The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 21, 1952 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 21, 1952
Page 11
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EdxQe, Tm sure of tt," "runny I didnT notice it before. But you cant tell for sure from thta fuzzy picture." -"Wriet'i this all about?" I butted 'ta. Midfe's little nose flipped dis- 4ai» at me. Eddie squinted at the •trtun, shaking his head unen- out canoeing," he wa» it, Midge?days »fo. The feeling blue." 1 WM not feeling blue!" Mld*e ' •» him. -«•» w«i not feelinf blue," Ed.*• ••**. "She wanted lo canoe wtth Mdi*. We went clear across, •roun4 MM toland, right to the, a«b*r *)• <* the take. There'! a (•r •ittinc there, nshin». 'Say. he •n, TJke to make mne ta*t *ough?' -Sure. I tuy, .'How?' -^"Coroe on up here and 111 tell you (about «,' he smya, winkint like T ;h»'i iokin«. Then be bends over • to put down the fishing rod and : I see he's got a gun under his arm. 1 holler out, 'I got to take the lady nome—be right back, and <n ; peddle ovt of there, thinking we re going to hear fireworks any minute. Nothing happens. But this ;little, girl—she. wasn't scared at •U." : T certainly want—I don't aoare that easily. 1 mean, except if there's a body—1 feel a tittle ' ' 4MMUC « tiottr. L dida ( a» By .lonyh Shodit near enough to see the face. But this is the same man—I'm sure of it. Let'» go see—" '>' ; "Nope,'- said Eddie. \ "I don't mean look at the body. I mean the police 1 U have a clearer photo T?DD1E rolled up the paper and stack it under her arm. "I should get mixed up in this— clean-cut boy like me?" "What're you acting so coy about?" 1 said. "Go tell the cops what you know—maybe it'll help them find this guy's fr'ends and identify him." "Me tell them?" Eddie flapped his hands against his chest "Me? Look—dont you know what's happened? The gujr's been bumped off. Buried. You want me to go tell the cops where to lunt for his friends, the friends that bumped him off? You want me to get my name'in the papers so his friends can come visit little Eddie?" \ "The copsll keep your name confidential." "Yen? Vou think Uw reporters wouldn't dig it out of them? Look" —he stood up and' put his hands on my. shoulders—"you tell the cops. •You're - bachelor—you got no worries. 1 got a wife to support. I couldnt do it so good with a hole in my bead." < -Okay. Midge," 1 .aid, let's take a ride down to Stroudsbur^.'-. She looked up at me. "Make sure you keep my name out of it," Eddie said. "You hew?" -I. hew," I nid. "AH rtaht. Midge." •••'— ;She stood up. her gray-green eyes working, trying to figure out whether ta b* auspicious or enthusiastic. She" couldn't lust be neutral, take'things as they came. Everything had to be wonderfully right or dreadfully wrong. • '. • • CGT. FRANKLIr; HEALEY, sh- ~ silting behind his djsk at the SUM Police tub- OUT OUR WAY FUCKLISAMft HTD LIKE •*> «KT <3OfW CM THEM SO ONE HTH CRANE . 5WAP OFF THEM SASSAFRM LISPS/, Benefit by Reading and Using Courier N«wt . 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She told it pretty much aa Eddie had told it, though she left him out of it Healey asked her a little about herself. Where did she live? Midge gave ah address in Merion, Philadelphia's swankiest suburb. How old! Mi u ge said 23. and blushed for some obscure reason. 'I've been wondering about something," 1 said. "The place across the lake where Mis« Burnett saw this man was apparently part of the land belonging to G. O. Griscomb. Well, yesterday 1 happened to be walking up the dirt road in back of our place, not far from where you later found the body, and I came across Griscomb wandering around. Interesting coincidence. Isn't it?" Healey smiled sympathetically. "I happen to know Mr. Griscomb. . Everybody around here does. He comes from an old family In this section—1 understand one of his ancestors helped build the original fort here in Stroudsburg, back somewheres around 1776. An,way. what I'm getting at Is that Mr. Griscomb isn't the kind of a guy who pals around with boya in the rackets." "The dead inan was a racketeer?" ' .''',' •.'';. "Small-time. We Just got the Identification a little while ago. He goes—went—. ider the oame of Rocky Silone. Four arresti in New York—two for bookmaking, one for peddling untaxed liquor, one tot stealing a car. You see what I mean. It's hard id picture Mr. Griscomb lied up with a bird like that." "The young lady saw him on Griscomb's land." ."I'm not saying she didot. But that doesn't mean the guy couldnt have just moseyed into the place to do some fishing." <Te B* PIESCtlPTlOIIS Fresh Stock Guaranteed Besl Prices Kirby Drug Stores UPSET STOMACH tomtl feel better ^tek wh« T»m take *l7.-rV,T Pink Mix- lure. To«1l be <«HihtFd with the fait relief frMB heart- bprn, nann. and eawed \>j arer-eathsf and drinking. Guarantee* t* •ktelr satisfy «r jtn back! -, v V- ''.''• BIZ-PEP

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