The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 18, 1950 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 18, 1950
Page 11
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OCTOBER 18, 1990 Canned Fruits To Cos! More, Industry Says Americans Assured Of 'flenty,' But At Higher Price* • ' / CINCINNATT, Oct. 18. (Iff— Am- trjjpu are assured of enough to fflfin 1951, the he'»ds of .three ; "W food industry concerns a- freed yesterday. But one warned they probably will have to pay more 'or all canned fruits and vegetables' next year. ••,.'. • Speaking from prepared address i a t a panel discussion on meeting j food requirements were: Herbert j R. Krimendahi, president of Stok- ejj'-Van Camp, Inc., Indianapolis; N'cil McElroy, president of Procter & Gamble Co,, Cincinnati, and John Holmes, president of, Swift and Company, Chicago. Krimendahi said the canning in- i du.stry "can produce sufficient can- I ncd food (c feed an army a.s Jarge as our population can support or 1 'fell »-e could put-.into the field. With present .facilities,' the industry could probably expand 25 per [ cent without too much difficulty." Fruit Prices Up Krimendahi said, however, that because of anticipated higher costs for labor, growers' products and materials. "1951 will see higher prices . for all canned frulU and vegetables'." Holmes reviewed the supply oul- look for Ijeef, pork tvtid lamb and said that, meat production in 1951 Is expected' to be up 1,000,000,000 pounds over 1050. "This will mean an available pel- capita consumption of - 150 iwunds," he said, as compared with an estimated per capita consumption of >H\ pounds; this veal-, •from ; the demand outlook, fiptftis reasonable to expect that there need -,tje no undue acceleration in prices, "he said. BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS SOMEBODY'S BRAGGiNG-Dems' donkey .nd GOP elephant .line up at the strength barometer to s«« how many xati io th« House o( Represented ves they can collect in the November elections. Optimistic Republicans, who hpld 170 (see marker) of th» «5 House seats, claim they have a good chance of getting 70 more for a total of 240. The GOP needs 218 for i slim ont-voU ma- Jonly. Democrats hope to bang the Indicator up to their IMI mark (259) and possibly collect 20 more for > com/ortat>l» t7» total. Number of seals now held by both major parlies 60 no* total 435 because of five vacancies and one seat held by the American Labor Party. ' 'Dixie/ the Wealthy Heiress Becomes Just |j Another Pit Bulldog i MEMPHIS, Tenn.. Oct. 18. </F>— i "Dixie," once a wealthy heiress. | »as just another dirt poor pit bulldog yesterday. Chancellor Larry Creson, to cll- max a long legal fight, ruled that the $4,500 milled Dixie by her late owner, Gerald S. Richberg goes, to->next'6r kin." •. . , But Attorney w. C. Rocigers said he intends to appeal the .decision. Relatives of Jlichberg argued that Dixie. was> the property of her-master ;ajld ; that property': cannot -in- hprit •property.-, _ ll ;, •-/-.-, '-.'.. idchberg's. brother, -'"j,~ K. Rich- bong pf : Bishopviile, N. C.. and Mrs: Eddie : R. Gamble o( -Charleston S. C.. » niec ; e, contested the will. Mxie was to, have received |4fl « h : Irom (he bequest. : She was" iT the custody of Miss Frances ran, a step-granddaughter • ol Rlchberg, ind apparently iihper- turbed. '••-.. I Chinese Reds Desert j • TAIPBI, Formosa, Oct. 18. IJPi— Chines* Nationalist* said today 12.000 militiamen in the service o'f the Chine-se Communists had ties- frled to Chiang Kai-Shek: guerrillas in the mainland province of Ilupeh: Tile militiamen were a part or a S20.000 man force ' organized by the redi. •' : • . • Bus Drivers' Hurt Feelings Are Soothed OXFORD, Eng., Oct. 18. (^/-Oxford's striking bus drivers got satisfaction yesterday and the city got bus service. Drivers of 700 buses went on strike for an apology last night. Their boss, H. Weedy, had USd the city council he would fire one in every four of thei'< for inefficiency I[ it weren't for the labor shortage. . . Weedy and the strikers met today and Weedy declared: "No implication in my remarks to the council was Intended on that large body of employees who carry out their jobs in a satisfactory manner/' The drivers accepted this and other remarks as an apology and voted to go back. Women's Peptic Ulcers • Went with Corsets, Medical fxpert Says PALM SPRINGS, Calif.,'Oct. 18. Ifi— Old-fashioned 1 corsets wciit out j of. style . and peptic -Ulcers atrions women declined, says a medical expert. -Using the year 1900 as a turning point. Dr. Andrew C. Ivy said that before the turn of the century there were about three times as many peptic-ulcer cases among women as among men.— Today, since the stiff stays and tight. .lacings have been tossed out the'"style: window, the ratio ur reversed. • , , Dr. Ivy, vice president of the University of Illinois, added in his lecture to a dental medicine scmin : ar yesterday that the beneficial effect of more comfortable foundations for the la tiles was accompanied by a general chanee in the Am-' erlcan way of life and Increased tensions among men. . _. Channel .Crossing* The English channel first was crossed- by a balloon in !7S5. a swimmer in 1875, airplane in 1905, motor boat in 1929, rowboat in 1930, and glider in 1931. ELECTION PROCLAMATION' Pursuant Id the authority veiled in me by Section 3-804 of Arkansas Statutes 1947, notice is hereby given that a general election will be held in Mississippi County, Arkansas, at each and every election precinct in said County on Tuesday, November 7, 1S50. IA1J of said voting precincts shall be open at the hour or 8 o'clock a.m. and shall close at the hour of 8:30 o'clock p.m. • ,By order of the County Election CominLssoincrs tjated October 8 1950, the following voting places have been established and designated in Mississippi County, Arkansas OSCEOLA DISTRICT BURDETTE TOWNSHIP Burdette—Burdelte Supply. FLETCHER TOWNSHIP Luxora No. 1—City Box, Bowen Building. Luxora K-o. I — Towruhip Box Houck's Cotton Office. Victoria—Store. MONROE TOWNSHIP Township Box — Courthouse (County Clerk's Office.) Osceola No. 2 — Osceola Lumber Company, (Ward.2). O.sceola No. 1—Drainage Diitrict No. 9 Office, (Ward i). •: Osceola -No. 3—Courlhoase,- (Circuit .Clerk's Office). (Ward 1). Keiser No. 1—Ciiy Box, Bank. Keiser No. 2—Township Box, Minor Taylor Stores. TKOY TOWNSHIP Nodena—Store. GOI.UEV LAKE TOWNSHIP Wilson—Store. WHITTON TOWNSHIP Whitton—Store. PECAN POINT TOWNSHIP Pecan Point—Branch's 3U>r«. SCOTT TOWNSI'lP Frenchman's Bayou — speck's Store. Bassett—Idaho Grocery. CARSON TOWNSHIP Driver—Lowrence Store. Carson Lake— Cromer Bros, gtort SWAYNF. TOWNSHIP Rasa—Store. DYESS TOWNSHIP ' Dyess -General store. McGAVOCK TOWNSHIP Joiner No. i — City Box, Joint Lumber. Joiner No. 1—Township Box, Par mers Gin. LITTLE RIVER TOWNSHIP FOIL WHIIENING POWER! YET PUREXIS GENTLE 'TO COTTONS AND LINENS -DEFINITELY MILDER Purex is jtrfe — yet HO other bleach does a better whitening job!' ''"rex wliilens your wash with •AP^gS gentle Controlled Action. Scicn- '***" lists say it lias "a lower oxidation potential" That simply means; Purex is milder- :1J -r and safer for your cotton and linen fabrics. Avoid harsh bleaching! JS< No other bleach males whites whiter or fast colors brighter ., , tfla n Ptirex. Yet Purex is t'enfte. Used ns directed i! promts your cotton a>1( j ) incn l»bncs so they tot ns / ong ,„ y no b , cacft |( PUREX-THE GENTLE BLEACH Frailer—echool. West Ridge—8to>«. Kow.h-Wtlmonth'» Ltnty's Gin—Gin. Stillman School—School. Bowman School—School. lillllgan Ridge—Store. OSCEOLA ABSENTEE BOX CH1CKASAWBA DISTRICT BIG LAKE TOWNSHIP Manila No. 1—city Box, City Hall. Manila No. J — Township Box, Farmer Tractor Co. Bhady Grove—Bre»-«r'» 8tor«. Brown Spur—School. Lost Cane—Store. Rocky—Store.' BOWES TOWNSHIP Ooanell—Hughes Gin Oflice. • NEAL TOWNSHIP Leachville No. 1-MDIty Box, Oen- r«l Insurance o/flce. Leachville No. 2—Township Box, :lty Hall. Boynton—Gin Office. '. Carml—Newsom-Melton v Store. Box Elder—Buckeye din Office.' HALF MOON TOWNSHIP Hal/ Moon—Richardson store. CANADIAN TOWNSHIP Ai-morel—Implement Office. Tomato—Store. HECTOR TOWNSHIP riell No. i —,City Box, Planter's Gin. Dell No. J—Township Box, Dell torn press. Ro£eland—Store. I.'ICKMAN TOWNSHIP Huffman—Perry's store. Forty and ElEhU-Langslon Gin Office. CLEAR LAKE TOWNSHIP Clear Lake—School. Home Gin—Gin. CHICKASAWBA TOWNSHIP Township Box—Courthouse. City Hall, Blytheville, Ward No. 1. Seay Motor, Blylhevile, Ward No. 1. . . . : J. Go/f Hotel, Blytheville, Ward No. 5. . Phillips Motor' Co., Blytheville Ward No. 3. . Fire Station, Blytheville, Ward No. 3. . Moore Bros., Blytheville, Ward No. i. . Yarbro—Mullins Store. Promised Land—McGehee'.i Store. Number Nine—Langstpn Store. BLYTHEVILLE ABSENTEE BOX At said election the following officers shall be elected: , U. S. SENATOR CONGRESSMAN GOVERNOR SECRETARY OP STATIC LIEUTENANT GOVERNOR. STATE AUDITOR STATE TREASURER u «d „, di,«,.,, will 1 STATE l.AND COMMISSIONER ATTORNEY GENERAL SUPREME COURT JUSTICES CIIANCEIJ J OR CIRCUIT JUCiGES I'ROSCUTING A'lTORNEY COUNTY JUDGE SHERIFF COUNTY ASSESSOR, COUNTY CLERK COUNTY 1-HEASURER CIRCUIT CLERK COUNTY REPRESENTATIVES COUNTY SURVEYOR , CORONER JUSTICK OF THE PEACE , CONSTABLES i At said election win aLW) be submitted all proposed constitutional amendments and all proposed Acts (Initial and referred!. There will also be submitted Hie question ot voting for or against the construction ot a County .Hospital to be composed of two units (one at Bly- •thevllle, Arkansas and one u Osceola, Arkansas) und the question of voting for or against the levy ol B building lax to pay the principal mid interest of bonds to be Issued to provide funds to pay the County's- part of the cost of building two units of said hospi- tal, and the question ef . nance tax for the hotplul. There will alto be submitted the question ol voting (or or Mtlait the 3 mill road tax. ' Given under my hand H Sheriff of Mississippi County, ArkanMA, this October 12, 1»50. WILLIAM BERRTMAH, Sheriff and Collector of Mississippi County,-Arltuieu. TAKl A IOW- COST T«!» IN GOIOEN AUTUMN 1 Time to irivel — time co jivel t'j greatest iciccciain of tripi »rni touts over jlorJoui Autumn j, including: Have mote fun on ClianerTrJpi (o big K*me>, fain. festival*, conventions, reunion] ... IN ROUND TRIPS IVItYWHIM Save *a txtr* 10% or mart tri»i/ on Round T«ips to bfg cities, small towni, resort), everywhere ... , IN IXFCNSE FAIft TOURS S*emoreOo"Amiiin«Americ«" Tours, ro icenic are**, big citie*. historic ipon, vacation pUp- M round* *U over the cauotryj • . • GREYHOUND TERMINAL 109 North Mh Phone 4441 GREYHOUND No other Bond can match that Kentucky Tavern taste T H. E ARISTOCRAT O R. 8 O N D f GlENMORE DISTIILERIES COMPANY, LOUISVILLE, KY. Botttod-in-BoiMi 100 Proof Over 20 00,0 00 tmck users wrong with MMI HORSIPOWH AT TW CLUTCH Cxtifttd rating) fHt>v« Gtn- i»\*t hmvy-duty huclil wilh Vdtv«-in.H»od iv*r mor» n«t h M of th« piind- •ol rtofidard equipped con- ventianal iruclti In th«lr cla», 13,CX»to 16,OOOlb,. G.V.W." for HMK> burn lu«l ««oo4ily, wllh "blu.-Ha •REAHR ICONOMT TOP IfFICMNCY WITH 4-WAY LUMICATWN Vo(v«-ln- and iugg»diy itt m«on g«fiuin« xonamy In apwatian . , . low«f running COM and lex wianu coil. Opwafon' mora tKon 1,000,000 trvclii Brav* HI m, oil Row h 4 wayt so oM b«arlng« m*4 op*m1ing lurfacM r*c*|y« •« mpply o< oH—froo ill* fi.rf turn of |K« ol l«mpwa«vr* «id op«toting condtKom. R*«4str«rHent Shew Mor* Than 2,OOO,OOO Chevrolet Truck* New en fhc R««a . . , M*r* Than Any Other Make! Today ever 2,000,000 truck operators hav« the world's mott popular engine In th« worU'i mott popular truck. For the lort eigM coniecutive Inick production yeort, -Chevrolet truckt hove led In talec ... are far ahead thi« year. Come in—let ui give you the facH. Two greof Valve-tn-Head Inglnei • Power-Jet Carburetor • Diaphragm Spring Clutch • Synchro-Mesh TronimUtloni • Hypold Rear Axlet • Doublc-Arrloriatea' Brakes • Wide-Base Wheels • Aovance- Deslgn Styling • Ball-Type Steering • Unit-Design Bodies. f/rtf-fa dema, SULLIVAN-NELSON CHEVROLET CO. 301 West Walnut Phone 578

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