Sioux City Journal from Sioux City, Iowa on October 7, 1943 · 5
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Sioux City Journal from Sioux City, Iowa · 5

Sioux City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 7, 1943
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ni lr"i - si a. it . 1 1 1 r? 4 f All The Lemon u . ; i- - - L B BETTY LomoM iUy a leadln role these 8T for toer help through their numerous household uses and cook In aid, to make work lighter tor rny wax-tlme bometnakers. There tnr be many food shortages but the lemon crop jnromises to 'meet all fall and winter demands. Ererr member of the family can. hare his fill ef lemon pl and aU the other Umon nTored delicacies) of which he is fond, Perhaps la an rops the farorite f taroritea is the Lemon Meringue rte, and by taking three tiny pre-caatiooa. erery cook can be tare f serrlnc anch a pie with a flaky erast. a fragrantly fresh filling, and a tender, easy to-eot meringue. First, be snra to add lemon juice and to the pastry mix; second, eook fillta first, then add freshly qneesed lemon Jnice after remor-tag from the store; third, add a tittle lemon Jnice to the meringue, per' the fall recipe: Lemon Meringue Pie t rape sifted floor. 1 teaspoon salt . 1 cup ahortehisj: 1 slightly beaten err S tablespoons lemon Juice Ice water Sift floor and salt torether. Cat In ihortenlnr. Add err. 'combine with lemon Juice. . Add rradually Just enough. Ice water to bind dough torether. Roll pastry out thin and line pie plates. (This recipe makes three t-tnch single pie shells. Keep nnbaked dough in re Mxerator until needed.) Bake in hot oren (471 degree F. for IS sa mates. Picnio Meals Can Ba Great run Even If They're Only - Served in the Garden If your family Is addicted to picnics, plan to serve supper in tour own garden or on .the porch, sk friends who live nearby to are it with you, and you'll soorf i,ve an enviable reputation as a ecesaful stay-at-home picnic tess. , iven if you haven't a barbecue II, you can cook your supper 'doors. . A grating propped up stones or bricks over any sort fire serves admirably to hold 4 . 1 (, 1 . By BETTY From the bria-lir ot history, eonnolsseurs of food hare always appreciated the grspo. Music and totry hare always sunr Us praises. And while It Is true that the rrapes f the old country .were rood. It Is a well-known fact that American oil is particularly well adapted to tais fruit. Ths wealth ot our climate also! produces an infinite ytrlsty In types of rrap But whatertr type ef mp I available, there la ona tblnr cer tain, it will mak a dellcioua swset Prsad. Then, too, the grape U ucn a versatile fruit ... la addition to Jams and jellies, there art eonssrrea. rrap butter and subtle combinations with other fruits. Modern recipe assure tn of a lrfect product, and they sara both time and energy. Testsd recipes turn out jellies with a half minute boil and jams la only a minute or o. Erery batch of fruit means half-again mora r' n"1 tha Wen naror of fully ripe fruit. Try these today; Crap Jsl'y JMakes about 11 medium 1 !) i cups Juice . H cups sum 1 box powdersd fruit pectin Ts prepare Julea, stem about SH Poaads folly ripe grap snd crush tan thorouxaly. Add 14 cups water, briar to a boil, and sixatner, eorered. la m!auta. Place fruit la Jelly cloth or bar and sqaeese ut Juice. Msasur sugar Into dry dish snd v asiaa until naa. r " Jilee into a s- to t-quart saucepan. j Grapes are Ripe for Jelly and Jam! . Pies You Want! BARCLAY For fillinr ase: 1 cop water ar milk 4 cop snrar ,U teaspoon salt 1 teaspoon rrated lemon peel B tablespoons cornstarch 34 cup cold water 1 -well-beaten egg yolki I tablespoon batter tablespoons lemon Juice Bring water or milk, sugar, salt and lemon peel to a boil in sauce pan on direct heat. Add cornstarch, blended with cop cold water. Cook orer low heat, until thickened (about 5 minutes), stir, rlnr constantly. Remore from heat. Add separately, mixing well after each addition, the err yolks, butter and lemon Juice. Pour fillinr into baked paatry shell. When fillinr Is cool, top with a merinroe. made from: 1 err white 4 tablespoons snrar 1 teaspoon lemon Juice Ueat err white until frothy. Add surar rradually. Continue beatinr but only until err holds its shape in peaks, fold in lemon Juice. Brown pie In moderate OTen (125 degrees I) for IS minutes. (Hakes on 3-inch pie.) Now that. thereH be plenty of lemons on hand, youll want to serr lemonade often. For quick lemonade, eqneexe out enough fresh lemon Juice for 1 or 3 days, then add half as much surar as you hare Juice and put it in a eorered glass Jar in the refrigerator. That way it keeps fresh and caa be serred in a Jiffy. When ready to serre. simply add Ice and water to the lemonade "starter". fa coffee pot and a skillet. Youll find French toast or grilled sandwiches easy to make as well as substantial, for you can get them all ready in the kitchen to put in your sizzling .skillet. Everybody can relax taut nerves in true holiday fashion if you brew decaffeinated coffee on your grill. There's an all-purpose grind nowadays that can be used in any sort of coffee-making apparatus. A rounding tablespoon to each measuring cup ( H pint) of water is the amount usually preferred. If you make" it In a percolator, remember that decaffeinated coffee needs a little extra "perking" to bring out its .rich coffee flavor. WvH .. . v , v : V"wfc & BARCLAY Place aver hottsst fire. Aaa powdered fruit pectin, mix weu, and continue stirring- until mixture comes to a hard boil. At once pour in suxsr, stirring constantly. Con tinue sUrrtnr. briar to a fun roiimg boil and boil hard V't minute. 'Rs-more from fire, skim, pour quickly.. Paraffin hot Jelly at once. 3U cups light corn syrup may be substituted for 1 cups of the sugar. . Concord Grape Butttr 4Vi cups pulp ' ' . 7 cups sugar bottle fruit pectin, ,9 prepare fruit, stem about I pounds fully ripe rrapes and crush thoroughly. Add k cup water, briar to a boil, corer, and simmer I minutes. Separate juice from pulp by placinr hot fruit In 2-qaart sier. Run enough Juice through a double layer of cheesecloth held in a small slere to obtain 4 cups strained Juice. Use for making grape Jelly or rrap Juice. Rub rrapes. from which Juice has drained, through slere to obtain pulp. Mtasure sugar and grape pulp in to-large kettle, fllllnr up last cup with excess Juis or water,, if necessary. Mix well. Brina "l""1' rolling J 0Ter hottest fire. Stir constantly before nd wail boiling. .Boa hard 1 minute. . , ' Remove from fir and stir la bottled fruit pectin. Pour quickly. ParmCa hot butter at once. Makes about 11 rlase flalil o11 each). . j caps Hrht corn syrup may b substituted for cups of the sugar. Serving it with hot mftV is good "stretching" technique. Youll find special dishes, unbreakable or made of paper, worthwhile even for the home picnic, for they simplify serving and cleaning up chores. . . . Picnie Brew -v. Use 1 rounding tablespoon all- purpose grind decaffeinated coffee to each cup ('pint) water. II percolated "perk" 18 to 20 minutes slowly and gently, 4 or longer than ordinary coffee. Have ready a . pot of hot milk: When serving, pour milk and coffee together into cup in equal amounts. French Toast 1 egg, slightly beaten cup milk ' Va teaspoon salt .' - - 3 slices bread V inch thick) Combine egg, milk, and salt. Dip slices of bread ' in mixture and! saute, in hot fat in griddle or in 1 skillet. Drain 'on unelazed paper. Serve with syrup, if desired. Lemon Fluff V eggs . 8 tablespoons lemon Juice 1 teaspoon grated lemon peel . 1 tablespoon butter 1 cup sugar riint prMm tj u ', . I entertainment problem. Howerer, Beat together the yolks of the j tte fact remains that the relaxa, eggs, sugar, butter (melted), lem-jtion we gain from being with our on Juice and rrated DeeL Cook! friends is a pleasure too important in double boiler until sugar is dis solved and it is creamy. While still in double boiler over boiling water, fold in stiffly beaten egg whites and mix well. Remove from stove and chilL Serve with whipped cream. 5 - Cooler Mornings Call (nr Uaivtxr R.ALfeft -v..7 .Micaaioai,1 e0ch a timely idea that many It's hurry-to-breakfast and hun- wise homemakers are s erring it gry-for-breakfast time in Amer-'for luncheon or supper. ' It consists ica these cooler autumn days. r v Mother must get Sister- and Junior off to school again; Dad ofi to work. Perhaps she has undertaken a war job herself or is doing volunteer work outside the home. Everybody's . busy busier than last year, and everybody must stay fit and healthy. Breakfast should be a good, substantial meal, easy to prepare, appealing to appetite and eye, and most important of . all, one that will furnish grown-ups and children alike with abundant energy and tissue building food. ' That Is why "Shr eddies," the whole wheat, malt-navored, spoon sized, ready-to-eat cereal holds a favorite spot oh thousands of American breakfast tables today. Its satisfying malt flavor makes it easy to eat enough of this energy-packed food to carry a busy worker or active child through to lunchtime. " Cut into convenient bite-sized pieces, crisp, delicious, nourishing Shreddies , .is simply poured right from the box to the cereal bowl, with all fuss eliminated. When served with hot milk, it provides a dish glowing' with warmth for children too young to drink coffee. The vitamins and minerals, pro teins and carbohydrates contained in this nutritious whole wheat cereal help to maintain strong, sound bodies, more capable of resisting the usual diseases of cold weather. As a cereal, "Shreddies" is clas sified in one of the seven basic food groups and you can enjoy it in unrationed plenty! Plan Canned Foods Ration Points Wise planning, such as house wives have been taught for years to do before going to the store to shop, is still good advice, but now it is quite impossible to de cide at home what you want and then find it Today's planning has UU ' ' v y '. PURE LARD, 2 Lbs 33s POnS. LOIII ROASTS : 29s CHOICE RQUliDSfEAK, i Lb. - - 33 d' FRESH GROUIID BEEF, Lb. .. .... DRIED BEEF, Wter Sliced, 4-oz. Fkg. 19s Over sfliisfltiE, Lb. . .25s LIEDFOBD FEARS, Ilieo Esling, 6 for . . 28s HEAD LETTUCE, Crisp, SelSd, 2 (er . .23s CABBAGE, Solid Grcsn Hands, Lb. ... .4s T0'AY GRAPES, Lergo Clusters, Lb. ..15s SAUIO!., Fcnsy Pink, Lb; Caa . . .... 27s PnELIIUI.1 CMCXEHS, Lb. ....... ..17c HABISCO SHREDDED SflLfiDH OLfiCIC TEA, IS Bapia Pkg. I7e OilOMOIIl cr ;SPflOCETTi; 2 Lb, v J7q Mlii hood FLGun, 23-D. 03 . OXYDOL, Lcrgo Sli flCuO StAHG:, C:rn IIOTEX cr r.::::SS, Extend Hospitality i ; i f- :i -: - : :" :--v v - : ., 2 ;: !l6 - - - - 1 By BETTY . Frequently today, you will hear a woman exclaim In a sad Toice, "With rationing, it is all I can do to feed my family and we Just neTer entertain any more." And Jit is true that food shortages and crowded days nare created a reai to be neglected. Yet the answer to this food enigma Is a simple one . just plan new menus that do not call tor ration points, and which require a minimum amount of time for preparation. . .. We hare in mind a luncheon which recently scored a. hit at New York's famous Waldorf-Astoria. -It to be .versatile, so that' you : can arrange your menus to use whatever you find, available at the market. . . ' Planning the use of ration points, for canned foods is one problem ever present. The point values Change for some of the products month by month, and your problem is so to vary your plans and your selection of products from time to time that you will obtain both variety in your, iheals and economy of points in your buying. If you will sit down and plan the variety of canned foods you wish to have, then yoq will find that over a period of weeks you will be quite successful. For instance, if you plan your buying to . include some , canned vegetables, ' fruits, soups, baby food, milk, fish, and meat, you will be able '.to get the desired variety, although maybe not at just the moment you -wished to have them. The really efficient food shopper, under the rationing system, is the one who keeps close track of point values, and is quick to. take advantage of changes as they occur.- During these days of Victory gardens, you have probably found that you have been able to supplement your canned foods sup ply, and maybe you have even reached, the place where you can see a few extra cans orr the shelf, just as - you used to before the war. That is not hoarding, but planning your buying to meet fu ture needs. Meat Turnovers 2 tablespoons finely chopped onion . 2 tablespoons fat 1 pound ground meat 1 teaspoon salt Vi teaspoon pepper " Vt teaspoon Worcestershire Sauce 2 tablespoons flour Vt cup milk b 31c b. ....... . .26s VUEAT 2 tArst Boxes Saaji ....:.2 cr C!::.s, 2 Figs. 17c 2 Figs. with Cereal Menus BARCLAY of a hot soup, "Toasties Waldorf", and your farorite dessert. "Toasties Waldorf Is quickly prepared and no cooking is necessary Just center a shimmering fruit gelatin - made with assorted fresh fruits in a large bowl of crisp "Post Toasties.; Then serre with milk, or light cream, for a refreshing and nourishing" meaL v Just remember that when you use cereal dishes yon may extend your hospitality, without counting those precious ration points. Furthermore, when you serre these dishes, you're not only using a food that is economical and plentiful, put you're cooperating with our Gorernment In the important nutrition program."- A cold cereal combined with fruit, includes three of the "Basic T food groups that we are urged to eat. - Wheatsworth Biscuit Dough 1 cup sifted Wheatsworth Flour : 1 cup sifted all-purpose flour 1' 3 teaspoons baking powder Vt teaspoon salt - 5 tablespoons "shortening i cup milk Saute onion in hot fat until yellow. Then add meat and brown lightly. Stir in salt, pepper, Worcestershire Sauce and flour and blend. Add milk and cook until very thick, t Cool. For biscuij dough, sift together dry ingredients and cut in shortening until fine as meal. Add milk and mix to soft dough. Roll dough to Vi-inch thickness and cut in six squares or rounds. On one-half of each, place generous amount of meat. Fold over the other half of dough. Seal the edges, brush the top of each with cream and bake in a hot oven (450 Deg. F.) about 15 minutes. Serve hot with leftover gravy or an onion sauce. Makes 6 large turnovers. Corn has been an important food for over 2,000 years. ' One of the world's most popular breakfast cereals is made from this grain. The first corn flakes were made in Battle Creek, Mich.,- in 1906 by W. K. Kellogg. Missouri has 256,100 farms containing 34,739,598 acres. 9' iatav WITH US! EGGS "utry, Sox.. . . 4 I ft 3 for 29c! HO8 and Bi;r.T "- Pcnztho Flour I5ci JUICE 2 for 29s CITKLS FRUIT nflRfJALflDE 33c Pesool DsiHcr" 39c 23o FCLBTHOWARD T I 5 S UE KoUs for.. ttac mm PIECB or 8LICEB. Llinscd. Ilea, Lb. 10s LEAK aad AIEATY SPARERIDS, Lb. 19s Perk Chops ef" I. 28s 0eeea'.SI&bB...:37e CHOICE COX3T FED Beef Rossis, Lb. 28c StRLOla- or SHORT CUT STEAKS, Lb. . . (37c Joaathaas, Fancr, t Lbs.. 2Ss HHiVlf GI1FES Bed Tokar, t Lbs. ..... GflnnoTS Orn Baarh Top, 7c SOUTHERN TAM SWEET Pc!c!c::, 3 Lbs. 2D; NICE COBBLER Pfi ' in i f MX ' SELF SUSVE 252 4 Correctionrille Road 111 i P bona 6-S221) ! 1 Liver Casserole Something New ' This liver casserole, says Jessie Alice Clinej home economist, is delicious in flavor and is something new in a liver dish. -.: t Uver Casserole (Use beef, pork, lamb or veal liver.) ... . ... 1 pound sliced liver Water 2 tablespoons butter 2 tablespoons flour ' -, IV2 cups liquid in which liver was cooked ; 2 tablespoons chopped celery 1 cup sliced olives 1 teaspoon salt , Yt teaspoon paprika - 1 tablespoon Worcestershire ; . Sauce .' : , . 2 hard-cooked eggs Vt cup buttered bread crumbs ... . , Drop liver -into water and sim mer 5 minutes." Drain. Cut into inch cubes. Melt butter, add' flour and gradually pour in liquid, stirring until thickened. Add liver, celery, olives, y seasonings and mashed hard-cooked egg yolks. Pour into casserole. Sprinkle first with , bread ' crumbs, then with Chopped egg white. Bake uncov ered in a moderate oven (350 Deg. F.) 20 minutes or until thoroughly heated. Serves 6. 1 TAMALE PIE Vt .cup diced onion 1 tablespoon butter or bacon fat IVt teaspoons chili powder Vt teaspoon salt . cup milk Vt cup ; Grape-Nuts Wheat-Meal Vt cup chopped cooked chicken, " ham or veal Vt cup drained kernel corn V cup chili sauce Saute onion in fat about 5 min utes, or until 1 tender but not browned. Add chili powder, salt, and milk. Bring to a boil, add cereal gradually, and cook minutes, stirring constantly., Add meat, corn, and chili sauce; mix well. Turn into greased 9x4x2 inch baking dish. Brush top with melted fat. Bake in moderate oveh (375 degrees F.) 25 minutes. If necessary, , place under broiler to brown. Cut mto squares. Serves 3 to 4. rNote: If desired, V cup sliced stuffed olives or chopped ripe olives may be added. Recent deaths of doctors are at tributable to war strain, declares Dr. M. 1 Russell, ' president of the south Australian branch of the British Medical association. tap Gold Medal Uliole Kernel nitU CAlV Scott Red Beans 14-m. Jar f e It points 1UT IJbby'm Fruit Cocktail 18-oz. earn 4 ft IS points Ur MORRELL'S BawalUa Crushed Pineapple Xo. cam Din pfft kiu rui S3 points I Tito Valley Green Beans No. S can f S points. X9 ARMOUR'S CHOPPED PRESSED IIAU i Foists, i:os. Caa : MORRELL'S 1 LIVER LOAF t Folatt, lSoxC Caa . . 430 290 Van Camp Chili 00' Wltbost Baas 1l-oi. Caa"VV S Poiats EATTVELL TELLOW TAIL TUHA 230 t PoUU, Caa SEA GOLT CALIFORNIA SARDIHES 11 Poiats, 1-lb. Tall Caa 140 FOLGER'S COFFEE 2-lb. Jar, Drip or regular . . . Pretzel Sticks Hygtade, lS-os. Pkg. BAB-0 t Pkgs. .. 150 190 TOILET TISSUE 1CU sous ; Ivy CLIUALEHE Largo. Pkg. 190 FLOOR WAX ll-oz.1 Jar :. :. 150 SHOE POLISH o ! Llqald, Bottle ; VM Swift's Deg Uzz AOfi S-Ib.,Pkg. dli 5 cm LIMAL Giant pkr. 63e xt Mtw ans scrra J i ! Pkg IVil iv 11 - - - - . - r, . it ONION SOUP 4 cups thinly sliced onions , 3 tablespoons butter or substitute V teaspoon pepper , ' - 4 cups bouillon or soup stock Salt to taste , Cheese - - y Premium crackers-; Rfliite onions , sprinkled with pepper in butter until they 'are a rich brown. Add the nquia ana salt, cover and simmer, one hour. PriTir into individual ' soup dishes. Place a Premium cracker on top and sprinkle with cheese. Serve with more Premium crackers. Serves 4.'. Quickie" Meat Pie -:: ' Yield: 8 Servings" . 5 ; 1 pound table-ready meat loaf. . -Y pound mushrooms (optional) '" ".. V cup meat drippings 1 tablespoon onion, minced Seasoning j 1 tablespoon" celery, chopped 3 tablespoons flour 3 cups milk 2 cups cooked green peas Dice meat loaf and brown slight- Iv in driDDines. Clean and slice mushrooms; brown onion, celery and i mushrooms in drippings. Sprinkle with flour, stir, add milk and cook until thick. Add " diced browned meat and cooked peas, season to taste. s Four "mto cas serole, ton with Dastry. or biscuit dough or mashed potatoes. Bake in a hot oven (425 Deg. t .) xor about 30 minutes. The meat mix ture may be prepared in the morning, stored in i the refrigera tor, then the topping prepared just before baking. The favorite food of the robin is the mulberry. EYES EXAMINED No Drops Are Used. Comfort Assured.. Expert Eye Test. waw.ffiM. msffKH Beef Rcast . 26c s nki , 0ranges g Park Chons !&,. 25e- ii "3 Cat. 1A. WW' LArre, Short 91 Lb' u,w flew Cranberrias 29g Barbecue Ribs Lb. 39c " - Tokay Grapes OG Ham Slices, Each 10c - SLICED or PIECE . LETTUCE i 1 flrf MinCeCl Haiti LI). ISS Arlsoaa, T Larss Head .. ly V LARGE SELECTS Slab Bacon, Lb. 27c POTATOES lS-lb. Bag ...... No Point Items Sweg p0fafCSS QQ Cottage Cheese Lb. 1 5c ,erMy Sweet r r r MIIICEMEAT, Lb. 27c Spanish Onions 1 7k niAiriiAiie I L - Lbs. Fresli 7 CARROTS Lb ic emlT0., Top, S Baaches .. PIG TAILS. Lb. . . 14c aOTTATHAT lleef Brains, Lb. 15c fppl-ES . ' v Faaer Qaalitr 8 Lbs. . OXTAILS, Lb. ... 10c OREE5 PASCAL. Fresh .Dressed Fryers afid CELERY Hens at Reasonable Prices Large Stalk .......... 3I01TS - ORAIiGE MARMALADE 2-lb. . jar 200 RODA Cake Decoraticns TICTORT - French Dressing S-os. Bottle .............. IW S?fRE PANNED I.1INTS, Lb. 23c SAHTA CLARA PRUHESibfIau ) 2 Thsntpscn's Seedlsss Raisins lb?1'1' v f 2d DUFF'S GHIGERDREAD WAFFLE MIX HOT HUFFin MIX SYRUP, Light cr Dark, 24-oz. Dctih 15c PURE SIOUX BEE H0IIET, 5-Ib. Jar . . . . SI. 10 INSTANT POSTULl !SS IS 5IJ Wax Paper Cut Bile, LiJ-Foot RoU.. 170 LIGHT GL03ES IP-i i, 4s, st Watt, Eaek lwj PAPER UAPfflriSi-Cfi M Coast, t . for FACIAL TISSUES 10 SM Coast ,. IWM soa Sanitary napklr.siOi Pag i-Wj CORN CHEESE FRITTERS i - 2 eggs, beaten 1 cup whole kernel corn 1 cup grated cheese 1 tablespoon grated onion - I 1 teaspoon baking powder . ? - Vt teaspoon salt ' Vs teaspoon pepper Vt cup Urieeda Biscuit crumbs Mix together beaten eggs, corn: cheese, onion, baking powder, anc seasonings. Stir in "Uneeda Biscuit crumbs and shape into pat ' ties. Fry in hot fat until fritten are golden browitMakes 10 medium fritters. A BRING 'EM IN! if good Mantel Radios, Electric Irons, Toasters, Percolators, Heat, ers, Stoves, Roasters, etc-Cast Iron Skillets, Dutch Ovens, Tea Kettles, Coffee Pots. - Dust Pans, Canister Sets, Bread Boxes, Kettles," Double Cookers, Tea Strainers, Mixing Spoons, Food Choppers, Tubs, Boilers, Garbage Cans, Medicine Cabinets, -Gas Plates. TDAYEKS-' 40 Years Quality Hardware and Appliances 510 Fifth SC ' GLASSES FITTED Shatterproof lenses. Lenses., duplicated. Quick repairs-. J':!T" EE !Hl a.-aia Mother's Cocoa 13 omm x Medium, doz. 380 Campbell's Tomato V ' Soup 3n. 25 3 points Campbell's Tomato Juice COBBLER 430 S potato eaa A ant Jemima's Pancake - Flour 150 250 170 Largo bar 29' ; Gotdea Glow Pancako Flour, Largo - pkg..... Pure Grape Jam 300 SWEET RELISH Moaareh, 8-os. Jar ...... MRS. GRASS" 1I00DLES 0(ri lS-os. Pkrs- t lot mmif V MORRELL'S PIG FEET 3To Poiats, It-ox. Ju 270 ARMOUR'S HOT TAMALES S Poiats, li-os. Jar . . . . 290 MIX ) 14-os. pka. , 230 POST TOASTIES 00 Regmlar Pkg. . KcIIsgg's Variety OOh It Certals la 1 Box," Pkg. "V'' Pest Dran Flakes Oh pkg. ICELLOSG'S PEP Qj i -anw -m- 'SSBr BMSr Bwa' g-jF" bbb

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