Star-Phoenix from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada on July 27, 1974 · 8
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Star-Phoenix from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada · 8

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 27, 1974
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8 the STAR-PHOENIX Saskatoon, Saturday, July 27, 1974 Mama Cass Elliott 1 ' She's got an appetite for food, life, love 1 '-' 5 if v 4! MAMA CASS . . , still making a bit By William Otterburn-Hall LONDON "Of course it's possible to love more than one man, and sometimes more than one man at a time. Women are only monogamous because we're told we should be. "I'm not. It's a false, dishonest morality that makes us believe there's only one Mr. Right for us and that if we lose him we should all dress in widow's weeds." Whoever said: " "Nobody loves a fat girl but oh, how a fat girl can love!" got it 'only half right, or else he never met Cass Elliott. Cass Big Mama Cass to those of us who remember the days of the now-defunct Mamas and Papas is the roly-poly 200-pound leather-lunged singer who lustily led the group to world fame. Now, at 33, she is solo. But still the shadow of that name lingers on. Big Mama red hot and sexy. Children's workshop at library 'Cinnamon Circus', a local titudes about war, by the Strol- Amos Fortune, a sound film- summer theatre group will con- ling Players at the library au- strip for Grade 3 and up will be duct a workshop of participa- ditorium, 8 p.m. July 30. Ad' tion plays for Grade 3 and up, mission is free. in the children's department of stories and films for pre the main uorary at i p.m., juiy schoo, flnd up tQ Grade 2 chil presented at 2 p.m. Aug. 1 also in the children's dept. of the library. At the Westeate Plaza dren will be conducted at the l' 'fe ..? .ilciics num. t uw uu na . . : ! j j. t..i.. i in.on .fill nvnr-iieit st tcnrn flittarflnr fni I fl rOn G MM Til .111 V .11 Ml ill. .lit win u cacmru 11 uiu u 1 1 1 i is 1 1 1 0 k - piaywngnis revealing ineir at- a.m. Death blamed on film HONG KONG (AP) A 19- In the letter to her mother, year-old movie actress who said she said: "I regret having she waa menfallv ripnressed made this film it is too OD- mi fr s ill 1 it ill A 111111 ill w1111.11 allelic. she appeared partly nude, was ghe added jn the letter that found dead in her apartment the movie industry was ..dirty uoHnacnair .... j. , ana tnat mere was mucn teai- KOtice suspected rai aiu-man, ou a starlets which :who recentlv appeared in a ,,fM ,;n mgnta "movie entitled Sex, Wine and 20nv Song, had taken an overdose of 8 y' ' sleeping pills. ' Miss Pai was scheduled to Three letters were found by star in a joint Shaw Brothers- the woman's body. They were Warner Brothers production a -addressed to her mother, sister sequel to the Cleopatra Jones -and brother. adventure. A girl with a great following.- 600 troopers on her tail And the rest ot the country cheering her oa oeuy jaman win conduct a camping program at 10:30 a.m. Aug. 2. Travel to Malaysia with the library, 8 p.m. Aug. 2, when a film of the South Pacific will be presented in the library auditorium. Admission is free. Britain loves her, too, loves the warmth and rhythm that come pulsating across the stage, loves the honesty that shocks a few of the old-stagers but has the kids pounding the backs of the seats in front for more. She was a hit at the plush Palladium, London's Carnegie Hall, when she opened with her new act. Songs, even dances, tripping the heavy fantastic with two chorus boys and her own drummer to back her, plus the house orchestra. She is a hit now in the less salubrious but gold . plated working men's clubs in the north of England: places with names like Stockton, Sheffield, Workington, Leeds. In the flesh she is an awesome sight, baring down on you like a schooner under full sail. Under the red trouser tunic, a print blouse serves only to accentuate the rolling curves of Big Mama. A little wine with sparkling water ("I was hooked on Coca-Cola once, but I managed to give it up when I found it was only the bubbles I liked") and a lot of food passed by. Lobster. Stilton cheese, too. A healthy girl with a healthy appetite for food, for life. And for love. "I'm independent. Not dominant, just free. I value my freedom to live and love as I want more than anything else in the world," she says, and a brief glare through tinted spectacles dares you to challenge it. "I've certainly loved more than one man. I'm just being honest. But women have been programmed by parents, and by movies and books and, yes, songs, to believe this ultimate immorality. The most immoral act you can do is to lie to yourself, "It's what a lot of my songs are about, I guess, and I'm not going to change my thinking for anyone. You're only as free as you make yourself: Freedom has to be taken, it's not given." Right now, after two marriages and a lot of loving, Cass Elliott is in love again. The new man in her life is a 35-year-old American Indian called George Caldwell, who is now her road manager. "I love George more than I've loved any other man, ever," she said. "But it doesn't mean either of us feel the need to get married. At the moment I love him, and I haven't got the gift of seeing into tomorrow. "I respect him. We say what we like to each other, and, above all, we say what we mean. We don't shelter behind false statements because we're afraid we might hurt the other person's feelings. That's insecurity. "We don't have a binding contract, a piece of paper to tell us we're stuck for life. We don't need it. In fact, I don't think I'll ever get married again. Marriage to me means being trapped." Her first marriage, to songwriter James Hendricks, lasted six years; the second, to a Baron Donald von Wieden-man, lasted six days and ended in divorce 12 months later. She has a daughter, Owen Vanessa, by the first marriage "One is just right. I love that kid. I also happen to love my work, and that's why I don't want any more children, "I think it's terribly, unfair when these show business mothers have four kids or whatever. It's nanny, nanny, nanny all the way. How much do they see of them? What kind of family upbringing can they really give them? "I don't think marriage is necessary. But that's my personal, private feeling. Unlike some famous ladies I'm not going to take out a page ad in the paper and flaunt it around." Free-loving, free-living and free-thinking was all the vogue when the Mamas and Papas came up with their own brand of flower power, back in the Sixties. Cass would love to be called Cass Elliott, but everywhere she goes it's still "Hey, Mama!" "Nobody wants to kick fame in the teeth," she said, "and it made me what I am, gave me all the chances. Nobody realizes that for six years I was an actress off Broadway, and even directed live theatre. But people still think my first name is Mama and my last name is Cass. "Mind you, I shouldn't complain. You work all your life for something distinctive, and that we sure were, even if it was almost a decade ago. Doesn't that sound longer than ten years? "But 1 never created the Big Mama image. The public does it for you. I didn't have a choice: They saw something in me, and that was it. "But I've always been different, and I've always had this voice. I've been fat since I was 7. Being fat sets you apart, but luckily I was bright with it: I had an IQ of 165. than usual vigor, and added: I got into tne nabit or being "But I don't want to be every- independent, and the habit be came a design for living." Cass Elliott prodded a knife into the stilton with more body's mother. I'd rather be everybody's lover ..." : (c Chronicle Publisher! Co. 1974 8 ). b, I U 3 Big Weekend Features (FRI.. SAT. fc SUN.) ?Otri Century Foi Presents RESTRICTED ADULT it?4ft&'tfl!fi Liberty fir- From the producer of "Bullitt" and "The French Connection'.' HI: MKD WEEKEND BONUS FEATURE '7 MINUTES' Gates 9:00 - Cinderella 8:30; 7 Ups 11:20; 7, Minutes 1:10 ti. IMI 1 .11 lill A f They took away her baby, now she was back to get him. A True Story UCI H HVPR 5TH CTH WEEK W rnr mm unman rvnnrnn Gates: 8: 45 ML OUUMILMW nrirLOO 9:30 p m DEnijsminscnifliDSQ:! 'SliGiTDOl'Jir ADULT All May Attend 2nd Hit: 11:30 3RD BONUS HIT Saturday & Sunday, 1:31 JOHN WAYNE "Hellfighfers" BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND "BORN LOSERS" THE ORIGINAL SCREEN APPEARANCE OF TOM LAUQHLIN as BILLY JACK RESTRICTED ADULT 4 2dk IS ..:. mv- tjmm AT BOTH LOCATIONS hi . IV Tor.i LAUGHUN. K RUMSE ELIZABETH JAMES JEREMY SLATE WILLIAM WELLMAN, JR.-13JANE RUSSELL "BORN XOSERS" SATURDAY AND SUNDAY DOORS OPEN 1:N Feature 1:45, i-.Si. 5:25, 7:25. 1:35 Last Complete I: IS 244-6622 AIR CONDITIONED MONDAY DOOR8 OPEN :0 Feature 7:25. 1:35. Last Complete 1:21 127 2nd. AVE. SOUTH i - - ' - Added Feature Drive-In Only J" SATILEOF'niE 1600 115th, ST. AST 3744191 SATURDAY. SUNDAY. MONDAY GATES OPEN :15 Born Loaeri 1:41 Battle ot The Amatont 11:51 THE MOST READ BOOK OMf CAMPUS IS NOW ON SCREEN! THE mmm D)0 When was the last time you stood up and applauded a movie? EXPERIMENT Harrad College whom fre, liberated relations between coed students are mnrruraad 'ihh u". l I 'M R r . t on tne same program 652-6556 RESTRICTED ADULT VIOLENCE MAY BE OFFENSIVE TO SOME x 715 BROADWAY AVE. SATURDAY Ic SUNDAY Doon Open 1:31 "Harrad Experiment" 1:45, 5:33. t:4 "Walking Tall" 1:3. 7: jr. 0 4 I : I WALKING TALL "Might just turn out to be this year's sleeper and emulate the runaway success of BILLY JACK:" Kevin Thomas, LA. Times lllilfp fellllllill O -7 A Film by Paul lHorrisscy 1 iiiiwi. "smm in m , , SPECIAL ' No one Under 11 Admitted ANDY WARHOL'S "FRANKENSTEIN" A Film by PAUL MORRISSEY Starring Joe Oallesandro ; .Monique VarrVooren . Udo Kier Introducing Arno Juergma Dalila Di Lazzaro Srdian Zelenovic A CARLO PONTI BRAUNSBERG -RASSAM PRODUCTION COLOR A BRYANSTON PICTURES RELEASE bi-'iiti-i'iiPj Next Attraction 136 2nd. AVE. SOUTH 242-2552 SPECIAL X' - NO ONE UNDER 18 ADMITTED Now for Its 3rd Hilarious Week THERE'S?: A (love) BUG GOING AROUND VALT DISNEY PRODUCTIONS GENERAL "jV jrf v J-a ' TECHNICOLOR 1 .HELfM KEN STEFAME JOVN HEBiAN HAYES BERRY POWERS MclNTIRE WYNN PM S A RPFriAI. CARTOON AlH-CONDI'IIIINKIt 1 E T ! .''i it'I ! CHILDREN ilM ALL DAY I L' jll'l' TU l)irsVHl Open ai l :3 Each Day nl m ,! l,4t.4 complf-te Ftatures at J:0. 4:05. 1:15 .. . ... i and :2 136 2nd. AVE. SOUTH 242-2552 The wait is over! hic hrill again to the happiest sound inallthewurid. wiw' te III , A(Mfc) i w t nt tw ri rt (t v fox f HUOCtHS-. HAMMr.RTF,IYS 4 ROBERT ANDREWS chri.PLUMMER LKNFT LF.hMAN AIR CONDITIONED Beautiful Stereo Sound GENERAL MIDIOWN PLA2A 653-473 3) SATURDAY AND SUNDAY The Doors Will Open at 1:M Complete Shows at 1:45. 4:50 and 8:0 tl nlliiiiiiriiiiw.maniM nrivifiwlr..-nn v- sil Jlk natML .JkW "The overwhelming energy and enthusiasm of Jon Voight Is a superb pleasure in itself." -David Sheehan, CBS-TV "Jon Voight's Conroy looms up as just about the lustiest, most joyful presence in current films." -Pauline Kael, THE NEW YORKER JON VOIGHT "CONR&CK" One beautiful man. Hisstor istrue. AIR CONDITIONED COMFORT ADULT ffiMs UinTHlAJKl DI A7A TL. 1 .A 111 SATURDAY AND SUNDAY Doors Open al 1:30 Complete Shows at 1:33, 3:31, 5: SO. 7:30 and :3t Last Feature at 1:40

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