Star-Phoenix from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada on January 10, 1975 · 26
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Star-Phoenix from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada · 26

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
Issue Date:
Friday, January 10, 1975
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2G the STAR-PIIOENIX Saskatoon, Friday, January 10, 1975 &f i--r -W f tV Ni j1 " ,7- ::' a. ' vh : kV ' I ., 1 V Li; I T " s : NT . J" I fU ' 11 1 ! - e -f . i ; "T "V ; I : 'i ! I , f !l 1 I I) h n I i I 1 i i l n sB Ii H 11 V 1 I , If - . . L 'M I h ' J r- - : yrfiY h'-... M V e - , if aj1 M " -,' . r-jz if ..'v:yv-riTW'vS:; V 'A V Tf i f T'f, I i - r ' t ,-k ri" -- fJ e SqfeF-jftifeLtflfwi ii f H tft 1 it-iuS !nfc-- -J Vacation talks Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau and former Prime Minister Edward Heath of Great Britain relax on a secluded beach in Jamaica. The two leaders are both in the middle of mid-winter vacdtions. ' 1 North Bay mourns explosion victims NORTH BAY, Ont. (CP) -Across the street from the rubble the flag at city hall flutters at half-mast, mute tribute to the eight people who died Wednesday when a downtown office building was levelled by an explosion. Overseas customers baffled by Canadian attitude: Speaker REGINA (CP) - Robert Houston, president of the Canada-Japan Trade Council, Thursday urged Canadian political leaders to resolve confusion and contradiction that he said is turning away foreign traders and investors. In remarks prepared for the annual meeting cf the Palliser Wheat Growers Association, Mr. Houston said important overseas customers are baffled and increasingly disillusioned with Canada. In general terms, Canada is seen from abroad as a nation of contradictions, a coun Weather delayed road Delays in construction of w inter roads in northern Saskatchewan to several communities are being experienced because of the mild winter, a provincial government official said. Jim Stobbs, director of the department of northern Saskatchewans project management branch, said recently this is the second successive Dentists ivant more Dentists and health department officials are expected to meet "sometime next week to start hammering out a new contract for fee payments for dental work done on social assistance recipients. Dr. Terry Donovan of Regina, president of the Saskatchewan College of Dental Surgeons, said in a telephone interview Thursday current SJ" V ( J! ' , "l - ' 1 1 r- 'A r V' - , - - - t , '' i, 1 I i, ' h1 . H 1 r . '? i . fi y J, : I 4 h Policemen, with the smell of burned human flesh In their nostrils, dig silently through the charred remains of the Barry Building, a two-storey structure that housed the offices of two dentists and two optometrists on -McIntyre Street. try vitally dependent on foreign sales, yet one whidi is apparently unwilling or unable to do the things essential to support export marketing, a country requiring foreign investment for domestic development, yet reluctant to accept that aid or unsure upon what terms to accept it. He said foreigners are confused by clashes between Ottawa and the provices, by controversy over whether re-sourse conservation or economic nationalism should take priority over economic development, and by such spec year in which road construction projects have been late in starting due to weather conditions. Last winter, a heavy snowfall early in the season insulated lakes and rivers, delaying the build-up of sufficient ice cover to allow access by service vehicles. The department reports work on northern roads as follows; payments to dentists now are under 65 per cent of the fee schedule. We feel that there is really no reason to be paid any less for welfare recipients than we get for normal patients, Dr. DonAvan said. Payments by the government for social assistance recipients dental woik dont even meet overhead costs. ' - - v- 'r s 1 ' j A V . t r , . I V i j i j ,-w A-' XT1' ' ,av j 'r 1,' 1 t., a-kl SEr , n -. tfc Upstairs in city hall, the mayor who witnessed the worst tragedy in the citys history from his window, meets with the city clerk to plan cancellation of city councils inaugural banquet and to begin arrange, ments for a mass funeral for ific issues as the current debacle of the Alberta oil sands development. Mr. Houston appealed for greater efforts to increase trade with Japan and said the Canadian transportation system must be reformed to keep the confidence of foreign buyers. This is where the most dramatic and urgent proof of unreliability is to be found in the view of our foreign customers. It is repeated with damaging regularity either from work stoppages, lack cf rolling stock, natural disasters or whatnot. construction To Patuanak, Pinehouse, Dillon and Michel nearing completion with crews filling in small washouts and streams; To Uranium City, highway' camp ig located north of Tumor Lake, but more ice in Lake Athabaska is necessary and more snow is needed to mix with the sand to stabilize the road; for ivelfare About five or 10 per cent of Saskatchewan dentists patients are social assistance recipients, he said. The dentists will also be negotiating for recognition of their fee schedule, Dr. Donovan said. Up to now in negotiations, the government has used its own figures for fee payment and ignored the CLASSIFIED as near as your phone CALL For a friendly classified ad-visor uA 6-DAY HAD Phone your ad in nowl Its easy and more .economical on our 6 day plan. Schedule your ad for six consecutive days, receive the 6th day FREE. (When you get results, phone and your ad will be cancelled before next days publication, you will be charged only for days published). F M" ' 'v - 7. jf' -w-j. -f J V , fL J1 -T ,iJ V i,,V ", ' ; ill J . 1 1 L , i" ' 1 Jf rf 1 I I Pi . "S r 'f ft, fc S' I. , X! 1 r " , victims burned beyond recognition. That was the scene Thursday, the day after a late-ufternoon explosion killed eight persons and injured 23 in the city that calls itself Gateway to the North. The known dead are: W. Garnet Gary Julian, 31, a dentist who practised on the second floor of the building; Lajuana Hallauer, 34, wife of a United States Air Force major as-signed to the NORAD in-stallation here; Mrs. Hermes Larocque, 47, a mother of four, all of North Bay, Mrs. Sarah Murdock, 76, and Mrs Elizabeth Hall, 46, both of South River, 30 miles to the south. Listed mislng and presumed dead are James Cobean, an optometrist who had an office on the ground floor, Mrs. Louise Brosseau and Mary Margaret McDonald, all of North Bay. Fifteen persons were taken to hospital and released after treatment for cuts, bums and bruises. Eight others remain in hospital. The explosion was followed 45 seconds later by a fierce, fire which made rescue Impossible. Police said a crew from Northern and Central Gas Corp. was working behind tlia build To Wollaston Post; not expected to be completed until February when the ice on Wollaston Lake is expected to be 30 inches thick. Owing to snow removal and maintenance requirements, this road may only be open for about, two weeks to allow goods to be hauled into the community. ' service schedule on the grounds it has been unilaterally set, he said. Other province have recognized other dental fee schedules, and, Dr. Donovan said, unofficially at least, health department officials have been told the college wants to -make recognition of the fee schedule a bargaining point. -Jjj mme Wwmm ,, ir j" I H w --4. I, ( ;? T',"!" , 41 , , fthllllliy ,- V ' J 3 h , k i , if i t j SJ' J j v.t . 1 1 - 1 ,r 1 P 1 J 4 '-i J ' 4 ' - I 70 , I , t ' K X t 'S , 2 , 5 . p i ' 1 5i.p.i ,,t '") t , 4 i. :o--'.;-' -a I . ' ip a 5 ,; ' I f" ' CP Wirephoto ing at the time of the blast but no official in the police force or fire department has said the gas caused the explosion. Former Saskatonian J 1 dies at 69 - Leonard P. Goudy, 69, a former general superintendent of Saskatoon City Hospital, died m Peoria, Illinois, recently. Mr. Goudy was general superintendent from 1937 to 1947. He graduated from the school of pharmacy at the University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon. Mr. Goudy was the adminstrator of Proctor Hospital in Peoria between 1933 and 1970. . He leaves his wife: two sons, Gordon of South Laguna, Calf., and Fred of Prince George, B.C.; one daughter, Mrs. Shirley Zapp of Courtney, B.C. and four brothers, one sister and several grandchildren. RATES Star Phoenix Classified Ad Rales: Ten Cents Per Word Per Day Six Consecutive Insertions for the Price of Five Minimum Count 12 Words Minimum Dally Chares $1 20 Classified Display is charged at 39 04 per single column Inch. Where 10 point or urge type li d sired by the adverUser for the complete advertisement the rate per word is 20c per day. Minimum count lx words, minimum dally charge $2.40. Figures In groups of five or lees, dollar marks, initial letters, etc., count as one word. Where one Une is set In 10 point and the balance set In ordinary classified type the charge li 96c per day for (he 10 point line. Where the use of a box number Is desired, count is four words extra City or rural Star-Phoenix Box Numbers please add $2 00 extra to cover cost of handling and postage. While every endeavor, will be made to forward replies to box numbers to the adverUser as soon as possible, we accept no liability tn respect of loss or damage alleged to rise through either failure or delay in forwarding surh replies hqwever caused, whether by negligence or otherwise. City advertisers must picl up box replies at the Stv-Phoenix office, The Ster-Phoenlx assumes no responsibility for error after the first Inaer- U0"' CLASSIFIED ' ADVERTISING Semi-Displays Accepted I 30 am to 12 noon dally Monday to Friday for pubtlcaUon following day (except holidays i TELEPHONE HOURS: Office Hours: 8 30 a m to 5 p m (or foUowtng day's publication. Word Ads Accepted Word ads will be icerptn by telephone to 8 30 pm Monday through r rlday. Saturday 8 30 a m. to 12 noon for next days publication. ConUnuas. cancellations, corrections will be accepted to 8 30 pm Monday through Friday, and 8 30 am. to 12 noon Saturday (or next day a pullet-uon. On days when the business- office Is closed Word Ads for publication In our next Issue may be left In the box In the front vestibule of the Slar-Phoenlx office. Please be sure to leave your lame address phone number and number of insertions desired. NOTICES Death and Funeral Notices 84 00 for ftrst 129 words Each additional word, 10c Births Marriages, In Memonums. Engagements Cards of Thanks . $3 50 first 50 words. Each additional word 10c per word. Display Advertising SCHEDULE OF COPY ACVEPIANCE TUESDAY 12 00 noon for Thursday WEDNESDAY 12 00 noon for kriday THURSDAY 12 00 noon for Saturday FRIDAY 1200 noon for Monday. FRIDAY 3 00 pm for Tuesday ami Wednesday publication. All of the above times on i copy In hand basis, ellow time ' 'for copy pick-up and preparation SUBSCRIPTION RATES By carrier 75 cent per week collected bl weekly MAIL SUBSCRIPTION . RATES IN SASKATCHEWAN I Sear $45 00 8 months $24 50 3 months $13 50 1 month $5 so Sat. only $1000 per yr. To All Other Province in Canada 1 year $j00 1 month iim Sat. only per year 13 90 USA. and Foreign 1 year $55 00 1 month $7 00 Sat. only per sear $16 d0 CLOSED ALL DAY SATURDAY, SUNDAYS CLASSIFIED AD PHONE 653-2100 Stamp album not for sale CINCINNATI (Reuter) The owners of a stamp collectors shop here say an old stamp album which they bought' for $10 contained a freak stamp for which they have refused $1.7 million. They say they probably can realize $5 million in two years by exhibiting the stamp. Partners Michael Middleton, Ronald Riggs and Bob Wildman say the four-pence English stamp of general Issue between 1887 and 1892 lacks the portrait of Queen Victoria. TENDERS ' TENDERS CENTRAL MORTGAGE AND HOUSING CORPORATION SEALED TENDERS, plainly marked as la content and addressed to the undersigned will be received ud to 2 00 pm, CST, Thursday, January 30, 1975 (or the construction of 20 units (or senior ciluens at W ilkie. Jaskatche-nan sponsored by the Federal Government. Province of Saskatchewan and the Tonn of Wilkie Plans and specifications and forms of tender required can be obtained by onine contractors at the address shown below and are available for inspection at Saskatoon Regina. Moose Jaw and Prince Albert Construction Associations at the Town Hall in Wilkie and nt C.V1HC offices at Saskatoon and Regina A deposit of $100 00 Is required for each set ol plans, spetalicalions and documents. This deposit is forfeited if plans, specifications and documents are not received at this office intact .and in good condition on or before the tenth day following the date of contract award Each tender must be accompanied by a 10S Bid Bond or by a security deposit of 10 of the tender where the tender does not exceed $750 000 plus 5ro of the amount by which the tender exceeds $730 000 The maximum amount of security deposit required with any one tendr is $100 -000 Such security deposit shall be retained by Central Mortgage and Housing Corporation to ensure due performance of the contract. Cash, a certified cheque bearer or negotiable 'Dominion of Canada bonds will be accepted as security deposit Alb cheques must be made payable to the order of ' Central Mortgage and Housing Corporation The lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted. G R DAY Manager Central Mortgage and Housing Corporation Box 1M7 440 2nd Avenue North Saskatoon, Sask. S7N 3N2 MS-C GARBAGE COLLECTION TENDER Tenders will be received by the City Clerk, city of Yorkton Box 400 Yorkton Saskatchewan S3N 2W3 for the systematic collection of all garbage tn the City of Yorkton from dwellings apartment houses, trade premises, and public buildings. Information pertaining to general specifications may be obtained by contracting Mr. G W. Crowder City Clerk City Office between the hours ot 9 00 a m and 5 00 pm Monday through Friday or by phoning 763-3014 area code 304 A 1 1 tenders must be In the office of the City Clerk on or before 5.00 pm. Friday. January 31st, 1979. Lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted. G W CROWDER. City Clerk. 1-ll-c TENDER OLIVER LODGE ADDITION Tenders will be received by the undersigned up until 4 00 p m , Central Standard Time Friday. February 7 1075 for construction of an addition to Oliver Lodge Plans specifications and tender forms may be obtained from (he office of D H Stock and Partners Limited 615 Second Avenue North. Saskatoon, Saskatchewan SiK 2C7, on deposit of $j0 00 Tenders are tn be accompanied by a bid bond or marked cheque In the amount stipulated in the specifications The lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted. Mr. Harold Latrace a Chairman of the Board Oliver Lodge 1-11-C Department of Government Services INVITATIONAL TENDERS Sealed tenders will be received by the District Manager, Department of Government Services 1118 102nd Stgpet North Battleford Saskatchewan until 10 00 A M. Central Standard Time on January 24 1975, and will be opened m public Immediately tlieie-after. The wnrk consists of the purchase and removal of aurplus Horse Bam Saskatchewan Hospital North Battle-ford The bam is approximately 8 855 square feet and consists of 8 wood frame construction. Tender documents may be viewed end obtained Irom the District Mant ager Department of Government Services, 111 - 102 Street, North Battle-ford. Saskatchewan. The Province reserves the right te reject any or all tenders received. Deputy Minister Department of Government Cp pviispc Province of Saskatchewan 1-11 c NOTICES NOTICE TO CREDITORS IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF LOUTS JULIUS LAWRENCE RAMNES late jf Saske-toon Saskatchewan, retired, deceased All claims against the above estate duly verified by Statutory Dodaratlon and with particulars and valuation of security held if sny. must be sent to the undersigned before the 1st day of February. A D. 1075. i CO-OPERATIVE TRUST COMPANY OF CANADA t 333 4th Avenue North, Saskatoon Saskatchewan (Co-execators) Ml-C-S NOTICE TO CREDITORS IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF KNUTE P FARDEN, late of Saskatoon, In the Province of Saskatchewan retired, deceased. All claims against the above estate, duly verified by Statutory Deilarutinn and with particulars and valuation of security held If any. must be cent to the undersigned before the 1st day uf February. A D. 1975. CO-OPERATIVE TRUST COMPANY OF CANADA 333 4th Avenue, North Saskatoon Saska'chewan, tCo-executors) 1-11-c-s NOTICES iLoutmuedi NOTICE From this date I will not be responsible for any debts contracted in my name other than those incurred by myself. Signed Walter Llsko loos Spading Crea. E Saskatoon. 1-11-C DEATHS BOUHEN THE DEATH OF EDWALD oogrcu. age 5a yeals, of 1.0 a.a aaui Avenue norui, occur! eu In g local Itospilal on oanuuiy sin isia. I lie luueiai service will be helq on Saiuruay. uanuhiy Uui at Jail pm irom uetliei uiuteu Church, con-uuued by itev, Duuald caing (Memorial donations to uio aasa. Heart fund will bo appreciate! ui lieu ob llowora.; Surviving uie. lus who Naduiet tmee , sons, Bryant and Doug noth ui Anaiicun Caiiioima and cameiuii at Home, one giandHon Ryan Christopher, also Ills mother Mis. Anna Bugrcn, sparks, Nevada, one brouter ituss Bogien. Saskatoon, two sisters. Mis. C. Johnson ibsn-eiiel, Sparks, Nevada and Mrs. C. Oloechea (Eldeenj. Danville, cabl Re was pit deceased by a daughter Mavis in isoo. Mr. Bogren was born In Saskatoon and was raised and received his education at Dunblane. Sask. He came to make his home in Saskatoon m tSoj and had been associated with the Hudson s Bay Company until his passing Mr. Bogren was a member oi Myslic Tie Lodge No 213 Al. 4 AM and of Regal Chapter - No. 132 O.E S He was a member of Bethel Cmled Church Intel ment will take place in the family plut in Woodlawn Cemetery. Saskatoon Funeral Home is m charge ol arrangements 1-ll-c FRASER THE DEATH OF MRS. Mary Fraser, age 90 years, of 500 Avenue K. South, Saskatoon, occurred an a local hospital on Januaiy 8th 1975. The funeral service will be held on Saturday. January 11th at 3 p ill. from McKague's Funeral Home conducted by Rev. C. McMurtry. surviving are. five daughters. Mrs Helen Henderson of Vancouver, Mrs. Bud (Florence! Lanpher of Ypsilanll. Michigan, Mrs W. W. (Violet) Story of Regina. Mrs W. (Bernice) Me-Innes of Port McNeill. B C, and-Mrs. Wray (Myrtle) Suffredme, of Nelson. B C : three sons, George of Vancouver Russell of Ottawa and Norman of Saskatoon, seventeen grandchildren and twelve greatgrandchildren Mrs. Fraser was piede-ceased by her husband George, in 1964, and by a brother Joseph In New Zealand Mis Fraser came to Saskatoon In 1912 and had resided lieie since The family would appreciate donations to the Heart Fund, 709 Canada Building rattier than floral tributes Interment will be made in the family plot tn the Wood-lawn Cemetery. Guest parking directly south of Funeral Home, 3rd Ave and 20th Street, 1-ll-c HORN - THE DEATH OF RUSSELL Clemens Horn, age 85 years of 8 Mount Rojal Court Saskatoon occurred In hospital, on January 8. 2075. The funeral service will be held on Saturday January lull at 2 30 pm. from the Chapel of Saskatoon t une: al Home, conducted by Archdeacon H. W Brandrlcs. i Floral tributes are gratefully detlmed) Surviving are his loving wife, Alberta; three sons, Norman L. of Ottawa. James A. of The Pas Manitoba and R Edward B. of Regina a daughter Mrs. Shirley J McIntosh of Saskatoon; 11 grandchildren- a sister Mrs Isobel Day of Port Perrs Ontario. Mr Horn was bom In Utica, Ontario and came west to Saskatoon In 1912 and had liied here since Mr Horn had travelled for the Hart Parr and the J I Case Company for many years Interment Till lake place In Woodlawn Cemetery (Courtesy parking south of the Chapel on 41 h Avenue at 25th Street). 1-ll-c KAWMERER THE DEATH OF MRS . Mary Kammerer, age 90 years, of 114 'Wilson Crescent, Saskatoon, occurred in a local nursing home on January 9th, 1975. The funeral service will be held on Monday, January 13th at 2 p m from Zion Lutheran Church in Quinton Sask. conducted by Pastor Frederlckhon. McKague a Funeral Home will be in charge. Surviving are one daughter Mrs. Art (Mary) Frederick of Saskatoon, and one grandson, Gerald Frederick of Calgary Mrs. Kammerer was predeceased by her husband George and by a son George, killed In action in the Dieppe Raid in 1942 while serving with the Canadian Army Mrs. Hammerer was born In Entghelm. Ger many She came to New York in 1909. then to the Punnichy district in 1910 and to the Enid district In 1917 In 1918 Mrs Kemmerer returned to Punnichy. After the passing of her husband in 1932 she resided In Punnichy until moving to live with her daughter. Mrs. Mary Frederick in North Battleford fiom 1947 until 1960 and lit Saskatoon since 1066. Interment will be made in the Quinton Cemetery 1-ll-c McMillan the death of Raeey Daniel McMillan sge 84 years of 1212 Osier Street occurred at his home on January 81h. 1975 The funeral service wifl be held on Saturday January 11th. at 00 pm Irom Zealandia United Church conducted by Rev K. Knight Surviving are seven nieces and seven nephews a sister-in-law. Mrs. Chrisima Ann McMillan resides in Saskatoon. Mr. McMillan was born m Laggan. Glen garry County, Ontario He came wet to make hts home in the Marriott district In 1950 and had res ded in Saskatoon since 1971 Interment will take place In the family plot in Zealandia Cemetery Saskatoon Funeral Home is to charge of arrangements. Ml-e PAULSEN THE PASSING OF MR Nicolaus Paulsen, age 74 years, of Sherbrooke Community Centre, Saskatoon formerly of Strongfleld, Sask , occured at his residence on January 8th 6975. The funeral service will be held on Saturday January 11th at 2 p m. from the Strongfleld United Church, conducted by Rev W Has den The family would anpreei-ate memorial donations in lieu of flowers Park Funeral Chapel will be tn charge Surviving are his loving wife Elsa of Saskatoon: one son, Harold of Strongfleld Sask four daughters. Mrs. G i Lillian! Dodds Mrs J (Hildav Seltennch and Mrs S (Ruth) Rendell all of Lorebtirn Sask and Mrs. G (Olgav Weximsn of Plenty. Sask ; also 10 grandchildren and four great grandchildren three brothers Wilhelm Paulsen of Saskatoon and Herman Paulsen and Julius Paulsen, both living In Oer many: a sister Mrs. Albertine Holler alo resides In Germany- an aunt. Mrs Augusta Schuett resides in Saskatoon. Mr. Paulsen was predeceased by two grandsons. Mr Paulsen was born in Germany ana came to Canada in 1923 He married Elsa Rohwedder on April 23rd 1924 and fanned in the Strongfleld area until moving to Saskatoon In March of 1974 Interment will be made tn the Strongfleld Cemetery. Ml-c FUNERALS JONES - THE FUNERAL SERVICF of Robert Levi Jones who died on January 8, 1975 was held from the Chapel of the Saskatoon Funeral Home on Thursday. January 9th at 3 30 p m. conducted by Rev. C Me Murtry Pallbearers were Sigurd Jorstad. Arthur Jarstad Jack Gra hain Bob Jones, Donald Graham Ross' Graham, Douglas Jones Han old Graham. Interment took place in the family plot in Woodlawn Cemetery. Hl-c MORGAN - THE FUNERAL SERVICE of Mr. Albert Francis Morgan who died on Jan 2nd 1975 was held from Park Funeral- Chapel on Thursday. Jan 9th at 11 a m conducted by Rev. S Dingwall Pallbearers were J W Hezmalhalih, E. C. Jansen J. R. Murray. H. C. Ashelford W Jack Legion riles ware conducted by Comrade Bill Jack of the Saskatoon Branch No. (v3 of the Canadian Legion Interment wns made in the Soldiers Field of Woodlawn Cemetery 1-ll-c NORMAN - THE FUNERAL SERVICF ol Cortona Colette Norman who died on January 8 1975 was held from the Chapel of the Saskatoon Funeral Home on Thursday January 9th al 130 pm conducted by Mr Jamea Wells. Pallbearers were Alvin Dube George Ruslon Gordon Hart. Roger Whiteman Interment took place in the children s section In Woodlawn Cemetery. 1-ll-c IN MEMORIAM GERMAINE IN LOVING MEMORY of mv husband Peter Germaine who passed awav January 13. 1974 Gone, dear husband gone forever How we miss your smiling lace, But you left us to remember None on earth tan take your place A happy home we once enjoyed How sweet tho memory still But death has left a loneliness The world car never fill Sadly missed by wife MaryAnn and family. 1-14-p IN MEMORIAM (Continued) THE STAR PHOENIX HAS A SUPPLY of verges for )our tonvierue in making up your ''In Memoriam. CARDS OF THANKS OUR SINCERE THANKS TO friends and relalltes who were so kind dun-tg the illness and passing of our father James Spencer Sr Thanks to Dr.'a R. B Baltaan and H sugariiian also staff emeigency and lnlensiie and special care unit, St Pauls' Hospilal Thanks to those who sent floral tributes and memorial donations A special thanks to Pastor W. Boldt and W. Morris, to the pallbearers and to the Women s Auxiliary, Alliance Church who served lunch. Also Me kagues Funeral Home T J Strelioff and J. Spencer Jr Families , 1-ll-c WE WISH TO EXPRESS OUR thanks to friends and relatives tor caids, contributions and acts ol kindness at the time of our loss of a dear husband and father Lome Moren Special thanks to Rev Fne-Seit and pallbeaiers Helen Moren and family 1-Up WE WOULD Uke to express our sincere thanks to family and friends who t came to make our 56th wedding anniversary such a happy day for us Thanks to the Auxiliary Lardies for catering and to those who baked and served, also thank you for the gifts, flowers and lovely cards, and the commumtv for their gift of money. Thank you to our family for a lovely dinner and evening of entertainment last August and their gifts to us at that time You have given us a mem-ory to cherish alwajs. Maurice and Alma Hanson 117-c FUNERAL DIRECTORS 7 PARK FUNERAL CHAPEL Jack M, Binkley Donald Somera 311 3rd Aie, No. Phone 2 1-1-2103 xif SASKATOON FUNERAL HOME W ARNOLD EDWARDS ROBERT F. DAUR1E PH 244 3577 338 4th Ave . N. Mf McKAGUES FUNERAL HOME M McNague R J Mcivague D A Newbigging Phone 242-3131 300 3rd Ave . S xlf WESTWOOD FUNERAL CHAPEL Rae J Murdock Phone 633-3434 20th St. b. Ave. N xtf CREMATORIUMS 7A PRAIRIE VIEW CHAPEL Memorial and Cremation Services Highway 11 Suulh 242-7SS4 BOX 2061 xtf LOST AND FOUND 10 LOST: KITTEN orange, black and w h 1 1 e . College Park Reward 372-4014. 1-14 c REWARD FOR return of 5-6 month old gray and white male Persian kitten, lost Jan 1. Nutana district, call 343-7919 1-14-c LOST IN THE EASTVIEW AREA, black part Siamese neutered cat Answers to the name of Deno 242-1431. Reward 1-ll-c LOST 10 PM Monday one pair of across country skis top of Victoria Bridge. Reward. 652 4918. 1-13-c SALES PERSONNEL U INTERNATIONAL CORP. Expanding In Western Canada requires mature men and women to expand our branch operation in Saskatchewan. Requirements Fn-Joy meeting the public, have dependable tiansportation, prepared to travel in the province, tho type who would enjoy above average earnings. We supply complete training ample needs ind stock to make you successfuL 382-6934 1-1 5-e WANTED IMMEDIATELY. SALES-person ror large car, truck and farm equipment dealer in a good north western Saskatchewan town. Tins is an excellent opportunity for the right person t mage a much larger than average income. All inquiries will be answered. Box 493X Mar-Phoenix 1-lOc REAL ESTATE SALES We have openings for 2 people In our real estate department Malt or female Experience preferred but not essential We have the following attractive features for Interested people who want to make real estate a career. excellent bonus system all trust company benefits Including health and pension plans non selhng sales manager coast to coast Canada Trust referral system 48 offices member of RELO North American Referral System leads supplied and tale training program. For confidential interview phone Dave Davidson Sales Manager at 652-3313 or call at 115 2nd Ave. N. Canada Trust 1-ll-c REAL ESTATE SALES REPRESENTATIVES Required Immediately for our real estate sales department. Experience preferred. We offer you: -EXCELLENT COMMISSION ARRANGEMENTS EXTENSIVE ADVERTISING COMPANY LEADS. REFERRALS ' AND LISTINGS TRANSFEREE SERVICE WE ARE AGENTS FOR SEVERAL NATIONAL COMPANIES. WE HAVE OVER 40 REAL ESTATE OFFICES COAST TO COAST. FULL MORTGAGE SERVICE EMPI OYEE BENEFITS: INSURANCE PLAN. ACCIDENT INSURANCE PLAN. -PENSION PLAN -HEALTH CARE PLAN. FOR FURTHER INFORMATION AND CONFIDENTIAL INTERVIEW PHONE ARCHIE BELL 652-3656 OR EVENINGS. 374-8463. MONTREAL TRUST 234 2 1ST EAST SASKATOON. SASK. 1-13-f SELL SELF adhesive label!, (in rolls) t o supermarkets bakeries stores anywhere, full time sideline Calendars ad specialties top commissions advanced New catalogue available Write today Alexander Label kac-torv 1275 Wellington St, Ottawa IvtY 3A6 1-20-C Klombles Limited have an openmg for 2 mature people wanting to make real estate a career. For Interview call Mike Nagle at 244-1125. Ml-c 8 SALES PERSONNEL Fxclilng sales career opportunity for sales motivated person Interested in making real estate rales his or her profession No experience necessary as we will train you. but experience Is preferred. Agt is no barrier. Car is a necessity. Contact branch managers College Park Vic Clark. S73-36S Mam Office Bobby Thomson, 214-0104. KOYL AGENCIES

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