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Star-Phoenix from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada • Page 24
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Star-Phoenix from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada • Page 24

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
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Extracted Article Text (OCR)

24 the STAR-PHOENIX, Saskatoon, Tuesday, Marti i3, 1977 Personal Funerals Deaths promked onflict of interet proposals REGINA (Staff) The Saskatchewan Law Reform Commission is to present the provincial cabinet with proposals for conflict-of-interest legislation governing MLAs, election can ORDER paper on conflict of interest un-vieled by the government in 1973. After presenting the white paper to the legislature. Attorney-General Roy Romanu referred the matter to the commission which has been studying the "complex" subject for uver a year. Atprvse! Saskatchewan has no conflict-of-interest legislation to govern the activities of MI As tud public servants, although sorrk. general guidelines are contained in the Legislative Assembly Act.

In the legislature Monday, Gary Lane (PC Qu'Appelle) referred to the lack of conflict-of-interest laws governing MLAs in a debate on amendments to the Rural Municipalities Act. The te contained a minor amendment, clarifying the duties of councillors to declare possible conflicts and Lane said the legislature is creating a double standard by imposing conflict rules on local governments while not creating rules for its own conduct. Lane said the legislature should sot an example by first acbpti'ig its own rules before enacting conflict laws for others. The aiKiual report, to be ta-b'al in the legislature sometime this week, is basically a progress report on the subjects now under review by the commission, including laws affecting matrimonial property, families, personal property, consumer credit, provincial offences and wills. The commission is now studying other laws in connection with its recommendations on matrimonial property presented to the government a year ago.

It recommended matrimonial property be recognized under law as being owned jointly by' spouses and it is now studying the Land Titles Act, the Homestead Act and others to dovetail them with the proposals. It is also studying the field of family law as it relates to family maintenance, children rights, as well as general questions of, marriage law. Children's rights are being considered as part of the broader picture of human rights, according to the report. The study will involve consid- eration of the rights of foster, adoptive and step-parents to de- -termine if they should have the same rights granted natural parents. The commission reports its study of consumer credit laws is still in itsearly stages and it now wants to collect information on the nature of the credit market in Saskatchewan before looking at specific areas.

Among other things, the commission intends to study security deposits, advertising, legal position of co-signers on loans, debt collection practices, Majority said sometimes wrong didates and civil servants some time this spring. In its annual report, the commission said the proposals will contain ammendments to suggestions contained in a white First Order SELL PROVINCE OF SASKATCHEWAN IN ACCORDANCE with the provisions of subsection 1(a) of Section 64 of "The Highways Act." NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that effective 12 o'clock Midnight, Tuesday, March 15, 1977 and until further notice, vehicles on the following provincial highways shall be restricted to 350 pounds par inch width of tire (Manufacturer's stamped dimension) on any wh) cepting those on steering axles of unloaded semi-trailer units which sha'-i iestricted to 400 pounds per inch width of tire (Manufacturer's stamped dimension). No. 2 U.S. Border to Assiniboia.

No. 3 Manitoba Border to Hudson Bay, Junction No. 26 to" North Saskatchewan River. No. 4 U.S.

Border to Junction No. 43, Junction No. 7 to Junction No. 51 No. 5 Manitoba Border to Junction No.

57. No. 8 U.S. Border to Junction No. Junction No.

10 to East Junction No. 49, West Junction No. 49 to 25 Miles North. No. 9 West Junction No.

49 to Usherville, Hudson Bay to 5 Miles North. No. 1 3 Manitoba Border to Redvers, Junction No. 39 to Junction No. 37, Eastend to Junction No.

21. No. 15 Junction No. 14toJunction No. 6, Milden access road to Junction No.

4. No. 16 Manitoba border to South Junction No. a and North Junction No. 9 to Junction No.

No. 18 5 Miles West of Junction No. 47 to North Junction No. 6, Soulh Junction No. 6 to South Junction No.

36, North Junction No. 36 to Rockglen, South Junction No. 2 to Mankota, Junction No. 4 Claydon. No.

19 Junction No. 18 to West Junction No. 1, East Junction No. "1 Junction No. 42, East Junction No.

42 to Elbow Ara-ess Road. No. 21 East corporate limits of Consnf to Maple Creek, Junction No. 1 to Junction No. 14.

No. 22 Manitoba Border to South Juration No. 8, Junctijn No. 9 to1 Junction No. 10.

No. 23 Weekes Corner to Junction Ho. 38. No. 28 Junction No.

18 to Junction No. 13. No. 30 Junction No. 44 to Junction No.

7. No. 31 Junction No. 4 to Junction No. 21 Kerrobert to Mackhn.

No. 32 Cabri to Leader. No. 33 Junction No. 13 to one-ha'! mile East of Fillmore.

No. 34 U.S. Border to Junction No. 13. No.

35 U.S. Border to Railway Crossing at Colgate, Weyburn to Junction No. 306, Junction No. 22 to Bankend, Junction No. 14 to Junction No.

5, Junction No. 49 to 2 Miles North Junction No. 349. No. 36 U.S.

Border to West Junction No. 13, East Junction No. 13 to Crane Valley. No. 37 U.S.

Border to Shaunavon. No. 38 Kelvington to Junction No. 23. No.

42 Keeler to East Junction No. 44, West Junction of Highway No. 44 to Junction No. 15. No.

43 Gravelbourg to Junction Noi 4. No. 44 Junction No. 45 to Plato Access Road, 6 Miles West of Eston to Alsask. No.

45 Lucky Lake to Junction No. 44 No. 47 Estevan to Handsworth Corner, Junction No. 1 to Junction No. 10, Junction No.

14 to Junction No. 49. No. 49 Manitoba Border to East Junction No. 9, West Junction No.

9 to Junction No. 35. No. 51 Junction No. 4 to Alberta Border.

No. 52 Junction No. 47 to Junction No. 15. No.

55 West Junction No. 4 to South JunCicn No. 26. No. 57 Manitoba Border to Junction No, 5.

i No. 58 Junction No. 18 to Junction No. 363. No.

209 Junction No. 9 to two mile No. 229 Junction No. 9 to Junction Nu. No.

247 Junction No. 9 to 6 Miles West, 12 Miles East of Junction No. 47 to Junction No. 47. No.

304 Junction No. 4 to Junction No. 26. No. 307 Junction No.

7 to Smiley. No. 308 Manitoba Border to Junction No. 8. No.

309 Rhein to Junction No. 9. No. 310 Junction No. 10 to Junction No.

15, Junction No. 14 to Junction No. 5. No. 318 Carnduff to Alida.

No. 321 Junction No. 21 to Alberta Border. 1 No. 332 Junction No.

32 to Hazlet. No. 334 Junction No. 13 to Kayville. No.

342 Junction No. 42 to Junction No. 4. No. 343 Junction No.

4 to Simmie. A No. 350 U.S. Border to Junction No. 18.

V- No. 358 Junction No. 18 to Junction No. 13. No.

361 7 Miles East of Lampman to Junction No. 47. No. 363 Courval to North Junction No. 19, and South Junction No.

19to Junction No. 4. No. 367 Junction No. 42 to Junction No.

19. No. 371 Junction No. 21 to Alberta Border. No.

377 Radville to Junction No. 6. No. 379y MacMahon to Junction No. 4.

No. 381 MacNutt to Junction No. 8. Access Roads (Public Highways Not Numbered) Junction No. 8 to Sylvlte Mine.

Calderto Junction No. 10. Junction No. 35 to Wishart. Junction No.

8 to Tantallon. Junction No. 9 to Tadmore. Junction No. 49 to Stenen.

Junction No. 49 to Hyas. Junction No. 9 to Amsterdam. For further information call Department of Highways and Transportation at: Swift Current 773-4693 Rosetown 882-2611 Regina 525-5651 Weyburn i 842-5466 Yorkton 783-2477 Saskatoon 574-1141 North Battleford M5-9491 Prince Albert '63-8456 Eiling Kramer Minister of Highways and Transportation Dated at Regina, Saskatchewan March 10.

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mfl Hotlces 22 NOTICE TO CREDITORS IN THE ESTATE OF IRENE FOSTER late of Saskatoon, In the Pro vines of Saskatchewan, widow, deceased, mi waimii nuninn auuve enia.e, duly verified by statutory declaration and wtm oart toilers and value-Hon of seajri held. If any. must be sent to Hie i bfore the 3tst day of March, A 1977. SALI OW5. OSBORN, WILIIfclM ft FOlkfcRSfcN Barristers and Solicitors, North Hattiefoid, Saskatchewan Solicitors for the fcxucutor tCmlimi) Rl CH-Praver service for the late Mr.

Mike Gertch, age 79 of Leask, Sask. will be held on Tuesday, March 15that in St Henrys Roman Catholic Church, Leask. Funeral Mass will be celebrated In the Leask Roman Catholic Church on Wednesday, March 16th at 7:00 a.m. Intern tent In the Leask Cemetery. Arrangements by Paulhus Funeral Service.

Henri Paulhus and Murray Talt Directors. (Phone Shetlbrooke 747-2494.) SIMON Kathleen Simon passed away In a local hospital Lanlgan, Sask. on March 13, 1977 at the age of 91 years. She and her husband and a daughter Mary came to Canada from Hungary In 1905 and took up a homestead In the Cana, Sask. district, later moving to the Plunkett district vtfiere they have resided ever since.

She was predeceased by her husband Peter In 1954 and one brother in 1976. She leaves to mourn her loss 3 daughters (Mary, Mrs. Peter Welter) of Viscount, Mrs. Steve Palfy) Abbotsford, B.C., (Rose, Mrs. Earl Trlnkes) Van-derhoof B.C., 2 sons, James of Viscount and Michael of Saskatoon.

Ten grandchildren, twenty-one greatgrandchildren. The Funeral will be held on Thursday, March 17 at 10:30 A.M. Central Standard Time from St. Alphonse R.C. Parish, Viscount with Rev.

Father Elder officiating. Prayers at 8:00 Wednesday evening at St. Alphonse R.C. Church. Interment will be In the family plot In Htfy Trtnttv cemetery, Plunkett.

Young's Funeral Home, Viscount In diarge of all arrangements. HEADLEY The Death of Mrs. Ethel Elizabeth Headley, age 83 years of North Battleford, Sask. and formerly of Saskatoon, occurred In North Battleford, March 11, 1977. Funeral Services were held at 3:30 p.m.

CST, Tuesday, March 15 St Paul's Anglican Church with Rev. D.T.F. Wootten officiating. Survtng are: one daughter Mary Headley of Nortti Battleford, 3 sons George of Port Coqultlam, B.C., John and Robert of North Battleford; 8 grandchildren; 2great grandchildren; one sister Mrs. MarleGoodfellow of New Westminster, B.C.

Mrs. Headley was bom Ethel Elizabeth Laborde, March 11, 1894 In London, England and came to Canada with her family In 1910. In 1912 she married George Headley and they farmed in the North Battleford district till 1958. Following Mr. Headlevs death, she made her home with her daughter Mary.

She took great Interest In the 4-H Club and for several years was a member of Christ Church Anglican Church Women In Saskatoon. She was predeceased by her husband George, 4 brothers and 4 sisters. Interment was In the ami ly plot In the city of North Battleford Cemetery. Sallows and McDonald Funeral Home North Battleford, was In charge of arrangements. POTTS The death of Mrs.

Eveline N. Potts age 67 years of 718 11th Street East, Saskatoon occurred In a local hospital on March 13th, 1977. The Funeral Service will be held on Wednesday, March 16th at 1 P.M. from the Chapel of McKague's Funeral Home conducted by Dr. W.

Clarke. Surviving are: two daughters, Mrs. Dorothy Martin of Kamloops, B.C., and Mrs. Malcolm (Marlor'e) McNIven of Saskatoon. one son, Ernest Potts of Vanderhoof, B.C., fourteen grandchildren, three great grandchildren, two sisters, Mrs.

Irene Hanson and Mrs. Annie George, both In B.C. and seven brothers, Frank Falrbrother, Edward Falrbrother, Horace Fair-brother and Harry Falrbrother, alt In British Columla, Joe Falrbrother of Saskatoon, Floyd Falrbrother In B.C. and Bob Crass of Metfort, Sask. Mrs.

Potts was predeceased by her husband, William In 1965 and by an Infant daughter. Mrs. Potts was born In England. She came to the Asqulth district with her parents In 1910, married In 1928 and lived In various places In Saskatchewan, and also In British Columbia for a few years prior to moving Into Saskatoon ln1975tomake her homewtth her daughter Mrs. McNIven.

The family would appreciate donations to the Canadian Cancer Society, 305 219 22nd Street East rather than floral tributes. MCINTOSH The death of Donald Mcintosh age 54 years of 519 Duffe-rln Avenue, Saskatoon occurred hi a local hospital on March 14th, 1977. The Funeral Service will be held on Wednesday, March 16th, at 3 p.m. from the Chapel of McKague's Funeral Home conducted by Dr. W.

Clarke and Rev. A. M. (Sandy) Nicholson. Surviving are: his mother, Mrs.

Edna Mcintosh, of Saskatoon, one sister, Mrs. Bill (Enid) Lldster, of Detroit, Michigan, and two brothers, James Mcintosh, and Angus Mcintosh, both of Saskatoon. Mr. Mcintosh was predeceased by his father, James, In 1966. Mr.

Mcintosh was bom In Lemsford, Sask. He received the Canadian Rehabilitation Council for the Disabled award In June 1976 In recognition of outstanding achievement In overcoming a physical handicap. He was the Publicity Chairman of the Cheshire Homes for three vf irs. The familly would appreciate donations to the Canadian Arthritis and Rheumatism Sodety, Room 4 1651 11th Avenue, Regina, rather than floral tributes, Interment will be made In the Hlllcrest Memorial Gardens. Guest parking directly south of Funeral Home, 3rd Avenue A 20th Street, HUNT The death of George Henry Hunt age 89 years of 116 Ash Street, Saskatoon occurred In hospital on March 14, 1977, The Funeral service will be held on Wednesday, March 16th at 1 30 p.m.

from the Chapel of Saskatoon Funeral Home conducted by Rev. Fred Davles. Survlvlngare nil loving wire, nazei; two sons, George and Robert both of Rural Saskatoon: 9 grandchildren: 7 great-grandchildren; a brother James of Saskatoon; three sisters, Mrs. Gertrude Sadler, Mrs. Mae Dennis and Mrs.

Jane (Sissy) Mathews all In England. Mr. Hunt was bom In Cromer, England and came to Saskatoon In 1912. He farmed In the Blucher district until retiring to Saskatoon In 1965. Inter ment will take place In Hlllcrest Memorial Gardens.

(Courtesy park' Ing south of the Chapel on 4th Avenue at 25th Street), RATHC BE The death of Mr. John Rathgeber, age 77, of 722 Temperance Street, Saskatoon, occurred Saturday, March I2at his residence. Bom In Austria, December 14, 1H9 he came to Canada In 1920 and resided In Roethern. Predeceased by an Infant son, two sisters, and one brother he Is survived by: his wife Rothenburger): four daughters: Mrs. Ceraldtne Patter son of Wowota, Mrs.

Mary Carbert of Teas. Aioena. Mrs. KumHaaayoi Saskatoon, and Mrs. Judith Produk of Saskatoon; five sons, Frank of Kitimat, B.C., cnaries or castor, Jamas of Toronto, and Johnny of Rosthern: twenty-one grendchll dren; two great-grandchildren; six brothers and two sisters.

Funeral Services will be conducted Wednesday, March 16at InTrtMty Lutheran Church In Rosthem with Pastor John Melvle officiating. In terment to follow In the Family Plot Rosthem Cemetery. Funeral Ser vice and arrangements In care of Frgser's Funeral Home Rosthem. Funersls WALL The Funeral Service of Mary Wall who dIH on March 10. 1977 was held from the Chapel of the saskatoon Funeral Home on Mon day, March 14th at 1:30 p.m.

con ducted by Brig, Ronald Ellsworth, Pallbearer were: Nick Peter Voth, Jeke loewen, Abe Bueckert. interment took place In (Csaftan ORRICK The Funeral Service of Martha ronton Orrick who died on March 10, 1977 was held from the Chapel of the Saskatoon Funeral Home on Monday, March14rhat 1:30 p.m. conducted by Rev. Father John Manor. Pallbearers were: Andy Walker, Richard Martin, Brent Poena, A If Poena, Jerry Podia, Jack Orrick.

Interment took place In Woodlawn Cemetery. DRENNAN The Funeral Service of Mr. Herbert Erwln Drennan who died on March 10th, 1977 was hew from the Dundurn United Church on March 14th at 3:00 p.m. conducted by Rev. J.

A. Brawn. Pallbearers were: Henry Thlrkell, BertHadtey Jim Lamabe, Clarence Dlttmer, Emir B'jrrman. Frank HHdebrand. KOHOL The Funeral Service of Mrs.

Ksenla Korot who died on March 10th, 1977 was held from Holy Trinity UkralnlanOrthodox Cathedral on March 14th at 10:30 a.m. conducted by Very Rev. Dr. H. Udod.

Pallbearers were: Peter Rebeyka, Michael Korol, Dr. Paul Korot, Andy Komi, Perry Korol, Mike Korol. Interment took place hi the family plot In the Orthodox Section of Woodlawn Cemetery. Arrangements were In. care of Park Funeral Chapel.

ELLIOTT The Funeral Service of Tom Elliot who died on March 10th was held from First Baptist Church on March 14th at 3:30 p.m. con ducted by Rev. William R. Wood. Pallbearers were: jackGoraon, Bin Frlesen, Garvin Hoff, Arnold Storey, Andy Waruk, Norman Taylor.

Interment was made In the Woodlawn cemetery. MCKagues Funeral Home was In charge-of ar rangements. kiMemotton BITTNER In loving memory of a dear mother and grand- mother, Mr j. Susie Btttner who passed away March 15, 1971. The depths of sorrow we cannot tell Of the loss of one we loved so well.

And while she sleeps a peaceful sleep Her memory we shall always keep. Sadly missed by John, Alice, Rod- ney, uougias, bcott, ano looa. ELMGREN In loving memory of a wonderful husband Nat, who passed away March 15, 1975. Nothing can ever take away, The love a heart holds dear, Fond memories linger every Remembrance keeps him near. Ever tared by wife Ruth.

POSTNIKOFF In loving memory of our dear husband father and grandfather who passed 'away March 15, 1966. Softly the leaves of memory fall, Gently we gather and treasure them all. Unseen, unheard, he Is ever near. Still loved, still missed, stjll very dear. P'ease God forgive a silent tear, And a constant wish that he was here.

Others are taken, yes.i we know, Buthewasoureand we miss hi.n Ever remembereo and sadly missed by Wife Elizabeth, children and grandchildren. Card of Thanks THE FAMILY the late Sidney Horace Wllsdon would like to extend their sincere thanks to friends and relatives for their cards, visits, flowers, thoughts and nearness, for the loving care given their late father at St. Pauls Hospital, to McFadden, Nalsmith and Sewchuk, to the nurses the 5th floor and to Mrs. Van Someran and Mrs. Styranka, to Rev.

R.L.S. McAdam for his heartfelt and personal service, to St. Georges Angl lean Church an the Park Funeral Home staff. Signed the Wllsdon Family. Funeral Directors 6 McKAGUE'S FUNERAL HOME M.

McKague R.J. McKague D.A. Newblgging Phone 664-3131 300 3rd Ave. S. y-8 PARK FUNERAL CHAPEL Terry C.

Mlchaylluk Donald Somers 311 3rd Ave. No. Phone 244-2103. I SASKATOON FUNERAL HOME W.ARNOLD EDWARDS ROBERT F.DAURIE Ph. 244-5577 338 4th Ave.

N. Jtl WESTWOOD FUNERAL CHAPEL Rhs J. Murdock Phone 6S3-34-" 20th St. Ave. v-8 Crematoriums PRAIRIE VIEW CHAPEL Memorial and Cremation Services Highway 11 South 242-7884 Box 2061 V-7 Personal 14 ARE YOU PREGNANTf We can rwp both of you.Blrthrlaht 652-9991.

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Box lw. Calgary." m4 life insurance on borrowers and improvements in credit enforcement procedures. The commission was established in 1973 to recommend changes in various Saskatchewan laws referred to it by the provincial attorney-general's department. Library grants increase REGINA (Staff) Provincial grants to Saskatchewan's regional libraries have increased 287 per cent since 1976 and all will receive 10 per cent mors in 1977-78, Education Minister Ed Tchorzewski told the legislature Monday. He was replying to a question from Roy Bailey (PC -Rosetown-Elrose) who said some libraries had received 300-per-cent reduction in financial assistance in three years.

Bailey said one regional library board reported grants of $69,000 in 1975, about $30,000 in 1976 and $20,000 this year. The minister said Bailey was mistaken, adding grants to all libraries have increased. On another topic, Bob Larter (PC Estevan) said hog prices in Alberta were now $3 to $4 higher than Saskatchewan's and asked whether the govern-' mejrt is discriminating against this province's producers who have to sell to the Saskatchewan Hog Marketing Commission. Agriculture Minister Edgar Kaeding said prices between the provinces fluctuate and often Saskatchewan prices are higher than those in Alberta; In response to a question from Gary Birkbeck (PC-Mooso-min) Kaeding said he and the provincial cabinet favor a beef marketing board as the best long-term solution to industry problems. However, he reiterated the government's stand that it will consider recommendations from all fair organizations in the province before any decision is made.

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Deaths ELIK Mr. Isaacs. Ellk who resided In Saskatoon from 1927 till 1976, pus-sod away on Friday, Feb. 25th at the amof 88. Ha was the owner of Elks Drug Store on 20th St.

until he retired. He IcavM to mourn his beloved wilt Betty, his daughter lot La Pldus. Four grand-children and four graat-grandchlldran, a daughter, Ellaan Uavldner predeceased him. The late Mr. Ellk and Mrs.

Ellk moved to California a year ago to live with their family. The Informant took piooo In Mt. Sinai mortuary in Los Angelas. BUCHNER The death of Mr. Theodore Peter Buchner age 56 year of 408 247 3rd Ave.

South, Saskatoon occurred In a Saskatoon hospital on March 13th, 1977. The Funeral Mass will be held on Wednesday, March lh at 10 a.m. from St. Marys Roman Catholic Churoh conducted by Rev. D.

Purachke CSsR. Prayers will be said at St. Marys Church Tuesday averring at I p.m. Surviving are: 3 sons, Tom, Peter and Richard all of Saskatoon, 1 daughters, Mrs. Andy (Patricia) Fontaine and Mlsa Beverly Buchner both of Saskatoon.

4 grandcMMren, Kim and Monlque Fontaine and Deanne and Tracy BucfMrn, 4 staters, Mrs, Marttn (Anne) Oxman, Mrs. Don (Helen) Mlraau and Mrs. Emll (Batty) Harts and Miss Cathy Buchner all of Saskatoon, Mr. Buchner was bom at Provort, Alberta and farmed In the Macklln district before moving to make his home Saskatoon In 1951, Mr, Buchner served with the Canadian Army Overseas during Work) War II, For several years he was employed by Hlbrada Mliiwork and later operated his own business, Quality Cabinets, Interment will be made In me Soldiers Field at Woodlawn Cemetery. Arrangements are In care of Westwood Funeral Chapel.

Saskatchewan Liberal leader Ted Malone said Monday the capital punishment debate illustrated arte situation where the majority of the public may not always be right. Malone, the first of the province's three political leaders to face a bear-pit session sponsored by the sociology department at the University of Sas- katchewan, said if pinned down he would "have to say the majority is not always right." Regarding capital punishment, Malone said he strongly opposes the form of punishment. But if a referendum was held today the overwhelming sentiment would likely be in favor, he said. Asked how political parties would fight an election on capital punishment, Malone said they would probably duck the issue. He said the risk would be that individual parties could not even find a consensus within their own ranks.

There would likely be a general consensus among parties to campaign on different issues. During the two-hour session students' questions ranged ac- -ross issues from civil liberties to wage-and-price controls to the tendency of politicians to evade questions. Dealing with most issues involved reading the mood of the public, Malone said. Malone said while the majority of the public may at times be wrong, governments are still elected by and responsible to majorities at election time. One student cited a case in-, volving a homosexual graduate student at the college of education whose duties were restricted because of his sexual orientation.

Malone said the concern would be whether that student was us ing a public institution as OUT! Buy of a Lifetime! 0 0 0 0 0 3 DAY SALE Frl. March 16, 17, 18 10-size irnn Landscapes vlhUU 10 Including Fnmi 36" size trnnn Scenes, vluu From OU Including Fnirni (plus miny attic tm) OP PAINTINGS FRAMED All subjects, sizes for home or office, prices to $500 a special HmifJ selection of TED MALONE questions faced a forum for his personal beliefs. The sltuationmight be quite different with a professed Nazi who sough' a "position in the department of political science. The province's commitment to get out of wage-and-price controls on the public sector is a recognition of problems faced by both workers and industry, he said, without an admission the New Democratic Party is opposed to controls. Malone said he does not believe any successful political party can be controlled by special interest groups.

While the NDP draws support from or- -ganized labor and the Liberals from free enterprise, there is room in the political system for some crossover, he said. While the NDP is predominantly socialist, some millionaires are strong socialists and while organized labor supports theNDP, some committed trade unionists are flaming free-enterprisers and Liberals. And, by free enterprise, Malone said he does not mean pure free enterprise pure free enterprise probably does not exist anywhere in the world, i Liberals prefer to speak of equality of opportunity under laws which rather than limiting the actions of people, are aimed at protecting the rights of the majority. Politicians may have been remiss in dealing with multinational corporations, Malone said, in not applying the law equally to them. Multinationals should be free to develop resources without threat of nationalization and subject to laws which protect the environment and ensure a fair return to the provinces.

Politicians all have a tendency to duck questions when they do not have a pat answer at hand, but the communications problem Is not one-way. He said MLAs and MPs suffer discouragement when they discover people Just do not follow political developments. During the 2 Mi-month potash takeover debate, for example, Malone said he found normally well Informed people who were not even aware the legislature was In session. OOOOOOOOOCOdOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Art Importer has assembled hundreds ol Original Oil Paintings Don't miss It It's the Art ART A Major Western Canadian Frames for this Special Sale. 8" Florals, From 24" Seascapes, Country Unbelievable HUNDRED9 BEAUTI-, FULLY any room, Including 1 HiSi Framed Lithographs.

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