The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 7, 1950 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 7, 1950
Page 8
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PAGE BIGHT BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, MARCH T, 1950 Chicks Open Track Drills Today-Bradley Voted Tops In APs Final Cage Poll 40 Answer Call' For Candidates Coaches Plan Daily Workout; Competition To Begin Next Month Blythevillc's Clilckasaws, their basketball togs lucked awny In mothballs (or another year, began (hmking today In terms of Hie defense of District Tliree Class A track crown which they have worn for Hie past three years. Coaches Russell Moslty and Johnny Staples soOmled their first call for track candidates yesterday and got a .surprising reply. Some -10-odd candidates were on hand yesterday afternoon for the issuing of equipment. . Drills were scheduled to get underway this afternoon and the tribal chieftAns have said that, when possible, daily workonl.s will be held. Inter-school track competition will not begin until next month with the district and state meets r'atert for May. The junior Papooses began their workouts yesterday with about 25 candidates reporting to Coach Earl Stabler. They, like the Chicks, will hold dally workouts whenever possible. .Vow Have Own Triiclt For the first time In a number of years the Chicks and the Paps will . have their own track to practice on. A practice dirt track Is to be constructed at the .site of the football training field on North 10th Street, and it is expected to he completed within the next few days. The practice track was to have -been constructed last year, but for some reason never was. In addition to the district and state mccls. Coach Mosley Is plan- -hing to line up two or three dual meets for hts thinclails with other schools of the district. He announced earlier thai his team has been invited to compete In a trl-state meet at Poplar Bluff next month and that he Is planning to accept the invitation. Sports Roundup Hmn Kullrrton Jr. sha and Charles Paine fisher, . . Andros, Royal NEW YORK, March 7. (/El—toota like Bud Wilkinson was getting snt to pick off nil the good footbnll talent In Oklahoma. . . (In lh« past some of it ha.s escaped to the Ag- gies or to Texns). . . Five boys who played on Bud's Sugar Bowl ball teams have recently accepted high school coaching jobs In the state— Doe Andros at Holdenvtlle, Pate TiUwnn at Durant. Darrell Royal at El Reno, Bobby Goad at Chlcka- at King- ami Till- mrm passed up pro football to go Into coaching, , . You can have nne guess where they'll probably send I heir best boys. . . Incidentally. they claim Bud Lsh'l superstitious because he's Oklahoma's 13th coach and he lins license No. 13 on lib> car thts year. But we dare you to toss your hat on his bed. Somebody Was Working One of Leo Dnrocher'.s pet training stunts Is to stntton bis Infieldcrs up close on the Infield grass and then hit fimgoes at them until they make a hobble. . . The drives come progressively more difficult and the fourth or fifth usually "impossible.". . . Leo tried it the other day on Dave Williams, the 21-year-old hotshot from Atlanta and slammed nine si/zlcrs before Dave missed one, , . As Williams look off for his "penalty" I»» around [he park. Durocher sighed: "That kid Is wearing me out. I'm Bind he kicked that last one. I don't think I could have raised the bnt to lace another at him." TOGETHKK AGAIN—St. T>ouis Cardinals outfielder Knos Slaughter (left) and shortstop Marty Marlon (right) welcomed back outficlclci Hairy Walker to the 1 Red Bird flock as the Cardinals started spring training at St. Petersburg, F)a, Walker returned to the Cards In winter deal after spending several seasons with the Phillies, Cubs and Reds. (AP WircphotoK Stengel Says Yanks Are Team To Beat; Fears Red Sox Most Eight Games On Osceo/a's '50 Grid Card O.sceola High School Coach Rube Eoyce lodny announced an eight- game grid card for the junior Scm- Inoles for 1950. The schedule includes five home ga in es when J u nlor te am s from Marked Tree, Paragould, Shawnee, Dyess and Reiser will appear at Osceola's Hale Field, j Games away from home Include encounters with Shawnee, Reiser and Dyess, all oT which the Junior Semlnoles will (ace twice this year. The schedule: Sept. 28, Shawnee, there; Oct. 5, ; Marked Tree; Oct. 13, Kctacr, there; Oct. 19, Paragould; Oct. 26. Dyp-ss, there; Nov. 2, Shawnee; Nov, 9 T Dyess; Nov. 16, Reiser. fAll gnmes are played at home unless otherwise indicated.) One-Minutp Sports f;tgf. Congratulations to Joe Bccienk, who had the fortitude to admit he preferred the cornier In We life of Penn State conch to the; headaches and dnngh Hint, goes with coaching football. . '. Terry Mnlfin, who has handled ttic paper work on the PGA circuit for the past'two years, has gone to the Cnpe Fear Country Club at Wilmington, N.C., as club pro. . . Charley Hirnsinger. who Is supposed to replace George McAfee on the Chicago Bears next fall, Is keeping In Ahnpe by playing Independent basketball with a squad of Florida footballers llita winter. . , When George Hatais learns about \l, Charley won't need H telephone to hear his moans. . Capsule report on Citation's difficulties at Santa Anita: So Noor and yet so far. " . Quote, Unquote Um Barbara (after playing In the recent St. Petersburg open golf): "The field wns so closely bunched I took Unee putts from the edge ol one green and 60 players passed me.' 1 Training Camp Briefs ST. PETERSBURG, Fla.. March 7 (;!>)_Fred Sanlord. Wnlly Hood and Don Johnson, in that order, will handle the pitching chores for the New York Yankees next Saturday when the wo rid cl i am [)io ti s meet the St, Louis Cardinals in the first exhibition game. The trio— n\\ righthanders—took. part in yesterday's drill and showed to advantage. Cleaning Ihr Cuff Bobby Permnne, who wns Injured ever a year ago, hopes to resume riding when Ihe New York racing season opens next month. . . Cornell, which doesn't rmve a boxing team, will enter three men in J.Vie eastern boxing championships - at Syracuse Friday and Saturday, Proceeds of pre-scason exhibitions between Cleveland Browns and San Francisco 49'urs will -finance an expedition to French Fqmtorlnl Africa to collect, animals for the Cleveland '/.act. Any plnycr who mKses a block is liable to learn Paul Brown hn.s signed him up for the trip. PHOENIX. Ariz.; March 7. 1X1- Handsome Jack Kramer, obtained from the Boston Red Sox will take his first turn on the mound for the Nc w York Giants tomorrow. The ex-Anicricnn Leaguer, determined to make the Red Sox riiR the sale, will hurl in part of the giants' batting practice. ST. PETERSBURG, Fin/, March 7. M')—Sou thpa w pi Uiher 1 -Jar ry recheeri predicts lie will do much etter this year than last when he on 14 games and lost 11 for the t. Louis Cardinals, He hopes lo come back to orm when he won 20 and losI even. Harry look a turn on the mount batting practice yesterday and nid he felt great Tie attribute: ils 19-19 slump to a bruised lef ndex finger suffered on opening lay. SAFE VIEW — Spectators get a close but safe view of proceedings from behind glass partition as Tony Lcswick, lef I, of Inc Hangers and Bill Ezinlcki of Toronto go after each other instead of the puck in Madison Square Garden. New York defeated the Maple Leafs, 2-1, in , National Hockey League game. College Cage Results By the Associated Tress Easl Columbia 60, Cornel] 53. La Salle 83. Boston College 61. Vlllanovn 82. Georgetown (1X5) 72 Brown 54, Dartmouth 48 Tufts 72, Boston Univ 50 ' Delta State 55. Bast Tctlnc-ssce 47 Pikevillc (Ky) 66, IKwassc (Tenn) 51 Tennorcee Wesleyan 85, Youn Harris (Ga) 61 I.iiKlscy Wilson (Ky) 8G, Mat Hill (NO CO Camribcllsvillc (Kyi 69. St. Bcr narrt (Aln> 54 Minnesota 04, Iowa 49 St. louts 12, Tulsa 51 txiyola ot Chicago 10, Valparaiso (Inrt) 63 Detroit 61. Drake 47 Missouri 71. Iowa State 59 Kent State 08. Western Reserve 4 Washington (St. Louis> 40. Crcii-h BURBANK, Calif.. March 7. —With a full -veck of traintne behind, the St. Wills Browns were latetl lo open nn intra-sqimd scrlc of eamcs today. Manager Kack Taylor said ever, man on the 25-plaver squad wollli •ice action In the first contest. Frank Ovennire. BUI pilffrlm an' Burke McLauehlin drew the pilch \s osslpnmcnt on one team whll 'oinniv Fine. Jim Unchurch an Les Stone will pitch for the riv; team. Riley-Welch Mot Duo Beats lush. Car I'm Tex Rilcy and Lester Welch had o revert to sheer strength but man- gcd .to takn a tni; match decision rom Wild Bill Rush and Johnny Jarlin In the main event of the merlcau Legion's wrestling bouts at letnorial Auditorium last night. Welch, youngest of the four \vrest- rig Cherokee Indian brothers, was ailed in as a last minute substitute or Rcc! Mclntyre, who did not show ip for the bout. Riley and-Welch won the decision »y taking the first and third falls •f the bojt Iwo of three falls event, \nd they had to throw their usual echnlques overboard and rely on sole rule of fist to gain the dcci- ion. Rush, a hairless heavy who halls rom Gaiveston, Tex,, was making IK first appearance in Blytheville He Ls an exponent of catch-ns- catch-can grappling, a style which both nigged and rule-defying, Welch and Riley took the first fall in 24 minutes, with'Riley 'winning over Curlin in 16 minutes with full nelson and Welch defeating Rush eight minute.? later with kangaroo kicks and a body pin. The second fall was won by Riisl nnd Carlin. with Carlin defeating Riley in 10 minute. 1 ; with body slam, and a pin and Rush winning ovc Welch in five minutes with a oral hold. The third fall went to Riley an Welch in only 13 minutes, wtt' Welch defeating Rush in 10 mln ute.s with kangaroo kicks and a bod pin and Riley defeating Carlin three minutes hi the same manne: In the two one-fall preliminarj bouts, Welch defeated Rush an Riley won over Carlin. By Jack Hand fr- ST. PETERSBURG, Fla., March 7. (/p)—They laughed when Casey Stengel picked his New York Yankees 1-2-3 last spring. Now they Iston when he says "we're the team Lo beat." Old Case "sells" the Yanks like the medicine shows used lo peddle pills' lor' what alls you. Pretty soon you buy, even if you don't want any. "Sure we're the team to beat,' said Stengel out of the side of his mouth, adding a confidential wink. "But I think all my players realize this Is 1950," he said, "we won the world championship last year. Now It's all got to be done ajraln. "I respect Boston first. Detroit Ls stronger, too. Cleveland. I don't get loo much of a line on. Philadelphia may need more surplus. Chicago should be stronger and St. Louis we don't know." Omits Washington Whether by design or oversight, lie didn't mention Woshlngton, now managed by the ex-Yank Bucky Harris. "They'll all be laying for us," said Casey, "different than last spring when you fellows all picked fifth. But we ought to be a little better. "Jo DiMaggio looks belter right now than he did all last season. No bad heel, no aches and pains, no virus. "Am T going to use the shift this year? I don't know yet. You know didn't do any shirting last year with three or four players. Yogi Bern was in there all the time. So wen Phil Rizzulo. Tommy Henrich ant DiMnngio. when he was able. "I figure a lot of times a certain Itter can attfck a pitcher bettn iian another. Why not get him 1 lie lineup? I'm not saying In lift would work for second divl- on clubs. They usually haven't got nough for a first team." Braves M^y Get Bid to NIT, NCAA Ohio State Ranked Second; Kentucky Heads Holy Cross IJy John Chandler NEW YORK. March 7. (AP)—The Braves of Bradley University were an overwhelming choice today as the nation's No. 1 college basketball team In the final associated press 'Y'City Cage Loop To Close Season i-un f sfr poll of the season. Now till tile clussy club from Pcoria, 111., has to do is show the basketball public thnt (lie nation's spoils writers nnd broadcasters were right In lioislini: them to the pinnacle vm the ballot. Bradley, with a 27-3 record, gets Its chance to do Just that In Die Na- ional invitation Tournament be- jinning Saturday at Madison Square Garden. In addition, the Peoria lads iave further opportunity to cement YELPING DOCS — England 1 . J. T. Holden enters Eden Park to win the 26-mile marathon 'on Hie last day of the Empire Games in Auckland, New Zealand. Both feet were cut and bleeding, the result of traveling (he last seven miles in pouring rain over hard surfaced roads in bare feet. Stengel still has hopes of getting nother pitcher in a trade for some Yankee surplus talent. He .is puzzled •hy other managers aren't Inter- stcd In men who helped the Yanks vln the pennant. Historians say that the phenomena of "static electricity" first as noted in 600 B. c. by Tlmlcs, reek philosopher, when he produced sparks by rubbing lodestones vith amber. Rupp Predicted .PrnrJ/ey As Notion's Top Team NEW YORK, March 7. W) Adolph Rupp, Kentucky basketbal coach, was right. Last Nov. 8, before the season started,^e predictcc in Chicago that Bradley would be the No. 1 cage team this year. Today Bradley was so ranked ii the final Associated Press poll of the season. The Blylheville Y's City Basketball League will close out its regular season play tonight with a pair of games scheduled for the Hale. Field gymnasium. The games are make-up affairs' postponed tilts of Jan. 26 and one will be an all-important affair for the league championship will hinge on its outcome. In one, Hubbard Hardware's All- Stars, winners of first-half league play, will tangle with Holland. If the All-Stars should win they would be declared the league champs without a playoff but if they lose a playoff will be necessary. In the other game tonlpht, Stcele will play the Blylheville Motor Company five. The f j rst game ls sche( |. uled for 7:30. Holy Cross, which dropped its only game of the season Saturday to Columbia after running up 2S straisht victories. Kentucky won the 1!>-19 ,lieir claims In National Collcniatc' AP poll after compiling a 2"M rr~- Athlctic Association competition. i or A. Ohio State was 20th in last Bradley will meet the winner of the Bi^ Seven Conference title— either Nebraska. Kansas State or Kansas—March 20 at Kansas City for the right to represent District 5 In Uie NCAA western regional tournoy Mnrch 24-25. Get 00 First I'lnce Voles With a total of 2C6 votes cast- largest number of the season in the weekly AP pell—Dradlcy copped 90 first place ballots and a totul of 1,- FC2 point^. A week ago the Braves sot only 42 votes for first and 1.21-1 points. Ohio State, which captured the Big Ten crown and wound up with a 19-3 record, remained in second place with 1,435 points. Ohio State conies to Now York /or the eastern N'CAA regional tourney, March 2325. The eastern and western winners S«n"le March 28 at Madison Sciunrc Garden for the nnticrial NCAA croM-n, won by Kentucky last yenr. Kentucky, moving fas now after a a shaky start this year, moved nito third place in the final poll. Kentucky was fourth last week, and In a close point battle with Holy Cro:s dumped the Crusaders from thirc to fourth. Kentucky (24-5) and winner of the Southeastern conference tourney last week, receiver 1,294 points, compared to 1,238 for year's final poll. All of the teams In the top ten last week stuck there this lime, but Iherc were some other shifts in position. N. C. Slate Fiilh North Carolina State, which blasted through Us fourth straight Southern Conference tournament championship last week, moved from eighth in last wek's balloting to fifth. The Wolfpack wound up with a 24-5 mark. DuQuesne, (22-3) upset by Akron and Baldwin-Wallace last wflfc fell from fifth to sixth; U.C.ljSf, (22-5) which split with Southern California last week, dropoed from sixth to seventh; Western Kentucky, (24-5) went down a notch from seventh to eighth. St. John's of Brooklyn (22-41 took ninth spot, trading places with la Salle of Philadelphia, (20-3). St. John's was the only out•fit in the top 10 which didn't receive a first place vote. —SAVE— Up lo 50% on your auto body and fonder repairs. Complete paint jobs as low ns $'25. Satisfaction guaranteed or you don't pay. HOT'S BODY SHOP 110 S. Lilly Fhone 3456 guess" that five tenms \vo\i\t! figV for the flag—Boston New York, Detroit, Clcvnlaml and Philadelphia. LAKELAND. Fla., March 7. ( President Will Hnrrldsc o f th American Lcnauc has a good word lor the Detroit Timers. On a visit here the nrcsy- told Manager Red Rolfc "Your club looks a lot stronger" but lie added that so do most of the other teams in the Iftagitc. II w n s Unrridpe's "personal IT PAYS YOU To Keep Vour Slio« In GOOD REPAIR H-flLT€RS QUflUTY SHO€ CHO •". MO I N ST. NOW 6" a Fifth HAVE YOU TASTED the bonded Bourbon prized by Kentuckians since 1872? It's Yellowstone, famous for a flavor all its own—dcliciously mellow i . . rich but not heavy. Ask for Yellowstone. (OtHED (M 6ONO Br YEUOWSrONE, INC., lOUISVIllE. KtHUJCKY Barrett Hamilton, Inc., Little Kock RUBE CARSON JOINS LANGSTON-McWATERS See Rvibe for a good buy in a new Buick or a good deal on a used car trade. Come in and see him for a car or just call 555 and ask for Rube Carson. Adv. I here s good reason why FalslafT is preferred over nil other beers. FalslafT's got something! A flavor no other heer can match. It's dry, light. . . but lively! FalstafT is brewed only with premium quality grain, premium quality hopsanc! n premium quality yeast so rare it's INSURED FOR ONK MILLION noi.iw Compare FnlslalT with any locally-brcuxd beer. Compare it with any prcvnit/ni-pnccrfbecr. Sec for your- •clf why Falstaff outsells ANY other beer nearly 2 to 1 Announcement Effective March 1, 155* SHIRLEY HIPP Is the nc>v consignee for fALSTAff OtffSZLLS Magnolia Petroleum Co. niyllievlllc, Ark. Phone 4091 mote pec tiisn aiy other beer. „'' If No Answer, Call 740 ton 38 Wilminpton 85.!llain 82 Tljunline 70, Duluth Branco Minnesota 05 Ccntrnl IMO) 58. Southwest Missouri state 31 North D:\kotu 88. Vnllcy Cily (NO! Tclus 11 Smith Dakota 69. Huron <SD) College 55 Colorado 58. Oklahoma Arizona 63. Hjmlin-Simrnons -H Brltjliain Younp 75. Denver Montana Univ 80. Western Montana 53

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