Star-Phoenix from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada on July 13, 1957 · 30
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Star-Phoenix from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada · 30

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 13, 1957
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A jmassrfmp t t QTyiVixvniim ii n net Tnntrr ' issiutoov T-rnoE'ix, satirbst. nix u. 1 si RATES Wini A4 KaM Four Cerui Per Wwd Pt,r Ly ix Consecutive Inw nfona lor the Prue of Jive Minimum Count 10 Word Per Djr Minimum Charge 4c Ftr Day Initial trttert, etc., tminl a on word Hiofi 16 point of lrge type m Jened by tU edveritver, tl rat per r4 i bn per 4y Minimum count 14 taof4 figures m group of live or la, PHtr vrrnika. Initial letter etc, count M on Snri Where one ime u get in 14 point nd tie balance et In ordinary cuhu-Ii4 type Ue charge la 40c per line per 0y for tne 10 point line 14 here ue um of x,x nu roller M desired count four words extra. If replies are to b mailed to out-of-town points pease add 16 cents to cover cost of postage City advertisers must pit e up box replies at th fcur-phoemx of .ice. NOTICES Birth II $0. Marriages and Deaths, In Memoriainc, FnggemerU, Cards of Thanks, etc Rale 2 W per insertion of 10 lines or less, extra line ol live words ! 20o per line. Display Advertising BCMtwji k or copy Aren't a ci II NOUN DAILY AS FOLLOWS MONDAY u for Wednesday s Paper 1UFSDAY .. , lor Thursday's Paper WFDNfNDAY lur VinUsi Taper THURSDAY i , r lor Saturdays Taper ? HI DAY r-, for Monday's Paper FRIDAY ...... for Tuesdays Paper in Prime Albert Advertising Copy may be left with the Northern News Agency WANT ADTACCEPTED 1 30 am. to pm. Dally Monday to Friday Closed All day Saturday, Sundays and Holidays Ti.VMRH if eallmaed I Central Mortgage and Housing Corporation NOTICE Sealed Tenders plainly marked in rofitrnl and adrtreed to the under gr.ed. Will be revetted Up to 12 Noon CRT on Juv $0, J917 for the Aphit paving of roads and orieS on tne Fdmortofi DhM 4 53. i 36 and f S' projects T35 bouses and on achnnh I at bnnUih Hrracx Edmonton Alberta Runs peifuation and lorn t of tender required cn be otiumH ai the add ies iiiown below, and are avail' tie for lnpe tan at the Ean-onUm Boitders fvihange and at C M H C offices In Winnipeg, Rrgma, Casks loon Ca g-ry and fdmonton A deposit t lion M0 is required for eat h set of ?ns, spertfM ations end documents his deposit is forfeited If the art is not returned, intact and in good condition, on or before the tenth dav following contract award Ear,) tender must be sompanied by s security dr. posit oi ten per cent of tne a-nount bid hurh security derwsit shnil be retained foy Central Mortgage and Housing Corporation to er.ure due performance of the con! rot t A certified cheque or negotiable Dominion of Canada bonds wilt be accepted as security deposit. All cheques must be made payable to Central Mortgage and Housing Corporation The lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted. RegUmal Construction Engineer Central Mortgage and Housing orporation, 1170 Port.ige Avenue, WINNIPEG 10, Manitoba. 7-17-e NOTICE TO CREDITORS iv the estate rr fAyfHijN fThrtitWlSE ijtthlMjS IRA iLH CAWkrtON L' of ftAtKaloon, in the Province of SaaasUbewen, Deceased. WANT AD PHONE 23141 WANT AD PHONE SUBSCRIPTION FATES MAIL KATES IN CANADA 1 year 1 fif ini months .-.nm 1 n 1 1 1 r - A 60 J niOnthg in f-r.n.n ,-i , iirn 3 60 1 month 1 50 To United States and Great Britain I month -r r u nr r 1 1 1 1 ttt n 1 1 1 rrnirra 2 00 1 months n m 3 60 i months ni.iiijim -i - i 8 60 1 year - - - - 16 00 TENDERS TENDER Sealed tenders will be received by the undersigned Until 19 o'clock a m . Central standard Time. July 20, 19o7, for tha complete construction of four-roomed school at Prairie River Saskatchewan. Tenders shall be marked on the outside, "Tenders for New School at Prairie River, Busk. Plans and specifications iriav be obtained from the Ar hiterts, Webster and Gilbert, 209 C P R Building, Saskatoon, by depositing 825 00 with the Architects. The lowest nr any tender not necessarily accepted. H J, Needham, Sec -Treasurer, Hudson Bay 8 U No. 82, Ail claims against the aoove estate duty ver (ed by bu tutor? Declaration and with particulars and vaiuon ol security h d. if any, mutt be sent to trie under eoed he lure the 20 th day ol July. A D. 1957. DATfD at Regina. Aaskatrbewan, this 12th dey of June, AD. i9u7. M E 8nmerae Administrator of Estate. Adnunif traior of the Estate of Gordon tame on. otherwise Gordon 6raer Ca nemn. Deceased, Pmvirnal (dike Building, 1 1 V Ro Street REGINA, baskatchewan- 7-14-c NOTICE TO CREDITORS In the estate of ADEN BOWMAN, late of tne City of hktxm. In the Province of Saskatchewan. All claims against the above mentioned estate, duty verified bv hiaiuturv Declaration and with particulars of valuation of security held must be sent to the undersigned beior the 3uth day oi July, AD. iT. THE TORONTO CENTRAL TRUST CORPORATION, Saskatoon. Sakat hewan. An Executor of the estate of Deceased. ,, 7-lS-c-s Hudson Bay Sask, 7-1 7-e CITY OF REGINA Tender lor Supply of Storm Sewer Pipes Sealed tenders, clearly marked as to content, will be received by the City Commissioners, City Hail, Regina, Saskatchewan, up to 1100 AM. Mountain Daylight Saving Time, on Tuesdav, July 23id, 1957, for the supply and delivery of ths following: Approximately 81 MO lineal feet of Metal, Clay or Concrete Sewer Pipe, in sizes 10" to 48" Inclusive. Specifications and Form of Tender may be obtained at the City Engineer Office, City Hall, Regina. Certified cheque ft to accompany each bid. The City reserves the right to reject any or ail tenders, to award the work in one or more parts and to waive formalities as the interests of the City may requite. CANADA DEPARTMENT OF CITIZENSHIP AND IMMIGRATION Application for classroom and specialist teaching positions in Indian July, Day and Residential Schools, paiticu-Urly In Northern Ontario and western Canada Salary schedule in effect and classification, grade and salary in accordance with academic and professional qualifications, teaching experience and performance of specialist duties Salary range for first class ceitificates Senior Matriculation plus Teaching Training course i $2,700 to 84 50 ith annual increments $150 Credit given for previous teaching ex- Serienc to a maximum of five years 'ntversitv degree bonus $400 per annum. Charge for accommodation Pension fund and Group Hospital and Medical insurance and other benefits available. For details and application forms reply to the following In accordance with preference of location. Mr A V. Parminter, Regional Inspector of Indian Schools for B.C., Box 70, Vancouver B C. Mr. C. H. Kester, Regional Inspector of Indian Schools for Alberta, Sun Bldg., 10363-I08th St., Edmonton, Alta Mr H. B. Rodine, Regional Inspector of Indian S hools for Saskatchewan, 304 Post Office Bldg., Regina, Sask, Mr G H Marcoux, Regional Inspector of Indian Schools for Manitoba, 309 Hargiave St., Norlyn Bldg, Winnipeg Man. Mr. A C Reid, Regional Inspector of Indian Schools for Northern Ontario. Box 292, North Bay. Ontario. Mr H. G Mlngay, Regional Inspector of Indian Schools for Southern Ontario, Postal Station "Q," 25 St Clair Ave , E., Toronto, Ontario. 7-IS-c-s We just have a black and white set. Our baby sitter i color blind Ice Conditions in Atlantic Worst in Last Half-Century a ST. JOHN, NfM. 'CP' Capt j icebergs .n r-y 50 years at sea A allace Smith ot the coastal vevjlt ts ore than the car ol the Ml Sdinte Address agrees nithiTitamc disaster veteran seamen arriving at Mont real and New Yoru that ice con Duke to Inspect Canadian Cadets LONDOM (CP' Common enith sea cadets, including a 26 mn contingent from Canada, will he .njpected Monday by the Duke ef Veteran seamen arriving at Edinburgh at Windsor Castle. ! Montreal have reported 250 ice-1 The inspection .I1 be L.e ci-diUi.ns off the coast of New found-; bergs and hundreds of growlers I max to a rnonth-lor.e international land are the worst in the last 40 off the Newf-a-dland roast. or 50 years. Capi. Smith, who has been going to sea for 44 years, said huge bergs stretch from Cape Spear to Cape Royal on the eastern shore of the Avalon Pemnsuia. "They certainly are the worst in my experience. One of them was aground in 44 fathoms ofSpry jmc. dust neighbors1 crops water. It stood about 150 to ISO feet h'Kh. I saw 2t altogether but that was the biggest one. We had the radar working day and night to get through. Earlier. Sir Ivan Thompson. .commander of the liner Queen Elizabeth, told New York reporters this is the worst year for exchange mm', by the Canadian party, winch flew- to Britain from Montreal June P. Five cadets returned to London Thursday after a two-week tour of Sweden as guests of the Swedish Navy. They will rejoin the mem Ca-under new mr regulations ap-nadian party at Windsor Cast! proved by the federal govern-Monday and the enure group will ment. (return to Canada later in th Previously, a farmer could un-iweek aboard a squadron of Cana-dertake this form of pest control idian Navy frigates only on his own acreage. Now, The main Canadian contingent he will be allowed to do it within (has been attending a sea cadet a t minis of 25 miles of the centre camp at Britain s Fottsmouth of his farm. 'naval have. NOTICE TO CREDITORS tv THE ESTATE Or WILLIAM HENRY SCH HOLDER, late of Jail-sen, in tht Province oi Seakxtcbewea, Dciexted. All claims ggatnxt the above estate, duly verified by statutory declaration, and with particulars and valuation of security held, if any. must be sent to the undersigned before tha 27Ul day of AD. 1957, Dated at Regina, Saskatchewan, this 25th day of June. AD. 1957. M E. Somers, Administrator of Ftate, Administrator of the Estate of William Henry Schroeder, deceased. Provincial OfficO Building, 1150 Roie Street, Regina, Saskatchewan. 7-15-e-s K. R PATTISON, City Engineer, 7-1 5-c TENDERS Sealed tender will be received bv (he undersigned until and wil be opened m public at 2 80 p.m., Regina City Time on Thursday, July IbUi, 1957, for the following. f For the gravel surfacing of the section of No. 23 highway from Carrot Htver to a oatnt approxtm tel 12 2 miles south and tne section ot No. 55 highway fiom Mips win to a point approximately 19 3 miles south, a total distance of approximately 42.5 miles- 41 lkO Tone ermhed gnvtl 799 218 Ton Miles Certified cheque requited 44.000 00. Copice of plans, specUhHtons ant form of tend r may be orand at Room 101, Lesifl'idive Buuuiug, Regina, Saskatchewan. L. T. HOt.MFS Deputy Minister, Department of Highway Jc Transportation. SM8 RFGtNA. Saskatchewan, July 2nd, 1957. 7-15-c jf NOTICE TO CREDITORS IN THE ESTATE OF JAMES WILLIAM TALoR, late of Saskatoon in the Province of Saskatchewan, Retired Caretaker, deceased. All claims against the above estate, duly verified by Statutory Declaration, and with particulars and vaiuation of security held. If any, must be sent to the undersigned on or before the 27th day of July, AD. 1957. Macklem 8c Cuelenaer Barristers $t Solicitors, 1(2 Metropolitan Building, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Solicitors for the Administratrix 7-la-c-s Couple Observe I 50th Anniversary j FOAM LAKE. Mr. and Mrs Aaron Goosen were honored on thp occasion of their 50th wedding anniversary at a reception in the Mennomte Brethren Church here when following a service, the Rev. H. S. Rempel, Saskatoon as guest speaker, presented them with two living room chairs and a purse of money. The service wras followed by a reception in the church basement attended by 150 persons. On the previous evening, they were honored at family dinner at their home when they were presented with a chrome table and chair set. Members of their family attending the dinner were their son Leonard and family of Nipa-win and their daughter, Mrs. Ed Lowen, Emfold, and her husband and family. Another daughter, Martha, of Kansas, was unable to attend. lrbv CANADA SEALED TENDERS addressed to the undersigned, and marked as to contents will b received in the office of the Secretary until 3 90 p m. 1EDST1 TUESDAY, AUGUST 8, 1957. for CONTRACT NO. 18 57 BW-Vermilion River Bridge, Mile 25 9, on the Banff-Wm-dermere Highway, Kootenay-National Park, BC. An "Advance Notice of Tender Call" dated October 23rd, 1956, wag previously published. Plane and specifications can be seen and forms of tenders obtained at the offices of the Chief, Trans-Canada Highway Division, Hunter Bldg.. Ottawa, Ontario; Mrs. J G Linton, Supervising Engineer. Trans-Canada Highway Division, Federal Building, Banff, Alta; Mi. J. E. Savage, Supervising Engineer, Trans-Canada Highway Division, 1001S-105th Street, Edmonton Alta : Mr. J. A. Flatt, Supervising Engineer, 705-189 Notre Dame Avenue East, Winnipeg, Man ; Mr. A. Stewart, Trans-Canada Highway Division, Room 700, Bcgg Building, 1110 West Georgia Street. Vancouver j, BC. and the Office of the Trans-Canada Highway Division, 721 Public Building, Calgary, Alberta. To be considered each tender must be accompanied bv a security in the form of a certified cheque or bonds as specified In the form of tender and made on the printed forms supplied by the Department and In accordance with the conditions set forth therein The Department, through the above offices, will supply plans and specifications for the work on deposit of a stm of $V) 00 in the form of a CERTIFIED bank cheque or monev oraer payable to the order of the RECEIVER GENERAL OF CANADA. The deposit will be released on return oi the plans and specifications in good condition within a month from the date of reception of tenders. If not returned within that period the deposit will be forfeited. The lowest or any tender not nec essanly accepted. ROBERT FORTIER, Chief of Administrative vices and Secretary. Department of Public Works, Ottawa. July 10, 1957. In the Estate of BARBARA ANNE bCHW INGHAM ME R, late of Saskatoon, in the Province of Saskatchewan, widow, deceased. NOTICE TO CREDITORS AH claims against the above etate duly verified by statutory declaration and with particulars of valuations of security held, if any, must be sent to the undersigned before the 7th day of August, A.D. 1957. HALL, MAGUIRE 8c WEDGE, 412 MacMillan Building. Saskatoon. Saskatchewan. Solicitors for the Executor of the Estate of Barbara Anne , Schwinghammer, Deceased. 7-15-c-b Heavy Rain Mars Bruno Sports Day BRUNO. Heavy rain halted the bastiall tournament held in conjunction with the annual sports day program which was staged by the Lions. All activity at the sports grounds 'closed down early in the evening. Winners ot draw prizes at the dance in the evening were: rifle, Peter Holfels; shotgun, John Haf-ner; floor polisher, Gordon Lingl; electric firing pan, Alphonse Cianflone. all of Bruno: and ,bi-cvcle, Henry Bares, St. Paul, Minn. In the Estate of ELECTA LAURA BUCHANAN, late of Saskatoon, in the Province of Saskatchewan, housewife, deceased. NOTICE TO CREDITORS All claims against the above estate duly verified by statutory declaration and with particulars of valuations of security held, if any. must be sent to the undersigned before the ?th day of August, A D. 1957. HALL, MAGUIRE 8e WEDGE, 412 MacMilian Building, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Solicitors for the Executor of the Estate of Electa Laura Buchanan, Deceased. 7-15-e-s Ser Sealed tendeis will be received bv (he undersigned until, and will be opened in public at 2 00 pm, Regina C tv Time on Thuisdav, July 25th. 1957, for the gravel surfacing of the Following highways: Contract No. 1 No. 37 from the International Boundary to Climax and No 48 fiom Jut No. 4 highway to t'Hmnx 44 t miles. 43 890 tons crushed gravel 481.447 ton miles Certified cheque required $2,900 00 Contract No. 2 No 37 from Climax to a point approximately 22 I miles north and No. 48 from Climax to C lav don 44 8 miles 48 130 tons crushed gtavei 616 614 ton miles Certified cheque required $3 500 00 Contract No. 3 For sand seal coating of a section of No. 11 highwnv fiom Davidson to northwest of Kenaston, a total distance of ap- proximatclv 26 10 miles. Seal coat 352 350 square vard Certified cheque required $7 jQ 00. Copies of plans, specifications and form of tender may be obtained at Room 101. Legislative Building, Regina. Sask. L. T. HOt MES. Deputy Minister, Dep-utment of Highway! and Transportation. 21 M RK"IVA, Saskatchewan, July 8th, 1937. 7-15-e-s 7-16-c TENDERS Addition to School at Hepburn, Saskatchewan Sealed Tenders will be received bv the undersigned until 12 Noon, Moun tain Daylight Time. July 25th, 1957, for the complete construction of single storev concrete mason rv addition to School at Hepburn, Sask. Plans, Specifications and Tender Form mav be obtained from the Archi tect, Frank J. Martin, 110 Metropolitan Building. Saskatoon, Sask., upon deposit of Twenty-live Dollars. The lowest or any tender not nec-essaniy accepted. Mr. J A. Wiens Secretary -Treasurer Hepburn School District lO'ig Heptfurn, Sask. No 7-16-c NOTICE TO CREDITORS In the estate of JANET BENSON, late of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Housewife, deceased. All claims against the above estate, duly verified by statutory declaration and with particulars and vaiuation of security held, if any, must be sent to the undersigned before the fourth day of August, 1957. Adam, Cunningham, Executor, Woodrow. Sask. Claims mav be sent to D. M. Johnston, Barrister, etc., Lafieche, Sask. 7-15-c-s 50lh Anniversary Of Ardalh Couple ARDATH.-Mr. and Mrs. T. E. Allcock o 132 Third Street, east, Saskatoon, observed their 50th wedding anniversary recently at a reception at the farm home of their youngest daughter, Mrs. W. T. Vincent, here. They were presented with a number of gifts and were the re ctpients of numerous congratulatory messages. Tribute was paid to the honored couple by the Rev. A. E. Elliott, d brother-in-law, and Vic Culham of Saskatoon. A resident of Eastview in the Moose Jaw area in the mid-eighties. Mr. Allcock spent the winter of 1906 and 1907 at Collingwood Ont and there married Miss Ethel Johnston of Ravenna. From then until 1918 they lived at Eastview where Mr. AUcock developed farm interests near Kerrobert. After a few years' residence in Moose Jaw while their children attended sehool, the family settled on the Kerrobert land where they fanned until 1954 when they retired to live in Saskatoon. Their seven surviving children with their families'' attended the reception. TENDER Tender will be accepted up tiv 8 pm on Juty 24. 1957 for the following Gnd Road construction. Dt location Through section 14 and 13-41-14, V3id and sections 18 end 7-41-13, W3rd approximately 8 miles distance. 2nd location: South of section 32 and 33-39-14. Word approximately 2 mile distance. Construction to Include rip rapping of culvert and one approach per quarte: section. Yardage not calculated, bidding mutt be bv the mile Ane applicant wishing to interview (he council regarding thia work before tendering f invited to the council meeting to be he-d on Julv 15, 197 in the R M nthce situated on the &E 24-39-14 W 3rd. Lowest or env tender need not nctean.y be aoreptcq Tender to be mailed to the ef'ce ef the Sccretarv -Treasurer of the R M oi Gtcnside No, 377, Lixaid Lake, S4'k I-i4- STRICTLY RUSINESS By MacFeatters Hamilton Shows Grand Champion j SEMANS. Russell Hamilton , showed the grand champion steer at the Achievement Day held here recently by the 4-H Baby Beef Club with Bill Small, Craven, as judge. The reserve champion was ! shown by S. Sutton. William Groves was the only entrant in the public speaking contest. Following the show, the judge gave a demonstration of grooming and showmanship. j RESULTS Junior aby beef class; T. Chamberlin; 2, R. Chamberlin; 3, Margaret Schneider. Heifer class: 1, Trevor Red-1 fern; 2, Clare Chamberlin; 3, i George Kells. Fed calves, senior: Gary Green-shields; 2, Marion Sutton; 3, Wes Chamberlin. Junior, 1; R. Hamilton; 2, S. Sutton; 3, C. Chamberlin. 1 Showmanship; 1, J. D. Green-shields; 2, Gary Green; 3, Lyle Laughren. I Grooming: 1, Clare Chamberlin; 2, Margaret Sutton; 3, Gary Green-shields. Judging: 1, W. Marshall; 2, J. Greenshields; 3, L. Kells. Questionnaires: 1, Phillip Chamberlin; 2, W. Marshall; 3, L. Laughren. IN BRIEF BIGGAR BINGO WINNERS BIGAR. Tom Brown, local railroader, was the winner of the 1957 car in the bingo held here recently by the local lodge of the Knights of Columbus. Other prize winners were Mrs Ida Blunden, Biggar; Mrs. G. Gilchrist, Gun-worth, Mrs. Roy Atkinson, Spring-water, Helmut Kran, Palo; Mrs. Housego, Kerrobert; Miss Theresa Bartley, Landis; Mrs. R. R. Campbell, Biggar; George Back, Biggar; and Mrs. George Evanoff, Biggar. MOUNTIE TRANSFERRED HUDSON BAY. Constable W. Crawford, RCMP arrived here from Prince Albert with his family. Constable Crawford is replacing Constable F. C. Young, who has been transferred to Tisdale. FAREWELL GIFT CUT KNIFE. Prior to leaving here to make their home in Glasgow Scotland, Mrs. F. J. Maine, a resident of this village for the last 27 years, was honored by the women of the village at a farewell gathering held recently at the home of Mrs. W. Kingston when she was presented with luggage and a purse of money. The presentation was made by Mrs. A. E. Finley. I told the boss to give me the right job and I'd help him clean up! ESCAPED INJURY BLAINE LAKE. No one was injured when a car dnven by Jack Pevich. Leask, struck loose gravel and went out of control and rolled over into the ditch on a municipal road six and a half miles southeast of Leask recently. The car was extensively damaged. PUBLISHER'S WILL HAZELTON, Pa.-The will of the late Henry Walter, publisher of the Plain Speaker and the Standard Sentinel has been filed here showing his entire estate was left to his son, Frank Wal-se'1, of Sugarload Township. Walter's interest in both papers went lo the son. Monday Store Hours: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Dial 6-4-2 Special Clearance Price on Floor Model and Salesmen Demonstrator VACUUM CLEANER and FLOOR POLISHER Take advantage of these outstanding low prices on 2-brush Floor Polishers and Vacuum Cleaners. These machines have only been demonstrated on our sales floor or by our salesmen inhomes. They are in new condition except for a few slight marks. Shop Early . . . Limited Quantity Vacuum Cleaner 9 only Including Lewyt, GE, Hoover, Viking. Clearance Price 49.00 to 7-00 Floor Polisher 2 Brush Models" (10 Only) Clearance Price . -Major Appliances, Third Floor Use EATONS Convenient Budget Plan Terms Qalonia and Mountie ... Names You Know and Trust Qatonia Suntan Jeans A summer favourite with the growing boys. Made from strong sanforized cotton army twill. Finished with, belt loops, zipper closure and bar tacked at points of strain. Sizes 6 to 14 years 2-99 Sies 16 to 18 years 3'29 Mountie Blue Jeans Rider pants with tapered western cut . . . heavyweight jeans of 1334 oz. white-backed cotton denim with triple-stitched searns, zipper-fly, four pockets and bar tacking or rivets for reinforcement. Sizes: 6 to 14 years 3-79 4-25 Sizes: 16 to 18 years Boys Wear, Main Floor Saionia Seamfree Nylons Two popular weight nylons in one of EATONS own brands. Choice of plain knit or micro-mesh in 400 needle 15 denier. These lovely seamless nylons are year round favourites. No seams to mar their smooth bare leg look. Attractive beige OQ shades. Sizes 9 to 11. I Pair ton D A Hosiery, Main Floor CO LIMITED I

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