The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 20, 1952 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 20, 1952
Page 12
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(t (ARK.)' COITRTBB Following Bask Rules Assures Best Turkey Buy Good Idea to Allow Hair Pound Per Serving of Meat By GAVNOK MADUOX NKA Food and Markets Kdllor Here are some basic, rules for netting the best turkey in your market. Whether you select a toni turkey or a hen turkey makes no difference. Even meat experts can't lell llle difference. Turkey sizes are: small, 4 to B pounds; medium, 9 to 15 pound* and large, 16 to as pounds, all ready-to-cook weights. A general rule is' a : half pound of turkey rAdy-to-ccwk wtlgtti per wiring If you want sliced turkey for another nienl or hvo, plan up to •*; pound per serving. Either allowance should give choice tidbits /or at least one left-over dish. On a wing band, a tag, or on the'wrap or package tile bird may carry a iabet—a brand name or an official government grade mark. Usually there is additional information: the weight, whether It is a young bird—the choice for roasting —and whether It Is ready-to-cook (eviscerated) or dressed style (head and feet Intact, the feathers removed but It is not drawn). When labeling Is not present, look for clenn, \\a\y skin with tew pin- leathers; a plump, full appearance Indicating' mealiness; ami good finish — fat underneath' Hie skin, nt least over Hie legs, the sides of the 'breast ami the back. A short, broad body will yield more meat than a long narrow turkey of the same .weight. A grade B bird may be In that cAiss rather than In grade A because of a skin tear, or a ciooked breastbone, yet the eating quality and meat yield cflii be good Heie you have (he advantage of lowei price If luikey Is purchased diessed. have it dravui or draw It yoiuself as *oon as possible after purchasing Cut tile neck off clo^e to the body, first slitting the neck skin down the centei of the. back to shoulders — leaving skin o;er the breast Intact — and if possible remove the leg tendon'. Tendons become hard and dry during roasting, making diumstick meal lass desirable and hard to slice clenn glb- a lets promptly. To preserve fine flavor and a«urp best results — keep a quick-frozen leady-to-conk bird frozen until ready,to cook, allowing time for def frosting. Defrosting will take 2 to 3 days',in the : refrigerator, or 4 to \ 6 hours Hitlf the uifa nipped bird vnder running cool v,nter. Be sure to remove the wrapped (cleaned) glbtcls from either the body cavity or neck pocket. Dc, frosted or fresh turkeys can be held at 36 degrees to 38 degrees F. for 1 to a days Different Use For Beef Cubes Usual St«w Meat In a Noodle Dish Here'* an unusual way for preparing beef cubes, usually served as a stew. Cook them by braising in a tomato sauce, then serve on a bed of egg noodles. This produces n dish that's grand eating. With beef plentiful in your market it's a thrifty dish too, points out feeba Staggs, home economist. Reef In Tomato Sauce—Noodlei I',4 pounds boneless beef slew, cut In 1-Inch cubes 3 tablespoons flour l'/i teaspoons salt 'A teaspoon pepper 2 tablespoons lard or drippings I cup diced onion 1 No. 2 can tomato puree '.i teaspoon cloves 'i cup water' 1 8-ounce package noodles, cooked 11 cup cooked peas, drained and seasoned Mix flour, salt and pepper. Drciije meat In seasoned flour. Brown meat slowly in lard or drippings. Add onion; tomato puree, cloves and water.'Cover and cook iri a stow oven (300 degrees P.) or simmer on top of range for 2 hours or until lender, adding more water if necessary.-Cook noodles In boiling salted water. Arrange meat and vegetables in hot drained cooked noodles. Surround with cooked peas. 6 servings. COLDEX CKANBEKKY MUFFIN'S made Witt lew Cranberry Muffins Easy to Make Easy? Oh, very! These cranberry muffins, rich with Thanksgiving flavor, can be made In a few nilnulea. A speedy pancake ready-mix 'e- ininates several measuring and assures perfect, golden- crushed nuifilns every time. The chopped, row cranberries permeate the butter in baking nnd lend a tingle-fresh fruit flavor that Is a delightful surprise. Serve the muffins foT'lmiclteon witfi a creamed chicken or turkey main dish. Their tartness will bi' a delicious contrast. Cranberry Muffins (Makes 2 <lo«en tiny muffins) One cup chopped raw cranberries, li cup sugar, 1 egg, beaten, !'/« cups milk, 2 cups pancake ready-mix. 2 : tablespoons melted shortening. t Mix chopped raw cranberries with sugar aiid allow to stand for 5 to 10 minutes. Add beaten egg and milk to pancake ready-mix. Mix lightly. Add sweetened cranberries. Fold In melted shortening. Pill greased muffin cups 2-3 full. Bake in a hot oven U25 degrees P.) 15 to 20 minutes. Note: One cup whole cranberry sauce may be substituted for raw cranberries and sugar In the recipe. Proceed as above. Shape pork sausage meat into flat cakes and grill slowly until thoroughly cooked. Put the cakes between toasted buns and serve with a garnish of- crisp greeris and cranberry jelly. Psychology Must Be Part of a Child's Menu THURSDAY, NOV. »>, : .195t By fiAVNOR NKA Food and Markets Editor Have you ever thought you'd go insane .tryIng lo get your child to cat? Most parents do at one lime or another. Well, don't go crazy, it isn't necessary. I suggest >ou invest In a small Inexpensive 61- page book by an experienced mother, it Is called "So Your Child Won't Eatl" and It's by Hilda Sachs. Nothing technical or ; upstage about Mrs SnchV book She writes: "Today, parents who want tlieir children rounded oiit literally, and figuratively must know color and texture 'Combinations, have a good working kilos-ledge of food values, and above all know the pioper human approach "For exnmple, children 'often become temperamental and refuse foods they formeily liked. This is the. lime lo know how to substitute oilier foods or to Oder the same food in a disguised form. "Don't limit, your child to the tilings you yourself tike, and don't let him hear you speak dcnrccat- ingly of the things yon don't like." There's a section on psychological problems of feeding children ,by Di Samuel Karelltz, M D,one of the outstanding authorities in the En si He is associate pediatrician of Ml. Sinai Hospital, New York Hcie's a summary of Ills advice* Kf .sure that: 1. You give your child an occasional food .surprise that he sees arlult.s eat. 2 You don't rush Him Into eat- iflg h!s food -too fast. 3 He doesn't get boied by eating alnne Rl the table all the time. 4 His eating utensils arc not too large fof him to handle cosily. 6. You give him some foods-he can enjoy eating with his fingers Insufficient Breakfasts Reduce Family's Ability to Work, Study By GAYNOK M\DI>OX NFA Food anil Markets tdilor A nation-wide study reveals that over 90 per cent of breakfasts are eaten at home—more thaivany other meal. Bui other reliable surveys tell the unhappy story of too ninny of us citing an insufficient breakfast, or, in many cases, none at all. Appetites perk up when (lie family eats breakfast together. So If school and ( work schedules permit, gather around the breakfast table together. Then the job of setting the pace for good breakfast eating Is up to the parents The majority or poor breakfast habits of adolescents and adulls can be traced directly to those formed in early childhood. Many nutritionists say <hat forming the hnbit of eating a good breakfast during the early years is more important for a child than learing the habit of washing his face, brushing his teeth, and tying his own shoe laces. Good breakfast habits arc rally goorl living habits that pny off in health and stability. The conscientious hoiise.Tiatrer's responsibility Is not to serve an attractive mid gcod-to-eal breakfast seven days a week, but abo as the hostess at.ia- blc. lo maintain a pleasant atmosphere. Breakfast is not only the time for refueling the body, but also a time for nn emotional refueling when the whole family gathers together. Here are some main-dish Ideas for breakfast that wll apepal to the whole family. Oatmeal Casserole: Mace 2 cups rolled oals, uncooked, and 1 teaspoon Knit In a I'/i-quxrt baking dish. Pour 2 cups milk and 2 cups water over oats. Cover and bake in n moderate oven (350 degrees F.) 20 lo 25 minutes. Top with <i cup brown sugar and \v cup coconut; place In broiler a few minutes to toast. This will serve 4 to 6. Apple Treat: After 4 servings of hot cereal, either oatmeal, farina, or whole wheat cereal, have thickened, acid i',» cups chopped peeled apples and a dnsli of nutmeg. Cover and turn heat down very low. cook iiboul 20 minutes, stirring occasionally. Serve with milk and sugar. Nylon nets, used In commercial | tislilng, can be stored nvvny while still wet because they-do not rot. School Vandalism Is On Upsweep LOUISVILLE, Ky (ffj—Vandal- ism and break-lns/ln public schools are Increasing year by year, says a school official'here. City Sgliool Supeilntenrtent Omef Carmichael sa'jx {here »eie 18 break-ins In city schools in Sep- tcmbei. in the year ending June, 1952, 262 break-Ins occuned with damage amounting to, $4,224. .fie. also stated that 2,4M panes of glass %\ere broken by vandals 'at 40 schools In theicity during summer vacation. such ns celery, potato skins, chop or clilcicen .bones, - carrot sllccsi sandwiches, rnw fruits, etc. B. You don't tell him to eat it because It is good for him. 1. He.helps you market for his food occasionally. 8 Von remember that children tire of the same foods served too x often, just as adults do. 9. He rests a while before eating. 11 aids digestion. Aircraft Engineer Wins Service Pin NEW YORK (If) — T»enty-five- year service' pins are rare in the aircraft industry because few companies now operating i go back 'to tile 'pre-Llndbergh days. A quarter- ce.,tury pin was awarded recently, liowevei, to Leonard S. Hobbi by the United Aircraft Corp.,Hpbbs is an engineer responsile for ^development of many Pratt & Whitney aircraft engines. It's time to be looking that Holiday Fruit Cake in Brandy or Wine! Coronet- Brandy . . Coronet Brandy . . Coronet Brandy . . Roma Port Wine . Taylors Port Wine 5th—5.03 Pt.—3.15 Pt.—1.60 5th—98c 5th—1.50 We also have Fruit Flavored Brandy in all sizes. FOSTER'S 106 No. Fine Liquors Parly Foods You Can Now Buy ICE COLD BEER TO TAKE HOME! No Increase in Price! Griesctlicck — 21 cans -1.10 Budxveiscr — 21 cans 1.35 Goldcrest 51 — 21 cans 4.10 Kalsfaff — 21 cans .1.10 PHILIP APPLEBAUM LIQUOR STORE 110 So. Stk Pho. 9641 Bill Fosters RECIPE OF THE WEEK Vuli will want to ,l,i jour lirM by lliosc «ild ducks HuMiy is soin.? to brin* home so Iry this recipe: Clean duck and wi, w with a damp cloth inside and o,,l. 1-lacc a sm.ill onion in c.lvlly, sprinkle rinl'n HH ""I, 1 " '"" brMSl "' '"' ck "'"' "'"S^lilc or oli. I'm In roaster, brc^l side ' HH , "" *""" ° f *'"" """ ' c " n <" " Wine. Cover and to..*l until ahoul Gold, Medal Burgundy ' ^ . (ll Taylor's New Vork Slate Burgundy 1-5 j - IH Astl Rurgunriy ; . 0 . * . Romn Sparkling Bursumly „ jj S(|) Cook's Sparkling-Burgundy ; ' 3.6} jm Accenl . ' > **•*"*••*••••. •••'.••i.!-•.«».. .i»...>•.*,...•.. ,3.) Tin Serve a Glass of Either Plain or Sparkling BurgundyWith Your Meal FOSTER'S Lamb Kabobs Add Exotic Note at Reasonable Cost NKA *»4i >D 4 MirkcU "Kdilur Cubes of lamb, steeped for an hour or more In French dressing, and then broiled quickly on skewers, make, unusually good eating. Today, with a belter supply of lamb at lower prices, you may want to try these k a bobs. Lamb Kabbb* (< Kabobc) One • and one-half pounds lamb shoulder, ',4 cup French dressing, 1 clove garlic, «,i pound button mushrooms, 4 slices bacon, 1 teaspoon salt, i/j teaspoon pepper. Cut lamb into 1-inch cubes. Pour French dressing over the lamb. (Add a split clover of garlic unless the dressing already contains gar- lic.) Let stand at least 1 hour (or overnight In the refrigerator). Wash mushroom cups. Cut'ba- con • into 1-inch pieces. Alternate lamb, bacon, and mushrooms on metal skewers. Allow space between for thorough cooking, sea- soa with salt and pepper. Broil 3 Inches from the source of heat, about 15 minutes. Turn to brown evenly. Here are two other different lamb recipes: Broiled Lamb Chops ^riental (-1 servings) Pour shoulder lamb chops U',1 Inches thick), 1,4 cup soy sauce, 'A cup water, 1 clove garlic, cut In half. Put chops In casserole.or pan. Mix ftrllc, toy sauce, »nd water. Pour sauce over steaks. Cover. Let stand in refrigerator six hours or . Here's a German Variation on Way To Prepare Fricasseed Chicken About TO per cent more chicken* meat is being eaten today than 10 years ago. Of that amount the commercial broiler supplies nearly half the market. Here's a German variation of fricasseed chicken, using a .ready-to- cook 3-pound chicken cupt up. Fricasseed Chicken (5 lo 6 servings) One ready-to-cook chicken about 3 pounds, cut up, i medium onion, 4 peppercorns, 2 cloves and tip of bayJeaf, 1 tablespoon salt, 3 tablespoons chicken fat, 7 tablespoons flour, 3 cups chicken broth, V, teaspoon grated lemon rind, V, teaspoon black pepper, 2 to 3 tablespoons white wine, if desired, or 1 tablespoon lemon juice, 1 egg yolk, y* cup cream; Place chicken in kettle and just )ver with boiling water. Add on- n, peppercorns, cloves, bayleaf md 6alt. Cook gently until meat Is ender. Lift out chicken and strain 'oth. Prepare Iricassee gravy: Mix chicken fat and flour in saucepan. Add the 3 cups broth and place over heat. Cook, stirring constantly intiL uniformly thickened. Add emon rind and pepper Taste for additional seasoning' Add wine or emon' juice, '.if desired. Simmer about 5 /minutest Place chicken in gravy to heat Blend egg yolk and cream Iri sauce dish or cup To it add, while stirring, some of the hot gravy. Then pour back Into chicken and gravy mixture and cook 2 or 3 minutes stirring constantly. Serv« promptly. Fin* Liquor* 106 No. Broadway Party It's a good Idea, »hen you are making a meat or fish pte, to hale .he filling hot when you put on the biscuit topping. ^ J How about something quick and easy?- Really ; plump, tender and juicy... At meal time, lay chops flat on shallow baking pan. Broil 3 inches from heat source 10 minutes. Turn and broil to brown. Serve hot on a hot platter with hot rice or canned chop suey vegetables. Pour "einalning sauce over the chops. Lamb Sh»sllk wiih Ked Cabbage (4 cketrers) One pound lamb shoulder, 4 iliced bacon, salt and pepper, .picy red cabbage, g small onions. Cut lamb Into 1-l/ich cubes and bacon into 1-Inch pieces. Alternate lamb, bacon and onions on 4 skew-' ers. Broil 3 Inches from source of! heat, about 15 minutes, turning t»' brown evenly (use tongs for turrj ing), Season with salt and pepper! • nd «erve hot on hot spicy" j cabbage. '•'•, .. ''.,,, / • .«"'£&» mon«Y back ^ r- afvt '% #£aF4'% J '' Notice •'I 1 TV Set Owners 00 For ultimate reception 'on Channel 5 with your piesent antenna, your TV Set should be peaked to receive the best picture and sound. AVOID THE RUSH! Place your order now for tuning service beginning Monday, Nov.'24. Our SPECIAL price for this tervico....... FRED CALLIHAN RADIO SERVICE 110 S. 1st — Phone 2642 — Blythevill* OPEN NIGHTS BEGINNING MONDAY, NOV. 24 TECNICJANS ON DUTY TILL 10 P.M. SEND FOR THIS LOVELY BIG WITH 2 CERTIFICATES FROM MADE BY Martex Large 16 in. by 30 in. Sizel Extra-Firm Quality! Highly Absorbent! Long-Wearing! Wash-Fast Colors! Hemmed Ends! Selvage Edges! Yes, you get this beautiful big dish towel absolutely FREE of extra cost! Just go to any store selling BLUE BONNET Margarine., Look for the special packages with the DISH ' TOWEL certificates on the back. Mail in 2 cerlifieUos directed and get your dish towel FREE of extra cost! This special offer will help you get acquainted with BLUE BONNET Margarine —America's largest selling brand by millions and millions of pounds. Find out for yourself why women everywhere—including the country's noted homcrpakers —agree that BLUB BONNET Margarine gives you most for your money! Bug Blue Bonnet

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