Star-Phoenix from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada on January 4, 1974 · 24
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Star-Phoenix from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada · 24

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
Issue Date:
Friday, January 4, 1974
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24 the STAR-PHOENIX Saskatoon, Friday, January 4, 1974 NOTICES (Continued) DEATHS (Continued) DEATHS (Continued) FUNERAL DIRECTORS 7 (continued) HELP WANTED Continued) 12 .Britain LONDON (CP) Things are nesses. Businesses are re- maybe minus one," a Coal foing from bad to worse in stricted to three days of elec- Board spokesman said, ritain's economic and indus- tricity a week. ' Prices fell on the London trial crisis. One salon faces a fine of 400 stock exchange and the pound The government says 729,000 ($980) for switching on Its hair sterling continue to plummet, persons are unemployed as a driers on a day it was not sup- The Conservative govern-direct result of a three-day posed to use electricity. ment's handling of the crisis work week imposed to save Secretaries and clerks worked was attacked Thursday by Op-energy, by candlelight, often in over- position Leader Harold Wilson. Shortages of bread and ciga- coats and scarves because there He urged Prime Minister Ed- rettes are also feared due to the was no heat. ward Heath to stop what he crisis while women may have to Britain is also being affected called rule by confrontation and pass up visits to the hair- by a slowdown by railway engi- to take a more conciliatory atti- dresser. neers. There were reports of tude toward the industrial dis- Hope for an end to the crisis frustrated commuters threat- putes. diminished Thursday when the government pay board turned down a demand by miners to be paid for time they spend taking a bath after working in the pits, This demand was seen by many as the last hope of ending a crippling work slowdown by miners. The slowdown has re- suited in a shortage of elec- miners nave reiusea to tricity and along with the oil work overtime, essential to pit shortage has Britain in the maintenance and full produc- grips of what politicians say is tlon- , , . , , the worst crisis since the Sec- f add to Britain's woes even ond World War. further, the powerful Engineer- The 729,000 workers the gov- ng Union, with 1.5 million men ernment says are idle due to involved in key industries, the three-day work week in--voted to launch a work slow- clude those either laid off or on down once a normal five-day part-time work and drawing week returns, unemployment insurance. Tens The union turned down a pay of thousands are not at work offer within the limits of the but are being paid. , government's counter-inflation On top of the 729,000 unem- regulations. These restrict in-ployed due to the energy crisis, creases to seven per cent. .The there are 490,000 persons who engineers want 20 per cent were out of work before the more. crisis began. This is out of a The government's anti-in-work force of 25 million. - flation policy is also at the British bakers announced to- centre of the miners' and engi- day they will cut bread produc- neers' disputes. Both have de- tion by five per cent to help manded increases more than save electricity. It will mean a the seven-per-cent limit, reduction of nearly 3,000 tons of Paying the miners for time bread a week and retailers fear washing up was one possible it may lead to shortages almost way around the curbs. The pay immediately. board ruled it is not possible to The shortages of cigarettes is pay the miners overtime for the due to workers in that industry 30 minutes they spend on every being on a shortened work shift washing up and changing week. clothes because it is not consid- Hairdressers say they face ered working time, ruin because power curbs mean "The pay board's ruling has they cannot run their busi- Sketches show the West in early days OTTAWA (CP) Winnipeg "Various settlers had been in was "a miserable-looking vil- lage of 300 people" in the early The Graphic, "and their ac-1870s, but by the time the Mar- counts appear to have been quis of Lome visited it in 1881 it uniformly eulogistic of the rich-was a thrivingtown of 15,000 ness of the soil and its mar-"which would do credit to a vellous fertility, while the cli-much older and more .famous mate, though cold in winter, place." was pronounced superior to that So wrote an artist-correspond- f Ontario whence a large pro-ent for The Graphic, an illus- Prt"n of the settlers appear to trated weekly newspaper in nave come. London, England, during a tour Sydney Prior Hall covered of Western Canada bv the then wars and royal tours for The governo r-general. It was Graphic before joining the frankly political odyssey, de- Lome odyssey, in days when signed to promote settlement of newspaper pictures were wood the West and to strengthen the engravings prepared from art-British Empire. ists sketches before the days ', . t of photo-electric engraving and More than 50 on-the-spot halftone printing plates. 6 Vr if . ,oof u c a West as it was in 1881, by Syd- ney Prior Hall, special artist of Tka fIo rV maim a ea rn Hie. U'T play at the National Archives. here. They will be sent on tour starting m March, opening first in Banff, Alta., and then mov- ing east, possibly as far as St. John's, Nfld. Lord Lome, husband of Queen Victoria'3 daughter Princess Louise, travelled by train lake and river boat and on horse- i i. t.. i r-: . . . , u t tni . r f ' i !L foothills of the Rockies in the summer and fall of 1881 The most important people in the vice-regal party of a score or so were the newspaper and magazine correspondents and artists, invited by the governor- general to see and describe the flories of the West particularly tneir enticements to settlers. TELEPHONE X. SERVICE yV. Monday through Friday PLrS S 8:30 am. - 8:30 p.m. T jf- I Saturdays S Q S I 8:30 a.m. - Nooiir Wrh o o From bad to ivorse ening the engineers at stations. Leaders of the miners' union meet next Thursday to plan their next. move. They are ex- pected to order their 249,000 men t0 Intensify their seven- week-old campaign and may cal1 fo.r a vote on whether to go on strike. ... put us back to square one, or terviewed on the way," said He died in 1921, at the age of en ,o,, kf v,ia death 20 of hjs ori , , J drawings from the Lome tour t0 the National Archives. The selection of 52 pictures is being iirculated with a four-page ...!.. i v, iB.Kv.?').inv. newsDlner format of The Graphic of 1881 Included are pictures of a flo Tjtn nr hnnts mrrvino th mv. Crnor-general's party across t ,u nf thp wnnris tntvi innw ' in a P'th helmet, casual but very, very British, and shacks and sod huts or Prairie settlers, The exhibit now is tentatively scheduled to eo to Banff. Cal gary, Saskatoon, Brandon, Win nipee, Kincston. Ont.. Halifax, St. John's, and Fredericton, but other cities may be added to the tour, an archives official said. " appeal to him to withdraw his veto cease his politicking," the Labor party leader said, "Far more than the fate of his government and his obsessions are at stake, -what he endangers Is the (ate of Britain." 1 RATES Star-Phoenix Classified Ad Rates: Nine Cents Pel1 Word Per Day Six Consecutive Insertions for the Price of Five Minimum Count 12 Words Minimum Charge $1.10 Per Day Classified Display is charged at $4,48 per siiiKle column inch. Where 10 point or large type is desired by the advertiser for the com plete advertisement the rate Der word is isc per day. Minimum count 12 words, minimum daily chant figures in groups of five or less, dollar marks, Initial letters, etc.. count as one word. Where one line is set in 10 point and the balance set in ordinary classified tvne the charge Is 96c per day for the 10 point line. Where tne use 01 a box number Is desired, count as four words extra. City or rural siar-fnoenix box Numbers please add 81.00 extra to cover cost of handling and postage. While every endeavor will be made to forward replies to box numbers to the advertiser as soon as possible, we accept no liability in respect of loss or damage alleged to rise through either failure or delay in forwarding such replies however caused, whether by negligence or otherwise. City advertisers must pick up box replies at the Star-Phoenix office. The Star-Phoenix assumes no responsibility for error after the first Inser tion. NOTICES Death and Funeral NnHrvn C.I sn fnr first 125 words. Each additional word. ne. Dirms. Marriages, in Memoriums, Engagements. Cards of Thanks - $3,00 first 50 words. Each additional word uc per word. CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING Semi-Displays Accented 8:30 a.m. to 12 noon daily Monday to Friday for publication following day texcepi noiiaays.i Word Ads Accepted Office Hours: 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. for following day's publication. 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MAIL SUBSCRIPTION RATES IN SASKATCHF.WAV 1 year $40.00 IS months $22.00 3 months $12.50 1 month $ 5.00 bat. oniy 39 00 per yr. ey lamer tra cent! per week To AH Other Provinces in Canada 1 year $45.00 sai. oniy, per year $12.00 U.S.A. and Foreign 1 year ... $52.00 sat. only, per year $15.00 CLOSED ALL DAY SATURDAY, SUNDAYS CLASSIFIED AD PHONE 653-2100 TOO LATE TO CLASSIFY 1973 340 ARCTIC CAT. ELECTRIC start. Excellent condition, $1,125. 242-4123. ' l-u-c NOTICES NOTICE i From this date I will not be responsible for any debts contracted In my name other than those Incurred by myself. , . Signed: Harold E. Locke, 118 lllth St., Saskatoon. Sask. 1-7-p CLASSIFIED as near as your phone CALL For a friendly classified ad-visor Save! H EUlif Gil tin UseOurU-UHH rLHN Phone your ad In now! It's easy and more economical on our 6 day plan. Schedule your ad for six consecutive days, receive the 6th day FREE. (When you get results, phone and your ad will be cancelled before next day's publication, you will be charged only for days published). NOTICE TO CREDITORS IN THE ESTATE OP WILLIAM HENRY MARSHALL, late of the City of Saskatoon, in the Province of Saskatchewan, Division Manager, Deceased. All clalmi against the above Estate, duly verified by statutory declaration and with particulars and valuation of security held, if any, must be sent to MONTREAL TRUST COMPANY. Box 197, Regina, Saskatchewan before the 11th day of January. A.D. 1974. MacDERMID & COMPANY 905 Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce Building Saskatoon. Saskatchewan S7K OB8 f Solicitors for the Executor, Montreal Trust CouiDanv. 1-5-c NOTICE TO CREDITORS IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF DAVID ALLISON HOLL1NGS WORTH, late of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, retired, deceased. All claims against the above estate, duly verified by Statutory Declaration and with particulars and valuation of security held, if any, must be sent io ine uuaersigneo Qeiore ine 23111 Day 01 January. A. v. ivi. CO-OPERATIVE TRUST COMPANY OF CANADA 333-4th Avenue North Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Executors. 1-5-c-s NOTICE TO CREDITORS IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF EDITH ALICE ADAMS, late of Saskatoon, in the Province of Saskatchewan, Widow, Deceased. AU claims against the above estate duly verified by Statutory Declaration and with particulars and valuaUon of security held, If any, must be sent to the undersigned before the 4tli day of February, 1974. CO-OPERATIVE TRUST COMPANY OF CANADA 333-4th Avenue North Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Executors 1-5-c-s IN THE BANKRUPTCY OF MAC'S ELECTRIC LTD. 149 JESSOP AVENUE SASKATOON, SASKATCHEWAN Take notice that the premises of the above bankrupt will be open to the public on Monday. January 7. 1974 from 1 to 3 p.m. for persons interested in viewing the estate assets which are for sale. The assets for sale Include uie land and building, complete office furniture and fixtures, shop tools, two old trucks, and the stock In trade of the bankrupt. Anyone Interested in submitting an offer to purchase any or all of the estate assets should do so in writing to Uie undermentioned trustee prior to 10:00 a.m. Friday, January 11, 1974. P. D. HANSEN TRUSTEE FOR THE ESTATE OF MAC'S ELECTRIC LTD. IN BANKRUPTCY 405 C.N. TOWERS SASKATOON, SASKATCHEWAN TELEPHONE 652-9890. 1-5-c TENDERS Canada Department Of Public Works TENDERS SEALED TENDERS addressed to the undersigned, Department of Public Works. CANADA, 902 Spadina Crescent East, SASKATOON. Saskatchewan, endorsed TENDER FOR: CLEANING CONTRACT, POST OFFICE BUILDING. SASKATOON, Saskatchewan. will be received until 3:00 P.M., C.S.T., JANUARY 29, 1974. Tender documents can be obtained on deposit of $25.00 in the form of a CERTIFIED BANK CHEQUE made payable to the RECEIVER GENERAL FOR CANADA through the Department of Public Works, Canada. 902 Spadina crescent bast, saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Building Manager: R. Erickson, DPW Saskatoon, Sask. Phone: 244-0135. The deposit will be released on return of the documents In good condition within one- month from the date of tender opening. To be considered each tender must be submitted on the printed forms supplied by the Department and In accordance with the conditions set forth therein. The' lowest or any necessarily accepted. tender not J. J. Sclssons. AMgr. Administrative Services, Saskatchewan District. 1-5-c DEATHS GEIGER THE DEATH OF MRS. Elizabeth Frances Geiger, age 41 years, of Eston. Sask., occurred In a Saskatoon hospital on Wednesday, January 2nd, 1974. The funeral mass will be held on Saturday. Jan. 51 h at 10.30 a.m. from Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Church, Eston, conducted by Rev. R. L. Kleiter. Prayers will be said at Sacred Heart Church. Eston, Friday evening at 8.00 Em. Surviving are: her loving bus-and, Frank; two daughters. Valerie and Debra; and one son. Wayne, all at home; her father. Mr. Wendlin Senger. Mendham. Sask.: three sisters. Mrs. V, Dick (Emma), Cal-gary. Mrs. R. Geiger tLena). Edmonton, and Mrs. P. Rless (Catherine), Regina: four brothers, John Senger. Edgewater, B.C., Henry Senger, Red Deer, Alberta, Edward Senger, Edmonton, and William Senger. Victoria. She was predeceased by her mother In 1953 and by a brother, Emmanuel in 1953. The late Mrs. Geiger was born at Mendham, Sask. and attended school there. She moved to Eston in 1945 and had lived there since that Ume. Mrs. Geiger was an active member of Sacred Heart Church at Eston and was very active in an community arralrs at Eston. Interment will take Place In the Eston Cemetery. Arrangements are in care of Westwood Funeral Chapel. 1-5-c No. of Per I Words Day I Dwl 12 1.10 5.S0 18 1.62 8.10 24 2.16 10.80 30 2.70 13.50 BAYET THE DEATH OF JOSEPH John Bayet age 73 years of Rural Landis occurred in Biggar Union Hospital on December 27, 1973. Surviving are wife Mary. Landis: daughters Mrs. Marie Scott and Mrs. Bertha Bralthwaile both of Landis. Brothers Bruno. Chilllwack. B.C.; John and Emil, both of Landis. Sis ter Mrs. Valentine Ughtburn, Viscount ana granacnuaren. The late Mr. Bayet was born In Liege, Belgium on March 1, 1900. he came to Canada with his parents in 1911 and has farmed in the Oban. Palo, Landis district until his retirement In 1968. The Funeral Service was held Dec. 29, 1973 at 10 a.m. from Our Lady oi rauma, ianais, conducted ay Kev. Ft. A. J. Schmidt. Active pallbearers were: Ned Bent, Lewis Kauf-man, Floyd Warren, R. Gillespie, Emll Lehnert, Alex Scott. Interment was made In the Landis Cemelerv. Biggar Funeral Home in charge of arrangements. i-5-c CHASTNEY THE PASSING OF MR. James Chastney, age 80 years, of 428 Ave. T. South. Saskatoon, formerlv of Sonningdale. Sask., occurred in a basicaioon hospital on Jan. 1, 1974. The funeral service will be held on Saturday. January 5 at 2 n.m. (Standard Time) from Uie Sonningdale United Church conducted by Dr. Frank Myers and Rev. R. V. Newman. The family gratefully decline floral tributes, memorial donations may be made to the Sonningdale United Church. Park Funeral Chapel will be in charge. Surviving are: three daughters. Mrs. Winnlfred Greer of Minnedosa, Man., Mrs. Tliclma Noehre of Blsmark, North Dakota. Mrs. Cecil Johnson (Huzeli of North Battleford; two sons. James Eric of Hamilton. Ont., Ernest ol Sonningdale, Sask.: a sister-in-law, Mrs. Phyllis Chastney living In B.C.: also two sisters survive. 21 grandchildren and 24 great-grandchildren. Mr. Chastney was predeceased by his wife June In 1987. A pioneer resident oi Saskatchewan, Mr. Chastney was born in Norfolk, England and came to Canada in 1912 sealing at Speers, Sask. In 1921 he moved to Fielding. Sask. where he resided until 1028 when tie took up residence at Sonningdale, residing in Sonningdale until 1964 when tie moved to Saskatoon where he had lived until his passing. Mr. Chastney served with the Militia at Aldershot. England prior to his coming to Canada In 1912. He was active in the Sask. Farmers' Union. Interment will be made In the family plot in the Sonningdale Cemetery. 1-5-c COLE ON DECEMBER 27, 1973 at Grace Hospital, Edmond Salter Cole, aged S4 years, of 864 Kildo-nan Drive, East Kildonan. Mr. Cole had been employed with Shell Oil for 35 years, retiring In 1961. He was a member of Gloria Del Lutheran Church. Surviving are: two sons Fred P. of Saskatoon and Jack of Wlllowdale, Ontario: one daughter. Mrs. H. E. McDonald (June! of East Kildonan; eight grandchildren: three great grandchildren; one sister, Mrs. Daisy Fowler of Rosetown, Sask.. and one brother Cecil Cole of Calrarv. Fu neral service was held in the Gloria Del Lutheran Church. Charles-wood on Monday, December 31 at 2:15 p.m. Pastor J. Bunting officiated. Interment took place In Elm-wood Cemetery. The Thomson Funeral Chapels in care of arrangements. 1-5-c HASKELL THE DEATH OF MRS. Lois E. Haskell, occurred in Kic-n mond. Va. January 2nd. 1974. The funeral service was held Jan, 4th from the Bliley Funeral Chapel, con- ducted by Dr. Josiah Hoover. Mrs. Haskell was a long-time resident of Saskatchewan moving to Saskatoon from Rose Valley in 1940. She left Saskatoon In November. 1972, to make her home with her only son, Vernon, in Richmond. Sue was pre deceased by her husband, Sidney, in 1954. and is survived py ner son, Vernon and three grandchildren. Vernon Jr. Amy. and Sidney. She was a member of Third Avenue United Church. 1-7-p HOWARD THE DEATH OF JOHN Reginald Howard, age 82 years, of 453 Birch Crescent, Saskatoon, occurred in a local hospital on January 3, 1974, The funeral service will be held on Saturday. January 5th at 1.30 p.m. from the Chapel of Saskatoon Funeral Home conducted by Rev. Frank Meadows. (In lieu of flowers donations to the Canadian Cancer Society would be appreciated.) Surviving are: a sister, Mrs. Mark (Pat) Cassels of Ponlhiil. Ontario; a niece, Mrs Paul (Muriel) Dineley of Toronto: three stepsons, Kenneth Asmus-sen and Donald Asmussen of North BatUeford and Jerrold Asmussen of Prince Albert; eight grandchildren and several nieces and nephews. Mr. Howard was born In Markdale, Ontario. In 1913 he graduated from the College of Pharmacy from the University of Ontario and practised in Tor- , onto until his retirement. He had resided in Saskatoon for the past five years. Mr. Howard served overseas with Hie R.C.A.M.C. during World War I and had been a member of ihn nnval ranaHian Lerion in Ontario. Cremation to follow. (Courtesy parking south of the Chapel on 4tn Avenue at 25th Street.) 1-5-c KOHUT THE DEATH OF MR-Steve Kohut. age 86 years, of 813 7th St.. East. Saskatoon, occurred In a local hospital on Wednesday. Jan. 2nd. 1974. The funeral mass will be held on Saturday. Jan. 5th at 9.30 a.m. from St. George's Ukrainian Catholic Cathedral, conducted by Rt. Rev. J. Olynyk. Prayers will be said at Westwood Funeral Chapel Friday evening at 7.30 p.m. Surviving are: his loving wife, Katy: three daughters. Mrs. Mary Kostlnitik. Saskatoon. Mrs. J- Frost (Martha), Saskatoon, and Mrs. J. Robinson (Rose). Vancouver: one son, John, Saskatoon; seven grandchildren; and one great-grandenuo. ine laie iwr. ruiiui was born in the Ukraine and came to Canada in . 1914. He lived at several points In Saskatchewan and Alberta until 1921. when he settled " at Floral, Sask., and was employed with the CNR. Mr. fconui naa uvea in Saskatoon since 1951 and was retired since 1952. Interment will take place in the Catholic Cemetery. Arrangements are in care of Westwood Funeral Chapel. 1-5-c KALUZV THE DEATH OF MR, George Kaiuzy. age sa years oi ret-rinp Sask.. occurred In Saskatoon December 29. 0973. Mr. Kaiuzy was born in Kiev. Russia and came to Canada in 1910 where he worked on railroad construction in Northern Ontario for a number of years, and In various factories in Toronto. In 1919 he farmed in Duperow district then moved to anotner larm at rer-due in 1925 and married Mary Helch-man. Mr. Kaiuzy was active on the School Board and Perdue Rural Telephones. He was a founding member of the Sask. Wheat Pool. Mr. Kaiuzy Is survived by his wife Mary of Perdue, daughters Mrs. (Agnes) Ivan Blackwell. Melfort: Miss Alice. Biggar: son Elmer. Perdue: two, sisters. Polly and Eva of Russia and 2 grandchildren. He was predeceased y one brother. The funeral service u-n held January 2. at 2 p.m. from Arlee Mennonlte Brethern Church, conducted bv Pastor John Siemens. Honorary pallbearers were Alex Hon-charuk, Fred Fertuck. Steve Krlvo-sheln, Nick Tederoff. Anton Dnest-ransky, John Shoforast. Henry Ra-buka, John Komadoski. Active pallbearers were: Chip Anderson. Steve Jalbert. Jim Whaley. Durwood Spencer. Tom Serak. David Kowalenko. Interment was made in the Arlee Mennonlte Brethern Cemetery with Biggar Funeral Home in charge of arrangements. 1-5-c KUHN THE DEATH OF MR. OTTO Kuhn, age 72 years of 1625 Ave. J, North, Saskatoon, occurred at his residence on Tuesday, January 1st, 1974. The funeral service will be held on Saturday. January 5th at Chapel conducted by Rev. H. Nach-1:30 p.m. from Westwood Funeral tigall. Surviving are: his loving wife. Hannah: two daughters. Mrs. R. (Frieda) McAmmond. Edmonton and Mrs. J. (Marlon! Laroque, BatUeford. Sask.; six grandchildren. The late - Mr. Kuhn was born In Germany and came to Canada, settling at North Battleford. He farmed at llfiley, Sask., from 1932 to 1947 and at Medslead, Sask., from 1847 until retiring In 192. Mr. Kuhn had lived In Saska toon since 1962. Interment will take place In Woodlawn Cemetery. Arrangements are In care of West-wood Funeral Chapel. 1-5-c MacSOKLEY THE DEATH OF Carrie L. MacSorley, age 86 years of 717 Ave. M, soutn, saskatoon, occurred In a local hnsoital on Janu ary 3rd, 1974. The funeral service will be held on Monday, January 7th at 1.30 p.m. from McKague's Funeral Home conducted by Kev. N. S. Ding wall, surviving are: one oaugnter, Mrs L. (Vera) Jones of Saskatoon: tour sons, liuwin, uoruon, ivan ana Bill all of Saskatoon; six grandchildren and two great-grandchildren; one brother, George Wilson of Winnipeg. Mrs. MacSorley was predeceased by her husband Jolm in July, 1958, She farmed with her late husband in the Environ district for many years prior to retiring to Saskatoon In 1951. Interment wlU I made In the family plot In the Eagle Creek Cemetery. Guest parking directly south of the Funeral Home, Third Ave, and 20th Street. 1-5-c MATHIAS THE DEATH OF CURTIS William Matiuas. age 16 months. Infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Dwlght Mathias of Luseland, Sask.. occurred In a Saskatoon hospital on January 2nd, 1974. The funeral service will be held on Saturday, Jan. 5th. 1B74 at 1030 a.m. M.S.T. from Luseland Canadian Martyrs Roman Catholic Church, conducted by Rev. J. Fetsch. Surviving are: his parents; one sister. Kimberley; and one brother, Craig, at home: his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. William Mathias of Lethbridge. and Mr. and Mrs. Steve Chaban of North BatUeford. The family would ' appreciate donations to the Canadian Cancer Society, 305 219 22nd Street. East. Saskatoon. Sask. Interment will be made In the Luseland Cemetery. 1-5-c ORDWAY THE DEATH OF MR. Gerome eleven Ordway of Outlook, Sask., occured in Outlook Union Hospital on Dec. 31. 1973. at the age of 85 years. Mr. Ordway was born at St. John, Michigan, Sept. 27, 1888. He came to Canada in 1908 and home-stiaded north of Outlook in the Nary School district. In 1930 he started a market garden and In 1967 he re- , tired to Outlook. Surviving are 3 daughters, June of Invermere, B.C., Doris of Holden, Alberta, and Hazel of Vancouver, B.C.: one son Richard of Outlook. 8 , grandchildren and 2 greatgrandchildren. Predeceased by his wife. Pearl In 1944. Funeral services will be held Saturday, Jan. 5, at 2 p.m. from Belhlemem Luther-eran Church. Outlook. Sask. Interment will follow in Sask. River Cem etery. 1-5-c SHEPERD THE DEATH OF MAG. gie Sheperd of Borden, Sask., occurred in Extendlcare, saskatoon. Dec. 21. 1973. at the age of 89 years, sne was acuve in ine Theatre box office until after the war. She moved to the coast in 1945, but returned to Biggar after 'he death of her husband, Frank, in 1968. She was the oldest St. Paul's Church member at tne time or her death Her home and her family were her chief interests, &ne is survived by: sons, George and Joseph, both of Bwaar. f rame. Williams Lage. ts.u. daughter. Mrs. Margaret (Ralph) Stacey. Bumaby. B.C.; sister, Miss Beatrice Redfern, England: 13 grandchildren and 11 meat arand- children. Funeral service was held Dec. 24, 1973 at 1:30 p.m. from St. Paul's Anglican Church. Biggar. with Rev. D. Wells officiating. Burial took place in Forest Lawn Cemetery, Vancouver. Biggar funeral Home were in charge of arrange ments. 1-5-c STFWART THE PASSING OF MRS Elizabeth Stewart, age 82 years, of 419 10th Street. East, Saskatoon, occurred in a Saskatoon hosDital on Jan. 2nd, 1974. The funeral service will be held on Saturday, Jan. 5th at 10.30 a.m. from Park Funeral Chapel conducted by Rev. E. Bishop. The family gratefully decline floral tributes, memorial donations may be made to the Canadian Cancer Society, 305 Central Chambers Bldg. Surviving are: two daughters, Mrs. W. C. (Helen) McCutcheon of Carnduff, Saskatchewan. Mrs. A. K. (Edna) Forsyth of Saskatoon; three sons. Rodgie of Toronto. Ont., Wlllard of Oakville, Ontario, Ross of Toronto, Ont.: also surviving are 10 grandchildren: and one great-grandson; a sister. Mrs. Kathleen Hart, Edmonton, Alberta. Mrs. Stewart was predeceased by her husband James In 1958. A resident of Saskatoon for the past 57 years, Mrs. Stewart was born in Pakenham, Ontario and came west to Indian Head where she taught school prior to coming to Saskatoon to teach school. She was married to James Stewart in 1917 and had resided In Saskatoon until her passing. Mrs. Stewart was active In Westminster United Church and later Grace Westminster United Church. Interment will be made in the Hill-crest Memorial Gardens. Courtesy parking north of the Chapel. 1-5-c WEISBECK WED., JAN. 2. 1974, Mr. Joseph Weisbeck of Moose Jtw. Sask. passed awav at the ace of 68 years. He is survived by: his wife Katherine: two sons, Roy of aasKaiuou ana neiiry oi neguia; uue daughter, Mrs. William (Helen) Zerr of Saskatoon: 9 grandchildren: 1 brother. John, Calgary; and 2 sisters, Mary of Saskatoon and Mary 'Eve of Kendal. Sask. The funeral Mass wilt De conducted at St. Jo seph Roman Catholic Church. Moose Jaw on Sat.. Jan. 5 at 9 a.m. In terment will follow at Regina Me morial Gardens. Prayers will be recited in the Parkview Funeral Cha pel, Moose Jaw. Friday, Jan. 4 at 7:30 p.m. 1-5-c WELLWOOD THE DEATH OF Wesley Wellwood. age 89 years, of 316 4th Avenue, North, Saskatoon, occurred at his residence on Jan. 1st, 1974. The funeral service will be held on Saturday, Jan. 5th at 10.00 a.m. from the Chapel of Sas katoon Funeral Home, conducted bv Archdeacon H. W. Brandnck. Surviving are: several nieces and nephews. Mr. Wellwood was born In Dundalk, Ontario and later lived at Brandon. Manitoba. He served overseas during World War I and following Ins discharge lived in Sas katchewan. For the past 4 .rears he had resided, in Saskatoon. Interment will take place in the Soldier's Field. Woodlawn Cemetery. (Ccur-tesv parking south nf the Chanel on 4th Avenue at 25th Street). 1-5-c FUNERALS BITTNER THE FUNERAL SfeRVICE of Mr. Carl Blttner, who "died on December 31st. 1973. was held from All Saints Church. Leask, . Sask. on January 3rd at 2 p.m. conducted by Rev. H. Eriksson. Pallbearers were: David H. Sandin. Otto B. Bittner. George Kugler, Herbert Bittner, Joe stigiicn. Leo cote, jntermeni was made In the Leask Cemetery. Arrangements were in care of Westwood Funeral Chapel. 1-5-c McORlMMON THE FUNERAL SER- vice of Annie McCrlmmon, who died on December i. 193, was neia irom thA Chanel of the Saskatoon Funeral Home on Thursday. January 3rd at 3.30 p.m. conducted by ev. rrea Davies. Pallbearers were: Bill Butter- field, Phillip West, irwin wtiisey, F.u-en Cnxworth. Gordon Coleman Tom Gordon. Interment took place in Woodlawn Cemetery. 1-5-c IN MEMORIAM MILLER IN LOVING MEMORY OF Cecil A. Miller, who passed away January 4, luea. Time nasses and shadows fall But love and remembrance outlasts all. Ever remembered by son. Rex. . . 1-5-p MILLER IN LOVING MEMORY OF Cecil A. Miller who passed away Jan. 4, 1969. He would not wish for sadnesi He would not wish for tears. But just to be remembered Down thru the years. Sadly missed by his wife, Grace and sons Glen, wiimer ana nex, and daughter Jean and children. 1-5- THE STAR-PHOENIX HAS A SUPPLY of verses for your convenience in maklna un your "In Memoriam. ' Xtf CARDS OF THANKS 5 WE WISH TO EXPRESS OUR thanks to the Saskatoon C 1 1 ' Police. Crescent Ambulance Service the doctors, nurses and staff of the University Hospital. Reverend hress- ler. lad es of l ie w nKier l.w.m.u Mr. I. G. Brown. -Reverend William Peters, John and Corny Peters Mr. Fred Rietze, Park Funeral Home Saskatoon and W ebes Funeral Horn Winkler, Manitoba along with our many relatives and friends for their assistance and kind expressions of sympathy through our recent loss -of our dear wife and mother. Mr. Rlenhold Rietze and family. 1-5-c WE WISH TO EXPRESS OUR SIN-cere thanks to Drs. A. A. Dick, A. Slienouda and J. Parker, nurses and staff and V.O.N, of City Hospital for their support during his Illness. The floral tributes antf cards were greatly appreciated. Mrs. Hlslop, Sister Nettle and family. 1-5-p WE EXPRESS THANKS. APPRECIA-Hon to all who share our sorrow, during our recent bereavement. We Include Rev. Peter Mlllen, Rev. Fred Davies. pallbearers, honorary, active, those who sent flowers, In Memoriam gifts to the Canadian Bible Society, also those who sent letters, cards. Thanks to Mrs. J. W. Brecknell for lending her home for tea and the A.C.W. members who assisted, also for the many acts of kindness.' Thanks to Drs. Vecman Robertson, Lofttis and Sommerville. also nurses, Orthopedic staff. V.O.N, and Home Care for their unfailing care and devotion. Jean and Edith Hayward. 1-5-p FUNERAL DIRECTORS 7 PARK FUNERAL CHAPEL Jack M. Blnkley Donald Somers 311 3rd Ave.. No. Phone 244-2103 xtf McKAGUE'S FUNERAL HOME M. McKague R. J. McKague D. A. Newbigging Phone 242-3131 300 3rd Ave., S. xtf SASKATOON FUNERAL HOME W. ARNOLD EDWARDS ROBERT F. DAUR1E Ph. 244-5577 338 4th Ave., N. xtf WESTWOOD FUNERAL CHAPEL Rae J. Murdock Terry Mlchayluk Phone 853-3434 20th St. 4 Ave. N. iii CREMATORIUMS 7A PRAIRIE VIEW CHAPEL Memorial and Cremation Services Highway 11 South 242-7884 Box 2061 xtf MEMORIAL SOCIETY MEMORIAL SOCIETY OF SASK. P.O. Box 1846, Saskatoon xlf LOST AND FOUND 10 LOST: PART PERSIAN CAT. ANS-were to Mltsey. . Grey with brown markings. 1138 Avenue P, South. 242-6343. 1-8-c LOST MONDAY, LADIES' GLASSES. , 23rd Street and 3rd Ave. Phone 382-2600. 1-5-c LOST NEW SKI MITT, RIGHT HAND, last Friday. 374-5609. 1-7-c SALES PERSONNEL 11 Stop . . . Ask Yourself "What Do I Want?" If you want what we want you may qualify for the sales OPPORTUNITY OF A LIFETIME! As a world-wide organization whose business has Increased 21 each year, we want enthusiastic, POSITIVE SALES PEOPLE, with leadership ability. What do you want? Advance rapidly into management based on your performance? Earn $10,000 to $15.-000 your first year? Receive two weeks proven sales training expenses paid then earnings limited only by the results you achieve? io quality: Enthusiastic and aggressive? Ambitious for management? Age not important Good educational and employment record? Determined to achieve more than ever before Owner of good car? This is a career position with an outstanding present and a terrific future. CALL TODAY DON CLEMENT 244-5521 9 a.m.-7 p.m. Out of Town Call Collect 1-5-c REAL ESTATE SALES PERSONNEL. male or female reauireo lor useo. home department. We offer commis sions up to 70. with training on the job, free parking and a friendly and helpful staff to work with. Contact Mr. Stew Schoenhals at Universal Realty Ltd.. 243-oth Ave, N. or phone 652-7078 during office hours. 1-14-c EXCITING NEW SALES CAREER A permanent position offering the highest potential Income. We are a well-known national organization. Previous sales experience Is not necessary as you will receive a comprehensive study course. Applicants from the ages of 25 may phone for an Interview at 242-1282. 1-7-c-s WE ARE EXPANDING due to an excellent acceptance by the public of our Real Estate Service we have openings for two real estate people. Experience preferred but not essential. We have the following attractive features for interested people who want to make real estate a career: Excellent bonus system. All trust company benefits, Including pension plan. Non-selling sales manager. Coast to Coast Canada Trust referral system. a guaranteed sales plan. member of RELO North American Referral System. Sales training program. For a confidential Interview, please phone Dave Davidson. Sales manager at 652-5313 or call at 115-2nd Avenue North. CANADA TRUST V 1-5-C SALES REPRESENTATIVE RE quired for an established territory calling on retail grocery outlets in and around Saskatoon. Applicants snoum De is-3U years or age ana have own cars. Salary and expenses to start, leading to commission oasis Full training program provided Apply Box 223D Star-Phoenix. All replies confidential. 1-11-c PROFESSIONAL OPPORTUNITY We require an aggressive person between 22-15. sood appearance, bond- able with car. Past selling experience beneficial but not essential. The Position: A permanent dignified position telling an absolute family necessity to existing and new accounts, leads supplied. We Offer: Professional instructors, salary, commission, bonus and management opportunity. Apply In person:1 Room 208 Central Chambers Bldg. 219 -22nd SL E. or telephone 853-0121 1-7-c SALES REP A. B. Dick Company, an Internationally known manufacturer of copying and duplicating equipment, has an excellent opportunity In a local territory for a mature, Intelligent and ambitious sales person. Prefer a person with good education and 2 or 3 years of successful sales experience. Salary, commission and expenses. FOR A CONFIDENT! Al, INTERVIEW, CALL: D. W. SMITH, 653-3394 l-8-c HELP WANTED 12 REQUIRED IMMEDIATELY, 1 CHAM-bermaid to work 8 a.m. 5 P m. on regular basis. Applicants are required to be extremely neat. Apply to Box 208D Star-Phoenix. 1-5-c EXPERIENCED WAITRESSES WAIT-era wanted. Apply In person, Mr. Steef. , tl. EXPERIENCED HAIRDRESSER. GOR-don's House of Beauty. Call Gordon Olson 244-5369. 1-7-e WANTED PART TIME AND FULL time waiterwaitress for Senator Hotel beverage room. Experience nol necessary. Must be neat and reliable. Apply in person. 1-5-c WANTED: WAITRESSES WAITERS for full time. Experience preferred but not necessary. Apply In person, afternoons, or phone 653-5907 for interview. CyrU's Steak Inn, 1631 Idyl-wyld Drive. 1-7-e WANTED FRONT-END ATTEND-ant trainees. 242-4273 or (52-0919. xtf WANTED: EXPERIENCED AUTO, shop foreman for Chrysler dealership. New 5-bay garage, modem equipment. To begin duties at first nf .New Year. Please state qualifications, wages expected. Apply In writing to Box 490. Kinistino. Sask. 1-5-c CLEANING FIRM REQUIRES PERSONS FOR EVE-ING. CLEANING DUTIES FOR 3 TO 5 HRS. NITELY. EXPERIENCED PREFERRED BUT NOT ESSENTIAL. WRITE BOX 209D Star-Phoenix. 1-7-c TOP QUALITY JOURNEYMAN PAINT- er wanted. Best worn conaiuons available. Top wages paid. 382-3911. Superior Auto Body, 1109 Ave. Q. South. 1-V-c La Ronge Region Community College requires the following instructors: Small motor mechanic Instructor ' for Stanley Mission, dates Jan. 21 to March 1. Surveyor aid instructor for La Ronge, dates Jan. 7 to March 22. For more information contact John Stobbe, Principal. Box 509, La Ronge, Sask. Phone 425-2480. 1-7-c WANTED: COOK AND JANITOR FOR St Pauls Cathedral. Preferably couple to live in. Position open January 2nd. Contact Reverend Father Senger at 652-0033. 1-7-c mature; married person re- quirea as a i v rental manager trainee. Probable transfer to Winnipeg within 1 year to manage new store. Finance company experience desirable. Vern. 3S2-4000. 1-11-0 DRIVER SALES PERSON Aggressive person required immediately. Apply In person to Starlite Bottlers, 830 -43rd St. East. 1-7-c CAMERA SALES Excellent career opportunity with high earnings potential for a person wilh knowledge of photographic equipment. Sales experience an asset but not necessary. Good working conditions and generous company benefits, including Pension Plan, Group Insurance, excellent Sick Pay coverage, 15 Staff Discount, etc. Apply: PERSONNEL OFFICE, THE BAY 1-7-c MECHANIC Wanted Immediately, experienced mech anic. Apply in person io mversaaie Texaco. Ave. K and 20th. 242-4M4. 1-10-0 SERVICE STATION A company in Saskatoon operating 3 Texaco service stations requires a person with experience in service station to act as personnel manager and to take full charge of our training program; scheduling of personnel, station Image and housekeeping, merchandising displays and public relations woTk. Will pay salary plus yearly bonus. Apply In own handwriting to Hill Holdings, 1840 8th Street East, Saskatoon, giving age, marital status, experience, education, or diplomas held. All replies held in confidence. 1-7-C MATURE FULL TIME DRUG STORE clerk. Apply 810 Broadway with written resume. 1-7-c MAINTENANCE PERSONNEL JOURNEYMAN ELECTRICIANS JOURNEYMAN INDUSTRIAL MECHANICS JOURNEYMAN HEAVY DUTY MECHANICS REQUIRED FOR POTASH MINE LOCATED WJEST OF SASKATOON EXCELLENT FRINGE BENEFITS INCLUDES A COMPANY PAY RETIREMENT PLAN. APPLY FOR PERMANENT EMPLOYMENT WITH A STEADY INCOME. Certified Journeyman Rate $5.15 Per Hour PERSONNEL DEPARTMENT COMINCO LTD. VANSCOY, SASK. , 382-0622 1-10-c YOUNG PERSON FOR GENERAL office duties. Typing, filing, deposits and account letters. Hours 1 to 5 daily. Call 653-3465. l-7-o NEIL'S TRAILER AND EQUIPMENT (Saskatoon) Ltd. requires iiiinedl-ately. a person for our general office. Some typing Is required. Please contact Mr. Jacks. 852-3811 for an appointment, 1-5-c RESPONSIBLE PERSON TO TRAIN as shift supervisor tor feed mill. Applicants should have a good basic knowledge of feed manufacturing and preferably some mill experience. Wage range from $3.00-$3.70 per hour. Apply In writing stating full employment record and related skills. Apply to Barry Trask. Federated Co-op Feed Mill, Box 2079, Melfort, Sask. l-5-C SEWING MACHINE . . -Operators and Trainees required for further expansion. " APPLY IN PERSON TO: Wescott Casuals 211 Avenue D, Nth. 1-8-C WANTED: COCKTAIL WAITRESS waiter for the Sheraton Cavalier, Apply in person to the Tent'N' Tavern between 1-4 p.m. tf FULL AND PART TIME TAXI CAB drivers. Phone 244-0144. xlf 2 - 3 YEAR ELECTRICAL APPREN-tlce. Must be efficient In house and ' apartment wiring for out of province work 374-7011. !- PART TIME CASHIER REQUIRED to work Saturday and Sunday, 3 11 p.m. shift. Must be bondable: Experience preferred. Full company benefits. Apply In person Mohawk Sutherland Service, 205 Central Ave. -1-5-c FULL TIME SERVICE ATTENDANT required Immediately. Must be willing to work weekends and shift work. Experience preferred. Must be bondable. Full company benefits. Apply in person Mohawk Sutherland Service, 205 Central Ave. 1-5-c WANTED PART TIME WAITRESS waiter at The Cave weekends. For interview phone 374-5080. 1-7-c WANTED IMMEDIATELY WAITRESS or waiters full and part Ume employment. Apply In person after II a.m. In the Bavarian Room, contact Mr. P. Ripley, Sheraton Cavalier. 1-11-C

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