Star-Phoenix from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada on July 18, 1967 · 16
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Star-Phoenix from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada · 16

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 18, 1967
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g"-r r Vy-y v r v y 1 16 Saskatoon Slar-Pboenix Tuesday, July 18. 1967 Soviet-Romanian rift seen moving to climax By. ROBERT EVANS grate their economies com MOSCOW (Reuters) Soviet- Pletely with that of the U.S.S.R Romanian relations were re- Romania withstood the presported to be freezing up es sure, and although it is a mem-disagreements between the two ber of Comecon, the East Eu- gan to deteriorate in the early countries appeared to be reach- ropean common market, it de- 1960s, Romania refused to join ing a climax over the Middle chned to join the organizations in criticizing Peking and has East crisis. J Diplomatic observers said Romanias refusal to join general Communist condemnation of Is-real as the aggressor angered the U.S.S.R. even more than Bucharests continued flirtation with Peking. Romania itself is understood to feel bitter over a series of reports in the Soviet press in the last three weeks apparently aimed at indicating that Bucharest was acting as a go-between for the United States and China. Mutual distrust in the two capitals has apparently reached such a pitch that rumors have circulated here during the last week that Romania intends to announce a phased withdrawal from the Communist Warsaw pact military alliance at a parliamentary session later this month. But Romanian sources denied the rumors. One described them as absolutely wrong, groundless and without any base in reality. Nevertheless, the Soviet Union and other East European countries are believed to be viewing the session, due to open July 24, with anxiety , Soviet - Romanian differences are believed to date back to efforts by former premier Nikita Khrushchev to persuade the East European states to inte- Veteran pickpocket hates butterfingers nickname MIAMI, Fla. (AP) Thomas to the number of purses he has Moran, a native of Boston, , - - B. Moran hates his nickname, lifted during an up-down career says he is self-taught. You just m at east ,two bo?as ana sav' Its a mattter of professsiona! that has taken him to some of do it. You dont need anybody eral magazine articles that ... . pride. He feels Butterfingers the best hotels and worst jails to show you. they were on a spying mission quered by climbing teams of the Territories are at the extreme is an unbecoming monicker for in the U.S. during the last 55 He refused to elaborate on his for the V'S Boverarnent; that Yukon alpine centennial exped- west of the Centennial range- years. He also wont say which techniaue hut volunteered that they crash landed on Saipan Is- ition. . At 10,600 and 10,796 feet respec- jail was the worst. I may visit he ne lands in the Marianas that The 12,200-foot summit of Mt. lively they are among the there again someday. women "None of the profes- they were taken prisoner by the Ontario was reached Saturday lowest of the 13 peaks 1 One of the things the grand- sionals'do that any more, he aPanese and- POY yars Mt Yuknn fnl m NoaXla "estern fathprlv itftip man likef hpst snannpd later, were executed as spies or peaks of Mt. Yukon and Mt. M. Nova Scotia, the eastern- ,bo. L chosen profession ,s iff arrest, have brongh. -gjj - P ' And Ive never forgiven that that it anords him an oppportu- a total of more than eight years mems. smart alecky reporter, he said nlty to travel. in prison. He said he sold eight Also in the file is a Jan. 18, in a recent interview at the Ive been in every big city short stories during a stretch at 1945. letter from FBI Director Miami jail where he was serv- in the country, he said, and San Quentin. j. Edgar Hoover to the war de- ing a 30-day jail term after his I must have at least 10,000 "They were the Damon Run- partment telling of a report by 1 tvDe stories. he said. But a serviceman of unknown reliability." This unidentified person said that before the Second World War, in a hotel in the Philippines, he overheard a conversa- 69th arrest. ' Moran, who is only five-feet- six, is articulate, and can be pleasant if you dont call him Buttterfingers. He loves animals, especially horses when theyre running around a track. But even more than horses, Moran loves leather, other peo- pies leather. Moran wouldnt speculate as friends scattered around." He winters in the south and heads north each spring. I was just gettting ready to go back up there when they got me this last time. Sgt. H. W. Fouts and police woman Sophoe Bevilaqua said Moran greeted them by name when 'hej arrested him. He knows tvery policeman on the force, a policeman said. iron and - steel community, claiming this would harm its industrial development. When Sino-Soviet relations be- maintained this position during the last year as the Soviet Union and China have traded bitter accusations over the cultural revolution. In January, Bucharest caused an uproar in the Communist world by agreeing to establish diplomatic relations with West Germany and engaged in a sharp public exchange with East Berlin on the issue. Romania also declined to attend a Communist summit meeting in Karlovy Vary, Czechoslovakia, in April, and has indicated a strong preference for bilateral parleys between party and government leaders. Another issue between Bucharest and Moscow is the border area of Bessarabia, absorbed into the Soviet Union in 1940 and now largely incorporated in the Soviet Republic of Moldavia. Romania did not attend last weeks Communist summit in Budapest, Hungary, and a Mos-c o w television commentator said Romanias representatives at the June Moscow summit de- WASHINGTON (AP) Long- manuscript by air force Lt.-Col. after reading the investigation dined to attend such meetings secret U.S. Navy files on inves- Paul L. Briand Jr., telling of office report, he no longer be in the future. tigations into the disappearance efforts to substantiate his belief lieved she was on a spying mis- Romanian sources said Bu- of Amelia Earhart and her navi- that Miss Earhart was on a sion but still believed she was charest was not invited to the gator, Fred Noonan, on a flight spying mission for her close on a spying mission but still be second meeting, but would in across the Pacific 30 years ago friend, President Franklin D. lieved she had crashed on Sal any case probably have de- have been declassified and Roosevelt. pan and had died a prisoner dined to go as our position is piaCed in the open records of firm and not subject to change. the navys historical division. Like several other files made available to the public previously, the collection of letters and reports adds up to the conclusion that the two missed their target Howland Island-on a flight from Lae, New Guinea, and, fuel supply exhausted, dropped into the ocean. A lengthy report by the office of naval investigation found no evidence to support conjecture yon type stories, he said. I didnt copy him. Moran complained: Things have changed in the business. People travel so many dif- ferent ways now its not as easy as it was when they all went on trains. Im slowing down a little, SAVE EVEN MORE AFTER 6 P. M. AND ALL DAY SUNDAYS. Everyone likes a bargain and calling STATION TO STATION when you phone long distance will save you money. A cull is Station to Station tchen you tv ill talk to anyone who answers at the number you have asked for. Savel yes, indeed ... tip to fifty percent (5071) when you place your long distance calls Station to Station or when you dial them direct sask&tel, Trans-Canada Telephone System OFF THE RECORD -by Ed Reed tl?" in 7 4- officers to the effect that Miss Briands manuscript said that there or in Japan. Centennial peaks fall to climbers KLUANE LAKE, Y.T. (CP) Several more of the peaks in the Centennial range of the St. Elias mountains have been con- 1 1 1 1 net 1 MilCll CuLCllJl.lS.l.lL'CI MONTREAL (CP)-A revo- lutionary youth movement been unable to approach its tar-within the separatist Rassem- get an(j js waiting to be moved blement p 0 ur Iindependance helicopter to another point nationale has been set up in from which to begin the ascent Qaebec- . I All of the 13 climbing parties The group, called Les Jeu- should be out of the Centennial nesses rinistes, was defined by range by the end of this week, its organizers as a movement Meanwhile, in the third phase for social and political pres- qj fbe expedition, 100 climbers sure, made up of students and drived at Kluane Lake Friday workers between the ages of 15 and Saturday and have been and 23. - flown to the general camp on Pierre Benoit, president of the Steele gIacier for the first 0f newly-formed group, told a tw0 14 . day general climbing weekend press conference that camps half measures are not good K1,ane Lake is about 100 enough and his movement in- nijes west of Whitehorse and tends to denounce publicly the about j 100 miles northwest of cowardice of the Quebec elite, pj-nninn He said the group wished to destroy the existing system through democratic processes. Les Jeunesses rinistes now has an enrolment of about 150 members, and plans to recruit 2,000 more. An official founding congress will be held in October. Mr. Benoit said the group would attempt to influence youth by making its presence felt in schools, colleges, student unions, discotheques and coffee houses. Vietnam bomb halt rumored LONDON (Reuters) A report in The Guardian says there is reason to believe the United States has decided to suspend the bombing of North Vietnam. The report by Victor Zorza, one of the papers commentators on international affairs, says some Washington officials, when questioned about the present state of play between the United States and the Soviet Union, put it thus: On the ABM (anti-ballistic missile) Moratorium, the U.S. has gone as far as it could to meet the Russians. On the Vietnam bombing, we may go further. Zorza adds: This view has been stated with sufficient authority to suggest that the decision to go further to meet the Russians on the question of bombing has already been taken. He says it might not be a coincidence that this view was expressed soon after President Johnsons announcement that more troops would be sent to Vietnam. CLOSE TO EUROPE Morocco is the African country closest to Europe eight miles away at the Straits of Gibraltar. Prince Rainier lauds foreign investment ZD OTTAWA In the area of foreign investment, Prince Rainier of Monaco and Premier Thatcher of Saskatchewan could have been reading each others mail. In Ottawa Monday, on an official head of state visit during Canadas centennial year. Prince Rainier attended a press conference and in a wide variety of subjects, discussed development of secondary industry in his tiny principality. Most of the development at present, aimed at diversifying the economy of Monaco, is in manufacturing related to the electrical field, he said. Some of the money for the development of secondary manufacturing is com i n g from within Monaco and more is coming from outs i d e sources. Prince Rainier clearly indicated there was no concern about the flow of foreign in Reports also indicate that Mt. Newfoundland and Mt. Nova Scotia have been climbed. Mt. Yukon and Mt. Northwest feet high and Mt. Newfoundland has an elevation of 12,041 feet. Mt. Albert was the first peak in the range to be conquered when climbers reached its summit Thursday. None of the mountains in the Centennial range had been c 1 i m b ed previously, nor had they been named. Poor ra d i 0 communication has prevented more word on the climbers progress from reaching the expeditions main camp at Kluane Lake. It is known, however, that the team assaulting Mt. British Columbia has Star-Phoenix Want Ad Rates: Five Cents per Word Per Day Six Consecutive Insertions lor the Price of Five. 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Paper THVRSAY for Saturday-. Paper FRIDAY for Monday a Paper FRIDAY for Tuedavi Paper CLOSED ALL DAY SATURDAYS, SUNDAYS WANT AD PHONE 653-2100 SUBSCRIPTION RATES MAIL RATES IN CANADA I year " 1 month, n i. .. - 12 50 2 months .. 1 mnmh . 2a0 Bv mail or letter earner walk in Saskatoon i year $39,00 By Carrier 40 Cents rer Week To all countries Outside Canada: I year I month a-CJQ Back Copie. by Mall Minimum 25 cent, each vestment Into the country and there was no concern, such as there appears to be in some quarters in Canada, of political and other pressures that might follow with extensive foreign ownership of industry. He indicated it was necessary to have investment from outs i d e the principality, much the same as Premier Thatcher considers the only thing wrong with American investment, for example, in Saskatchewan is that there isnt enough of it. Prince Rainier said he welcomed the development of secondary man ufacturing, provided by foreign investment, because it provides a more solid base for the principalitys economy. At present tourism is the major industry and the prince said it has to be recognized this is a rather fragile thing quite subject to change because of various influences. TENDERS TENDER SUPPLY AND PLACEMENT of KITCHEN EQUIPMENT at MOUNT ROYAL COLLEGIATE and WALTER MURRAY COLLEGIATE SASKATOON, , SASKATCHEWAN Marked and sealed Tenders will be received by the undersigned until 2 p.m. Centra! Standard Time Monday, August 14, 1967, lor the supply and Installation of Kitchen Equipment at Mount Roval Collegiate and Walter Murray Collegiate. Plans and specifications may be obtained from Forrester Scott. Bowers and Cooper, Architects, 1120 Morgan Avenue, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Tenders shall be accompanied by a 10 lo Bid Bond or certified cheque and the successful contractor must provide a 60 performance bond. The lowest or any Tender not necessarily accepted. S. J Warder, DIRECTOR OF FACILITIES, Saskatoon Collegiate Institute Board, 103 Ave. G South, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Forrester, Scott, Bowers & Cooper, 1120 Morgan Avenue, Saskatoon Saskatchewan 7-19-c QUOTATIONS REQUESTED By North way Plumbing and Mechanical Installation Ltd. 14306. 115 Ave. nue, Edmonton, Telephone 403-453-4177. fiom Mechanical Contractors and equipment suppliers of pipe installation, sheet metal, refrigeration con-inary, Saskatoon Campus, University of Saskatchewan. trols, for Lutheran Theological Sem- Tenders close July 21. 1967. Contact Ray Cartwright at King George Motor Hotel, Saskatoon, July 20 and 21, 1967. 7-21-c SASKATCHEWAN WATER SUPPLY BOAD. TENDER NOTICE SASKATOON DUVAL COMINCO PIPELINE CONTRACT 3-1 Sealed tenders will be received up to 3:00 p.m,. central standard time, Thursday, August 3, 1967, at the offices of the Saskatchewan Water Supply Boaid Eleventh Floor, S.P.C. Building, Regina, Saskatchewan. Each tender shall be accompanied by a certified cheque or Bid Bond in the amount of Ten per cent of the Tender price, or as specified in the Instructions to Bidders. The work shall consist of the installation of field wrapped welded steel pipe in the following quantities: SASKATOON TO DUVA Alternative No. 1 31.800 lin. ft. 14" diameter. 0.25 wail thickness, epoxy liner (asphalt or polyethelene wrapped. Alternative No, 2 31.800 lin ft. 16" diameter 0.25 wall thickness, epoxy lined, asphalt or polyethelene wrapped. DUVAL TO COMINCO Alternative No. 1 72 800 lin. ft. 10" diameter, 0.188 wail thickness, epoxy lined asphalt or polyethe. lenc wrapped. Alternative No. 2 72 800 lin. ft. 12" diameter, 0 188 wall thickness, epoxy lined asphalt or polyethelene wrapped. Supply and Installation of Scraper Trap. Assemblies will bo Included, Drawings Specifications and Form of Tender may be obtained from the Saskatchewan Water Supply Boaid. Eleventh Floor, S P.C. Building, Regina. upon deposit of $25 00 which amount will be refunded on tetuin of drawing and specifications in good condition. The lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted. J. A. Beveridge, P. Eng., General Manager, Water Supply Board. Uth Floor, SPC Building, Regina, Saskatchewan. 7-19-c- DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC WORKS OF CANADA TENDERS SCALED TENDERS ddreiMd to the undersigned end marked as to contents will be received in the office of the Chief, Financial and Administrative Services, Western Region, Department of Public Works. Canada 10225 . 100th Avenue, Fdmonton. Alberta until 11:30 a.m. fMSTi. August 4th 1907 for the conatrurtlnn of KANANASKIS FOREST FXPFRI- ment station, kananaskis, Alberta. Tender documenta can be obtained on deposit of 50(10 in the form of a CERTIFIED bank cheque to the order of the RECEIVER GENERAL OF CANADA, through the following Department of Public Work offices: PO. 6ox 48 10225 - 100 Avenue. Edmonton. Alberta; 4th Floor, Customs Building, Caigarv, Alberta: and can be seen at the Builders Exchanges In Calgary, Edmonton Winnipeg, Regina and Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. The will be released on return of the document. In good condition within one month from the data of tender opening. To be considered each tender mini be aubmitted on the forms supplied by the Department and must be accompanied by the security specified in the tender document. The lowest or any necessarily accepted. tender not G Ian Cameron, Chief, Financial and Administrative Service. Ml-c TENDERS ((BtiDard) SUBTRADE TENDERS for EATON'S STORE MIDTOWN PLAZA SASKATOON. SASKATCHEWAN Scaled tender are invited from Subcontractor and will be received directly by the Genera! Contractor unul 4 00 p m.. Central Standard Tima, on August U, iW7 in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. The following sub-trades have been pre-awarded: Excavation; Grave Supply; Concrete Supplv ; Reinforcing Steel Supply; Reinforcing Steel Placing; Wire Mesh Supply and Wirt Mesh placing. Drawings. Specification. an Instructions to Bidders for major sub-trades only may be obtained from the office of Jzumi, Arnott and Sugi-yama. Architects and Engineers, 2222 Albert Street, Regina, Saskatchewan, Piana wil be on view at the Saskatoon, Regina, Edmonton, Caigarv and Winnipeg Construction Associations, Sou t ha in Budding Reporta and Sanford Evans Company in Winnipeg. A deposit of One Hundred Dollar $100,001 is required for each complete or partial et of plans. Deposit will be refunded on the return of the drawing and specifications in food condition within fifteen day alter dosing of tender provided a bona fide bid 1 received. The lowest or any tender will not necessarily be accepted. Bennett Sc White Alberta 11963) Ltd.. Mid town Plaza 1st Avenue and 21st Street, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Julv 13th 1967. IZUMI, ARNOTT AND SUGIYAMA, Architects and Engineer. 2222 Albert Street Regina, Saskatchewan 7-l$-c SASKATCHEWAN POWER CORPORATION TENDER SEALED PROPOSALS will be received. FROM GENERAL CONTRACTORS, ONLY until 12 00 NOON, C.S.T., ON AUGUST $, 1967, for: CONSTRUCTION OF CIVIL WORKS FOR CGTEAU CREEK SWITCHING STATION AT GARDINER DAM The work will consist primarily of concrete switchyard foundation, cable ducts, fencing and 28 x38' masonry building. PLANS SPECIFICATIONS AND RELATED DOCUMENTS are available at the office of: Mr. W. A. Lamb. Supply Manager, Saskatchewan Power Corporation Victoria Avenue at Scarth Street Regina, Saskatchewan. COPIES OF THE Specification and Related document are available fof examination at the Regina. Saskatoon, and Moose Jaw Construction Association Office and the Princ Albert Builder Exchange. Tender will be for Public Opening at 2.00 p.m., C.ST. on August 8, 1967, at the above address. The lowest or any proposal will not necessarily be accepted. 7-l$- TENDER Sealed tenders Will be accepted until July 28th for the old hospital building in Dodsland. It is a 3-storev irame structure 30x90 feet and will include fixtures such as toilets, sink tubs cupboaids, etc. Building must be removed by April 1st, 1968 and site cleaned up but basement will not have to be filled. Premises may be inspected by appointment prior to tendering, A certified cheque to be Included with tender in the amount specified. The highest or any tender not necessarily accepted, L. E. TUPPER. SECRETARY-TREASURER, DODSLAND UNION HOSPITAL 7-20-0 DEATHS BOEHM THE PASSING OF MR. Ignatius Boehm, age 62 years of Wakaw, Sask., occurred in a Saskatoon hospital on Monday, July 17th 1967. The Funeral Mass will be held on Thursday, July 20th at 10.00 a.m. from the Wakaw Roman Catholic Church. Surviving are: five sisters: Mrs. Elizabeth Chatiain of Domremy. Sask,; Mrs. Barbara Bel-humeur of Hoey, Sask.; Mrs. Magda-line Baron of Saskatoon; Mrs. Theresa Etchinger of Piiger Sask. and Mrs. Anne Horn of Mildred. Sask. and one brother: Frank of Wakaw, Sask. The late Mr. Boehm was born at Wakaw, Sask. and had lived there all his life. Pravers will be offered at Wakaw on Wednesday, July 19th at 8:00 p.m, Interment will take place in the Roman Catholic Cemetery at Wakaw. Park Funeial Chapel is in charge of arrangements. 7-19-c BRADSHAW THE DEATH OF John Bradshaw, age 71 years of 914 Central Avenue Saskatoon occurred in a local hospital on July )5lh. 1967. The funeral eervice will be held on Wednesday July 19ih at 2 p.m. from 5t. Matthews Anglican Church conducted by Rev. K. McCulloch. McKagues Funeral Home will be in charge. Surviving are: one son and one ddughtei ; one sister, Mrs. Jean Dalgarno of Edengrove, Ontario. Mr. Biad'haw was predeceased hv four sUtets and four brothers. Born in Ontario in 1896, Mr. Bradshaw came to Saskatchewan about 50 years ago and had resided in Saskatoon for the past 10 years. He was a veteran of World War Two, serving overseas and attaining the rank of Bombardier, and received his discharge in 1947. He also won several medal for his service. Following his discharge Mr. Bradshaw was the manager of the Fuller Brush Company in North Battleford and later the manager of the Singer Sewing Machine Company in Prince Albert, In Saskatoon he was the owner of the Bradshaw Agencies, and was a member of the Saskatoon Real Estate Boaid. Interment will be made in the Soldiers Field in Woodlawn Cemetery. 7-19-c DIVIO THE DEATH OF NIKOLA Dtvic age 39 years of 328 Winnipeg Ae., south. Saskatoon occurred suddenly on July 15. 1967. The funeral service was held on Monday, Juhr 17, 1967 at 10 30 a.m. from Westwood Funeral Chapel, conducted by Rev. K. Veskovich. Surviving are: his loving wife Ankica; one son Nnky and one daughter Jovanka. both at home; his patents, Mr, and Mrs, N. Dtvic. Yugoslavia; two brothers. Milos and Jovo, both In Yugoslavia. The late Mr. Divic was born in Ponlkve. Yugoslavia and came to Canada in 1958, moving to Saskatoon where he had resided since. He was employed in the city bv Intercontinental Packers, Pallbearers were: Jovan Shv-raka, Branko Jokota, Nikolo Vitm-jcrlc Joro Iiko ic. Rade Goiic, Joio Piliportc. Intei ment was made In Woodlawn Cemetery. Arrangements were in caie of Westwood Funeral Chapel 7-19-c KISIL THE PARSING OF 5m. William Kisii age 80 year of &l. Joseph Home, Saskatoon, occurred in a local hospital on iriday, July 14th, 1967. The funeral Mas will be held on Wednesday, July 19th at 9 00 a.m. from St. George Ukrainian Catholic Cathedral, conducted bv Rt. Rev. J. Olynjk. The late Mr. fcxsil wai born in Austria, came to Canada in 1911 and had resided in Saskatoon for the past flity-s years. There are no known survivors. Pravers will be offered from Park Funeral Chapel on Tuesday, July 18th at 6 00 p.m. Interment will take place In the Catholic Cemetery. Courtesy parking north of the Chapel. 7-19-e TRASK THE DEATH OF C. A. (Com) Trask, age 83 year, formerly of Hanley, Sask. occurred in a local hospital on July 16th, 1967, The funeial service will be held on Wednesday, Jdly 19th at 2 p m, from Hanley Unlttd Church, con ducted by ftev. M. A. MacDonald. McKague s Funeral Home will be in charge, (surviving are; three daughters: Mrs. J (Gladys) Souater of Harris; Mr. Rotaue Johnson of Saskatoon and Mrs. J (XeeU) Har-eidson of Haniev; two sons: Coral Trask of Hanley and James Wane Trask of Portland. Oregan; II grandchildren and one great granddaughter; one brother. liod Trask of Harris. Mr. Trak was predeceased by hl wife Ella, in 198 rf bv two sons, during World War Two, Woodrow Arnold Tra k t,d M -rion Eihs Tak. Born in Kauftas, USA., Mr Trak came to Harris, Soak, in and moved into Saik. toon in 1925 before moving to Hn-lev Sask. where he resided until retiring into Saskatoon one year ago. The family request donation to the Oliver Lodge in Saskatoon Instead of floral tribute. Interment will be made in the Hanley Cemetery 7-i8-

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