The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 17, 1950 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 17, 1950
Page 12
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PAOB TWELVE Steel; Radio Tubes Delivered to Red China, Sailor Says Ul.riHKVtU^ (AKK.J WASHIJ*OTON, Oct. IT. (IP)— A* Jorawr member of the crew testified iodajr that the Isbrandstsen Lines "Ftylng Cloud" delivered radio tu- b»t, jle*l platec, sleel wire, and other material to a Communist China port after a run from Japan. Th» testimony was given n Sen»4« commerce subcommittee by Calvin F. Bonawilz of Heading, Pa., who said he was the assistant, electrician aboard the ship. He said several thousands drums o< oH were removed from the ship he/ore it reached Communist China after he had asked Army Intelligent* officers K shipments wore proper. Bonawitz was revealed as the seaman who wrote a naval officer last September saying he was on an American merchant ship that was "blockade running" /rom Japan In Communist China. Senator Magnuson (D-WasM got a copy of the letter and read it la the Senate Sept. 22. That touched off the commerce committee investigation which led to today's hearing. The Flying Cloud was one of a number of Isbranrttsen Line Ships which were attacked by Chinese .Nationalists Mte last year and early hi 1950 In waters olt Shanghai. The Flying Cloud was hit by a shell from n Nationalist warship off Shanghai last Nov. 15. Bonawitz aald In his letter that the ship was carrying oil, gasoline mnd steel armor plate, as well sit other materials, from Japan to Communist China. But in correcting his letter today, Bonawit* told (he senators thai no gasoline was aboard the flying Cloud. He said he had mistaken another Inflamable material for gasoline. He also said that some "mild Blytheville Man, 3 Missourians On Casualty List A Blylhevllle retldent and three Southeast Mlssourians were on Korean War casualty Itsts released by (he Defense Department this morn- Ing, All four were listed as wounded in action. The Blythevlll* resident vas Robert S. Koonce, Hospital man with the Navy and son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Koonce of Route 2. The Southeast Mlssoiirlnns, all members of the Army, Included Sgt. Clcatus L. Klmes. son of Pleasant Klmes of portageville; Pfc. Jack F. Montgomery, son of Mrs. Verna Montgomery of Cardwcll; and Sgt. oble Hollinf-sworlti, Jr., son of Mrs. Mary K. Ilolllngsworth of Route 2. Kennett. Pfc. Klmes is also the husband of Mrs. Lavyle Jane Klmes residing In the Far East command. Politico Paid To Drop Race, Democrats Say D.w.y-Homl.y D.ny latter Wo« Bought Out of Offie. ALBANY. N. Y.. Oct. 17. (/!>,_ Democrats today died a letter by- New York's n. Oov. Joe R Hanley to .support their charge that he had been paid oft to step aside as a candidate for the Republic™ gubernatorial nomination, In favor of Ciov. Thomas E. Dewey. and become Instead the party's candidate for U. S. sena o The letter, which the 74yenr-old Hanley himself released here In e that "if i wlll con . s "day, , w con . n , , £ e the nomination to the United States senate, WAR Continued from page 1 to Pyongyang, Behind the Americans, British e m ateel plate, rathm- than armor plate, was loaded on the ship at Kobe,' He described it ss a medium PEANUTS (Continued from page 1) much money. There's no place to spend H on a battlefield. Each Marin* g«v« what he had. Then tn»y tossed In the outfit's beer money for good measure. The ca« of Peanuts was talked over with the sisters at Inchon's Star of the Sea Orphanage. The Marines turned over enough money to take care of Peanuts for the rest of his life Then they told the sisters that from now on Christmas tor Peanuts would come Sept. 15—the day they taind him out there on the battlefield, a frightened. Inin- «ry waif. On that date the men of the outfit agreed to send Pea- mits Christmas gifts. They explained it all to Pen- nuts. He blinked a few times but he didn't cry. Marines don't cry. Then they tooX him to the orphanage. Peanuts was a good Marine 1 right up to the minute he left the corps. He didn't wave good- He salut«d. , s and Australian commonwealth brl- grade troops sped 31 miles to Sari- captured that highway the east v coast. HOlt first corps elements rolled within sight of Korea's great Industrial city of Hamhung asd Its port. Htingnarn Organized Red resistance was won and On shattered. Communist troops were surrendering by the hundreds. All along the slanting balUefronl the Reds laid down their arms, retreated In confusion or [led Into the hills in scattered bands. Herts Abandon Suppjir* Allied columns swept past great piles of supplies, arms and ammunition abandoned by [he fleeing Gen. Palk Sun Yllp. commander of the ROK First Division, said "we don't Intend to stop now. . "The men are tired but they don t care as long as they move fast When they gel. to Pyongyang they can sleep for x week. . . " . . . AP Correspondent Jack MacBeth, with the ROKS, reported that they drove nearly 50 road miles In wo days, Many fought, and trudged along the winding mountain road without rest. V. *, n ? t . hc . r American column, the 24th Division, was roll- -. :— — • ""»-•• oturtif, i am clefl- mtely assured of being able to clean W "lays " andal ° WlBatio " s «•'"»« At Rochester. Frank Gannett, pub- Isher of a group o , newspaper and ong a prominent Republican colled for a grand jury investigation. Gannett who sal dhc lent Hanley about 519,000 to help finrmce his pre-convenUon campaign, stiid "the letter reveals corruption in political affairs, and the penalties for these are severe." • ""-^ Hanley denied to newsmen (hat there was anything n i cga , o ally wrong with .my financial arrangements he had made. In New York. Gov. Dewey told a news conference he had never rtiseusred Hanley's "debts or his private situation with him" but that ne had assured Ifanley -that hi., Job In the state government remained sure." Dewey said "It looks as though someone •—presumably a Democrat - u trying to work his way into Dannemom or Matteawan (state prisons) by making the most violently false charges alleging crime, none of which occurred." Asked if he planned to investigate the situation, Dewey said"There M nothing ( 0 investigate its all clear as day." State December Draft Call to Be Smaller LITn,E ROOK, Oct. 17. (/P,-Arkan«u Wiwur. -Id today the *.*.. ^ m ^ t ^ „„ the tallest call sine, outbreak at Korean WghUng. Physical examination of the record 4,250 men included in th« December prc-lnductlon cail, wa. to begin today Lt. Col. Elliott* Woddard «ld It is hoped to build ,,p ,, reMrv « irom Oervic* « "All future calU will b. lake,, from Urn reserve pool" h, s.M ^riYlngm plenty of time to ,dd to the pool „ we go along.'' 3 New Diphtheria Cases Reported To Health Unit Three more cases of diphtheria have been reported to the Mississippi County Health Unit Mrs Annabel Pill, county health nurse announced this morning. Two of the cases were discovered ast .week by Wilson doctors and •sent to the John Ga.slon Hospital in Memphis. The hospital reported the ases to the Unit yesterday. a two-year-old six-month-old boy. both members of the same Wilson family. The third case was that of a three-year-old Brazilian girl, member of a family living on a farm near Osceola. The three cases bring to a total of six the number of cases reported to the Unit during October and 15 lor the entire year. The weekly maternity clinic sot under way at the Unit Building this afternoon at 1 o'clock. Mrs. Fill will go to Burdette school Friday at 8:30 to give booster diphtheria and tetanus shots, and will visit in various homes in the community later In the day. They included vhite girl and a Osceola Youth Injured In Car-Truck Collision Bobby Bradshaw. 21. o f OsceoU. who was Injured In an automobile accident Sunday morning about " lr " »" d a hal ' miles north of New Madrid. Mo., suffered only minor njiirlei, It waj learned this morning, Yohng Bradshaw. son of Mr. and Mrs. Erus Bradshaw. was driving a new Plymouth from Evansvtlle ind to Osceola for the Tim Bowies' Motor Company when he crashed into a 1942 General Motors truck driven by an unidentified Negro who was attempting to make a left turn off the highway. The Plymouth was demolished The youth suffered a large cut over his eye and a knee bruise. , was ro- ing up the main road to- Pyongyanc from its border Wckoff point Haeju. It M-B.S reported within miles of Sari won. Driver Fined $25 Beershebo Again Has Police Force BEERSHEBA. TsrRel — <yrj_ The municipality of Bcersheba—gateway to the Negev dessert wilderness of Southern Israel- once more has police protection. Policemen who walked out and locked up their station 78 days ago are back at the sanie old stand. They quit the town because they said they had no place to live and demanded proper quarters for po- this morning on his plea of guilty '" a charge of driving while under a t, lice administration, 10 Yehczkel Sahar. Inspector of police, said the present arrangement was temporary. He added that the Government had now allocated £$&?£&£ Soldiers patrolled the streets nfter the dozen or so policemen had walk- Russians Claim Atomic Electricity Development MOSCOW. Oct. 17. WI-A Soviet professor declared today that Russia's scientists already h ilv e discovered a means of transforming atomic energy directly into electricity. Atomic energy specialist v. Gold- ubstov claimed in the Literary Gazette that Soviet science is t ar ahead of the United States in the development of peaceful use* atomic energy. for French Begin Work PARIS. Oct. 17. w _ Prance's parliament goes back to work today after a ten-week vacation to •iec what can be done about strengthening French arms Com- ininist threats In both Europe and A si ft. Premier Rene Pleven may make Marines Cut Reserve Calls WASHINGTON, Oct. 17. (>P)-The Marine Corps has cut down on it* estimate of the number of volunteer reserve officers to be called to BC- live duty. And the Army. Navy and Marine 1 have decide,) that enlisted reserv- IsLs with lour or more dependent' who have been called may appiv for discharge Immediately Both announcements were made yesterdav. The Marine Corps decision fo lower its sights for volunteer reserve officers was the result of an unexpected response by officers of the organized reserve, the corps a statement today on hl s government's plans In the face of serious reverses French troops have suffered this month In North Indochina Point* It Recommended Persons planning ta mail Christmas packages to friends ind relatives at overseas points vtre reminded today by Poslmas- ler Ross Steven.? th»t these gifts must be mailed during the next month. If they are mailed later than Nov. 15. Mr. Stevens said, the packages are likely to arrive too lale lor Christmas. He also cautioned that no perishable items should be sent to men overscan as such packages are not likely to survive the trip and climate changes. Careful packaging in strong materials and clearly legible addrcsj- es also will Insure safe and outline arrival of Christmas gifts to men overseas, Mr. Stevens pointed ou(. Livestock— NATIONAL STOCKYARDS III, Oct. 17. M>J— (USDA)—Hogs 8000- active at 35 to 50 higher; good and choice 190-250 Ib one price 1Q50- everal lots 20.60; about one carload t top price 20.65; heavy weights carce: 170-190 Ib 20.25-50- J-10-1GO b 18.15-18.75; lew at 20.00; lighter •eights scarce; 110-130 Ib 17.25-18.50- ood and choice sows 400 Ib down 9.00-20.00; heavier sows 1850-1900' tags 13.00-15.50; boars 10,00-13.50. ' Cattle 4.5W, calves 1,500; about. « loads of ite«ri h»r»; IT percent- er receipts cows; opening d«n»nd fairly active and early sales fully steady to strong on steers heifers and. cows; bulU and vealers open- Ing steady; few loali good rteen mon and medium COM canner» and cutters YELLOWSTONE h* A. «* ° ld " urn. Kentucky Sour-—* 1 B ° Ut ' tbo. •««*-** b*noih«» v J- m "^(m % WNI>" ^ » ^ ,.,*rf 1 ail os?io««* •S»i«» **** SfTaDrsTtf*" DISTIUEO AND aorTUD ay YEUOWSTONE, INC. touisvittt, KENTUCKY 100 PKOOI 10IILID IK 10ND WATCH u^' f-OOK THROUGH THESE ,'AGKS FOR MOKE KEIVS ABOUT TH.S GREAT EVENT! PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Guaranteed lies! Prices Kirby Drug Stores Warm Weather Causei Pear Tree to Bloom _The unusually warm fall weather Blytheville residents have been witnessing for'the past several davs even has the trees a little mixed up. A pesr tree at the home of Mr and Mrs. Joe McClure. 1307 West Mam.- burst out in blossoms and is putting on new leaves for the second time this year. The bios Mms were reported this morning, scarcely a week since the pears were harvested. County Agent Keith Bilbrey. however, said that (t is not too unusual for fruit trees to blossom t»ice in the same year when the lall weather Is warm and sunny. Harrison PTA Has Tea, Flower Show th^R beau!iflcatio » committee °< .'oc e i a "o 0 n m o7%a: ir iT on - T ™ hrc '- sHA School held a tea and *r)owe O r show Sunday afternoon, with proceeds Presentcd prizes for flower arrangements were: Mabel B-iker rosebuds; Pafsy Jon es . dahlia.,: j^' »ie Paxton. mixed nowers ,h l y Peeples - Primary teacher in sentertTh° rel NeBr ° Sch « J - "'"- sentert the awards to the winner, ana spoke on the selection and ar langnnent of flowers Mrs. n n. K j thy (h Want to cut haulin Its a cinch to do so with a Studebaker truck Low loadina h«i a hl !« \usl right in ihc Stlldr- bakcr pick-ups. Tail gale swings out fial—and it's Hurclily liingcil nt crnlcr and each end. Body is double-wailed with rugged metal. Negro Deaths Service. A.,, for Draining Victim n His body was recovere 8 undav morning near Cox Landing J ' 0 " '" dUdC h ' 5 n '" e ' Pran - r«amlin«d Studnbalili picV-up Irucki come in !$, !f or 1 ton capacity —also nv.iiloblc with standard stake bodies. Kcmarkably efficient an Studcbnker Econ-o-inisrr Gns-saving overdrive available at «ura cost in ] 7 or ?.i Ion modelt. A new kind of Mudcbalor truck *ngint«ring o«'» iur«« lubftontiol daily operating lavingi! A new kind of »truc»urol strength keepi Slude- bokor h-ucki remarkably fr« from th« netd for itnoui repaint How lru« thit ii-and how big the .conomie. ore—you con find out by talking t* any SluoV bok»r truck own«r. Slop in and 1*1 u« fl!v« you th« nam*s of torn* «wnen with hauling probiomi lik* youri. Check «P with them and you can »aiily oitimaU how much a Slud.bak* truck c«uW do for you. Stud*»ak*r'< ru 9 a*d 1H and t ton trucks come in four wheelbAsts for each model. They're Btund-outa in pullinc power, slaying power and earning power. The smooth-performing Stude- high torque Power-Phis truck en- low cost per mil*. much a S, u j.^ ^ k c . uw do for you< ^r<^^^-^^. CHAMBLIN SALES COMPANY R.R. & Ash Phont 6888 ..and 50* worth of electricity, please! IP ELKCTRICITY were solri over llie counter-like meal or sliirt.s-cli.inccs are you'd sometimes lw caught willi- out a kilowatt in tlie house! Bui if you bought kilowatts at (he store, you'd be reminded often about electricity's low cost! Just one penny's worth, for instance, will brew you 20 cups of coffee bring you a whole evening's radio entertainment . . , vacuum clean six rug, . . . „ swis |, , from half a week's wash! * Quite a pe nny ' s worth of don't you agree? Your friends and neighbors in thh company, under sound fcn«.«..s management-work hard tomak.rim bargain possible. And it's * Kargam you don't have lo shop for and cart home. It's ready and mailing * tho flick of a switch! « "MKKT CORLISS ARCHKR" f w delljhtf.l »m«l y . CBS Ark-Mo Power Co.

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