Star-Phoenix from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada on October 15, 1968 · 27
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Star-Phoenix from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada · 27

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 15, 1968
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I Tuesday. October 15. 1968 Saskatoon Star-Phoenix: MALE HELP WANTED 12 tlomlnurd) i E U Reported Egyptian, Russian arms pact worries Washington By BENJAMIN WELLS Xw Yrk Ttm Xtn Sente WASHINGTON United States officials are viewing with growing concern reports from pro-Israeli sources of a major new Soviet arms agreement with the United Arab Republic. The agreement is understood to fotm part of a four-point, long-range political and military pact reached in Moscow in July between President Gamal Abdel Nasser and Soviet leaders. It calls, among other things, for the delivery to the U.A.R. by mid 1969 of 100 to 150 supersonic 'SU-7 and MiG-21 jet fighters and 500 tanks, equally divided between T-54s and T-55s. The latter have an infrared guidance system that also helps direct accurate artillery fire up to 1,200-yard ranges. The latest Soviet arms deal with Egypt is not, and has never been, contingent on a U.S. supply of Phantoms to Israel, said one authoritative pro-Israeli source. It is part of a long-range Soviet penetration of the Arab World, and it would have come about whatever the U.S. did on behalf of Israel. Reports from the Middle East have linked the Soviet-Egyptian deal to the Phantom sale. The pro-Israeli sources and other diplomatic sources with long experience in the Middle East believe that the Soviet leaders are willing to reach limited, pragmatic agreements with the United States on specific matters designed to eliminate the risk of direct confrontation. For this reason, they say, Moscow is willing to discuss limitation of antiballistics missle development and the prevention of the spread of nuclear weapons to nations that do not now possess them. In Europe the Russians want, and will respect, spheres of influence: NATO versus the Warsaw pact, a source explained, but they show no signs of agreeing now to peace in the Middle East or other underdeveloped parts of the world. They believe they can expand their influence in these areas faster than the U.S. can contain it." Officials here, while guardedly confirming receipt of the intelligence reports on the Soviet-Egyptian deal, have been unwilling to discuss them in detail as long as there was the possibility that Secretary of 'State Dean Rusk could reach an agreement on mutual limitations of arms shipments to the Middle East with the Soviet foreign minister, Andrei A. Gromyko. The two men have met while attending the United Nations General Assembly in New York. Wednesday, however. President Johnson announced that he had authorized Rusk to open negotiations with Israel on the sale of 50 F-4 Phantom supersonic jets. The Phantoms have long been sought by Israel to offset Soviet supplies to the Egyptians. However, it is not expected that the first of the Phantoms would be delivered before lute in 1969 or early in 1970 if the deal is completed. Some observers regard the unspecified delivery date as a subtle form of diplomatic pressure on Israel to cooperate with the United States in its search for a Middle Eastern settlement. The presidents decision has been taken as a sign that CITY OF SASKATOON SALE OF DEBENTURES For the convenience of investors the City of Saskatoon is offering debentures for sale at the CITY HALL The City Treasurer will accept orders until 5 p.m. Wednesday, 23rd Oct., 1968 Debentures may be ordered maturing in the years shown below, at the prices shown, subject to prior sale, jn denominations of S5Q0.00 and $1,000.00, or multiples of both. The above is the remainder of an issue of $437,000.00. Payment for purchases to be made by 31st October, 1363. otherwise accrued interest will be added. -W. H. L. Godsalve Chief City Commissioner Gromyko rejected any prospect of Soviet co-operation until Israel had yielded the Sinai Peninsula and other areas seized during the 1967 Arab-Israeli war and had retired to the pre-war armistice lines. United States officials have also been unwilling to discuss successive reports of planned ned Soviet arms shipments to Egypt lest this be taken in Arab areas as another sign of U.S. involvement with Israel. Some officials believe that the United States is identified War trials judge dies Michael A. Musmanno, a Pennsylvania Supreme Court justice, writer and presiding judge of the Nuremburg trials following the Second World War died during the weekend at the age of 71. Agreement near on treaty legalizing Pact occupation From AP-Rcuters goiiated the agreement into MOSCOW (CP) Czechoslo- final form Monday with 'Soviet vakia and Soviet leaders were Premier Alexei Kosygin, reported near agreement today The secret talks began Mon-on a treaty legalizing the Soviet day shortly after the arrival of occupation of Czechoslovakia. Cernik and his delegation. The Czechoslo) ak radio-television networks Moscow correspondent reported Monday that the agreement is expected to be signed today. It provides for gradual withdrawal of some Warsaw pact troops but occupation forces will remain for a time, he said. The report did not say how many foreign soldiers would leave and how many would stay. Western intelligence agencies estimate the total occupa- An earthquake rocked the tion force at 275,000, while southwest part of Western Aus-Czechoslovak and Western state Monday, reducing sources in Prague say it is near- almost all of a small town to er 600,000 rubble and injuring about 30 Czechoslovak Premier Oldnch persons. Cernik was reported to have nc- In Penh, people fled in terror S. too closely with Israels interests and has lost some bargaining leverage with the Arabs. Now. however, following the Rusk-Gromyko j talks at which little substarltive progress was reported details of the four-point Soviet-Egyptian accord in Moscow are becoming available. The initial agreement was made in 1964 when Aleksandr N. Shelepin, then a deputy premier, spent 10 days in Cairo on discussions whose substance has never been fully AP Yircphotu reduces town to rubble L. Buckwold Mayor disclosed. Since then, despite the Arab defeat in the 1967 war, the Moscow-Cairo relationship has been tightened; the latest instance being Nasser's six-day discussions in July with Leonid I. Brezhnev, the Soviet party chief, ( Premier Aleksei N. Kosygin, ' and President Nilolai V. Pod-gorny. According to the pro-Israeli informants, whose previous reports have proved strikingly accurate, the four points provide for the following: Soviet military supplies to the Egyptian armed forces sufficient to help retrieve, within two to five years, all territory lost to Israel in June, 1967; Agreement to collaborate in seeking a political solution that would, in effect, constitute an Arab victory' although there might be minor concessions for world opinion. Essentially there would be no real peace with Israel, a point on which Cairo remains adamant; Permission for the Soviet Union to use Egyptian territory as a base for political and military expansion in the Middle East - Mediterranean area; Continuation of pressure by the Arabs backed by Moscow against Israel, including long-range guerrilla penetration, sabotage and espionage. The coming supply of Soviet jets, tanks and other equipment, to the U.A.R. , the sources here say, falls under the first point of the agreement. It will include 100 more Soviet pilot-instructors, bringing the total to 200. The total of Soviet training personnel in Egyp is said to have reached 3.000. 'Soviet pilots are said to be flying Soviet-supplied jets with Egyptian markings for liaison with and support of the growing Soviet fleet in the Mediterranean. Hitherto, lack of air cover had been regarded as a major deficiency for the Soviet Mediterranean fleet. Soviet officers are also said to be in virtual control of the growing Egyptian air force, including key radar stations, operational centres, maintenance facilities and newly expanded flying schools. Since its virtual destruction by the Israelis in 1967, the Moscow agreements, signed after the Aug. 23-26 Soviet-Czech summit talks, provide for the withdrawal of Soviet troops after liberalizing trends are sup' pressed. from high apartment buildings office blocks and homes as ma sonry rumbled into the streets from swaying buildings. But nobody there was hurt. Earthquake rippled across the countryside at 11 a.m. local time and appeared to be centred in Meckering, a small wheatbelt town of 250 persons 84 miles east of here. It registered an intensity of six on the 12-point Richter scale sufficient to tumble chim neys and cause cracks m well built homes and was the most severe to hit Perth since April 1941. A Perth man who reached Meckering within an hour of the shock said that every building in the town except one old tin and-asbestos house was damaged. Thousands rushed to the stieets again today when two sharp tremors rocked buildings. There were no immediate reports of casualties or damage. TENDER Battle Heights East Flood Control Project SECTIONS 1-B to 5B Dragline Excavation Sealed tenders will be received bv the undersigned until 4 00 pm Regina titv Time on I ndav October 18 on the Battle Heights Fast Flood Control Project and opened in pub he immediately thereafter CONTRACT HD-68 14 The work conMts cf the construction of approximately 2 5 miles of i drainage cuKh through Section 6 and j ang the east boundaries of Sections Is and 19 of Township 51 Range 9 ' uet of the Second Meridun and being located approximate!' 12 miles east and a miles north of the Ton LONDON (Reuters) The of tarrot n"Kt British ;nemment announced! Appmxrndi- Volume of Lxiawiion Monday night it will lower the 4. c-jo tu 'arus voting age to IS from 31. in- Forms of tendr specifications ""'i creasm; the existing 37 .000,000 $a,ls ma' &finei "e office elictorate by another 3 000.000 , voters. The decision means the big- gest change in the British fran-, cnise since 1939 when the votes! was extended to all women over 1 a certified chemie in the sum of M Ten v.jr, nnm.n cne thousand do liars .! . made .1 J Pfi yCars earlier women pa'abie TO the Oeputv Minister 8as over 30 got the vote for the first iauhewan Department of Agriculture to a.companv eaeh tender time. Home Secretjry James Cdlla-' ehan said the bill will be intro-! daced in the net session of ! Parliament to enable the teen- j age voters to be registered by I February, 1970 weil in fori the next genera! election. ' Egyptian air force is said to have grown to 330 combat planes: 60 SU-7 and 130 MiG-21 fighter-interceptors and 30 TU-16 light bombers, plus older aircraft. Before the war, the sources here say, it comprised 340 jets but of these only 130 were supersonic, compared with 190 now. The additional 100 to 150 expected next summer will raise Egypts jet strength far above prewar levels, it was noted here. By contrast, Israels combat air strength is said to consist of about 270 modern jets, mostly of French origin. According to the authoritative Institute for Strategic Studies of London, this includes 63 French Mirage III-C supersonic fighter-bombers and fighter-interceptors; 48 U.S. subsonic A-4E Skyhawk light attack-bombers; 15 French supersonic Super - Mystere fighter-interceptors; 35 supersonic Mystere IVA fighter-bombers; 45 French Ouragan fighter - bombers, and 65 French Magister jet trainers. RATES Star-Phoenix Want Ad Ratos Six Cents Per Word Per Dav Six Couaecutive Insertions (or the Price of Five Minimum Count 12 Words Minimum Charge 75c Per Dav Classified Display is charged at $3 50 per single column inch. Where 10 point or large Upe Is desired bv the advertiser for the complete advertisement, the rate per word is 12c per dav. Mirumuni count words. Figures in groups of five or less, dollar marks, initial letters etc., count as one word. Where one line is set m lo point and the balance set in ordinary classified type the charge is 75c per dav for the 10 point line. Where the use of a box number is desired, count as four words extra If replies are to be mailed to out-of-town points, please add 10 cents to cover cost of postage While everv endeavor will be made to forward replies to box numbers to the advertiser as soon possible, w e accept no liability in respect of Joss or damage alleged to rise through either failure or delay in forwarding such replies, however caused, whether bv negligence or otherwise. CHv advertisers must pick up box replies at the Star-Phoenix office. The Star-Phoenix assumes no responsibility for error after the first insertion. WANT ADS ACCEPTED 830 a.m. to 5 pm. dailv Monday to Friday for publication following day (except holidays) Deadline for continues, cancellation or corrections of Want Ads 9.00 a in. day of publication. Monday to Friday onlv On das when the business office is closed. Want Ads for publication in our next issue may be left in the box in the front vestibule of the Star-Phoenix office, please be sure to leave vour name, address, phone number and number of insertions desired. NOTICES Births $2 50. Marriages and Deaths. In-Memoriams, Engagements. Cards of Thanks, etc., rates $3.00 for insertion of 10 lines or less, extra line of five words each. 30c per line. Semi-Displays Accepted Up to 12:00 Noon Monday through Friday for following davs publication (except holidays) Display Advertising SCHEDULE OF COPY ACCEPTANCE TUESDAY 12:00 noon for Thursday, WEDNESDAY 12-00 noon for Fndav, THURSDAY 12:00 noon for Saturdav. FRIDAY 12:00 noon .... for Monday. FRIDAY 3:00 pm. for Tuesday and Wednesday publication. All of the above times on a "copv in hand basis allow time for copy pick-up and preparation. WANT AD PHONE 653-2100 CLOSED ALL DAY SATURDAYS, SUNDAYS MAIL RATFS IN CANADA SUBSCRIPTION RATES 1 Year $20 00 6 months $12 50 3 months $6.50 1 month $2.50 Bv mail or letter earner walks in Saskatoon 1 year $30.00 By Carrier 50 Cents Per Week To Ail Countries Outside Canada: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan ! month $3 00 1 year .. ....$3000 Rdck Cupiea bv Mail Minimum 25 cents each NOTICES NOTICE TO CREDITORS Tn the Estate of LORNE WARREN JOSEPH COULTER, late of Saskatoon and Cutbank, both m the Province of Saskatchewan, assistant plant supervisor, deceased. AU claims against the above estate, duly verified bv statutory declaration and with particulars 8nd valuation of security held, if any. must be sent to the undersigned on or before the 4th day of November, A D. 1968. K C. BURL1NGHAM Barrister and Solicitor. 1043 8th St . East, Saskatoon. Sask. Solicitor for the Admirustatrix. Marv C. Coulter. 10-16-c-s TENDERS 385 The lnpM or anv tender will oeues-sanlv be accepted w H Horner Depu'v Saskatchewan Department of Agriculture Government Administration Building Regina Skatchen nr,t 1 C Index to Classifications Acreage Anti Acreage industrial) .. 1 Agents . UB Articles For Sale 25 Articles Wanted Livestock Auto Repairs & Accessories Autos A Trucks Wanted ... Autos For sale A . - , Auto Finance 1A Lots For bale 40 Babbitting 13C Machinery k Repairs 3ft - Male Help Wanted 12 Male Instructions .............. 10 Male-Female Instructions 19A Male Situations Wanted ....... 14 Marriage Licenses ............. 0 Miscellaneous 29 Money to Loan 63 Monuments 9 Bank loans 6o B C. Properties 62 Births Biocles k Motorcycles ....... -8 Board & Room Board k Room Wanted ....... 57 Business Opportunities 69 Business k Pro I. Directory ... 7 Buildings Card of Thanks Coal k Wood 32 Corns k Stamps -4A Deaths 2 Domestic Help Wanted 13B Farm Lands For Sale 58 Farms Wanted 59 L seed 3j Female Help Wanted 13 Female Instruction ISA Female Situations Wanted .... la Financial s Florists 8 Funerals 8 Funeral Directors 7 Furnishings :5A Garages 47 Gardening 3jA Help Wanted (Male-Female) ... 15 Hospital Personnel ISA Houses For Rent (Furnished) . 4o Houses For Rent (Unfurnished) 48 Houses For Sale 44 Houses Wanted 43A Investments .V) llllgSlIllVIlIJ , . . Investment Propertiea CANADA DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC WORKS TENDERS SEALED TENDERS addressed to the undersigned Department of Public Works of Canada 1137 8 Street Last SA&KATOON Saskatchewan endorsed TENDER FOR RE ROOF ING PUb T OFFICE BUILDING. SOUTH RAILWAY AVENUE. REGINA. SASKATCHEWAN will be received until 3 00 p.m., (CST.i October 28. 1968. Forms of tender plans and specifications an be seen at or can be obtained through: Department of Public Works of Canada offices. 1137 8 Street. East, Saskatoon. Saskatchewan or 701 Financial Building. Regina. Saskatchewan. To be considered each tender must be submitted on the printed forms uppbed by the Department and in accoi dance with the conditions set forth therein. The lowest or am- tender not necessarily accepted. R Arm&on. District Director bas katchc w an Dist net DEATHS MARCHANT THE DEATH OF ROB-ert Alexander Marchant, ace 52 vears of 1319 1st Avenue, North. Saskatoon, occurred suddenly on October 11, 1968. The funeral service will be held on Wednesday. October 16 at 2 p.m. from McKague s Funeral Home, conducted bv Archdeacon H. W. Brandnck. Surviving are: his parents, Mr. and Mrs. VV. H. Marchant, of Saskatoon, and two sisters, Mrs, J, (Jean) Gammon of Clair, Sask. and Mrs. N. F. (Ada) Mitchell of Calgary. Alberta. Mr, Marchant was predeceased bv two brothers. Jack and Jim. both in World War one. The family would appreciate donations to the Poppy Day Fund rather than floral tributes. Interment will be made m the Soldiers Field. Guest parking directly south of Funeral Home. 3rd Avenue and 20th Street. 10-16-c McFADYEN THE DEATH OF JOHN Edward McFadyen. age 82 years, of Asquith, a pioneer of Saskatchewan, occurred at his residence on October 12, 1968. The funeral service will be held on Wednesday, October 16 at 1.30 p.m.. from the Chapel of Saskatoon Funeral Home, conducted bv Mr. Doan. Surviving are: his loving wife Ethel one daughter. Mrs. R. H. Johnston iRoxie of Des Moines, Iowa- two sons. Clarence of Asquith and Eldon of Des Moines: 10 grandchildren; one great-grandson. Mr. McFadyen was bom in Toronto, Ontario and came west to Glenboro. Manitoba in 1905. In 1906 he came to the Asquith district where he took a homestead. For the exception of five vears when he lived at Hilda, he farmed tn the Asquith district. Mr. McF'adven was a member of the United Church. He was an active member of the Saskatchewan Wheat Pool and the Saskatchewan Farmers Union Interment will take place in HUlerest Memorial Gardens, i Courtesy parking area south of the Chapel on 4th Avenue at 2otb Street.) 10-16-c MUYRES THE DEATH OF KEN-r.eth L. Muyres age ?6 vprs of iftM Avenue K. north, occurred accidentally on October 11th 18. The funeral service will be held on Tuesdav. October 15th at 2 00 p ni. from Zion Lutheran Church conducted bv Rv I, Likness Surviving are his wife Patricia one son Kevin; his mother. Mrs. Albenna Muvres. St. Gregor. Sask : two brothers. Father Ambrose Muvres. O S B . St. Peters College, Muenster, Sask and Richard Muvres. St Gregor. Sask.; three bisters. Sister Jane Muvres. O U.S. North Surrey. B.C., Mrs. N. Schweighardt Yvonne i. Humboldt. Sask and Mrs. Frank Steir Dolores). SL Gregor The late Mr. Muyres was born at St Gregor. Sask. He had been employed with Patrick Construction Company in Saskatoon and the Sherntt Gordon Mines Ltd. at Lvnn Lake prior tn becoming associated with the Tobin Tractor Company m 1965. He had resided in Saskatoon for the past two vears. Interment will take place in Woodlawn Cemeterv. The Saskatoon Funeral Home is in charge of arrangements. 10-16-C SF-ABROOKE THE DEATH M W1L-liam (Bill) Seabrooke. age SI vears. of Kinlev, Sask . occurred in a local hospital on October 14th, 1S. The funeral service will be held on Wednesday, October lfiih at 1 pm from Perdue legion Hall conducted bv Mr B J. Shields. McKague s Funeral Home will be in charge. Surviving are. one daughter Mrs. S J. (Bessie) Johnstone of Kinlev; two grandchildren and one great granddaughter two brothers John Sea-bronke of Saskatoon and Richard Sea brooke of Toronto Mr Seabrooke was predeceased bv his wife Rose in 194 j The family would appreciate dona i tjnns to the !enev Cemeterv Asso i i tinn rather than floral tributes Inter-ment will be made in the J-enev 1 C emeterv. IQ IS c TOOMBS THK DEA1H OF' GEORGE Francis Toombs age 90 vears, of -1 Bottonilev Avenue Saskatoon, occurred in a local hospital on 0 tobfT 14h. 18 The funeral service will be held on Thursday. October 17 at 2 pm from McKacues Funeral Home conducted b' Rev R A Davidym Surviving are two daughters Mrs H I. Grace Bouev of Frimonton and Mrs W D 'Frances Robertson, of Dawson Creek two sons Stanley B Toombs of Toronto and John c Toombs of Saskatoon 10 grand children and three great-grandchild ; ren Born in Halkerton Ontario dr Toombs came west in lvm In 1912 Mr Toombs tas the rentrar m tne building of the North Battleforn . Collegiate and following the comple tion of the contract came to Sasia toon and Joined the Great Hest T if in 1414 and continued until his retire ment Mr Toombs was predetead hv his wife Eunhemia in JuD i0 The familv uouid appreciate donations to The Canadian Cancer Sonet" rather than floral tributes Interment will be made m the familv plot in th Woodlawn emeterv Guest parking directiv south of Funeral Home .rd ! Ave and 2fttii Street 10-16 c FUNERALS SIM'Rt -THF, UNLRA1 F R I' F of Mrs Msbel Helen ikora who djed on October Aih I was held from Wetwood Funeral Chape! on October I2h at 2 P m conducted bv Rev F !epx FalHearni were James A Kmtoff James F F nsf,ff llovd I apiante Cli'f McConnell B'-b Kennedy Leo ! aplanie as made m Wt-xj!an Cemetery Arrangements were m tar of VAe-wood Funeral Chapel Hi 16c Classified Phone 653-2100 Musical Instruments Personal 24 Pet Stock . 3 Poultry k Eggs 36 Real Estate 43 Rooms Furnished 53 Rooms Lnfurntshed M Rooms (Furnished k Unfur.) .. 54A Rooms Wanted 55 Situations Wtd (Male-Female) . 17 Snowmobiles 70A Stores & Offices S Storage Space 35 Suites, Furnished 31 Suites, Unfurnished 51 A Suites, iFurnished-Unfur.) 51B Suites Warned 52 Summer Resorts 27 Swap 31 , , . Teachers Wanted 23 Tinsimtbing 21A Tires & ulcximing 74 Trades & Professions 21 Trailers 70 Warehouse Spac 42 Weddings 1A 26A Winter Resorts 27A BEATON THE FUNFRAL SERVICE of Lliabeth I Beaton, who died on October 9. 18, v as held from the Chapel of the Saskatoon Funeral Home on Saturday, October 12th at 2 30 pin. conducted by Rev. 1. Fraser. Pallbearers were- Allan Keed-well, Rupert Went, Run Ross, Robert Stacev, Gerald Zaph. Reg Plumb Interment took place in Woodlavvn Ceinelerv. 10-16-c CRl'IC KSHAN K THE FUNERAL service of WUUam lewis Cruickshauk. who died on October 9 1968 was held from McKague s Funeral Home on October 12 at 2 p in., conducted bv Rev. H. Fournier Palloearers were Bob Murray. Norman Ingell. Mel tlarldisted. Doug Walker, Gordon Peachey. Bill I'orsvthe. interment was made m the IUllcrest Memorial Gardens. 10-16-c LAY THE FUNERAL SERVICE OF Mr. John Fav, who died on October 10 1968 was held from the Yonda Sacred Heart Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church on Mondav, October 14. 18 at 10 a m.. conducted bv Rev. N. Budi and Rev. E. Treniblav. Pallbearers were- John Fav, Mike Fav. Maurice Harasvmchuk, John Harasvmehuk. John Dziadvk, Don Rachynski. Interment was made in the Vonda Cemetery. Park Funeral Chapel was in charge of the arrangements 10-16-C TAYLOR THE FUNERAL SERVICE of Mrs Annie Gertie Tavlor. who died on October 9. was held from Si Matthews Anglican Church. Regina, Sask. on October 12 at 2 pm . conducted bv Rev -J. Prest. pallbearers were: Gordon Miller. Percy Miller Irwin Miller, Edgar Heron Harvey Watson, Gordon Campbell. Ushers were Garv Hubbard and Herb Powell. Interment was made tn the Regina Citv Cemeterv. McKague s Funeral Home was in charge of arrangements. 10-16-c IN MEMORIAM SCHROH IN LOVING MEMORY OF Michael John Schroli, who passed away Oct. 15, 19b7. Dear father, now thy work is o'er Thy willing hands will toil no more, A loving father, kind and true. No one on earth well find like you. Ever remembered by all the family. 10-16-p HUNTER IN LOVING MEMORY OF a dear wife, mother and grandmother. Alma Hunter, who passed awav October 15. i9b7. Your presence is ever near ns. Your love remains with us yet. You were the kind of a person Your loved ones would never forget. Ever remembered and sadly missed bv Eldon. Eileen, Walter and fannlv, Eleanor and Larrv. 10-16-p GROSS IN LOVING MEMORY OF our dear son. Dale Gross, who passed awav October 15. 1967. His charming ways and smiling face Are a pleasure to recall He had a kindly word for each And died beloved bv all. Ever loved and sadly missed by Mr. J. Gross and fannlv. 10-16-c HUNTER JACKSON IN LOVING memory of a dear daughter, sister and aunt. Alma Hunter, who passed awav October 15 1967. and husband, father and grandfather James Jack-son. who passed away October 16. 1946 The month of October again is here To us the saddest of the vear. A silent thought and many a tear Keeps your memory ever dear. It broke our hearts to lose you. Rut vou did not go alone. For part of us went with vou. The dav God called von home Ever remembered and sadly missed bv Mrs Jackson. Marl Jack and familv. Marge Norm and family 10-16-p THE STAR-PHOENIX HAS A SUPPLY of verses for vour convenience In making up vour Tn Memonam Kindlv inquire at the desk. xtf CARDS OF THANKS WE WISH TO EXTEND OUR THANKS and appreciation for the many messages and ads of kindness, floral tributes offerings for the Heart Fund received from relatives aud friends during our recent loss of our dear mother. Mrs. Marv Urouhart Special thanks to Dr. N. W. Kavanach. nurses at St Paul's Hospital. Rev Win Phillips and McKague Funeral Home The familv. 10-16-c MARRIAGE LICENSES 6 ISSUER OF MARRIAGE LICENSES Quahtv Credit Jewellers Houss of Diamonds. 133 2nd Ave.. North, xtf FUNERAL DIRECTORS 7 SASKATOON FUNERAL HOME W ARNOLD EDWARDS ROBERT F. DAURIE Ph. 244-5577 338 4th Ave N xtf McKAGUES FUNERAL HOME M McKacue R J MrKagu Phone 242-3131 300 3rd Ave.. S xf WESTWOOD FUNERAL CHAPEL Rae J. Murdock. Terry MlrhavJuk Phone 653-3434. 20th St.. Ave. N. xtf PARK FUNERAL CHAPEL Jack M Btnklev Donald Somers 311 3rd Ave., No. Phone 244-2103 xtf FLORISTS U TORI A TLORISTS iMRS A McAllister Miss L Gold 521 8th St Ph-ne 653-233 or 24J-M xf Frank j dowding florist itd J .4 2nd Ave S opposite Odeon Tueatrei. Pb. 652 6272 day and cifeh itf MALE HELP WANTED 12 4 MEN RFQMRFD MNGLfc. PRT - ferred selling Fram filters Vein- le ' supplied Applv in person to Farmers I Wholesale Filter Ltd. 561 2nd Ae north 10 J6 c , MAN RF Ql IRLD V ITH PM MBINO ! ard heating expenene Phone ?42-97J7 ,0 : PLUMBING & HEATING! Servne man required Gas tn kef es- I sentiai Cap.iMe of serving residential 1 and tommertial equipment. Smith Piumhr.g and Heating Ltd 4T 2nd ! Avenue north. Telephone 242-296 ! iO-17-c WANTFD FEIIABLF MAN FOR daperv rod s tM4 ations Part time Will tram. Gix-3 pay 242-5963. 14 .4-t AGRICULTURE CLERK W have a position open for an aggr?$ive voutic man with farm background intereMod in learning the agriculture merchandise bui-uess. Qualifications include Inch school education farm background and strong desire to progress. Full range of company benefits. Salary $262 00 $308 00 Apply to PFRSOWFL DFPARTMENT F FDF RATED CO-OFERAT1N ES I 1MITFP 211 AN I ME D NORTH SASKATOON. SAsK. 10-16 C WANTED EXPERIENCED MAN OR will train to install draperies B. Lillev Draperies, phone 374-7455 STOP! ASK YOURSELF Where will I be and what will I be doing five years from today, if I continue what I am doing now? We have three sales positions to fill in the Saskatoon aiea. winch can develop into management for the right man. YOU CAN IMMEDIATELY EXPECT TO: Average Over $150 Per Week Commission. Our Salesmen are Successful Because: They have pride tn their company and the products they sell. They receive two weeks intensified training in Calgary. Alberta, expenses paid. Derived over 60 of their income from our established business accounts Thev are earning from 8 000 to 13.000 per year or more m this area No house to house canvassing. Opportunity for rapid advancement lo management. TO QUALIFY Ace 2t or over Ambitious, willing to work High school education or equivalent Automobile essential Should be spurts minded. For the right man. this is a lifetime career opportunity representing an international group of companies. Call now for personal interview MR. J. DOWSON Phone 652 6770 TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY. THURSDAY, OCT. 15. 16, 17 FROM 9 A.M. TO 0 P.M. 10-17-c YOUNG MAN FOR SPORTING GOODS department. Retail experience pre-terred Excellent starting salarv Permanent position. See R. H Howes. Birnev a Hardware and Sporting Centre. 10-16-c LINEMAN WANTED APPLICATIONS for the position of Lineman for the Light and power Department of the City of Swift Current will be accepted bv the undersigned until 12 o'clock Noon, October 18, 1968. Only men with experience in handling energized lines and experience in general maintenance of distribution svstem and street lighting will be considered. Wages as per Union Agreement commencing at $505.00 per month will) annual increments to $568 00 per month. Group Insurance and other fringe benefits. Six months probationary period Duties to commence as soon as possible. Submit applications stating ace, experience, three references, and other pertinent information to; DON R. HRENEWICII CITY CLERK, Swift Current, Sask. 10-14 c MANAGER TRAINEE Single, clean-cut young man to learn shoe retail. Must be bondable and free to transfer. Apply in person Agnew Surpass Shoe Stores Ltd., downtown Birks Bldg, or Crcsvcnur Fnk. 10-17-c PARTS MANAGER For GM dealership in Winnipeg to manage parts department employing approximately 15 employees. Apply 1918 Star-Phoenix 10-17-C PART-TIME ANT) FULL-TIME STOCK shipping and receiving positions are still available in Simpson-Scars new Midtown Plaza Store Apply Simp-son-Sears Temporary Office 141 Pacific Ave. 10 2I-c MFCHANIC REQUIRED FDR ALUS Chalmers and Minneapolis dealership. 242 9515 lft-17-C RECREATION DIRECTOR Town of Lanigan, Saskatchewan The Town of Lanigan population 2nfft requires the services of a full-time Recreation Director forthwith Leadership experience in recreation is essential, and academic qualifications will receive full consideration. Applications should state age. education, specialized training if anv. salary expected, and other pertinent information. The successful applicant will be responsible for co-ordinating a rnm-PTnensicp communitv recreation programme and activities in co-operation with tiie Recreation Board. Appln ations should be made in own hand-unting to Mis Jean Bn cum, Lanigan. Sask Interviews will be required 10-17-c ADVERTISING SALESMAN A voting aggressive salesman for an 8 0o0 circulation dailv in toe Okanagan Vaiirv Fxcpptionnl opportunity tor a hardworking ambitious, person. Sdlarv plus unique monthly commission plan. Send aU infonnatiodn m-tluding salary requirements and references to Advertising Manager. Kelowna Daily Councr. Kelowna. B r. Jft 16 c SPRAY PAINTED First class automobile pray painter for lare well equipped b'.dy shop Soe m Land at D'c landas i katoun tf CHIEF ACCOUNTANT Chief Accountant required for a modern well equipped 271 bed ren rral hwpital Uution to inMude preparation and rrMintenam e of reeords and sunstu al data Apph cant muM know ar minting metnods and teihmoijes and be able to supervise oioer personnel freferenre will be eiven lo an aprhnt with re-ognired training in af 'oijnnr. Salary commensurate with qualifications and expenen e RepJv to Business Manager, Yorkton Union Hospital, Yorkton, Saskatchewan. !MC I I ; j V4ANTFD NFWS LMT'ft for 1 'n of askatrfjesvan a leamg wek- ( Iv newspaper Atpiy ati'-g expen-l erne and iary ern to TLe i MehUl Advance. Menilie, Sak j ! FiPST CLASS MET HASH, To TUvO. Of inn and AppI P'-x 4S. Lraruum fiij iO 21-c -a

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