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The Waco News-Tribune from Waco, Texas • Page 1

Waco, Texas
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(Fhp Uarn PA(iEB WACn. TKX AF MuXf iVV. SIXOLK COPY 5o If 12 Committee Reports House Crop Control Bill Cliapler Slaiis Annual Session Babies Are Rescued From Fire Prck ()l ins '( I yi 'Ht Temple Hesident Dead; Haylor Boy Hurt in Accident Btrnard Mci-till, Stin of Dr. W. B.

Mc('all, I. Killed: in St i JHidit ion First of (irand Bodies Is Tddav jiimcil ili I 'sviim: iraiTid I lo in ICO cd- iic.sila\ MaiiN I It itti to Brinai 7tMMI or Mori lo ila Wires and IJnkin.Li With (apital ('ut Shorih JapN -onununi- Mion i tl in 1 Huge Mountain Is Moving Inli'rior Jap I I ni a lopt St of di Mai Lonii and Bitter Debate Expected ('onuress I auiniktrs Will li.ecivc a Special I Btforc Into ann Frier l'oyi nhjcttives of lons: Slait cd Stiff iofnniit- i floiilili hh t-nr ,1 af I i-sluti fiarK Ihf lonit and ff iMiinIft tif ot ilt liit irai ittlil I Believe Sliding Mountain Hold; May Stop Hepublican oniiress Duty Is To Help Business nt; 1 :4 at fn i': 'if ii m- I I. in in -'if A Mr I rf I i Minor Slides to John I fami! ton I Off of Policits a i )ncf liirad Bcsp(Hi able for licet uh unrl fc M.ilrrnin putfhig doun Krtmp nf in thflr tn liuihiinK inIn 1. I Offi- V. American Troops- But Hank Below Premier Escapes Bullets Of ounji Fascist r-rt of -B PI la -rf tfi r.

rn' Of, rr ron- ned for fMrJ I 'MN Secretar) of War Re- Assassin hires 4 Sliots ports I S. Arnn Is Into Auto of Mnsiapha ifnc Bcc- ord. But Others Pasha, But I Miss the 'Target 'f th 1 r. i i- rr.M.i, giri, iyv! I aoh fn 't r.t* Remains I Anna Ifnhn Rt Thfunht of hair Arm tr.i’ in "ounfv for from Haru-m fartn to Warn from hy Df-pntv and Johnson ai i i automobili' thi'ft fsnd An- ZJ, StatCS Wltll thony another fuigjt.vf, nf'- rording and a fcuitrfljif frc.m ncnr*'«’v day morninir. fhcti tiriv- ing trurk.

and tim asiain in OaltaiB a un i. Thompson, Has Swilzf'rland K. HSr of fiationftl as popular to narl ill 'su HUalrs tif it up- tnt'ii'nire. tnfal Has to It. I hr natiunal front, front and tioftirs aloni; Introdiirrd petition, January to Find to' Social Security Plans Operatinji Ft V- W'irr Pr f'fip capf''1 urihT ss, arc tnt rA a fi' srnuPi" T'-ii- jernup nf tf -v, und -md im 1 fr; vi 'IM I ess 1 at School I ho 'Hold 1 I Iquor Record of Tdhftn IMsfiirh: fii Hhould Tho fun do Sfaff in this TO 2 iiiint Burns Sent to pit al After Nn' A fi-aririK lodBV, 11 Bus Strike Is Molent part'v a pav nf Tho pf i-? nhiiMt as r.i jfiC from iti Hi Shuhra, hoth i'ami huf utruTK II ft jM l.i: -i t); 'M'iS ('; I ii Ar V.

a a --f T' P's rn Monopoly Sleuth And F. D. onfer On Special Train I.n Route to for file Steps in Ilis I atesi A II. train TF M.N'.i' I' hr' r' a 1 a rt- a 1 1 I 1 inphony .1 dl of Halt Another Hfers Uiaild IN'lp vaw' tnii Vri ii thn ill Out I aieinploy- nient ffort to alkotit Kf'ing LK'. KI.ANI), Sov 2v of in siKtf-i-n S'tafi' tom rurnpany and urituri fiffi- with a ff'detal ofn-iliafor lar- was Hfsiiit of r.

brouphi nf infunati'd rinii'n' and opposition Xahas of wafd. hi'i'n Rebels Schedule New Blockade On liiyalist Harbors Ai n. '-r i i Star Killed TFP.N' TO ,1 1 I )c 11 Is rOlU asp. i.n V'f ut'iiu'pfT I nf' Anti I- prt- rf or -a I'heir Is ione I Who I t.i Train Ilf Id Both Sides Made to Reports Arniistice Is Be- inji 'Talked Plan Strike LAS i'la'CFH. N.

N-'. Ali hf, i train holdup a Aria ealliei n-r anrt tot MHifh sNth Piirtc, Maximum 3 p. tnloimurn at a harifmffter 3007; htimi'lPy 5o. wind 12 hour, KreAtfKt i'i'lfX'ify at 3 30 rn- wind ftir mitnlfi 35433 mtlfii. Total rain for monfh 2 7am 3t 8 m.

Si) A 4 rr, 4 Ji i 2 1 2 4 '1 ti I I- 4s'f WMrm i'imir'jv. tn f-uth WfST fair hi cloudy and cotder por Monrtav wjth rHtn or tn f' rnhHndie Miiadiiv paniv coldcr in nouth rUiiri OHI I'Hri-y rain or snow in nitfrnMna or partly cloudy, Fair I mm i wn with ffiicral lai projirairi vifl! paying out ('ornfX'n hoe in Pavm-'tits to i ih jail lodav, hv um men! ina.iranr^ I 'V h- i rr. from for hi'ir Ow In i ord to IK aaid. on r.t ur It firslt iOMKOli 11 1 i chanrP to trgr pro-ram of n.aas nnmn irntn o. socunty for industrial tmutiht to la puniah-thif worker.

St. Tho ru 4 ii 5 tif HH.ionib’;. plant rru''isl hat- not a ailfthlo, 8 nationwido pus-off js rogardod to th ttmnufai bv labor loadora as an bu.sin*-a.<4 Tho Amoruan of Labor iaid il woyJd "an tmpor- tant addition io workers' buying 22 arotjniulatod an of 4 Htt. 7 job- trurt funds to i I omorjjpnrv of and uiiotnpioyrnont 22 IL- Thf numbor of in TpxaR tvjth fund of HFXOAYK, 1 i a of ail rr; ir on nf M'- a. Thf rr aniM.

staff W3 f.if fa nf London i to rnain- arnrd attempt to pntfT ivornnooit Ui'l at- said iovi-rrsriii'nt disila rod put fir.i ihir-K on what a papf-r k- ado Si'id lU'n Franco not tn n.akf- of- i f'f on Bay of J-'ranco ha? mnsjune Harrv ycr. 27, find as tv-o isi a-, to thoir cp II but nz. up a wry Knulp Molorisls of Nation Have III! I ed Dri National Safetv (Council pr-r Savs More ives Lost But Also More I )epression Increases Bonded Debts Boost of 34.25 iMirs NfCW YORK. Nov. 2S Fiorri)winR dminfr i in motor in inori'fisi'd the bcmdod firHl lii of thin fotinri! to faf'torfi in wr rash NL M.n-jnrii' ii il.

i ar. p' for- 'r or snti- 1 arfi I ni v' (i an A n- I 11 I ti to 'Traders otton anrf Vt oiild In lniidlght 2s i ft tcda tt irn nn daits- 1 on rom- i'. Nt'w 'LilVIiiK's' tfi.N* -sh hf r.f fnr ma war AP- With major at his to a U.r RM, to a to hov.f’\»>'- tro O'. nntd reKu Jaooar-, mhn S'. pubisr v.ork» nrul I' vp p'nnn for if fthout fwn t-' I lo( for oi-lifs Sliaek.s of Vliiiers 'Iri in 1.

inrri-'asiod i off of fi'nt in thp fr.o to in rornparisort with tnilar report rh-at nn Nov. The anmi.stK hfsnK Mrs nation's havo ti'r drivorH. tho Xatjonal Bafpt.y Mrs. Doris Duki- well iiiul Mrs, l-n)iiklin ij darKrr-ird bar- I of's Mlonicsicad' council conrludtMl toiiny If lost their df'bt of tho by font from in (o in to nn analy.Hj .1 and of tho 18 publiHhiM! by rnunirupal of Duri and Bradstreet. Inc.

coinparod wdth in ispondinK in M-'in- of thi -ip and Va Nov, familti-s now admini.stration houaing' ijuririK the 'five only iwo i dfnlAla fmra both a livinK from today from tho of govprn' SO Killed Planes a a total saviriKH of 365 I iv among thi'tn Morp Trrtvtd Somp Koi'ords 2, ffwpr (l.U,lr,-„ of SS of in lSt.16 But flight (ont wa.i than hv ft in automobile travel to that the rftainod (»nf tjon of having, st drath (if Than tH.rii Nov of tion, with big city average of IT 4. kiitfd in an air raid on fhis 20 north of 4 owntown Ma.dn<i, homftstt-ad at Arthurdaip, to squalid, duaty Kun jHining sovtion in whifh home formioiy WKii Franklin as tho hfureKs to tobarro for a Kulphur-robu flanked hv rnv. ufion row of miners' that bordar roa I 1,0 cQntrmt to the comfort soil and from of morning thf viHitors wor- Rt hall in AithuidaJt'. whii-h as church for a of than Both and affably with thf thpv hrmjjrh and of the high Killed In an Over Slcilj nOMK Nov A rom- muHMjup tod.JV duw'lofii'd cf thp Italian air 22 in a mid-air of two Strily. had fust nff from Augusta irainsnif Conscience Recent to hy I nknowHM Totiil WASiiiNGTON.

Nov. 27. fund stood at 281 today as tbt- rt'suit of recent tofaling The conncience fund is up of Jons to treasury from unidentified who, at oni! time or another, have given the goverrment a "dirty deal Amcmpr the latest from Sherman Texaa, and 49 ctntM from Uncoin, Ktb..

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