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Star-Phoenix from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada • Page 18
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Star-Phoenix from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada • Page 18

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
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S' IS Saskatoon Friday, July 7, 1967 DEATHS TENDERS tattnee4 TENDERS BtiBteft 7 4 rJ I 4 Tax hoard pitched; promoter hatted .250 OTTAWA (CP) Mining, pro- Mr. Doyle also lost an appeal moter John C. Doyle, who went against an assessment of pen-to the plate ID times with ap- alty and interest for failure to peals against income tax assess- withhold the 15 per cent divi-ments. came away with a bat- dend tax on 188,805 paid him ting average of about .250 in 1935 when he was a U.S resi. results announced Wednesday dent.

by the Tax Appeal Board. The board also upheld tax as- Several million dollars were sessments of $160,939 and in the 10 cases, four 173 for the years 1953 and 1954 launched by Mr. Dovle on his on income from Javelin Foun-own behalf and six by Javelin dries. oftices A deposit ox 1100 00 if requir- Foundnes and Machine Works Mr. Doyle claimed that the lea tor each et of Dians.

specification Ltd a company in which Mr. amounts were more than offset nd Dovle was principal share- by disbursements and expenses document, me not reicned at tins holder. on behalf of the company, but I of(lce mlact nd condmon 0,1 The controversial promoter the board said Mr, Doyle prestruck out on six of the 10. On sented no evidence at all to seventh, the board cut In half prove this, the revenue department's ongi- the board gave the nal assessment of Mr. Doyle's details of what it called a cir-income for purposes.

cuitous and somewhat exciting Mr. Doyle, former president venture by Mr. Doyle in some of Canadian Javelin has iron ore properties in Chile, promotion interests in many Mr. Doyle obtained the prop-parts of Canada, the U.S. and erties and soon sold them to further afield.

Canadian Javelin, in which he Two other appeals were al- held 40 per cent of the shares, lowed against tax assessments The return of $2,080,000 should on amounts of $2,060,312 and be taxable, although expenses $1,023,564. of $280,000 should be deductible In these instances, rulings the board said, were originally made that Mr. The ruling described how Mr Doyle received income in 1956 Doyle acted anonymously from sale of shares and from through a New York agent in dividends of Canadian Javelin the deal and, two months after successor of Javelin Foun- the sale to Canadian Javelin, drierf. was re-appointed to the com The board accepted Mr. Dov- panys board, les claim that no share of the comoanvs capital stock or other prooertv w'ere apnropri-ated to Mr.

Doyle in 1956 and that no dividend was paid. Mr. Dovles partial victory came in the boards order for re-assessment of a gain he made in purchase and resale of some mining machinery and eauipment in western Canada. The original income of $400,000 was reduced to $200,000. Mr.

Doyie withdrew from a syndicate organized to make the deal but profited bv selling his interest in return for shares of an American coal company. The board dismissed appeals for the years 1953-54-55 by Javelin Foundries against assessments on the sale price of shares of Canadian Javelin received when the latter company bought out the former. NOTICE TO CREDITORS IV THE ESTATE OP JOSEPH REMENDA. late of the City of Saska. toon, in the Province of TENDERS Central Mortgage and Housing Corporation SEALED TENDERS piamb markfd a to the content mid aaoiesscd to the uudei Signed will be received up to I 00 nv, Saskatoon Citv Tun Thursday, July 27 th 19o7 for tne cnstruo Lon of twenty-two rental iouinf unit at Meadow Lake.

Saskatchewan sponsored bv the Federal Government, Province of Saskatchewan and the Town of Meadow Lake. Plan specifications and forms of tender requited can be obtained by prime contractors at the addiess shown below and are available tor inspection at Central Mortgage and Housing Coiporatfon oftureg at Saskatoon Regina, Calgaiv, Edmonton, Winnipeg and at the Town Hall in Meadow Lake, and at tne Saskatoon and Regma Construction Association TENDER ADDITION TO HENRY KELSEY SCHOOL SASKATOON, SASKATCHEWAN Marked and sealed tenders will be received by the undersigned up to 12 00 noon. Central Standard Time, Tuesdav. July 18 1967, for the construction of a two-classroom addition to Henry Kelsey School, at Valens Drive. Plans, specifications and tender form may be obtained by qualified contractors from the office of the architects.

Forrester. Scott. Bowers 8c Cooper, 1120 Morgan Avenue, Saska toon, Saskatchewan. Tenders are to be accompanied by a bid bond or certified cheque in the amount of 10 of the tender. Sub trade bids shall be deposited with the Saskatoon Bid Depository not later than 2.00 m.

Centra! Standard Time. Friday, June 16. 1967 The lowest or any tender not necei sarily accepted. Business Chinese-stylc Saskatchewan, Deceased. All claims against the above estate duly verified bv Statutory Declaration and with particulars of valuation of security held if any, must be sent to the undersigned on or before the 14th day of July.

A.D. 1967. MORRIS T. CHERNESKEY, Barrister and Solicitor, 213 Canada Building, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Solicitor for the Executoi.

7-8-c TENDER FOR ROOFING LABOUR Tender mill be accepted bv the unoemtgned fr the reLisiemng of Kinder iey Exhibition Stadium roof. There is approximated 44 080 square feet of Aluminum roofing to be refastened to plywood with Butter Lock Rivets on Le bit of 10 nveu per sheet 24 square ieeL. Rivets and one Pulling Gun will be supplied by the Town. Further information and specification can be obtained at Lie Town Office, KmdersJey, Saskatchewan. AU Tende-s should be submitted by July 21L 12 00 NOON.

C.S T. Lowest or any Tender not necessarily accepted. Arnold Hubetler Director. Parks A Recreation Department, PO Box 1211, KLNDLKSLEY. Saskatchewan.

7-10-c-s CN Canadian National Right of Way Fencing Alwinsal Spur Invitation to Tender Tender are Invited for the con ftruvtion of eighteen (18i lineal mile of right of way fencing on the proposed Alwinsal Spur, near Watrous Saskatchewan. The spur commences at mile 123 9 of the Watrous. Sub division and proceeds noriheasternly approximately seventeen 17i miles Sealed tenders, marked on the outside iconfiaentuli and (tender on fencing Alwinsal Spur) and addiesaed to; Mr V. R. Cox, Engineer of Location and Construction, Canadian National Railways.

Fioor 18. C.N. Towers Building, Edmonton, Alberta. wiU be received until sixteen thirty o'clock Mountain Standard Time in the afternoon of Monday, July Seventeenth, 1967. Tendera delivered after thia time will not be accepted.

Plana specifications, form of tender and other contract document! may be obtained at the following locations, after July 8th, 19b7: 1. Office of Engineer of Location and Construction, CNR, Floor 18. CN Tower Building, Edmonton. 2. Office of Aiea Engineer, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, 3.

Office of Track Supervisors, N.R. Station, Prince Albert, Sask. 4. Office of Project Engineer, CNR. Station, Watrous, Sask.

On deposit of a certified cheque for Ten Dollars made payable to the Canadian National Railway Compny, which will not be refunded. Tenders will not be considered, unless made on the form supplied by the railway and accompanied by a certified cheque, drawn on a chartered bank in Canada, in favor of the Canadian National Raiiwy Company, for five percent (5) of the total amount of the tender; Bid Bonds are not acceptable for this work. The lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted. P. Stevenson, Vice President, Prairie Region, Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Juliy 6, 1967. T-8-c-s Grid Road TENDERS Sealed tenders will be received by the undersigned until 2:00 pm. Central Standard Tune July fltili, 1867. on the following road construction project: For Construction of the subgrade on a 20 mile section of Main Market Grid Road located as follows; N. 11 and 12-36-24-2.

Particulars as to the work may be obtained at the Municipal Office of the undersigned. A certified cheque in the amount of 500.00 must accompany the tender. Tenders will be opened in public in the office of the undersigned at the hour of 8:00 p.m., Central Standard Time, on July 13th, 1067. The lowest or anv tender will not necessarily be accepted. 7 W.

Bonter, Secretary Treasurer, M. of Wolverine No, 340 Burr Saskatchewan, Keith Consulting Engineers 766 Angus Street, Regina, Saskatchewan, 7-6-c-s SASKATCHEWAN POWER CORPORATION TENDERS 1 Provision of Rental Office and Warehouse Space Esterhazy, Saskatchewan Sealed tenders will be received until 12 noon, Central Standard Time. July 24, 1967, for provision of building space consisting of 650 feet of ofiice space and 365 feet of adjoining warehouse space in the downtown commercial area of the Town of Ester-hazy. Tender document may be obtained fiom: W. A.

Lamb, Supply Manager, Saskatchewan Power Corporation, Saskatchewan Power Building, Regma, Saskatchewan. The lowest or anv proposal will not necessarily be accepted. 7-8-c-s TENDERS FOR GRAVELLING Tenders are invited for gravelling 13 miles of Grid Road, approximately 2,300 cu. yds. Tenders to be in the hands of the undersigned by 6 00 p.m.

July 14. 1967 and be accompanied by a certified cheque for lO1 of the tender price. No tender necessarily accepted. R. G.

BOtVRON, M. OF BIGGAR NO. 347, BIGGAR, SASK. 7-10-c Gene D. Wong manager of a trust company branch in Vancouvers Chinatown, observes an Oriental custom by pouring green tea for a customer.

Mr, Wong says it is a common Chinese courtesy to offer anyone stepping into a place of business or a home a cup of tea. He says business at the Chinatown office will be conducted informally, following Chinese banking traditions. Business Cliinese-style green tea and gentility VANCOUVER (CP) Bank- before all else. He added that office, whether they are custom-ing, Chinese style, is pretty "business at our branch will fol- ers or not. In the downstairs much like western banking, ex- low the Chinese banking cus- area there is a reading room, cept for certain extras.

toms, based essentially on in- stocked with Chinese newspa- The hurried and harassed formality. pers and books from Hong manner of the Occidental cus- The pagoda style -building Kong, Taiwan, New York and tomer into the bank, up to the housing the branch office is the San Francisco, teller, deposit or withdraw and first in Canada built with Ori- Mr. Wong was born in Can-out again is not the way of the ental architecture and planning ada, educated in Canton, and Oriental. Instead, green tea, in mind. The decor of the mam got a bachelor of arts degree in gentility and graciousness is floor is predominantly bright economics from Acadia Univer-featured.

red and black. sity, Wolfvilie, N.S. In a Yorkshire Trust Ltd. of- One of the points of interest He said the trust company fice opened recently in Vancou- in the office is the presence of branch has deviated from the vers Chinatown, customers are Chinese girls, dressed in the be- traditional Chinese banking sys-greeted with "Cheng Yum Cha, coming, slit-skirted cheongsams, tern in two ways. please have a cup of tea.

The girls, along with other staff First, coffee will be served to Gene D. Wong, manager of members, speak fluent English those who have no palate for the branch, explained it is com- and Cantonese. the traditional green tea. Sec- mon Chinese courtesy to offer Following the Oriental tradi- ond, the initial account was anyone stepping into a house of tion of hospitality, the whole opened by a Jewish merchant, business or home a cup of tea community is welcome in the who requested to lead the way. J.

Warder. Director of Facilities Planning, Saskatoon Public School Board 211 4th Avenue, South, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Forrester, Scott, Bowen Cooper, 1120 Morgan Avenue, SASKATOON, Saskatchewan. 7-10-c TENDER Tenders are requested for Denzil School Denzil. Saskatchewan.

Plans may be seen at the Saskatoon Con itruction Asbociation and Regina Con stiuction Association or may obtained from the Architect at 312 Birks Building, Saskatoon. Bids will close at the office of the Secretary-Treasurer, Ker-robert School Urlt at 2 p.m. C.S.T 19 July. 1967, Sub-contractors must submit conies of their tender to the Architect post marked no later than 5 p.m. CST Monday, July 17 1967.

or any tender not necessarily accepted. Marshall. Secretary-Treasurer, Kerrobert School Unit, Kerrobeit, Saskatchewan. J. HOLLIDAY-SCOTT, M.

DESMOND PAINE ARCHITECTS, 312 Birks Building. Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. 7-8-c TENDER FOR GRID ROAD CONSTRUCTION Sealed Tenders for construction of approximately 6 5 miles of Mam Market Grid Road addressed to the undersigned ana mark Tener for Gri Roa Construction will be receive in the Office of the Secretary-Treasurer until 2 o'clock p.m, CST, on July 11. 1967. Road to bo constructed according to engineering design and must pass Government Grid Road Inspection.

Each tender must be accompanied by a certified cheque made out to the Municipality in the amount of $2,000. Approximate volume of excavation is 300.000 cubic yards. Specifications, estimates and tender forms may be obtained from the undersigned. The lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted. B.

Torehinsky Sc Associates Consulting Engineers, 121 105th Street East. Saskatoon, Saskatchewan MR. VICTOR COWLEY. Secretary-Treasurer, M. of Eagle Creek No.

376, Arelee, Saskatchewan 7-fl-o ft CALL FOR TENDERS Tenders for the clearing of approximately 1.360 acres of brush on the Makwa Provincial Forage Project will be received bv the undersigned -until no pm Tuesday, July 18, 1 7. This forage project ia located in Town-hips 58 and 57. ranges 1 and 20. approximately 20 miles southeast of Loon Lake, Saskatchewan. Project maps.

Job specifications, bidder Instructions and form, of tender may be obtained from: The Director, Conservation and Development Blanch, Saskatchewan Department of Agriculture, Administrative Building, Regina, Saskatchewan, A certified cheque In the amount of ten percent of the bid ia required with each tender. The right ta reserved to reject any or all tendera. W. H. Horner Deputy Minister, Saskatchewan Department of Agriculture, Regina, Saskatchewan.

7-l-c tiHKU fhJE DEATH OF Sli.a. K-u L.nett fo erc of Starred at her redence on Juj SL. lw7. The funeri service wU be held on Monday Ju ICth I pm from Knox United Churih LJ fUam, Sask MiKague funeral home sni be ciiaigt Sui-viiig ate tour dauthur Mia Geoige Jacqueiine Mangrove Sajtioon, Mrs, OivtUe (Oria White of Onvm, M- E. iGa Jarl ot baaftatoon and Mu Lyna Decker 01 Langhm.

one son. Larrv Deiker oi Langharn; 8 four xuleis. Mrs. Waiter Htien Lunnev of M. Arthur (Muriel) Mick of Dina more.

Mi Garnet Brom ic In Ontario and Mrs. Heib iEiizabethi Rowan Alberta; thiee biolheis Edward Buimer in Ontario. Aobeit Buimer in AiberU and Duncan Bunner in Aibeita. Born in Pembiooive. Ontario, Mis.

Deckel came to about 40 year ago Sue bad mader her home in Langium for the pat 21 years." Intel ment will be made in the Lantham Cemetery. 7-f-c KAPLYCZ THE DEATH OF Aliciuel Edward Kaplwz age 23 eis, of 2ifr Ave. Noi.h, toon, occuired uddenl in Vancouver. HI on Sunoaj. July 2.

'Ine uncial M.m wul be held on Mona.5. Julv loth al 10 am fiom St Cicoigtft Ukrainian Lathchc Cathedial conducted bv Rt. Rev J. Oink Suiwvmg are hi mother, Mis. Nellie Kapiycz, Saskatoon, one sister, Mis.

Andrews (liene. Saskatoon: one brother Harrv Kapijtz. Vancouver. He was predeceased by his lather Nick Raplvca in March, 1965. The late Mr.

Kpicz was bom in Saskatoon and attended school here. He had been Uvuig in Vancouver for the past ear Praver will be offered from Westwood Funeral Chapel, Sunday, July 9th-al 8 pm. Interment will take place In the Catholic Cemetery Ai-rangementg aie in care of West-wood funeral Chapel. 7-7-c MeMlLLAN THE DEATH OF ERNIE D. McMillan, age 79 yeais.

formerly ol the Marriott district near Rose-town, occurred in a local hospital on Julv 6th, 1967. The funeral service will be held on Saturday. Julv 8ih at 2 30 pm. from Zealand la United Church conducted bv Rev, A. Biown MtKagues Funeral Home will be, in charge.

Surviving are; three brothers, Alexander Malcolm' McMillan of Saskatoon, Donald Dougald McMillan of Plenty, and Racey Daniel McMillan of Rose-town. Mi. McMillan was predeceased bv four brothei s. Ewen Alex McMillan John Archie McMillan. Angus McMillan, Archie Kensie McMillan, and a sister, Maigery Mc-Nab McMillan.

Boin in Glengarry County, Ontario January 17th. 1888, Mr McMillan came west at the age of 22 and homesteaded in the Marriott district northwest of Zealandia, which was hi post office and trading town for many year. Mhen the railway was built from Perdue to Rosetown his post otflce address then became Marriott. Mi. MtMlUan farmed at the same vocation since he homesteaded.

Mr. McMillan never married, but hi sister came west in 1914 and lived with him until her pacing in 1957. Interment will be made the Zealandia Cemetery. 7-8-c McNAIR THE PASSING OF MR. John Thomas McNair of 1837 Forget Stieet.

Regina, Sask. and formerly of Saskatoon, occurred in Regma on Wednesday July 5th. 1967. The funeral service will be held on Saturday July 8th at 1100 am. from Park Funeral Chapel conducted by Rev, E.

A. Kmg. Surviving are: four daughters, Mrs. R. M.

Archibald (Olive) and Miss Mabel Mane McNair both of Regina. Mrs. James Ireland (Alice) of Long View, Washington, U.S A. and Mrs. F.

W. Ward (Ruby) of North Battletord, one son Rev. James McNair of Calgary, Alta one sister, Mrs. Margaret E. Elgie of Vancouver, P.C.; L2 grandchildren and 12 great-giandchildren.

The late Mr. McNair was born in Campbellton, New Brunswick and came to Saskatchewan in 1906 to the Asquith district. In 1953 he came to Saskatoon and in 1961 moved to Regina where he had since resided. Mr. McNair was fnedeceased bv his wife Mary Jane 1961.

interment will take place in the familv plot in Woodlawn Cemetery. Courtesy parking north of the Chapel, staff attendant. 7-8-c MELNYCHUCK THE DEATH OF Peter Melnychuck. age 75 years, of 437 Avenue D. South, Saskatoon, occurred in a local hospital on July 5th, 1967.

Prayers will be offered in McKaguea Funeral Home at 8 30 p.m. Fiiday evening. jThe funeral service will be held bn Saturday, July 8th at 10 a.m. from St, Georges Greek Catholic Church. Ave.

and 20th Street. McKaguea Funeral Home will be in charge. Surviving aie: his wile, Mrs. Olena Melnychuck; two daughters, Mrs. William (Man) Brigham of Radisson, Sask.

and Mrs. Harry (Annie) Yurchak of Clark Crossing two sons, Paul Melnvchuck of Ruddell, Sask. and Steve Melnvchuck of Saskatoon; five grandchildren; one sister, Mrs. Mary Zakus of Prince Albert. Sask.

and one brother. William Melnvchuck of Sarnia, Ontario. Interment will be made in the Catholic Section of Woodlawn Cemetery. 7-8-e SHERSTOBITOFF THE DEATH of Mr. James Sherstobitoff.

age 82 years of Blaine Lake, Sak. oc-cu'ved in the Hafford Hospital on Thursday, Julv 6th, 1967. The funeral service will be held on July 9th at li am. from the Blaine Lake Doukhobor Praer Home. Blaine Lake, Sask Surviving are: four daughters; Mis Annie Sherstobitoff, Blaine Lake, Mrs.

A Evenko (Tina), Penticton, BC; Mrs. J. Stoochnoff (Etheh, Penticton, BC. Mrs. J.

Jos (Eva), Hanev, four sons: Peter, Creston, John, Blame Lake, Nick, Blaine Lake, Sask Fred, Prince George, B.C.; twenty-two giandchildren: seven great grandchildren; one sister, Mrs. Fam inoff, Giand Forks. one brother. Alex Sheratobitolf Blaine Lake, Sask. The late Mr.

Sherstobitoff was born in Russia and came to Canada in 1699. He lived at Yoikton, Sask. for several years and in BC. for a time before moving to Blaine Lake in 1918. Mr.

Sherstobitoff farmed in the Blain Like district until he retired in 1940. He had resided in Blaine Lake since The Praver service will be held in the Doukhobor Prayer Home, Blaine Lake, Saturday, Julv 8th at 7.30 pm. Interment will take place in the Slavanka Cemeterv Blaine 2 Lake. Arrangements are in care of Westwood Funeral Chapel, 7-8-0 FUNERALS HRAPCHAK THjS FUNERAL SER-vice of the late Mi'S. Theresa Hrao-chak who died on Julv 3td, 1967, was held from St.

Georges Ukrainian Catholic Cathedral on July 6th at 10 00 conducted by Rt. Rev. Olvnyk pallbearers were-Mike Bodnar, Ben Bodnar, Paul Bodnar John Bodnar. Karpo Bodnar Jo Sobliuk. Interment took place in the familv plot in the Catholic Cemeterv.

Park Funeral Chapel was in charge of arrangements. 7-8-c NEWTON THE FUNERAL SFR-vice of the late Mr. Edmund Edi Albert Newton, who died on Julv 3rd, 1967, was held from Christ Church on Julv 6th at 2 00 conducted bv Rev J. Matthews, Dr F. Crabb ftnd the Rt Rev.

S. Steer. Honorary Pallbearers were R. Meredith, S. Strutton, A Pritchard.

Baldwin, S. MacDonald, H. A Truseott. Ac- tive Pallbearers were: Summery, Triscott, 8weedlh, Gibson, p. Smith, D.

Kemp, The ushers were: A At Randall, H. Blair, J. D. MrGregor. Interment took place in the familv plot in Woodlawn Cemeterv.

Park Funeral Chapel was in charge of arrangements. 7-8-c IN MEMORIAM HALLAS, MICHEAL IN LOVING memoiy of a dear husband and father who passed away JuJv 7. 19J. V.e think of him in silence, Hi name we often recall. There is nothing left to answer.

But his pktuie on the wall Always remembered bv his loving wife, son and daughters 7-8-c THE STAR-PHOFVIX HAS A SUP-piy of verse for jour convenience in making up your In Memortam Kindly inquire at the desk. xtf MARRIAGE LICENSES I ISSUER OF MARRIAGE LICENSES. Quality Creoit Jewelers House or Diamonds, 133 2nd north, xtf FUNERAL DIRECTORS 7 PARK FUNERAL CHAPEL Jick filnkl.v Donald fiom or. 311 3rd Rhone 244-2103 xtf WESTWOOD FUNERAL CHAPEL Rae J. Murdock.

Tern? Mlrhsyjuk 2non 653-344 20th Av CP Wirephoto McFeatters copy with teeth in it!" Decimal currency switch follows long preparation By C. GRAHAM color. They carry the likeness of A comprehensive educational AUCKLAND (CP) After four Queen Elizabeth on one side and campaign has been conducted years of preparation, New Zea- New Zealand bird and flower in advance under the auspices land will switch July 10 to deci motifs on the other. of the decimal currency board, mal currency in place of pounds, Coins will be issued in values Widespread advertising and the shillings and pence. 0f 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 50 cents, issue of pamphlets have notified The new money will be based aad there will be a commemor- the public of most of the pitfalls on dollars and cents.

Two of the ative $1 piece. The change will in changing to the new money, new dollars are worth an old saVe weight, since the new 1- Particular attention has been pound. The New Zealand dollar and 2-cent coins are much paid to -training bank and busi-wili be equivalent to $1.50 in smaller than the existing bronze ness house staffs, clerks in Canadian funds. coins. stores and school children.

The currency was distributed The time jor the cornpete Courses have been conducted at to banks throughout the country transition to the new currency various levels and children have late in June in the biggest move- indefinite. A maximum of 15 been encouraged to earn the title ment of money In the country months has been suggestedi but of "dollar scholar." history. Notes and coins were jt js boped t0 reduce the period To guard against attmpts to transferred from Wellington profit from the change, the gov- special trains, guarded by The limiting factor is the time emment has been keeping a troops, police and Dame stall t0 convert slot machines, close watch on price movements "er scurity- business cash registers, adding and has power to act against un- The decimal currency notes machines and the like. A big warranted price increases in the re ask force of mechanics is al- conversion. ready at work but the full con- Much of the cost of changing version wjj many months.

the coinage has been met from New Zealand operations in the a windfall of sales of souvenir change over have benefited sets of old and new coins to from study of similar changes collectors. In addition the metal made in recent years in South in many of the coins being with-Africa and Australia. Britain, drawn from circulation is more which will change to decimal valuable than that in the new LI con I rue I currency some years hence, is coins. The government expects in turn studying experience in to make a substantial amount in New Zealand. disposing of the unwanted coins.

WINNIPEG Argo Rock Bell developing cordless phone NEW YORK (AP) Bell Telephone Co. announced Monday it has developed a cordless telephone and will soon put it into the field for testing. Bell said the battery-operated unit connects with the regular telephone network by radio. Unlike a radio device such as the walkie-talkie, however, the cordless telephone provides simultaneous two-way conversation. It also has dialing, ringing and automatic connecting and disconnecting.

For now, at least, its use appears restricted to that of an extension telephone. Designed to be carried on a belt or in an overcoat pocket, the unit has a range of 100 to 1,500 feet from a fixed station. The latter, which can be wall mounted, connects the portable phone to the regular telephone network. The experimental portable model uses a narrow-band FM transmission system. An eavesdropper would have to have his radio receiver close to the cordless telephone to pick up the signals, a Bell spokesman said.

RATES Star-Phoenix Want Ad Rates: Five Cents per Word Per Day Six Consecutive Insertions for the Price of Five. Minimum Count 12 Words Minimum Charge 60c Per Dav Classified Display is Charged at $3 03 Where 10 point or large tvpe is de-per single column inch, sired bv the advertiser for the complete advertisement, the rate per word is loc per day. Minimum count 12 words. Figures in groups of five or less, dollar marks, initial letters, count as one word Where one line is set in 10 point and the balance set in ordinary classified type the charge is 6Gc per dv for the 10 point line Where the use of a box number is desired count as four word extia. If replies are to be mailed to out-of-town points, please add 10 cents to cover cot of postage.

While every endeavor will be made to forward replies to box numbers to the advertiser as soon as possible, we accept no liability respect of loss or damage alleged to rise through either failure nr delay in forwarding such replies, however caused, whether bv negligence or otherwise Citv advertiseis must pick up box replies at the Star-Phoenix office. The Star-Phoenix assumes no responsibility for error after the first insertion. WANTS ADS ACCEPTED 8 30 a.m. to pm daily Monday to Friday for publication following day (except holidays! Deadline for cancellation of Want Ad 9.00 a.m. dav of publication, Monday to Friday only.

On days when the business office is closed. Want Ads for publication in our next Issue may be left in the box in the front vestibule of the Star-Phoenix office, please be sure to leave your name addiess, phone number and number of insertions desired Semi-Displays Accepted Up to 3 m. Monday through Friday for following davs publication (except holidays). NOTICES Births $2 00 Marriages and Deaths. In-Memonams, Engagements, cards of Thanks, rates $2 50 for insertion of 10 lines or less, extra line of five words eacn, 25c per line.

Display Advertising schedule of copy acceptance 12 NOON DAILY AS FOLLOWS MONDAY for Wednesdays Paper TUESDAY for Thursday's Paper for Fridays Paper THURnAY for Saturdays Paper FRIDAY fop Mondays Paper FRIDAY for Tuesdays Paper CLOSED ALL DAY SATURDAYS, SUNDAYS WANT AD PHONE 653-2100 SUBSCRIPTION RATES MAIL RATES IN CANADA I year 20 no 12 50 6 50' 250 6 months a months 1 month In the Matter of the Estate of Jacob Wurtz, Idte of Langham. in the Province of Saskatchewan Farmer, Deceased. NOTICE TO CREDITORS All claim, against the above estate duly verified by Statutoxy Declaration and with particulars and valuation of aecunty held, if any, must be sent to the undersigned before the 20th of July, A.D. 1907. GOLD STOCKAN, Barrister, and Solicitors, Langharn, Sask.

Solicitors for the Executors. T-8-c NOTICE TO CREDITORS In the estate ot GORDON BICUM, late of Elstow, in the Province of Saskatchewan, Medical Doctor, deceased. All claims against the above estate, duly veiified by statutoiy declaration and with particulars and valu ation of security held, if any, must be sent to the undersigned before the 2nd day of August, A.D. 1967. WARREN Sc NYKYFORUK, Barristers Sc Solicitois, 305 Canada Building, Saskatoon, Sask Solicitors for the Executrices.

7-8-c-s TENDERS TENDER Tenders will be received by the undersigned up to 2:00 PM. S.T., Julv 26 1967 for the supply and installation of electrical plumbing and heatmg svstem in commumal wash house, Canoe Lake I Meadow Lake Indian Agency. Tendering materials and instructions ate available from Mr. R. T.

Smith, Superintendent, Meadow Lake Indian Agency, Meadow Lake Sask. and The Dept, of Indian Affairs and Northern Development, 1825 McIntyre Street, Regma, Sask. A Clark, Regional Director of Indian Affairs, Saskatchewan, 1825 Melntvre Street. REGINA, Saskatchewan. 7-8-c TENDERS SCHOOL ADDITION YORKTON, SASKATCHEWAN Notice Is hereby given that Yorkton School Unit No, 36 of Saskatchewan, will receive up to, but not later than 2 00 pm CST.

THURSDAY. AUGUST 3. 1967 sealed bids for the construction and completion of Proposed Addition, Yukon Composite School, Yoikton. Saskatchewan. In general, this project comprises construction of eh addition with a floor area of approximately 16,500 square feet.

Drawing' Specifications and complete bidding information may be obtained at the office of RAMSAY 8c RAMSAY ARCHITECTS 1860 CORNWALL STREET, REGINA. SASKATCHEWAN, on deposit of (35 00. Deposit will be refunded upon return of sets in good condition within 5 days after bids are opened. Documents mav also be examined at the offices of Southam Building Reports and San foid Evans Winnipeg, and the Construction Association Offices in Saskatoon, Moose Jaw and Regina. Ech bid shall be made out in the form furnished bv the Architects and must be accompanied bv a Certified Cheque or Bid Bond in the amount of $25,006 00 made payable to the Owner.

Each bid shall be submitted in duplicate and filed at the office of Yoik-ton School Unit No. 36 91 East Broadway Yorkton, Saskatchewan, on or before the hour and date designated above, at which tune bids wiU be opened and read in puoiic. The lowest of any tender not necessarily accepted. Subtrade shall file their tenders In accordance with the Saskatchewan Depository Regulations at the Reina Bid Depository. 4P.0 Box 1 (07 1 193ft Klphtnstore Street Regma.

Sakat hewan, fort 2 0G pm, C.S.T TUESDAY AUGUST HW7 Fn5ke, Societarj -Treasurer Vorktori School Unit No. 36, 91 Last Broadway, Yoikton, Saskatchewan, STRICTLY BUSINESS Saskatoon, has been awarded a contract by Canadian Ndtional Railways for the supply of 85,000 yards of ballast to be used on a new rail line now under construction east of Saskatoon. The 17-mile spur line will serve the Alwinsal Potash of Canada mine and will run northeasterly from CNs transcontinental main line, five miles east of Watrous. The ballast will be stockpiled along the roadbed, now being cleared, and uill be placed on the line later this summer. The new potash mine is expected to begin product i early next yedr.

PLEASE CALL 114 FOR FREE PK0NE CABLE LOCATION SERVICE CITY OF MOOSE JAW Tenders for the Construction of 24 Diameter Concrete Sanitary Sewer in the City of Moose Jaw. Seated tenders marked North East Trunk Sew'er" will be received by the Citv Clerk, Citv Hall, Moose Jaw, Sask. no to 2 PM. CST, Thursday. Julv 20th 1967 for the installation of 4400 of 24 diameter concrete sewer and construction of 12 manholes.

The pipe will be supplied by the City. Specifications and Form of Tender may be obtained upon application at the City Engineers Office, Moose Jaw. Saskatchewan on payment of the sum of Twenty Dollars which will be refunded to unsuccessful bidder and those not bidding upon return of the documents in good condition within 14 davs of the tender opening date. The Specifications used in making a bid will be considered returned. A certified cheque or bid bond in the sum of 10 percent fHPfri of th total of the extended unit prices 1ft to accompany each bd.a Thia it a unit prke contract.

The lowest or any tender will not necessarily be accepted. CITY COMMISSIONERS. CITY OF MOOSE JAW. 7-10-c NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR CHANGE OF NAME Notice ft hereby given of the following application to the Director of Vital Statistica in the Department of Public Health of the Province of Saskatchewan under the provision, of The Change of Name Act, From: Albert William Yung (known as Albert William Young) To: Albert William Young From Jovce Lena Yung To: Joyce Lena Young From: Scott Gary Yung To: Scott Gary Young From: Brent Allan Yung Tu- Brent Allan Young Dated at Saskatoon. In the Province of Saskatchewan, this 6th day of July, AD.

1867. A Younf 1408 Preston Ave Saskatoon, Sask 7-8-p Bv mail or letter carrier walks in Saskatoon ear $10 00 By Carrier 40 Cents Per We To ail countries Outside Canada: 1 vear 30 (to I I month r. 3 08, Rack Cope by Mail Minimum 25 cents tat i RAMSAY Sc RAMSAY ARCHITECTS, 10 Cornwall Street Begins, Saskatcnewan. 7-8-c "4hdt we need, Argyie, is itf JlLanftWiiJW w. ill i jink frwm iiiiuim.

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