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Star-Phoenix from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada • Page 26
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Star-Phoenix from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada • Page 26

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
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A6 tWIWTY-HI 1 ASKATOOV STSa-rBOEMX, SIDE GLANCES raiBAT, JILT It, 151 ST By Galbraith TENDF.R MALE HELP ANTED Keetle4 FEMALE Iiri ANTED 13 I ICwUMfO I TRADES. PROFESSIONS SI iCaaliaaedt FLAKTI HIM! (TIUTO UNf EXPIRIES! EO TRL'fK TRIVIR pri son. bpotte Dry teener l-H-e They Boast in New Zealand Of Being Plunket Babies CALL FOR TENDERS GRID ROAD CONSTRUCTION 7iihXE toiLUfr wutfi repair piaster Uig. Phone UDD JOBA. LAW N4, COMRFTK e.vfc painting, fervcuig.

etc. Phone for hwpitai Gma sUrtUTg ary, $itd per month, maintene 1 $Ju pf mor th. tncrenena of A' every hi mvo ths erve month h.n-drv with pv after each vear er-vsee new modem Separate nuie reaidevtce. Dune to commence as as can be srnrM letter phone mere to Virnersas. Matron, Unity Vmn Imiv SkX t-li-ej ANTI d7 1 ATTLY UN a 9-bed hopitl.

Gm aaurv wth increment of i0 month Max. Three week hol'd ith pay after one veers civic. Nurses' residence cnee In hospital Appiv Srr'v Frmtier Municipal Hospital, Frontier, Sate 7-14-c Hr J. C. GRAHAM t'anadiaa Pr tarrepoiwl-ol AUCKLAND.

Z. CP-Nin iut of 10 New ZealamWi of the younger generation cheerfully boast: "I wti a Plunket bahy." it la a declaration of pride in a national ystem which )ut celebrating ita golden Jubilee. New Zealand believe the Plun-ket ystem of Infant care wa largely respoiii lor giving it the lowest Infant mortality rate in the world a position the country held for many year. It 1 still among those with the lowest rate among Infants. Probably in no other country has a child care system won such universal acceptance by the whole population from the richest to the poorest.

A mothercraft training, or the Truby King system, it has spread from an entire community. It Is supported by voluntary contributions and all it aervices are free. BEGAN ON FARM It began In a curious way when Dr. Truby King was medical superintendent of a mental hospital at Seacliff, in Southern New Zea- Sealed tender will he received in the land. There was a farm nttached unUi Jut Una- uv noon, Tender shall state Price pr cubic ard tor fih moved fd equipmen stun for rntearen to cart of the to be used Tender shaii be MTom farm animals.

1 ETtC 4 ond in the amount of The Mum He obtained such spectacular will require successful bidoer suits as Compared With the farm-lu furnish performance bond equal I A All Ml I K. Kina aw h. mg methods favored at that time that he began to wonder whether the same faults applied to infant care. The death rale at that time wss unfavorable considering the fine climate and comparative prosperity of New After careful study of infant deaths lie decided that many of the principles he had applied on the farm also applied to child care. He also decided that the prime factor was the mothers unpreparedness and ignorance.

That has beer the essence of the Plunket systems success ever since. It has made it easy, natural and fashionable for all mothers of every social class to obtain advice and assistance before and after the birth of their babies. Almost every young mother In New Zealand gets expert advice and training, not in the rather stiff atmosphere of a busy doctors surgery, but in cheerful Plunket rooms in every suburb where endless silly questions are patiently answered by organization 50 Plunket special issued portrait Sir to the institution, and Truby turned his scientific mind and pas- fto of the nuiic4 value of the work. Tender Will bo opened In public at the Count a Chamber July 22nd. 2 uu Lowest or any tender not necessarily Accepted.

Quine, Kcivington, ho. )M, Ktivifiifion, t-13-e NOTIC TO CREDITORS IV THE ESTATE OF EDNA Late of Saskatoon, in the of tetkU.iMn, DometUc, Dc Cfued. AH claims against th above estate, duly verified by Statutory Declaration ana with Particulars and valuation of security held, if any, must be aent to trie undersigned befora lire 29 th day of Jiy, A.D. lift 7. COLDENBERG.

TAYLOR A TALUS. Barristers and Solicitors, Avenua Building, AakU)on, Saskatchewan, Solicitors for the Administrator, LOYD CHATHELD. None TO CREDITORS IN TH ESTATE OF RUSSELL late of Saskatoon, in tha Province of Saskatchewan, Retired Taxi Driver, Deceased. All claims against the above estate, duly verified by Statutory Declaration and with particulars and valuation security held, if any, must be sent the undersigned before the 29th day July A.D. 1957.

Munilolm Frogs Gel Protection WIJ UNPEG (CP) The Manitoba government has a new fisheries regulation which, in effect, tells United States visitors to keep C1 their hands off Manitoba frogs. LjlIlCl VkOlIliT expert nurses. Truby King founded the In New Zealand just years ago and named it after the then governor-general. To mark the jubilee, a threepenny stamp has been by the government bearing a of the founder. Dr.

(later Truby) King. -t I 31'. WVS I admire that Jones boy, Alice Olympic CARD OF THANKS REEVE WE WISH TO EXPRESS OUR deep appreciation for the many acts of kindness and the beautiful floral tributes during our recent bereavement. Special thanks to Dr. Wait, Reverend Dr.

Rex Nolan. St. Pauls Hospital, the Saskatoon Funeral Home, and Saak. Lodge No. 18, A.

F. dc A. Reeve family. 7-13-p IN MEMORIAM BAKER IN LOVING MEMORY OF Joseph Baker who passed away Julv 12. 1950.

Forever remembered and sadly missed. Gordie, Jean, and family. 7-13-c MARRIAGE LICENSES BLACKS 1EWELLERS FOR UAR-riage licences. Diamond rings and matched wedding rings of finest quality. 253 2nd south.

xtf PLEASE ALLOW 8 FULL DAYS TO obtain marriage licence, Staceys Jewellers. One location only at the pedestal clock. 102 2nd Ave. Saskatoons best diamond value 'Astra-Gio. xtf FUNERAL DIRECTORS SASKATOON FUNERAL HOME A.

Edwards, W. Arnold Edwards Donald W. Somers 2nd So. Telephone 5577 xtf PARK FUNERAL CHAPEL Funeral Director and Embalmers Mansel G. Binkley, Jack M.

Binkley William Pearson. 311 Third North. Phone 31241-2 xtf McKAGUES FUNERAL HOME HARRY McKAGUB M. McKaguo R. J.

McKague Phone 23131 300 Third Avenue, S. rtf FLORISTS MARRIOTTS SASKATOON NURSERY. 126 2nd N. Ph. 23300.

Flowers for ail occasions. Nursery Ph. 22107 xtf FRANK J. DOWD1NG, FLOR-1st, Everything in floral need. Store opp.

Eatons on 2ist Street. Ph. 22345, mght 92750-31636. We observe the Wednesday half-day closing bylaw, xtf MILLAR'S FLOWFR SHOP AND GREENHOUSES 214 21st Street. East Phone Day 7777 Night 7775 YOUR PERSONAL FLORIST' CUT FLOWERS.

WEDDING BOUQUETS FUNERAL TRIBUTES xtf VICTORIA NURSERY (MRS. A. McAllister and Miss L. Gold). New store location 237 2lst St.

E. Senator Hotel Bldg. Ph. 23664. Nursery ph.

97438. vtt MONUMENTS 5a WEST SIDE MONUMENTAL WORKS-Red and Black Granite imported from Sweden. Marble imported. Bronze memorials. Service six day a week 20th W.

Phone 7445. xtl ROCK UF AGES AND BRONZE MEM-oriala by Western Granite Sc Marble 714 2nd N. Phone 5365. xtf LOST AND FOUND 6 LOST BROWN WALLET WITH money and vafuable paper. Reward offered.

S. Samberg, Cut Kmfe, Sask. 7-13-c LOST ONE PAIR OF BLACK rimmed g)ases, July $. East of Clarence between 11th and 4th Streets. Reward.

Phene 31556. 7-15-c LOST JULY 3, LADY'S NEW glasses in brown case. Thought to lost in 700 block. Ave. south.

Phone Bradley's 21163. Reward. 7-13-p LOST. ALUMINUM NOTE BOARD 8xl4 with a hinged lid containing foolscap paper. Apply to G.

W. Selleck, phone 32054. Reward. 7-13-p-t LOST BROWN AND WHITE DOG Child's pet. Less than a foot high Answers to the name of Jinx.

Reward. Phone 21801. 7-15-c MALE HELP WANTED 12 CEREAL CHEMISTS. Nationally known food manufacturer requires a university graduate of equivalent as ah assistant Chemist in an Eastern location, preferably under 35 years of age and with experience the cereal field. Excellent opportunities of advancement in the organization.

Abo full Insurance and pension plans. Apply stating expected salary to: BOX 379A STAR-PHOEMX 7-14-c RAWLE1GH DEALER WANTED FOR nearbv rural route. City district alo available full or part time. Write Rawieigh Products, H09 Ave. K.

7-13-c- YOUNG MAN for Local Office of National Company Excellent opportunities for advancement. Comptometer experience an asset. P.O. BOX 208, SASKATOON 7-15-c MEN ON NIGHTWORK. toE NEED two bondabie.

physically fit part time men under 50 ear of age with 5 years city residence for half dav and some full dav as guards with some driving. Must hae own employer's consent to work dav part tme. to rite to A Badwm. Room C. Standard Bitig Sasxaioon.

7-15-c To Junk Pile LONDON (CP) After a 33-year career at sea the former Cunard liner Ascania is being broken up a shipbreakers yard at New. port on the Bristol Channel. The vessel was sold to the ship-breakers last November. Observers here recall one of the Ascanias pcoudest moments, when she came to the rescue of the tramp steamer Usworth in mid-Atlantic in 1934. En route from Montreal to Queenstown, the Usworths rudder and steering gear had been put out of commission in a mid-Atlantic storm, and at midnight, December 13, she radioed for help.

The Ascania, 100 miles away, changed course, arriving at the Usworth at 8 a.m. Though the seas were still rough, artd the freighter was sinking rapidly, a lifeboat was lowered and the eap-taln and eight crew men rescued and taken aboard, just before the ship disappeared. To commemorate the act Lloyds, the insurance firm, presented the Ascania with a plaque, which until the. dismantling hung in the promenade deck lounge. RATES Star-Phoenix Want Ad Raws Four Csnta Par Word Par Dav 8ix Consecutive Insertions lor the Prior of Five Minimum Count 10 Words Per Day Minimum Charge 40c Per Day Initial letters, count aa one word Where 10 point or large type la desired by the advertiser, the rate per word la Ac per day.

Minimum count 10 words. Figures In group of five or less, dollar marks. Initial letters count as one word. Where one line is set in 10 point and the balance set In ordinary class! lied type the charge is 4Ac per line per day for the 10 point line. Where the use of i box number la desired count as four words extra.

If replies are to be mailed to out-of-town points please add 10 cents to cover cost of postage. City advertisers must pick up box replies st the Star-Phoenix office. NOTICES Births, 11.50. Marriages and Deaths, In Memoriams, Engagements, Cards of Thanks, etc. Rates $2.00 per insertion of 10 lines or less, extra line of five words each 20c per line, Display Advertising SCHEDULE OF COPY ACCEPTANCE 12 NOON DAILY AS FOLLOWS: MONDAY ruH.Tr.

for Wednesdays Paper TUEnuAY for Thursdays Paper WEDNFSDAY mn for Fridays Paper THURSDAY for Saturdays Paper FRIDAY for Monday's Paper FRIDAY for Tuesday's Paper In Albert Advertising Copy may bs left with the Northern News Agency WANT ADS ACCEPTED 1.30 e.m, to 8 pm. Daily Monday to Friday Closed All day Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays WANT AD ")3141 PttONB -O I 11 WANT AD PHONE SUBSCRIPTION RATES MAIL RATES IN CANADA 1 year 1 rT, months -1 1 ii 8 50 3 months tt-i 3 50 1 month 1.50 To United States and Great Britain 1 month i 2 00 3 months 1 rrnir ft 00 8 months i----n 8 50 1 year 15 oo TENDERS TENDER Sealed tenders will be received by the undersigned Until 10 o'clock Central Standard Time. July 20. 195 for the complete construction of four-roomed school at Prairie River Saskatchewan. Tenders shall be marked on the out tde.

Tendera for New School at Prairie River, Sask. Plans and specifications mav be obtained from the Architects, Webster and Gilbert. 2(4) C.P.R Building. Saskatoon, by depositing $25 00 with the Architects. The lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted.

H. J. Needham, Sec. -Treasurer, Hudson Bay No. 52, Hudson Bay Sask.

7-17-c CITY Or REGINA of To: Wanted Immediately Experienced Backhoe Operator Please reply stating age. experience, wagea. Box 3524 Slar-Fhoenix TV. AND RADIO TECHNICIAN TO take over running of aeivice de partment. Good wages offered Please state oeiMru-e sr.d waue required to Bo No lOJt Ster-Pheni.

l-lft-c YOUNG MAN Preferable recent graduate civil engineer interested in sates To be headquartered in Winnipeg and travel in Western Canada Salary commensurate with experience and ability. Apply BOX 3520 STAR-PHOENIX WANTED ELECTRICIAN WITH provincial Journeyman paper for permanent position Appiv Superintendent a Office, Canadian Pacific Railway. Saskatoon. 7-19-c WANTED EXPERIENCED SINGLE bartender, middle aged Please state phone No. Apply to Box 3533, Star-pfuenx.

7-14-p FADING SASKATOON AUTf.MuBII DISTRIBUTOR, REQU1RF4 THE RFKVlcES OF ONE SALESMAN IF You have a desire to sell and feel that you are suited to this vocation. Supply details as to age, education and mantai status, in your reply to Box 419A Star-Phoenix 7-lS-e WANTED YOUNG MAN FOR SAI ES clerical work. Prefer someone with experience in correspondence and related contact with sales force. Opportunity with established manufacturer, offering many employee benefits. Box 422A, Star-Phoenix.

7-13-c COOKS WANTED Previous Institutional cooking preferred would consider ether fully qualified man. Rate of pay $210 to $240 er month. Excellent personnel policies ncluding sick benefits, medical group insurance and pension plan. Apnlv. giving particulars, to Personnel Office, Moose Jaw Union Hospital.

Moose Jaw. Sask. 7-15-c YOUNG MEN i required for training in aviation trades. Pay while on course la good. On successful completion, graduates may be sent to RCAP bases anywhere in Canada or overseas.

Today's Air Force offers the best ih working conditions and pay, and provides opportunity for travel end advancement. Get a copy of Aviation and Your Future by writing RCAF RECRUITING UNIT. Saskatoon or Phoning 22101 T-13-c-i FEMALE HELP WANTED 13 WANTED TWO GENERAL DUTY nurse for 16-bed hospital. Duties to commence June .15 or as soon after as possible. Starting salary $240 for R.N., $220 for graduate.

Mainten anca at $30, Increments of $5 every six months for three years. One months holidays with pay after each year of service, all statutory holidays Separate nurses' residence. Write or Matron or Secretary, Kinis-ino Union Hospital. KinisUno, Saak ti NURSES AIDE REQUIRED FOR 30-bed hospital. Salary $145 per month, shifts extra.

44-hour week. Duties to commence July 15. 1957, if possible. Apply Matron, Balcarres Union Hospital, Balcarres, Sask. 7-20-c WANTED BY LLOYDMINSTER HOS-pitai An experienced X-ray teohni cian, R.T preferred.

Excellent work lng conditions in a modern hospital and new 300MA machine. F'or further particulars phone or write to the Secretary. Lloydmlnster Hospital at Lloydminster, Sask. 7-13-c WANTED MATRON. NOT NECESSAR ILY B.C.

registered. Thirty-bed pri vate hospital. Must be, good with elderly people. Apply n. C.

Knox Box 255 Comox. Vancouver Island. 7-15 WANTED COMMERCIAL TEACHER in Pitman and basic subjects for large business college. Apply Box 397A Star-Phoemx. 7-16-t NURSE FOR DOCTOR'S OFFICE.

WITH particular interest in maternity woik Box 393A Star-Phoenix. 7-16-c EXPERIENCED SALESGIRL OR bright girl willing to learn. Apply Hollywood Furs Ladies' Wear. 7-16-c TOP SALESLADY AND ASSISTANT manageress (no buying). Salary $200 month.

Thorough experience In dealing with the public. Will interview only first class applicants. Box 38HA Star-Phoenix. tf SALESLADIES REQUIRED ONE full time and one part time, to ae exclusive ladies' wear. Steady post tton, highest salary according merit.

Apply Miladi Rtvle Shop. HAIRDRESFR WANTED APPLY Godfrey's Beauty Parlor. 130 1st Ave south. 7-13-c WANTED FOUR GRADUATE NURSES to start Sept. 1, for 22-bed hospita Starting salary $225 with $5 increase every six months.

No split shifts, 44-hour week. Vacations, strk leave, etc as recommended bv SRNA. Separate' nurses home. Write or telephone Mrs. A.

Osbonje, Matron. Kerrobert Union Hopital, Kerrobert, Sask. tf BOOKKEEPER TYPIST required Immediately. 2 years experience preferred. Married or single.

Good salary. Apply: National Employment Office Order No. 1910 T-15-c BOOKKEEPER STENOGRAPHER RF quired as soon as possible for pur- chasirg office. Salary range 50 1 to 2)7 50: board, room and laundrv, supplied for S'tf-OO per montn; Super- arnuation. sickness, accident and life liLuranc coverage.

Work: secretarial Including computhg of statistical in formation, letters, filing, etc. Prev- ious authenticated experience con- 'tiered in- placement on wage scale Pre-empiovment medical examination required, age limts 18 to 45 years. Apply to Purchasing Agent, Fort San. Saskatchewan. 7-18-c SASKATOON PUBLIC SCHOOLS require A School Nurse With Duties to Commence August 27.

15j7 Applicants should arrange a personal interview with Dr. Binning. Medical Director, telephone 6535. and Gathered, Superintendent of Public Schools, telephone 2645. Written applications stating age, training, experience, religion, and present portion must be se.t by July 20.

ik57. to Wedse, Secretary Faskatoon Public School. 2 i 1 4fh Avenue. South. Saskatoon.

Saixatchew an. 7 15 rH PARADISE HILL UNION HrS-pita! requires one registered nurv to ror'ence immediately Salary f-35 Wttn increment. 3 wees anntij hondoy. etc Ao one eranuate burse to commence st $72d wte increrren Piease send epw.tcaion to preece, Paradise ix ii. Sax Phooe 24.

1-I5-c-s soon Vt SJ40 s.s tfie or PART TEACUERS WANTED OUTLOOK SCHOOL UNIT NO. 21 Requests snnheatoos from teacher foe the futiewtug sthooia: luted as follow School, Approx- bnate enrolment. Grade URBAN SCHOOLS Bout tv 13; $-)L principal, house available, 2-roam SihooL RURAL SCHOOLS Listed as follows: school, Antwev enrolment, board or teavber location of school, how View; teachrrage; Elbow te miiew Firrduiy 12; teacberage) Tirhficld mile, toutfui Vtvta teacheeaget Bcechy 2u mile. -X indicates bonus school of $l0. T' indicates teecherag witb power.

Salary $2 to for quad teacher, depending upon certificate, experience and position. Salary schedule, map of unit ard other Information available upon request. Apply to Mica L. Bin-man. aecretarv treasurer.

Outlook School Unit No. 32. Outlook, Saskatchewan. Phone 35, HUDSON RAY SCHOOL UNIT NO. 53 require teachers for the following ban and Rural Schools: Carraganv Village 4-room echoot, princiMl, to teach II and 12.

subjects mav be exchanged with other tea her. Chelan Hamlet 2-roomed school. Srmclpal teach 8, )0 and I -1 Hid School require I teacher. Wrekea Village 5-roomed School pi tunnel to teach grades 10, and ii. Furnuhed 5-room teach erage.

Rural Schools: denotes teach rage; for Board: and for Power Armtt Armit Hamlet, enrollment Pi Blighty No. 216 miles N. Somme, enrollment 14. Cherry Hioftsom -14 miles S. pnrcu pin Piam enrollment 12 Forest View mile W.

Chaian, enrollment 22, Greenawav. 14 miles 8. Hudson Bay, enrollment 13, T. Greenview No. 110 mile Car ragana, enrollment 33, T.

New Bhas, a miles Clemenceau, enrollment 17. T. Neely Lake 12 milea N. Weeket, enrollment 23. T.

Nohleville miles E. ArcherwllI, enrollment 24, Pine Creek 4 nfHta Mistattra, enrollment 25, T. Rlvercrest 10 mile N. Porcupine Piam. enrollment Smoky Ridge 9 miie N.E.

Erwood, enrollment 10 T. Swampy Lake 10 miles S. Chelan, enrollment 10 8 Sourhes 4 miles Somme, en roUment 8. B. Tall Poplar 5 miles Chelan, enrollment 8.

T- Salary Schedule? Class 1 $2 400 3 80ft Clasa 2 2 800 $4 0 Clasa 2 13 2Q $4 550 Cl.ise 4 I3.AO0 $5 4M0 Class I 14.000 $5,800 Principals supervignn allowance $K0 for each room other than his own up to six roort and $50 per room for all above agven. Applications to state certificate, experience and refeancea of last superintendent. H. J. NFPCHAM.

Secretniy Hudson Ray School Unit No. 82, Hudson Bay Skkatchewan i 7-13- roosipc furnished teacheraee Hudson a Bay Town 4-mumed High CITY OF DRUMHELI3R 8.D. 2472 IN yitea application ftr a position on its senior high artool staff, state sublect preference Basic salary $2,900, first degree $975. aeconn de gree $390. past exirrience flxSUX) J.

C. Jensen. Supt. Schools, Box 320, Drumheller. BONNYVILLE SCHOOL DIVISION 1 46 BonnyvtllL Alberta Senior high arhofl teacher required fur Ardmore sch'iii (10-room hoolj Two senior high school teachers required for the Iron River bchool (12-room school Elementary teicbers for various other position in centiaiued schools.

Salary schedub Dot finalised. Apply to Mr. A. G. Lapointe, Secretary trea-urer, Bonnwille School Dlvisiea No.

46, Bonnyviiie, Alberta. I KIN1STINO SCCHOOL UNIT NO. requires th following teachers: Kaminka is Hamlet of Tway, Junior room, gules I to 4. New Tarmpoi in Hamlet of Tamo pol, gixJea 1 to 7, enrollment 22, Teachegige, power. Etheiton.

grades 1 to 7, enrollment 30. pfwer. I Rural: Ben Lneal I mi. 8. of Meakanaw, enrollment 16.

Teacherage. Bonus Creek Hill -II mi. fOnistlno, enroll merrf Jl. Teacherage. Derbj10 mi.

KiniMino enrollment 2fl Teacherage, power. Heatberdell 7 mi. W. Birch Hills, enrolment 14 Power, Lund 6 mi. Beatty, enrollment 24.

Tearhe ge. power. Norfh Stir N. of Melfort, enroll nt 36 Teacherage, power. iinus $2X) Offend 14 ml.

KinisUno. enrollment 15 Teacherage power. 18 mi. Birch linls, enrollment 25. Teacherage power, at Bend Enrollment lb Teach erage.

power, ft nn Beattv J)rvd-n mt. S.E, Birch Hills, enrollment 15. Salary sc hedule $2,400 to 5 800 including Sfibhatirai leave and accumulative uk leave. Appiv stating qualifications end experience to Mrs. Fannie, Secreterv-Trrurer, Kmtvtir.n, School Unit No.

55, Kinuuno. bask. COUNTY OF NEWEIX NO. 4 Teacher required for the following vacancies: Bassano Junior High. Grade VIIL Gem High School.

English and Social Studies, Rosemary High School. English and Social Studies, Matn and Science. Duihesa Junior High. Grade IX. Patri Principal, tArea-room hool.

Tilley Junior High Grade VHL Roimg lliils Junior or Senior High. Rainer- Junior High. Grade VII and VIII-Home Economic One position available. In addition to the above a few elementary positions are available in diiierent senoois. Salarv A new schedule providing an additional ajinwame trt hiih Miool work ius recently been sijtried.

AppLcTtions mav be submitted to Mr heerttarv-Treaturer Airertaf or to Mr Larvii. Superi.ttritierTt of S-hoc 8(i7-64 Ave. Ldncmt on. phone 7-lft-c-e TROSSACHS CONSOLIDATED SCHOOL DISTRICT NO. 1077 Ivitea epc'iicatm-a for th position of principal of the Trficha hx4 to g' idf 9 to li, nroilmert of gh hooi yom tentv putuu 1-37-54 tiiory 1 7 4v to S3 4) I SJ to 2 -7 (0 to 4 0 to $54 -0 giaes ft 4 titio to 5 Prmr.rfl r.

muneraion irr 'ortem tearh-ee avaii-r Ar ptw -non. iu asr eueien'e ard iTtd be dire-led to J. R.vtere. trv-Trf4urer TrnI a. ns Coo vr.ool D.tnrt No 177 TroMteon Na Frrpv- r-nf to comntence about Augt 2 3 CHAT-FIELD.

prov-im 7-13-c CHAT-FIELD, of to of GOLDENBERO. TAYLOR TALUS, Barristers and Solicitors, ig Avenue Building, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Solicitors for the Administrator, LOYD CHATFIEX-D. 7-13-c NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR CHANGE Or NAME NOTICE la hereby given of the following application to the Director Vital Statistics in the Department of Public Health of the Province of Saskatchewan under the provision of The Change of Name Act, 1947, From: Peter Olianin (otherwise known aa Peter Percy O'Lainj Peter Percy OLain From: Roaaleen Olianin (otherwise known aa Rosaleen Lain) To: Roaaleen OLain From: John David Olianin To: John David OLain DATED AT Saskatoon, in the Province Saskatchewan, this 10th day of July, AD. 1957.

Peter Olianin, 4)2 Ave. south, Saskatoon, Sask. 7-13-c BIRTHS DR. AND MRS. KEITH STINSON tnee Reynolds! of Winnipeg are happy to announce tha birth of their son, Barry Paul on July 9, 1957 at St, Boniface Hospital.

7-13-c SHADICK TO JOHN AND MARY inee Cairns) daughter, Sylvia Jean, July 9. University Hospital. 7-13-c DEATHS MUHPHY THE PASSING OF Estelle May Murphy in her 74th year, beloved wtfe of Adelbert Arthur Murphy of 830 Saskatchewan Crescent, east, Saskatoon occurred at her late residence on July 11, 1957. The funeral service will be held on Saturday, July 13 at 2.30 p.m. from St.

John's Cathedral, conducted bv Rev. Prof. D. F. Beattie assisted by Rev.

D. Tatchell and Dr. 8. Elliott. Surviving are: two daughter.

Mrs. V. Dnllin (Margaret); Mrs, B. Nelson (Mary), both of Saskatoon: two sons, William A. of Saskatoon, Dr.

H. O. of Vancouver, B.C.; one sister, Mrs. C. Fulton of Durban, South Africa; two brothers, Dr.

H. G. Merkley of Winnipeg and Harry Merkley of White Rock, Interment will take place in Woodlawn Cemetery. Park Funeral Chapel in charge of arrangements. 7-13-c McMILLAN MARGERY, AGE 77 years, well known resident of Marriott passed ewav in Rosetown Hospital July 10 Bfter a short illness.

Born in Glengarry County In On tario on February 22, 1880, she came west in 1914 to the Marriott district end has resided there since that time. She is survived by four broth ers, Alex of Saskatoon, Donnie of Plenty, Ernest and Racey of Marriott. An active church member of the United Church, her passing came as a shock to her many friends. Funeral service will be held on Saturday afternoon at 2 o'clock Standard Time at the Zealandia United Church. Conducted by the Rev.

J. H. Young following which interment will be made in the family plot, 7eaiandia Cemetery. For further particulars phone 22662 Rosetown I 7-13-c POKOYOWAY MRS. MARY POKO-yoway passed away at her home in Cudworth on July 3, 1957 at the age of 65 years.

She leaves to mourn three sons and two daughters. Hei husband predeceased her in 1956 Funeral services were held from the Greek Catholic Church in Cudwoith on Juiv 6 at 9 a m. wltji the Rev Fr. Jerome officiating and burial was made in the Greek Catholic Cemeterv. Pallbearer were Nick Pokoyowav, Mike Pokoyoway, Steve Pokoyoway, John Dolslor, Nick Kulvk and Waiter Zenbal.

Scnarf's Funeral Home of Humboldt was in chaige of arrangements. 7-13-p YOUNG MR. ANDREW H. YOUNG of North Battleford, age 55 years, passed away Wednesday, July 10. in local hospital after a lengthv illness.

Besides his loving wife. Violet, he leaves to mourn two sons and two daughters. Jack of Trenton. Ont Gordon of Halifax. Mrs.

T. Murphy iNoreen) of Edmonton and Mrs Roy Sochaski (Favt of Deep River, Ont; eignt grandchildren; two brother and three sisters. Funeral to be held in North Battleford. 7-13-c FUNERALS ALLEN THE FUNERAL SERVICE of Mi'S. Barbara Allen, who died on July $.

was held from McKague Funeral Home on July 11 at 3 conducted by Rev. H. W. Brandnck Pallbearers were M. Cuthbert.

John Small. Nathan W. Medd. J. McCubbin, Del Caister and Joe Burk-inshaw.

Burial was made in toood-lawn Cemetery 7-13-c RACHEY THE FUNERAL SERVICE of Roman Rachey, who died on July 8. was held from St. Marys Ukrainian Greek Orthodox Church. Mea-cham on July 11 at 10 a conducted by Rev. Michael Tarnowetsky.

Pail-bearers were: Ed. Nick. Wuliam and Nick to liham Rachev. Harry Deakiw and Daniel Kocay. Burial was made in the family plot in the St Manf Cemetery McKague Funeral Home was in charge of arrangement.

7-13-c OLLENBERGER THE FUNERAL service of Mrs. Anna Ollenbereer. who died on July 8. was heid from St. Joseph's Church on Juiy II at 10 am.

conducted by Father Dunn. Pallbearers W'ere: Tom Mclnv-chtik, Peter toovtowich. Nick Scfteck. Fred Melnycbuk. Jerome Hauk and Irvin Janze Bunal was made in the Roman Catholic Cemeterv McKague Funeral Home was in charge of arrangements.

7-13-c SAMSON THE FUNERAL SERV ice of George Samson, who died on Julv 9. as heid from McKague Funeral Home on Julv 11 at 131 cwdurted by Rev. D. Burton Pallbearer were: W. McIntyre.

Lamrbeli J. to. Statharr. and K. Tobin.

Burial was made the family plot Hoocitwo Cemetery 1- IJ-c W. CIRCULATION Cl.lHK $OR NEW 4-paper, education grade XII. good command of English, accurate With figures, good pist. Pension and vnrdital an. ft-dav week.

Apply in own handwriting stating salary expected to Box 4I3A bur-Phoenix 7-HUe PRIVATE ftkCKFTARY I QllKFl) shorthand and tpmg Five dav wex Thirtv-four hours Write Box 4 5A fiur-Phoent. or phone 971( 7 7-14 LADIES TO rXnKD" TOSOH wth me. Special needlework experience needed or any aellnv Involved Can work full or part n.e at home, to rite Boa 3530 Star-Phoenix J.i7.p TIME SAl VSLADY FOR AFT EK noon In lirgerte. sportswear store Steady position, best wage. AppN Cinderella Style Shop.

tf TRADE SCHOOLS 13 Opportunities for Women AMBITIOUS tfcOMEN VAMEO Pleasant, steady, bigger earnings after learning Hairdressing and beauty Culture, Literature rree. Write MARVEL HAIRDRESSING SCHOOL 127 SL, Sa.katoon 7-1 3-c-s DOM. HELP WANTED 13b HOUSFKEEPER COMPANION FOR elderly couple, citv home, state par-btulais to Box 4J9A Ster-Phoemx 7-13- MALE SITS. WANTED 11 ACCOUNTANT U'lTH AUDITING. IN-come tax.

payroll, general bookkeeping experience requires position Box 3tt2A Star-Phoemx. 7-13-p YOUNG MAN EXPERIENCED IN stock keeping and surveying. Phone 381. 7-18-p YOUNG MAN. TEN YEARS ACCOUNT-ing experience and typing desire morning or afternoon employment Phone 93964.

7-15-p MIDDLE-AGED EXPERIENCED CAMP-cook wants position. Go anvwhere. Immediately. Box 416A Star-Phoenix 7-19-p toANT WORK AFTER 4 30 WEF K-davg or all day Saturdays. Phone 22226 evenings.


7-13-p CRY SITTING AND LIGHT HOUSE ork while mother workp. Live out Phone 25m5. T-15-p CAPABLE GIRL, 18, URGENTLY Requires temporary work. Can tvpn, take full charge of household, some waitress experience. Reference.

Ph. 25926. 7-15-p S.O.S. WE HAVE A STAFF OF EXPiRIENCED OFFICE HELP Available for, any period of time. Dhv Week Month Phone 20060 26351 SUPERIOR OFFICE SERVICE 7-13-c -s YOUNG WOMAN WANTS 3 DAYS housework per week.

Phone Mrs, Unruh. 6210 after 6 p.m. 7-13-p FARM GIRL WANTS WOHK DURING July-August. Phone 21869. 7-13-p HELP WTD.

(Male-Female) 16 Real Estate Salesmen Or Saleswomen An excellent opportunitv for three ambitious salesmen. Very good returns to right party. Box 395A Star-Phoenix 7-lS-c WANTLD, QUALIFIED X-RAY TF.CH mcian ana also qualified laboratory technician. Apply medical supeiln-tendent, Saskatoon Sanatorium. 7-17-c EXPERIENCED TAILOR OR TAILOK-ess.

Apply ln person, Spotless I)ry Cleaners. 7-15-c WANTED. REGISTERED RAY techniclnn, Holy Family Hospital, 130 bed, Prince Albert, Saskatchewan Wire, write, or phone for psrttcu lars. T-lfl-c TISDALE SCHOOL UNIT NO. 53 Request applications for the position of office assistant in the Tisdale Unit Office, male or female.

Preference will be given to applicant with experience. Must be good typist, knowledge of shorthand and bookkeeping an asset Duties to commence July 15. 1957. or as soon thereafter as possible. Please submit reference and salary expected to W.

McCurrach, Sec. Tie-dale. Sask. 7-16 SITS. WTD.

(Male-Female) 17 EXPERIENCFD MARRIED COUPLE one child, desire work in or close to Saskatoon. F.xperlenred in dairy, grain and beef farming Will rent on shares or run for wages. Apply Box 105 tVarman, Sask. 7-15-p MALE INSTRUCTION 19 GET FACTS International Correspondence Schools Representative 1238 Ave. North Saskatoon.

Ph. 5602 x-I- 24-5 -c TRADES, PROFESSIONS 21 Jenkins Floor Sanding Floor specialists. Free estimates. Photv 22230 or 4634. Licensed.

PROFESSIONAL RUG AND UPHOL atery cleaners. Phone 21078. tf J. S. Burst Floor Sanding Linoleum and Tile Laying MACS CONSTRUCTION LTD HOVI" bunders lug Avenue Phone FOR YOUR PAINTING NEFDS AND A tieht price, pnme evening.

ri, "7.7 i CEMENT PK, BUILDING REPAIRS! and remodelling Phone 2419u, Lai Plante. Contractor. tf EXPERT CEMENT WORK TOM'S Cement Service Phone 23954. x-lMh-57-c FOR PAINTING AND PAPER HANG-ing phone Upper 29174 tf NUTANA SHARPENING EiVK 8th Street and Broadway. Phone 32' 5 Lawn mowers, saws eid genera) sharpening FOR STUCCO.

RIDEto ALK-S. DRIVE-wav, drv wall, taping find fenrmg Free estimate Phone 32414 WALL WASHING COTTRalUNG 2n't-renU re estimates, phone 2loi8 toEIDi.NG OF ALL KINDS Speciaiiiinf fn prvf of Preaure Veeij and Equipment rental Portable wanting Werdirg Limited Ave. Sovita. Prior 2V7t John Buday Construction Specialism in coicree dtevtav I aiocwalK. Free tsimste.

poone, (73. VELTKA4PS CONSTRUCTION. GEN 'ai contraeior. Brcx bnxk trie work: p. aster, atucro, fiirg esroenter work; ate rations, pnonr 3241.

WE SPFCIAI.IE IN STUCCO. SPRAY -Hinting brtce aaa ceuter.t worn 44L alter ft. xlb-iv-e lmt age, ft. Led Li It has restricted the provinces annual frog harvest to Manitoba citizens one of the few restrictions placed on U.S. residents who are invited to partake at will of the province's fish and game providing they pay licence fees.

Government officials say the frogs are an important source of Income to Manitobans in the lnter-lake district, hard pressed by floods which have reduced agriculture returns in recent years. But frogs for medicinal and research purposes are needed in Wisconsin and groups from that state were planning to work over a big marsh area of Lake Mani toba. The new regulation has nipped the plan in the. bud. Provincial officials feared an influx of Wisconsin pickers would flood the market, lowering prices.

Manitoba's frog-picking Industry was started last year by Keystone Fisheries of Winnipeg. President G. Jonasson says income to producers for that season was $25,000 to $.10,000 and is expected to hit $50,000. Some families have earned as much as $100 a day catching frogs. Taken in September and October, frogs are exported to the United States.

They are used mainly in research, though frog legs are in demand as a table delicacy. Frogs are also used by hospitals for pregnancy tests. Early Frost Harmful to Pine Trees OTTAWA (CP) A little-known climatic condition that produces killing frost in midsummer has destroyed more than 200,000 red pine trees over a nine-year period the federal forestry branchs experimental station at Valcar-tier, Que. Studies by forest research officers of the northern affairs department and pathologists of the agriculture departments science service showed that the trees had been planted in frost pockets, areas where a layer of cold air accumulates near the ground on clear summer nights producing frost in the growing season. The studies were launched in 1946 when a large number of red pines were discovered dead or dying at the Valcartier station.

Red pine is used extensively for reforestation in sandy soil in Eastern Canada and wholesale failure of large plantations posed threat to reforestation. The investigations, which continued until 1955, showed that only the lower branches of the trees were killed, indicating that insects or disease were not responsible. Th same evidence ruled out drought and deficiencies of minerals In the soil. Elimination of these possibilities narrowed the cause to climatic conditions. The characteristic pattern in which branches were dead to a consistent height suggest kill, lng by frost.

As a result a full study of the effects of summer frost has made, It was found that nothing could be done to save threatened tolls once they had been planted. Scientists recommended that studies be made of local climate in doubtful areas before planting. The study revealed- that some hardy trees survive the frost Those that do, put out new branches to grow only in the warm air above the frost line. at 1-11 someday hes going to be an star! MALE HELP WANTED (Centlmed) 12 LARGE CHAIN Organization hat interesting opening for a branch manager. Qualifications as follows: Married.

experienced as salesman, having done some Investigation work, knowledge of public and personal relations. Splendid opportunity for advancement. Salary commensurate with qualifications. Reply to: BOX 367A STAR-PHOENIX 7-17-c APPLICATIONS WILL BE RECEIVFD by the Rural Municipality of Tramping Lake No. 3k0.

for the position of Secretary-Treasurer. Applicants to reply in writing stating, age, marital status, qualifications, experience and salary expected, applications to be in as soon as possible, apply to the office of the Rural Municipality of Tramping Lake No. 380, Scott, Sask 7-24-p WANTED GOOD MECHANIC. HOURLY or monthly wages. Year round Job for good man.

House available. State wages and experience. Box 3526 Star-Phoenix. 7-13-c CAREER OPPORTUNITY Excellent opportunity for men between agea 25-45 who want to consider a worthwhile business career in an unlimited field. Applicants must have favorable personality and be able to meet successful business men.

We are prepared to invest considerable money in the right men during their training period, with initial salary ranging from $300-8400 per month, depending on qualifications. Complete group sickness. accident and life insurance benefits available. For interview please contact Box 405A Star-Phoenix. 7-15-c WANTFb FULL-TIME SECRETARY building manager.

Ideal working conditions. Apply writing stating experience, salary expected and marital status to secretary, pm. Legion No, 73. Flin Finn, before July 22. Subject to veterans' preference.

7-15-c Salesman Wanted Immediately By established drygoods variety wholesale distributor servicing dealer stores with a modem program. Excellent opportunity (salary and commission) for capable experienced salesman. Age 25 to 40. Residence in York ton area esaentiaL APPLY GIVING REFERENCES AND EXPERIENCE TO PO. BOX 727.

WINNIPEG, MAN, 7-15-c Salesman Wanted Here is an outstanding opportunitv for an active salesman with a good general connection to substantially in crease his earnings handling a top line of advertising specialties and calendars Top grade man who makes far above average earnings with very extensive line. Here is a chance for a high Income sales career for the right man Write in full detail regarding yourself to Box 3527 Star-Phoenix. 7-13-c -s FIELD OFFICE MANAGER required by Highway Construction Company Permanent employment. Winter In Saskatoon head office, construction season an vw here in western Canada. Prefer single man Experience desirable but not essential, if applicant under 40 )ears and has good education and reasonable oince experience.

Good salary and benefit plan. Apply in writing, giving full taiis and list references to P.O. BOX 710- SASKATOON i 7-15-c MECHANIC FOR I. H. DEALERSHIP experienced in diesels and tune up Permanent position, group Insurance and benefits.

Krips Unitv Sask. 7-17-c GOOD OPPORTUNITY FOR GOOD adtp bodv men Apply Korpan Motor. Rosthern, Phone 69 7-15-c EXPERIENCED PRICER Required for Wholesale Hardware Office Good working conditions, ft-dav. 4h-hmir week, pension plan, group insurance and welfare benefits. MARSHALL-WELLS OF CANADA LTD.

Phone 24261 7-15-c WANTED. MARRIED MAN TIL! f-ecze-up Separate bouse. Appv Box 82, Girvin. 7-13-c but Boston-Pops Bars First-Desk Men BOSTON. First-dfsk men are barred from playing with the Bos ton Pops Orchestra even if they want to.

The Pops concerts were begun, not for public enjoyment, but for the benefit of Boston Symphony personnel who would otherwise be unemployed from May until October. When the orchestra was organized. first-dt-sk men, the principal performers in each chair of the orchestra, were banned from par-wm or ir.or p.n, to ticspation because thev received ln of extra salary anyway The ban has continued and first-desk man may appear only as guest soloists. J1 Tender for Supply of Storm Sewer Pipes Sealed tenders, clearlv marked a to content, mill be recened bv the Citv Commissioner City Hall. Regina.

Saskatchewan, up to 1100 AM. Mountain Davlignt Saving Time, on Tuesday. July 23rd, 1957, for the cupply -and delivery of the following: Approximately $1 840 lineal feet of Metal, Clay cvr Concrete Semer Pipe, in sues ID to 48 Inclusive. Specification and Form of Tender mav be obtained at the City Engm eer a Office, City Hail. Reguia.

For Classified Phone 23141 i eu.AMWiLi$ eu i sn to, A.

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