Star-Phoenix from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada on September 28, 1950 · 12
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Star-Phoenix from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada · 12

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 28, 1950
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ut laitll tiurB-nn 1 h ( k'l u umvnt it 4 Will Live in Saskatoon MR. AM) MRS. C. R. MATHER A quiet wedding was solemnized at Grace United Church chapel when the Rev. T. R. Davies united in marriage Irene Harnett Smale, daughter of Mrs. Hill of Saskatoon, and Charles Russell Mather, son of the late Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Mather of Asquith. The bride was attractive in a grey gabardine suit with matching accessories and her corsage was of pink sweetheart roses. The brides only attendant was her sister, Mrs. Dwight Kenny. Mr. Kenny was groomsman. Following the eeietuonv a reception for immediate relatives and friends was held at Lynebrooke Inn. After a short honeymoon in Van-i ouver and Victoria the couple will reside in Saskatoon. Lalesl Engagements Mr. and Mrs. Seymour E. Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Rock, R.IO He cent 1 Weddings Arnid-t a setting of tall g!di- rli. a-ter. and fein, St Andiew s, College Chattel, Saskatoon, wa-1 tne stone of a wedding when Rev. Thomas Currant united in marriage Margaret Eileen, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. K. E. Neal, Tesier and William Leonard Wyndham Taylor, son of Mr. and Mrs. L- W. Taj lor, Montreal. The bride Is a former merpber of the staff of City Hospital. Saskatoon and a graduate of that school of nursing. Both principals are graduates of McGill University. Entering the chapel on the arm of her father, the bride wore white slipper satin with dropped shoulder and nylon net yoke. Seed pearls adorned the neckline and were used again at the hemline to pick up the skirt to reveal three tiers of lace. Her veil, appliqued with satin flowers, fell from a Juliet headdress and terminated in a cathedral train. A cascade bouquet of pink roses completed her ensemble. Kthvarth'Unrnntnn ) oics rican Clothe Create Sensation NEW MR. AND MRS. M. D. EDWARDS Autumn leaves and white gladioli banked the fireplace at Mrs. F. C. gina attended her sister as matron of honor. She chose a floor-length aqua sheer gown with scallops of French lace on the bodice and matching hat For the occasion the bride chose a white lace ballet-length diess and carried a colonial bou-for the ceremony which united quet of baby mums. Miss Emma . . , the home of the brides parents Robertson of Re fnr the 'DPcimnnv nrViir'Ei imiloH s tAPi Vi c 1 1 A u 1 1 j.i t ev t k ..ui. ii. j- w..h a !(Htl..'a;.tn of m-it ; u. te by i Fa-bun Iie-w't-r Aun..n from H-dlv wtl. I In a seu'- n when i tatucaMv I every cn-toads stoie la the tU.S. is advettt'.ng Fans cipics, ' Vdrians all-Amevuan col'ciuon nre-ated a ser-atinn anurg the 'fa-hion pre-s pre-tent at his New lork MK'Wiug. He showed a sene-! of un-h hu h could te entitled the t-pirit of TO, with their Georg Washington jackets, velvet we?-ikits and cocked haw j Similarly, he showed a discreet grey worsted suit called Buffalo Dili, with loops of self-fabric fringe outlining the sleeves from -houlder to cutf, and adding a pioneer touch to the jacket front. ills collection was divided into three parts clean-lmed coats and suits for town and travel: at home clothes for relaxation around the telev ision set or canasta table; and costumes for important evenings. Some of his street outfits definitely predict the future, such as a dress called rocket ship," in a pink and maroon checked wool with soaring flanges, suggesting a maid from Mars. ItRM'll 1 E . J if a i. g v. n V FOWl LAKE 1 re Ur .d a V... . U t c'lurin Wir.tiiS r -t.-j -. - ' '!; -pr.T vsT to djte .n !- i-h- . : v . fe ve., .: gs t r rij :ts K r t j i-... t Ilushe announce the engagement of their daughter Frances Ail-leen Lawrence to James hums University Drive, announce the forthcoming marriage of then' daughter, Thelma Irene, to den Stark, eldest son of Mr. and Donald John Ashby, son of Mr. Mrs. James Stark of New West-1 and Mrs. F. J. Ashby, High Wy-minster, B.U. The marriage to mml), England. The wedding to lie held in St. Johns Cathedral,! take place at Vancouver October Saskatoon, October 27, 1JuO. ! l j, !!);,() Lorrltj lo loot: ul ... luxurious lo u eur! a WIlHfN Wlvf , s"tmi oeuie ? ALPACA1A in marriage Natalie Harrington, daughter of Dr. J, B. Harrington and Mrs. Harrington, and Murray Dallas Edwards, son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Edwards, all of this city. The Rev. 1rof. J. B. Corston officiated. Women Writers See St)le Show in London LONDON, Sept. 28 (CP). Nine Canadian women discovered today that wool goes into more things than, socks and sweaters. . Theres a place for it in shimmering cocktail dresses and even in svelte evening gowns, a delegation of Canadian newspaper women learned at the biennial fashion show of the International Wool Secretariat and the incorporated society of Hell of Regina was soloist and the register was signed by Dr. Mabel Timlin and Miss Gudrun Johannson. At the reception which followed at Clinton Lodge, Mrs. I. M. Fraser presided over the guest ' hook and Trof. E. . Hardy proposed the toast to the bride. Assisting were Mrs. Gordon Mc.Murchy, Mrs. Ed Whalen, Mrs. Lyman Smith, Misses I-av ( levering, Velma Denholm, Margaret Hardy, Kay Ilepworth, Lorna Russell and Ann Spencer. The bride's mother wore a wine dress with black accessories and the bridegrooms mother appeared in grey with vvtuo. Mr, and Mrs. Edwards will he at home at Apt. 22, iso Clarmont Avenue, New York City. FRIES ENTHI ESSEN Evelyn Thiessen, youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. I. 11 HONORED FERDUE. Mrs. R. Skinner leaving here to reside in Cran-brook, B.C, was honored by local women at a farewell at the home of Mrs. W. Worthington, when Mrs. S. Raine presented the guest with a gift. Lightning Service tTfi tiacpga, AM) MRS. W. L Til I .OR VSVWkVi iViWNNWViW MMf Thin tdvleil font Iiritijp j mi nl only llifl pfwi-1 in fashion n-l f.iwH in la.lunng, but n!o llm lp Vatndli Mi l fKti.fiijt of griwi.tiN AY' mo wifl-n.lkv v f JcrVMCal..' I IrVrfj pent h.vr (f'Stl tl. l (d ( li'krH, London fashion designers. , ,, , .... The visiting Canadians saw loosen of Dalmeny and lief-everything from dinner lreses,Kl t Kenneth, f nosrn,, son of Mr. lo plaid suits in wool hv suchlani r?' of Osier were prominent designers ns Norman united in marriage in the M il Hartnell, the queens dress- Vhuri 'V IT'r ,,alnMy '-v lhc maker Rv- ,r- 1 Of particular interest was a1 T1llt ,1'rl!,,, ''we 'v bite satin Dighv Morton two-piece, dmitile-" 11 J a leadembroideicd ltitdirej hiem-tt-d suit, proiioumed liest an a n1 oveied skiit. She had seller this year in Canadian and finger-tip veil and tamed pmk I Ciuted States niaiket-. l'ri ,l111 ,n , ,, . Some 100 huveis and fa-liloti' I he mept.on was held in the fvptiti ntteiKled the .show,:1 .. ... whith for the Canadians tnaik-i ',uln the opening of a tlii.-e.mTki111 M NOTHING FASTER NOTHING BETTER SAN1TONE CLEANING SHIRT LAUNDERING UMITtl 2nd Air., Itrtweni 2tih and 2ali Sis. ,d mittens. Ttie tu ide-maid, i,.m- f Lngl.uvl and Sint land Mt-s Agees Atvlet'oii of Regina.! The women me here on the uo.e, iK.utfar.t gown of inul.!nli,,un of the thdlar r.vHrts rnsbt blue nv Ion net over rose hc.ard to gel mi in-lgbt tmu the tu t and taffeta. She had match goods Riitatn bs making ri mg h it and giovt-s. Identlial antHij. loloiu.d tsniqucis ..f summer I LEANS TElkimi.ll When vvi.ite matings of time tiegln to fotni Inside te.ikrttlcs, ld ilicm out nub a solution ot a qu.irter I imt l-l tml t.U. M -111.50 14 ACPACAMA At lllltt 11011 IVIlfWMIRC Sa talk n.t a. tjo ns rom(li ted tlielr attire. The gria-m was altendnl hy Mr I C. It.durtoin of Regina and Glen Catrutliei f la-nev a,t.s a mat. Mm. Cnd ( , t l O-nU.I. Iv fodowleg Ihe f al1 ,,,lr-I rl i eioi v a in r pi mil Wa held at t l.ri-fl !',! wln-te l! t in-'lii-r '-I I'k glootti and Jf. ! I'l- I -i I.'i Imllel With s ( t a w ro eg (.. te VI li' ti litt.lkri f I a to. kid cf tle . r r I. . t, set vet ) f Vf,. T. G 1. e-p -1 ,V, . It 1 1 ( vt it Vt . U i! s Ms " i " M R I, I . V -- vt s y, e a'm k I M - vt i K tt . I I f e - f i-t lo ri tf. t . Ki tl1 (. it(l te SiKaf'.!. tell -rrS ltfs I l"l Itrf ii w.e.-tf v I ! led -1 I It I ; -A tf. -V Itrf r. .r Sot f-rrs d I --ir: f S' t 't I frf ? ' i ii !. d V- ... t i iif'.ev Evan Jones Optometrist iiMtiv sfm.ujHr In; Mat Ml I. LAN Itl.DG. Rhone Sini.I.I. J i? f ft,. e-f 9 1 I r M tdtutil) tm soie ) Is M I I I S-t la.i $1 d ' It . b- . 4 I r t it (t . - -i A - s a . f '- . llllVMtN mni'f- 11 l;nl t . , i v r T I h. ( t i f t t 'I M Jolley Dieisei 54.38 SHORTIES V , SII.95 statioh wagon coats t r i NYLONS . ' 85c Evenin'! GonS SI0.9S It .-S I-I-S. 1 I !'ti I Mt t HI r i-l i . i -.- ! f t (- t Mr!) t - - SWEATERS : 53,95 I ' 1 1 -f MMe If EBSTEIRI tdilFS ACd.NCir.S I a f . TV WHTIS YOUR PRESS SOMUCM WRITER WAR MINE? n 1 S" Rm WHITE ! m:vim; tii Ror a ,,Cutiini Tadmed look In nrw coal or suit )nu hit nrvving for out keif, mil a pl.isilf itieli die foi m. Ihe rvait of )our flguir. 'fake evvlng for ) ourself a plea sure. PNOM; 91912 r w ikTl K mi V ir , .! f if t -t L. - r i 4r t j 1 1 is t J i p I nr f vf I Jt t i. fi i 1 f 4 i a r, t 4 Ct4iteSi4 ?tt mK4tt ) fiaHttt s . . . ,1 i ti s n r 1 1 1 1 1 tf ' i a ? -J , . . WKlItf lfttl fVe- . t tt ft t S ! -44 f ft - A -o, 4 - -A L f r tail - i- ' e'- A N.1 IflaMtf Ibf efirf fw t f ' f 4 t 'n I - 4) -at 1i"fa . .0 1 t .Trv . -!. r (t Vp Atf I f 9 So iota let ilo t :'i lo ba(f i! r.iooE uonEti use Einso uvar COATS Of Distinction At Prices That H ill Xeier He Lower Lv ? i t PERSIAN LAMB COATS From MlSKRAT COATS F rom ... -u $595 $245 ELECTRIC SEAL (Dyed Rabbit), $185 HUDSON SEAL (Djed Muskrat) $545 A drpo-il will hold any coat until reiitiired and joii can huv on our budget'plan. Master Furriers 212 Third Aveniir, Soulli (Half Block South of FnitonV) . I.I.I. t 1- j ..

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