The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 20, 1952 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 20, 1952
Page 11
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THURSDAY, NOV. 20, 1952 Predicts GOP Will Have Own Controls Program BLYTHEVILLB (ARX.) COURIER NEWS hart (R-Ind) says he Is certain the no* Rcpbllcan Congress will approve some form of price, wage « and rent controls whether or not w . Industry would undergo — Sen. Cape- late" price rises (I e- l n i.w r I I \ £• " < = 1 "" or nov wlln almost two b) on dollars" President-elect Eisenhower favors additional cost of the defense pro- „- 'Immed- If controls are ,-nded. and (2) that a bulge of only 3 per cent in their price levels "would burden the budget •ith almost two billion dollars" kVm ''Capehart, scheduled to become Committee, which handles controls legislation, brought this out yesterday shortly ; after a hearing at which Price Stabilizer Tighe Woods urged that controls be extended. The lav,' authorizing controls will expire April 30 unless extended, and there has been talk in Congress of refusing to extend it.- Capehart told a reporter he was certain his committee would approve and - Congress would pass some form of standby controls in (he next session, whatever it decides about (he present curbs. Asked if he thought Eisenhower wcjif'l want such standby authority, the Indiana senator said he did not know but that "we've got the votes >for it whether he does or not." "We can't afford to be without standby controls as long as the Korean War is on," Capehart asserted. "I Ihink it might be. a good idea to have them in any case." Woods, meanwhile, Is preparing to knock retail jirlce ceilings off virtually all items of clothing, except possibly: children's and infants' wear, by Dec. 1. He announced his decision to senators yesterday after he had OTdered the suspension of price 1 flffltrols on women's street and dress millinery and on bottled soft drinks. Roll Back Beef Price Woods told the Senate-House Defense Production Committee, before which he appeared as a witness, .that he is determined to .order a rollback of the retail price of beef if this is legaUy possible. But he s&ld he has encountered thorny problems In Investigating what he termed a "lopsided gap" between the price farmers get for live cattle and the price t|je housewives pay for beef. Capehart told Woods he wants the meat problem solved speedily because he said the farmer is B \'ig hurt by low cattle price while consumers are getting small relief from high prices. Oapehart announced later that one of his first acts after taking . covniniind of the Banking Committee on Jan. 3 will be to call price control officials' to report on the beef price situation. "They've missed fire , In controlling meat prices or you wouldn't have that situation," : Capehart told a reporter. .' ^ . , : '"'f.; ; ; : Woods, in more than three hours fcf testimony, before the committee •which keeps an eye on inflation control arid defense production problems,, strongly urged Congress not: lo abandon price stabilization. The committee listened intently to his estimate that (1) some 200 price-controlled Items consumed in gram. re ' sul1 Baby Sitter Killer Is Sane SANTA ANA, Calif, fyP}— Convicted of murdering a 15-year-old babysitter last August, Billy Rupp Jr., 18,. has been adjudged sane at the time of . the crime, making his death sentence mandatory. Rupp, a Yorba Linda, Calif., beekeeper, was convicted last Thursday of the MX slaying " of Huby Ann Payne. The Jury deliberated only minutes yesterday on his Insanity plea. .• < . - . ' . Rupp, was accused of molesting and shooting the Payne girl rhile she was caring tor the children of Perry Dyer, his employer. ' ire Breaks Up Symphony's Song BALTIMORE W)—The Baltimore Symphony Orchestra's program at the Lyric was interrupted last night when a three-alarm fire several doors away forced firemen to clear the theater. The program had just reached the halfway Intermission when Manager Fred Himcr calmly announced the fire nearby and asked patrons to leave. The rest of the program was canceled. A Special Message To Men Who Use Injector Blades If you shave with' Injector blades, here's news you can't afford to missl You can now buy 2i of the finest injector blades for'the exceptionally low. price of 59c. Childs' Injector Blades are made of the highest quality surgical steel. They are honed In oil to a fine cutting edge, and triple-tester! for longer-lasting qualities. Sold by the same company that sells the famous double ftfge'and single edge Childs' Blades ffhese new Chilrts' Injector Blades give. you value-plus In smoother shaves^more shaves per blade— lo«Vr.cost Like all Childs' Blades Childs' Injector Blades are sold to you with this guarantee: Full satisfaction or your money back. So be thrifty, men—save while you shave v,-ith blades guaranteed to please you. And. remember—21 ChilrAs' Injector Blades cost you only 59c. Try them. The smoothest shave depends on the blade and the blade to use Is Chlldsl Buy a package of Childs' Injector Blades todayl Loaves your face as smooth as a child's. Adv'U '""ea , — _ .. —.,.., ^, t n O g t iin,i t;«*acS and price increases in items which have never been controlled. May Be Set Today NEVy YORK (ff) _ An executlln date for Julius »nd Etnel'Rosen- berg, convicted atomic spies' may be set tomorrow by Federal Judge Irving R, Kaufman. V. S. Atty. Myles J. Lane said yesterday he will ask Kaufman to set the electrocution dt\te. The couple have been in sing Sing Prison's death house since their conviction March 29. 1951, on charges of relaying atomic secrets to Russia. . ' On Monday the U. S. Supreme Court for a second time rejected an appeal Tor a review of the con- Who's Drunk? Driver Freed STRATFORD, England W, _ A man charged n-lth driving while drunk was acquitted In court yesterday after protesting that (he police doctor who examined him was under the influence of liquor. The defense presented another doctor as a witness. He testified that when he shook hands with the police surgeon, the latter smelled strongly of alcohol. The police doctor denied it, • ; The court held the defendant'did' not get ns full an examination ,is he was entitled to for such an offense as. drunken driving. : vlction. Nevada, least populous of the states, has fewer than two persons per square mile. , Whiskers the Cat Is Retiring as 'Food Taster' MOW BRAY, England Whiskers has retired after five loyal years as the chief taster jn an animal food factory and had > medal hung around his neck. One factory executive said of the ginger cat: "He had .better per- T> n ? l ?'V th ' n hls jlinior assistants. If -Whljkere turned away in dls- tnst« from a new product, we had to scrap It. , Rwrf* Rebuild Port KONG MV-The communist Peiplng radio says a one year port reconstruction Job has been completed at Tangku, » miles southeast of Tientsin In North-China. The Reds claim the porl now can accommodate four ships up to 10,000 ton* each and five up to 3 000 toni at the same time. McCarthy Says He'll Push Probe WASHINGTON W _ sen. McCarthy (H-Wis) snts today he assumes he will become chairman of the Senate Investigating group In the new congress and «when he does, he will push Conimunlst-in- goverriment probes. * • .•• McCarthy also told reporters he Is convinced President-elect Elsen- hower will give the incoming Republican-controlled Congress "anything that Is necessary to clean house" In the government. The,name "Gypsy" Js a corruption of "Egyptian." but there seems to b* ho evidence that the people had any special connection with Egypt. give you that _ monthly look? «u«r. n yoi>r mirror .how «„ """.' ?"•"' •" W. A.k for '• MONIHU C«»MfS CHANCE or lift The Constitution provides that one-thlrd of the U. K. sen.tor* shall be chosen every second ye«r. KidneySlow-Down May Bring ! Restless Nights When fcMney function nlowj down, m*M~ /oiks complain of nomine fcaeWhe, h«i£ fehri, liiuincu »nci !r»» of pep nnd enem. lion t «uller rcitUss nl»hu wllh OICSM db. comforu, if reduced kidney /unction it t*t- tinK you down-due to «uch common CIUAM as Btreas and Atrain. ovcr-*x«rlion or Mno- ' «urc toeoM. Slinor liM<f,. r irrit>llon> Ju. to cold or wrrait diet may came seltlni u» JilstiU or IrmucT.l MsinBra. ' Don I nested your kidney, 11 theue»4l, lions lailher you. Try Do,n'« r-fll.-i mil* ilii>»llc. Used , a ,«,,t,,n r I, million, for over SO yrut. Ifi »mc.!ln s how many >!>ix Ooan S Blvc relief from these cUi con.: 'orti-hclptliclSrr.ifaorlEldrurtiibeiiiilUr U:rs fluih out WMta. GetDo«n'«PilU tod*rl GRABER'S LSATBFKTIOM GUARANTEED OR YOOK MONEY i I i: America's Greatest Coat Values! 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