The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 8, 1950 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 8, 1950
Page 6
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PAGE SIX 6LYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS WEDNESDAY, MARCH 8, 1950 THE BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE COURIER NEWS CO. H. W. RAINES, Publisher ' " BARRY A. HAINES, Assistant Publisher A. A. FREDRICKSON, Associate Editor PAUL D. HUMAN, Advertising Manager •" • Sol* National Advertising Representatives: W«Jl«e» WItmer Co, New York, Chicago. Detroit AtlinU, Memphis. Entered as second class matter at the post- offic* at Blythevllle, Arkansas, tinder act oi Cen- tres*, Octobw 9, WIT. T Member ol The Associated Press , SUBSCRIPTION RATES: By carrier In the city oi Blythevllle or Rny suburban town where carrier service is maintained, 20c per week, or 85c |>cr mouth. By mail, within a radius o( 50 miles $1.00 pet year, »2.00 for six months, $1.00 for three months; by mail outside 60 mile zone, tlO.OO per year payable in advance. Meditations Alu when I cry and shout, he shuflcth out my priyer.—Lamentations 3:8. • * » Heaven is never deaf but when man's heart Is dumb.—Quarles. Barbs Prison Inmates should be given the latest news of the day. says a warden. So they'll be satislicd to stay where they are? Siavlnf out late wilh the daughter Is what ^ makes It hard for some young men lo gel up with the iiin. A slant ai\t-eater has a tongue Iwo and one- half feet long. And when two females get to" gtther ... Lot* of (all already have' their 1550 balhlnx ^ lulls but just haven't had a chance to have Ihcir pictures taken yet. ". _ ^ • i * * * Nude paintings are to be hung around an Englmd prison for Inmates to study. At least, no more bare walls. Senate Shouid Take Look At Kerr's Gas Act Bill Peter Edson, NEA's Washington correspondent, has uncovered a story centering on wealthy Sen. Robert's. Kerr of Oklahoma, staunch Truman Democrat. It deserves the most thoroughgoing sort of inquiry. , The facts are these: f Kerr is sponsoring amendments to 'the Natural Gas Act of 1938. the chief effect of which would be to kill the Federal Power Commission's rate-fixing authority over ''independent" natural gas producers—those who sell, not directly to consumers, but to interstate pipelines and distributors. Companies which could be exempted from regulation under the Kerr amendments account for 80 per cent of all natural gas now produced in the U. S. Charles II. Rhyne, Washington spokesman for the National Institute o£ Municipal Law Officers, declares the real aim of these changes is to triple natural gas prices in most areas. He estimates consumers' gas bills would be hiked ?200 million a year. Kerr would not exactly be a. bystander if this occurred. He heads the ; Kerr-McGee Oil Producing Co., with natural gas reserves worth $100 million. Rhyne says the anticipated price boost would assure Kerr at least $50 million in profits. Moreover, Kerr has strong ties with Phillips Petroleum, largest natural gas producer in the nation and owner of reserves totaling 15 trillion cubic feet. The expected live cent per thousand price increase would benefit Phillips by $750 million. Proposals similar to Kerr's have twice passed the House but have never come to a vote in the Seriate. President Truman let it be known that he would have vetoed one of these, a GOP-sponsored measure, had it made the grade in 1948. 7 The situation is different now, however. To quiet FPC fears that a price boost stemming from his amendments would become unmanageable, Kerr modified his oproposal to provide that if uat- . ural gas prices get out of line FPC shall study the matter and report to the President and Congress. In its present form, the Kerr plan is said to be acceptable to the While House. But with so much at stake for the ordinary consumer, prudence demands that this legislation and the motives of all associated with it be put under the finest microscope. And the initiative in the inquiry'ought to come in the Senate where the measure is now pending. Let's Eradicate the 'Litter-Bug' The country's cities have so many worries these days it seems unfair to saddle them with any more. Yet the "litter-bug" is doing just that. He's the fellow who scatters a trail o£ waste paper wherever lie goes—gum mid candy wrappers, old newspapers, package wrappings, and what not. You need no.FBI agent to trace his movements along city streets, in stations, buses, trains, parks, amusement centers. • Periodically, thc press in some of the big towns get excited about the matter. Then follows a burst of articles and pictures deploring the indescribable litter. Occasionally a city responds by improving its (rash collecting methods but usually the outcome is merely a lightly- given but poorly-kept promise to "do something." Recently New York City, one of the world's worst suffers from the litterbug, decided to try a new angle. It concluded it wasn't being fair to its citizens, that it wasn't providing enough rc- ceptables for their burdensome trash. So it spotted '1800 extra wire baskets around a "lest area" in midtown Manhattan to seo whether people would be Inspired to keep house better if they had the chance. The results haven't been loo encouraging. The experiment has been complicated somewhat, by llic fact lhal New Yorkers linvo made oft' with about 300 of (.he baskets. Perhaps all our cilics do need more ample facililies for individual trash disposal. But the real difficulty, it seems to us, is that most urban dwellers don't feel a genuine sense of responsibility toward their city. They just don't care. It never occurs to them that dropping a paper in the street is a selfish, unthinking acl that amounts to an affront to other citizens. But that's what is. Cities will be really clean when the- litter-bug learns to hunt for the trash basket even if it's a block away. Views of Others A Salute to Three Judges How much a free and Independent judiciary means in the United states was demonstrated when the case of Ellen Knauff, alleged "security risk," returned to the Federal Court of Appeals at New Vork. The Commissioner of immigration had ordered this German war bride of an American veteran sent back forthwith. She was on the ship which was to return her. The Washington bureaucracy would brook no more Interference. Three judges of a distinguished court, with Learned Hand presiding, called n halt. What harm would be done by delaying her departure a few days until the case could be further looked into? Judge Hand wanted to know. The stay was ordered. Mrs. Knnuff, who was at the pier, did not board the ship. A twitting will be held, at least on whether she is going to go to Germany or England. • • Were it not for that court, this little woman now would be on the ocean going back. She would be rejected for admission to tho united states without ever being told why. The country should be grateful for this action by Judges Hand, Frank and Goodrich. Out of the stay they have granted may still come justice. —ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCTI. So They Say Korea is one of thc testing points of (democratic) ideals. We cannot afford lo fail here and we shall not fall.—Chairman Kassim Gulik ol the UN Korea commission. The American Legion is an admirable organization, and I ani sorry thnt. it scents to have gone off half-cocked in refusing to consider any change in the Veterans' Administration.—Defense Secretary Louis Johnson, on .Hoover Commission plan to "streamline" Veterans' Administration. » * * Gambling today Is the nest egg of the criminal underworld which operates throughout this country.—FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover. * » > The time has come when we have gol to cease paying this money out on a crop (potatoes) which has no effective controls.—Sen. Clinton p. Anderson (D) of New Mexico. * * * The whole philosophy of looking to the federal government for more and more security In lieu of opportunity constitutes one or thc greatest dangers to America today.—Hcrschel D. N'ew- som of the National Grange. * * * 1 wish the president would immediately noV- ify tne United Nations of our Intent and purpose to suspend nil of our activities in respect to mass dcslruclion thc first moment the use of tncse weapons can be dependably outlawed.—Ken. Arthur Vandcnbcrg (R) Michigan, * » * "Communism cannot survive where honest elections c\lsl^-not only in this country but in any country."—J. Howard McGrath. There Is a confusion In men's souls which makes our nalioti vulnerable to such hostile penetration as we sec occuring.—John Foster Dulles, on our danscd from communism. Jilted Parliament's Pompous Opening Is Called 'Comforting Drama' By DeWHt MucKenzie AP Foreign Affairs Analyst Those who hold that this funny old world of ours Is doomed because of "class warfnre' J and the clash of ideologies, might get comfort from the drama of the British par- j liament opening yesterday in London. Thousands of Britons—rich little mar The DOCTOR SAYS By Edwin P. Jordan, M. D. Written for NBA Service According to the newspapers^ a I radio announcer recently asked help ] .,.„„,..,„.,, nf nrll . for a listener who wanted to get rid " "Scrit ™d 1 of wart, he results were astonish- {j^ ^^ to cheer the royal ing. Letters came from a over with pl . 0( .. ss , on from Buckingham Palace many different suggestions. The to Wc s[ m lnister. Just as In days most popular was the local use of I castor oil, hut milkweed, various kinds of acids, and several other sugestions oiuirod In. This experience Is not as strange as it might sound because a wart Is an extraordinary condiUon which is known to yield to many different motioned arc not generally recoin- Icng gone the king and queen rode in their wondrous horse-drawn golden conch, escorted by scarlet uniformed household cavalry, state landaus followed with dignitaries. Guns roared a royal salute Jrom St. James Park. Lords in scarlet nnrt crimson robes and richly appareled peeresses kinds of treatment, although those filled the August Hovsc of Lords' mended by medical men. The re-• chamber awaiting their majesties, spouse of "warts to treatment is all j The members of the House of Com- Uie mote astonishing because they are caused by viruses which are small living bodies too tiny to see under the ordinary microscope. Why a condition caused b viruses should respond to strange treatment's of the kinds mentioned Is something of a my.stevy. The- most common type Is the so- called "seed wart" which occurs on the hands. Children are more likely they may come at any age. Medical to have warts than grownups, but science rtoe.s not know Just wart.s sp mons were In their gallery, nnd the envoys of many nations filled the diplomatic boxes. The Grand Entre Enter the king-emperor and his niieen. King George. In robes of crimson and gold, tonnert bv an ermine cape, led his regally iwvued oiiccn up to the golden thrones. There, wearing his crown of state, he faced tho assembly and delivered the "speech from the throne" _.._ in which ho stated the policies r>f ,, 1;L1 ..„. ..hy | lls Bovernmcnt-an outline which irts come though they can be I Ilncl bc(m prepared by the cabinet, rear! from one part of the body j A ™ now we come to the strang. PETER EDSON'S Washington News Notebook Sp( Senator Kerr Sponsoring Bill Slated To Boost His Already Vast Fortune WASHINGTON (NBA) — Richest) Kerr hill is certain to increase thR, the Detroit case, price Inc: U. S. -senator is said to be Democrat Robert S. Kerr oE Oklahoma. He was born in a log cabin, rose to become his state's native-)>om governor and Its Democratic'' national coinmittceman. lie was a keynoter at thc 1D-14 Democratic National Convention in Chicago nml a price of natural gas by more th£m : be cut down one half. five cents per thousand cubic feel The celationshfp between Senator (wholesale) and this increase assures Kerr and Phillips Petroleum is not Kerr of at least $50,000,000 in profits 'without Interest. Phillips first hired before taxes." He bases this ligure Kerr, then a lawyer and .small-lime on an estimate that the present value of the 900 billion cubic feet of natural yas reserve.'; now held by :ie Kerr-McGee Oil Producing Co., vice - presidential possibility- until tt: o President Roosevelt gave the nod to i inc.. of which the senator ls*prcs- Main aryumcnts for passage of the Kerr amendments are lhat they would clear tip the law and free independent natural gas producers from bureaucratic controls of the federal Power Commission. The Mood - s Pintt , lciill Manual put* | sltation within the FPC ,s a story Kcrr . M5cOe( , rcvcnues for inw at -in Itself. But for he present it us S12|538 , 058 nnd net pro!u al sl m _ enougn to note mat natural gas 464 Yet Kcrr-McOce is tiny com- produccrs are reluctant to sell gas parel| to r. hll iips, which Harry S. Tnmian. > ident ,is $100,000.000. Senator Ken's fortune has been Cite Role orFI'C in Delroil Case rated at $10.000,000—all of it made in the last 25 years and most of it made In the oil and gas business nf the southwest. In spite of his wealth. Senator Kerr has been considered a New Dealer, All this lends more than usual interest lo Senator Kerr's sponsorship of amendments to the Natural Gas Act. of 1938, now before Congress. His principal lamcndmcnt would remove from rate-fixing regulation of the Federal Power Commission all "independent" natural as producers, if they sell "at arm's cngth" to interstate pipelines nnd istribubing companies, and if they on't sell direct to consumers. Eighty per cent of ali U. S. na- ural gas is now produced by com- lanies xvhich wold nalify as rcgla- ion-exempt "independents" under he Kerr amendments. Asserting lhat thc real purpose 3f these amendment. 1 ; is to "triple he price of natural gas in most | Evidence for this argument is drilling contactor to win Oklahoma City approval to drill wells in the city limits. After successfully ducting this campaign in city elections, Kerr got contracts to drill for Phillips. Kerr's partner in Kerr-McGce D. H. McGec, former chief geologist for Phillips. Standard Statistics reports that in 1948 Kerr-McGee had an interest in 521 producing oil wells and 74 gas wells. from their wells because of their fear of PPC rate regulation. In opposition to these claims, municipal officials point out that thc building of natural gas pipelines from the southwest to th mid-west, lo New Pork and Boston, and to California, has enabled all produc- y is ratoti the largest natural gsis producer in the country ,\vith reserves of 15 trillion cubic feet. A five-cunt-per- ' thousand price Increase on this would be worth $150,000,001. Kerr-iVfcGee alone, and in partnership with Phillips, sell nntura 1 ers to sell'gas nt prices which yield fas to five interstate uipcline dls- them substantial profit. Now that these cities are dependent on natural gas, it is claimed that the producers want to jack up the 'price. And in this battle, there U nobody to protect the consumers' interests. It was., by and large, the same jiown to medicine where so many different tncthcds yield good results. The majority of waits yield to mild treatment, though occasionally, es- iccially for warts on the feet, simple iiedical treatment Is not always successful. Painting with certain dyes, several kinds of ointments, freezing with carbon dioxide snow, and bura- ng with diathermy nedles have all been used with success. One of the favorite treatments in the use of injections containing a heavy metal called bismuth. Warts also disappear in most cases after X-ray treatment. Power of The mast astonishing treatment government which had ruled country for the last five years, although now reduced to a bare ttfe. jority by the recent election. It ™j the same government which carried out a considerable degree of nationalization, and Inaugurated the so- called "welfare state." Incongruous? Well, odd to say the least. However, that's not the whole story. Sitting In the gallery with the Laborites (Socialists). In almost equal numbers, were the members of the Conservative Party, headed by the famous wartime Prime Minister, Winston Churchill. Switch of IMrtlrs In theory these Conservatives are of all, however, is the method of representatives of the "upper class- suggestion. How the mind can have j cs," but when we stop to check we an effect, on a virus disease is a i find that it was the sell-same Con- mystery. This does not involve the | servativcs who. when in power, laid use ol anything locally or by In- [ ihe foundations for the "welfare jection. Nevertheless, it has long j state." They are the ones who Im- bene known thai warts which have posed such taxation thnt virtually been prcsnet for many years can wiped out the landed aristocracy— disappear suddenly and completely, and more than a few members of This has been confirmed by scien- ! parliament belonged to that class, tific observers. Just how to go about! Already the Conservatives were op- this kind ot treatment is i\ot set-1 crating "left of center." tied and some doctors are skeptical j Then as tile war wns drawing to about it, but so ihnny good doctors I H close the country In a general have observed it that it must Deselection decided to try the paces of true. the Labor (or Socialist) Party. ,Sa Warts usually are not serious bull the Socialists came lo power fl|d there are many unsolved problems j immediately started In on a pTcn about them still. They are surround- I Rram of nationalization of Industry, cd by more superstitions than almost | Tne y swung much further to the any other medical condition. 75 Years Ago In Blythevitle — Mrs. Gordon Wright and Mrs. Boh bent of Caruthersville. Mo., visited friends here yesterday. Both formerly lived in this city. W. Leon Adams, of Shreveport, La., has returned home after having been guest of Mr. and Mrs. left politically than the Conservatives had been. In the recent general election the people rebuked the Socialists for going too far left. Prime Minister Attlec's party just managed to squeeze out a victory, but one which has left It Impotent to enact any radical legislation. That's the reason the king's speech from the throne made no mention of further nationalization W R Adams and Mrs \Inhr,] ° f industry, which the Socialists W. B, Adams and Mrs. Mabel had prom , scd „,,,„„ thc Watts. He is a brother of Mr. . Adams. Prime Minister Atllecc. having read ,,. , . ^ _, , . , „ 'the writing on the wall, decided to M,ss Ada Dunavant and George | drop „„ Kthat exccpt [or stnol tributors, according to Federal Power Commission records. The two companies are also associated in developing Gulf of Mexico liciel.inds leases off Louisiana. "Oil and Gas Journal" is authority that the combined Kcrr-McGcc- Henry will go to Memphis tomorrow monds, declarer would overtrump which has already been approved by parliament. Tills move, by the way, may win Mm some support iited in the case of Detroit, since Phillips 43 leases cover nearly 170,1945. the "independent" Phillips 000 acres. Their first two tidelands Petroleum Co. has tripled the price- producing wells, put down jointly iarts of thc United States, Charles H. Hhyne, Washington representa- ive of thc National Institute of lunlclpal Law Officers estimates ' on gas it sells to' the pipeline'and , *Hn Stanolind Oil and GDS, 85 miles distributing companies serving DC- | southwest of New Orleans, tapped a troit. Proposals-for proportionate | 200-million-barrel oil rcserfc. rate increases to Detroit consumers f This brief summary of holdings in- are now p before Federal Power Com- ! dicates Senator Kerr's persona! in- hat if the Kerr amendments bc- otne law, "the tola lincrcase in dollars pnid by consumers w'ill amount to more than S200.0CO.OOO . \ year on a' nation-wide basis." ' mission. Mr. _Rhync estimates thnt I tcrcst in thc Natural Gas Rhyne says further that, "Thc if FPC can 'take jurisdiction over | amendments he is proposing. Act IN UN By * :rskillc Johnson NI;A Staff I'orrcspon.knl HOLLYWOOD —(NEA) — Esther A five-year-old srucsl on t h r. Williams was showing me h'er new- "Hail thc Cl'amp" TV show niiscil with the ten of diamonds, pick up '• from the nine Liberal members of the last trump with the queen and j Commons. the king of clubs would win the I And what is the significance of all East, however, refused to trump this medley of pomp, splendor and Socialism? To me It means that. the queen of hearts. He discarded ! with reasonable give and take, the the ten of clubs, so declarer dis- i so-called "class" differences can b» carded his good king of clubs On ' workccl ollt reasonably and amicably the next play East had only thc,"^ ^wUlJs pras^i. jack nnd nine of diamonds left in his hand nnd he was forced to trump, He trumped thc trick with thc nine of diamonds, declarer overtrumped with the ten, and won the mentation of humr.nity. for a dancing parly. _Mrs Ed Stanley and Miss May- mc Edwards returned yesterday y-decoraled studio dressing room— PYench Provencal furniture, red vallpaper and a big chintx sofa. It vas quite a contrast from.thc usual boudoir atmosphere brought to thc studios by most feminine stars. "This, "snicl Esther, "is n room i which a girl can't get into irouble." Esther doesn't know it, but Lnna Turner peeked in on the new decorations the other day. took one fast look and commented: "How quaint-" • * * Quote of thc week from Harlan Thompson, ex-film producer, who now riireels mid produces thc Ed Wynn TV show: "There's no n 11 ration In my mind Hint television will be the one great medium of this era, 1 am no longer IntercMed in nmvics, exec pi in usiiiK film for television,*' hrr I liavc and said to Herb Allen: to go." "Where do you lavr to go?" asked Herb. "To thc liathroom," the girl, jusl as have a chance' to execute a grand coup. The opening lead of the five of hearts was trumped by Mr. Stras- bcrg. sitting South, with the three last, trick with the queen oi dia- i from New Orleans where they spent moncls. | [lie Mardi Oras season. he camera caught her in a bi£ i closeup. Jack Benny Is still insisting he vlll not do a TV show as long as he has a radio program and that he will keep that as long as radio is a top medium . . . That split- up between Danny Kayc and War- Src HOLLYWOOD Page 7 McKENNEY ON BRIDGE Hy William E. JIcKenney America's Caril Aullioriiy \Vrillcn for NEA Service Fox retcam Ty Power and Susan Hayward in "Honor Bright." They just completed a western. "Rawhide." . . . Bing Crosby is a member of six southern California golf cluhs. One for every day of Cy llo\vard .the week, Bine;? sold Hall Wallis an original story. "That's My Boy." which he will also direct . . . Note from writer Ken England, w h o believes I n honesty: "I'm off lo Palm Springs to get over a sore throat and write nape one or my Fox screenplay, 'Mother j Making Grand Coup Is a Real Thrill I suppose one of the. most satisfying plays In bridge is the "grand coup." Today's hand came up at the New World Chess and Bridge Club in thc Churchill Hotel. New York City. The successful play was Was Marine.' * K98G2 VAQ1CH + AQ6 *Q( VJ975 32 • 4 + J942 Mr. Slrasberjr * AJ7 ¥ None ' 4AKQ10653 *K83 Coup Series—N-S vul. Sooth 1* 3* West Pass Pass Pass 7 * Pass Opening—» 5 North 3V Pass East Pass Pass Pass Pass Wind Instrument Answer to Previous Puizte HORIZONTAL 1 Depicted musical : instrument 8 Its nickname is potato 13 One who draws back 14 Wing-shaped 15 Anger 16 Slang 18 Brown 3 Goddess o£ infatuation 4 Rhode Island (ab.) 5 Persia 6 Roman emperor 7 Jason's ship (myth.) 8 Cloy 9 Wave length (ab.) H O 5 n T A A *4 T 0 AT B1A A T Illfc 0 T O 1 A ± 3 1 f> 1 f. A 0 U A A S t- K f^ A e" M C O * U <b s. M o n u Hf f i - V ^J V IL A _] t- fe ,( \L )T N 1 I H E R L r B A R h S U T P N 1 Sv I S T K 1- A » O" A PI A D T E R F A 1- E E N O A ¥ ejs^ M A U 3 DS 26 Slacker 33 Flower 34 Minerals 36 Harangue of diamonds. He cashed the ace and king of diamonds, discarding a small spade from dummy. Now he knew that Easl did hold four trumps to the Jacfc. Declarer led the seven of spades and won It in the dummy with the 19 South America 10 Devour (ab.) 11 Storehouses 20 Pried 12 Bridge holdings? Dug 22 Parent 17 Opera (ab.) , 42 Waste 23 German king 20 Singing voices allowance 2 5 Fish sauce 27 Low lide 28Got up 29 Transpose (ab.) 30 Behold! 31 Tantalum (symbol) 32 Exists 33 Prayer ending 35 Seines 38 Naught 39 Clutch 40 Near 21 Dears 24 Rag 43 Egg (comb, form) •H Speed contest "i Image Domestic slavl Lived ^e seated Tellurium K (symbol) 55 Follow CODV (ab.) king. Ke'cashed the ace of heart.?, I 41 Tales on which the Jack of spades was discarded. Then he led the ten of made by David Strnsberg, who Is a i | leart ., n nd trumped it with thc live young player \ve will hear about in future tournaments Ken's memo pads are headed with: "From the desk of n. disordered tnind." rerfcct Timing It finally happened: Naturally Mr. Strnsberg thought he had nothing to worry about when the dummy went down, but nevertheless he was aiert. enougn lo know that if there were four diamonds in one hand, the only way he could make the hand was to find them all in the East hand. If so, he would more] ot diamonds. The ace of spades was cashed j and a small club won in dummy I with the queen, Thc six of spades j was trumped by declarer with thc t six of diamonds. A small club was j won in dummy with the ace. | Now. when the queen of hearts' was played, East was couped. If I ho trumped with the nine of dia-J 47 Egyptian sun god 4 8 Statute 50 Highways 51 Sorrowful 52 Puff up 54 Entrust 56 Property item 57 Chosen by ballot VERTICAL 1 Prayer 2 Ointment

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