Star-Phoenix from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada on October 18, 1971 · 19
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Star-Phoenix from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada · 19

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
Issue Date:
Monday, October 18, 1971
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the STAR-PHOENIX Saskatoon, Monday, October 18, 1971 19 ON FBIS MOST-W ANTED LIST FOR 17 MONTHS Elusive H. Rap Brown turns up in shoot-out NEW YORK (AP) H. Rap Brown, the black militant on the FBI's most-wanted list for 17 months, was reported in fair condition Sunday after abdominal surgery following a shootout with police during a holdup. Held in $150,000 bail each for hearings today are Sam Petty, 23, of St. Louis, reported to be Brown's bodyguard, and two other men. Brown's lawyer, William Kun-stler, refused to identify his client, but police, who took his fingerprints, said: We are going on the assumption that no two sets of fingerprints are identical and, as far as we are concerned, this man is H. Rap Brown. From his bed in hospital, Brown, 28, was charged by telephone with attempted homicide, robbery and possession of a dangerous weapon. Petty, Arthur Young, 25, and Levi Valentine, 24, all of St. Louis, also were charged with attempted homicide, robbery and possession of a dangerous weapon. They appeared in night court Saturday. Mayor John V. Lindsay visited patrolman Gary Hunt, badly wounded during the incident, but hospital authorities said the mayor did not see Brown. The long-missing Brown surfaced about 3 a.m. Saturday when a passer-by called police to report he could see a holdup going on in the Red Carpet Bar on West 85th Street in Manhattan. A group of men shooting craps on the sidewalk outside were herded into the bar and also robbed. The victims, all black, were forced to lie on the floor while their valuables were collected and put in a plastic garbage bag which was later recovered. Six police cars answered the call about the robbery and the gun battle began. During the firing another patrolman, Salvatore Rosato, was hit in the hand. Brown and one of the other suspects fled into an apartment building near the corner of Columbus Ave. The second man was captured and Brown was wounded in an exchange of gunfire which left the building lobby a shambles, tenants reported. Despite his injury, Brown was able to enter an elevator and pushed the button marked Penthouse. Getting out on the 13th floor, he dragged himself past an incinerator and up seven steps. He then climbed another 15 steps to the roof, leaped a four- foot parapet and jumped 18 feet to a terrace below. There, authorities said,' a poll c e m a n shot and wounded Brown a second time. Brown disappeared when he was scheduled to stand trial in Bel Air, Md., on charges of arson and inciting to riot in Cambridge, Md. Maryland Attorney-General Francis B. Burch said his state will not decide on whether to institute extradition proceedings until legal action in the case here is completed. TENDERS (Continued) Organisers fail to kit 10,000 goal Violence erupts following WMA protest rally MONTREAL (CP) About march on the offices of La cades in nearby side streets. sponsibility ended when the ing speeches in front of the Hy- i tnn persons held a ""A hour Presse, the French-Language Organizers of the march the demonstrations ended at Hy- dro - Quebec building where daily that has locked out com- Common Front for the Defence dro-Quebec. Quebec premier Robert Bour- parade tnrougn e .t-c at posjng room workers since July, of the French language held an The marshals tried to curtail assa has his Montreal office, Montreal Saturday In support of but were repulsed by riot police immediate news conference to any acts of violence during the outspoken labor leader Michel a PYonrh.nniv nnphsp nnH to ringjng the building. disclaim all responsibility for march and at one point in front Chartrand scathingly denounced Five police were hit by pro- the incident. 0f the, east-end headquarters of youths throwing o ttles as jectiles as they rushed two Reggie Chartrand, former the provincial police, marshal damn chickens, makeshift barricades erected by boxer and leader of the Cheva- Jean Heribeault stopped one Politics and the revolution Organizers had predicted at the protesters while a sixth tiers de llndependance who youth just before he tossed a theyre made with the people, least 10,000 persons would turn fractured his fingers trying to helped co-ordinate 250 volunteer bottle. not by throwing stones while out and delayed the march for brea( down one of the barri. paracie marshals, said "our re- At the end of the march dur- hiding in a crowd. 30 minutes waiting in vain for more supporters. Aside from a few broken windows, few incidents marked the march until it officially ended and several hundred youths engaged in a rock-throwing battle with police which left six police injured and nine demonstrators under arrest. The youths had attempted to Raymond Lemieux, former leader of a campaign for French-only schools in suburban St. Leonard and another organizer of Saturdays march, told the later news conference a small group of "Maoists adventurers and agents provocateurs tried to disrupt the protest and didnt succeed. Despite the turnout, Mr. Lemieux claimed the demonstration was a complete success. In other developments: Police confirmed they are investigating an alleged Front de Liberation du Quebec com munique announcing the "Perreault cell and threatening exploiters of the people. Military vehicles moved through Montreal but Capt. W. K. R. ODonnell, an armed forces information officer, stressed "it has nothing, absolutely nothing, to do with the War Measures Act or Saturdays protest. The Canadian Press had been told by the armed forces early last week that many army vehicles and troops would be moving through Montreal as soldiers returned from exercises near Camp Gagetown, N.B. OTTAWA (CP) Party for MPs when they tackle the plow into clause-by-clause study ground rules to cut some proce-house leaders are trying to find governments massive tax bill. of the bill today, house leaders Hnrai mrnr a way to make the job easier With members scheduled to are trying to agree on some START HERE CLIP YOURSELF SOME MOREY s Print your own Classified Ad 'rT Its easy, just print one word in each space AD COST HERE Minimum Charge 75 cents for 12 words. Each additional word 6 cents. Ads runs six consecutive days for the price of five. Name, address, box number or phone number count as part ot the ad. Initials, abbreviations, figures In groups of five or less count as one word. (Phone numbers two words). NAME ADDRESS PHONE Please insert my ad for consecutive days. Enclosed is $ MAIL TO: Classified Ads, Star-Phoenix, 204 - 5th Ave., North, Saskatoon J dural corners. Government House Leader Allan MacEachen met briefly Friday with his three opposition counterparts to discuss the time saving idea. Stanley Knowles, of the New Democratic Party, says there should be a meeting this week to arrange an orderly system of dealing with the 707-page bill and the reams of proposed amendments the government already has proposed 95 amendments. With 257 parts to clause one alone, there is nothing to prevent anyone from standing up and asking for an explanation on each one, said Mr. Knowles. In theory, it could be an infinite process, one MP remarked. The legislation, which would raise tax exemptions for individuals and introduce a capital gains tax, among other changes, was introduced for routine first reading last June 30 as MPs adjourned for summer vacation. After 12 days of debate on general principles since the Commons resumed Sept. 7, the bill passed second-reading stage last Tuesday. The government aims to have the bill and amendments passed through Commons and Senate in time to become law by Jan. 1. Torture of IRA suspects alleged BELFAST (CP) Guerrilla The statefents of the 11 after gunmen killed another British their experience are jumbled soldier Sunday as a London and often incoherent, said the newspaper charged that inter- paper. It said they were kept in rogators are torturing suspected a room where the only sound members of the Irish Re- was "a high-pitched throb, publican Army interned without which the detainees usually trial. The Ulster government liken to an air compressor. 1 said the torture charges are un- The noise literally drove them true- out of their minds, the paper Informed sources in Belfast said, said police believe two more The Sunday Times said one 0 shipments of weapons are bound the 11 subsequently had been from Europe to the IRA. The released and was being treated Dutch seized a planeload of for mentai dis0rder resulting Czechoslovak arms at Amster- fr0m the interrogation. BANKRUPTCY SALE By Tender MANNING MERCURY SALES (S.C.i LTD. SWIFT CURRENT SASK. Tenders villi be received up to 5:00 p.m. on October 23. 1971 lor the purchase ot the following assets BY LUTS: Lot A USED CARS, TRUCK and TRAILERS Cars: 2-1960's. 1-1933. 2-1964's, 3-1965s. 6-1968S. 3-19fl78, M9088, 7-1969S. 3-19708, 5-1971a (1 Cortina) Trucks: 1-1965. 2-19668, 2-19678, 2-1970S. 21971S. House Trailers: ' 2-single axle. Items located on used car lot. corner of Cheadle and 4th S.W., Swift Current. Sask. Lot BM FORD PARTS Class D 134.221.00 Class A 454.00 Class B 152.00 Class S" 2.153.00 Other Parts: 12,026.00 Lot "C" SHOP EQUIPMENT Complete line including engine and analvsers and scopes. Rotunda wheel alignment unit. Lot D SKIDOOS. BOATS. MOTORS. TRAILERS 3 new. 10 used Skidooe. 7 new Skirloo trailers. 3 boats. 5 boat trailers and 3 outboard motors. Lot E OFFICE FURNITURE AND EQUIPMENT Desks. Chairs. Copying Machine, Air Conditioner. Adding machines etc. Individual tenders will be accepted on the following Items located at Cheadle and 4th N.W.. Swift Current Saskatchewan: 1-2500 bu. plywood farm grain bin with approximately 200 bushels of barley. 1-Grain Auger. I-Used car sales office. Detailed lists of Lots B. C. D and E are available for perusal at 1002 C.N. Towers, Saskatoon. Sask. and at the office of I.A.C. Ltd., The Plaza, in Swift Current Sask. Inspection of all goods advertised may be arranged by contacting Mr. E. Goodwin. I.A.C. Ltd., the Plaza in Swift Current, Phone 773-7218. All tenders are to be sealed and marked: Tender M.M. lot A Tender M.M. lot B Tender M.M. lot C Tender M.M. lot D" Tender M.M. lot E Tender M.M. (item) Tenders are to be addressed to: C. W. Worden. C. A. Trustee 1002 CN Towers. Saskatoon. Saskatchewan. Bidders are invited to attend the opetung of tenders at the office of the Trustee on Monday. October 25th. 1971 at 9:00 A.M. Tenders must be accompanied by a certified cheque in the amount of 10 of the tender offer. Successful bidders shall within 48 hours after official notification of acceptance of their tenders, forward the balance of purchase price to the Trustee. The Trustee reserves the right to reject any or all tenders. C. W. Worden. C. A. Trustee 1002 CN Towers. Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Telephone 652-7071. 10-19-c NOTICES dam during the weekend and were searching for three suspects with IRA connections. The soldier was the third British trooper to die during a weekend of riots, bombing and Replying to the charges, Prime Minister Brian Faulkner of Northern Ireland said in a broadcast: "I can state categorically that guTbaUles. HewaTwUh a Tt patrol in the Roman Catholic e.n ubJ!ted iti area of Ballymurphy whet, shot 1JL n 1 by the nty from ambush. The. other two 1 rLe5 men were shot by snipers in Belfast and Londonderry, Northern Ireland's second largest city. In one of the weekend battles, a civilian gunman was killed and two policemen seriously wounded. At least 126 persons have died in more than two years of violence in Ulster, and the British Army was pouring 2.000 more troops into the country in an attempt to counter the escalating attacks of the IRA. Meanwhile, British Prime Minister Edward Heath called for a full report on charges by the London Sunday Times that IRA suspects Interned In Ulster are being tortured. The newspaper said it had sworn statements from 11 internees and from a 12th who had been released that they were subjected to "disorientation techniques while being questioned at an army base outside Belfast. The interrogation was carried out by special security members of the Royal Uls- Siar-Phocnix Wanl Ad Rales: Six Cents Per Kurd Per Day Six Consecutive Insertions fur tbe Price of Five Minimum Count 12 words Minimum Charge 75c Per Day Classified Display is charged at 13.78 per single columu inch. Where to point or large type is desired by the advertiser for the complete advertisement, the rale per word is 12c per day. Minimum count 12 words, minimum daily charge $1.50. Figures in groups of five or Less, dollar marks, initial letters, etc., count as one word. Where one line is set in io point and the balance set in ordinary classified type the charge is 75c per day for the 10 point line. Where the use of a box number is desired, count as four words extra. If replies are to be mailed to out-oi-town points, please add 10 cents to cover cost of postage. While every endeavor will be nude to forward replies to box numbers to the advertiser as soon as possible. we accept no liability in respect of loss or damage alleged to rise through either failure or delay in for warding such replies however caused, whether bv negligence or otherwise. City advertisers must pick up box replies at the Star-Phoenix office. The Star-Phoeiux assumes no responsibility for error after the first insertion. ter Constabulary, the report ! K. 1 said. - NOTICE ANNUAL MEETING OF . ELECTORS Local Improvement District No. 989 Public notice Is hereby given that meeting ot the electors ot Local mprovement District No 889 will be leld in the Pierceland Community Hall on Monday, the 25th day of October. 1971, at one o'clock P.M. (Mountain Standard Time) for tbe purpose of receiving the report of the Ratepayers Committee and to discuss mat-ters of public Interest. Dated the 13th day of October. 1971. Nick N, Returning Ozorotl O Ulcer. NOTICE FOR NOMINATION FOR . , , ELECTORS Local Improvement District No. 989 MUNICIPAL ELECTIONS 1971 NoUce Is hereby given that a meeting of the electors of the Local improvement District No. 989 will be held at the Pierceland Community HaU on Monday, the 23th day of October 1971. from one o'clock to three oclock in the attemoon (Mountain Standard Time) for the purpose of nominating candidates for the offices of ratepayers representatives tor each of divisions numbers 2. 4. S and 8. Given under my hand at the Hamlet of Pierceland this 13th Day of October. 1971. Nick N Ozoroff Returning Officer 10-19-c DEATHS KONG THE DEATH OP KEE Kong, age 89 years of No. 16. 208 Avenue B. North, Saskatoon, occurred in a local hospital on October loth. 1971, The funeral service wifi be held on Tuesday. October 19th at 1 p.m. from McKague's Funeral Home, conducted by Rev. W. Ash-win Surviving are: bis wife, and one son, In china, and five grandchildren. Interment will be made in the Chinese SecUon of Woodlawn Cemetery. Guest parking directly south of Funeral Homo, 3rd Ave. and 20th Street. 10-19-c Forget the car once in a while. Arrive happier, take the train. CNTraveliving' comfort. Relax. L Choice of meals, variety of accommodations on most trains. CN's Red, White & Blue fare economy. Family, Youth and Group discounts. And new reduced rates for travellers 65 or over. Think about it. Now. Not in your next traffic jam. QJ W Subsidies may jump $1 billion Cards of thanks. Weddings, etc., rates 3 uo for insertion of ;o lines or less, ; extra line of five words each 30c per line. Semi-Displays Accepted 8:30 a m. to 12 noon daily Monday to Friday for publication following day (except holidays! Deadlines for continues, cancellation or correction of Want Ads 9:00 a.m. day of publication Monday to Friday only. On days when the business office Is closed Want Ads for publication in our next Issue may be left in the gox in the front vestibule ot the Star-Phoenix office. please be sure to leave vour name, address, phone number and numbed of insertions desired. WORD ADS ACCEPTED ) Up to $ p.m. Monday through Friday for following days publication, (except holidays) Display Advertising SCHEDULE OF COPY ACCEPTANCE TUESDAY 12:00 noon (or Thursday. WEDNESDAY 12:00 noon for Friday. THURSDAY 12:00 noon for Saturday. FRIDAY 12:00 noon for Monday. FRIDAY 3:00 p.m. for Tuesday and Wednesday publication. Ail of the above limes on a "copy tn hand basts" allow tint for - copy pick-up and preparation. rmrEicni PF: r'W : 1 ! U'l Tj, WASHINGTON (AP) - The Nixon administration plans to boost farm crop subsidies next year by as much as $1 billion In a new drive to curb production of cbm and other livestock feed grains. i Most of the increase will be used to pay farmers for taking , more cropland from production, i ... . I Direct subsidy payments based i CLOSED ALL DAY j on grain raised on remaining , SATURDAY, SUNDAYS acres also will be boosted, j A record 1971 corn crop of 5.4 billion bushels, nearly one-third j more than last year, is the main cause, The huge crop has led to depressed grain prices and has helped dim hopes for a general improvement in farm Income, Now, the administration says, If feed planting next spring Is not reduced sharply, the U.S. would be headed for a new era of grain surplus and price difficulties. The agriculture department ! was to Introduce the new plan I Tenders Clearly marked aa to content tnduv are invited for the purchase of Lot 6 : in Block 6 In the TnwnsHe of Watrous Basically, the administration and the building thereon known as the I. School Unit office, poa.e.alon 1st Jantt- is asking farmers to take per- j ,rv. W72. closing date for tender 8th haps 40 million acres or mote November. 107l with no tender nevea-t from feed production next year. 1 rllv j Including com, sorghums and! fe'o" wunm tEL" i barley. 10-ia-c LIPSETT THE DEATH OF MRS. Maude Mary Lipsett, age 81 years of 4o2-33rd Street. W-, Saskatoon occurred in a local nursing home on Uctober 16. 1971. The funeral service will be held on Tuesday. October 39th at 1.30 p.m. from the Chapel of Saskatoon Funeral Home, conducted by Rev. Peter Millen. (Donations to the Canadian Arthritis and Rheumatism Society. Room 4. 1651-Uth Avenue. Regina. In lieu of flowers would be appreciated.) Surviving are: her husband. Tom: two sons: Robert and John both of Saskatoon: three daughters. Mrs. H. Summach (Florence) and Mrs S Arnold iMolly) both of Saskatoon and Mrs. G. Miller (Ruth) of Toronto, and 10 grandchildren. Mrs. Lip-sett was born in Ireland and came to Saskatoon in 1922. She had resided in Saskatoon for many years. Interment will take place In Wood-lawn Cemetery, t Courtesy parking south of the Chapel on 4th Avenue at 25th Street.) 10-19-c MacLEAN THE PASSING OF MR. Kenneth MacLean. age 83 years, of Cedars Villa Nursing Home, formerly of Dinsmore. sank., occurred in a Saskatoon hospital on Oct. 16. The funeral service will be held on Tuesday. October 19 at 1.30 p.m.. front Park Funeral Chapel, conducted bv Dr. R. Davidson. Surviving are: two son. John of Dinsmore and Ronald of Saskatoon; also four grandchildren; a brother. Alex, resides in Chicago. Mr. MacLean was predeceased bv his wife Netta iu 1970 and bv a daughter. Margaret, in 1948. Born in RosNhire. Scotland. Mr. Mao Lean came to Canada in 1910 to B.C. He moved to Aimcrlev, Sask. in 1912 and at the outbreak of the First World War folned the 1st Battalion, seeing sendee in France where he was wounded. After .the war he returned to Annerlev where he fanned until 1651 when he retired and moved to Dinsmore. tn 1970 Mr. MacLean moved to Saskatoon, residing here until his death. Mr. MacLean was a member of the Masonic Lodge Dlhston A.P. and A.M. of Dinsmore. Sask. Interment will be made in the family plot In the Dinsmore Cemetery. 10-19-c OLSON THE PASSING OF MR. Gordon Olson, age 49 yearn of Thunder Bay, Out. occurred at Thunder Bay on Oct. 11. The funeral service will be held on Wednesday, Oct. 29 at 2 p m. from the Hanley Lutheran Church, conducted by Pastor Burstead. Park Funeral Chapel will be in charge. Surviving are: three brothers, Marvin and Stanley of Saskatoon and Randolph of Kensston, Sask.: four sisters: (Gladys) Mrs. J. Opaeth, Saskatoon. Funlce) Mrs. L. Johnson of Hanley. Sask.. (Verna) Mrs. L. Rwarich of KcnaMon and tStella) Mrs. w. Jess of Strongffeld Rank. Mr Olson was born tn Kenaston and took his ichooling there. He worked as a diamond driller tn Ontario. Interment wilt be made In tha family plot in the Hanley cemetery. 40-19-c I

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