Sioux City Journal from Sioux City, Iowa on October 8, 1925 · 12
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Sioux City Journal from Sioux City, Iowa · 12

Sioux City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 8, 1925
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TWELVE THE SIOUX CITY JOURNAL. THURSDAY, OCTOBER s. in2 eig: . 11: University of Colorado Team Victor owe Creighton Before Big Legion Crowd , ; - ; - . . : ' ' . " - " ' v -rt ; ' ' v ! 01 itocl Ligl RE attle . Og3 . : : heep Sioux , ornfec j le gra ut mc eaker. ;eady "" lg the t $15.: rice. " 1 . The lai v. eipts I ractlvf ion si rs pre ,1-pd c Two iclude lost o ii.ooy o.o-.. - S.OlVgS '.' .. Kecel ay Irv tie' tw reek a go. Bftte earisb tere q rith t rades Iain a -lers a i Cann . ers. a. t $3. .7r an Bulls o!ogn -Don tc mils 1 it $10. L lonj Actl n the ind p treng . lay oi fas b Dei! nova . , vere . lot c eft J Op IH The ls de rd e tock his l ry a Beef o.' A 4... 10 3.-.. 7 But , 2.. .11 0... 7 S...1C ... I 7;.. ;ana 1... 4 I -a... i ... . ....! Bui l-.V I... 1...1 Vet 8... 1... ... ... t... etc. 6... 6... . Te :... I::: "--i... Ft 4... .. : ' i ' ' - mi ! WILSON'S RUNS BEAT BLUEJAYS yjsiting Captain Is Outstanding Star of Game. (By the Associated Press.) -. 6maha, Neb. Oct. 7. Capt. Chilson, Of the University of Colorado football team, led his men to a 14 to 6 victory over Creighton university's grid stars here today while a. rollicking Amerl-. can legion convention crowd which comfortably filled Creighton's new stadium cheered Its appreciation. . It was Creighton's home field, . but the crowd was impartial, and the Colorado Victory was occasion foe rousing demonstrations by legion delegates from that state. Chilson, who leads his team from Quarterback position, was responsible largely for the first touchdown which evened the score after Creighton. had rushed Colorado from its -.feet and cored in the opening minutes of play. He ripped through the Blue's line for first down and passed to Johnson, left end for the touchdown. Creighton had failed to kick goal, hut Healy way successful. - - It. was in the final quarter however, that he fought best. Faced with prospect of one of FItzgibbon's long spiral drop kicks between the bars and wiping out Colorado's margin, - he tore Into the Blue line mercilessly. Successive runs netted him 23 yards, 60, and 16 yards. Colorado's line was holding, likewise. In the final Bcor-Ing effort, Colorado got the ball on an Intercepted pass on .the Blue 37-yard 1 line. Chilson wont through right j tackle three yards, passed 11 yards to Johnson, went around the left end for 11 more and sped straight through center 14 yards to a touchdown. Healy again kicked. Creighton Golf Ball in Caddy's Pocket ; a Hole in One Cedar Rapids, la,,". Oct. 7. Special: Joe McCormick, state secretary for the Knights of Columbus, and former. Sioux City newspaper man, joined the exclusive "hole-in-one club." Playing in a "match with Karl J. Schmidt, McCormick executed a shot that probably will never again be duplicated on the Ellis Park golf course On the fifth hole, which is about 33 yards, Mae's approach went to the left of the green and rolled down hill. XT i lng a niblick, he lifted the ball high in the air. Caddy William Koslna, a stta dent -at Grant high school, who was standing at the left edge of the green, crouched forward and ducked his head when he heard the "fore" warning. The ball came down in Kosina's left hip pocket. PLAYING SECRETS OF Famous Football Stars Harry Wilson Halfback West Point BY ED THORP FOOTBALL FUN By Frank W. t'avanaugli - Football Coach Boston College (S) Mlskowtcz McKenna Pendinger . Herbert Powers I.acey .... Tang HlchVy ........ Fltzgibbon ........ O'Connor ........... Bertogllo (c Score by periods Creighton Colorado Pes. ...tiE ...Li T ...L.t5.,... C.'...-. ,..RB..,.. ...RT ...RE ...QB...I. ...I.H.... ...RH..... ..KB Colorado. fl41. . .-. . Johnson ....... Cromptori .... Brettensfefn Soovtlle McOlone ... .... Watte Healy ... Chilson ic) Adams Bonn Connors fi 0 0 7 0 .0 ( 6 7-14 Koorlng: Tourhdowne Hlckey. Johrson. Chilson. Goals after touchdwon Healey, (2. WfJclals: Referee Eckersall. Chicago. I'm-Tlre--Edmonds, Ottawa. Head linesman-Dana, Nebraska. . Time ot periods 15 minutes.- . Mubstrtutions: Creighton Morley for Herbert.- Keane for O'Cotlnor. Allen' (or 'Mis-" Vowlcr. Luepke for Brtogllo. O'Connor for McKenifa.' Dieslng. for Keane. Ivrasne tot taoey. MoKenna for O'Connor. Keane for O Connor. Powers for McDonald Mlskowlcz for AUn. Herberf for Mqrley, Pratt for Al-ln.: Oiesing for Keana. Traoey for Hlckey. Colorado Wlttnemeyer for Connors. Dozier for Adams; Pleated for Crompton. Mead for Brettenstein. Wolff for Pleated, Chamberlain for Connors. . "Walter E. MeCornack. a" Chicago lawj-er, was. in his college days the first of Dartmouth's all-American quarterbacks. J-ater, as a coach, he must have depended more upon spirit and" magnetism for success, than upon multiplicity ofVilays, as his charges always held that Mae's repertoire consisted ''of a center buck, an end run, a-criscross and a punt. In 1901 'when Mac was coaching Dartmouth, the final battle was against its bitterest rival. Brown. Dartmouth had the lead with but 10 minutes more to "play. Here. Brown began to rip such great holes in the green line that it looked like "curtain" for the latter. Then, in some miraculous manner, Dartmouth secured the ball on its own 30-yard line. Her quarterback, laboring under excitement, began looking at his line, rubbing his hands together, and looking at his backs, before he would call "the signal for one "of Mac's four plays. The first was a center buck. Crash crunch no gain. Once again, following much the same lengthy preliminary performance, the Quarterlack called another signal, and once more, after long delay, the ball was- napped and off 'went one of Mac's, three remaining plays his, pet crisscros. , It was the same story no gain. Whereupon the quarterback stood dumb and confused. A persistent noise, growing louder and louder, had been coming from the side line. Finally it aroused the quarterback from his state of coma. He. turned and looked in the direction from which it came. There he beheld McCornack squatted on theside line, his hands cupped around his mouth, megaphone fashion, yelling at him: " ' " "For heaven's akes, Joe, mix lem up! Mix 'em up!" HIP SWIN6 KIP 5W(N5 vwiUSOM ZIGZAGS THR0U6H oPev)IKS like a Snake;- Ml(06t HIPS AVUAV FROM TACKLERS S. G. GRID TEAM HIGH IN STATE Central Eleven Sharing Initial Position with North Des Moines. Here and There in Sports By JOE RYAN GETS FIRST HIT As a halfback at Penn State, Harry Wilson won all-American honors for unusual ability to carry the ball. After watching Wilson sroing through hroken fields for Jong gains, spectators believe he has great speed. This is not so. Wilson possesses -ohly average backfield speed, but he has developed the art of running to a high state or efficiency. - . Wilson's' most valuable asset is a peculiar running stylel lie constantly sways -his body and wiH pull away with a quick motion of the hii. just when a tackier is t-iire he has his nan. Weighing about 170- pounds, Wilsorf lias the necessary f.:vi!gtii to get loose, even when oppo.-u.n han.o are h-ing him Wilson will dodge when it is'the best thing to do,-and will also employ a stiff arm, but his most effective weapon is his body sway. While representing West Toint last J season, Wilson . was not stopped squarely in frontl in any game. He was either pulled down from the side or 'in the rear. It is the .opinion of the Cadet coaches that once over the line of scrimmage, Wilson cannot le stopped without a substantial gain. Wilson is also a keen mental player. He has an athletic mind and seems to know instinctively just what to do. Ah Instance of Wilson's ability to think quickly .was witnessed in the Yale-Army game at New . Haven, last year. With the Bulldog leading, the Cadets finally uhlimbered a drive that steadily carried the ball close to Yale's goal line, where the Blue defense suddenly became a stone Avail. ' Whenother scoring plays failed, the ball was 'passed! to Wilson, who, starting on an oft tackle play, discovered an opening inside guard, like a flash, changed direction, and shot through the hole over the goal line for the- touchdown that enabled West Point to tie the Elis. tCnpvr'.grTt". 1 95. ;y th B11 Syndicate- Inc. ) i NOTES FROM THE GRIDIRON CAMPS (with increasing effectiveness. The j first secret practice for the Indiana game will be held tomorrow. Minneapolis," Oct. 7. (AH,- The new backfield quartet, which from'all indications. Dr. Spears will "start against CJrinnell Saturday combines a speed and power of equal proportions, came to life today in a fierce two-houf workout of the Minnesota squad. . ' I'eplaw,. Graham. Murrell and Joe Hting made up the new combination which Dr. Spears pieced together out i of the rich variety of backfield talent at Ii-is disposal and that quarter made good with a vengeance- despite stiff opposition from the second team. Draw two San Felice. Light one. Note that mellow, rich, yet ultra-mild and fragrant flavor of this famous blend, recognized within the trade, as the quality leader of its field. And now in the new Invincible size San Felice comes to you bigger arid better than ever. Try one today. New Invincible SZ& ' ' Dos Moines, Oct. 7. (AP) Determined not to be caught shorthanded by injuries to quarterbacks. Coach Os-sie Solem today used Lyle Newton, former Des Moinest high school star, and Willard Sutherland, of Redfield. la., in that position on the Bulldog varsity. -In addition, Solem has Charles "Chuck" Kverett and Gail Fry available as field generals, and in all probability! one of these two will get the call when .the Bulldogs pry off the lid off . the gridiron, season against the Kansas Aggies in the new Drake stadium Saturday. . During the long - scrimmage drill against the freshmen today, Cqach Solem showed that he was pointing for the Oklahoma university contest October 17, as well as for the impending one with the Wildcats this week. i . ' . Victory over the Kansas Aggies .would mean that the Bulldogs would invade. Norman. Okla., week after next the reigning favorite, since the AVildcats administered a humiliating 16 to. 0 defeat to the Sooners. Fargo. N. D... Oct; 7. Special: Coach Ion Cort right's North Dakota Aggies are now ' working hard in preparation for their second start of the conference season, against jMorn-ingside college, at Fargo Saturday afternoon. ( Cortright is taking no cfhances on ah easy victory over the Maroons, despite their. 76 defeat at the hand of Western Union last Saturday .and is driving hLs men as hard i as he did previous to the Greighton game. ' Augustine, one of Cortright dependable halves, and Kneeshaw. a tackle, were the only men who received any injuries in the jBluejay contest, but both participated in the scrimmage against the freshmen eleven Tuesday evening.' Cortright started his regular eleven against the frosh and then switched 'in an entire new team in an endeavor to get a line on some dependable utility men. Des Moines, la.. ' Oct. 7. (AP) A survey of the records of some of the leading high school football teams of the state shows that the Sioux City Central high and North Des Moines his-h have made the best showing thus far this season. North Des Moines has won three games and has suffered no defeats. While her opponents have ben scor ing 13 points, jNorin -jnuuBis made 53 points. In the two games hat the Sioux C.ty high school team has prayed this year It has amassed a total of 47 points. In its two games Dubuque has scored 51 points and the Marshalltown team has rolled up 79 points In two games. Most of these, however, were made against one team. ' After a sensational record covering a number of years Washington high school; of Cedar Rapids, apparently has reached a zenith in-its power and has already been defeated by the Fair field eleven, 3 to 0. Mason City Defeated. The Mason City high school team has played three games, winning two and losing the other. Garner and Blue Uarth, Minn., were victims of the north ..Iowa team, and Oskaloosa was the victor in a bitter 6 to 0 battle. Probably the most Interesting high school game this weekend will be between Thomas Jefferson high school, of Council Bluffs, and Cedar Rapids. The Council Bluffs team has won one game this season and will make a desperate ; effort to keep its record clean: West Des Moines will play at Boone, East Des Moines will meet the University high school at Iowa City, and Sioux 4 -Central; ; will meet Storm Lake. Ames' and Marshalltown.j two old and traditional rivals, play on the latter 's' gridiron. Mason City meets Algona in what should be a good battle and Daven-nort will nlav at Washington. Wash ington's feat last Saturday of holding the strong Ottumwa team to a i to b score is taken as an indication of unusual strength this year. Big Games This Week. Other games this weekend are Perry at Newton, Tipton at Muscatine and Ottumwa at Albla. The following table shows the standings of some of the leading high school teams in the state. All games played thus far this season are included: . HuMiiiuiiii'Mmt Of course all the Washington fans are laughing at the writer this morning and we must admit they have a perfect right to laughs We didn't think Johnson would pitch such a wonderful game. However, nobody is more pleased ove.r .the veteran's victory that, we are. His great pitching made the Senators favorites. Cove-leekie will pitch today and if the l.ig Pole is ready he may. make it two straight . for Washington. Then will come the southpaws and the' Pirates' big chance. And while you're thinking about baseball don't overlook the wonderful : battle between Alexander "and Blankenshlp in the Chicago city series. i nrougti a strange prantc oi tatc Christy Matthewson breathed his last on the day that Walter Johnson en joyed one of his greatest triumphs. Matthewson enjoyed much the same position in the National league that Johnson enjoys in the younger circuit. One ofthe greatest pitchers that ever lived Matthewson. like Johnson, was a credit to the game that made him famous. He has gone but the memory ' of his wonerful pitching deeds, his fine character and his clean sportsmanship will live as long us baseball is played. Several of the football "pickers ' already have sent in their choices of winners for next Saturday. Several doctors and several dentists are on the list. As long as both professions seem to have many fans among their members, let's have a little contest. We'll see whether the doctors or the dentists are the better football dopesters. Send them in, boys.. The honor ofthe profession Is at stake. Here are the games you have to decide: Penn and Brown; Chicago and Ohio State; Kansas and Ames: Drake and Kansas Aggies: Oregon and Idaho; Navy and Marouette: Vanderbllt aind Tpx-is; - - .j v IlililllM HARD WORKOUT FOR HAWKEYES ( .oat- Joe Harris. The honor of . making the first hit in "the 1925 world's series went to Joe Harris, Senators' recruit outfielder, who pounded a homer into the temporary right field stands in the seer ond inning. Nobody was on base at the time. wa ? . i STATE BACKFIELD IS CRIPPLED FOR WESLEYAN TILT Blocking ami Strossrd by Injiwrrscn. Iowa City. .Ta.. 'Or!. other hard drill kept the i, , , squad in action for. 1 wcv h u i Tonight's- work win j,?,'- )-intensive work 3 with ' ! else on the prora:m t r i, -. Friday. Blocking and ta r--. si7.rd by t'oacli Tnfcw i i :, large . share of the it,. r , . after which the riyar:- ... men were called in- against the secoiui.s. T'.r . on the offense wifh a fast j ., tack featuring. The yearling :.-;!";; good when it 'was c.-i !'. ) form and the regulars i '...-1 ;t ; on both the of fnisi . .ni l i against Williams' n, Schlrnicr, I'ry ,o nd I ;: , u-c, we backfield 'tonight, wltii" Don on the sidelines nw th' ' rnMih knee. The injury is t v t -u, the husky half-back i , .-;.-" before Saturday. , arktu, Plt'tsourgh and West irgmiu Georgia Tech and Penn State; Morn ingsid and North Dakota Aggies. BOWLING SCORES Sioux League. . Columbus. O.. Oct. 7. (A P) Ohio State's varsity put in its final practice today before the Chicago game Saturday, the freshmen using Maroon plays hi the scrimmage session. AH the injured men were in uniform. The Buckeye squad leaves tonight for Chicago. ' Yankton. S. D.. Oct. 7. Special: Three disabling casualties among varsity men have featured this week's intensive Greyhound preparation for the Trinity game Friday. Most years this triple crippling ot the backfield would have spelled certain disaster but this season Youngworth Is in pos session of capable substitutes, so that except for the loss of Dierenfield, the offensive strength, will not be les sened. It is tlietight here that if Yankton can come through with a victory that "will nave established full right to consideration as a conference title contender this .year, because clearly irlnity is as strong as any South Dakota conference team." Team. W T, T Pet. POP North- iDes Moincsi...... 3 0 l.Ono 3 13 Marshalltown j.. 2 0 0 1 0' 79 0 Dubuque ... ..... ..... 2 0. 0 l.fOO 51 0 Ontra!. .t'Sioux ' City! 2 0 0 1.000 4; 0 West -Waterloo' - 0 l.ono U 0 Uavenport ................ 2 0 0 l.W li 0 Jefferson, (Council Bluffs) 1 0 0 3.000 -2 0 Burlington '...t 01 l.iXXi 2o 12 Lincoln.. (Cuneil Bluffs)., t 0 0 1:000 8 Fort Dodge .r .10 1 1.000 6 0 Ottumwa ..10 0 1.000 7 6 Mapon City 2 10 .6 Z& 6 Weat D Moires ! .1 0 .S00 ds 19 Wah.. (Cedar Rapids).. 1.1 0 .500 19 9 : Kast Waterloo .. .. ........ 1 1 0. 15 ID Lincoln. I,e? Motnesi.... 1- ? 0 ' -'.323 6 "R Kast. (Dea Moinesi .... Oil .000 0 7 Roosevelt." (Deg Moines 0 1 1 .000 7 ' 12 Grant. Cedar Rapids .. 0 1 0 .ooo O S Clinton' .. 0 1 0 .000 0 0 Creston ..0 1 0 . 000 1 8 Keokuk O 11 .Oflfl 6 19 Muscatine .0 0 1 .000 0 0 STAXPARH t'l.O. HOVT INVKSTMKNT Terrennlns 153 '.74 1-17 Goods U- - 17S 152 190 Mueller ..131 -1H 1 Baron ln -1W Johnston .'. ire 102 -US t.aniar 173 .1-70 i2 Lapwortli 96 l-"'l 13.1 Hoyt 143 145 153 Buvlov -.134 -11 120 Hoborg 1C9 215 ISO . Handicap' 40 4 40 - Total." 672 754 737 Totals 774 833 Hi JOH.VSON CAKE K A HO UN CAFE KryRelmire 179 149 172 McLrmott 16G 171 152 Vraik 15 159 1S5 Rasulusse:) -17 150 1:13 TInciir 17 1,9 170 Kasar 210 157 HS fol'li'no 1i3 21 '1 Beards ley K1 1.C2 19' Wilson 157 2jv 172 Williams 154 l 157 Handicap 1.: U .13 ' Totals 0." fOl S43 Totals h2 839 812 II AFT Y Wood Horton Tlendi-ick Staly Buehier Totai. EXPRESS I STANPAfiP OIL VIZ 157 loS FUcek 124 153 1 : 1W 140 lonnelly 1..319 120 144 175 17 Hoover 120 153 145 1M Jil 2-1 1' ' Van flatten -n 122 ;- 96 125 l-'S 158 i Zimmerman 104 115 IIS ; 17 .7 723 731 875 Munn-Lewis Match Postponed. ' Tulsa, Okla., Oct. 7. (AP) Rain caused postponement of the wrestling match scheduled here tonight between f-ri strangler Lewis, and Wayne jng Munn. "The match will be staged tomorrow night. Madison, Wis.. Oct. 7. (AP Coach Little, of the University of Wisconsin, is busy whippingr his footallsquad into shape for the Franklin gane Saturday. Practice has revealed several flaws. The backfield Is improving. Several weak spots have been discovered in the line, necessitating several changes. Actmel Sia j Little &m FtlUt 10 for 23c I ( '- CQ CNT? V Prh?T7 vT7Ti? I CpOR GlNTU:MllN''Oi GOOD TASTfp - Another quality bnodpf Th Daieel-Wemmer Cciapany FJ TRtttkr.mJUMffmritm--15c--2fOT25o--lCc 1 Chicago, Oct. 7.-(AP With nearly the vhole of the Maroons" "regular squad in the lineup. Coach A. A. Stagg. of the University of Chicago, gave every man on the varsity squad a chance to show his defensive ability in the course of scrimmage today. Evanstonni.. Oct. 7. (AP) Using a defensive forwird passing attack, the Northwestern- university freshmen grid squad had the varsity on the run for the greater part of a long scrimmage today. The varsity was on the defensive and had' considerable difficulty solving the aerial puzzles sent over by the first year men. " Coach Thistlethwaite had bis prize backfield in action for the first time today. GOLF As Champions "Play It Bloomington. Ind., Oc-t. 7. (AP) For five and; one-half hours today the Indian university football squad la-bored under the guidance .of Coach Ingram, The work was. mostly of a defensive character.. Ann Arbor, Mich., Oct. 7. (AP) Freshmen, , provided . with Indiana plays, scrimmaged with the University of Michigan football team today. The varsity tried out several- new plays THE - DREADNOUGHT DPIVER, IS RAPIDLY GAINING- N IN POPULARITY Is there anything. ' in . the dreadnought driver, such - as Bobby Jones used for a time last year, to recommend it to the public? c By; GLENNA COLLETT. The dreadnought driver is gaining favor wherever golf Is played. The. big head is' recommended particularly because there is ' more space with which to hit the ball and there is more weight there, which gives the club added "feei."' BAKER WILL BE BACK ON PURPLE TEAM SATURDAY Kvanston. ' III., Oct. '7. Special: Grid fans who have been waiting to see Ralph "Moon- Baker, North-western's fleetfooted halfback, perform the feats which brought him nationwide fame last fall will have that oppor. tunity gratified here Saturday follow ing the announcement by Coach Glenn Thistlethwaite that he plans to use his ace against the invading Carleton college eleven from ' North-field, Minn. News from the north brings word thajt Carleton has assembled the strongest aggregation it has had since back in 1916 When the doughty Northerners came down to Chicago and trounced G'oach Stagg's Maroons. Coach Thistlethwaite has a lot of respect for the Maize and P-Iue warriors and plans toj muster the strong-ert lineup available for the'."'-Hash. Raker will-be ready ro take his place in the backfield and his return, which has been anxiously awaited, will add much power .to. the Purple offense. VieV Gustafsen, the speedy little .halfback who is expected to team with llakcr this fall, also wii! Ic suffi ciently recovered to get into the game. EJoth.of these uicn will scavt agninst Cst tcton. ! ' ART KTONE CO. F.Ludwig 144 lf. 111 H.Muhei- CLudig iJonohue H. Ludwig 1542f 130 12 144 105 .151 1!4 12S 149 14S Ijo 730 7SS 653 LIVETRT 134 137 15 128 147 176 155 12 182 129 190 1S.S Von Behren 151 144 143 Totals PEOPLK'S Raab . Kruok Hughes Busch Handicap Tota-s HINTIN Weinnrl: Thompson EiUon Mtchaetaon J.PKIl-'lpa Handicap Totals t47 749 t;4 C'AKK 17 112 150 143 14: 721 138 133. 145 M t .H 14,i 11? 103 159 ' 9 9 3 bti9 624 727 Brookings. K. D , ( t. 7. With several regulars .out- of tiie game because of minor injuries. State college will' present 'a changed lineup against the strong Nebraska Wesleyan eleven when the two teams meet oil State field Saturday afternoon. Cant. Kellev. who was forced out early in the game with Biiena Vista, is still suffering from, a lame hack and in all probability will npt-bo.ablo to start in Saturday's game. Kclley is State's speediest Kick and one of the outstanding '.own' field runners- in'-the conference. Jlis absence in -.-the Nebraska Wesloyan game will mean much to the Jackirabbits. More hard luck hit the .Jackrabbit camp this week when "rat", Walters. understudy for Kelify ail this season, who was being groomed to replace Kclley Saturday." received an injury in scrimmage that will force him out of the game for the rest of the season. Roth Biegert. who started at right half againpt P.uena Vista, and Welch, .quarterback, are suffering from minor, injuries and bruises. Neither : of tliese men reported for practiceMon-day- night and it is possible that they will be unablo to start this week. This means that at best State will send a -: crippled - or . substitute back-field against, the Wosieyaii eleven. Parmetcr will start at' fullback; AMES WILL ! ACL 'ANOTHER' HKAVV TEAM S A Tl JKDAV Amw, la., Oct. T . - .f-dal; - lo-State college's grid t .i rri . '. i i. '; . , tied with a pile driv,- -:irts , ' at Madison, Wis,, would'- ertij i-. h.f . a .fiimilar cngagem'ni .:'arrand'. it next Saturday . whon H huHt University' of Ka'tisan ' teaih. .- boasts a 190-pouiid :r nu t .i v,i field 'which averages 174 i" jricU I lead . Coach Vri;a-ni.n i -!.i-f -i-.-'t his afternoons in ,-iti f u; r ti. r , up. an offensive whi'-h- fp. y.n ,. intervals against ise,n'in " ' speed was there, but fre-j.-nMi'lv i,';. ball was not It' had- bounc-rd. '.. or dodged out of tlio ban.l" Cyclone who was suppoM-d f; v ging it. ' The .layJiawk line is con tirely of veterans,. fiavkrsoij. K center.' is an especially 'i t: . man. The. Kansas ends, r.urt Powers, are among the - hea '-fastest in the con'ferenee Smith, tackle, and bis runt: Mullens, are expected to year. Towa State, tpo,, lias a s;. t --. . and a versatile-, attack. ' If tV. bling-lhat ruined the Wiscinsln" can be eliminated. the Cyeletv give a goo'l aic"unt . of t'-.'. r-s Saturday. j-t - in ;-i tv Totals HINTOX Schneider Grstu Hfgu n . Harriton Jahn 707.780 SO: BOOSTERS - 116 172 12.1 144 la 169 174 1) 104 153 199 15 K,7 155 Hil fit," A RANT EE OIL Hasfett 14? IS 4 l-2 Roiaiiaugh Oilier Mitchfl! RobinRon Handicap 142 111 1.'7 15 ,171 200 1W 150 109 155 159 15S 8 8 Totals S05 803 SSti O. J Heht Xewbf rg Bovls KrueRer (Ireif Handicap MOORE ORO. ::;4 y2 155 181 141 r: 134 14S 149 170 19 .12 134 155 79 73 79 Totali 754 852 8'l Total." $22 872 541 Swift League. -:- S1.LVERLEAK . EMPIRES Brown 170 150 164 McKnljfht 103 12.4 113 JohhRon . 1M 127 I"! Klley 121 170 ! Iulms 187 137 153 Bennett ItMi 122 ll!i Nelson 124 174 155 Sembach 127 133 80 .locum 123 131 133 Handicap 22 22 22 Tota'a 704 719 692 Totals 62 652 573 PRIDES PRIDES Wilis 155 15 135 SUNBR1TES Hess; 104 141114 Bergen 142 151 ltlt Roberts 111 15 109 Cole Vr, 134 324 LaBoUnlv VM 149 143 Wilmont 156 162 155 ' 120 J20 12 J Fisk S2 132 8 Handicap 40 4 0 40 Vogt 92 132 &i Totals 659 760 61 . Totals t94 7 Wagner High Eleven Leads in Points Scored Pierre. S. D.. Oct. 7. (AP) The fol-lowing.-Jog phows the standing of South Dakota" high school- football teams, the total number of points scored an the points of opponents for the season up to October 3. It is compiled from results submitted to, the Associated Press: Team. W t, . T P OP Wajrner rrr-..., 2 0 0 104 0 Watertown 2' 0 72 8 Platte r 2 ft 0 92 0 Brookings 2 . 0 0 70 7 Aberdeen 2 0 0 70 -7 Onida 2 0 0 76 ' 0 Sioux Falls 2 0 0 61 " Colome 2 : 0 0 43 0 Lead 2 0 0 40 3 Avon 2 ' 0 0 40 0 Plerr 2 0 22 10 Armour- 1 0 0 39 A Parser 1 0 1 13 0 Pbllip : 1 0 0 16 Scotland 1 0 0 1 0 Kimball 10 0 15 7 Mitchell- ., 1 to SO Huron t 1 0 57 t Dead wood .. ..I 0 0 20 a Salrnn I 0 0 28 0 Rapid Oty -. ...... 1 0 0 61 a fGarretson 1 0 .19 0 Gregory I 0 0 ' 42 0 Howard 1 1 3 49 Yankton. .11 6 22 BROOKFIELDS Schneider 97 11 154 Kennedy . Laringcr Harris Benson Totals 143 143 157 71 79 M 89 97 115 131 142 193 641 577 721 PREMIUM Ready Utzoni I'roat Rruc; Read Tota ! WESLEYAN HOPES TO HOLD COYOTE ELEVEN IN CHECK Mitchell, ' S. n.. Oct.. T.--Dakota Weslej an -Tigers are not -feeling, at all confident oyer holding the state college to one "touchdown in the .initial game of the year, but their backers are using that a a basis 'on which' to govern their' opinion that they- will be able to give the state university a real battle, with strung possibility of-bringing home the bacon next Saturday. Coach "Hud" Dougherty has been putting his . men through, some of the stjffest skirmishes of the year, since the, game with State. 'and will present an entirely different sei of signals and method of play. The State game showed him the weaknesses of aggregation, and the two., week between the two contests have been sufficient to- remedy them. The bloeking-of punts, which marred the State game.-'will - not"'" be apparent in the contest at. Vermillion next Saturday,. 'and a new punter has lieen de. veloped which will hold his own against the. Coyoies. With the exception r.f Graham and Rrellentin. the starting team probably will be the same as that used in the. game against State. There is plenty of gcod material in th -'0 men who will go to Vermillion from which to fill their places. Dr. Hinder, eminent bocUAu..-: panking is the ideal pu'nlsb .-,.. -v disobedient children: that othe ; ; ' ; of corporal punishment soon los-, i ectie' -effect, -and that verhrd i gation a nd threats are more 1 . t .- than any form of ldily cha-M"-) ! ask him wlyy he smokel a y Webster -his IIS 114 1.T 122 S9 lft5 I 1 y! 95 134 134 147 116 I 120 120 120 652 5S5 691 City League. American A D!ff unre. i Legion Weekly: First Gentleman of tToIor Whaffo' you run-nin so, boy? . Second Likewise Ah done jes' seed a ghost! "Whar?" "'Bout six miles'.back." "Huh YoV. dat yiiuch skeered o" ghosts?' "Not or'n'iy ghosts, nossuh! Uut Ah done .owed dat ghost a dollar ighty-seBea." . . ?" HAN FORD PRODS PERAfc'SO BROS. White 154 1S1 11 ! Hek atrom 151 187 224 Sweeney 224 1S4 103 Undquisi. 175 S l.3 O'Connor 192 178 1! Johnson 144 325- 213 Buckles 175 191 165 1rg 1S 171 1S2 Snyder , 200 191 157 Perasso ll 174 2v5 ' Handicap 25 26 26 Totals 934 92S 81 Totals 873 1031 1043 TRIBUN'E HALEY IS EE LEY Sharp 147 14 163 Hazen 174 219 17 Lenon. 124 150 129 White 151 145 139 Beaumont 128 154 1 30 Brggn 183 191 1SS Anderson 118 154 130 Patterson 149 139 165 Handicap 50 50 30 Clemens 178 1 84 12 Totals 724 813 733-. Totals 835 Ml 791 CRESCENT JEWEL, OLSON SPORT CDS ! McDermott iM 191 202 Montagne 390 190' 14;; How.itz ! 16S 167 Craljr 15o 132 192 ; Kara , 224 Rasmussen 179 176 147 I Oorman 1 166 179 143 McDermott 15S 141 136 McEveney 22 2S4 231 Holmes 166 220 155 Williams 179 201 1& Handicap 21 34 It TotaU 925 962 964 ToU!B 880 893 732 WAR BAG ALLETS . JOURNAL. Ellis 184 165 215 Selzer 163 210 180 Collins 213 W9 169 Hebb 150 1 40 177 GoodsUe 165 172 161 Pasek 130 144 220 Saront . 135 173 147 Bergstrom 159 170 146 Smith 117 1W 154 Hayan 167 190 149 Handicap 12 12 12- Totals 814 864 84S Jo 781 &57 884 HANSEN GAP CO. KIWNAIS CIXJB Klempn er 174 210 17 Hoberg 144 1M 204 Day i. 139 14S 171 Fleck'nst'n 142 135 15s Cotton .- li a3 1R3 Barron HI 140 157 Anderson 190 199 14 Dick 180 144 It Warrington 150 16o 211 Loeffell 160 m m Handicap 3 3333 ToUla 809 $23 895 TcUia ' 77 791 875 S C CANDY K ITCH ODERSTROM D.Lfndrren 181 146 161 Vofel lj 170 159 Forpr - 181 182 220 .V.chols ' 2W 1&8 !?! Kryselmlre 140 Kuhlman 135 1) 135 Johnson . 161 17C Gearas - r 152 131 lis Toilakson 1S7 173 165 White 192 185 158 W.Unlpen 144 199 167 Handicap 48 42 42 Totals 823 861 8&3 Tola: - - : NEW 3-GAME PIN RECORD FOR 1925 SEASON RECORDED Koiling with the Crescent Jewelry team against the Olson Sporting Goods team in a regular City league match at the War lagle alleys 1st night. C. McKvenpy howled the highest three vame score to be turned in this season G&7. He had games of 222, 234 and 231. . " . Perasso Rros. team crept a notcli closer tp the league leading Hanford Produce team by taking two out of three games from the . pace tetters Wednesday, To beat the Buttermak-ers. the- Undertakers were forced to roll a three game total of 2.839 and a high single game total of 1.017. Joe Sweeney, of the Hanford Produce team, had second highi three games with 224'. -184, 203 611 pins while Tony Perasso, of the Perasso Bros, team, had second high individual game 225. Plans Channel Swim. Quiney. III., Oct. 1. Virginia Ho quet, 16-year-old girl is planning to swim the English channel next summer. Miss Boquet swam in the Quiney to llanibal marathon here September 5. 28 miles, in five hours and 46 minutes, finishing fifth. She was the only contestant who did not stop to rest. She is a junior in the high school. Quincy business men are to finance her trip. y ! - " 'i' ' . . -1 i HIGH SCHOOL GRID GAMES Haven't you noticed how a man handing you a Webster seWom says, "Have a cigar'' ? It's generally, "Have a Webster" . . . which implies so much more! HALEY NEELEV 0. Distributors Sioui City, Iua Newcastle. Neb.. Oct. 7. Rpeciar: The following schedu e has been announced b Coach L tndsmark, of the Newcastle h:gh school, for the remainder of the football year: October lf Newcastle at Ailen. October 23 Open. ttctober SO-Newcastle at South Sio-.ix Citj November 6Hartineton at Vewcastle. November 13 Jackson at Newcastle. A..vaaibar SC Ceieriii-e . Newcastia. 1 . . , - ' . , i i I TEN TO "TWENTY j FIVE CBMTS I II L V, n. J V 1 4 1 v. 4 A 1

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