Star-Phoenix from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada on September 15, 1951 · 20
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Star-Phoenix from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada · 20

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 15, 1951
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rtK itun lOuntry Official Opening of vfr y Ritchie Studios, Lloydminster. LLOYDMINSTERS new hosvital. and some officials at the official opening on September 10. Left to right: the Hon. J. T. Bentley, Saskatchewan health minister; J. E. Clay, chairman of the Lloydminster Municipal Hospital Board; E. J. King, hospital secretary, and Dr. M. G. McCaullum. divisional director for Hospital and Medical -Services , province of Alberta. Rough Roads In Flin Flon STREETS TORN UP FLIN FLON. Bus service had not resumed here late September 12 after Northern Bus Lines halted service 4H hours earlier due to the rouRh condition of streets through the town. The streets developed a severe wah-l'0.ird and pothole condition following rains for the past few days. The condition was aggravated by the fact many of the streets were torn up by the sewer and water Installation project as well as tunneling for a new automatic telephone system. Public works equipment was on the street all day Wednesday when the three day rain finally came to a halt In the morning and by late evening most of the main streets were beginning to return to fair condition. Public works rhairman. Rob Frederw kon said It was ms-sible for hi department tu regravel the roads fal a the water and sewer and telephone i,rojrrt re trann Ihrrn Dj. TH Isv tell ty this In isUstinq ptk fcoul.l not up to ll traffic In rt mrsthrr. b mM. llriefi s rttSIH 1. 1 Mi rtUUMT 1im: IWX'K. un.IJ , Vlrmlf l, la. Ira. ' t fiivrrr nl .n a n-1 I rtnlrilxiljm pialrlH l 5hfd , , h -LaU.Ujt.o.t ,h YltUtf ln l U ttvrti4Vv ,,rt;nl4 ii r Iv.rg m-B I f 1-1 r Uim tn n ftr n ri5,.is lr tHf miS!lld c! I,hn I i J. farttvr,ri,ir.f in I'ni d SnMI, UU Wired. roYJavf j Hk hrl ,q,wnut.if, ,n Mf, l!r' Mb, a I r,.t in lkfl. il i!l lumhff ,n ! I ,i ., , htuM far il (N1 ll im. lLhtn. It W-bbi u,nn tn pro pill Yll II I,,,, lb ., fnrntvf r( Mt.hOttA -all M1 tfar Ultt-'M l U( fU!, li-'I av-n bi U' loKut,! -firir S U 1 ttMJ W tk. It Hkt U-re, -v 1,., . IUkt I. - ,', r-4n 4. r,a-pj.v . i -' ( ! m, k, (U-i"!-,., t; ,0 ,t r- -t st k 4 k'WiS fkvt fit I U ll H ft itsv frf Yt 9-4 f Vt 6 R te ?rvo la 0 9 W-s Ft Md p N 4 . ttN l, ti v.t 14 It . I t. V '.- M I f.a:.. . !- , I, Cv 4-a a - a- (, Y M It ,t ,.. 4 , a f; Yf t r , .- - Ntfllwttl Iilrlirr I ni r ( lutrjjr Y , t t 'ft r 1 ) T I s s - L Hi-)- 1 ft o'V C n r y n "Vif e iV W S-'fi f f-s -cti i v to It c-i ft t e PS ft i" .- y v ft the a- -tw. a 4 X k? 4f 1 ri eiehsaMP ASre-f rft1Ket- g ... tj. Hti St - t Lloyd Hospital i - Youth Hurt When Pinned by Truck FLIN FLON. Twenty-year-old Henry Reimer, a truck-drivers helper with the western Grocers was taken to hospital September 12 suffering chest Injuries, received when he was pinned against a dement wall at the co-op store. Reimer was reported suffering broken ribs and possible Internal Injuries. According to eye witnesses the helper was directing a large company truck as It backed Into the loading stall at the department store. Warehousemen said they heard Reimer yell and when they looked he was pinned against ihe cement wall by the corner of the box of the tru k. The box was against his chest. Provincial Obituaries laillinrr lldsis Bingham, 1, resident of teaVd tn,ter nil M rwriinl tor lie i-iwlpf iifnoi mi ten east Regtoa a, . j a i Se,,t vsog Toe Humu TfUilf Ml, jn I w I fr IHe greei otfiemt rl -A . . , fwiM tot don Id Nn f Mghesr frten W .. HfNr IHll Klllfff Iftm 1" IIRlilo dense of reiirlnt ttm M-. I a.. a... - 1 1 r 4mr I f Who e fmi Ite-ii-ng IIW s-opihf ?! to bn sh t.a.HA 1Msreni.iu it flit) lf M raw serf t4 Mnk Inff-n9lly from be eaMesrad .. in. w.e bolot fed gd n,o rare bwin( ' ftmrtal M-fttiv i - fa WSIR 40eo.e of lu l -o. -- eewfa t ng filing rjrHtht ., h,i4, . JiV, sun a i ! t W. 9 tor tkf cr 19 Nsl Hie fswi a f At e freI i, !,,., ... , . Yj -! 'a a I 4 bt-ilfi ,! Y - va a.-(H v-n 11 ,( a4 t kja - . a. tH- . !.'( fca '"' k -' f sy C see k o se Arsk-wee us 44 a vsi -M so 4 I (nill m( ,sdttll I inctl Rl"R, ( V ti ti, C t a 4 iff '4 n S-'1 i P 1 ii e M ! s 4 , t f ft v 1 44 ft 'Vt fSt ew-c reg ft nt e - w h s v-c e t'i ft f- t T T t ft I ft Yen, f- n ftlf S S 4 V S re4 a M fh 9 if T ft -s f h--a f f .4 A ft F ft ft 4 a 8 4,t S' f it .g X.'1 i -i t- s VW re-rl i -H1 i ft fy jk tg fte - - . 4r : v re Vd - 4 ft V t I 4 v . ftr Addition to llioli School Approved TORT FRANCIS. Oi.i, t. 1 j tUP). The Wills m lertj Frances are goirg to get a $475,-1 (XO addition to their high sthooL In a civic referendum elec tors voted 7M to i'Jl in fa or "1 of the addition. A proposed two-year-term for major and copn- cillorsr the only ether itie -ft in iba oi charlks r. kermis, the voting was defeated SG3 to'i of satkaio... Keund ... . irmr, deified Wrt. i NOT let TO CREDITORS A strong campaign for the 1 tinn ui iwt sut , . , , , , . duly verified b btaiutory DnrUrauoB new high school audition was and uh partK-ul&r and valuation of security held, if any, must be sent to the undersigned before lb 22nd day of October, A .11. 190! Dl&bERRY St BEME. 205 Birks Building ' Saskatoon. Saskauliewan. v boitcuor for the Executrix 9-17-c-s NOTICE TO CREDITORS In the Estate of ARTHUR GEORGE MOHRInON, late of the City of Sapka-toon, in the Province of Saskatchewan, rX k TtT Irvo T afvro carp- Laborer, deceased. AH claims against CrCAliv, JOG J.divre, Cdlc ,lhe above estate, duly verified by statu- taker at the town hall, was taken to hospital suffering from severe chest burns, following a flash fire from the town hall furnace, on September 12. RATES Star-Phoenix Want Ad Rates: Three Cents Per Word Per Day Six Consecutive Insertions for the Price of Five Minimum Charge Per Single Insertion 35c Minimum Count 10 Words, initial letters, etc., count as one word. Where 10 point or large type is desired by the advertiser, the rate per word is 7c per day. Minimum count 10 .words Minimum transaction 65 cents. Figures in groups ot five or less, dollar marks, initial letters, etc., count as one wort Where one line la aet in 10 point and the balance set tn ordinary classified type the charge is 40c per line per day for the 10 point line, Where the use of a box number is desired count as four words extra If replies are to be mailed to out-of-town points, please add 10 cents to cover cost of postage. City advertisers must pick up box replies at the Star Phoenuc office. NOTICES Birth, 11.00; Marriage, and Death,. In Memorlams, Kngagements, Cards, of Thank,, etc. Rate, $1.60 per Insertion of 10 lines or less, extra line of fly, word, each. 15c per. line. Display Advertising All copy for display advertising must be In the Star-Phoenix olfire not later than 4 p.m. the day preceding publication. The Star-Phoenix reserve, th right to classify advertisement,. In Prlnre Albert Advertising Copy may b, left with the Northern New, Agency. OFFICE HOURS Monday to Friday 8.30 .m. to 6 p.m. Saturday, 8.30 .m. to 5 p.m. - 1 Hi Closed All Day Sunday, and Holidays. WANT AD PHONE Subscription Rates 25c Par Wk Dollvarad In CHy. 80c Par Week Delivarad in City. MAIL RATES: 1 ytar aaaaeeaa, .M.a,...w.w.ll 00 6 months ti 50 3 mom ha 3 v 1 month A0 To ( nttad biaira and Graat Britain 1 yaar 00 8 months 8 AO 3y months trir-nu 1in 6 f0 1 month 1 nn -Tf nr, mtrTr, m -n 3 00 WANT AD P1IONB TKNDKItS Tenders are railed for ihe irraitnn of a Hkhardson murv utim itlow for ihe King George snowplow ( iul to rlear 0 miles of mad once a week at an hourly rate, lewol or any lender nut iterea-artle accepted. Tenders must he In by October I or further details See IJUIID THOMPSON, Prea Omanis e ak. W, KALLlO. her -Tres , IrUrky Lake ak ft 0l?c. , .. . a, - ,.? ,IM j 1 - , -m ,' aa "a a- e fc4s s 4W It A NtbltVflf W 4 it t 4 S e-St e- l4 st'taes w r e m- s 4 -- 4 m a- v w ae -' S V me I - t- h re hi t ,n 0 - - f e I -i ,-- 4 ..S re-W - e v Ast Aea a . p.4a8. 4 4W 0, W i g-O-es s.a 49 n-OreO- et-s . re sre-4,,s 4-9 aires aitn Hltt t s t-S 14 YS-W m H 49 e , W 4--4 a- - 4- - ,aa .re. 99 4 - tree 99 s ee4 a. s - e-rere ere s 49 e re 1 , a a MS a -i e m tttvc ft 4 H 4 - 'e j-h r-re e Cm e ft t .4. . 9 - 4 Itt ret.s 4a 4-ere re-M :i 4t;ccs tuirivuu. uni, NOTICES ! 1b Luae g M k D w I ifie x i xitt'.fc a Utf Pr- nN erf HmwM 1 a- VOTK TO cmdtom au rum. ui 4 . i fe iiiuiory atflfiix4 prl uUr gad iiviiw orf , -Mi. S-lv. USt A i h HBtei fnH hHdTf U4 l&Uft Aijr of m - ur w 91. . must a w ' m " I'tohtRY a PFXCE, Sw Birft BuiMKH baeaautua, bassau-Aewan. tory declaration and with the particulars and valuation of security held, if any, mufct be sent to the undersigned before the 20th day of October, 1951. STEWART & McMEANS, 211 Birkg Building, Saskatoon, Sask. Solicitors for the administrator the Western Trust Company. 9-17-c-s NOTICE TO CREDITORS In the Estate of Arthur W. A. Cors-cadden. late of Macklm in the Province of Saskatchewan, Insurance Agent, deceased. All claims against the above Estate, duly verified by Statutory Declaration and with particulars and valuation of security held, if any, must be sent to the undersigned before the 13th day of October, 19ol. GAVIN ALLAN. K.C., Macklin, Saskatchewan, Solicitor for the Executrix, Alberta H. Corscadden , 9-17-c-s NOTICE TO CREDITORS In the estaie of Annie Laurie Wallace, late of the City of Saskatoon, in the Province of Saskatchewan, Widow, deceased. Ail claims against the above estate, duly verified by statutory declaration and with particulars and valuation of security held, if anv. must be sent to the undersigned before the 20th day of October, 1951. MrCOOL A PROCIUK, 80H Canada Building, Solicitors for the Executor. Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, 9-17-c-s NOTICE TO CREDITORS In the Eb late of MARGARET IRVINE HANSON, late of the City of Saskatoon, in the Province of Saskatchewan, widow, deceased. All claims against the above-mentioned estate, duly verified by Statutory Declaration and with particulars and valuation of security held, if any, must be sent to the undersigned before the 1st day of October, 1951. THE TORONTO GENERAL TRUSTS CORPORATION, Saskatoon, Saak., Executor of the Estate of Margaret Irvine Hanson, Deceased, 9-17-c-a NOTICE TO CREDITORS IN THE ESTATE OK FREDERICK CHARLES GORDON. LATE OK THE HAMLET OK GRANDORA, IN THE PROVINCE OF SASKATCHEWAN, RETIRED, DECEASED. All claims agaiiiKt the above estate, duly verified hv Statutory Declaration and with particulars and valuation of xecurity held, if any. must be sent to the undersigned before the 20lh day of Oclotier, A D. IM. HARTIR A PEF.T. 104 (entral Chambers. Saskatoon, Saskau henan, hoitrttoia for the executor, Clifford Herbert Peel. IM7-C- noiick to cukiutoiis In the matter of the eatafe of MARY I MAM KH HI ItTON. late of the City of Saskatoon, tn the Province of tfaakatrh ewan, Housewife, dsceasd. Ail riaims aaalnst the ehove estate, duly verilird by Statutory Declaration and with partMulart and valuation of security held, if any, must he sent to the underaivned on or before the first dey of hotemlwr A It. llrtl, JOHN M At HLLM. Barrister, oj Metropolitan tlulldlng, hskainsn. Heskatrhewan, hoittttor for ihe Administrator. 17-ce smitr TO ( h DIToHS In Ibe mailer of lb, raiat, of FLITS-mill MSID I IJl V, tale of Iba f lit of baa Saloon, In Iba pmrtiw of Sal ban an. Ilmiaenifa, lUrtand. Stl riatfltl again, Iba slot gatal,. Sol r ,t,ii4 bv niaiuiort lrlaration and wttb parttrutara and tamaimn of a. urn haul, if any, bmt ho aaal In 'l-o t,n-loiana on or lain, Iba flfal 4ay p( .V' n.laf A ll joiis SIAlhtfM b aerial or, (lj lulkltsg lAire) in N-minf I IN AliNf Mss in im ! mt I w A I ti im tgw AO x. Unmeea m dh r 7 i . N4 tf ai. so-H ns mi i iM KvV'fof M W fabst 9M NU 94 Nr,Mtt A tV l. ruv Stisll V Wevs4af l Sd-reyo-rid l-4f -s 4bea eo feg W SiLi unuiu iil. im NOTH IS 4 mm4 Nx'TfcK TO Rr DiTofc: Ti Eexst wrf Ltd. is ciAf VAL-STStOM. ii al the f erf K itai. : Fro car littfitfiiMtt, RdirN a riaBi ijtAiM th tbovt estate. dus ifrr4 m MMuiur) 1 and wild piftT liars um 'ft undersigned brtcuf im k J t j pusdeit A D 151 uritv fees. tf any. m wi " HARTiE A FEET, luft central (taxbrrt, feskaiooa. hasxstcnew it. bourttora for Uii executor, Otctr RMmef. iM7 BIRTHS JOHANSSON DOLLY. SWEDE AND Nine are happy to announce another branch of Ufeir family tree, David Elis, 8 lb., 7 ea September 14 at City Hospital. 9-17-c WELLS WOODY AND EVELYN ARE happy to announce the arrival of Janice Marlene, September 5, weight 7 lbs., 131 os. Our thanks to Dr. Smith-Wlndsor and nurses of City Hospital. 9-17-c DEATHS JOHNSON THE PASSING OF FRANK Oscar Johnson, ago 64 years, of Lloyd-minster, occurred In a local hospital on September 14. The funeral service will be held on Tuesday, September 18 at Lloydminster. Park Funeral Chapel will be in charge of local arrangements. Surviving are four daughters, Mrs. H. C. Shortell and Mrs. R. H. Myers of Lloydminster; Mrs. Roy Johnson of Makwa, and Mrs. F. Myers of Dawson Creek; two stepsons, Arthur Barrett of Kitscoty, Alta., and Oscar Barrett of Calgary; two brothers, Charles Johnson of Alexander, Minn., and Amil of Waseca, and a sister, Mrs. Minnie Kittleson of St. Paul, Minn. Burial will be made at Lloydminster. 9-17-c McGREGOR THE PASSING OF DR. J. B. McGregor, age 65 years, of 825 9th Avenue, north, occurred In a local hospital on September 14. The funeral service will be held on Monday, September 17 at 2 p.m. from Knox United Churrh, conducted by the Rev. G. Duncan Wilkie. Park Funeral Chapel will he In charge. Surviving are his wife, Vida; a son, Thomas; a daughter, Bernice; two brothers, Roy McGregor of Winnipeg end Harvey McGregor of Toronto; four sisters, Mrs. Florence Dlxson of Calgary; Mrs. Roy McMillan of Carberry; Mrs. Willard McGregor of Vancouver, and Mrs. J. F. Bryson of Winnipeg. The late Dr. McGregor practiced his profession at Kerrobert for 22 years before moving to Saskatoon 10 years ago. He was a member of Kerrobert Masonic Lodge A.F. and A.M. and of Wa-Wa Temple, A.A.O. N.M.S., Regina. Burial will be made In Woodlawn Cemetery. 9-17-c RISTEAU THE PASSING OF WILLIAM F. Kistcau, age 65 yeafs, beloved husband of Jane Anne Blsteau, of 823 6th Street, east, occurred at the family residence on September 15. The funeral service will be held on Tuesday, September 18 at 8 p.m. from the First Baptist Church, conducted by the Rev Horace West aseiaied by the Rev, B. Johnson. Park Funeral CTiapel will be In charge. Surviving are three sons William E. of San Francisco: Basil G. of Whitehorse, and Ronald F. of Saskatoon; a daughter, Miss Shirley K Isle u of Saskatoon; seven staters, Mrs. R. Briscoe and Mrs. A. fiumniach of Asquith: Mrs. W, Felhfsber of Pembroke. Ont., Mrs. G. Gets, Mrs. J. Kuehl of Killaioe, Ont. Mrs. 8. Hen demon of Regina; Mrs. T. Johnson of Vancouver; a sister-in-law, Mrs. C. Ris-leau of Kitchener, Ont. and three grandchildren. The late Mr. Rlstfeu bad been a resident of Raskatoon for the past 11 veers. He served In the First World Mar 1914-1918, also In the R.C A F. In the second war from 1941 to 1945. Burial will be made In Wood-lawn Cemetery. 9-17-c FUNERALS HOPK-JOHNHON FUNERAL KF.HVKT. for thr Ut H. Hop-Jnhnnon of S I-y, R C. formerly of haikitoun, was hrkl from Psiierson Funrrst Horn, New Waatmlnater fl ., on Irplrmler ll The Rev. N. Atkinson eondurted and members of the ('anadiao laegion were paHliaarsra, gurvivlna besida hta . Reft, and M , Waller; (wo daughters. Mrs Imlel James, Dawson Creek. HCh and Mr Gordon McKay. Kaakatnon. fire grsndrhlktVQ and three great-grand- rhtMrvn, 9 17 r CARDS OF THANKS r ll -TO TlUSK DIM MAHY frlemta tor ktrdne And armpeihr eiwse a tat thrsuit sw set twreave Soent In (ha Iras of suf awing hue a k , . t0'-M i f . is I .t s , : mn u-in Invisii Ktwiini i fSe Wef nt tMfatO 0,19 fin Margsre iM deognier Irv tit fiHisnx wt-w.ut tr r Wst f s ;fg1 -s4 to the ess 94 Ik, s. I M M MS. Sts Ms W ass4 s-a k-s 9 I p in im wnt f xy I 3 k'sa ; WiJi a iwtie a & iv tu i fur 'm. ; tn 4a w'tn Ljaw r h-l P IHOMPswjN IN MEMORY OK OlKt Osar aua Aiuutf issasiwus. i Dear Aiv uu au wut tergtca. I Tbougn as rwrth you are ou mure. htnl ta mcmuN-y you are wiut w. , As you always were before lotigi remembered by Mom and Dad. 01 I IHOMPbON 4.V LOMNG MEMORY OF iAn Arthur Thump&oa Not dead to Uioce bo loved Ilia, Not kt hut gone before. He lives with us ia memory And wiU for ever mvre. Remembered by ball, Elwood and family. l, THOMPSON IN LOVING MEMORY OF Arthur Thompson. Tha flowers wa place upon your grave May wither and decay. But love for you wno sleeps beneath Will never fade away. Remembered by Chuck, Mona and children. 8-17p funeral directors - McKAGUES LIMITED funeral directors Harry McKague. Manager 300 3rd Ave., So. phone 23131 SASKATOON FUJSTERAL HOME W. A. Edwards W. Arnold Edwards 348 2nd Ave.. So. J. R. Young William Pearson Telephone 6577 setf PARK FUNERAL CHAPEL Funeral Directors and Embalmers Mansel G. Binkley and Jack M. Binkley Proprietors 311 Third Ave., north. Phons 212412 MARRIAGE LICENSES .1 MARRIAGE LICENSES, 5; WEDDING rings, $4 to $12, Watch, clock and Jewellery repairs. Western Jrwellera Ltd.. 263 2nd Ave.. 8. Phone 23364. xu MARRIAGE LICENSES ISSUED - THE home of the famous Bluebird diamond engagement rings. Staceys Ltd,. Jewellers, 102 2nd Ave.. 6.. at the iign of the overhead clock, tf FLORISTS MARRIOTTS SASKATOON NURSERY-110 2nd Ave., No. Phone 23300. Flowers for all occasions. Nursery Ph, 22107. We grow all (lowers we sell. xtf MILLAR'S FLOWER SHOP AND GREENHOUSES 214 21st Street. E. Phones Day 7777 Night 7773 YOUR PERSONAL FLORIST CUT FLOWERS WEDDING BOUQUETS FUNERAL TRIBUTES xtf FRANK J. DOWDINO, F.R.H.S., FLOR-lst. Everything In floial need. Store opp, Eaton on 21at Street. Phone 22345, night 92750 . 22732. xtf VICTORIA NURSERY (MRS. E. McAL-lister. Miss L. Gold). Cut flowers, funeral designs, wedding bouquets, 205 2nd Av,.. S. Ph. 2366,. Nary. Ph. 97438. ' THE ROSE BOWL Phon, 6653 for Flowers for all occasions, funeral design, wedding bouquets. 332 20th Street, best, two door, wl of Roxy Th,atr,. MONUMENTS 5.1 LOVKH GREATEST GIFT. It EM EM. hranro. 100 designed memorial, to lect from at Me.tern t. ramie u Marble to- 714 2nd An. north. Phon, 63o.S. tf ALKX YOUNG MONUMENTAL CO. Unr 2nd Av,. and Qun 8t, Phon, 8J77 R. 2017 Slf I.OHT AND FOUNT U)8T AMkmiYKT AND CfLD rAR. ring, dttwniown, Phone 6x5 1 . 9 1 7 H( mT77S UTI MTRFft TAHI'Al'. Hn. Owner may hav same by pavit.g for nd ritone Ffws. 9 IJ-c U9tTaI91 T 4TyTU RhDAY i in Ry of Alrd klreet and ffand Mill flrown wallet tttnuinmi 111, Valu She tMlwrs arxl fS tores, Av rewerd If money ia therein when found. Rhone mini, 9 Ilf Ur AS (Mittott N RIMMrti t,l as in ifii premier , lwee phooe fjto kllr ur u.i -i-a womm. g, aa . a.4 . lo " 1 ' ' re c m,ii -n aityirea. 8t I. I l-ra a4 -al bare 88 -f I . " tvttpnv hit. tivi (,,. SU S-4 MM Hd I tec M Wree fa Mu ceen M N4 rtt m Stf 1 1 ! A reA,f ltt - ---r - MIIE HFIf WIUI D 19 ;t j i,UlE$ toFLFt ftxdl M mk tfQcirvi i M Uiecj bI A. Mill K.t. Men, A-lW LARGE M EXALT NEW sFtPER laisra a few Smart - CARRIER BOYS Far Home bdnierv 6m ire la ss kaiooa. AU he' a tatecetea m teiusf t&w aopular veekiy newspaper TELEPHONE 3bS Our bora! supervisor w til ba pVead t ; interview you regarding a aervsihl roua. 94 7 WANTED MANAGER bECRETARt for Hub City Curling Rink. Duties to commence Oct. 15 and to conclude April 1st. Apply stating experience and salary expected. Box 431 A Star Phoenix R-17-e EXPERIENCED BAKER wanted. Phone 44S8. tf EXPERIENCED BACK HOE operator. Patrick Construction Co., Ltd. 9-17-c WANTED MAIL CLERK AND OFFICE BOY by wholesale warehouse. Apply to the J. H. Ashdown Hardware Company Limited, Saskatoon 9-17-c HOTEL PORTER WANTED AT ONCE. Must be single man. Apply William Little, York Hotel, Rosetown. Sask. x 9-20-C DRAGLINE OPERATOR, 1.50 PER hour. All expenses paid. Phone 4260. 0-17-c EXPERIENCED PARTSMAN required Immediately for large farm equipment company. Good opportunity for right man. Apply stating experience and qualifications to ' BOX 438 A STAR-PHOENIX . 9-17-c WANTED IMMEDIATELY BY R.M. OF Winslow No. 319. operator for No. 11 Adams elevating grader. Men capable of handling cats also would be preferred. Good wages to suitable man. Contact W. D. Bentley, Sec.-Treas., Druid, Sask. 9-22-c FULL OR PART TIME LABORERS wanted. Apply Westcon Ltd., 620 1st Avenue, north. Phone 21344. 9-18-c CATERER for SASKATOON BADMINTON CLUB For winter season from Ort. 15, 1931 to April 15, 1052. Living quarters supplied. Man and wife preferred, For full details write THE SECRETARY, RASKATOON BADMINTON C Ll-R, OR PHONE R. B. BEAUDRY AT 23191. 9-17-c REAL ESTATE AND INSURANCE FIRM requites salesman. Mum have lute mwlel car and be willing in work Good proiKYbiiton fur right man. Box 434A Star Phoenix. 9 19c . UNUSUAL OPPORTUNITY For aggressive salesman of proven aiutilv m large international organisation. Expansion In havkairhewan gives excellent opportunity for pro motion to Territorial Management. MUST have Of Mill car ami no iravel restriction. I'lsr of residence Immaterial provided It la loraled in hove territory. Do not apply unless you are ambit lous and a proven ano resat u I salesman of character capable of earning large Income In peiliv selling on osiimlufan heats. Implement and Silled outlets are few of the prlnrlpsl dealer for the produrt. I trellrnt references required Applicants hired will la given thorough training in Company policies, sate methods and adteriuing program Inriwa'e age. inertial status and com. ptete busines history. Apply lntin-diately to IKX llI TARriloi.Mt lies rkn rxTire Movrf Ym, raa iMtna, f ' I ,M in I,1,W4.I, W (t4 It IHtitaa) (airt. re re ,;84 fa-, 8 .wthi Ni ha lr4 lb, pfnMaMt4 M , H 8 4 re ik. l-t fc n-ia 4-re I . IM . i.a'at i-b k i.M .- nWN(u reuwaM irere ,M tt reaa faJ-t f mm9 ftretOfS ftstfaM 01 j Aewv aWeft g d trel re Wife H ' 's IlftStllMI ftl la VlftDMI fth 4cae Hmm Ui le i-4, A i m m V,titnl tmnvolMJrty AsdsTANT SHIITKlt ft 4 rfs Usa A Jib Rt- AuJtjr Hour. u,vi LiMiTi n 9 fcd ivfin 9- mtt-scs SGtts I re e S S irennre S - W -m M-s U m re rere e. more f e- a ree- S',-re SHre4S H-a M SM -- -- ,stMie ,--40 4 s a (! re,4 sow s-tre re-k e-1- ms ,-eH'k I" res re a re. iwttrereUrete - 4 f - re t -- f- atm. ifav W MS dHte ie a M 4 Vre t HIM tf s 9 W- re, o- s , re - ft ft t e , ree--o S'S1- t -U! V are lwHwir e 4 re e- t' re-aa. On r ftO-eH'4rere Mm re te v f X toft vis t4ftu s-8isa a vi a r g a 0 - s s . rn a rere-4 a fte e-- - 1 U44t 4- pO4tk A SSCftft sift - asa t a-re re, -9- ft -4 m fa - I -lit I i-rt 1 nre. ire-re e seree SS 4.9 . .. 4 M a .reiSare 4.C e'V 4W I i 7 I ' i I I imv i r. 2'th r 1 1- inn M I.E HFi P V T11 It jIAN f o u aw, ertu v Te oaecw a. e ae, utf asa krp to Ls Mi. kt - n Ssat Ale EAPaKU Ni i U IKAtrUS F OPLK K T H m na BbaS we a lnoc Am. Good wagea. ateodv work t d hs App$y W. kcas, IA5 ItA Mreet. tc Ftace AAcft Itsaa k wire (otWru Wl's-C WANTED HR-T tU htCHANn lor ford dealership. Should be - e I. work flat rate inr. kvrtift, run-e Dons good. Tup vafM. Atorf Manager M' -w City tulM Mia km City, BC. 94 WANTED FIRST CLAS UNi-u? man tor large I ord dealership. Usl working condition. Top wage. M4 be good. Address c O Seotce Manaes-r, Mt-ioa City Motors Ltd., Mission i . B C 9-20-4 WANTED MALE PHARMACY Apprentice for Vorkton General Hospltt. Apply J. Smith, Superintendent. 9-l-e Nationally known Co. expanding in this area, requires salesmen with cars for several territories. If you ate mtereteo in selling a top qualttv, nationally advertised product for a rapidly expanding company, where vou are eiigie for promotion after six month, applv to Box 395A for a personal Interview with the sales manager 9-17-e MALE HELP WANTED ASSISTANT for fire and casualty insurance agenev in Lethbridge, Alberta. Duties: Endorsements, correspondence. rating and interviewing, and general office work. Write, stating experience and preferred salary bracket to The Manager, P.O. Box 628, Lethbridge, Alta 9-17-e WANTED Young man interested in automotive wholesale field. No previous experience is required. Immediate employment offered in warehouse department. Applicants please contact PERSONNEL DEPARTMENT Bowman Brothers Limited SASKATOON 9-17-c WANTED FIRST CLASS AUTOMOBILE mechanic. Experienced in wheel alignment and motor tune-up, Top wages. House supplied. Apply Sullivan Motors, Kimberley, B.C, 9-22-c j WANT K D EXPER 1 E NCE D CAT 6 P-erator, capable of operating HD 10 cat with scraper and bulldozer. Apply R.M. of Prairiedale No, 321, Sntiley, Sask. 9-22-c PARTS ASSISTANT FOR FORD DEAL-ership. We need an experienced parts-man to aHaiat In running our parta department. If you are looking for a better aalary or for better experience, here Is your opportunity. Please state your qualifications fully when replying and give references. Apply to (tld-hell Motors Limited, North DalUeford. 9-lU-c WANTED IMMEDIATELY AN EX- fjerlenced mechanic, married man preerred, to supply his own tools. Applv Midtown Motors Ltd., Phone 258, 1 im-dale, Sask, 9-19o WAN tTTi YOING M4N TO SErTe apprenticeship In Miner Drug More at Mellon, Sask. Must be a grade 12 graduate. Write direct. Hide AGENTS WANTED 12;, MONUMENT AGENT WANTED TIIKKK ate hundreds of unmarked graves in our district, gelling monument is a good agency. You can add a lot to nur Income. Vtrlla Box 2001 biar I'hnentx for Information. xif NATIOVAf l.t KNOWN COMpANt HKWUKK hALLSMAN Age 30 tn 40. with knowledge of surrounding territory and preferahi) with ronnections in grocery trade halary, mmisiq niao and transportation pmvbletl. rlesee slat full isr (icuiars with experience, also gaiety hrs,ket Reply to Itos U3 htsr-Phoenix. 9 20 ftAMHMiAUHVAS WITH t All HI sell direct to farm home. If vou r interested In asrnlhg luo ta ton Me month we invite you ta investigate this proposition, Ro 4 4 A htar I ho-n tiled At.ft ST TO M I I, tAlU'llMHfk isMtitf riothtog dirari from msfcee ta wesree ft oil or parft itad fond fisswlMiwii, lw pf tree, (tut is dtd slues mis aeiitng ev, Vt tnf Ssaipwa tel irHite f int-r A osopeny ftvept. N ifat 411. Moorsi, a i ; e a MIJ4VIA MllvStiWlSt gA Pnesl meisV toS tog tlinft fnsfts, ls4 siartts Mms lsys owsae I s4 sokes. Seod he ts ku JAN, Appiksieea, It kts ftm, lse-a at u i into viik kHi isi t rvt r inf led won a .m . t eels teMSMS I re )! S f U a pee, 4 ,s tnOMM-s ftst S ef saw pg a e faest Im miv! s-4 reof fiS -! srrera - e res a 9m -are VC 4m f sssS g S-.yg seS nre-M 9- t 4 re. vs ret A eia f U ft- I A tew a t e falrMnui Wanted 9 se v a -- se -.4 !.ilrereM-f "ws re s weas m esiuNs Ssssse t 94r is a e.s 9 fa4sre t 9 99 9 re MfMWM S - 9 a4 M Mf sAt s e s e we s g e ms I S4M-e - na-re-ree sev---s . s e te-enes 4 s-e Se.rtn eeav s-s6-' -res areS A ge4tta a seesren " """ iivtiti mir sivtto 11 A IVM e 1 a ftrere vre a, r e v. 4 m Si-a a- - re, ft - - rere '! eret ft' I IS ftiss MO w Vtft ftesa 99--144 Sa I-SSM4 cs.- re a - 9 .re --ve s m a .. c -a A V - r MIN! 4 a SB re V re -a- 9 4 v 4 v -4 .- - S re. - re 4 . r a e o ' ft f- O rere. n ft - Snreft nV , jf, 'f e i : . b ' -H- - a a - - t J: ,.I 1

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