Star-Phoenix from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada on September 9, 1975 · 19
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Star-Phoenix from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada · 19

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 9, 1975
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,0 1 1. . (7 q- q Ok. VS Poi O. -MI AO romolnd C75,o, root. Good defensive play by West, with co-operation from East, defeated South's game contract today's deal. The hand came up in a rubber-bridge game. East-West vulnerable. South deals. NORTH 4 A105 IC 842 4 Q J1063 WEST EAST KQJ976 484 IP Q95 V 1043 J109653 4 A 974 4 52 SOUTH 432 AKJ862 A Q7 K8 The bidding: South West North East 1 V 1 4 2 4 Pass 3 V Pass 3NT Pass 4 IP Pass Pass Pass Opening lead: King of it. After winning the opening spade lead with dummy's ace (upon which East played the eight), South led the board's singleton trump and finessed his jack when East followed with the three-spot. West took the trick with the queen and cashed the queen of spades, East completing his high- low signal by play the four. West then gazed at the ceiling for a few moments, trying to figure out South's hand. His reasoning was something Fthe this: "Judging from the bidding. South probably started with at LAST SUMMER I COULDNI1 THROW FROM ONE END OF THE YARD TO THE OTHER, AND NOW CAN! BIANDIE r------YEAHo You eon some-rHING THA1'1,1- pu-r ANe -ro SL-ff0P r Karpm on bridge By Fred Karpin iel 1975 Chicago Tribune-New York News Syndicate, Inc. HI AND LOIS DR. SMOCK 14E15 SEEN 141TT1N6 mug A6AIN5I "MAT 6AIZA6E FOR 10EEK5.. least six hearts headed by the A-K-J. To have opened and then jumped, he had to have the diamond ace, plus either the queen of diamonds or the king of clubsand maybe even both. "We've taken two tricks, and my ace of clubs is the third. I'll cash my ace of clubs and see what happens: maybe I'll get some clue as to whether I should then lead another club, either to my partner's hoped-for king, or perhaps partner will ruff." So West led the ace of clubs at trick four, and East followed suit with the deuce. West then continued with his analysis: "Although it may be that my partner was dealt the doubleton K-two of clubs, I have a feeling that he wasn't. I'm going to forget about clubs. I know that neither my partner nor South has any more spades, but if only my partner has the ten of trumps, we'll be in great shape , if he ruffs a spade lead with that card." And so it came to pass that, after winning trick three with the queen of spades, West led the six of spades (not the high jack). East rose to the occasion and ruffed with the ten of trurnps. South overruf fed with the kingand at that moment West's nine of trumps became promoted into the setting trick. Of course declarer could have made his contract by cashing the ace and king of trumps ( instead of Imessing the jack), and then leading a third heart to West's queen. But it's a moot question as to whether this line of play was the correct one. B.C. WIZARD OF ID YQU TOLD ME TWEra WAS ON! ORDE2 Luvrx ff PEANUTS a Siamese surgeon.. P i e t le S U P E R LIEW tot WOODY'S WORLD by John Holm Unscramble these four Jumbles, one letter to each square, to form four ordinary words. Pew.1 r yA. You 114- 1.4 I "11 $ TH- Liill R 1 V e lc BOY, LAST SUMMER I' COULDN'T RUN THIS -r FAST, EITHER! L 4,1:,0., c 0 n It CL2 0 It 1 3 ! ( ( filk 4dft i;;;-;:-. : ..-,-..-s--s-s--- .....,,,..--g--s--&--1----- 1- 1 AaeP cpc,,J 1975 NAT L News Sve adMd TINE3132 ( bp OSENRIS ARNOW ..nd SOWILIE TASHI' a y 1INTEG BACCYT N ,A IIQUER CX, DEFORM ,fs: ,.-k 1 f 6. WAFTER 1 - - -II J HE 5,HOWE17 THAT sI'OUR PKEVIOU HAKT70 ,A A 1ll5T4KE. Now arrange the circled letters to form the surpHse answer, as suggested by the above cartoon. D N.--...fa--..nN.--ei (Answes tomorrow) Jumbles; WHOSE PROBE RARELY WAITER Yesterday's Ammer: Surpriming how Mein mixed! EYEBROWS Distillery unwanted VICTORIA ( CP) Labor Minister Bill King said Monday the British Columbia government is unlikely to buy the BC, Distillery Co.'s operation at New Westminster. ' The minister commented after New Westminster mayor Muni Evers said he would ask the government to buy the company's operation unless both sides involved in a labor dispute indicate they can resolve their differences and avoid an announced shutdown. Mel Griffin, executive vice-president of the House of Seagram, B.C. Distillery's parent company, said in a news release Friday that the strikebound B.C. Distillery Co. will close its opera ation in B.C., putting 140 people out of work. Mr. King said it is "extremely regrettable that Seagram's has found it necessary to close their plant." But he said it is not a first-contract situation and the government has no right to intervene "in an arbitrary way." Stat-Phcenix Classihed Ad Rates Eleven Cents Per Word Per Day Six Consecutive Inseffions tor the Price of Five Minimum Count 12 Words Mini Man Daily Charge $1.35 Classified Display is charges at $5.60 per single column inch. Where 10 point or large type is desired by the advertiser for the complete advertisement the re per word is 22c per day. Minrnum count 12 words, min imum daily charge $2.75. Figures in groups of hve less, dollar marks, initial letters, etc., count as one word. Where one line is set in 10 point and the balance set in ordinary classibed type the charge is $1.20 per day tor the 10 point line. Wnere the use of a tot number is desired, count as tour words extra City or rural Star-Phoenix Box Numbers please add $2.00 extra to cover cost of handling and postage. While every endeavor will be made to toward replies to box numbers to the advertiser as soon as possible, we accept no liability in respect of loss or damage at leged to rise through either failure or delay in tor warding such replies however caused whether by negli gence or otherwise. City advertisers must pick up box replies at the Star-Phoenix office. The Star-Phoenix assumes no responsibility for error after the first insertion. CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING Ph. 653-2100 Semi-Displays Accepted 8:30 am. to 12 noon daily Monday to Fnday tor pub lication following day (except holidays). .Word Ads Accepted ' Office Hours: 8:30 am. to 5 p.m. tor following days publication Word ads will be accepted by telephone from 5:00 p.m -830 p. m. Monday through Filday,and will appear for publication second day alter order Word ads, accepted 8:30 - noon Saturdays will appear in Mondays puplication. Cancellations will be ac cepted to 8-30 p.m. Mpnday through Friday, and 830 am. to 12 noon Saturday tor next days publication. On days when the business office is closed, Word Ads for publication in our next issue may be left in the box in the front vestibule of the Star- Phoenix office. Please be sure to leave your name, address, phone number and number of ireeftiOn8 de sired. Display Advertising SCHEDULE OF COPY ACCEPTANCE TUESDAY 12:00 noon tor Thursday, WEDNESDAY 12:00 noon for Fnday, THURSDAY 12:00 noon for Saturday, FRIDAY 12:00 noon for Monday, FRIDAY 3:00 p.m. tor Tuesday and Wednesday publica bon. All of the above limes on a "copy in hand basis", allow time for copy pick- arid preparation. RATES NOTICES Death and Funeral Notices $4.00 for first 125 words. Each additional word, 11c. Births, Marriages, In Memorturns, Engagements. Card of Thanks 63.50 first 50 words. Each additional word 1 lc per word. SUBSCRIPTION RATES By carrier 90c per week collected bi-weekly MAIL SUBSCRIPTION RATES IN SASKATCHEWAN 1 year $48.00 6 months $25.50 3 months $14.25 1 month $5.50 Sat. coly $12.00 per yr. By mail in Canada, U.S.A. & all other countries I year $55.00 Sat. only $15.00 per yr. CLOSED ALL DAY SATURDAY, SUNDAYS 652-9200 Tenders 900 - TENDERS ADDITION TO MEDSTEAD HIGH SCHOOL FOR MEDSTEAD SCHOOL UNIT NO. 64 MEDSTEAD, SASKATCHEWAN Sealed tenders for the above projects will be re ceNed up to 2:00 P.M., September 26, 1975, at the office of MID-CANADA CONSULTANTS LTD., 3026 Taylor Street Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. For the construction of a gymnasium facility, industrial arts, home economics, two classrooms and ancilliary space. Drawings and specifications may be obtained at the above office on the deposit of $50.00. Deposit is forfeited by bidders who have not submitted a bona-tide tender. Each bid shall be canpiled on Canadian Standard Forms of Construction tender RA I.C.-C,C,A. Docu merit No. 10, Revised 1968 In duplicate and must be accompanied by a BID BOND in the an at 1096 of the tender made payable to MEDS1EAD SCHOOL UNIT, MEDSTEAD, SASKATCHEWAN. Sib-trades shail file their tenders in accordance with the Saskatoon Bid Depository Regulations at the Saskatoon Construction Association before 2-00 PM September 24, 1975, Documents may be examined at the TOON CONSTRUCTION ASSOCIATION LLOYDMINSTER CONSTRUCTION ASSOCIATON MO-CANADA CONSULTANTS LTD. The lowest or any tender not necessarily acceoted, Mr. Guy Denton. Secretary-Treasurer. Medstead School Unit No 64 ktectstead, Saskatchewan the STAR-PHOENIX Saskatoon Tuesday, September 9, 1975 19 Tenders (cantinimit) INVITATION TO TINDER TOWN OF PONNYVIt LE 1975 SIURM SIWIR PROJECT Sankt Tenders marked 'Town of Bon. nyville 1975 Storm Sewer" will be re, coved et the Town Mt& Town of Bun, nyvtile, up to 2 Ult MSDI on Tuesday, Sop !ember 23, 1975 lenders will be opened I t that trio Contract Documents may be obtatrwd horn the office of the Consulting lingirysers upon deposit a cheque in the amount ot $25 00 after 9 A M lues, day. September 9, 1975. The work Involves the following approxi. Intite Quantity 21", 24 ' 30 36" 42 48" Storm Sewer 9. 003 Lin Ft. Total The Town, Bonnyvtite will supply most of le mate el required lenders must be accompanied by a Bid Bcod or Ion Percent (ILA) of the total bid once The lowest or any Tender will not necessartly be ac copied Fletcher Engineering Services Ltd P0 Bur 1317, Bonnyville Alberta Phone 403-826-5280 Mr T, L. Therous Secretary-Treasurer Town of Bonnyville Bconwille. Alberta Notices ' 901 NOTICE TO CREDITORS IN THE ESTATE OF DENNIS WAYNE POISON, LATE OF THE CITY OF SASKATOON, IN THE PROVINCE OF SASMTCHEWAN, TRUCKER, DECEASED. ALL CLAIMS against the above Estate, duty versed by Statutory Declaration and with partculars and valuation of secunty held, If any, must be sent to the undersigned before the 6th day of October, A.D. 1975. CHEM & HILLSON. 302 M911 Street, MELVILLE, Saskatchewan. SOA 2F0 Solicitors tor the Administrator. NOTICE TO CREDITORS In the matter of the estate of Robert H. Whelan, late of Saskatoon, in the Province of Saskatchewan. retir ed, deceased. All claim against the above estate, duly vented by Statutory Deciaration and with particulars and value tion ot security held, ft any, must be sent to the undersigned before the 14th day of October, A.D. 1975. CO-OPERATIVE TRUST COMPANY OF CANADA 333 4th Avenue North Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Executors IN THE SUPREME COURT OF ONTARIO NOTICE TO: LYNN BARBARA WEBB A petition for Divorce has been presented by John Cyril Webb. You may insoect the Petition al the office of the Local Registrar of this court at the Court HOU Se. 50 main Street East, Hamilton, Ontario. if you wish to appear to or to oppose the Petition, or if you seek Other relief, your Appearance or Answer or Answer and Counter-Petition must be delivered in accordance with the Rules of Court. In default of Ap pearance or Ansyer you will not be entitled to notice of any further proceedings. A copy of the Petrtion and Notice of Petition will be mailed to you upon receipt of a written request addressed to the above- named Local Registrar. MESSRS. SIMPSON & HOMER. 950 King Street West, HAMILTON, Ontario Solicitors for the Petitioner To SETTLE THE ESTATE OF WILLIAM TAYLOR, DECEASED FOR SALE BY TENDER Lots 17 and 18, Block 2. Plan (FX)G.4944, oolonsay. Saskatchewan One Bedroom Home. Reese submit all offers together with a 10 per cent deposit by 12 o clock noon on September 29, 1975, to: CO-OPERATIVE TRUST COMPANY OF CANADA 333 - 4th Avenue North Saskatoon, Saskatchewan (Executors) Any otter not necessarily accepted. Deaths 2 BARBERPassed away Sept 6, 1975. Louis Chesney Bather ot 1910 Pandosy St. Kelowna. BC. at the age of 83 years. Surviving are his loving wife Peggy. 1 daughter Mona Mrs. C.E. Conners. Edrnonton, and 9 grandchildren, Mr. Barber' was predeceased by his daughter Joyce-Mrs. L. Newtegging, of Hamilton Ontario. 3 brothers, and 2 sisters. Mr. Barber was a member of the Elks Lodge. Funeral Services were held in Days Chapel Remembrance, on Monday September 8, at 230 pm. Rev. John Davidson officiated, interment followed in -Lakeview Memorial Park. Days Funeral Home. Kelowna was in care of arrangements. CHRISTENSEN Shannon Lee, age 3 months passed away July 3, 1975 at Children's Hospital in Winnipeg. She leaves to mourn her parents Al and Gladys and brother Darren James of Brandon; grandparents Adeline Christ ensen of Camrose, Aka. and Mr. and Mrs. Henry Neu dart of Aberdeen. Sask. A mernorial service was held July 5 Central United Church, Brandon. Creme lion in Winnipeg. The family requests donations to heart fund or charity of your choice in ' lieu of flowers. 7-10-c BUTCHERThe death of Frank L. Butcher age 79 years of 424 9th Street East. Saskatoon occurred in a local nursing home on September 8th, 1975. The Funeral Service will be held on Saturday September 13th, at 130 P.M. from the Chapel of McKague's Funeral Home conducted by Rev. E. L Bishop. Surviving are: his loving wife Helen; two daughters Mrs. Anzil (Jean) Derdall of Outlook. Sask. and Mrs. Eric (Shirley) Bartlett of Yorkton, Sask. Seven grandsons and one granddaughter and two great grandchildren. Shantell and Tanya Dethall. Mr. Butcher was born in Toronto, Ontario coming west to Bretton. Sask with his family. in 1922 he married his wife Helen Hopkins and contin tied to live and farm in the Bretton District. Mr. Butcher retired to Saskatoon in 1956. The family would appreciate donations to Arthritis Association, dons bons may be left at the Funeral home. Interment will be made in Woollawn Cemetery. Guest parking directly south of the Funeral Home Third Ave. and 20th Street. MacSORLEY The death of Otho MacSorley age 77 years of 40413 247 Thud Avenue, South, Saskatoon oc coned on a local hospital on September 71h, 1975. The Funeral Service will be held on Wednesday Sept ember 10th. 1975 at 1.30 PM. from the Chapel of Mckague's Funeral Home ccnducted by Rev. N. S. Ding wall Surviving are: One brother Charles MacSorley of Burnaby. B C. and several nephews and nieces. Mr MacSoney was born in Ontario and farmed in the Eagle Creek District for many years poor to malung his horne in Saskatoon. Interment wilt be made on the Eagle Creek Cemetery. Guest parking chrectly south of the Funeral Home, Third Ave. and 20th Street. 900 I Deaths 2 (ccnimt,m) LEWIS The death et Na Mans Lewis age 60 years 01 ant011 Lake. &aka Ithewan occurred in a local hoe peel on September 7, 195 Funeral arrange ments we pending Park Funeral Chapel will be in charge. Surviving we her husband. Moult lour daughters. Mergwel, Dora. Stella and Nellie and two ions. Lawrence and Gordon, all ot Onion Lake, one sister Ulla and one brother Charlie, both ot Onion Lake Mrs Lewis was born at Onion Lake and had lived there all her We Interment will be made in the Homan Catholic Cemetery Ist Onion Lake, Sabk Funerals 3 GALLANTThe Funeral Service of Mr. Thomas Gallant, who died on September 5 195 was held from St. Phil ips Nod ROMdfl Catholic Church on Sc Olembeg 8. 1915 10 00 a m conducted by At Rev, J, a Robin son. Pal lumbers were: Harvey Labegge, Albert Labeige, Joe Wagner, Bob Mg, William, Ed Hlasny, Ray Bennett. In torment was made in the Roman Catholic Gemology Park Funeral Chapel was in charge ot the arrangements. In Memoriam 4 ALLENIN loving mernory of a dear mother. Marpre Edith who passed away Sept 9th, 1969. There must be something after death, Behind the toil of man. There must exist a God Divine, Athos working Out a F)lan. In this brief purney that we know. As hie must really be. The gateway to a finer world, That some day we shall see. Lovingly remembered and missed by her husband, George and her family. Cards of Thanks 5 THE FAMILY of the late Mr. Frederick Frank Jacobs, wish to extend their heartfelt thanks to the DNA. and the doctors, nurses and staff of wing 3AB, LinNersity Hospital, Cancer Clinic. Also to the Physiotherapy Department for their care during his long illness. Thanks is also extended to Rev. Ray Hill, the Saskatoon Funeral Home, pallbearers, organist, soloist, relatives and friends tor their many acts of kindness during the loss of our husband, father and grandfather. A special thank-you to the Brad-well LILA. for the lunch which they served following the tuners! services. The Jacobs family. Funerals Directors 7 McKAGUE'S FUNERAL HOME M. McKague R.J. McKague D A. Newbigging Phone 242-3131 300 3rd Ave. S. PARK FUNERAL CHAPEL Donald Somers 311 3rd Ave., No. Phone 244-2103 SASKATOON FUNERAL HOME W ARNOLD EDWARDS ROBERT F. DALIRIE Ph. 244-5577 338 4th Ave. N WESTWOOD FUNERAL CHAPEL Rae J. Murdock Phone 653-3434 20th. St, 8, Ave N Crematoriums 107 PRAIRIE VIEW CHAPEL Memorial and Cremation Services Highway 11 South 242-7884 Box 2061 Lost & Found , 10 LOST - Black and White kitten. 6 months old. Holliston Area. 373-3642. LOST LITTLE black Cocker Spaniel, answers to name of Benny, wearing tags. Lost in Market Mall area. 374-8216. Sales Personnel 11 UNIVERSAL REALTY LTD NEED SALES PEOPLE for their used home department We need people that like meeting the public That want good working conditions , That own a good car We offer the chance tor you to become part of a good sales team and enjoy your life while you make a good living. Just call Stew Schoenhals at Universal Realty Ltd. 652-7078 during office hours. IF YOU have latent talent, It is never too late. tl you are of good character. If you are mature. If you think life holds something more tor you. If you are ambitious. If you like people. If you have an outgoi ng personality. It you have these qualifications. I hen join us, a fast expanding fraternal organizati on. Phone 244-0989, 9am to 2pm Mon thru Fri. EMPATHY IF YOU'VE got it, we need you now, as one of the "Dependables" at Lilly Agencies Ltd. You'll enjoy continious training and supervision, smart air con ditioned offices, exceptional income opportunities, paid holiday. group life insurance, the best bonus plan in the industry and much more! Call Mrs. Ella Miller for personal interview now. 382-5656 Lilly Agencies. KOYL AGENCIES WANTS YOU To be one of our salespersons. Were Iooking for experienced people that lwe in WAN Heights, Con federation Park. Westview or Massey Place. Selling houses is an exciting, challenging and well paying pb, with no stiff 9 to 5 hours. Owning a car is a necessity. Consider it and then call Bobby Thomson at 244-0104. Koyl Agencies United. LADIES WEAR sales person required. Part or fuN time. Experience desirable but not essential. High Fashion Fur Corn PanY LADIES WEAR sales person required part or furl tans. Experience desirabie but rot essential. Apply Fashion Fur Corn-Pam. SALES PERSONNEL, SAtKATOON AND AREA. SALESMAN OR SALESLADY TO SELL STATIONARY AND ADVERTISING SPECIAL TIES, ETC. NORTHWEST ADVERTISING SPECIALTIES LTD. 304, 10826 - 124ST., EDMONTON, ALTA. 452-2323. Help Wanted 12 AB DICK ktultiLith operator required, some evenence necessary. WI Craft Printmg 110 61st Ave S.W. Calgary. Alberta 253-7344 collect. DIPERIENCED CERAMIC bie setter, Cal 374-6924 iD(PERIENCED HAIRDRESSER tul time or part tirne. Guaranteed wages up to 60 corrmissoon Cal Gondon Oson 244-5369 or evenings 374-8472 EXPERIENCED or UNEWERIENCED ding aPnleatorS anted W4 train it necessary. hi tyre emproyment. Transp, is necessary For appointment prole 373- 429a Help Wanted (continued) ED(PERIENCED BARTENDER For Sutherland Hotel Above average wages with 3-bedroorn house available, it necessary. 374-8833 and 374-6021. 12 WAITRESS-ERS And Short order cooks Experienced or will train, apply NI paraCia betwoen 10 a m 2 p m . Cil Steak Inn. 1631 Idyiwycl N ALITOBODY REPAIRMAN wanted, must be journeymar . or have completed at lea31 1 year apprenticertiu. Apply Merlin Miltom Body Shrp Manager AUTOMOTIVE PARTSMAN Required experienced preferred, salary based on experience. Contact George Brown phone 244-8187 8 am to 5 pm BAR SIEWARD-ESS and concession operator tor a club Hours and wages nra3liable Phone 382-1702 or 382-2168 BELL PERSON Executive Motor Hotel, lull hme, hours, 7-3, 3-1 1, 18 or over, neat appearing. apply E A Marr, WAITER-WAITRESS Beverage room. Windsor Hotel, Humboldt Full and part-time. Apply in person to the Manager BODYMAN REQUIRED immediately. Apply in person to G.W. Autohody, or phone 652-8744 evenings 652-7534 BOOKKEEPER REQUIRED for auto wrecking and bodyshop. Expenence necessary. Reply in own handwnting stating qualiticatices, and salary to Box 1420 Star Phoenix. CARPENTRY WORK; framing rumpus roar work. Wages to commensurate with experience. 244-3886 after 8 CEMENT FINISHER required lor nighrise praect. Apply Bui 'dal! Construction 117 McEown Park 14th Street and Cumnerland Ave South. 373-0099 nights 853.. 5239. C.J.V. THE CARPET People,installers required, pay at 2.10 per yard. MinIMUM 5 years experience, call Tom at 382-9660 Requires ' waitress r and cashier, full or part time, will pay up to $4 per hour. Must be near and consfentious. Apply in person to Churchill Coffee Shop, 1012 Taylor St. COMBINATION DRIVEWAY salesperson and mechanics helper. with own hand tools, tuff time wage plus commission. for appointment phone Mr. Dean at Market Mall Gulf between 9 am. and noon. 374- 9022. DRIVER REQUIRED, permanent position male or female Apply in person Tip Top Cleaners 1810 Broadway Ave DRIVER-WHAREHOUSE person, must be honest, reliable, and know city well. Apply in person 339 Ave C. S. EARN EXTRA money by showing Canada's finest line of Christmas cards, wraps, novelties, etc. Over 300 items. For tree coloured catalogue and prompt ser vice. Jeandron Greeting Card Co. Ltd., 1253 King St E., Hamilton, Ont. ELECTRICIAN WANTED. Call 344-2178 or evenings 344-2271. Norwest Contracting, Box 240, Paradise Hill - EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY with Electrolux. Due to the growth of our comp any, we are in need of three extra Sales Personnel. Male or female, for Saskatoon and area. No experience necessary. We provide you with the bee t ot training and products on the market today. This position can be war Iced on a salary draw against commission. Depending on individual requirements. Must have car and be willing to work 40 hours per week. Phone 652-2174, 244-0984. BOSTON PIZZA Requires WAITRESSER and DAY OH NIGHT COOKS Excellent starting wages. Apply in person at 'ma bon nearest you or at 227-2nd Ave. S. EXPERIENCED WAITRESSer, apply in person, Wtngs Cafe, 803 20th St. W. LOCAL BEVERAGE room has opening tor assistant manager, excellent opportunity tor right person, tor appoint ment call 374-9111. ZELLERS LTD. Requires a full-time experienced short order cook. We offer a good starting salary. pleasant working conditions and hours, profit sharing, life and health insurance and sick benefits For interview contact personnel nib?. 374-7771. TEMPORARY WORKERS needed, furniture moving, warehousing, industnal yard clean up, truck unioaders Pick up extra cash. Call at the office 240 23rd St. E tor assignments. CARETAKER WANTED The Hudson Bay School Unit No. 52 invites applica bons for the supply of janitorial and custodial ser vices at the PORCUPINE PLAIN COMPOSITE HIGH SCHOOL Approximately 30 rooms plus other areas. ($13,449 00) Scene knowledge of steam heating is required Duties to commence September 23, 1975. Please apply to the undersigned on or before Septem ber 13, 1975 stating experience, references, etc. to: Miss Dora J. Thack, Secretary-Treasurer, Hudson Bay School Unit No. 52,' Box 579, HUDSON BAY, Saskatchewan SUE OYO. SCHOOL JANITOR required a Coronach School on a contracted serv tces basis. Approx 15 classrocrns and auditonum. Should have or work toward obtaining boiler cemfi cate. Good salary to a conscientam worker. An opp orturnty tor permanent employment in a progressive cormunity. Duties to commence as soon as possible. Apply in writing stating qualificattons and salary expected to: T. W. EDWARDS SECRETARY TREASURER BORDERLAND SCHOOL UNIT NO. 4 ROCKGLEN, SASK. SOH 3R0 EXPERIENCED MEAT Utter required for modem locker facility. Able to process and manufacture sausage, cooked meats, Etc. Apply Lanigan Country Meats Ltd., Box 56. Lanioan. Sask COLOR STRIPPER Expenenced Color WPM redirect ta modem grePrisc ans trade plant Excellent working conchaons Ione cxjec R N. &apnoea Ltd., Ectrion ton, Alterta 452-941a - WIZARD OF ID 7 " I .. ' C . - fit-cp'"-Z-,,) - - rnmours: THE-Re5 A k - - ivele , - . , ( - , ,,-.T;,, p-- i 0 ' SotP IN - 414 ( ! . It Ileiltm , - fr 441' FLY ! 4' ,. . a - -- ' i etii -- ' , . - -, . - - ---1 ) . i'. ( f , Ilk- - ..- li 1 :to 1444 4p...1k --------- , . :'I - ,------ - a Ifirft 48vwt. ti, A 1 ,,,, - - .,......ii,........... : , , ) HEY CHiP! k . , THR ow FROM ONE END OF 'N. r THE YARD -ro THE OTHER, c ,q-A6' 01 ) HEY, AND NOW I CAN! I Id( cHip , I 1. , Nillak,. 1 fr,..,,e, p:.----n- ------,.. - e,,,. z:2:1 E- 4t(i. .. , ,,,,te are . 14,.,,, : , e. "C. . ..:, a AI ;;;:,. Iligill-j0 . i , ;?e'-é....'.' ' ,-1 ,' ..1,1r,11104,11 t ' . .. - dic:Otliic ,, .. t CANO ? THAT'1 ;00 YEZ?tP)I ItcY7 ir-PA?"14:161--r a HaR R,1- Pu-r ANe THAN A P11.4.-, PIARN ?! - 1 . -...1 1 .104.1'. L. 1 i , ....e Ulf II I 4""16 III i 11 a r2 ( 1 ,! ( ((Olt kJ) 0 fffPW11 EJO CLS.1 4 . 1I ' 2C0 ... ;k11 4 It 1( 11 A or !Illk,4 $110.4 ,7 1111 ' i .4111 1.1 11.1111111111 ' ' 9-9 '18. 1 VA 1111. ,f1011411601.1.1.. . . . , IP'1011111114 .1111111 111"111.11111' lb.- , , , ,. 4,;"1-4.77.1'i ---------' ---- , , , ' ,, e,,, ,,' e -- 4 or ' ..,' ) ' .1, I ) ,,,,, , ,, , t-Air.: - :-,' --- e -!, .1';;J:,, ' j; ,::',71111'. 1 1 41-. ,, -- '-',, ,--:t 7-- ',.t.'-' - , '4- ',. , z- , -' '''.' -------'r l','' r -:f --, -.; 7.- -,- WISHiNdi .., I WELL I .,, ',.-:,-::::, ---,-,, , N 1 o L.,--Kr....,,4,,,..s,r - "( ---7- --- 9-? par!adcoc A ' (IP' Ii - Li i WitEKg Pic.770NARY - 110.011to,01 Voi 60;MY, SIQ TNERES Ti. NO MOO! VEAL '..-L5CALLOPIN1 I 1 '- ( t R 11164.. à 4 .1.1,7 r'',LAtI 1 0.,,,.... - ) 1 ,1 . 'CI WAITER, W141:2E S MY VEAL SCALLOPIN I 11 311 .21 ' 10-1 L-1 Ate,4goOP' 0 ' SO' sict.1 TOLD me -Nene WAS ONE OE 2 LEFT LN., 9-9 i-IEPE WAS, 5ur IT 11' LOOKED 50 GOOD ATE IT MYSELF Mtg. 1 i , .111111r0, , kftat I Pc17041Are ON? W140'5) NE &ONG TO BE 6ARAGE! Nil PARTNER? - 14r5 PIZAaION6 A MIXED-POOLES TOURNAMENT o gip :411-1 1 1 14E15 SEEN 14171N6 mug A6A1N5I THAT 6A1ZA6E FOR 10EEK5.. .--,-----,tE::---,-, t31 - , IA 11111". Iliii I Ao1,..b lk, .,,,4 ',197F, -- ----, "'

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