The Taylor Daily Press from Taylor, Texas on March 2, 1950 · Page 9
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The Taylor Daily Press from Taylor, Texas · Page 9

Taylor, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 2, 1950
Page 9
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5—LOST AND FOUNP LOST: One and one-half year old part Collie dog with collar, lag. Answers to “Babo”. Last seen North of Lake Drive Sunday. Notify Eugene Kropp at Taylor Motor Co. ____ I$V\0?K!N6,' À gli. TUNE in * ¡W...LIKE OOP, F CURIOUS TO mmœ&x [WENT BACK A [ THEf?£' U * it è oue w- and Nie, 3 oom. tco 'M WANDERING \ WELCOME % BOy/ my stn&jto M oo, / thank j ALL EX WE'VE A SOZ! J >VJ. VgJR L MI55ED J VHi<SHNESS./ ■L you: ><r ^ (r ------- WELL...T SEE OOP CAU6HT LP W/TM HIM.1 COPft Ir UH At I > IS TRUE , OVCE DARROV^ UONT £E_ RUNNING THE STAGE UN/AUCH LONGER/*WE,FOU<S 5TATHAT°ru^ SUGGEST V ^ ¿5RlST°PHtR S> gsDEAD MAN'S HILL S16RID S.* *D TO MEET HER HERE — BUT SHE DOESN'T ANSWER.^ it ' s WORTH TRYING, MR.MMGLF WHATS THAT? 1 Unclothed 2 Wading bird 3 Conifer tree.' if VOU^Cr I LADIES. M em . hhh : this ' ll . MAKE MEN OF YOU Sure , we'd love to form a 6IRLS'SOFTBALL TEAM, BtiT"> FiGMr \pOOSM EISA FIERCELY- i UP, LARDSY- FRECKLES/ I "TMIS'LU V naake A teE\pr MAN OP WklL VÛU/ . 1-2-3/ \~Z-3! bend T hose {¿ nees master lard / VVHO i US? 1950 by NEA serivicr. inc y T he : GOOD EVE VOISUS THE, EVIL EYE..''’ WHICH WI l L WIN? AH IS G-GlTTIN' TH' EVIL. EVE- Bur GOOD.'.'' WHUT WAS IT MAH MAMMY DONE ------ tent -----1 TOLE ME I NEVER HAD THE GUTS TO TRV NO \ DOUBLE WHAMMY BEFORE — BUT THIS THING HAS GOT CUTA ■L CONTROL/.'- IT'S ME--------■■Crr or him/.'' ^ *xyj.rr-'w only way / o ' XW L/CK TH' EV/l EYE • /s Mr th ' good eyes .' GOOD /S BETTER THAN . -------, Em.. BECAUSE ~£SS*jr'S NICER" i—H Asi.^ WHEAT'S ONAr WHY DON'T YOU CARRY MY BOOKS LIKE OTHER BOVS &—; ------7 DO ? ^ HOW' ROMANTiC-- I WISH SL UGGO E____ WOULD DO k^..-b^rn THAT r- LOOK, NANCy- I'M AWFUL „ TIRED . TODAY } k AND*“ Ä THAT'S OKAY-IF YOU'LL CARRY AAy \ BOOKS-- INF°?^0- jp DlSfl*** **5? #o tliret iB- rit ft» OB® TIW- *5c ^oior more din 85c jjss SS fe^bfreSon- one incorrect I*- ... in id »(«' belng feect to composition feoÌ IT o ^. Jtaas-'St L Sunday p » p *; ob W ui or IW r0K | CLASSIFIES »MOTIVE le * 193MW0-C1001’ Ply sedan. Radio and heat- lew tires; tip-top condi- Reaionable. Roland le:'¡¡n at City National or [5 Lexington. SiraTghtening End Aligning IDENBECK'S idale, Texas Phone 58 i T notices 3MPT REMOVAL ol nd disabled stock, call strop. Texas Rendering 9—WOOD, COAL, FUEL FOR SALE: Cord wood. $4.50 per cord. See Lee Lawrence at Katy Stock Pens. 11 — PLANTS, SEEDS, TREES FOR SALE: Tomato, sweet pepper and cabbage plants, ready to go. Veselka Florist, Phone 508. __________________________ 16—LIVESTOCK A KQUIPM^T FOR SALE: Roldo Rowden cotton seed, 2nd year, culled and treated. S. J. Schaefer, Route 1, Taylor. 17-MISCELLANEOUS TOR SALE FOR SALE: Generators, starters, magnetos. Taylor Atito Elective and Magneto Co. Phone 106, 404 East 3rd Street. GO TO SHAVERS’ Magnolia Station for seat covers. 4th and Porter Streets. ****** 19—ACKKAGE FOR SALE List Your Farm and City Property With W. H. McGINNIj Office at Ira A. Prewitt Hdw. Co. Office Phone 1 —Residence 153 FOR SALE: 175 level blackland farm; two sets improvements; 165 acres in cultivation. $150 per acre. List your property with me. I. E. Hardin, Granger. 20—APARTMENTS FOR RENT FOR RENT: Garage apartment on North Drive. Available March 1. Plione 1190-M. FOR SALE: Whlzzard Motor bike. Call Allen J. Bisang. Phone 545. ----------FOR SALE: Three room home and bath on corner lot, south front. Priced right at $3000. Phone 1254-J or 242. O. F. Clark. Real Estate Insurance. FOR SALE: Nice five room I house, corner lot, paved street,! desirable location. Ozelle Zie- i schang. Phone 221 or 1264. ; FOR RENT: One furnished apartment for two adults. All bills paid. Call 1336-J. 21—HOUSES FOR RENT iW'WWWVWWWWVWWWVWWVW FOR RENT: House in country. Gravel road, electric lights, reasonable. Call at 1215 Howard Street. 23-MISCELLANEOUS FOR RENT FOR RENT: Three furnished rooms and bath. 416 Shaw St. MONTHLY rates available for rooms at BLAZILMAR HOTEL. $25 and up. Complete hotel service. FOR RENT: Office rooms. Ralph Johns Drug Store. BUS SXS'CISM a, San Antonio, Corpus .Brownsville: 3:37 a.m., 10:36 a.m., 1:42 pm., 1,7:52 p.m., 10:14 pin. ilo, Palestine, Shreve|;55 wn., 1:50 p.m., 8:09 Qe, Houston, Dallas, I, Los Angeles: 1:31 am., 11:55 ajn., 1:50 pm. 8:09 p.m,, 8:22 p.m ir, Bartlett, Temple, |l:54 am,, 8 20 p.m. Btttrop, Victoria: 7:50 p.m. i Ofons (j a.ra. Closes 20:13 pm. stmt-, ID. !.. Phillips Termite 0.iatr^l Co., protoct Htfc, some and business Dent from disease bear- ilce, roaches, ants, ter- fid ottier pests which borne ¿ii through lervlce ager's ior Tay- glad to serve ycu at I and «vili cerve you at Me site. CIUÜ.000 Insurance, blllty. I148-J-3 Collect Texas/ Route 1 Nü TAXI "next to îouse. Open day a:;'i rhone 175. Robert Bice. FOR SALE: Three-room house with bath, reasonable price. ! Call G55 or see Willie Hejl, at Warren Tire & Supply. FOR SALE Practically New three-room lock house at 1620 West Sixth ■St. $4,500. 3 bedroom home at 607 IIow- - ard, $4500. 333 Shaw St., 3 bedroom home. ! living room, dining room, kitchen, breafast room, hall and bath, . newly decorated throughout.. two lots, six large pecan trees. I $6,000. 1403 W. 7th, house in good | condition, five rooms and bath 1120 Sloan, five-room house in liuod condition. 1510 Prather, new three bed; room house: two baths, living ; ro m, dining room, kitchen and breakfast room. Choice lots on Lake Drive and many other locations in the city. For quick and satisfactory sales for all parties concerned List your farm and town property with Tommie Speegle Phone 9040-F-3 25—-WANTED TO BUY WANTED TO BUY a Fresno Slip Scraper. See Edwin Maly, Route 2, Taylor. 27—HELP WANTED—MALE WOULD LIKE to get someone to bale my cane. A. F. Richter. Route 3, Taylor. 28^HIE^ WAITRESS. Apply Blazilmar Coffee Shop. WANTED: Waitress. Apply Steak j House Cafe. 33-BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES FOR SALE: Cafe with bar, in Granger. Inside of building remodeled. See A. A. Bartosh. 35—PERSONAL COURSE—“10 lbs. off in 10 days", or $2 back. Stomach shrinking, self-treatment. No exercise. Little diet. Send $2. Dr. John Gra, Millsap S-2, Texas. LEGAL NOTICE LEGAL NOTICE The Shiloh Baptist Church will accept sealed bids on a building: inune. all lumber, dimensions 24 by 52 ft. until Wednesday, March 15, 1950 at 12 o’clock noon. Submit all bids to $. G. Eckman, Thrall. Rt. 1, Building is located about one mile south of Shiloh Church on Tavlo--Irv­ ing highway. The Church reserves the right to reject any or all bids. 37—LEGAL NOTICE An ordinance providing for and regulating the issuance and exibition of health certificates in the City of Taylor, Texas, providing for penalties for violation thereof, and declaring an emergency Be it ordained by the Board of City Commissioners of the City of Taylor Texas: SECTION 1. The term “Food handler” as hereinafter used in this ordinance shall be the same as that specified by state law and said food handler shall not be employed in the City of Taylor, Texas until he or she has fully complied with all state laws and regulations now' or hereafter enacted. SECTION 2. No Food Handlers Registration Certificate for use in the City of Taylor, Texas, shall be issued by the local department to any person now or hereafter required by law to have or exhibit a health certificate, certifying the holders freedom from contagious, infectious or communicable diseases until the applicant for such certificate shall have been first tested and examined under the recognized standard tests for syphilis; this test must be given by the local health unit of the Texas State Department of Health or a physician licensed to practice in Williamson County, Texas, and if the specimen is then found to have no positive reactions, the individual must then secure a certificate from a licensed practicing physician indicating that physical examination shows him free of the contagious, infectious or communicable disease, which certificate is then presented to the local health unit and the applicant is then given a Food Handlers Registration Certificate good for six months from the time of said blood test. Once each year, said applicant shall further be examined for tuberculosis by a Tuberculin Skin Test and/or on X-ray Examination oi the lungs. In the event that the Tuberculin Skin Tfcst showa a positive reaction, then said applicant must have an X-ray Examination of the lungs. SECTION 3. Any person who r-hall violate any of the provisions hereof shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and upon conviction shall be fined in any sum not to exceed $200.00, and each day shall constitute a separate offense. SECTION 4. It any part of this ordinance be declared invalid, such invalidity shall not affect the remainder thereof. SECTION 5. The fact that contagious and infectious diseases are likely to be spread within the City of Taylor because of the lack of laws and regulations requiring thorough examinations of food handlers, constitutes an emergency, and the health of the public at large requires that this ordinance take effect immediately upon its passage without being read on three separate o.1- ca‘•ions. Unanimously passed, approved and adopted this, the 28th day of February, A. D. 1950. R. E. KOLLMAN, Chairman, Board of Commissioners, City of Taylor, Texas. ATTEST: CHARLES BRAZIL, City Secretary Classified Display CLOSING OUT New 2 1/2H. P. Johnson Out - Board Motor. Regular, $133.25 NOW, $109.95 Prewitt Hardware Co. 37—LEGAL NOTICE NOTICE OF CITY OFFICER ELECTION The State of Texas County of Williamson City of Taylor To the Resident Qualified Voters of the City of Taylor, Williamson County, Texas: TAKE NOTICE that, an election will be held on the Fourth day of April, 1950, in the City of Taylor, Williamson County, Texas for the purpose of electing three commissioners. That Miss Mary Moody is named Presiding Judge and John Brunner is named as Assistant Judge. REQUEST TO GO ON BALLOT: Any person who has the qualification and desires to have his name placed upon the official ballot as a candidate for Commissioner of the City of Taylor, Texas, shall file with the City Clerk of the City of Taylor, Texas not later than the second Taylor Daily Press, Thursday, March 2 , 1950/ Poflt Monday in March, the same being the 13th day of March, 1950. 5:00 p. m. R. E. KOLLMAN, Chairman Board of Commissioners, City of Taylor, State of Texas. Attest: HAROLD WILLIAMSON, City Clerk For Best Rerults Try Taylor Press Want Ads Classified Display DANCE at S. P. J. S. T. HALL Taylor, Texas SATURDAY, MARCH 4 Music by GENE MACHU and HIS TEXAS ROADRUNNERS — Everybody Welcome — CLASSIFIED DISPLAY LOOK! LOOK! LOOK!! NOW ON HAND One carload inch fir sheathing lumber in 8"-10'/~12// widths. Dressed 4 sides, 6‘ic per board foot. Why pay $100 per thousand when this will do the same job. SEE US FOR OTHER SPECIAL BARGAINS TAYLOR BUILDERS SUPPLY (0. FOR SALE 1940 Ford coupe, exceptionally clean, factory re-built motor; new air-ride tires; good paint; Radio and heater. Priced right. H. E. Harkins Phone 391 or 1320-M 1341 West 2nd St. Taylor, Texas DAMCE CLUB RENDEZVOUS Thursday and Saturday Nights Music by -Alien Rummeli and His Ga’denwest Playboys- Sunday Night Music by UNCLE BILLY and HIS PLAYBOYS Remember Those Delicious Someburgers! DANCE BELVADIER CLUB SATURDAY and SUNDAY NIGHTS Music by Jerry Leonard and His Orcheslr NOW Y' 5 EE WHY Ì Î COULDN'T LET I you STEM. /■ —-V. TH* OJEENV OH, ' ^JEWELS/ / SURE... -0Z3E1 , ^ ^ ^ IVO TCWa \ ' . v.t? ÜZ ! THUNDER and the stage this A ■ - * >ùr\^K\ > —____ - I FOLLOU HE s. ■ mttle NiOu ,v.. ’ ETE ON DARRC'.. 'MCE/ TOU bf.TCHUA , 3ED RYDER / r A FORBIDDING NAME — but actually one of the EASIEST SKI RUNS HERE AT PARADISE PEAKS. IF CHRISTOPHER CAN BE MADE TO SKI IT/ HIS ___jy COWAROLINESS MAY COME j&MF r THERE S-UH, ONE THING I 1 FORGOT TO MENTION. CHRISTOPHER SHOULD SKI DEAD MAN'S HILL ALONE, IF THE TEST IS TO PROVE J ™ ^ ANYTHING'J M AY I CARRY YOUR FOR QUICK SALE Six room dwelling, large lot, 3 piece bathroom fixtures; prac tically new wafer heater, gas lights and water. $ 2 , 475.00 Choice Lot on Brown St. Half block from Twelfth Street School. $ 450.00 Choice South Front Lot On Burns Boulevard. Size 50 x 180 ft. Priced unusually low. $ 525.00 cM. Q. Ro'ie Q.eal £,<Uate. autd O h I u / iohc * City and. tyoAsn JlvcstA. Bowers Building Office Phone i21 Residence 727 Vehicle Answer to Previous Punió HORIZONTAL 1 Depicted vehicle 8 Antic 13 Encouraged 14 Mountain crest 15 Disencumber^ 16 Car 18 Put on 19 Elder son of t Isaac (Bib.) * 21 Male sheep 22 Rave 23 Rupees (ab.) 24 Indian mulberry 25 Artifice 27 Belgian river 30 Preposition 31 Symbol for selenium 32 Yes (Sp.) 33 Symbol for tantalum 34 On top of 37 Pitcher 39 Egyptian sun god 40 Exclamation 41 Youths 43 Bustle 46 Kind of tide 49 Compass point 50 Life (Latin) 52 Note in Guido’s scale 53 Bellows 55 Entertains sumptuously 57 Grows pallid 58 Locks of hair VERTICAL 4 Symbol for yttrium 5Courts (ab.) 6 Sidelong look 7 Icelandic I myths 8 Is able 9 Measure of • area 10 It is propelled • by------II Short jacket 12 Lease 17 Part of “be” 20 Employ 22 Beam 25 Girl’s name 26 Distinct part 28 Royal Italian family name Rl i-J 1-1 iS 1 1 A 3¡ ÏÏU] dr] I Z i S; t Ë U f m g T n H 13 m a m u§ c; ni if E nnawsGiSBBttHKiri KK3EIÖM1 1 laKlHlJhdtJ 29 Erect 35 Trying experience 36 Dance step 37 Eternity 38 It has two — 41 Sweet secretion 42 Wild ox of Celebes 43 Any 44 Filth 45 Sheaf 47 On the sheltered sidt 48 Go by 50 Onager 51 Era 54 Of the thing 56 While

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