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Sioux City Journal from Sioux City, Iowa • Page 8
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Sioux City Journal from Sioux City, Iowa • Page 8

Sioux City, Iowa
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fi FRIDAY, AUGUST 24, EIGHT STILL MAKING BRIGHT FUTURE RAINFALL BOOST City and School Officials Here Clash Over Vault Door Ownership WIND AND RAIN STRIKE DAKOTA FOR BUSINESS TO S. 0. AREA no objection. He said the board wanted the doors, and that "it could be fixed up later." Offer Compromise. BUTCHER BOY PUT ON TRIAL FOR MURDER (By th Associated Pre.) Los Angeles.

Aug. 23. A prom lsed exposo of an Illicit love arfalr hi the exclusive Wilshire district brought hundreds of persons to the hall of Justice today as Leo Kelley. formerly of South Sioux City, handsome "butcher boy." went tq trial charged with beating to death Mrs. Myrtle L.

Melius, comely society woman 13 years his senior. Barricades held back many of the CONFESSIONS OF -ROBBERIES HERE Another confession, the fourth in the past few days, was made to detectives Thursday by Donald Sutton. 18-year-old Sioux City youth, who informed the officers of two more office robberies which he had committed. Sutton admitted having stolen 130 In cash from the office of Dr. J.

K. Swanson. 304 Security building and also confessed that he had taken a iandlnK containing $5 in cash from Attempt to Remove Two Steel Panels from Building Blocked. Downpour Soaks Corn But Councilman Andrews waa deter Two Persons Are Injured in Yankton Damage Is Large. Fields Over Wide Territory.

for possession of sever- STRUG ai fit vault TRUGGLE ault reproof all steel doors of the type is being waged between Rain which drenched Sioux City Official E. W. Stores Takes Optimistic View of Inspection tour of the six Kors operated by the E. W. Clothier" company has brought G.

J. Boehlan-I, president of the Rockford, 111.. Davenport, stores of the compavy, to Sioux City. Mr. Boehland is very optimist tr mined that no one was coing to tear down any part of the city hall while he was in charge.

"It's a good thing the board doesn't want the elevator," said the public safety head, "or that probably would have been torn out, too." The board of education then offered a compromise by agreeing to buy new the city and the board of education, with little signs of either relenting. with .83 of an Inch Wednesday night throng that sought admittance to the courtroom. S. S. Hahn, Kelley's attorney, said The struggle started Thursday when workmen for the board of was general over most of the states of Iowa and Minnesota.

Only por were out early this morning. These two towns reported but slight dam age. Hall was reported severe north of.Scotland. Corn throughout this section was laid riat by the wind. The storm followed an evening of Intense, sultry heat, and was one of the worst experienced In Yaknton in many years.

At noon today and with communication still crippled the full extent of the storm damage was still undetermined, but known damage to crops and property was estimated at $50,000. The greatest individual damage was done to the high school, where a portion of the roof was lifted, laying open the interior to the storms. This la estimated at $10,000. The loss to the power plant and lines was estimated at $7,000. Damage amounting to several thousand dollars also, was done when the brick smoke stack of a bakery, here smashed through the roof and crushed the baking ovens.

Vermillion Drouth Ended. Vermillion. S. Aug. 23.

Special: Vermillion and vicinity was visited by a drenching rain Wednesday evening bringing with it relief from a drouth which had existed in a limited territory in Clay county for more than a months. During that period no moisture had fallen. While considerable damage to the corn In the Krea mentioned already has been done by burning, the rain ill be of great benefit. Not only will the corn be benefited by the rain, but he had obtained a statement from education detached two of the doors tions of South Dakota and Nebraska doors and install them in the place from from the first floor of the city hall. Mrs.

Josephine Kelley, mother of the accused man, that her son planned to were benefited by the precipitation. where the office of superintendent of where the old doors were taken, and pay for the cost of such Installation. marry Mrs. Melius as soon as she schools has been maintained, to be The report of G. K.

Greenng, gov could obtain a divorce. transported and erected at the new- ernment meteorologist, showed that The prosecution 1 announced the quarters of the superintendent in the heavy rains were general over Iowa death penalty would be asked. Wood row Wilson building at Tenth the Walcott Brown Insurance offices. 70C Security building. The thefts to which the youth lias confessed now number 13.

It is possible, detectives said, that he has committed several robberies which he has forgotten and he will be questioned further before charges ar placed against him. When he was arrested Sutton admitted nine office robberies which he said netted him S104. Two days later he confessed to another office rob-bpry and the theft of a valuable diamond ring from an apartment house. Wednesday the youth told the officers of two more office robberies, which included the theft of a diamond ring valued at $375. Both rings have been returned to their owners.

with moderate to heavy rains in Min "Kelley will take the witness stand and Iowa streets. and tell everything he knows," S. S. nesota. lisht to moderate rains in Sioux Falls, S.

Aug. 23. Heavy wind and rain storms last night caused damage in widely separated sections South Dakota, with light to heavy rainy general over the entire state. Two persons were slightly injured and property damage amounting to thousands of dollars was caused in Tankton when a 45-mile an hour wind unroofed several building and blew In plate glass windows. Corn in that vicinity was said to have been levelled to the ground.

Seventy-one hun-Iredths of an inch of rain fell in Yankton. A small twister strurk Madison and several small garages, barns and outbuildings were over. The cooling tank in the city power plant peas wrecked and a steel post twisted jut of its concrete base. A total of 2'i of rain followed the wind. A severe electrical stonn In the vicinity of Canton was accompanied by Nebraska and showers in South Da Hahn, defense attorney, said.

Hahn said the defendant, who Mrs. Melius' butcher boy, would reveal all kota. Only the southeastern and east Guy W. Andrews, commisisoner of public safety and acting mayor, saw the operations and prevented the workmen from loading the steel vault doors into a waiting truck. "Those doors belong to the city building, and you can't take them ern portion of the latter state was vis- of the details of his five years' clandestine romance.

ted by rains of any consequence, he over prospects tor iuiure uuoiucf based on the crop conditions throurh-out the middle west. He said t'" bumper crops in Iowa and Illinois are. sure to make themselves felt In an upward trend of business along nil lines. Mr. Boehland expects to inaln here for several days, aftr which he will return to Rockfo-T, where he has been named preside- of a sanitary board, which has floav a $2,500,000 bond Issue in Rockfc-t to be used in constructing a plant and in clearing th Rock river.

The "milk rivers" of Rainier al park are merely glacial stream, filled with pulverized rock, gro-j-r? down by the glaciers. But Councilman Andrews Thursday afternoon tried to prevent the doors from being carried away to the Wood-row Wilson school. "The offer of the board to buy and Install new doors seems to be all right." said Councilman Andrews, "but there Is no hurry about deciding this thing. I don't want to take the responsibility of having those doors taken away from the city hall. Today Mayor Huff and Councilman Smith, who has charge of public property, will be here, and then this question can be decided.

And so last night the doors still were in the first floor lobby of the city hall, and no one seemd to know whether they would be taken back and installed In their former places, or removed to the Woodrow Wilson bulld- said. Subpoenas for a number of women away like that, said councilman Grain men said that the corn crop living In the Wilshire district the exclusive residential area in which nortnwestern jowa. soumwesiern Iowa, and in much of northwestern Biff Lemon Displayed. the Melius home is located were issued yesterday by Hahn. Nebrasku.

now may be considered Kissimme. Fla. A lemon grown near here, measuring 19 inches 5 safely out of the way of any drouth due to the rains during the night. But If. C.

Roberts, secretary of the board of education, came back with the assertion that the "board of education wants them." Mr. Roberts said brick masons were waiting at the Woodrow Wilson school to install the doors there, and said It was decided to the short way and 22 inches long, and eneral conditions have been improved. Many fields, that were firing heav inches of rain. I residences weighing three and one half pounds Alfalfa, native hay lands, pastures and lly during the recent hot weather Prosecuting attorneys said Frank Melius, prominent sportsman and husband of Mrs. Melius, who found ills wife's mutilated body when he returned home from an all day fishing trip, would be one of the first witnesses for the state.

has been sent to El Reno, for wave, will be saved by the downpour. exhibition. move the doors from the city building Corn now is easily two weeks ahead because It was believed there would be ing and installed there. of normal schedule, which should in sure that it will mature before sny; frost can Injure it, grain men said. S.

C. WELFARE Covers Big Area. Portions of South Dakota still could stand some rain, grain men said. ROY McKEE RCA Radiolas However, good rains fell in many sec BOOKS THROWN OUT OF CHICAGO PUBLIC SCHOOLS (Special Dispatch to The Journal.) Chicago. Aug.

23. History text books with alleged pro-British tainl which caused the dismissal of Supt. WORKER DIES tions of that state during the past week, and most of the corn in the immediate Sioux City territory has es caped serious injury from firing because of the drouth. musical program; 5:10. Quin, ensemble, almanak; floorwalker; 6:30.

concert; 8:20. musical programs; 8:00, features, popular. (2 ln.ura. WHO, Des Molne. C440 J-560).

1:10. Demonstration hour; :30. concert; 7:00. Capitol theater; 8:30, dance music; 9:00. dance orchestra.

WCCO, Minneapolis-St. Paul. (405.2-740). 6:15. dinner concert: New York concert; 8:00.

dance music; Olson ensemble: 10:06. dance program. WOW. Omaha, (508.2-5SOI. 1:30.

Demonstration hour; 3:30. orcheatraphone literary, educational; 6:0. auto hour; 7:00. concert; 8:20. dance ll hour, 40 minutes.) KOA.

Denver. f82S. 9-920). 6:00. Pennsylvania ns; 6:00.

organ, talk on business: (:30. Sunday school lesson; 9:00, open air (2 hours.) KF1. Lob Angeles. (4SS.5-C40). 8:00.

Symphonet: 9:00, Roberts program: 10:80. Hollywood Bowl concert; 11:30. studio program: 1:00 a. midnight frolic meadows already show the bepeflcla! effects of the rain. All were badly In need of moisture.

Sweeps Southern Minnesota. St. Paul. Aug. 23.

(JP) A driving hail, wind and rainstorm swept southern Minnesota, last night and early today, including Austin, which was hit by a tornado Monday, leaving hundreds of acres of crops flooded. Nearly inches of rain fell at Albert Lea. while Austin, Mankato and Owatonna reported heavy precipitation. Austin reported heavy damage to household goods hich were unprotected following the tornado which unroofed scores of houses. Heavy damage to the corn crop In Martin county was reported from Fairmont.

Unusually large hailstones fell with such force as to knock holes in garage roofs and automobile tops. Unofficial estimates were that one-third of Martin county was struck by storm and that corn crop losses will approximate 50 per cent. Some Damage in Nebraska. William McAndrew, of the Chicago Brief Illness Proves Fa Karly reports from Iowa points showed rain amounting to .6 inch at Telephone 81771 708 Pierce Street Des Moines. 3.6 at Charles City and schools, and precipitated Mayor William Hale Thompson's notorious tack on King George, were thrown out at a 6chool board meeting Strangely enough, J.

Louis Coath. tal for Head of Crit-tenton Home. 3.7 at Dubuque. In Minnesota, St. Paul received .64 inch: Duluth.

.28. and Moorehead, .66 inch. Nebraska Following a 10 days' illness, Mrs points reported as follow: Omaha. Valentine. .14, and North Platte, .1.

then president of the board, and still a member, voted against removing the books, but gave as his reason a Maude Fltts Swan, superintendent of were struck by lightning but only slight damage ensued. A total of inrhs of rain fell Brookings after 3 o'clock this Yatertown reported .27 of an inch: Ifltchell. Siouv Falls. .31: Aberdeen. Huron.

.04 and Rapid City, i trace. Circus Man, Fireman Hurt. Tankton. S. 1..

Aug. 23. Damage hat will total several thousand as caused by a Anient wind-torm which struck Yankton and vi-Inlty last night, shortly after 8 j'clock, and early this morning this Ity was still very isolated from the world, with telegraph and telephone wirs down in every direction. Much of Yankton was thrown lafkness when the west brick wall of he Northwestern Public service power )lant was blown in by the wind, dam-tglng the power unit. Several build-ngs were unroofed or wrecked, smoke tacks razed and trees throughout the Ity twisted and torn, littering and.

in ome cases, "obstructing the streets. V. traveling tent show suffered heav-ly in rent canvas and wrecked scen-ry. Several people suffered minor ln-tiries in Yankton. George Gilbert, a nember of the show troupe, was unconscious by a flying piece scenery.

Yv A. Schwenk, member the fire department, received a bad ash in the face when the 45-mile-an our wind tore the hood from one of he fire trucks he was driving. from rural districts and rom towns in this territory were neager this morning, outside com-aunication being made Impossible. A large section of the roof of the 'ankton high school building was lift- Huron. S.

reoeived .04 inch. of Florence Crittenton home here. A decided drop of temperature was McGRAW ANNOUNCES suspicion that favoritism was shown In selection of the new books. He had died in a Sioux City hospital Thurs felt over the entire upper Missouri; NEW RCA RECEIVERS been' Mr. McAndrew's implacable foe rii-er valley, the Rocky mountain re- gion and in the Canadian northwest, Former Congressman John J.

Gor man, Thompson's field marshal in the average fall being from 20 to 30 de- Norfolk. Aug. 23. Hard King George campaign, wrote Thomp grees. The lowest temperature report winda late Wednesday night tore ed war at Swift Current, Canada, I A new line of Radlolas including superheterodyne receivers utilizing AC radiotrOns throughout, for simplified electric operation with self-enclosed loudspeakers of the improved dynamic type, and a new loudspeaker of artistic design, is announced by son a florescent letter, characterizing the action as a "notable victory" and where the thermometer registered 28 down trees, leveled barns and lifted several automobiles off highways in degrees.

Light frost was reported at predicting that "when the permanent, imperishable record is written for all points in northern Montana and north various parts of northern Nebraska There were no casualties. ern North Dakota. time," the mayor would be given cred the Radio Corporation of America It for the victory, as he would for the The windstorm followed several days of terrific heat and hot winds flood legislation passed by the last COUNTY RESIDENT which dried up much corn. A general congress. rain fell over the drouth area during through the McGraw Electric exclusive iXadiola dealers.

Pointing out that "years of intensive research and constant development by the leading radio organizations have served to confirm the soundness of the basic principles represented In the the night. vr HEART OF DOROTHY FOR 56 YEARS PASSES AWAY Death of Mrs. Bessie Griffith. AUTHORIZED RADIOLA DEALERS A New Lower Price on 100 A Speaker $29 No. 18 Electric Radiola, complete CI Cf with tubes and Radiola speaker OlOOeOU Let Show You the New Super-Heterodyne Radiolas The ORCUTT Co.

HARDWARE 312-314 Nebraska Street STONE AT THE TUNING IN ON superheterodyne circuit, the an FEET OF ROGERS RADIO daughter of one of Woodbury county's earliest settlers oecured "Wednesday at her home at Anthon, at the age New London, Aug. 23. UP) Another feminine heart is at Will of 66 years. nouncement reads, "Now, with the application of AC tubes to the superheterodyne circuit, following the example set with the improved tuned radio-frequency circuit, broadcast reception takes another Etep forward towards the ultimate of perfection." Rogers' feet. It belongs to Dorothy Stone and it is there because of the KSCJ Funeral arrangements for the deceased will be held at 2 o'clock this afternoon at the Anthon Methodist Episcopal church with Rev.

Mr. War- famous paragrapher's offer to replace her father. Fred Stone, In the musical L000 WATTS comedy which will be her vehicle to die officiating. Interment will be Broadway stardom this fall. Stone The new AC superheterodyne receivers are introduced In three models to be known as Radiola 60, a popular and laid back by the wind.

Dam ge by rain to the interior will be Several Roofs Taken off. Roofs oh the Star restaurant and; he Farmers elevator were taken off. lany buildings lost shingles or cor Ices. Others were damaged by fall-! branches, and windows in several1 owntown business houses were caved made in Oto cemetery. Mrs.

Griffith was born June 3, 1S72. was injured in an airplane crash re Sioux City Journal. Wave Lenglti 243. Meter or Mil Kilocycle uthorlre1 by the Federal Rarito CommlMioa. cently.

i priced table model, Radiola 62, a con near Lucky alley, urant townsnip, Dorothy says of Will's offer: i sole cabinet with enclosed dynamic "No. man in all this world could bet speaker, and Radiola 64, a larger con Dally Schedule. and spent her entire life in Woodbury county. She was the eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs.

E. S. Furgason. Mrs. Griffith was educated in the vicinity ter replace daddy in our new show sole cabinet with a dynamic apeaker than Will Rogers.

His unselfish offer a. Signs and awnings suilered heav of greater power. to give up his plans for the coming The table type. AC euperheterodyne. season and to sacrifice the income it of Oto, and was graduated from the high school there.

Later she taught The brick smokestack on the Eric model 60, includes even UY-227 radio would bring him, to fill the vacancy trons and one UX-171-A power radio- Mrs. Maude Swan. caused by daddy's accident is a won tron. The circuit comprises two stagea derful thing. Will Rogers has fastened on Baking company went down in i he gale, wrecking part of the roof and ome of the ovens.

A metal smoke-1 tack on the Sanitary Dairy company! ullding also went down. Box cars day. She had been a widely known of tuned radio frequency amplifies his lariat around my heart. tion. first detector, oscillator, two club and church worker here (or many "1 am quite sure that more than Mornings.

7:00 to i to 10:45. 11:30 to 13.30. Central Standard Time. Weather Reports. Koal Condition.

New Events. Recoti Program. Poultry and Live Stock Talk. General Information, etc Markets. Official Live Stock Market Report Broadcast direct from th Stock Yard by ft.

E. Wbitlock. Secretary of th Sioux City Lliao Stock Exchange. Exchange Jpentng Market forecast a. DO.

Hourly reports :5. Noon.jaj Close 12:15 Officii! Summary tii p. xn We are Authorized stages of tuned intermediate frequency for a time In the public schools. The deseased was married March 1. 1891.

to James M. Griffith, and the couple resided on a farm near Anthon until three years ago. when they moved to town. Mrs. Griffith has been an invalid for 13 years, having suffered a stroke of paralysis In 1915.

flnce that time she has had several other stokes, the last of which proved concern over his own condition, dad dy's greatest worry since the accident amplification, a second (power) de ears. Mrs. Swan had been associated with has been the fact that many people tector, and one stage of power audio frequency amplification. Rectification the ureat isonnern tracK were un oofed, and numerous small buildings the city toppled over. All lines, with exception wires to Scotland and Tyndall, still the Florence Crittenton home for who had planned to appear with many years and during the years or in our new play would be forced to I of the current for the and re quirements is accomplished by a UX 1925-26 she served as national secre seek other employment late In the sea.

tary of the Florence Crittentotj homes son after most of the casting for fall plays has been completed." throughout the United States. rq I 280 radjotron. A voltage switch Is provided to take care of variations In line potentials of 105 to 125 volts, Both receiver and power supply unit Mrs. Swan lived in Sioux City since Afternoons. 1:00 to 4:00 Varied Musical Program.

she was small girl, coming here with i are housed in a two-toned walnut her parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. T. Fitts cabinet.

In the center of the panel from Fond du Lac, where she fatal. Mrs. Griffith is survived by her father. E. S.

Furgasoi. Oto. five children, Eddie Ray Griffith. Sioux City: Edna Fay Leetch. Kimball.

S. Percy Ellis Grifith nd NelMe Fern Mills. Anthon, and James Maneel Griffitth. Battle Creek, one sister, Mattie M. HosRin.

Spokane. one brother. Omar E. Furgason. Cherokee.

thirteen grandchildren and one great grandchild. was born, January 9, 1874. is a bronze escutcheon plate framing the selector dial and concealing the Dinner Programs 6 to 7 p. m. Monday Journal Joy Boy and varied.

Tuesday France Fribourg. Wedneday Abco-Ya Troubador. rl Rio Slaters. Thursday Journal String Trio. Friday Varied Musics.

I. Saturday Varied. Mrs. Swan was a member of the I bulb which Illuminates the dial and Congregational church, the Circle of Sisterhood, the Woman's club and the THUMB CUFFS USED BY POLICE OF EVANSTON (Special Dispatch to The Journal.) Chicago, Aug. 23.

The latest innovation in finger wear has been introduced in Evanston when Chief of Police William Freeman demonstrated the new thumb cuffs which will be used Instead of handcuffs by the Evanston police to shackle offenders there in the future. Altrusa club, taking an active part in luning control. Operation of this new superheterodyne has been reduced to its simplest form by means of a single tuning control. In addition there is all of the organizations. In 1893 Mrs.

Swan was married to DEALERS NYSTROM ELECTRIC CO. a power switch and volume control. Evening Programs. Monday Pipe Organ Frolic. 11 to 12:30.

Frolic. 11 to 12:30. Wednesday Dance Orchestra, Root Garden. 9:00 to 10:30. Saturday Dance orchestra, 8:30 to 10.

Church Services 10:30 a. m. Fred C. Swan, who died 10 years later. She was educated in the public "The use of a power detector tube schools here.

according to the announcement, is new and revolutionary developmen Surviving are two daughters, Miss which makes it possible to obtain Alice Helen Swan, of Sioux City, and Sunday Schedule. much greater volume without over Mrs. Harold Yackey, of Whlttier, RAPIST GIVEN PRISON TERM OF TEN YEARS Pleading guilty to assault with Intent to rape a girl under 12 years old. Earl Mapes, 43 years old, 1112 West Third street, Thursday received a sentence of 10 years In the state penitentiary at Fort Madison, Ia. Several young girls living In the Church Services Church Services 7:00 to 9:00 p.

ra. to 9:00 p. m- and one sister, Mrs. F. B.

Eurbank, loading or distortion than from a de tector tube In the usual type of cir of FIoux City. cult. This power detector also pre 505 Nebraska, Street The body is at "West's Funeral home Phone 57414 MOUNTAIN CHIEF TO BECOME A KING SATURDAY London. Aug. 23.

UP) Ammed Zogu. 33-year-old former mountain chieftain, more recently president of vents overloading of the following au pending funeral arrangements. Wjjr dio stage. "The unusually great output of the DRY OFFICIAL'S power detector tube is the equal of vicinity of Mapes home made com the first audio stage in the usual type plaints against him and investigation of receiver, with the result that the by the sheriff and county attorney VIEW OF AL SMITH'S SPEECH (By the Associated Press.) the republic, will become king of Al- bania Saturday when the constituent assemMy announres restoration of the monarchy. Albania has been republic FRIDAY FEATURES.

5:30 Dixie Circus, Uncle Bob's stories of circus life WJZ. KDKA. WJR. WLYV. KYW.

KWK. WREN. 7:00 Wrigiey review, musical variety WJZ. KDKA. WLW.


WSB. WJAX. WCCO. WEBC. Concert bureau hour, glittering review WE AF.



WSAI, WHAS, WOC. WFAA. WMC. Kodak front porch, young mixed voices WOR, WADC. WAIL'.


WMBC. WSPD. output from the UX-171-A radiotron in the power audio stage of Radiola 60 led to his arrest. Mapes was sen tenced by Judge C. C.

Hamilton. is as great as Is obtainable from re since 1917. Washington, Aug. 23. Seymour STERLING QUALITY Tone quality depends on tube quality.

Replace all old tubes with new Cunningham Tubes throughout ind experience pure tone radio reception. ceivers having two stages of audio Judge Hamilton also sentenced Mike Sikroskl to serve 10 years In the Lowmun, assistant secretary of the frequency amplification. The utillza tion of but one stage of audio frequen treasury. In charge of prohibition, said reformatory at Anamosa after Sikro- The New skl had pleaded guilty to stealing an cy amplification in conjunction with tody that the changes in the prohlbi tion law advocated by Gov. Smith In his acceptance speech, would "end automobile from Frank Cain on July FREEZING AT MANY POINTS NORTH DAKOTA Bismarck.

S. Aug. 23. UP) 8:00 Kodak hour. KMDX.

WMAQ. KJIBC the power detector makes possible new degree of tone quality." 30. SIkroskI was paroled to his attorney, and network of Colombia chain. 9:00 La Pallna smoker, musical stars. WOR.

WADC. WAIU, WKRC, prohibition and all benefits that have ftccrusu thereunder." "Radiola 62 employs the same super heterodyne circuit and radlotrons as i WGHP. WMAQ. WOWO, KMOX. George Paradise.

Although actually of the black spe "Aa I see it," said Mr. Lowman, 'Gov. Smith's plan on liquor has two Freezing temperatures were reported today by many North Dakota points. the 60 type together with the addition al feature of a bulltln dynamic loud points: cies, the bears in Rainier national park Fessenden. with a minimum of 28 de FRIDAY PROGRAMS.1 speaker," the announcement contin "1.

He wants to have congress Im grees, had the lowest mark in the vary in color irom a deep coal to a ues. "This new dynamic loudspeake WGN-WLIB Chicago (4H.4-720), 8:10. Quin. 'ensemble. Almanak; 6:00.

Floor state. light cream. mediately Increase the alcoholic content from one-half of I per cent to incorporates refinements and Improve walker; 7:00. musical melange: 8:00. con menta resulting from the extensive re Model 60 Radiola and 103 Speaker cert bureau hour; 9:00, features, popular some higher point which would give search work of our laboratories and us old time beer.

He tried to do that (Z noura). WHO. Des Molne (535. 4-860). 7:00.

or In New York state by passing the chestra; 7:30. La France orchestra; 8:00, those of our associated companle since the first dynamic type of speake Walker beer bill, but the United REMEMBER was introduced by the- Radio Corpora concert bureau hour; 9.00. dance music. WCCO. Minneapolis-St.

Paul (405.3-740) 8:00. Cities Service hour: 7:00, Wrlgley re view: 8:10. Merry Ramblers; 8:00. sing tion in 19Zo. Superior response) ove the whole range of musical tones ing fireman, quartet; 10:05, dance pro STANDARD RADIO SUPPLY COMPANY DISTRIBUTORS 704 Pierce Street gram.

provided with remarkable evenness and smoothness of operation. Th WOW. Omaha (508.1-590). 8:09. Cities Service hour; 7:00, music: 7:80, La France orchestra: 8:00, concert bureau hour; 8:08.

entire mechanism is enclosed in a dec States supreme court held the act un-constlt rtlonab He wants to modify the eighteenth amendment so as to permit each state to determine whether liquor can be manufactured. Imported and sold within such states. That plan would' throw us back into the old chaos that existed before adoption of the eighteenth amendment, when, for instance, we had a dry Kansas and a wet Missouri! But booze never Good dance mulls. orated walnut console cabinet. Th KOA.

Denver (325.9-9:0). 8:00. concert bureau hour; 9:05. dance music; 10:00, vo control panel and loudspeaker grill are exposed by opening the hinged cal program; 10:30. orchestra, Muslo Al bum; 11:10.

the Red Mill. KFI. Los Angeles (48.5-40). 8:10. Stel doors of the console.

Announced by the Radio Corporation of America on the opposite page may be seen and heard in our. Radio Department, Fourth Floor. "Several unique and advanced fea la Howell, baritone: 9:30. Cinderella. USED CAR Wrlgley review; 11:00.

Lesser Figure pro tures are included in this set. There gram: 11:30. orchestra; 13:00, dance mu is a tuning meter, which provides a sic program. accurate method of tuning. An auto matic volume! control keeps the out WARREN ELECTRIC DISTRIBUTORS 304-306 Jackson St.

Sioux City, Iowa recogniied state lines." TWELVE ARE HURT IN A BUS WRECK SATURDAY FEATURES. 1:30 Demonstration hour, musical varle put of the loudspeaker at any desired level of sound, and avoids the neces KYW. KWK. WTMJ, WCCO, WOC. slty of frequent manual adjustment ty WJZ.



Aug. 23. VP) WFAA. KPRC. WOAI.

WHAS. of volume, as local or long-distance stations are tuned In. In sections where stations have a tendency to WMC. WSB. KOA.

WRC. Twelve persons were injured shortly 8:30 Lewlsohn stadium concert new before noon today, when a huge Trl- fade in and out, Radiola 64 will, philharmonic symphony orchestra To the First Customer In Our Door Saturday, August 25, 8 A. 1YL Other cars priced from $9.99, $19.99, $29.99 and so on up. AH these cars are In good mechanical condition. AH makes and prices of cars are Included in this sale.

Cars on display in our salesrooms now. Sale starts Saturday at 8 a. in. here early. Cummins Motor Co.

219-221 West 7th Street WEAF. WRC. WGY. WWJ through the operation of its volum WSAI. WEBH.

WTMJ. K8D. WCCO 1 r-. i WOC. WHO.

WOW, KOA, WEBC WFAA. WDAF. t-20 Peter Van Steeden's orchestra, dance program WEAF. WHO. WWJ, WSAI, KSD.


control, obviate this annoying condition almost entirely. Finally, control permits the operator to vary the sensitivity in accordance with local requirements and with seasonal static conditions. Wt Are Cunningham Tube Distributors Dikota Radio Apparatus Co. Yankton, South Dakota state motor coach overturned on the Peoria hard road nine miles north of here. The accident occurred when the driver attempted to avert a crash with a large sedan.

AH passengers were from Athens, 111., on their way to attend the fair. The injured were cared for In a local hospital. Davidson Brothers Gb SATURDAY PROGRAM. "Weepah, one a gold town, has now a population of one citizen. (By the Associated Press WGN-WLIB, Chicago, (411.4-7:0), 1:30,.

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