Star-Phoenix from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada on August 31, 1976 · 24
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Star-Phoenix from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada · 24

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 31, 1976
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24 the STAR-PHOENIX. Saskatoon, Tuesday, August 31, 1976 Deaths 2 This is the third of 26 weekly excerpts from the book. From Julia Childs Kitchen, published by Alfred A. Knopf, (c) 1970, 1971, 1972, 1973, 1974, 1975, by Julia Child. By Julia Child When you are in Mediterranean France you will see far more soupes de poissons than you will bouillabaisses because the latter is an elaborate production and the former is really a kind of fish bouillon Ideally you use handfuls of tiny fresh rockfish and boil them up with garlic, onions, leeks, and tomatoes, then strain the rich broth and serve it with a garlic and pepper sauce -rouille - and hard toasted French bread rounds Actually and most frequently, the soup is made with fresh fish trimmings or fish frames - the head, tall, and bony frame remaining after the fish has been filleted Whether from fish, frames, or trimmings, it is a marvelously fragrant and hearty brew that could begin an equally harty meal of roast meat or fish, or pasta About 2 Vz quarts, for 6 to 8 people 1 cup sliced onions 1 cup sliced white of leek (or 1 cup more onions ) Vz cup olive oil 6 to 8 unpeeled tomatoes, washed and roughly chopped 4 to 6 large cloves unpeeled garlic, crushed 8 sprigs parsley Vz tsp. thyme Vi tsp fennel seeds 3 big pinches saffron threads Vz tsp dried orange peel Either 2 quarts of trimmings from fresh fish or shellfish, 2 Vz quarts water, and 1 tb. salt Or 1 quart clam juice, lVz quarts water, and no salt Equipment Aheavy8 quartkettleorcasseroleandalarge sieve or colander. Stir into the kettle or casserole the onions, leeks, and olive oil , simmer 5 minutes without browning Stir m the tomatoes and garlic, and cook 5 minutes more Then add the rest of the ingredients listed and bring to the boil. Skim, and boil slowly, uncovered, for 40 minutes. Strain, pressing juices out of ingredients, correct seasoning, and set aside uncovered When cool, if you are not proceeding immediately, cover and refrigerate. Serving suggestions. Serve the soup just as it is, accompanied by rounds of hard toasted French bread, croutes, a bowl of freshly grated Parmesan cheese, and the rouille described below. Or, you may want to incorporate the rouille in the soup to thjcken it before serving , to do so, scoop it into a mixing bowl or soup tureen, stir in a cup or so of hot soup by dribbles, then pour in the rest, and decorate with chopped green herbs. A final suggestion to make a more nourishing soup, simmer m the cooked, strained broth 2 cups of diced potatoes or a handful of pasta , or serve croutes and poached eggs in the soup, along with grated cheese and the rouille. Rouille;, garlic and pepper sauce for fish soups. This is especially recommended for those times when you are using one or two kinds of fish, such as cod or perch, or scallops only. The bread crumbs will thicken the soup while the egg yolks and oil enrich it. For 1 cup or so, enough for 6 to 8 people. 4 large cloves peeled garlic 2 eggs yolks 1 dozen large leaves fresh basil or 1 Tb. dried, or 1 tsp thyme or savory Vi cup canned red pimientos, drained Vz cup fresh crumbs ( pressed down) from unsweetend homemade-type white bread 2 to 3 Tb hot.soup base to cup olive oil Drops of hot pepper sauce, or a big pinch Cayenne pepper Salt and pepper to taste' Equipment A heavy bowl, and a pestle or pounding instrument of some sort, like the wrong end of a wooden spoon. Puree the garlic into a small, heavy bowl and add the egg yolks and herbs Pound and stir into a thick sticky paste, pound m the pimientos, incorporating thoroughly. Then pound m the bread crumbs, adding drops of soup base to moisten them When all is thick, sticky, and smooth, begin adding the oil by droplets, as though you were making mayonnaise - pound and stir, and change from pestle to a small whip while adding the final oil Beat in the seasonings Sauce should be thick and strong Cover airtight untjl serving time. Bouillabaisse a la Marseillaise When you have your fish-soup base done, and your fish prepared, the actual making of the bouillabaisse itself is a matter of only 20 minutes or so. Then be ready to serve immediately, although you will find that any leftover soup and fish will be delicious when warmed up the next day . You may wish to add a side dish of boiled potatoes when this is your main course, and follow with a desert of fresh fruit or a fruit tart Serve a young red wine like Beaujolais, or a rose, or a strong dry white wine like a Chablis or Cotes de Rhone. For 6 to 8 people. The 2Vzquarts prepared, strained, and perfectly seasonedl soupe de poissons base, in a kettle large enough to hold all the fish easily The prepared fish 1 lb. whole fish per person, or Vzlb. filleted fish, as large a variety as possible, although only one ktnd will do if that is all you can get A cup or so rouille, preceding recipe " h cup chopped fresh par sely i 2 to 3 croutes per person hard toasted French bread Be sure to provide yourself with a large hot platter for the fish, and a tureen or large serving bowl for the soup, plus a ladle, and wide soup plates. About 20 minutes before serving, bring soup base to a rolling boil. Add lobsters and crabs if you are using them, and firm-fleshed fish such as halibut or eel, and boil 5 minutes Then add the other fish (cod, hake, perch, flounder), and the mussels or scallops. Bring rapidly back to the boil, and boil slowly about 5 minutes. Fish is done when it is opaque, and springy rather than squashy - do not overcook. Lift out the fish and arrange it attractively on the platter. ( If you have used only one or two kinds of fish, the rouille, rather than being passed separately, should now go into the soup tureen, correct seasoning of soup and, beating rouille with a whip, gradually ladle the hot soup into it until about 2 . cups have gone in, then pour in the rest, stirring to blend ) Ladle a bit of soup over the platter of fish, decorate both-soup and fish with chopped parsley, and bring to the table. To serve, place two croutes of French bread into each soup plate, arrange a selection of fish over and around them, and ladle in the soup Pass the rouille separately if you have not already beaten it into the soup DM by Los Angt'les Tirm .Nyndlcnte Bad break With a bumper crop waiting to be taken off, and weather as sporadic as it has been the last month, a breakdown on a swather can be costly. This flat tire didnt slow these men up too much, however, and they were soon back on the job. Answer A flippant answer to a question concerning the proposed Spectadrome sports complex brought a rebuke from Aid. George Taylor -at Monday nights city council meeting. , Taylor had asked the provision of athletic facilities committee in mid-July to answer 10 questions centering on the proposed sports facility for the Saskatoon grounds One of the questions was whether the committee, in an earlier report suggesting a money bylaw for the Spectadrome, was aware city commissioner Carl McLeod would be Curbing ' PRINCE ALBERT (Staff) -Ratepayer Hans Nielsen may get another chance to have city council remove troublesome curbing from in front of his Brandon Dnve property. Nielsen, m a sometimes heated and confusing debate ' with council members and administrators, tried to clarify his intentions over the problem by appearing before council, he said The city has installed curbing Condominium move said not legal City council has been told it cannot require people seeking to convert apartments to condominium units to swear they have not given tenants notice to vacate. Aid. Cliff Wright had wanted council to have that right when dealing with applicants for conversion He said three apartment block owners apparently had given tenants notice as a means of avoiding objections to conversion by people living in the building But the matter was referred to the city solicitor who reported back the Wright motion was beyond the powers of council But the solicitor did say council could insist any applicant report whether he had terminated leases since aldermen are Uranium development urged TISDALE (Special) - Dr Cliff Mclsaac, parliamentary secretary for the department of regional economic expansion, said Saturday he can see nothing to hinder development of uranium in the north However, Mtissac had a warning for the provincial government He said if they show an intention to expropriate the industry once it gets on its feet Corp, Municipal funding change sought TISDALE (Special) - Mayor Jack Ives suggested to the Saskatchewan Liberal federal affairs meeting Saturday there should be a change in federal funding to local governments His sentiments, echoed by Mayor Frank Radolf of Nipa-win, were that programs were on sewer detailing immediate financial requirements for sewer cop-struction The committee, under Aid. Cliff Wright, replied The committee is flattered and appreciative of the high degree of future perception which this question would indicate the committee possesses. Regretfully and unfortunately, we must advise council that our clairvoyance does not extend to anticipate the city commissioners actions weeks in advance. We sincerely hope this confession will not unduly disconcert council. issue back at P.A. council on a buffer strip of land which Nielsen had been using as an entrance tooneofhis properties on Brandon Drive. Nielsen told council he never received a June letter from the city engineer telling him -he must make apphcation to council to prevent the curbs from going in. After two months the city installed the curbing Aid. Dick Spencer questioned Nielsen on a conversation Nielsen had with the engineer in to decide on applications partially on the basis of whether it reduces rental accommodation seriously or whether it imposes significant hardship on existing tenants. With that advice, council decided to require any applicant for conversion to report on any terminations of leases. New group may field candidates in P.A. PRINCE ALBERT (Staff) -A new civic group here may be fielding candidates in the fall election. Monday night at city council a with federal help there might have to be something written into agreements to protect federal mvestment. Mclssac also said Eldorado Nuclear Ltd is not looking to locate a uranium processing plant in the north after farmers in the Warman area fefased to sell their land to a Saskatchewan Development Economic held up while the grant structure is pushed back. He suggested money be committed over a period of years so local government could get much needed work done by borrowing locally, to be paid back as the grant money was paid out. brings rebuke On getting that reply Monday, Taylor said I'm sorry the committee felt it necessary to word the answeras they did I would have thought the commit, tee, since it was recommending a money bylaw for funding the project, would have asked for a full report on other projects which might require funding at the same time. Taylor also asked Wright about recent newspaper reports which, he said, indicate Sas-kachuno directors are under the impression they would manage the facility if it were built which he was told verbally about the application, why did he not apply although the letter in June was misdirected Nielsen became flustered and said he waS not going to be corrected by council. Nielsen said m conversations he had with city commissioner Bob Linner it became apparent, that applications or not, Linner did not want an accessto Nielsens property built across the buffer strip Mayor Mac Pereverzoff said administrators Linner and Swystun have only acted properly in carrying out the curbing However Aid Frank Chester said the chain of circumstances indicated some harrassment of Nielsen had taken place. Council passed a motion allowing Nielsen to apply for the access But at one point in the exchange he said, "I have no intention to apply after what has happened up to now. This is the third consecutive week Nielsen has been before Voice of the Electorate (VOTE ) member handed out a press release announcing its existance. The release was not given to council, clerk Terry Topping said. The group identified itself asworking people concerned with the way their city is being run. Before fielding a candidate and fighting a campaign on issues set by the present administration, VOTE decided to talk to people to find out what concerned them most, the release said. Development seemed to be at the top of the list with one anonymous source quoted assaying: "All plans for development are made behind closed doors upon recommendation by so-called experts without prior input from our people In general and those affected by the given development in particular." The group also quoted a person saying there was insufficient native and low income representation on council. ' The number of property owners are declining and renters have no vote on money matters, VOTE said. ,,, a' , -S-P Photo by Peter Wilson Wright said previous committee reports had suggested the possibility - without ever making a formal recommendation - that the city would appoint a board of directors to handle the Spectadrome but the day-today operation of the facility might be by Saskachimo personnel reporting directly to the Spectadrome board Further discussion of the sports complex was put off until next week when additional information on how the committee came up with a cost estimate of $6 million was to be presented council on either this matter or to voice objections to a rezoning move next to his property. 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Monday through Friday, and8 30am to 12 noon Saturday for next day's publication On days when the business office Is closed, word Ads for publication may be left In the box In the front vestibule of the Star- Phoenix office Please be sure to leave your name, address, phone number and number of Insertions de sired NOTICES Death and Funeral Notices $4 40 for first 125 words Each additional word, 12c Births, Marriages, In Memorlums, Engagements Card of Thanks $3 85 fl rst 50 words Each additional word 12c per word SUBSCRIPTION RATES By carrier 90c per week collected bl weekly MAIL SUBSCRIPTION RATES IN SASKATCHEWAN 1 year $48 00 6 months $25 50 3 months $14 25 1 month $5 50 Sat. only yearly . . $12 00 BY MAIL IN CANADA 1 year $55 00 1 month $7 00 Sat only yearly $15 00 BY MAIL IN U S A & FOREIGN 1 year $115 00 1 month $12 00 Sat only yearly .... $20 00 CLOSED ALL DAY SATURDAY, SUNDAYS 652-9200 JOHNSON ThepasslngofMr Ben Johnson, age 68 years of 238 Avenue R North, Saskatoon occurred In a local hospital on Sunday, August 29th, 1976 The Funeral Service will be held on Wednesday, Septanber 1st at 3 00 p m from Park Funeral Chapel conducted by Pastor Doug Slder. Surviving are: his wife Madge, one daughter- Mrs. Verna Vandale of Saskatoon; one son: Boyd of Saskatoon; five grandchildren and one sister: Mrs Mabei Thorstad of Asquith, Sask He was predeceased by his parents and by two sisters ana two brothers The late Mr Johnson was bom and raised In the Langham district and married his wife Madge In 1980 In 19(1 he moved to Saskatoon and had resided here since and was employed with the Engineer's Department of the City of Saskatoon for seventeen years prior to his retirement In 1972 Internment will take place In Woodlawn Cemetery Arrangements are In care of Park Funeral Chapel Courtesy parking north of the Chapel, 311 Third Avenue North JONES ThepasslngofMr Arthur Cameron Jones, age 74 years of 815 Avenue F North, Saskatoon, occurred In a local hospital on Saturday, August 28th, 1976. The Funeral Service will be held on Wednesday, September 1st at 1 30 p m from Park Funeral Chapel conducted by Rev N Stewart Dingwall Cremation to follow. Surviving are his daughters: Sheila Jones Steele of Saskatoon; Patricia Maureen LaBorde of Calgary, Alta ; Monica Kathleen Jones of Toronto, Ont ; Mary Louise Jones and Dona Ida Grace Jones both of Saskatoon and their mother, Laura Muriel Jones; two grandchildren: Kevin Raymond Steele and Heather Yvonne LaBorde, one sister- Mrs A V (Nettle) McElroy of Watford, Ont and one brother Allan of Campbellford, Ont He was predeceased by one sister Dorothy and by two brothers, Theodore and Ken The late Mr. Jones was bom at Hartney, Manitoba and later moved to Zealandla, Sask where he farmed In 1964 he moved to Saskatoon where he had since resided Mr Jones was a member of Mayfair United Church Memorial donations may be made to the Saskatchewan Heart Foundation, 440 Second Avenue N , Saskatoon, S7K 2C3 Arrangements are In care of Park Funeral Chapel Courtesy parking north of the Chapel, 311 Third Avenue North JABUSCH The death of Myles G Jabusch, age 20 years of Sutherland occurred accidentally on August 29th, 1976 The Funeral Service will be held on Wednesday, September 1st, at 3 30 p m from Augustana Lutheran Church (7th St and Broadway Ave ) conducted by Pastor T Chell Surviving are- his parents Mr and Mrs Ferdinand H. Jabusch, Sutherland, 3 sisters-Jean, Teresa and Michelle and 2 brothers Karl and Curtis all at home, also his grandmother: Mrs. Caroline Waldner, Sutherland Mr Jabusch was bom In Saskatoon and received hlseducatlonat Sutherland Public School and Aberdeen Composite School He was employed as partsmanat Auto Clearing Ltd Mr. Jabusch was an enthusiastic sportsman and was an active participant In many sports Interment wllltakeplacelnSt Paul's Lutheran Cemetery at Bergheim Saskatoon Funeral Home Is In charge of ar-rangements .. METTLEWSKI ThepasslngofMr Edward Mettlewskl, age 49 years of 2 - 414 Avenue C, South, Saskatoon, occurred at his residence on Sunday, August 29th, 1976 The funeral service will beheld on Wednesday, Sep tember 1st at 10 00 a m from Park Funeral Chapel, conducted bv Rev Father E J McDonald Surviving are five daughters, Shelia, Marda, Thelma and Corrlnne all of Unity, Sask and Beverley of Calgary, Alta , six sisters. Mrs Max (Nellie) Wlllumelt of Gladlyn, Sask, Mrs Steve (Katie) Bader of VWnnlpeg, Man , Mrs Herman (Monica) Weractxwsky of Landis, Sask , Mrs Ben (Hilda) Bohnert of Meadow Lake, Sask , Mrs Doug (Lena) WII-kenson of North Battleford, Sask , and Mrs Emle (Emma) Jones of Ottawa, Ont ; five brothers Martin and Ben, both of Wilkie, Sask , John and Vincent, both of Rutland, B C. and Leo of Calgary, Alta The late Mr Mettlewskl was bom at Leipzig, Sask and later lived at Unity, Sask for a number of years In 1959 he moved to Wilkie, Sask and In 1961 came to Saskatoon where he had since resided Interment will take place In the Roman Catholic Cemetery Arrangements are In care of Park Funeral Chapel Courtesy parking north of the Chapel, 311 Third Avenue, North ELLIOTT Mabel May, wife of Rev Dr A. E Elliott passed away on Sunday, August 29, 1976, after a long Illness Predeceased by her parents John and Elizabeth Johnston of Kp lapore, Ontario, her brother Robert Johnston of Yorkton, Sask , In 1943; one sister Mrs A (Sophia) Ham-wood In 1975, and her son Fit Ltd Eldon Burke Eliott, American Air Medal, on November 2nd, 19(3 She Is survived by her husband, daughter Frances R Denison of Wascana Hospital, Regina, grand-daughter Roberta R Anderson of Scarborough, Ontario with her children William Robert and Wendy Elizabeth, grandson C Burke Denl-sonof Toronto, also 2 sisters, Mrs T E (Ethel) Allcock of Kerrobert, Sask, and Mrs C. F. (Rhoda) McLellan of Vancouver, B C ; and many nieces, nephews, and cousins She shared her husbands ministry at Rae Street Methodist Church, Regina at Grand Coulee, Drfnkwater, Dlnsmore, Mllden, Sutherland and Summerberry-Elllsboroyand continued to reside In Summerherry after her husbands belated retirement and spent her last years In Grenfell where Dr Elliott Is In Pioneer Hostel The funeral service will be held In Grenfell United Church on Wednesday, September 1st at 2 p m Interment In Grenfell Cemetery If friends so desire, contributions to the Canadian Cancer Society may be tokens of remembrance Arrangements In care of the Tubman Funeral Home, Wolseley Notices fl puWit WtkS ( anaoa DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC WORKS OF CANADA EXTENSION OF TIME NOTICE is hereby given that the time for the reception of tenders for: FORT CHURCHILL, MANITOBA DEMOLITION OF VARIOUS BUILDINGS PHASE III Due September 2, 19762.00 P.M., CDST is extended to 2.00 P.M., C.D.S.T. September 9, 1976 R. W. Widmeyer Financial & Administrative Officer Manitoba District Deaths 2 ( Commit ) BORISENKO The passing of Mr. Walter Borisenko, age 50 years, of 912 - 22nd Street, West Saskatoon, occurred on Monday, August 30th, 1976 Thefuneral service will beheld on Thursday, September 2nd at 10 00 am from Park Funeral Chapel, conducted by Rt Rev J Olynyk. Prayers will be said from Park Funeral Chapel on Wednesday evening, September 1st at 8 00pm Surviving are his wife Alvera, one son. Brent Brian, at home, six sisters. Mrs. Doris Semenoff of Calgary, Alta, Mrs Ruby Schwartz, Mrs. Larry (Frances) Harding, Mrs George (Alice) Cllcus, Mrs Lome (Ann) Wilson and Mrs Bruce (Beatrice) Hatton, all of Toronto, Ont ; seven brothers Nick of Toronto, Mike of Saskatoon, John, Andy, Alex, Victor and Eddie, all of Toronto, Ont He was predeceased by his parents The late Mr Borisenko was bom at Cando, Sask., and later moved to Arlee, Sask with his parents Mr Borisenko came to Saskatoon In the early 1940's and had resided here since He had served with the Canadian Army Provost Corp (Military Police) He had previously been employed with the Richardson Road Machinery Co and was presently employed with the Duval Potash Mines of Saskatchewan where he had been for the past eight years Interment will take place In the Catholic Cemetery Arrangements are In care of Park Funeral Chapel. Courtesy parking north of the Chapel, 311 Third Avenue, North DUFFUS The death of Ernest Whtson Duffus, age93 years of Sherbrooke Community Centre, Saskatoon occurred suddenly In hospital on August 29, 1976 The Funeral Service will be held on Wednesday, September 1st, at 3 30 p m from the Chapel of Saskatoon Funeral Home, conducted by Rev Clifford McMur-try surviving are his loving wife, Ida Mary, a daughter, Mrs W A Short (Jean) of Ottawa, two sons, John E Duffus of Blind Bay, B C. and James S Duffus of Victoria, a granddaughter and two greatgrandchildren Mr Duffus had been a resident of Saskatoon for over 70 years He served In the Canadian Army during World War 1 he was employed bv the Federal Government and worked for the Soldiers Settlement Board until his retirement Interment will take place In Woodlawn Cemetery (Courtesy parking south of the Chapel on 4th Avenue at 25th Street) WHELAN The Funeral Service of Mrs Mary Teresa Whelan Wxidled on Aug 26th was held from St Marys Roman Catholic Church on Monday, August 30th at 11a m Conducted by Rev F Lawless CSsR. Pallbearers were Paul Whelan, Joe Loran, Greg Whelan, John Whelan, Pat Loran Tom Ehelan Ushers were Bob Loran Ron Whelan Mass Servers were Jim Loran John Loran In-Interment was made In the family plot In the Roman Catholic Cemetery Arrangements were In care of Westwood Funeral Chapel REGUSH The Funeral Service of Mr John N Regush Who died on August 26th, 1976 was held from St George's Ukrainian Catholic Cathedral on August 30th, at 10 00 a m Conducted bv Rt Rev J. Olynyk and Rev L Ramach. Pallbearers were Joe Burtnev, Henery Servetnyk, Bill Yuzik, Fred Shewdiuk, John Kallnocha, Mike Kallnocha Internment took place In the Catholic Cemetery Arrangements were in care of Park Funeral Chapel CHOPIUK The Funeral Mass for the late Dmytro Chopluk was said 10 00 a m August 25, 1976 in the St. Marys Greek Orthodox Church, Wakaw Sask with Fr P Hnatiw officiating Prayers were said the evening before In St Mary's Church with Fr Hnatiw offlcating Pallbearers for the funeral were John Luciuk, Steve Trlschuk, Bill Trlschuk, Bill Elchuk, George Dldow and Mac Metropollt Interment followed In theGreek Orthodox Cemetery Wakaw, Sask Mr Chopiult leaves to mourn hlspasslng hlswIfeMaryof Wakaw, Hlsparents . Ann and William Choplukof Wakaw, sons David of Wakaw, Eugene of Rimby Albta , daughter Gloria of Saskatoon and Six grandchildren Dmytro Chopluk was bom November 8, 1913 In Wakaw, Sask and passed away suddenly August 22,1976attheageofb2years Wakaw Funeral Home Ltd of Wakaw, Sask was In charge of the arrangements WILLIS The Death of Rena Aileen Simpson of Port Moody, B C occurred at home August 25, 1976 at the age of 59 years Survived by her lovlnghusband Kenneth, 1 son B nan Simpson and his wife Barbara, 3 sisters, Jean of Winnipeg, Rena and Kathryn of Aldergrove, 1 brother Alan of Winnipeg No service by request In lieu of flowers donations may be sent toa local Heart Foundation Arrangements through the Memorial Society of B C and First Memorial Services Ltd Funerals 3 (Commit)) ST GERMAINE The Funeral Service of Mr Beniamin Joseph St Germaine Who died on Aug 27th was held from St Marys Roman Catholic Church on Monday, Aug 3uth at 2 00 p m Conducted by Rev F Lawless, CSsR Pallbearers were Eric R Cately, Dennis Carrier, Ron Glesbrecht, R J Carrier, D VanKlompenburg, Eldon Lanes Interment was made In the Batodie' Cemetery, Batoche, Sask Arrangements were In care of Westwood Funeral Chapel ENS The Funeral Service of Mrs Sarah Ens who died on August 26th, 1976 was held from the Gruenthal Church on Sunday, August 29, 1976at 4 00 p m conducted bv Rev Nell Guenther Pallbearers were Menno Frlesen, Abe Frlesen, Ike Frlesen, Henry Doell, Bill Fehr, Dale Hanson Interment was made In the Gruenthal Cemetery at Hague, Sask Dalmeny Funeral Home was In charge of arrangements 901 Travaox DuWiCS Canaoa

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