the Associated Press I I tabulation of known first-ballot = choices showed this lineup: j Kefauver, 263. Stevenson, Ififi. Russell, l65'-j. Harrimnn, 107. Kcrr. 45. Others, 237!^. Uncommitted, 246. Needed to nominate. GISJ 1 ^. i Despite some contrary Indica- 7R 5-8 | lions, President Truman still 112 t-4 | seemed lo be keeping hands of! (J3 1-4i ihe ticket selection. Three lienten- 58 1-2 • ants in direct, touch with him said G\ 3-3; Truman wasn't talking yet on that 19 7-8! point, 34 5-B i The President was represented fi8 7-B i as highly pleased with the parly con- South Korean, South African anrtl^e hall, and in the galleries, Australian jets and bombers team- [ chorus welled up: "no — No." |pd with Navy planes from two fast | The " Ve cp" shook hi? bead. U. S. carriers Wednesday. Th e i r | 153 7-8 57 5-B 4f> n-R target was the Woman, area of Northeastern Korea. The U. S. Fifth Air Force said Its Sabre jets and fishier bombers went big numbers again today. On the ground, the eight-day battle for Old Baldy hill west of Chor- j won fell off to sporadic artillery, ] nf mortal 1 and small arms fire. Asso- j riateri Prep.s Photographer George j Sweers said the Chinese still held j (hi* crest of che Western Front | hot-pot. ] The Navy said Panther jets, sky- rairin's nnd Oor?airs from the carriers : Bon Honime Richard and Princeton demolished thrre steam elect tic plants near the battered port of Wonsan. Vnice C.alhrrs As he spoke. rcviowhiR the ^0- year record of the? ncmoernls. his Armecl Jets Chase Object In Ohio Skies COLUMRUS. O i>Pi~Six armed Jet planes thundered hleh into Hie skiefi over Central Ohio last niehl. chasing a mysterious object they never did ralch. Thousands of persons on Ihe ffround thought they might he watchinK a Myinp saucer, but lha Air ?'orce decided il was only a weather research balloon. TV station WTVN in Cohunbu.i In tr nil pled the Democratic national convention to te lev IF p. the onjnri, and the Jet chasi* through a powerful telrphoto lens, The U. S. Weather Bureau In Cnhimbus estimated the ballnon was drifting well above fi,i,000 led — a hcicht ordinarily out of reach of the naked eye. Such balloons usually run eo atimit 100.000 feel before they \>ur«t and drop their recording data by nai arbule. to K«cp M'Carthy from Campaign ' WASHINGTON <& — fien. McCarthy m-Wlst today underwent a major stomach operation which hii doctors said would keep him from taking any active part in his campaign for ronomination The .iPiiator's office said the op- • „ . — erallon was po.lonnpd H Oic U.S. i livlnB ' as n"-»«''«d by the govern- Naval Hospilal at nethfsrta, Mrt .. 1 "W"t._ wared to «n all-time high In he hurt Living Costs f H/t 4//-T/me High in June WASHINGTON tff>t — The cost of whore he hart been recuperating from minor sinus surgery. mid-June- Figures made public today 07 the bureau of Labor Statistic* New York Stocks A T and T .-Amer. Tobacco Anaconda Copper .,.., Both Steel ..' Chrysler Coca-Cola ......'.. j.. Gen. Electric Gen Motors Montgomery Ward .... N. Y. Centra] Int. Harvester '. J. C. Penney Republic Steel 42 T-fl : platform traveled through the Loved, appearing deeply worried by the continued lack of steel, told newsmen yesterday the nation was com mitt ing "suicide" and that no form of enemy bombing could have stopped production in 380 sloe! plants lor two i nonius. t , Production of some types of , voice began tfr-gather volume and heavv ammuniUnn. Love'u said i , . . , , . momentum. Ho saul: | hns been so hnmprrcd bv lack nf r " <™Piral «nrt siih-lroplfal for-I helie-ve the programs of ihc! Mce l .hat JuLv-Au P ust output wW i «?'* ai ™ nd "V chmate va- Democratlc party give the proat-] | )C --^^ lni , n " WP will be flrinp" ! VIM htt seasons. csl good to the greatest number | nn ^ie Korean fi?hdns Iron', i the American people and if Ij producers of the K3fi Sabre jei. Lovett said, have alreadv lost delivery on .'--nine vital parts I The President mnric Jus first personal settlement effort nn May 3. He told oicht steel executives and top union officials in the While House that "t scni [or you for action nnd. ccntlemen. I want it." That wiis one month before the strike started and while ihe nulls jf?ed Love Denounced By Beaten Group | SINGAPORE M*!-- Political com- \ \ missars of Malaya's Communist , i terrorist army have secret jungle -, [huts in which to make love to lady! i friends. lint HIP lower rank? of the j force are compelled tn await the ' women "Inft over from ihe upper • ranks," ! ! This *va= revealed by a surren- . ; dored terrorist commander, Ching . Kuen, of Ihe -Sth Communist Repi- menl, who pave JumscH up with 12 i members of his unit, Im-ludinfr \ three women. Tlalf a million .ropxv> of an open letter by Chine KUPII containing "eye-openers" of terrorist life in the Malayan jungles were airdropped to his comrade,";. showed that on .June 15 the, price of fond, clothing, rent, entertainment and other daily living costs was 1896 per cent cf the 1935- 1P33 period That, was 114 per cent higher than two years ago. jUst before the Korean fishier started. The rnst-of-llvlng index Jumped fivr truths of a point over the previous record hieh for last January. under the pressure of higher ! costs for food, ront. and mlscellane- ', ou? goods and services. | About 40,000 wage-earners may : set a pay hike as a re.wlt of the IIP* index. Thpse workers have conducts which tie their wages to the rise and fall of the Index, R?.dio Sncony Vacuum . Studebaker .. Standard ol N- J- Tcxas Corp. Sears U S. Steel ....... So. Pac 27 3-8; vontion early today House Speaker Sam by veteran Ravburn of (Continued from Page 11 man. hollanrt nf Florida and Willis Smith nf North Cnrolina said par*' of the plank went a bit too far hut ( h r y pr e f e r red. par t y h a r m on y to a fight. Actually the compromise was settled in two separate sections of the platform. Northerners had insisted on a plank demanding end lo Senate Texas, the permanent chairman. I filibuster 80 1-8 i H was built on the premise of 59 J 57 3-4 40 7-3 that often have killed I did not believe that, I would join some other party that dne> believe in those eternal a tut immortal i principles." Then he turned to the Republi- ; caiis, recalling that Dwicht D. Eisenhower, the GOP nominee, had ! .said he was going to lead a cru- [ sade. 1 "We nrp not bepinnintr a cm- ! sade." Dark ley shouted. "We are I continuing a crusade — a crusade to see to it thnt every child born of woman should be born under conditions making il easy for him to live In a normal, wholesome atmosphere, with n chance for edu- 1 cation to prepare himself for the ! burdens nnd responsibilities of life. I Achievements Listed ( "The administrations of Franklin j D. Roosevelt and Hnriy S. Tru- j man have given the American pco- ] pic a greater .share in the* enjoyment of the fruit of ihcir labor than any other administration in the history of the United Slates," he said. He then tunreri to foreign policy. • 'A ore i the i umlrr ^pixure. Truman told onferees thrir dispute could Frank F'nan IS Dean "lip untied in a, few hours" and asked for n settlement "in Hie in- ! ijQS ANOKLES i>Pi ----- Frank Fi-! I or os I ol vour country, for (lie \vel-; inn. wl\O5P dramatic picture of Jap-; faro of ihp Uniied Slates and for , anpfp bodies on bomb-blasted Tara- I the welfare of the world." A month } wa won him a Pulitzer Prize in 1(114, j later the KRUure, based on TMI- ] died last- night of man'5 claimed inherent power, ' was ruled unconstitutional a^l the strike started. Talkers Hold Another Meet MUNSAN, Korea rj& — United Nations and Communist negotiators debaTeo* Trm truce - blocking prisoner exchange issue In secret ; for 26 minutes Today — longest Korean parleys fession I his week. After the meeting fn sweltering brain tnmor.jheal at Panmunjom it. was report----- i pd ,) n ]y iviat the negotiators will i exert.s pressure and can nipet aeain at U a.m. tomorrow arMial motion o[ an object. ' '9 p.rn, Thursday EST). , He reviewed che events between off civil riphts and other bills. | lne Uvo world wars, and the period "peace, prosperity anil progress," Instead they got a broadly word- j thru m ]i 0 wed. He said Americans which the President.laid down asi pti pla«fc caHin? (or improvement | wcre cj rfu vn "unavoidably".into the , \ nf "conare?sional procedures W i-S; i on2 - .jqn a s last January in a mes- 83 3-4:s aee To a Mid-western Democratic conference. Civil Rights Wrapped It wrapper! _up the conlioversial ! just F0 [ two great conflicts, Livestock NATIONAL STOCKYARDS. Ill fjpv rlJSDAi—Hog.s T.nOO. steady to j civil rights issue in 25 lower than Wednesday; nctive j as strong as that which exploded ! at decline: bulk choice 180-220 Ibs | a 1948 battle cnstim; Truman 39 nnsorted for K r a d e 22.85-23.0(1; * electoral votes in the South, some 180-190 Ib.s 22.75-22.85: top and j It added a fillip calling for im- popular price on weights up to \ provement of congressional pro- 220 Ibs 23.00; packers (op 22/75; j ceedurcs to curb filibusters which same ns day before: packer* cet-jhavfi blocked civil rUhts bills in tin» larjrcr share of receipt? -Uian ( the past. It 'did not, however, ti?e enrlier days this week: bulk choice i the word "filibuster." 230-250 Ibs unstnted for eratie and j Ahhoti^h thr plank won the con[ ventinn'.s approval on a voice vote. i it still earned the threat of a new Southern revolt. Mississippi and Georgia were re'. corded against it and Oov. James ! P. Byrnes. South Carolina, a lead. er in the Southern fight ngninst that the majority rule prevails and L TIie Republicnns have called decisions can be made after rea- « the Democrats "a war pai-tv" be- sonable debate without beinu [ cause there were Democratic- prc>- blocked by a minority in either house-" "We will continue our efforts to eradicate discrimination based on inintr the loyalty pledge, told - | reporter: weights. 2'2.2ri-22.8;>: 2fiO-3flf> 1 b s 21.75-22.00: choice 150-170 Ibs 20.flO^ 21.75: 120-140 IbS 17.00-lHfiO; POWS 25 lower; bulk 400 Ibs down 10.0019.50; heavier sows 11.00-18.50: boars 11.00-14.00. Cattle 1.700, calves 700: trading generally slow in all classes; ff:<r small lots steers and heifers linlc changed from Wednesday; cows I -of course it is stronger than opened steady with yesterday's hue! the platform of four years ago." "decline; bulls fully 50 lower; spots j H e was alludingr 'to the civil | „-more; vealers unchnn^cd; scatter- j r j K hts section, which said, "Wej f5( ed small lots average commercial | w ill continue our efforts lo-eradi- to avci-nge good slcers and heifers | ca[c di.sciimination based on race, 27.50-30.00; utility and commercial ! religion or national origin." cows 18.15-21.50: odd heads 32.00; j t also promised a federal fair canner and cutters 14.00-18-50: util- employment practice,-; commission ity anrl commercial bulls (FKPC', anti-lynchinc and anti- 25.00; canner and cutter 'bulls 1 p 0 u lflx legislation. Ifi.00-20.00; most yoocl ami choice ! Walter White, executive secre- •vcalers 26.00*30.00; sorted prime , tnry O f the National Association lor j the Advancement of Colored People, greeted the plank as "a signal idents in office in 1917, 19-11. and 1950 when American troops went to war, he Berkley beat Tbe air with his big fists and leaned forward, press- inp against the shelf of the rostrum when he cried: "When nur Fieptiblirans say that undr.r Democratic anniinistrations there have been Two great world ; wars, 1 ask them to tel! the Amer\ iran people what They- would rnve J done il they had been in power on race, religion or national origin," the civil rights section staled alter en 11 in a; fnr equal opportunities for voting, education, economic advancement and hvine conditions. '-'We know this ta?k requires action, not just in one section of the nation but in all sections." it continued in a style pleasing to Southerners. "It requires the co-opera-] DeCi 7( jg^ wncn p P(ir i Harbor tive effort of individual citizens j wng Rt tncked by the armies of and nd.ion by state and local ov- I j a p an •• ernments." j* ,^ Ve Kppt Our Wt]rtr Northerners liked the next| Anrt ne wprit on , o sav th^t phrases: JAmertcnn tronps are in Korea to"IE also requires federal action, j d , hccau^e "we pleripnd our worri "We favor ferlernl legation effectively to secure these rihts to everyone; 111 ihe riht to equal opportunity' for employment; <2) riht to security of persons; f3> the riht to full and equal participation in the nation's political life, free from arbitrary restraints. "We also favor leislation lo per- statutes and to st re nth en the ad- vealers to 32.00: utility nnri com mere la I grade mostly 19.00-25.00; culls down to 15.00. ELECTION (Continued from 1> . T\-'ne n some niniorisil tbin^ prav^r! superior nr inferinr. It woul<i serrn thru eqinlly important thai we exercise a? much nf our individual initiative when it conic* to df nine city, roimiy. .=t.iTe or ;ia- Ijonnl offiria!,- find p«s-mar The IRW=. which, to a meat extent. '•+<•'• cm hov. much of HIP frini.- of o':r labor and the prodigious prori.ict-: of nur ri'' form nf pn'.nn- mcnt \\ e ?haU con' imip '<> i-r. -ny. victory for the forces of liberalism i in tiie party." I His approval waved a fresh re.d ' fV;^ at deincations from South Car- i olinn. Virginia and Louisiana which | refused lo subscribe To a watered- down loyalty pledge under which members would have been re- I quired to do what they could To ! pel tins convention's nnmmees on I the November ballois in their I states. in San Francisco that as mcmbrrr of the United Nations we wonlc come to the defence of any member nations under attack" anywhere m Tbe world." Then, the man they said was "too old" referred to his as;e. He said he spent his birthday last year in Korea. "It was tbe best birthday t have , ever bad, bin it is not the last one nuniwrative machinery for the pro- £ ^ „ h b a numbnr of lection of civil rihts. vcars " His whole speech was a kind of keynote address. It listed what h* 1 called the achievements of the i Democrats, and defended xvbat ] many analysts believe may he Tb^ j party's niost vulnerable pom*?. — i ; :O rea, Ibe United Nation?, and fnr- !Two Arkansans JHelp on 'Planks' CHICAGO tR*> — T^-o Arkansr.ns had somp thine to 5ay about drift- e j cn relpuons. ins the Deninrranc platform n-!opt- j When it was over. th<? dfin^n- cd parly today by the party con- ' ^ trt1l j on , vps ovrn crro^ter Unn vent inn. ; the nne that preceded Barkley's DuPont Head Dies NEW T.OXOON. Conn. F.-F.' mnt Du Point. 71-year-old indus- irnli 1 -! wlia with his two brothrr.^ built K- I. Di; Pout DP Nemours A: Co.. Ti-r.. iiitn nne of the c,iTat Rep. Biook. e Kays helppd frame the rnmprnmifip ri\'il nehts rii^nk while Km rr?r, Ro77,?ll. Little "nek. was trip principal author of the plank on criucsulnn. •-Tlir civil richt.s plank, a erne ml statement f>[ prirvlplrs. \vn.<> a ro-n- pi oni i5P worhcri on I by t he pla t form ronimiuee of which Kays i? a member. ppeech. The ov.ilinn v/rnt on and on T 1 was a morn ^ nt — n m nn\f n t t h ,1: la^lrd more Thnn n half-hour,-- nl complete h'inninh for thp man wbo was "ton old"' to he the choice nf his parly. i dual Amp!':?,ins en j.-»v and vi'fl is^nr? liiat may face u- any fntuvr ripctimi riav. '>v,> do no lr,v than cast our V/ith the Court n ,t-(i IM a tin.sp, r a i Ji r t ( an iiiiriisrlo.;ed ailninnt. ay ' Only about SO ra.>c.= of i | have breu iccoitirri. uplpts ITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. LAS rriMES TONITF, "FABIOLA" Sluhele Henri FRIDAY GOLD FEVER' John Calvprl t Ralph .Morgan AIR COM1ITIO.NKD RY UKFRKJF.RATION TIU'RSnAY & FRIDAY Double Ken I lire LAST TIMKS TOMTE JVl,Y ^3-21 "Deadline, U.S.A." —wilh— Humphrey Hngarl SATURDAY "ARIZONA COWBOY" with Hex Allen Air Conditioned By Refrigeration "Ynur t'umimintly ('Eiilcr" MANILA, ARK. .Mnlinocs Sat. & Sun. Phone 5S I.AS TI'IMKS TOMTK "JUST THIS ONCE" Pclor ford PATRICE WrMORE^-.-. —— FHIO AY "BROKEN ARROW" .Inme? Slcw.irl SATfRDAY "WAGON TRACKS WEST' \Viltl Congressman BOYD TACKETT 1 He Will Make A Spectacular Arrival By Helicopter ! TONIGHT p.m. iieviile Congressman Tackett will discuss the real issues in his candidacy for Governor tonight in Blytheville ot 8:00, That's Thursday, July 24. He will also speak in Qsceola at 4 p.m. and Luxora at 5 p.m. today. OYD TACKETT r l Adicrd'tnE Taid For bv .llmmr MtCUtn, Xithrillr, Art.

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