The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 6, 1950 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 6, 1950
Page 9
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MONDAY, MARCH «, 1950 BLYTHfiVIU,E (ARK.) COURFEU NEWS PAGE NINE U. S. Being Forced to Retreat from Red Europe Communists Use Torture, Expulsion S Bj p John M. Hljhtowrr ,'ASHINGTON, March 6. (ff) — : United States Is being forced into a slow retreat from Russian- dominated eastern Europe by Communist methods ranging from expulsion of Americans to the torture of their native eirployes. This fact stood out today from a weekend of sensational develop- ments—wmch Included a claim by the State Department that It has finally solved the "mysteriols enlg- mo" of ho\v Red police obtain confessions from their Innocent victims. Here are the events bearing on the critical eastern European front jl the fold war up to today: 1. In Washington, the State Department nmde public the dramatic story of Michael Shipkov. 39-year- old Bulgarian translator who went through a Communist police tort'-re chamber last August and lived to tell his American friends what happened. Shipkov, recaptured by TROOP-CARRYING SUB- Tlic USS Perch, one oi llir- Navy's the "Reds. Is presumed to be either I n!?w troop-carrying sulimnrlnes. Is seer, in Women's nay. Korliak, dear! or utterly doomed- he had re- Alaska. This is the Urst pliolo released l>y the Nnvv of the new underwatei transport. quested that if his "confession" was ever \ise against him the affidavit repudiating it should also be made public. Trouble in Budapest 2. At Budapest the Hungarian government — possibly In consultation with Moscow—was looking for a new way to reduce the .staff of the American legation there. The United States on Saturday rejecter] ^klungarian lequest that the staff S*' reduced voluntarily on the ground thnt it is a spy center. At the same time, the State Department noted that Hungary can forre American .diplomats out if it wants to by declaring them "personally unacceptable." t 3. From Prague came nn American embassy announcement that Czechoslovakia soon will order all U.S. missionaries to leave the country. Similar action Is expected against British. French and other foreign teachers who mitjlit have a non-Communist point of view. 4. Ir Moscow the American embassy staff was adjusting to a h?avy increase in operating costs, which after July 1 will go up 100 per cent. In revaluing the ruble last week, tbe Kremlin knocked out the eight-to-the-dollnr rate for diplomats, nutting the exchange to slx- to-one on March 1 and to four-io- one on July 1. There is n growing belief amnng State Department officials that the Russians hope the Increased cost—roughly from $900.000 to 51,800,000 for the U.S. embassy—will cause a cut in western diplomatic staffs there, ^phe State Department is con. nKeed-lhat all along the line the Russians and their satellite governments are trying to seal up the crticks which remain in the iron curtain. It was in this process that scholarly Michael Shipkov got caught last August. What happened to him was one of the events which led to the break in American-Bulgarian relations. Shipkov Storj Unparalleled Shipkov's storJ. unparaik-lcd In tbe official public reports of this government, covers a 32-hour period last- August. During that time he was under constant questioning by Bulgarian security militin. Hi finally broke and wrote out a de tailed confession of crimes wine! both he and the State Departmen declared never existed. The department linked ShipkoV story with the cases of Cardina Mindszenty and Robert A. Vogele in Hungary. It described the pres sure put on the Bulgarian as ar "apparently hypnotic" an said it explains horn Mindszent; Vogeler and hundreds of other Re police victims may have beei broken. For some time before his arres Shipkov had been under great ten Jgfon. One of his close associate "Ivan Secoulov, another U.S. !egn lion employe, had been arrested b police shortly before and- had die after three days in jail. Shipko hunseif was resigned U> impriscv ment because he was a non-Com mnnist openly employed by th American legation. In his 32-hour ordeal, his sloi related, he was first questioned : length by seven police who displayed an unchangeable conviction that he was a traitor and spy. The story continued: Shfpkov was slapped and roughed up and forced to stand against a will until he fainted. Finally, nftei agreeing that he was guilty of the crimes alleged, he was shocked to discover that more was expected of him. First, he had to write a lengthy confession Involving many of his Innocent friends and associates; Purple Gang Associate Killed In Chicago Attempted Robbery Hollywood Continued from Page 6 sure"). . . . Dennis Day will use six of his radio Impersonations for libs role in "I'll Get By." Hurricane Protection Esther Williams will wear a nylon sarong for "Pagan I»vc Song." Dot- tic Laniour, no doubt, U gnashing her" teeth. There was an argument at M-G-M Hie other day about whether Esther should swim Pasternak jumped to her defense much In her films. Producer Joe with the shrewd observation: "Everybody Is tired of Esther's swimming except the people." • • • Roscoc Ates Is playing a non-stuttering role—his first In over 100 pictures—In "Hills of Oklahoma." He told me: "If 1 can't be funny without the stutter, I'm not the comedian I like to think I am. 1 Mtie eyes" arc out at UI, first studio to frown at the wc-Ird makc- Xew discovery riper I.:iurie s'lowccl up for her first role ill "Louisa" wearing the make-up and was. loltl by stttilfo execs to "fco wash your fuce." Make-up man Kutldy Weslmore, at the same studio, claims that "doe eyes" will sc:t the cnsiiielic business back 50 years, ... It shouldn't happen to a mule: Francis, the mule whn starred in the movie of the same name, will play a non-talking bif in "Winchester 73." movie now that lie's clicking on TV. . . . Bob Crosby will be on three radio networks starting March 27 He'll mnke the 6000-mile round trip to New York from Hollywood every week for one of the broadcasts. Wear the l'an(s Prances Langford's night club tour has been extended to tour more cities. Hubby Jon Hall, meanwhile, has been signed for a series of films at Columbia. First will be "Huulcnnc Island." Both remain active In Clover Leaf Aviation, their plane rental and (lying school at Clover Field here. Jon is president nnd when asked about Prunces' Lllie, he brushes her off with: "Oh, she's Just the bossl" « » » Bright note: The Chnrlcs Laugh- toiLs celebrating their 21st wedding Rnnlversary. Gour note: Ruth McKenney (author of "My Sister Eileen") and her cracks about Hollywood in her autobiography, "Love Story.' 'She wrote: "WJint fun we had in Hollywood. What jolly small (alk. \\liat lie- llghtfui repartee. Heavens, how dull H was." Kufh says she and her bus- band lived two doors from Joan Crawford's home. When Sunday tourists would yell at them, "Is this Jonn Crawford's house?" they ivould scream back, "No, It's Myrna Ley's." DETROIT, March 6. CAP)—Johnny Gach, Purple Gang a&»clate and recent companion of the notorious Harry Fleisher, was killed last night while trying to rob a house. Police said a shotgun blast fired by a young unemployed auto worker fatally wounded the 34-year-old, hoodlum. Gach's body was found in a parked car about 10 minutes after Walter Banuiowski, 23. reported to i>ohce that he had shot and wounded one of the two men who he said were trying to break into his house. Another man was' seen running from tile car where Gach's bleeding body was discovered, police were old. Gach WLI.S dead on admission i Receiving Hospital. Gach was one of five persons ar- ested here lust month with $37,150 paper bag In their car. Gach lid the money was his, ami main- ained that it was won in gambling. After being held for three duys he five were released. Police failed From where I sit... I>y Joe Marsh Old Dog (Me) Learns New Trick 500 Rose Bushes •Two-yeiir-old field grown bushes. Hardy varieties. Kach FLOWER Memphis Highway 49< MART Plume 6002 holdups. Gacli, who had been arrested here •several limes to cfore on buI'glnry charges, was picked up \vUh Fleisher in Cincinnati last fall. At that time Flclshcr was a'Fugiltvc who had jumped baud on burglary and murder conspiracy charges In Michigan He since has been arrested and Imprisoned. Cincinnati police, unaware of the Fleisher's identity, lei him go, but held Gach for vagrancy. Ho was released later. Eavanowski told officers ho recognized the two men who rang his bell as a pair that had followed him earlier in the day. He saiil he lived when they tried to force their way in with a long scrcv: driver. "I saw blood nn the porch and knew I had hit one of them," he reported. PleLsher, arrested in Pioiida in January, faces 45 to 50 years in Michigan prison after finishing his current five-year federal term for to link the money with recent big fleeing state lines. econd. he had to agree to become police spy in the legation in order win release. Arrest Involved Others Thus, after months; oi teircny-his arrest when finally it occurred imply ushered in a new period of ncrimination involving not only SSiipkov but also most ot those vhoin he loved. He was forded, for example, to make ivhat he later called slanderous admissions concerning his wife Yoli and their re- alionship. In summing up the significance of his statement, the State Department sritd that "for the first time victim of this apparently hypnotic process has had the spiritual forti- ,udc and courage painfully to piece .ogethor the shattered pieces of his tnoral character and to reveal detail hov;- a man of integrity can be completely broken and forced to describe in his own words a fantastic story of Imaginary plans of espionage and treason." After his release. Shipkov hid in the legation from August until January—a refugee in his own land. He finally was caught when he fled irom his hiding place to sceV a more secure haven. On Fcbruarj "21. Sofia announced he had bee Indicted as the leader of a net o spies work!ng for the Amerienm The police version of the wholi plot had been woven Into Shipkov* own "confession" last August. Sid Grauman Dies Of Heart Ailment HOLLYWOOD, March 6. £AP) Sid Grauman, whose lavish theater ireserve.s for posterity the foot- >rints of two decades of movie stars, died yesterday at the age of 10. Death was caused by a heart ailment. A master snowman, nc built Graumaii's Chinese Theater—where 5(arjs' footprinta are Impressed in cement^—in 1927. John Barryniore'.s profile, Jimmy Durantc's nose anc Betty Grablc's legs also are imprinted in the concrete forecourt of the movie house, Grauman is credited with pioneering the spectacular premiere, for which Hollywood is famous, and numerous other theatrical "firsts There's talk of another Kay KVSLT Tito Says Soviet Must Offer Peace BELGRADE, Yugoslavia. March G fAP)—Premier Marshal Tito says R\i;SJa L and the Com inform mus take the first step in any move to settle the Soviet quarrel with hi Yugoslav government. Speaking in the Adriatic scapor of Split, Tito yesterday denied re ports published abroad that Yugo slavia has been talking with Moscow about possibilities of patching u the 20-monlh-old dispute betwee limseU and the Com inform. We did not provoke a quarrc h anyone," the Yugoslav premie aid. "We want to live in peac •ith everyone. If someone want alfcs, T do not appeal for them, In think we will not tnke the in iative. We arc so much slaiidercc and -dirtied that those who did intst excuse themselves before th' .alks begin." Tito spoke as nil unopposed can- didate.from Split for parliament In ,his country's first postwar-elections, scheduled March 26. Driving back frohi (liecrnmlyseat the oilier nigM, I got heliinJ a ulj; truck on that w indiiiK stretch a few miles outside of town. Waiting for an open stretch so I coulii pass, the truck's lights suddenly flirked on and off, Haying "OK-—(jo ahead," I passed him and flicked my lights "thanks." Ho cnmc hack with another nick, saying, "you're welcome!" ,nter on, nt the Garden Tavern, Andy tells me, "Tlint's a trick trui-k drivers use. They know that mure than just ordinary courtesy n:iyn off." Then he adds, "We, tavern owners know it, too. In working with tlic Brewers and their Self- Kctfulalion program we keep our taverns clean, bright and law- nl>i<liti£. Wn m» out of our way to 'do ri^ht' hy the public.'" From where I sit, the courtesy shown by truck drivers, and tho Brewers' Self-Regulation program arc 1)0th j, Ff >o<t examples o£ voluntarily cm>|tcratiiiK for the common Kood ii way oT life thai has helped keep Americii up in the "driver's seal" for over 100 years 1 ARKANSAS PIVISION, UNIKD SYA7B BREWERS FOUNDATION £07 PYRAMID BIDG., LITTLE ROCK, ARK. Read Courier News Classified Ads Complete Auto & Interior Work Have Your Seal- Covers jig! Tailored Right on the Seats — To assure a Perfect Fit! m- l>oor panels covered (n suit your lasfe. Have that torn and dirty hciid lining replaced with a new one in original material. All work designed to bring out (he beauty in your car. We also upholsler any type furniture. Phone 8119 for free estimates. SMITH MATTRESS CO. fhone 4819 BIytheville Air Base ^^_ "Free Pickup & Delivery" PLUMBING Prompt, Expert, Guaranteed Work Harry Myers in Chnrge of L'lumbing Department BLAN HEATH CO. 112 North First Phone 828 Brarmcm to Get '49 Agri Award DENVER, March 6. (AP) — Th Farmers Union, only nattonnl farm organization supporting the controversial Bronnan Plan, goes all out to honor Its author. Secretary of Agrietullure Brannnn, tonight. It will present Brannan ils 1940 award for outstanding, .service to American agriculture. Farmers Union President James Patton praised Brannarfs Plan last night as one which calls for abundant production and full consumption—"and not at the expense ot the farmer." x Instead of the present method of supporting farm prices by government purchase, Brannan would allow certain commodities to drop to the level set by supply and demand, nnd have the government make up the difference in direct payments to farmers. Too pre us to ! IMEVERLASTllsGBROHZE - or store nwny constant reminder of yonr Hi atisMalt Uilnjt first lixWtins-slcpu. Send your ,placrol>lo llaby Baby's First Shoo today for "Eternalized" "Eternalizing". Attach CJiTtJ to h'j'oiir Genullio EloetropliilinK .hoonivinitjoiiriiiimcoiidiidilria.. Process. Th!» I.TOCCK. JcpcaiU a Or. phone ami we'll tc Elacl to pick heavy roalinK of actnsl UrenM on tlicinuo. Prompti!cliv«ry. Allwork your Baby's Kb Ms. Tim B never can O" 1 bflrmtncTn.'Thcy'inast forever —a I'h — there's only (odQwithOmE Shots. 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