The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 6, 1950 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 6, 1950
Page 11
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MONDAY, MARCH 6, 1950 BLYTHEVTLLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS FACT! OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS BY MERRILL BLOSSEt Baffled 5AY, STUPE, ywc*> DO you FIGOR6 Oi PEDDUrt' A TYP|CftV.W TMltX RCMP.RK ' H?0*A vfcX), 3AK£.'-—ESAO/DO Voo TWwKfHe FACTORIES VXAAT -e HEAR FROM SAWTA O.AUS AfW CHRISTMAS, Toys ? MASS PRODUCT**) V01LL 86 INJWCHeb AFTER OUR FIRST BK3. test tms ice SKIPPERS. AKXXT fOURTH? START FLEEIKi' TO TW fie ACW6S TO COOL ORF. VOO'LL SAVe 'e*i FROM. SLIPPING OfJ ICY WALKS, HOH ? — CX&J6R GOY/ THIS POPCORN D«AU V BRWNS, SLOWS US D&NHl MY B*JL/ . WHAT'S TO STOP THE STRWE6Y/ ' ' m?m» rlPi^ Kl^ (GtrwgfTto) W^^ff^^T O.ATF FOR. T£>DA.y, Yes, BUT UAVt DREIFUS PUT YOUR WATCH IN A-1 CONDITION Qid of a Chapter By Edwin Rutt c**** **» * * *u. «KVKE. IMC Hcw'i y«ur wolch running tUu day»? !*'• noil Well, hoy* our expert repairman put i> in A-l condition. Prompt, •fficient rcatonabli HHEIFtlS MM! Dreifos . , .Wear Iliamondi TIIK STOUYi Aflo* l'l«r, mrcr*- Inry lo Muriel tlalterk. *rho wHI*« linpulnr nlnrU-. under Ikr mm** ol "Jo ! I'MlKT»ve. H «H<«prc1« >l»- r !«• P. htiMhnnd Hr«-Ht «r rraelly 1* Hf<-k, kU tfuir-yt-mr-al* ndnptr4 «nn. AKIioucb AUrr c*i«wot ror- eivr r>iis. tthf feel* mtrnmx+ly ilrntvji i« Brrnl. One alfht Mnri*! <<fr-t It rent mke All*-*- In MM mrnt*. bill Muriel dnm vitl orrm lo,'*' |ub. Omr w^ . ntl Murlrl K ofm lo New York er ker Hie rnry ajcenl. lf«Tf»ic lice nlrtne. llrrnl Ivrn" "F •*- JtprcipJly. 11^ juika Allre (• K* nlllnK «i(b him, l»nt Allte Te- iiMCK, f>Hlnir Khe -<huLil*»'t- l.*t«r llrrnt rt- turns rind 1bry ICO for « »nlk. Allrp reitir^en Itrrnt I* «n- kirn »he bxir» 1* Ilrrnl »«k» "WhyT" , "Hecnu^e L like d meiMil ber worrf* t« *nrinrt rnxiinl, I. trayN ker. XXIII A LICE'S voice had betrayed her. '*• definitely. And Brent Ilalleck caught her in his arms. Alice's hands came up instinctively, pressed against his chest. Pressed once, and then dismayingly the strength went out of them. "You like me?" It was a swift . hoarse whisper as Brent repeated Ua J,, k ; Alice Pine's words. j inen Her lips, raisi were too close. B It was a rough, hnrd kiss. Its very roughness brought Alice to her senses. She pushed him away, but his fingers clung to one arm. ;BH into H, hurt it. (couldn't Ever. 1 said I liked you. I Ho, when I shouldn't. When it doesn't make sense. But . . . H She slopped, aware of spilling words 1 wildly. Brent's eyes seemed to cut at | her. "Why, Alice? I have to know why." She had herself under conlro now. "It would be belter, Brent I if you didn't m.ik» me tell you. 1 "Why?" Once she had wanlnd to tell him .make him flinch at the accusation But now she seemed able to man age nothing but an almost indis linct mumble. "Because of some thing thnt happened. Somethin | I wish Pd never seen. The nigh of that awful storm. I like you a a—a friend, Brent. But I can forget—that. And it would spo any—anything else.* 1 Brent's fingers left her arm. H backed away. But his eyes \ down. see." he said softly. "Okay Alice. If that's how you feel." "Well, how else could I DOS sibly . . ." ut she spoke to nothing. Bren gone. ice remembered that Muri ised and parted, « a f, n P? rl ? time l ° Brent's head bent. Halleck's tram. pense. she's succeeding beautifully. After dinner Alice retired to her vn room. With a family nou- avc on. it seemed the discreet ove. She rend a while, but nrcs- tlly fell asleep. It was nearly vening before she went down- nirs again. Muriel was arranging flowers in ic living room. "Well. Alice!" he stepped back, inspecting a asc critically. "At- last, we're round lo you and me." On." Alice said, "there's no lurry," "Well, Brent and I are talked out. Beyond that, he's gone." Alice controlled a start. There vas every reason why Brent hould have left without seeing ier. But she had been silly enough o think that he wouldn't—today, "You mean he's gone back to ^rovidence?" 'T'resumably. Sit down, Alice, and—forget Brent." "I wish George wouldn't try to be so cute at these partle* —it would serve him right if he dropped that nice fj of vnnr",! 11 ATUR1EL all but Tell into Alice's ^*- arms on the station plntEorm. She looked willed, even to the elfin h;it, which had looked so "I asked you something," he perky and trim that morning. ' Rheumatism Arthritis : drink ,/ MOUNTAIN VALLEY Hei SDr.ngi Art Thousand* have beea helped by this famous health water. Not a taxa- tive. Try it for the next few w«ek> ... see how it MOUNTAM VALLEY MINERAL WATER Crosstown Whiskey Shop raid, unsteadily. "You haven't answered." "Oh, what a day! Don't ask me sjngle thing tonight, Alice. I'm Had he let her go, eveti' slack-1 just not up to it. Tomorrow I'll ened that painful grip, she might' catch you up on all the dirt." ihnve said something entirely dif- Alice, her mind still a whirlpool, ferent. But the fingers remained, I didn't ask questions. But Sunday digging inexorably into soft flesh. | was well advanced before she and And, all at once, came the remembrance of another arm, mottled with blue bnriscs. And with morning in the study. They it, a more disturbing recollection, emerged for a midday dinner at Thunder rolling; a black sky torn (which Muriel was gay and Brenl by peals of livid lightning. unusually talkative. But Muriel "No, Brent." Strange how a did not reler to her business on repulsion she had thought long the previous day. If, Alice thought gone could swarm back. "1—1 f she's trying to keep me in sus- ALICE gave her a sharp looV. ^ She had the uneasy feeling that Muriel had been about to add something else and changed her mind at the last second." nstcad. she waited for Alice to seat herself on the divan and then Muriel sat down beside her. Muriel fairly beamed. She was anxious to tell Alice something that she thought Alice wanted to hear. Muriel said: "Hold your hat, Alice! You've got yourself a job in California, if you want it." "I?" Alice jumped. "California?" "You. California. Oh, Alice!" Muriel kicked up her heels wildly like a hoyden. "I've hit the jackpot. Pat and I had company yesterday. A very charming. man named Alec Crowlher. Does that ring any bells?** Alice nodded. "Isn't he some terrific Hollywood person?" "Just about the biggest of the big brass in Ganz-Phcnix Pic- lures. Smack me down, Alice, if I start sounding big-headed. Rut, according to Pat, this Alee Crowther flew all the way to New York just to see Little Jo." Muriel chuckled reminisccntly. "That's what ho calls me, 'Little Jo' Palgrave." (To Be Continued) Hydrogenntion Is n process for turning liquid vegetable oils into solid white lat. 109 So. Division, Bljthevillc PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Guaranteed Best Prices Kirby Drug Stores BILL GODWIN SPORTING GOODS Now in Stock: Baseball Uniforms LIVE BAIT All Types of Athletic Equipment "the Only Exclusive Sporting: Goods Store In Mississippi Coantj* Phone 6762 421 W. Main "It's Tenderfoot Jackson, Sir, doing his good deed by showing these folks how easy it is fo get loans from GENERAL CONTRACT PURCHASE CORPORATION." SPRING PLANTING SEED We have for sale planting seed to serve your needs. Spring Oats, Alfalfa, Pasture Mixtures, Lespedeza, Sudan and Other Field Seeds. SOYBEANS OUR SPECIALTY Please call us or come in to see us for your spring planting requirements. Blytheville Soybean Corporation 856 Phones 857 828 Remember that number for ELECTRICAL SERVICE wiring or appHanre ht. BLAN HEATH CO. Wheltie ryou need contract work, wiring or appHanre repair.., COY GOODSOX can do the Job right. SHEET METAL WORK- OF ALL KINDS Custom work for gins, alfalfa mills, oil mills. Custom Shearing up lo 1/4 inch thickness. Frank Simmons Tin Shop 117 South Hroadway Phone 2651 Chamblin Sales Co. • Sales & Service • "Your Friendly Studebaker Dealer' I RAILROAD & ASH PHONE 888 PEJISCILLA'S PO1 HV AL VERMEER SHES SUCH A NICE KID! I FEEL SO SORRY FOR HER! A LITTLE GIRL IN MY ROOM GOT 65 IN SPELLING! SHE'S AFRAID HER MOM WILL SPANK HER! •lONSENSE'. PARENTS DON'T EXPECT THEIR CHILDREN TO BE PERFECT 1 . I'M SURE HER MOTHER WILL GIVE HEP ANOTHER CHANCE! Yes, You, Charlie! UY MICHAKL O'iHAU.EY and RALPH LANB SO WHEN VOU WWT INTO T COME. CHARLIf, SI6RIDS ROOM TO SEARCH ) DON'T CALL YOUBSELf IOO 1HE BURGIAR. HE HIT / NASTY NflMfS. I VOU OVER THE HEAD. .A KNOW WHO n WAS THE CAD.' SURELY. VIC. YOU DON'T THINK THAT 1 . . . THEN YOU WILL DO IT, CHRISTOPHER SINCE YOU WANT MS TO SO BAD, MUMMY. I 1*1 DEAD MAN'S H IT'S ALl RIGHT. I STILL UWE YOU. ANYWAY, YOU DIDN'T GET AMY Of SIGRID'S JEWEIS. SO FORGET IT. CAPTAIN EAS"X BY LESLIE TURNER -^f CftLW VOURSELF, WA'W. AND POLL OUTA LIME so-HEY, WATCH OUT!! HOLOrr. UDVl LOOK WHAT SHE DID TO THE EEAE EWD! STOP SQUAWKfPJS.VOtl OlE COOT. OK GIT OUTA THAT CAe AkJD IXl DO TH 1 SAWE TO SOUBS- WUP W WOK WOT X MIVDAM U POWE...BEMr ) SOU WDW'T I THIMGHB06, NEED'EM- «' SPKUM<3 ViY /Wtl'RB TH«| DRHIIMS \H TH1551ME BUGS BUNNY Keep at It, Son Yes, Let's Not Worry BY V. T. HAMLLN LO0KINS AT V THIS -HCAV DYA / V.'ELL I BECKON HE I 1CTJ I'M NOT KNEW YOU \ SOiNS "TO STEAL CAME HEEE \'EM.£O WHY T'STEM. \ weey/ CMSEN UMBVS JEWELS? > BEEN COIN' CCITTETES / ' WJZEK TELLIN'6U7 HOOTS AND I1KR BUDDIES BY EDGAR MARTIN V FsCAtO O? , Wc.<?

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