The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 19, 1950 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 19, 1950
Page 5
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OCTO»CT Trwnari 'Don't Quote Me Boys' Stump Public B.v MMCS . WASHINGTON, Oct. is. <AP> The "thLs - is-for-background - K>don't - quott - me-boys-»nd -don't. •«y-where-j'ou-got-it" kind of news conference U quit* a device lor Pumping stuff out to the public. It's used plenty in Washington, sometime* with explosive results. This kind of conference was held 4) yesterday by a couple of "high officials" at the Pentagon. They used it to tell the public President Truman and General MaeArthur, who met on Wake Island last weekend, were In agreement on Formosa. Practically every day here, It seems, a government official or someone else calls a news conference which stark off with: "Now, boys, this is not for attribution or Violation, but I want to fill you in on. . .. ." ThLs means the newsmen can write what's said but can't put any of It between quotation marks and can't even say who told them what. Tile newsmen, unable to say who told them what, have to base their stories on a "spokesman," an "informed source," an "Authoritative source." a "government official" or a "high government, official." This Raffles Kearlrr* This must, leave a lot of readers baffled and. perhaps, justly suspicious because, no matter where or when or by whom thus device is used. It is always a little less than forthright. And there is always the danger that the reporters, without knowing it, and the public are being used for some purpose which doesn't appear on the surface at all. But no matter what the reason behind any off-the-recbrd news • ^conference there is always one reJysult: the public Is being denied full : information. Now comes the story of the Pentagon conference of yesterday. When President Truman (lew out to meet MacArthur last week, he was accompanied by another plane loaded with top military men and government officials. Some aides accompanied the general. There were two meetings between (he President and the general: one between them atone; a second when they were surrounded by their aides. Tne meeting between the two men was dramatic in Itself. What made it even more dramatic was I that the fact that only a few weeks ' ago the President and the general differed sharply on Formosa. Kill-shck Holed—on Island iGeneralisimo Chiang Kai-shek and the remnants of his Nationalist government and troops are holed up on the island of Formosa, off the China coast, hoping the D.S. won't let. the Chinese Communists, who've taken over the rest of China, take over Formosa, too.) ; {f\ MacArtnur publicly took the position that the U.S. must make sure j Formosa remains in fricrdly hands, i Relations between the U.S. »nd the j Chinese Communists are far /rom friendly. . [ Mr. Truman rebuked the general at the time by stating publicly the long-range future of the island must be determined by internation- A! decision. So what the President and general had to -say about Formosa when they Met on Wake was of prime Interest here and everywhere. Truman Krrps Silence In his Tuesday night speech in San Francisco about the meeting, the President never mentioned For- RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. ^ • Last Time Today The Hidden City' prlth Tkimba the Jungle IJoy Also News A- Shorts Air Conditioned By Refrigeration NEW "Your Community Center" MANILA, ARK. Matinees Sat. A Sun. Ph. 58 / Last Times Today a "Dakota Lit" Rod Cameron Fridaj- rrn • Flying Deuces' *«h I.AimKI, * HARDT fivasa, although hr had b«ti needled by Republicans, even before h* made the *p*ech, to talk ibout, It, Yesterday the President and hU accompanying plane-load of aide* flew back here, arriving around 10 a.m. About noon newsmen »-ho cover the Pentagon, working In the press room there, received «n tnvl tation to coffee. Who Invited them? I know but I can't say. Probably most, of the newsmen around Washington know. How do we know? Because the newsmen who attended the conference told us, although they couldn't put It in their stories. But, since the Pentagon newsmen were honor-bound not to say specifclaHy who invited them, everyone else is put In the position of being tongue-tied. The hosts of the Pentagon newsmen at coffee were two important officials. They opened the canler- e»ce by saying nothing they said could be attributed to them directly or In quoted: Two Rearrh Agreement Then thc.v said the President and MacArthur had reached agreement on Formosa. How did they know? They said ti )c President laid them. What kind of agreement? ThLs was the »M question. Who swung over lo whose side, MacArthur or the President? These anonymous officials said they couldn't answer that because they hadn't sat hi on the head-to- head conference between MacArthur and the President. But this answer created a brand new »64 question: II Ihe President wanted the public to know about any agreement with MacArthur on Formosa he could have said so in his San Pran- cisco'suech. But he didn't. Why then did the officials in the cntaRon take it on themselves to explain something which the President apparently didn't want to touch on? But alter the story of the news conference came out. Senator Knowland, California Republican demanded that the full U>xl ot the off-the-recorti news conference be cabled MacArthur in Tokyo for comment. He questioned whether the off-the-record "leak" really ex- (ARK.)' COURIEn NEWS ItAtTY M POWIt LOCO CONTROL I^^jao»fosmo>t ,„„,, J MAKB fiOOO GAIN 1M« PAGE FIVE Muting Cfoi»s in Capital LITTLE KOCK, Oat- \», (AD—A two-day Catholic, Confraternity of Christian Doctrine will close with an outdoor "holy hour lor peace" here tonieht. Bishop Charles p. Orego of Alexandria, one nl seevral bishops al- tendina the live-state conference, will preach. Also on the days program were two general srssions featuring rils- niMlon of religion* raestlon schools and education ol grade school children. Th« CCI) is described as the church's "Iny aiwstolate In action under the guidance of the clergy." PRESCRIPTIONS Krcsli Slock (jiMraiileed Host I'ricos Kirby Drug Stores ——^! Z^r- at ev the late F. 13. R. led the nking on that "law" to Air Raid Shelter Signs Mushroom In Ne*r York NEW YORK. Oct. 19. Mi-Air laid shelter signs mushroomed In New York city yesterday. Black and white signs bearing lh: letter "S" appeared In and near buildings in congested areas from ower Broadway to Rockefeller Center. An arrow on the signs points lo tne building entrances. Civil Defense Director Artllur W. "allanrter said 90 buildings had been selected to provide reasonable shelter in case of an air raid In the event ol n raid. biiMding managers and others will direct people to the underground sites. Crawfish have eyes In their tails. plained the "understanding. If any " about Formosa. In Tokyo -informed sources"— more ananymous speakers — said Formosa was not involved in policy discussions at wake, that MacAr- tnur had not altered his views. This might be MacArthur's way of replying to the Pentagon off-"the-record conference. Kow cvari he say publicly what he and the President dLscussed on the subject of Formosa before the President speaks? And on that Mr. Truman hasn't spoken yet. / Comina Events Social Calendar Thursday Mrs. F. E. Scott, Mrs. J. C. Drokc and Mrs. Winford Wyatt hosle.wes for a social for the Pathfinders 8und.iv School Clffx of the Pirsl ' Methodist churrh at the Church at' 7:30 p.m. C. *•, N. Birthday club mcelin? \vllh Mrs. M. A. Mlddletnn, T30 p.m. I Mr. and Mrs. R.,V Oopeland host ! and hostess | O the Past Matrons and I Patrons club for a politick supper' at their home at 7 (i nl Chapter "N" ,,f I^Q Sisterltnnd niecU fcr 1 p.m. luncheon mnrtinr at the Lloyrf Stlckmon home. M,- K Murray Smart, and Mrs. Stickmon'i co-liostc.sses. Ldaies Bible Cla.w of First Aletli- odist Church meeting at- church 2:30 p.m.. with the following hostesses: Mrs. W. A. Slickmon. Mrs J- W. Adams Sr.. Mrs. Emma Burney and ,\5rs. Jennie Craig.' Sunday Insla nation and initiation of Women of the Order ,)f the Moose at the Moose Club at, 2:M p.m. With the Courts ^ Cham-en-: Barbara Spcegle vs. ,)oe Sweelc suit (or divorce. Dub Johnson vs. Mary Ann Johnson, suit lor divorce. Barton to Take Stand in Marion Estate Hearing MARION. Ark.. Oct. II). In', — A prlu-.'iiiiil ficiu-e In Ihe Ir-snl fiqni, over a {755,000 estale resumed the witness stand In probate court here today. The witness. Frank G. Rnrinii, Is a tfiislee of Ihe eslhle left hv the late I,. H. CniTiilh. lie also' is a boucficlary under the terms o! the Carrulh will. Mrs. Mary .Jones of BatrKville Miss.. Canuth's only child, has filed suit to have Ihe will set aside chargim! — among other ihings — lhai her father was incompetent when II was drawn and (hat [iar- ton slrongly Influenced him. Barton, president of a Memphis cotton firm, opened his testimony yesterday. He said he was "shocked" when told he was lo lie a beneficiary. The entire eslale re.verU to him alter the death ol heirs named in Ihe will. Carrulh loft, his fortune In trusl. «'ilh 70 per cenl of Its annual in-i come lo go to his widow niul 30! per cent lo ,Mrs. Joncs-with no ' payment to Mrs. Jones the first year. Barton testified lhat Carruth told him he didn't want the properly lo come under mannscment ol his daughter ntler his death because he was afraid it wotitrt slip away from her. He said he did not advise Car- rulh about the will In any way. SHOW STARTS 7:00 P.M. NO'I'ICK: We <|n niii have mlmiiis.sioiis n{ our Ihetilcr on Saturdays. Tht> show goes straight nt inlpi'i'iiptinii. THURSDAY & FRIDAY Double Feature Program till ItlliCN IONI lODtt IKII IIIDII <un\ ins* SALE Yw, we'rt over slocked! We jusl hotr^ht loo many Mies shoes for (his faf]. so we ' re slashing prices on 120(1 pairs of famous Valentine shoes. All are beautiful new styles ... jforncous colors...«nd w« have your sir.e. So come lo Harney's Kriendly Shoes this week'll stive you money. $8.95 VALUES BUY YOUR NEW FALL SHOES NOW-AND SAVEI BARNEY'S Trlendly SHOES 219 We«t Main — Blytheville Also Cartoon Good fnttrtainmtni Everyday Open Week Days 6:44 Show Starts 7:00 Rnftird;iys & Stmriayg 1 :< Always a Double Fratur* Tlnirsiliiy & Friday IMICHI.K CUMMINGSJAWRD T&e LOST MOMENT • » AGtUS MOOREHEAG MMIM* i»>v inin inn min (HUM w»ttu AUNIVERSAL-INfERNATION'AL RELEASi Plus unity CAI.HOUN our MADISON 'Massacre River' YDUNGSTOWN KITCHENS JET-TOWER DISH WASHER Completely Modernizes Dishwashing I WgrM't Largeit M<A<r> •< Stttl Kilckeni d*vel»)« ««w piiiuiple rinl will riniif* all yxtr Um .bout dishwoihir^ . . . bring more praitkol hflp in« |rwr ioilylilt Ikon «mewk» ttwviKi«»i i<ea««r wwUroiieil h«us« The VoiMii;slown Iv'ilrlicns Aulnmalii' Disliwnslier lirings you rcully jmicljcal, rfficirnl, uulninalic (lis|i\v»shiiijj . . . 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