Star-Phoenix from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada on December 11, 1975 · 40
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Star-Phoenix from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada · 40

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 11, 1975
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Itol oMtiW to 4 lW U $'( ta oto Cancer worker b u ried Wednesday Srfvirrt rr held 4U Kniiw runral Hoflip Ilrtnrt4iiy of A'b rt Hush Cut. 71. orlrr IB canrrf fn-aimml fif h 1mvmily of JiaJijUhraan H dr4 Sunday 4 &ukairufl, Mr Cs rm la S-Utaiann fnm MkMIrvi, EneUnd. in ij:i at ihn mvtuiiiin of the urn Tfiiy i first president Dr. W. C. Murray, -ho requested Mr. C'ns to wt up the first Instrument shop at the university physics department. He remained at the university until his retirement in 1967. with the exception of the -ar years which he spent as a civilian employee of the armed forces In Britain. In 1929. together with physicist Dr. E. L. Harrington, he built the first Radon plant in Canada. In that same year, they perfected the first electric stop clock In Canada to read to 1 100th of a sedond. In 1948. the physics department. with grants from the Canadian government, the National Research Council and the Saskatchewan government. Three organizations aided by trust fund Grants totalling $2,000 have been approved by the Saskatoon Foundation for three local organizations. The grants have been made available through the Joyce Jackson Charitable Trust Fund administered by the foundation. Interval House, which offers accommodation and direct services to women and their children, has received $1,000 to assist in construction of a childrens playroom in the basement of theorganization'sexist-ing building on 5th Ave. north Voluntary labor for the project has been offered by the POW City Kinsmen Club. In addition, the Saskatchewan Council for Crippled Children and Adults (SCCCAi has Rates set for PRINCE ALBERT (Staff) - Admission rates and hours of operation for the new Frank J. Dunn indoor swimming pool , have been approved by city council. The 25-meter pool, a joint project of the city and the Carlton Comprehensive High School board, is prepared to open just about anytime." parks am recreation director Len Cantui said. Admission rates hae been set at SO cents for children. 75 to Afei -rM4U8 tg kuwvt It iMt 4,. 4 Vis ; i.a to. $U) JtlgtuWwftaMI 4 i 4P - f 4(4 j Ht fi 4ni if $$).-' I 4ft t) 44 i iittow 4 fm it 4p W4 44 4 -4 44 4MI 4I I ! ittUrf 4t 4 i 4 tl 4 MA $ii4H-4Ji 4 4-P ! to4 4 4 -ill 4 Mi lYdcriil grants appnmnl to 8i lil4.i 4 I-4! 48 tom WR-'i-'"' l 'fl li iliH 0 Im III ( ml,', H 1M tinto W.-4 Wi to) Im i t Im ft 4 4ii ii6(4 I1 it il 8 nit V tai ,n-8i 'I-I i to 14 In SI i8 Wwtito in'll to l.inSi 4 Vm Hi. if a il Kanfl.ft win (flir iK 4s a 5r -iiA.fl t-iy hmi j- ir a4 $1 toaa.ll 4 .MAI It ia j i i ru ujj i m ltomJ'1 ItA n ;:i. to t a liii n I5siiii, s.i IS 4 .: p I '. 1 1 8i l iLa-ism I to t V lEi to rr sia I.i4 loifv 1 Uif to UaM n l (I to, toa, -l IV lil t V II tt 81 liOar; UV M? was aU to pfvur from th I mind Mates the first hrtalfWI, BnXraytvjimf. (resting deep iroiisl auvef anywhere the human hriy Mr Cox sroWwas to make all the parts needed, of vary mg aprtturrs to ensure the b am would travel true to r ak u-Ll!M1 In 194 Mr Cx Initiated the first operation which would eventually be the heart of the first cobalt bomb m Canada During the period, I9M to ts'J he nfined the design to the use of treating cancer of the womb. The tishmque developed by Mr. Cox is bmg used on campus, at the Grey Nuns Hospital in Regina. and at a hospital In Toronto. Mr. Cox was a life member of Mystic Tie Lodge No. 213, Ancient. Free and Accepted Masons. a member of Harlcsden Chapter No. 33. Royal Arch Masons. and of the John Howard Society. He is survived by his wife, Gertrude; a daughter, Mrs. G. A. Symington of Medicine Hat, and two sons, John of Calgary, and Bert of Saskatoon. been awarded $600 for the purchase of a Genie, an electronic control system which will allow a person with severe physical handicaps to control some part of his environment. The Genie will permit the SCCCA's technical aids committee to continue a study of the application of such devices in home situations. A third grant of $400 has been approved for a summer camp program for youngsters enrolled at the School for Children with Emotional Problems (SCEPi. The grants represent the fourth distribution of funds from the Joyce Jackson Trust since it was established in 1971. P.A. pool cents for students and $1.25 for adults. Reduced rates will be available when lots of 10 tickets are purchased. The pool will have a staff of one full-time recreation director and three part-time cashiers and IS part-time lifeguards. The city paid more than SCTO.OnQ or four-ninths of the cost of constructing the new pool, which is located m the new Carlton Corn prehensile High School. 4Mtoto -. ; .ixiii P.mtotom - 4k n 9 . i '-to. v tototo to W m - mi 4 mm P4 i- A H to f Ml 44 - Mto 4 itoto' - 4 p tof 4.imto ,. i frtoP i fi f-lto v to 4 -9 4 to,-wm Hto.4 -, 44 4 w-4 rn to 4. 44 ! I ' 4 tofto4t 44W Vto t-4 " W V rn nto '. 14 to -4 to M 4 4 . tot 4to to4 .-t to to 4 A to 4 ito tM.toi pam totoMto V - 4t -Mp to -4tow ! to'itol to j!iHt to-4 1 pto-tov 44 Ito 4 4ttoto vto4 to 'uto-i4 to 4m ato m tototo to . 4 4M itoto m too j to tom to ia4iito 4fei i 4f to 4 4M4 m ito ifctotoiiat to.kitoi to ) 4 to1 ' fl t iA HtoMto tot to.ii to Mto to tom i a t H kto to !- totto.toto -to 44twtoK fM4 Ut to" 4 tto 44 to to !. C:v, i 3 , Vi f ; fc8 1 i !r,o 5. fe, . . dta 1 M r llat 15 . 18 W-W --. m J hmi MH DHI V r Ai Le v 0 iuiavii m w feDk,-,; 5,1 (.1 IK Ml m Wc1 1 tm 8 t H IH) tl WK W(8I8 HOT tXI p U p H Vw "Hn OTJ an a, p v pja, (W aunl ti Pa m t m pH KatiiKl 4 V3 . ivia tmuam an am Wwai pm' CanamaliiOTi ala 4 M p a WKftaf 1' ' pad 4 0 H 10 Wai-8dtVaHaottV pUNamon Ci f amt 14 .AH (A a CwhhI Wmd AtM V M-ocOTon n ty rmtl aka aa( NIr PM i IV MW matOiOT & IV 'm PvmmcPt eapm b w W taam yw vena pvvaaa pxaw "vOTim a-xl irtm al VO M fc'ml Dnpi.iy Adverttsirvj RCHOuU O COOT ACCietANCt TKSOAv 1200 POon lot tWMy SUWW 1200 noon lo fmia tMDHjAir 1200 noon lo Satunlay. MliOArUOOnoontxMonclip MOOAV 3 00 0 m lo luAKtny no WoOnevlay puO-ta taxi . Ait ol IV atiove im on a 'cocy m na"d Imps , wow lime iof cony pnn and piu&mahon NOTICES Deals and funeiai Nonces $4 00 lor lirst 126 wotds Each addilionp woid. 11c. Btrtns. Marriages In Memonum En qagemenis Cd ot Thanks S3 50 1'tsl 60 words Each additional word 1 1c per word. SUBXRIPTION RATES By earner 90c per week collected bi-weekly MAIL SUBSCRIPTION RATES IN SASKATCHEWAN 1 year $4800 6 months , $25 50 3 months $14 25 1 month $5 50 Sal only . $1200peryr. By mail In Canada. U S A & all other countries 1 year $55 00 Sat only $1500 per yr CLOSED ALL DAY SATURDAY, SUNDAYS 652-9200 Births 1 SEDERSKI - Mr and Mrs Guy Sederski are proud to announce the bidh of their daughter Angela MarlanaS lbs 14 0zat University hospital, Sunday Dec 7. 1975 A sister tor Usa and David Deaths ROLES The death of Mrs. Shirtey Roles, age 39. ot Meltort. Sask , occurred in University Hospital. Saskatoon. December 7th, 1975 The funeral mass will be held from St Augustine Roman Catholic Church, Humboldt, Sask on Wednesday, December 10 at 2 00 P M Surviving are her husband. Clifford, two dau ghters Nadine and Shem and one son Crain ad 0 home also her parents Mr & Mrs. Nick Frestadt 0 Humboldt two sisters. Darlene (Mrs Roger Eastman) 0 Humboldt and Mrs Patricia Kocourek 0 Saskaloon three brothers. Ray 0 Wilkie. Jim 0 Tisdale and Lambert 0 Kitchener. Ont The family gratefully decline floral tributes Memorial dona-tons may ba made to tv Canackan Cancer Society kywment be made o Si Augustine Cemetery ot Hynboidl Schart s FunerOT Home is m charge 0 enangemenls HAPPINESS IS . . . QUICK RESULTS FROM A LOW TELEPHONE CLASSIFIED m to ri toOTlto to'to -'i, oti to - ft U A to- ton -to to. toMfr to to ito 4toL.f4 to" to ri uto to ft1 r Vt.toiw A 4ft att to -tot ftM' mm to - t f $. wM-to4ito . . . M to - to M - to.4 to . to to- to" to ft to mt !'$ toto to-Vft M im 440ft 9MM, ftA.t4. Ayftift ft H mm -m t t m"m to m Mtoft ftwtoovdft - ito ft t ft. 4 n to ft " m: m -A irw" j i m tut tom to 4 th. !( v k M HT ' w k.H ,-m-. .,,, ;M t mhd. 1 siiw . .M..k.5 w ;, iw m - v ---. --. . OT 1) " V ) 1 -i-m-m -m m ot. 4 : .ot s n. k m, 4.W1 V - W W . , Ak OT IV HOT W.V.I :ot.OT OT"a ylnOT J. JOTU-H tkk 1.V..MM. AOTM V OTOTOT HOT )M WOT I. mm OT V-OT OTA H..IOT. WOTMW - 1 mum OT 4kivOT-t w V fcwiH hA ,HW..A, WA Av ,' OT i Al OT-.H) tf HOT V-H yrn- W . -!u1 0 mot. f p WAstV . 1M-W A.h'ot . 1 W.A 0 -A AM. AM. MOT OT 44-a rOTA r a ii .ot OT I A 1otA mm OTk 1 A OT A.l) 4 -V A w Amw- M'.i v-y 1tA a-4 jlOTlHt OT. OT mf MM. A AW (,.' DA. OT I WViM AOT VmOT 8 OTVOT tHHlt ah DMA mWi t.1 V A WS A 18) A 5otA Av -A; H) A)M Aa OT !i Alt Aa I a-4 AAA OTmAAI- Amu) A-. )AA vHk IV ) 8 OTnH- 1 AOT OT "H Amt- A. 0 M OTOTA ) OMcrA t ft t VA OTOT -) AOT AHOT A Aw VotAici)M Via- o A 1 WOT Aik U AOT OT 1OT iU OT lOTvyadA AOT )V Aiwa, OT 8 Aw mNot tfow-a a srnr mth (vrfv)iAWi lW OTf frJ AOT AW Char A Wt. AtTV 1w SOTHiq 0 OT 4 kI Arvy A.M.-A WjA 1 wa- 4wg Iota OTKAwt AAftvr- r LwC 4 V I'Awr $rw OT W OT ! tOTC 12 la's I 9 POT An.,A) IWmJ CVACH OCAOjcOTJ Ay OT U I lv OTa 0W M OACDV WA) 1pjlM lAA8 iWvhda lw V vw M IV Mot Mot) tail 442 2V Aw Swaowota) S.HIOT9 4V 3 av WototJ WtkOTl C, .Vd wt n vOTA 8 C . 2 fc-tDH Mot in Wot ol Vtt B C OTt MV) Bwmwt al Sa-hmMOT 40 f-m'i naftfWDM A1 nwcw OT Wv WOT pOTWrwMd hy ID OHNW 4 "0 mOTOT And 3 MOT Bom A lx) nd OT W M cwv to Canw 14 At ly 2 to Sam km n IDS Vmfivwd to AjiAti w-w-e V 41d OTM ttft1 wvn n moiwd to ion w4m4ndiAV to vton4 BC i VW V ntixnad lo Atqinth wW V DOT twwMd OTt r4 pAMtmg HMAWVnl w V macw m tv Asquim CAmerwy Pnrk Fotatai CVoW it in Chige o 4rfAngri4nt4 TROOP The pmmg ol M Verna Viola Troop ape 64 yea' Ol 909 2nd Snwet East. Saskatoon, Sank occurred m a Saskatoon hospaat on Dacamher 9. 197Si The Funeral Service will be held on Friday Decwnber 12. 196 al 2 00 P M from the Nulana Kingdom Hall ol Jahovahs Witnesses, 2nd Street and Clarence Avenue conducted by Mr Donald Bevm Park Funeral Chapel will be n charge Surviving are one sister. Mrs (Peart) V Hemtz ol Saskatoon and one brother, Bed Troop ol Leroy. Sask. Miss Troop was predeceased by her lather In October, 1972 and by her mother m January of 1975 and by a brother Leslie in 1 959 Born in Quill Lake. Miss Troop attended Public and High School In Quill Lake She lived with her patents on the larm and was engaged in missionary work tor 8 years. 4 years ol which was spent in Quebec In 1 954 she moved, with her parents to Saskaloon and was devoted to them, having nursed them until their passing Interment will be made in Woodlawn Cemetery JACKIE The death ot Mrs Ada May Lackie, age 55 years of 1303 Wilson Crescent, Saskatoon, occurred in a local hospital on December 10th, 1975 The Fu neral Service will be held on Saturday, December 13th at 1 30 PM from St Martins United Church, Clarenece Avenue and Wilson Crescent, conducted by Rev Eleanor Geib, and Rev Bob Thompson McKagues Funeral Home will be in charge of arrangements Surviving are her loving husband, Tom, five sons. Hal Lackie and his wife. Beverly ol Saskatoon. Craig Lackie of Vancouver, Gordon Lackie. Colin Lackie and Jamie Lackie. all OT home, and one sister, Mrs Leslie (Elizabeth) Shemilt, 0 Hamilton, Ontario Mrs Lackie was born in Winnipeg. Manitoba She received her edu-cationm Winnipeg, and married in 1942 Mrs Lackie moved to Saskatoon in 1960 and was an active member ot St Martins United Church, a member ol the Engineers Wives Club, the Faculty Wives Club and a former member of the Saska-. toon Y'sMenettes Club The family would appreciate donations to the Canadian Cancer Society rather than floral tributes Inteiment will be made in the Woodlawn Cemetery WAWYRK The death ot Nicholas Wawyrk age 75 ydars 0 650 Broadway Avenue. Saskatoon occurred in a local hospital on December 9th, 1975 The June's! Service w!l be held on Friday, December 12th at 3 30 p m 60m the Chapel 0 McKagues Funeral Home conducted by Archdeacon H W Bran-drCk Sovrvmg are one sister. Mrs Mary tvanchi. 0 North Battietord and lx brothers ot Saskatchewan. Feter 0 Saskatoon. xl John 0 Blame Lake Mr Wawyrk served overseas ot Wohd War Two OTement w be made m the Senders Fed m Woodlawn Ceme'e-y Guest oarmg Orecrty south 0 Fune-OT Home, yo Ae and 20n Sheet T4Nh n if Aft tlOTAi V- -4 toft toft ftto w.44- to ftto ft 4ft toioOTF ft'dt ft fttoft ftf. ft ft to- to OTft ft ft 'st to -Tft OTtoft toft' . ft ft to -ft toft 4 t toto Afftto 4ft V ttto-m 4 D to ,4ft ft, If 1 mm tor 4kH toft ftMMft l lift toft! Jnspupft 4OT44ft 4 JH to 4ft -I ft c ifts,4f to.fmtto to fft bftftlft ft tfAfty-to toft ft4 W 4 toft toftr to kgft ft.! .lik-fterft to toftft H toto to ". 4OT ft 4 to "i ft! 4OT41 to ftfttoift toft ft t vA-ip ft to" ft ,m-to to toft tom to , -ft jl a A) V4t A't h MAk tM ti ue r . t Mt I vfe 1 mm 441 lift ri vn $ v .? ftkMft iK:ct!anrjtn -Vi,M A VaA 0-mmt A JAM, i 4 A.'l , WOT DOT A-lW i.OT I DM A A IWM 0 AhOT OT AW OTOTHHiW A LmAA-AMH A- HM. mm ) AA Aw JAA A 0 Ml.kOT 4 ' 1 4 Aw Aw Dot MOTAIHigi IIOTAMW WA V a A r. ' V A :." 4 4 1 1 I At (itat OTAw MDm ') A Aa Aa4 AfctAW Ml AT .hmadWW. 4 CiM-iWOT)) A A a A 1 '4 1 4OTA-MOT -i SwOTAAOT 4.AA.4DV ) tit 13 0 SwiAli1MA.A A AA ft gf (OT-4P-M tj 1 MA ttltoiA IL" AVaj OT.' OT.4 CUM A.. f.ttAwA OT AOT hOT.T t.4 fmmsrpt I MI .t 414 OT4 4hotLA) Idwotot otaiwot Iw4 A. it'll JV Ab WV 2.-V SAW OTOTOTkOT 4OT4CWOT NAv OT VA A, 9 HOT AOT A CwHK. 4 OT kOT" 0 tOT AW AWAWlt 0 (HA t jvwig by AW lOTAr 44 OT1l OT 'jwtD) 54 0 4W PwnOTno an 1)4 wtitAOT Act nOMt OTwIAy 1 iov IV tv Aw W k) PA)HW ; M bWOTOT W ba POTCOTl on OTA OT r K1 04 tv BiOTM tw tw VACM by Any hwmw.IaH pATAOnOT IV Town O' on ny tAy hAhMWAn IV nos 0 4 00 A M 10 12 00 noon An0 1 30 5 00 PM Mon OaytoFrkMy W'ltlAO tubmiAVOV lAMPACIing IbA byiAw ww bt conwdATAd by tv Council on tv "Ah day 0 January 1974 OT IV town Ottica 0 6 00 P M Dated 0 DaaI4 in a nth day 0 Da-camwr 1975 Sales Personnel SALES REPRESENTATIVE We'requre a representative local! on commercial and industrial accounts to sell 4 comp lete kne ol ottica equipment. The successful appll cant will recave, sales training, guaranteed salary and bonus and protected territory Previous experience helpful but not required A car is necessary. To arrange an interview call 0 send resume lo Mrs Diana Maher , OLEVITTI CANADA LTD 619 2nd Ave N Saskatoon, Sask 244-1571 OUTSTANDING SALES OPPORTUNITY Automotive Supplies An exceptionally fine territory is open in the Saskatoon area We are an AAAA-1 ' company Listed on the New York Stock Exchange, and the leader in our industry For the individual we select, we otter Protected local account territory High commission Repeat sales Comprehensive Saining First year earnings potential $18,500 or more H you have automotive supply sales 0 other direct sales and service experience, call Roy Spanko (306) 244-2901 Thursday, Dec. 1 1 10 AM. to 8 P.M. . Friday, Dec. 12 8 AM to 12 Noon Or send resume to Roy Spanko. 184 DovercHle Way Southeast, Caigary Alberta. T2B 1W7 COST CLASSIFIED AD . 653-2100 &-toto to toft ftr 1 toOTto to H.11 to-to Aiftto to a ton ft .a v ftftto OTw4AOT4ftOT '4ft ftA Ito .fttoHftmto HOT-toto toft ftpftto4 toaftftto 4 if fti-to.4A . ft m ftftto to-ft toMtft to ftftttoitotoft ftftft to to wftftM"to ftifti toft ft to-OT to M ' ! to c to- to to to y$ 1 l4w Aa fto ftft A.ft)ftw4to to to" to to to l toOTAa fttoto t ft to HU itotoft to to to'AAto -. mi . to to m 4 to 9i to toll ftto to ft 4ft Itot totoft toft ftt.ft to$4to toto toft MHf4iiW to'"'' tofrto OT A) re I DOT (MHOTM ID. WV a -to to44i.itoMMwtotot toftftM ttof-M tHtoft WUfttoftHft Hito ft 4ftMto ff y wfttot toftt ft toft to to to4 toftMft 4to4 toto"9lrt to tom 4 toftHfft to ft toftHto totsftto totototo . itom toft- to to4jfc -to 4to .tototofthitoftto ft to iv Wtl.ft I'.Fj; 1x4 ic jT At AA. ag m )W .J-W . A SmnaM) ,i;i' h rvi-A 1 m L. 4 I Wiw. fwf.tAl 0AJU h I mpv toscii toi LA A0O4 fl4 AL MUVf m AOT)Ai):OTALJi OT 04 Ml LOT-OT4 ( 7'OT .-. yw OTtwH V.tLTV.000 fU.UUiOvMtt cm ) M.itnrA tNyv . 34M 2? Crematoriums 107 PflAiH.E VE.V CHAPtl IMV. and CranOTOT) Wxn rvjvay It Souin 22 TWM &M 2041 Lost & Found 10 4 VyA and iru No 2n9ft5 Mwaotq amundGwwnSl andMnAva Rvw0d CrtOTmtl 45nv? LOST 1 MALE Qay and wrata COT Mi$-Mng 0 hind leg 11 lound. pteasa cat 652 5259 11 SALES SUPERVISOR To call on broks and promote sates Should have experience in insurance and investment. WE OFFER $12 000 plus over-nde Liberal expense account and car allowance Group insurance and company pension plan It this sounds like the opportunity you are looking lor Phone 343-1659 to arrange lor personal inter view EARN A GOOD INCOME While you train for a professional career in Sales Call Mr. Fancy 343-1636 or 373-2870 Monday Friday 8.30 - 8 30 Saturday 8 30 a nr - Noon I n t .v.. tow ni-Aft . OTt, i.4 4 kv'T wi jf t c$i f fi P i t to ftf-ftw 4 towft toatHft ftft ft totAtft 4ft Aft ft.ft H to tofOTnftft to toto 4M- a. .,.. ' r 5 4 - !; I P$ Ptrhi CMf Wfm -C to 4 HP . ftAfts ftftOTMt-OTf 4 ', to to ftfttftv to wftAftftP'ftAft-ftto toto toftAftft ftfttotft tfttoNf ..ftMyftH 4 1 u ft toftttoAAM ft to to e to . ft toft toftiftmat to 91 ttoftto t r Mft to ? ,A tit V fpto i- to tom n toto totortotototo to ' rft-ftvto ftHftVtfttof; 1ft 14 n rto u ... f fttoftft)to (tototo toto totofttot j W toft'to (r to ift to' : W.VM a2l 9 CM rrt ttototo'fttol ttototo totot m i Bift toft toto'to ftw toafttoujfwto m tomtom ton mmMm Cfttoto totoft 4toto ftHf 4tto ft r aft - to toto f $ to 4 f ftto . - ,, a - I QhAl-I to CABINET MAKER ly v vot Mut LOTnJ (rwAOTira)). .4 242 14 aa, i4, nrf luwriiOT. AW !. A 11 Guta l.l (UIOTVia Ao0 OTOaOT wi own Vru) fcKOT Gay turn 0y CamwwwkI aja fuA hna ot4 ww. are Own ir.m mot gyi. i-yy? 0)44 N CtXPT MmAmVAOT New r OTomot ot. tea 4PpAcA)on4 l'0"i .ivn aOTmiot ic Apww MAR StVUSt lOTOTIAd CompOTOTd COTAS 0 na fly yampOTlAd COOT OT Atywig Cot 22 109 am .630pm 0 34 5621 AOT 7pm OT OTnOTOTA KLP WANttO Ipwwnc4 wan pans Curing mot Sivot Acsnca hOTno kra wryuMAd Topwagwa 452-40 HOLIDAY INN SaakOToon Regmia Manager Mavootsaa OT OTadanmaOT room Apply Mr Conrad. InnvepOT Hpivlay inn SaiAmoon LARGE NATIONAL Company is looking I0 anafgenc rOTaua pa sons who sis available 10 10 0 part-hma employ-mani Earning opportunues from $200 lo $100 pa week C required For more miormeiion apply P O Box 1 70, Saskaloon . PARTSMAN Leading Chrysler dealership has opening 10 expenen ced partsman. Full company benefits including madtcal and pension plan Salary negotiable according to qualifications and expert enc o. Reply in confidence to CROSS TOWN MOTOR CITY 10405 120th St Edmorlon Alberta . Art Gordon James DREAM OPPORTUNITY Like talking to girls and getting paid for It? We are a unique specialty company. Most 0 our customers are single girls. Must be neat and will rig to learn Special training and top pay. Ph. 382-3461 up til 6pm tor appointment OPERATION INTERLOCK FOR FREE SERVICE Gives aid to older persons to find employment. Come in see us. 244-3622 914 Broadway Ave FORD AND MERCURY 'DEALER SOUTHERN ALBERTA REQUIRES BODY SHOP MANAGER The shoo is a brand new 4.000 sq tool building Fully equipped, separate from dealership The town is located OT the foot 0 the rookies Excel 'ent hunting, fishing, skiing Dead centre 0 the Chinook belt Population 4.000 The successul applicant wilt be a mature ambitious toumeyman familiar w1h art aspects 0 body shop ooeratons. Modem 4 bedroom house anth garage available to rent 0 purchase Saia-y and 0Ot sharing open to negotiator. CONTACT MR. WAYNE CHESELY DAYS 627-4J61. EYEN'NGS 627-3244 PiNCHER CREEK. ALTA . a, to Mft AttoOTMiAto ftnft ftto to- ftMOTftftiftift to. t t 7m 7 vi toSk. ft. to M, ft. &mtoto toftto to - 421 - 4 ft.fft t tftftMftto iKift. i-OT toi to et t .1 ftaaMto tohi" to ftftOTft.t 4 4KM ). v.j towi 0i-4r it il if ft J 3 p,.a hdi 0 mm. mm . MOT 4. OTOT hw "St OT.DM.MUH ! immmmm w4 1 -.. hdi an HM'DW H Ah MW I aw w, m: ot.iidii a ' .dot 0 miwOTd i a 4a vh- tuna. tkR.-t.OT ark Nt an SOTWOTkawi OTddM m Mm AM 01XD14 V OT tt -ja 1 m it t i-itiLl 4tw t1 4D r, hi) Aw St mSuhd4 H xli.Mk 44 .) M0IU4 t)8m. S l v X- y OT tD.W.44 5 A-FOUR RESTAURANT YfAVtTkV I7i 4)J ML1 th. 1 OTmv-w! ft mt 4MHOTI r (JUft MMt tOTMMHt 4HH4 )W tut H4 0 XMt tm Cury OT tuff 04 Al4 OT W HOT) PARTS MANAGER AND MtCFtAN'CS iwqw'ts rchr StOThr Nm. hvototo 30 Ante O' hi Wa Stankov Sh'A UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL nequm Mamahiaxa mtcharae It on sacunty Musi ba maliae u4worthy. wm gen-Mai machancal knowadga. P'aaOTy anth security aipr nca bht wok m-Ckxling avaongs and rxgnts t Apply h Parson t ff Farsonnal Department University Hospiot Saskatoon. Sask. IMMEDIATE OPENING -General Superintendent This is a permanent position open lor the right person to supervise a residential protect ol up to 300 units per year Salary is negotiable depending on -qualifications. Apply in writing giving details and a resume 0 experience Headway C0p0ation Limited 455 Broad North Regina, Saskatchewan. JANITORS WANTED PART TIME-FULL TIME Tired 0 working tor some one else? Be independent subcontract opportunities available Contract s paying up to S3.0OC and as low as $140 monthly. Only requirement is you eqdpment purchase Apply to 114 20th St W 244-2991 10 PEOPLE WANTED To work day and night Earn up to $50 a day, as many as 7 days a week. Ph. 382-3461, til 9 pm. t

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