The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 24, 1952 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 24, 1952
Page 4
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PAGE FOUK BLrniEvn<LE (ARK.) COWIITR NEWI , JTJI.Y »4, 19W ilullina, Society Kditoi f Pat iiullins, Society Phone 4<161 Charlie Cleveland Claims Bride In Maryland Rites Ml*s Rone Jo Webb, of the WAVES and T-Sgt Cll&rll? E. Cleveland, were married nt the Nnv- al Air Station Cliapel In Patuxcnt Fliver, Md.. on June 5. Mrs. Cleveland is the daughter <if Mr. and Mrs. O. H. Webb and lie iK the son of Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Cleveland of Blythevllle. Mrs. Cleveland fs the former acting editor of the Tester, the naval base paper, and 1s now attached to the Naval Air Station Public Information Office T-Sgt. Cleveland Is with'the Marine Air Detachment there. Mrs. Rcba Harper of Lexington P.irk. Md.. was the bridn 1 ant and attending the M-Sgt. Ray Wright nJ Little Rock, who It also stationed there. Bits of News t Bridal Event for Miss Peggy Fleemanj Held at Blytheville Country Club Blythevlllo] 'llie green room of Country Club was the scene yes- i terday of a party Riven tor Mls.i | Prfct*y Fleeman, who will be mar- j rled to James Cheadle of Norm;m, Okla., in a ceremony 'of wide so- t:lnl interest August 1. Mrs. G. 8. Atkinson wa. 1 ; hostess fot the ocrar-ilon and took for her the me, "salad bowl days," a motif carried out in nil decorations. ('entering each of the five bridge hiiKO wooden salad hov.l filler! v/ilhi eolorfiil fresh vo;:(, > tubl' 1: >. Center-1 ir;[< the mantel a r v iSvr?r bowli fllltd wltli dalsit'.s. Tn the Lrid^f; punics pbvrd, Mrs. R. J. M.-Kinnon, Mis. lloljj-ii Kil- Ibin, Mrs. Wll-ion'llfin-y. nnd Mrs. RiIfly 11. ,Foit<-K, won pi'i/fs, , Miss ]"li'frnr\n tint! her mother. Mrs. K. C. T'lri'inaji, v.ho v."i,s EUI honorrd Kues", were pre fiitfd wii h Ftrrrniin rrceivrd lii'i c,ur-.',ts in a lablrs, wns a snli\d dccnntcr back- \ frock nf while plqur- triinnii'd wivh ing R wooden fork and spoon, lliej n re( \ ]n ?t >t in the full flarnd shirt, fork wcnrlnj? a top hat and the J \\Ith wliich she \Kore ml iuitrssor- spoon wcarlhjt a bridal veil cjinuht j ies. Mi.s, Flcrmnn rho e a. lavc-n- M'llh n inJnialnre orange blossoms. | slrajilcss dress with tn;itchiiiK Among othrr arrangements was a j .stole. Mr. and Mrs. Henry LunsFord and family of I/j^i Angeles are spending tJiree wee>:s v,ith his mrtther, Mrs J, K. r/jn>l'ord, 1'vL. and MJS. Charles E. Mulllii^ arc vf->iUni! their parents, Mr. wtu! Mrs. A, H, Jones, and Mr. unil Mrs T. M. MiilUns of Osrrola. Mr:;. Mill- llns Is the formfv Mir.s Bovc-rl; .forms, Pvt. ]\Tnllins will report I' PiU.'bur^, Culif., Aut;iist 1 for overseas <H;:-:vnm< : nl. 'Mr. anil Mrv. I'Vaiik Tosnlinsoi will arrive fninarrow from K:in--n Cily to b- the fiiK'Kirs of the Oral ton lainllv. ihf Adnlnh H-.:Jnlrk«- ;>nd ihe V.'nfic Jeffries, for u wee'/ I The TDinhrr-on's and thrlr rliiltlrfr ! who have lir'-n hrrn for the pns iOiitli, '*ill k-nvo next week fn room'w'aj Miss Ann McLeod/ Bride-Elect Is Complimented at Parties Here Mrs. White Is Hostess to Club Miss Ann ML'Lf <jd, who will be m:uricd to DaJe Winston Ilorton nf Forrest City, wa.s troinplitrn-nled v:ilh two parties liere this week. Miss Aim Nance was hostess for R lawn party In her honor on Tuns- clay night, nt which Miss McLtioit ufis showered wEth towels, In the party fin ires played by the Rroup, Mrs J. P. PeU-rson ;md I'nlnl f):iv In Mobile. Alii Sport Clothes Feature Fashion For Pretty Play Time I i .' Mr All members ot Club EiRbt attended n bridge party Riven yesterday at the home of Mrs. Jesse. M. White on Davis. Pink roses and pink swcetpeas the honoree, won prrzes, Mrs. Henry provided the lloral setting for the I Lunsforrl of Los An(?clns, Calif, the occasion. Winnllg top honors was Mrs. Otto Scrape, who took first nnd Mrs. 'irley Ksnj.:, v,'ho is lo be Ii>-s Me 1 Land's liriilcsnuUds.! ss last nitrlit ;u an inform- j . bridge psivlv »( the home ' of her parents, on M:iln SLrert. j I'^'tlly liniuhnndi' |>l;u'0(;a!d'i ap- [ pointed (lie I^IM .sis' places Find } matehin}^ tiilliefl were used, ;it t Vi e j tlireR ttiltlrs, Miss .Joan Dcdrnan won hlcjh sec Tim E-t''S ami dani'h'er. If m phis v. i',h »j mt her tlaus-'ht'-r, ti-5, Jr-.Fe If. I/uid the former ML;s iirrru'll" 1 * rsii-". Thr-v will ho »f- oniiKinfcil bv Mrs. Joe Unprhcs nntlj r. .ln^. ! M'-s K;'ii"V Damnn -spent several ; -vs in rj.fiir.--r-. M<V as v ,"i- t n f | 'r niul Mrs- Avlh"r H"eb and son,, NKW YORK — fNKA) — Anyone I'or tr.ntil.s? If so, what kind of figure t!o you c'tt oil the courts? Well-covered but- inis dowdy? There's no need lo look; Fv ;''- 1 ' M, way, The newest fashions for j ri ' lu ' s Kv GATI.E NKA Wonnin's Krtllor actively in a hloiise of linen- c rnyon by Ship and Ehote. is cut sleeveless and has extra- . , t hc tennis cmnl provkie the rteht ionsf shii'ltails that will stay tueked alrr Val- ! lover-U]) coiinlcct with artctmiitc cut i >" »° i« ; >l t<lr llow you twist, bend ' ' Mr.s. SUtnk-v Uairl-; of W Try Ml-s., vi'-iled a 'Aerk with tier! for freedom of nr:ton. f.-i-iVr M ;I: 'R rnin-fs I3an % on smd lier | Our model <U-lc» dernions iroMier. Mrs Owen McKay. | ! Nrir?:irrt. V/iotcn Mc\Vatrrs 1? In j n ,, ,,. , . v -, , f . Mermhfs PS v,ui 11 ' of Mrs. Nolan L IJUlly ZJlC LL J YY /V Nii'l'-olK M'/s .N'u-kolK visitnd SPV~ ernl tiny.- v.-lth her mother Mn. R. C. Allen won second. Mrs. H. G. Pflrtlow won the bridgo. It's Sew-Simple, Smart Of Mr, Anna , ..... Sf ord .„„ Meets at Church or stretch. The collar is verlihle. Worn \\iUi it are shori.s tlial arc smoothly tailored and cuffed, ter- minating at exactly the righ length. The whole affair is cinche at Ihe waist by a wtdc, elastlcized belt equipped with a coin nurse. If fishing's your dish, there's a rainbow-striped blouse (right) to wear while yo\: angle. In white cotton broadcloth, it has oversized patch pockets that will hold flies or bent pins. Both'blouses are in the budget class. For the evening's activities. Miss! .el-cod wore a preen nnd black | rinte.d sneer dress over crinoline nd was presented a corsage. At Intervals In the home, bonnets of stimrner blossoms were; Mlsn McLeort. who w;is given n cor.saRe of white Rlnmellias, was dr<'?>>:<• ct for (he occjision in ;i black cotton Ahentli rire^r-. She was en ash-tray sot nnd cigarette in matrhidf* china by Ilie ho: her Your Daughter Should Be Free From ^arental Ties Before She Marries Cl:*y RtnHinr:s hn 1 - been reiioved from the M.-morlal Hospl- r ... , tnl hi Memphis to his homo at Half box i Moon. His contlltlon H slUrhlly improver!, npconUnw tn his fnmllv. Hs mnjor surgery there two weeks n!<;o. Holt A daughter should have a I'.Ic of er own, but her parents still hiive- 't turned her loose. Her mother atlll advises her by mail nnd long-tlistmice lelcp>ionc ivcr v-'hat to do nbout this or Ihnt. If she mentions that she ami Jim mve dncidcd lo buy a new sofn, -hut Is enough lo caH forth ticlvicc and help from her parents. Her mother will Immediately sll down and write her a lot of ndvicc about bnyiiiR a, Bofu. She should tnke thla and tliat Into consiclc-ra- By Sue Burnett This attractive shortwnist dress 1 •o becoming that you can wear everywhere with confidence. And you'll make It easily nnd quickly, with our clearly Illustrated sew | •hnrt. ' Pattern No. 8V9G is a scw-rlte perforated pattern In sb.cs 12. U, 16. 18, 20; 40, 42. Size 14, 4 yards of 3&- inrh. For tins pattern, send 30c in COINS, your name, adclre.45, sizu desired, and the PATTERN NUMBER to Sue Burnett, Courier News, 375 Quincy St., Chicago 6, 111. Ready for you now—Basic FASHION for '52. Fall and Winter. This new* issue Is filled vrllh idca.s for smart, practical sewing for B new season; plft pattern printed inside the book, 25c. Yarbro HD Club Meets In-Home Ten members of the Yarbro Hume Demonstration Club met at the home of Mrs. Robert Tliniupstm night for [heir seml-montUli, meet teg. Tlie hostess gave a poorn bctorc ft business session was conducted. In the business, R discussion on the Mississippi County Fair was held nnd plans wore begun for tin? entries of Ihe club. Tn n social hour which followed tho meeting, refreshments were served nnd evenhiK was spent in informal entertainment. tlon, her mother will, write. And then the mother will tfct, (.o worrying because I lie "children"- -she calls her dautrhter and son- in-law -prnimbly won't lie able to buy B really good sofa, •So Pop Is tnlked into sending "t.iie chllciren" n check dlret'lhiK them to add this to what they were RO- Ing to spend, far a sofn nnd get something "worth having." And BO It IJowcn and Jane BartholMii 1 The president, Plrnestine presided over a brief business ot's- :,lf)ii in which Betty Ann Mil Hi us and Dorothy Sheppard were appointed lo serve on a program com- I mlttee, Miss Holt wiis in charge of (lie . J'ntrkin Ann RriniHz ot fit. I/inls ; pj-ogram, v.hich concerned "Amos' bus IJRpn varn»innlnB with her, Mo.s.sagL' for Today." Mrs. J. A. En- notliEr, Mrs. Verdle Jolin^nn <(erlin. (he sponsor for Die group, Jimp, She plnus next week and since home cornp£i[]lo<i young couple set out to do Is taken out of Ihelr Imnd.s before ttiey know finite what hns happene<l. At every turn they get the two thlnn.s R young couple can best get Hiring without, from their parents— advice nnd ftnanriiil lielp. When will this mother nnd Hither decide their dniii'liler is a woman nmrrlnd to R grown man and therefore perfectly capable nf i i*elfiiiff- nlr>nr; without the tulvice to rnturn ill be nc- hv Mrs. Johnson. Mrs. Audry Tni^lnhart of Dpll sp rt nt Wednc^thw 1?i Momnhls. where .st\e Wiis nt Baptist Hospital for EV cheek-up. Mrs. May JefTnrs and her grandson, Bandy Sclirtider of Nlles, Kan., ore the guests of her sister, Mrs. O, C. Bartholomew uno (amity. Miss Alice Snlibn, daughter of Dr. nnd Mrs. J. A. Sallbn, arrived home Wlmlcvrr the t n< \ AV f,-, jm T.OS Angclo?, Calif.. At the Hospitals Blytheville Hospital Dismissed: Mrs. V,'. C. Polk, Cooler Mrs. Loin's Salmon and baby, .City Larry Mondy, Dell Mrs. Harry Higgins. Holland Mrs. I.ewi.s A^.hell, cooler Walls HosplEal Charles Roberts, Stcele Mrs. James H. Stewart and baby, Dsceola Mrs. J. B. Nccdman and baby, tuffmnn -ind Time For nterests Now "I'd give 'anything if 1 could do such-and-such,' but I Just don't save the time." How often you hear woman .say that. Perhaps you sometimes sn.y it- ,-our.sclf. It's the way we women kid ourselves that H Is only lack of lime that keeps from making our lives more interesting and using , more of our po- ~~ tential talents Ruth Milieu and abilities, Yet the woman who believes she hasn't time to do the thinas that would give a. lift to her days usually has time to sepnd many more hours than necessary on routine houswork, to wa<..te time doing things she doesn't really enjoy and being with people who actually bore her. She often takes on jobs that don't interest her simply because she doesn't know how to Rive a good firm "No" v.htm ih« lu i ;it. is turned on her to this or thut job in organization that actuary offers her nothing in return for her time and effort. If she would reorganize her working schedule', and v.atch to find out how much time she is wasting every day In ways that give luir no real | ULsmL^seri with prayer. f.erlously ill and has spent 2i days m n hospital, was brought home yesterday from the Baptist Hospital in Memphis- She underwent surgery there a week n%a and is much improved. She was accompanied home by her sister-in-law. Mrs. Arden B. Crowder- of New Orleans, La., who has been with her In Memphis for a week. Mr. nnd Mrs. Neal Gessell and father, M. M. Glllintn rcturn- C tJVKljr i i uiii . ,v... ....,-,•- • J 11'(- liUllt I , L>1- Wl. V.I1|]]<<. lit LL'Uiril where .she had .spent a two-weeks | e( j nome yesterday from Mnmphi; ami lielp of her parents? Probably [ with their children, Mr. find Mrs. \ Guest Is Honored With Luncheon Mrs. S. O, Williams of Rhrevr- port. T.n.. who l?= Ihe of Mrs. Oeor^e I,PP. nnd IK a former resident of (hip city, \vns cornnltmentrci yesterday at the Hotrl Noblo with n hinrhcon given hy Mrs. W. R, Johnston. 'Hie cnests ivrrtf sontpd In Hie Coffer -Shop af llif hotel and centering the tnblf* was o rolorfnl nr r.inecment of r.lnuias intcr^iir-r^o with greenery, never. They didn't free their uuuphier Vvlion i hoy should linvo, v.hen Iliev .sent her'Tilvlfy lo college lo be educated. - " . I'aienls who don't, seize upon fhls natural time to lot n child stun making his own decisions and his own mistakes never find a better 1 time. If thoy don't free him at the! !,',,,„., lr Isrne i nm i deliver n srr- propnr moment, they never find the ! [mm .. Rl . liKioni T ) lc Only Way to rl»ht time to any: "Here Is wlu— we let KO." ' Mr nml Mrs ticnrirr Abel nnd Mr. nnd Mrs. Lewis V.'olfc of St. Louis, and Mrs- Kdna CifirUmg of I-Yeclericktown. Mo., are the guests of Mrs. Nora Sprartlcy. Mrs. S. S- I'attrr^on was yeslerd:iy from llapUst Ho?p(inl in ! "Memphis to lirr home 1 . -She muter- [ wont surgery there 10 rt;iys a?o and Is now repurled as "doiuu nicely." Miss frene Crowder, who has been . she will rHurn Saturday i wnf , re Mr ON 11am'underwent treal- Slveetrr. Til , where she now i mcnt ^ thp B ., p u st Hospital there for Hie past 10 dnys. Mr. and Mrs Ge:-sell have been with him. Mrs. Ed Evans, formerly of ceola n n d now"* of I..QS Ant Ciillf., Is visiting Mr. arid Mrs Louis PinEon for several days. Airman Second Class Larry Dnn inl has returned from Jaoan nftr-i four months service Find is t h < guest of hl.s parents, Mr. and Mr." Brad Daniel, for a 12-day leave F 3 fc. Charley Lepi^ett of Cani] Gordon, Ga.. is spending fi 15-da furlough with his mother, Mrs. W C. Le(M;ett, and his sister. Mrs Marie, Burns. The three will eo i Memphis this afternoon to nttem a picnic plven in his honor. her homo. Mrs. H. O. V/lUunns nnd rtiuisjh- lec. Gftylr. of .Shve.vepnrt, I.a., nml formerly of Blytheville, nre guests uf Mr. and Mrs. George. l>e. Mr. and Mrs. Russell GnnU'r nru spending today tn Memphis. Dr. nnd Mrs. Alfred Vise returned from a three weeks' visit Harry Vtsp, At Nashville, Tenn. While thrip, the Habbl officiated At two srrvlcvs ;it the Vine .Street Trniplf: »nrt delivered Iho Sabb.Uh srrmnns. He nlso took port In a Kola ry $pon. i ;i>rrd forum on J tiler tm- tUmal Rrlnlions at wh!,-h. 33 students from eight Kuropran cimn- Irlrs participated. Tomnrrow nl«ht, nt Kulih;ilh Service, the Rubbl will ivsume lux reli^lfjus activities at The proble.n of overnight guests can be ea.sily solved if there's a roll- pleasure; it she would give? up memberships in organizations that she away cot in the house. It (olds upj has discovered are a haven for wo- easily and can be stored^ out of j men with more time than imagina- .sight until you are ready to put it| tion, she might find that .she has use, time for more than one of the interesting things she keeps telling herself she wishes she-could do. What H woman docnn't find time for in her busy years she !s likely never to find time for Because by the time she is older she ha* set her pattern for living Changing it takes more get-np-and-go than a lot of women ever have. 00 FALSE TEETH Rock, Slide or Slip? FASTEETH. an Improved pOwdei lo ba sprlnklert on upper or lower ptates. holds false t«eth more firmly In place Do not slide, slip or' rock No gummy. gooey, pasty laste or feeling. FAB- TEETH Is alkaline (non-acid) Does not sour. Checks "plate odor" (denture breath), Get FASTEETH »t any drug Biore. Hear Ulclllath! ATTEND BIG STATE-WIDE RALLY AT MacARTHUR PARK, LITTLE ROCK. NIGHT OF July 25th - 8:30 to 9 p.m. (Above Is Broadcast Time, HaLly Starts At 7:00 P. M.) This Will Be State Network Broadcast AT .SO HEAR McMATH ON JULY 26th AT 8:30 P.M. and JULY 28th AT 8:30 P.M. . YOUR NEAREST LOCAL STATION IS: Open 6:30 p.m. Show Starts at Dusk. 2 Shows Every Nile. THURSDAY & FRIDAY THE ROBERT TAYLORMEMSE DARCEL Hear Governor MciMalh Over KI.CN Saturday f»:.'i() p.m. nnd Sunday at 2 p.m. Pol. Adv. Paid For By Henry Woods, Cam. Mgr. Coming Events Leap lie game. S;itiiril.iy ille D u p 11 c u t e Bnil;ie plays weekly allernomi ^> * ^ 4 \ x * Xx for Life! AIR CONDITIONED BY REFRIGERATION Dee Dee Deb Coat Dream AS SEEN IN AUGUST SEVENTEEN THURSDAY & FRIDAY i fjSjsmmaM^.™""""?.'"' ^c^-^^K^m&uA with I'ICTKU I.AWI'OUD • MAUHEEN OTIAUA Also Nnvolly Keel otfiwdfink pick* tjou op ilk* RITZ GUESTS ir. & Mrs. C. A. Himtnian X Family Mr. <S.' Mrs. .loo Shanks & Family Mr. X Mrs. C. A. Smith X- family Mr. & Mrs. I.. M Vance Dec Dee Duljs Nationally Ad- vt'rliscd and Nalionall)' rec- OKni/.t''' dream nf a coat. YmniK ladies raved aliout it when they saw il In (lie August issue nf Seventeen Magazine 1 . All Wool Dimple Check in Fall's smnrtesl colors . . . reversible and detachable, fie, makes il easy to wear in many ways. Choice of colors: Natural, (Juld, (Hue, dray. Red. S7O95 ; 39 USE HAYS CONVENIENT LAYAWAY PLAN Box Office Opens 7:00 Show Starts 7:15 p.m. Admission 3c & 30e At All Times LAST TIMKS TON1TE 1'AL N1TKS 2 Kor Price of 1 Double Feature ^ K ING COLETRIO Also Cartoon Kill DAY & SATURDAY Double Feature k Serial: The TiRcnnan Also {'arlnnn

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