Star-Phoenix from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada on January 6, 1970 · 16
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Star-Phoenix from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada · 16

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 6, 1970
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W 1G the Star-Phoeiiix Saskatoon. Tuesday. January 5. 1970 Freud , tuies younger sister had affair , claims psychologist transcript of the conversation, , Jung told Billinsky: Freud says Jung told him that in 1907 had some drfeams that bothered try, had an affair with . his he had found out about a trian- him very much. The' dreams wifes younger sister, says an gle which involved Freuds were about the triangle Freud, American psychologist. , wifes younger and attractive his wife, and wife's younger sis- The psychologist also repoits sister. ter. Freud had no idea that I that knowledge of the liaison Billinsky quoted Jung, who knew about the triangle and nis was one of the factors behind died in 1961, as saying of the intimate relationship with his the break between Freud and woman: She was very much sister-in-law. Carl Jung, another of the great bothered by her relationsnip .... pioneers of psychiatry. with Freud and felt guilty about . Ad so, when Freud told me The article was written by Dr. it. From her I learned that fbfout drea.m( n "hlcb h,s John M. Billinsky, professor of Freud was in love with her and a,nd ?1S eJ 5 J psychology and clinical studies that their relationship was in- Ptant Parts I asked Freud to at Andover Newton Theological deed very intimate. It was a te ,m.e some,u.Y.'s personal as-School, an inter-denominational shocking discovery to me, and f0 jon .Wl " rifatm 1e graduate institution near Bos- even now I can recall the agony j .. ,,,me wuh bitterness ton. It appeared in the latest I felt at the time. ' and said: I could tell you more, issue of the schools publication, The article says Jung said but cannot rs' my authority. Andover Newton Quarterly. that two years later he and That of course finished my Recounting a meeting with Freud went on a lecture trip to attempt to deal with nis Jung in 1957, Billinsky says he the United States. dreams. During the trip Freud asked the Swiss psychiatrist if he could throw any new light on his differences with Freud. Jung indicated that, although the falling out was generally attributed to the publication of his revolutionary work, Psychology of the Unconscious in 1912, there were other reasons. Billinsky, who kept a detailed NEW YORK (Reuters) - Sig mund Freud, father of psychia' . Immigra- request in any form had been If a group of immigrants, The aim of this legislation QUEBEC (CP) District '.n 'n'ster Mario Beaulieu received by his office or his de- French-speaking or other, is dis- would be to eliminate the citi- Coroner Cyrille Delage said sa'd Monday that a group of partment. satisfied with conditions in Que- zenship clause whereby immi- Monday a man is being held for French-speaking immigrants In Montreal, Andre Spinoza, a bee, these people should certain- grants must acquire Canadian questioning about a fire that Pannn8 t0 leave Quebec for Al- spokesman for the immigrant ly call on our services before citizenship before being allowed killed 38 patients at an old folks j ta never asked him or his group, said he could produce re- applying elsewhere." to practise their professions, home in Notre Dame du Lac, apartment for help. ceipts for two telegrams ad- "Of course, they cannot ex- Many of the disgruntled immi- Que., Dec. 2. He said in a statement that no dressed t0 Mr. Beaulieu Nov. pect to enjoy privileges that are grants, who want to establish a i 17- He also said the group had not granted to others." - co-operative community on sent a letter to the minister. Mr. Beaulieu said legislation farm land in Alberta, say they Mr, Beaulieu said in his state- will be intpduced at the open- are professionals who cannot ment, issued just before his de- ing of the next legislature ses- find suitable employment in parture for a 10-day vacution, sion in February to make it eas- Quebec, that immigrants in Quebec have ier for immigrants to practise Mr. Spinoza, a 37-year-old ag-the same rights as other Quebe- professions such as medicine, ricultural expert from Morocco, said a delegation of five sped-' alists representing the group will leave within a few days to seek meetings in Edmonton with officials of the Alberta agriculture department. He said 1,000 to 3,000 French-speaking immigrant families want to move to Alberta. Suspect held A renowned research institute has found a unique healing substance with the ability to shrink hemorrhoids painlessly. It relieves itching and discomfort in minutes and speeds up healing of the injured, inflamed tissues. One hemorrhoidal case history after another reported very striking improvement. Pain was promptly and gently relieved . . . actual reduction or retraction (shrinking) took place. And most important thi improvement was maintained in cases where clinical observations were continued over a period of many months. Furthermore, these tests and observations were made on patients with a wide variety of hemorrhoidal condi- tions. All this was accomplished ... our communications consultants will tell you how to end the tie-ups. Without obligation. Doing the telephone tangle is no way to answer phones. If your receptionist has to search for the right cord or takes too long, to switch calls, it could be an expensive waste of time, it's a good idea to have your telephone system analyzed now. Improve customer service, increase sales, cut clerical costs with a more efficient communications system, or better utilization of your present equipment; Our consultant's training and experience are available to you without obligation . . he makes traffic move. , Ask our Marketing Dept. sasktel Migrants never asked for help, Que. immigration minister says QUEBEC (CP) with a healing substance (Bio-Dyne) which quickly helps heal injured cells and stimulates growthof new tissue. Bio-Dy ne is offered in ointment and suppository form called Preparation H. In addition to actually shrinking hemorrhoids, Prepaiation H lubricates and makes elimination less painful. It helps prevent infection which is a stated cause of hemorrhoids. Just ask your druggist for Preparation H Suppositories or Preparation H Ointment (with a special applicator). Satisfaction or your money refunded. , luia. r.s-c-70 cers, but no special privileges, dentistry or pharmacy. U.K. socialists split on merit of aid proposal LONDON (CP) Lester B. rious analytical content, he Pearsons proposals for increas- said it .had served its purpose as ing aid to underdeveloped coun- a political document to prod tries has come in for criticism governments into greater ef-and commendation from two forts. leading members of the Fabian Its authors must be congrat-Society, a socialist research and ulated in their political perspi-propaganda organization. cacity.. Reg Prentice, MP and former Prentice, who quit the over-' 'vc lean'IdalVShi.nalsVT.ewa,s minister of overseas develop- seas development ministry last j 'Barristers and Solicitors." ment in the Wilson Labor gov- October when Wilson named ernment, calls the former Cana- him junior minister of technolo-dian prime ministers 1969 re- gy in a cabinet shuffle, said the port to the World Bank an his- cabinet's response to the Pear-toric document and slams the son report has been feeble. government for not providing On the basis of published gov-money on the Pearson-sug- ernment spending figures for gested scale. the next few years, he calculat- Lord Balogh, Oxford econom- ed Britain would be behind the ics teacher and former econom- Pearson target by 21,000,000 ics adviser to the Wilson cabi- ($54,600,000) in 1971-72; 36,-net, takes the report apart on 000,000 in 1972-73 and 38,000,000 several points and describes as in 1973-74. silly" its recommendation for The failure to implement contributions by the well-to-do Pearson represents a tragic loss countries of one per cent of of opportunity, wrote Prentice, their gross national product. long a critic of the govem-The recommendations were ments approach to overseas aid even when in office. We could have given a lead to the whole of the developed made in a report by a commission headed by Pearson, which studied for a year means of improving aid to underdeveloped world, . . . Th cabinets timid-countries. The one-per-cent fig- ity will prove costly in terms of ure was set up as a target for our own self-interest, as well as 1975. the interests of the poorer coun- Balogh and ' Prentice review tries. the report in the current issue of Venture, a periodical of the - Fabian Society. ,v Balogh criticizes the financial target on the grounds that it should be on a per-capita basis rather than on gross national product. How silly it is," he writes, can be demonstrated by the Pearson calculations themselves. These demand that the Japanese by 1975 should disburse some $2,000,000,000 while the Germans can satisfy their criterion by contributing only $1,-200,000,000. Now the Germans will have -a national income which (even in 1975) will be perhaps twice as high per head as the Japanese. Nevertheless, the Japanse as a nation are to pay almost twice as much. Balogh says the Pearson commission has "taken on board a number of unproven hopes in its effort to persuade conservative opinion in rich countries of the value of greater aid effort. Most important among these was the so-called green revolution, the magic wand of investment in improved seeds and techniques which has, in their view, completely transformed the outlook for the developing world." But this whole phenomenon was exceedingly patchy." It could mean merely better crops for the big farmer. "What is needed is a modification and not an uncritical transplantation of modern agricultural and industrial knowledge into an environment of traditional primitive agriculture. A new strategy is needed of which Pearson has no inkling." But while Balogh described the report as of little if any se- Reudy to resume WASHINGTON (AP) - The United States is ready to resume full-scale talks with mainland China in Warsaw this month as soon as Peking and Washington can agree on a date. Official source said a announcement will be made at the same time in both the U.S. and Chinese capitals once the timing has been determined. developed severe neuroses and had to do, limited analysis on him. 1 suggested that he should have complete analysis but he rebelled against such an idea because he would have hud to deal with problems that were closely related to his theories. Billinsky quotes Jung as saying. "If Freud would have tried to understand consciously t h e triangle, he would have been much, much better off. ' It was my knowledge of Freuds triangle that became a very important factor in my break with Freud," Jung is quoted as saying. "And then I could not accept Freuds placing authority above the truth. This too led to further problems in our relationship." Star-Phocmx Want Ad Rates: Six Cents Per Wurd Per Day Six Consecutive Insertions for the Price ol Five Minimum Count 12 Words Minimum Charge 73c Per Day Classified Display is charged at 13.50 per single column inch. Where 10 point or large type ts desired by the advertiser for the complete advertisement, the rate per word is 12c per day. Minimum count 12 words. Figures in groups of five or less, dollar marks, Initial letters, etc., count. as one word. Where one line Is set In 10 point and the balance set in ordinary classified type the charge is 75c per dav for the 10 point line. Where the use of a box number is desired, count as four words extra. If replies are lo be malted to out-of-town points, please add 10 cents to cover cost of postage. While eveiy endeavor will be made to forward replies to box numbers to the advertiser as soon as possible. we accept no liability in respect of loss or damage alleged to rise Ihrough either failure or delay in forwarding such replies, however caused, whether by negligence ur otherwise, t'hv advertisers must pick up box replies at the Star-Phocmx office. The Slar-Phoemx assumes no responsibility for error after the first insertion. NOTICES Births $2.30. Marriages and Death, In-Memortams, Engagements, Cards of Thanks, etc., rates $3.00 for Insertion of 10 lines or less, extra line of five words each 30c per line Semi-Displays Accepted 8-30 a.m. to 12- noon daily Monday to Friday for publication following day (except holidays) Deadline for continues, cancellation nr correelions of Want Ads 9:00 a.m. day of publication. Monday lo Friday only. On days when the business office is closed. Want Ads for publication in our next issue may be left in the box In the front vestibule of the Star-Phoenix office. Please be sure to leave your name, address, phone number and number of Insertions desired WORD ADS ACCEPTED Up to 5 pm. Monday through Friday for Billow mg dav's publication (except holidays) Display Advertising SCHEDULE OF COPY ACCEPTANCE TUESDAY 12.00 noon for Thursday, WEDNESDAY 12 00 noon for Friday. THURSDAY 12 00 noon for Saturday, FRIDAY 12 00 noon for Monday, FRIDAY 9-00 p.m. fur Tuesday and Wednesday publication. All of the above limes on a "copv In hand basis" allow time for copy pick-up and preparalion. WANT AD PHONE 653-2100 CLOSED ALL DAY SATURDAYS, SUNDAYS MAIL SUBSCRIPTION RATES IN SASKATCHEWAN 1 year $30 00 6 months $18 00 3 months $10 00 I munlli $3.50 Bv mail or letter earner walks In Saskatoon 1 vear $40 00 Bv C arricr 50 Cents Per Week To All Other Pro, incog and Countries Outside Canada 1 month $5 no 1 vear $4U.OO Back Copies bv Mail Minimum 25 cents each BEST FROM EUROPE LABORATOIRE DE RECHERC No, my new drug won't cure anything, but it has no side effects either." NOTICES NOTICE TO CREDITORS In the matter of the Estate of ANGELINA FOURNIER late of The Citv of Saskatoon, in the Province of Saskatchewan and formerly of the District of Ferlaod. in the Province ot Saskatchewan, widow, deceased. ALE CLAIMS against the above eslale. dulv verified bv Statutory Declaration and with particulars and valuation of security held if any. must be sent to the undersigned on or before the 31st day of January. A.D. 1970. GERARD FOURNIER. Executor. 1-7 e-s Take notice that Saskatchewan Wheat Pool intends to apply to the Legislative Assembly of the Province of Saskatchewan at the next Session for an Act amending Its Memorandum of Association lo provide that shares mav be aliened to a person, firm or corporation as provided for from lime lo time in the Articles of Association of (he Company and that It may deprive any shareholder of his right to vole as provided for in the Articles of Association. Dated at Regina. Saskatchewan, this 30th dav of December. A.D. 1969. HILL. Mil. LIKEN HODGES SHABBITS & SANDOMIRSKY, 908 McCallum Hill Building. Regina. Saskatchewan. Solicitor for the Petitioner. 1-7-c NOTICE TO CREDITORS In the Estate of GEORGE LESLIE , MARTIN DALE, lale of DUNDLRN. in the Province of Saskatchewan, farmer, deceased. All claims against (he above Estate, dulv verified bv Statutory Declaration and with particulars and valuation of security held. If any. must be sent lo the undersigned on or before the 27lh day of JANUARY. 1970. E. C. BURLINGHAM, Barrister and Solicitor, 11143 8lh Street, East SASKATOON, Saskatchewan. Solicitor for the Administrator Percy Marundale. 1-7-c- DEATHS BATEMAN THE DEATH OF ER-nuna Mvrtlc Bateman, age 73 vears, ! of Kelfield, Sask , occurred suddenly in a local hospital on Januarv 4th. j 1970 The funeral service will be held on Thursday, Januarv 8th al 1 30 M S.T. from Kolfieid United Churih. I (Memorial donations to the Saskal- chew an Heart Fund c o 511 Canada' Bldg appreciated in !i..u of flowers i I Surviving are one son. Kenneth 1 Bateman, Dodsland, Sask : two ! daughters, Mis. D. Rasmussen iMeinai, Saskalmn and Mrs. Fred Summach iLaurcnei, Asquith Sask.: 9 grandchildren, one sister. Mrs. F. I Maud i Norris. Kerrobert. Sask. She was predeceased bv her husband Daniel S. Bateman in Sept , 1965 and bv three brothers. John L. Spence. James E. Spence and Alex Spence. The late Mrs. Bateman was born in Fergus, Ontario, and came with her parents to Saskaioon 111 1910. She moved to farm in the Dodsland-Kelfield district In 1914 and hud resided in Kelfield for Hie past 20 vears. Mrs. Bateman was a member of Kelfield United Church where she had served as an elder and was active In the U.C.W. She was a member of Hie Jellicoe Fireside Circle and the Ladies Auxiliary, Royal Canadian Legion. Kellicld Branch. Interment will take place In Kelfield Cemetery. The Saskatoon Funeral Hume is In charge of arrangements. 1-7-c CROCKETT THE! DEATH OF MR Roy Irvin Crockett, age 63 vears, of Asquith. Saskatchewan, occurred suddenly at Ins residence nn January 4th 1976. The funeral service will be held on Wednesday. Januarv 7th al 3 30 p m. Saskatoon tune from Me-Hague s Funeral Home conducted bv Mr Karl Sieverl Surviving are' his wife Emma of Asquilh, one daughter. Mrs. William iJuvcei C'ragg. Dms-more, Sask.; one son, Merle Crockett of Asquith . six grandchildren' one sister. Mrs. Laura Wilfong, Saskatoon. and one brother. Mr. Wallace Crockett. Saskatoon. Mr. Crockett was born in the United States and moved with his parents to the Asquith district In 1907 where he had resided until his passing. Interment will be made In the family plot, As-qullh Cemetery. Guest parking south ot the Funeral Home, Third Ave. and 20ih Street. 1-7-c TODD ON JANUARY 2. 1970, IN Victoria, B C., Mr. David Harold Todd of 1505 Belcher, a resident of Victoria for 4 years, formerly of Saskaioon. He leaves his wife Margaret: nieces and nephews. He served overseas with the 90lh Winnipeg Rifles. I. B D 's and the Canadian 8lh In F'rance being wounded at Cambral. September 1918 He was a member of Victory Lodge Na. 144, AF 4 AM. Saskatoon. Funeral service In McCall Bros Floral Chapel. Victoria, B C. on January 8th with Rev. B. Summers officiating. Interment at Hatley Memorial Gardens 1-7-c FRANCE Bernard Bernard DEATHS (Continued) DUGGLEBV THE DEATH OF I.alirt'iHH H Dugglebv. age 73 years, o( 240 3rd Street, east occurred suddenly at his home on January 5th, 1970. The funeral service will be held on Wednesday. January 7t)i al 2 00 D in. from the Chapel of the Saska-tuon Funeral Hume conducted bv Archdeacon H W Brandrick. Surviving are: his wife Kathleen: one daughter. Mrs. M. McRae ijuam. Saskatoon: one son. Dr. H E. Dug-glebv. Saskatoon: nine grandsons and one great grandson. A brother and several sislers reside III England and Scotland. The late Mr. Dugglebv was born at Scarborough, Yorkshire. England. He came to make his hume al Craik. Sask in 1910 and in 1913 came to Saskatoun where he Joined the staff of the Post Office. A veteran of the First World War he served overseas with the P P.C.L.I. from 1915-1919. On returning from overseas he returned the Saskatoon Post Office staff and had served as Postmaster for several veais prior lo his retirement in 1959 He was a member of the Roval Canadian Legion Saskatoon Branch No 6J Interment will take place in Woudlawn Cemetery. 1-7-c HARRIS 1 HE DEATH OF MRS. Mabel Harris, age 83 years, of 403 109th Street Saskatoon occurred in a local hospital on January 5ih 1970 The funeial service will be held on Thursday. Januarv 81 h al 3 HI p in from the Chapel of Saskatoon Funeral Home ill! heu of flowers donations to Hie Canadian Cancer Society. 305 Central Chambers Bldg, would be appreciated i Surviving are lo daughters Mrs J F Allan iVloUi of Balileford and Mrs G. W Milne iZelmai of Perdue: 8 grandchildren; 22 great grandchildren, a brother. Ernest Herne of Kamloops. BC Mrs. Harms wus predeceased bv her husband Arnold In 1965. Mrs. Harris was born near Goderich. Oniarin and came west to Travnor in 1915 and farmed Ihere until 1943 For the past 25 vears she had resided in Saskatoon She was a member of the Homemaker's Club and an active supporter of the Lntted Church Mrs. Flarns was an ardent gardener and was especially known fur the flowers she grew. Interment will take place in Wuodlawn Cemetery. Courtesy parking area sutilh of the Chapel on 4lh Avenue at 25th Street.) 1-7-c Jerome m. zenon-jerome. ae a4 years, passed away Jan. 4. j 1970, at lut residence, 800. 241 5tti Ave , No . Saskatoon. Survived by. wife Sarah and four sons. Denis L.. Louis D.. Joseph P . all of Rose- town. and Bro Theodore O M I i Saskatoon, one daughter. Mrs. Ber- J WHOLESALE LUMBER AND BUILD nard (F.lsiei Hubert. Vancouver. 15 grandchildren and two great grandchildren. He was a well-known harness-race horseman, owner and breeder of standard bred horses. Born 1885 al St Theresa. Que.. he moved at the age of nine with faimlv lo Billie. Montana In 1905 he came to Canada, took up a home-siead in the Hoselown district In 196) retired. The past 2 years he had resided in Saskaioon Funeral In Roseiown's St. Theresa's R (' church Thursday. Jan 8lh at 10 30 a m . Mountain Standaid. High Mass He was an honorary member of Knights of Columbus Clements Funeral Home. Rundown, in charge i of arrangements. 1-8-P McKenzie - the death of mr. Robert McKenzie. age 71 years of 910 Ave. U. North. Saskatoon occurred m a local hospital on Sunday, Januarv 4th. 1970 The funeral service will be held on Wednesday. January 7th al 2 pm. from Westwood Funeral Chanel, conducted bv Mr G. Gard. Surviving are- his loving wife. Helen; three daughters. Mrs J. R. (Evelvni Kish. Saskatoon; Mrs. L. iCarulei Hobson. Prince Albert; Mrs. O. i Helen) Hershik. Calgarv: one son, Robert. Saskatoon; twelve grandchildren. one brother. James McKenzie. Saskaioon. The lale Mr. McKenzie was born at llopeman Scotland and came lo Canada In 1910. He seilled in Saskatoon and later after taking employment with Canada Safewav. served as manager of MacDunalda consolidated Lid. at Humboldt. Sask.: Kerrobert. Sask. and at Prince Albert. He was a Past Master and life mem-1 ber of Victory Lodge No. 144 AF and AM. Saskaioon and a member of the Scottish Rile Donations toward i a memorial gift for Mount Roval I United Church appreciated in heu of i flowers. Interment will lake place in I Wuodlawn Cemetery Arrangements ' are in care of Westwood Funeral Chapel. 1-7-c MUDIE THE DEATH OF MR. WIL-ham McDuugall Mudie age 49 vears, of 31 1114 Ave W. north. Saskaioon. occurred In a local hospital on Monday Januarv 5th. 1970 The funeral service will be held on Saturday, Januarv 10th at 2 p m. from West-wood Funeral Chapel conducted bv Miss- Eleanor Geib. Surviving are: his loving wife Peggy: two daughters, Mrs. M. llherlei Youngren. Saskatoon. Mrs. W. i Linda) Koczka, Moose Jaw: four sislers Mrs. F. Ella Palmer. Mrs. N. (Margaret) Feslon. Mrs. H. iChrisie) Chinn. Miss Belly Mudie. all of Winnipeg: one brother, John Mudie, Long Beach. California; two grandchildren. The late Mr. Mudie was bmn at Winnipeg. Man., attended school and spent the early part of his life there. He came to Saskaioon In 1055 and lived here until moving to Regina in 1967. Mr. Mudie returned lo Saskaioon in December 1969 and had lived here since. During the vears 1955 lo 1967 Mr. Mudie was active In the sports activities at John Lake Si Itool and was a member of the Saskaioon Cosmopolitan Club. Mr. Mudie was employed with the Pilk-melon Glass Co. for the past 27 vears He served with Ihe Roval Canadian Navv for 4 vears during World War II. Memorial donations to the Canadian Cancer Society. 305 Central Chambers appreciated in lieu of flowers. Interment will tHke place at Saskatoon. Arrangements are In care of Westwood Funeral Chapel. 1-7-c PORTER THE DEATH OF MRS. Marguerite Porter, age 66 veal's, of Ste. 22 Crestlrie Apts., 821 Victoria Ave., Saskatoon, occurred in local hospital on Januarv 5th, 1970. The funeral service will be held on Wednesday. Januarv 7th at 2 p.m. from McKague's Funeral Home conducted bv Rev. E. L. Bishop. Surviving are: one son, Donald Porter of Winnipeg, three grandchildren. Catherine. Lvnn and David all of Winnipeg: two sis- ters, Mrs. H. Dlnwoodle, Saskatoon and Miss Florence Lang of Saskatoon. Mrs. Porter was predeceased bv her husband Thomas Porter In Januarv. I960 Mrs. Porter was born in Ontario and lived at several points In Saskatchewan before coming to make her home In Saskaioon in 1940, where she had resided until her passing Mrs Porter was an active church worker al Westminster United Church for 30 vears. She was also active will) the 1 O I) F-. during the war vears Interment will be made In Ihe familv plot Wnodlawn Ceme-lerv. Guest parking diiectlv null of Ihe Funeral Home. Third Ave. and 20lh Street. 1-7-c FUNERALS 3 CHAPMAN THE FUNERAL SER-vice of Arthur A. Chapman who died on Dec. 31st, 1969. was held from St. Andrews Anglican Church in Shell-brook on Jan. 5lh at 2 p.m. conducted bv Rev. I. Graham, Pallbearers were: Charlie Kennedy. Robert Kennedy. George Stene, Melvin Stene, Oscar Stene Herbert Jacobs. The Roval Canadian Legion Branch No. Ill Sliellbrook, formed ail Honor Guard at the Church. Interment was made in Ihe Sliellbrook Cemeterv, McKague's Funeral Home was In charge of arrangements. 1-7-c YAWORSKI THE FUNERAL SER-vice of Mr. Michael Yaworski, who died on Dec. 31 was held from Park Funeral Chapel on Monday, Jan. 5 at 1 30 p.m conducted bv Rev. R. Foubister Pallbearers were. Jack Walsh, Nick Penrv James Start, I.lovd Greenhough. Phil Teseh, Paul Roiiillard. Interment was made In the Soldiers' Field In Woodlawn Cemetery. 1-7-c IN MEMORIAM EDMONDSON IN LOVING MEM-orv of Constance Edmondson, who passed away January 6. 1969. A dearly beloved wife and mother. deeply missed. 1-7-c "pROCYSHEN IN LOVING MEMORY of eur dear sun and brother, John Mitchell, who passed away on the 5th dav of January. 1961. He Is gone but not forgotten, And as dawns another year, In eur lonelv hours of thinking Thoughts of him are aluavs near, Davs of sadness will cume over us. Many think the wound Is healed But they little knew the sorruw That lies In Die heart concealed Ever remembered bv Dad. Mother, brother and sister. L7p YEATMAN - IN LOVING MEMORY of s dear father and grandfather, A. E. Yeatman, who passed away Jan 6. 1966. Always remembered by Peggy and Jim Ruseborsky. Donna and Ken O'Neill and family, Albert and Bunnie. 1-7-c THE STAR-PHOENIX HAS A SUPPLY of verses for vour convenience in making up vour "In Memoriam hiudlv inquire at the desk. xtf CARD OF THANKS I WISH TO EXPRESS MY SINCERE thanks to the doctors and nurses of St. Paul's Hospital during my recent Ulness Also the many neighbors and friends who sent delicacies flowers f cards. Thanks to all of you. Sincerely Mrs. Joe Edlm. 1-8-c FUNERAL DIRECTORS 7 SASKATOON FUNERAL HOME W. ARNOLD EDWARDS ROBERT F. DAUR1E PI). 244-3577 338 41b Ave., N xtf McKAGUES FUNERAL HOME M McKague R. J. McKague D. A. Newhigginz Phone 242-3131 300 3rd Ave.. S xtf PARK FUNERAL CHAPEL Jack M. Binkley 311 3rd Ave.. No. Donald Somers Phone 244-2103 xtf WESTWOOD FUNERAL CHAPEL Rae J. Murdock. Terry Mtchavluk Phone 853-3434 20th St.. Ave. N. xtf FLORISTS FRANK J. DOWDING FLORIST LTD.. 234 2nd Ave.. S. (Opposite Odcon Theatre). Ph. 632-6272 day and night. xtf LOST AND FOUND II LOST WOOL STOLE MacDONALD plaid. On 900 block Broadway. 6)3-0280 1-7-c LOST '68 BUICK WILDCAT FULL wheel disc. Reward. 374-3689 after 6 p ill 1-8-c LOST. GREY BLACK SWEATER placed in wrong car. Mount Royal Shopping Centre 382-3842 l-9-c LOST BLACK FEMALE COCKER spaniel 6 months old. Caswell area. 244-7390. 1-8-c 1-7-c mg materials firm requires man to start in warehouse, age 18-25 preferred, Reply in own handwriting to Box 1864X Star-Phoenix, stating age, education and general resume Experience in asset, but not essential. 1-8-c Pharmacist Required Recent graduate with managerial experience preferred. Applv BLAIN & WHITES PRESCRIPTIONS LTD. SASKATOON 1-7-c EXPERIENCED ACCOUNTANT RE-quired bv local firm of accountants. Prefer Bachelor of Commerce or Accountant with pnor experience In accountants office. Good salary and chance fur advancement. Reply with full details and references to Box 63A Star-Phoenix. 1-8-c OPENING FOR SALESMAN WITH car.' Saskatoon. Saskatchewan terrl-turv. Calendars and advertising specialties Including exclusive Mur-phv-sutherland line. Excellent opportunity for reliable party who is prepared to do a )ob Drawing account considered for steady producer. Applv In writing giving particulars as to age previous employment, etc to Loder Collier Co. Lid., 313 Revillon Bldg.. Edmunton. Alta t-7-c FULL AND PART-TIME DRIVERS WANTED Must be 21 Know citv Be able to supply references APPLY SUPERVISOR YELLOW CAB CO. 244-8166 TEXAS OIL COMPANY HAS OPF.N-ing In Saskatoon area. No experience necessary. Age not Important. Good character a must. We train. Air mall S. P. Dickerson. Pres., Southwestern Petroleum Corp., Ft. Worth, Texas. 1-10-c Roonies Hamburgers Etc. ApphNftlons are now being accepted for counter and production personnel in Saskaioon s newest self-serve Hamburger restaurant. Applicants must be 16 vcaix of age and over, no experience needed Full time and part time positions. Applv in person Wednesday and Thursday Jan. 7 and 8 from 2 8 and 7-10 at the Holiday House Motel. Rooms 118-119. 1-8-c Kovl Agencies Ltd. requires one residential salesman. Sales experience preferred. Commission plus incentive bonus. Group pension scheme. CONTACT: JIM BRUCE KOYL AGENCIES LTD. 123 3rd Aveque, N. 244-0104 1-12-c Heavy Duty Mechanic Required Immediately lor crawler tractor repair, mainly Caterpdlar. Year round city employment. Company benefits, lop wages for licensed man. Also motor metchanie for Chrysler dealership. Write Box 1S67X. Slar-Phoenix. 1-13-c REQUIRED, EXPERIENCED SER-vice slalom attendant for full time employment. Hours 3 pm. to 11 p.m. from II pm. to 7 i m Apply in person only. Phone calls will be refused Mohawk Sutherland Service. 205 Central Ave 1-8-c A JUNIOR, ANNOUNCER IS NEEDED for Okanagan Valley Radio Station. Some experience andor training desirable. Send tape and complete resume to John Wilson. CJ1B Radio. . Vernon. B C. 1-8-c EXPERIENCED STOCKING CLERK for full time employment. Must be at least 18 years of age. Apply m person to 8th Street IGA or Codvlilc Co. Ltd., 2820 Jasper Avenue, 1-8-c A CHANCE TO MOVE TO SUNNY Alberta. Auto Mechanics required by GM dealership. 30 miles from Edmonton. Top wages, emplovee benefits. Apply Tom Philhpson Ltd.. Box 1780, Wetaskiwin, Alberta. Ph. 352-3361. 1-13-c LEAD SINGER AND LEAD GUITAR-1st for rock band. 242-6871. 1-9-c WHOLESALE WAREHOUSE RE-quires young man. Good future for energetic hard worker, should have clean drivers license, knowledge of electronics or experience In this field would help. Reply to Box 76A. Star-Phoenix, giving age. education, experience, salary required and references. 1-9-c MALE HELP WANTED 12 (Continued) Canadian General Electric REQUIRES Major Appliance Service Technicians and z Trainees for Major Appliance Service APPLY; 401 2ND AVE., NORTH SASKATOON. SASK. MR. J. M. GULEY ' 4 PHONE 242-5253 1-7-e EXPERIENCED BASS PLAYER FOR Technical Rock Combo. 244-0744. . 1-l-e EARN IN YOUR SPARE TIME. Excellent line of calendara and advertising specialties available fur both cltv and country territory. This Is money maker for any person who has spare time to make calls. Reply to ' 1-7-c TRADE SCHOOL (MALE) 12 RADIO COLLEGE OF CANADA TV general electronics Electronic Engineering Technology 1 Box 384, Saskatoon 652-5J90 ill FEMALE HELP WANTED U SECRETARY FOR DOCTORS OF-fue. Must know or be able to lean medical termmology. use dictaphone. Slate education, experience, age, marital status and wages expected, first letter. Box 68A, Sar-Phoemx. -1-9-e ATTRACTIVE GIRLS. 21-28 FOR DIN-ingroom and cocktail lounge. Full and part-time. Apply at the Red Lion between 12 p.iu. 3 p.m. SHORT-ORDER COOK WANTED. ALSO waitress. Apply at Johnnys Inn. 239 23rd Street. East. U LOCAL FIRM OF ACCOUNTANTS RE-ouires experienced steno-bookkeeper for immediate employment. References required. Good salary and chance for advancement. Reply with full details to Box 82A Star-Phoenix. 1-8-C POSITION OPEN FOR FULL-TIME waitress. Experience preferred but not necessary. Good wages. Meals included. 2 days off per week. Day shift. Phone Roxy Grill 242-7070 for Interview, ask for Jeff. 1-41-c WANTED, EXPERIENCED HAIR-dresser wilh cliemelle. 575 per week plus 5063. Call Gordon Olson 244-5369, evenings 374-8472 1-13-c WAITRESS WANTED. FULL TIME. Apply in person after 4 p.m. to Roma Pizza House Ltd., 725 Broadway Ave. 1-7-c DOMESTIC HELP 13b WANTED. HOUSEWORK FROM ( 36 a m. to 1-7 p m. P.O. Box 832, Saskatoon. 1-8-c WANTED. WOMAN FOR HOUSE-work, live in. TV. private . bath, highest wages. 652-8271. 1-8-c HELP! Need housekeeper 653-1192, 1-13-C BABYSITTING 136 WILL BABYSIT IN MY HOME. CLAR-ence-Taylor. 343-9786. 1-9-p WANTED, BABYSITTER TO LIVE IN. Unwed mother welcome. 382-8312. 1-6-c WILL BABYSIT MONDAY TO FRI-dav. in cay Park area. Phone 244-5296. 1-8-P RELIABLE BABYSITTER TO COME in fur 2 children, Richmond Hcighta area, Monday to Friday. LHK. Call after 6 pm.. 652-7765. 1-8-c WILL BABYSIT IN OWN HOME, NU- tana. 242-2540. 1-7-f WANTED. BABYSITTER TO LIVE in while mother m hospital. Unwed , mother welcome. 653-3690 after 5-30 l-io-c WILL BABYSIT IN MY OWN HOME. Massev Place. 382-7118. I-7-p WILL BABYSIT IN MY HOME WHILE mother works. Mavfatr. 242-5184. 1-7-0 BABYSITTER TO LIVE-IN. DO LIGHT housework. Reference required. College Park area. 374-8931 after 6. 1-13-c BABYSITTER WANTED IN COLLEGE Park, close to Summers Place if possible. 3 and possibly 5 days a week 374-8718 after 6 pm. 1-8-c-f WANTED - BABYSITTER. LIVE-IN or out. 374-4132. 1-13-p WILL BABYSIT IN MY OWN HOME. 1613A Preston Avenue. 1-8-p BABYSITTER 1 MONTH. DOM- estic duties. Mother in hospital. Good pay. 382-2015. U6-c BABYSITTING IN MY HOME ANY-time days, nights or evenings. 81.50 per child by day, 82.00 at night or evening. 653-2059. 1-7-p EXPERIENCED MOTHER WILL babysit in her own home. Infant to 3 years. Avalon area. 242-9744. 1-14-p REG. NURSE WILL BABYSIT IN her home. Mon.-Fri. 373-0178. 1-8-p WANTED, BABYSITTER TO LIVE IN. -Three children' 4, 5 and Pj. also , some housework. 382-6946 1-9-p ISA'S KIDDIES KORNER, DOWN town Dav Nurserv Service. 334 . 2nd ' Ave.. South. 242-9321. 1-8-c-a WILL BABYSIT IN MY HOME NEAR Queen EDzabeth School. Phone 653-OS 1 5. 1-9-p FORMER PRIMARY TEACHER WILL babvsit in own hi me, Eastvtew. 374-1837. 1-10-p MALE SITS WANTED II PAINTING AND WALLPAPERING done at reduced prices. Call Nick and -Marlene 382-6656 anytime. m-l-20ji FIRST CLASS CARPENTER RUMPUS room and cabinets and other work. 652-4978. 1-7-p TWO MEN WITH TON TRUCK.: any type of work. Rates by hour, day or job. 242-9661. 1-10-p . INTELLIGENT STUDENT, 20 YEARS, urgently requires part-time Job. Ne job too small. Larry. 242-9172. - - 1-13-p - FEMALE SITS. WANTED IS WANTED ANY TYPE OF CLERICAL or office work, some eipenence. Box 53 A. Slar-Phoemx. 1-15-pv COOK - HOUSEKEEPER. MATURE age. sympathetic personality.- drive. In last position 15 years. Looking for rather special family. Wish fare to be paid, work lo refund. No ties. Mrs. Maria Davis, No 1. Ardmora Close. Fox Elms. Tuffley, Gloucester. England. 1-8-c WILL DO DAY WORK. 652-5845. - q 1-7-J HELP WTD. Male, Female II WATKINS ROUTE AVAILABLE PART time. Phone 242-2860. xtf FIRST COOK. 40 HR. 5 DAY WEEK. . Excellent wagea. Company benefits. Contact the Executive chef Sheraton-Cavalier Motor Inn. 1-16-e B C LICENSED PHARMACIST required In Port Aibcml located on Vancouver Island, offering. Opportunity for advancement. Excellent benefit package. 310 000 plus annuallv. 40-hour week. Assistance on relocation expense. . Management Development Program. Reply In confidence slating age, experience and marital status to PERSONNEL CO-ORDINATOR, CUNNNINGHAM DRUG STORES LTD., P.O. BOX 2017, VANCOUVER 3, i.C, 255-1166 l-7-o HOSPITAL PERSONNEL 11 DOCTOR WANTED - Practise available in the Town ol Delude. 16-bed hospital with all facilities. Office in hospital fully equipped for rental. Reply to Administrator ol Delisle Union Hospital. 1-9-c DIRECTOR OF NURSING FOR 64 bed active treatment hospital. Previous supervisory experience desirable. i luuld have or be prepared to study Nursing Unit Administration. Please apply to the Administrator. High River General Hospital. Box 430, High River. Alberta. 1-10-c ( I 4

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