Santa Cruz Evening News from Santa Cruz, California on July 22, 1924 · Page 8
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Santa Cruz Evening News from Santa Cruz, California · Page 8

Santa Cruz, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 22, 1924
Page 8
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AGE EIGHT SANTA CRUZ NEWS, TUESDAY, JULY 22, 1024 Twin and Twin to Marry Twin and Twin ! STYLE HINTS !flf?fffl IX ; ( '. tlljllIC By A LICK LANG10LIKR. j International News Service Staff j Correspondent. I PARIS, July 15. Handbag har-i uiotiy is the order of the day. A The Theater ! The Picture ! The Music ! THE An institution catering to your amusement welfare and living up to all its promises THEATER wsa THE k. , irS. V -? " h Mi . C SV (' kill f.m mS- f til- J A double barreled drama of Broadway and the west. Coming from the Granada Theater in San Francisco. PICTURE ,ltil(Tle News' Special Service) ' PKN LOMOND, July 22. .The mfitlar meeting o the San Lorenzo OsVm bureau center, which wan tccheduled for Tuesday evening of jjis week has been postponed until ' idnesday evening, July 30, when M meeting will be held in tlie town uiiniv At that time a special enler-pnient will be given which will , t ide .motion pictures of farm ' ' and other pictures of a purely a"d Vtaining character. It is expi cl-lioufthat those who attend will lind tH1"trogram interesting from start 'finish even the farm pictures ,prVing much to entertain, not only wet? farmer, but those who realize Co'St much of the living ol all of us .'rties from the farm. entertainment committee of "e' San Lorenzo farm bureau center ytad the home department have ttn-1 ertaken the preparation of an op- ' ta under the title of the "Magic vmy'! which (hey hope to have grody for presentation the latter elect f August or early in Scptem- tnd which will also be utilized ,fte of the entertainment fea- Cruzg 0 tne county fair entertain- Mrs.t on one evening of the fair (,e :h is to be held the second week , . .October at the beach in Santa Ins h TSr. P. E. Scotford of Sebastopol, Mrisiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. v 'iL- Scotford and sister. Mabel. LAST TIMES TODAY jarring hag may ruin a chic woman's 1 whole appearance. Nothing is stable in the fashion .world. Bags change as often as i gowns. After being small and in-: conspicuous for several years, bags! are now much larger, so large, in fact, as to resemble small-size suit-: cases. These larger ones are flat I and envelope shape, the pochette! type with a strap going round and; i ending up with a buckle. One shop is showing a striking one in seal of dark tone ,.- blended with lizard, ! which is, perhaps, the favorite of j the season.. Sometimes it. comes ; i dyed a delicate jade green, turquoise! blue, or rust and chestnut shades. 'It is now the vogue to order extra skins from the bootmaker in order; 'to have enough tor the bag to match! the shoes. For to be really chic, the hag must either . match or blend , harmoniously with, the shoes and ; costume. ! ! As in everything else, gorgeous' j colors are prevailing -turkey redsi and turquoise blues, together with I a delightful new rose tint. Bags of brilliant colored enamels are enticing i many women, but embroidered models are probably the most popu-' lar. They, come exquisitely worked in point de Beauvais and Alencon lace, dull tapestry effects, and bright-' or ones. , A charming one noticed at. ! the Ritz tea last-Friday was in white ( sal in, embroidered in gold-colored ; siik, and another in gray silk, ein-! broidered in finely shaded flowers j in pasel shades. j Andre is showing some fastidious j vanity cases in an endless and sur-; prising variety, just largo enough j to contain vanity fittings, a tiny ' handkerchief and a bit o' pocket change. And there are several j Russian shops making delightful woven affairs, with gay Russian 'embroideries. They are mado by the Russian refugees, pauper royal-i ties, who are trying to eke out an I existence in friendly Paris. Iri ii 1 w a w .jf Vera and Verna Scoville are 21-ycar-oia twuis ot uuwna. woi - twins of Lincoln. Ni-b. Vera, or maylc its Verna. is toins to marry Lawrence, or maybe it 8 Lore... All four are eon p to be married at the same time. Kach girl .-:.he knows h:r nance from l,.s twm.. They mot a a dance lL , partner were chosen by lot. K-uh boy drew the 6lrl ho to murry. On the .ctt are Verna a,.d Lawrence ami on the r.&t',t are Vera and Loren. r. and Mrs- C. F. Moore, and ! SanWjjtar, Mary, of Monrovia, while j beenrning from a visit to their I 'Pglpjhter, Mrs. Wales, whose hus-1 . d is editor of the Berkeley ' tte, in Berkeley, stopped for a ! two ; visit with their friends in j tiril Lomond, the E. H. Scotfords. j irieie0'8e Pace Newton of San Fran-; o, fcpent the week end at Egglan- j "n Ranch guests of the Taylor & ; brwistrong Company. j brother of these swimming mokus. His specially is surfboard : riding, and few surfers at Waikiki, even among the old-timers at that ; thrilling sport, handle a hoard bet- ter, even in the crashing combers cf j the "queen surf," than does this CARRY ON HIS FAME IN 11 SPORTS thpMiss Audie May McCain has re-ned to .Oakland after spending o weeks Wit h her mother, hvoth- M"3 and sister at Kast Ben Lomond. K. T. Lyug lias gone to Portland, ;'egon, ,for an indefinite stay. brown-skinned lad. The name, Kahanamoku, in Hawaiian means "the shipbuilder." It is a safe bet that the ancestors of these young fellows spent a good hit of their time around the water. By JOHN F. STON'K, I that gets an afternoon in .his canoe International News Service Staff lis sure of catching at top speed all . Correspondent. j ( tne available waves that roll in to HONOLULU, July 17. What's in I that sand-skirted shore. Like many a name? . .Well, to take the name of j ()f the Hawaiian bovs William has a Kahanamoku, for example-around I voi(.e o jMx ))eautv it ...,l.. nn,i.. .......1, A Paramount Picture with NITA NALDI, PATSY RUTH MILLER, MATT MOORE, GEORGE FAWCETT Russia lias purchased between $33,000,000 and $10,000,000 worth of cotton in the United States since the first of the year. . Gaston Doumergue, the new president of France, is a Calvinist, which is similar to being a Presbyterian in the United States. ivaiivitvi ucacil il Biauuij iiicuij- juiicu , pXt COllieS Saill a lad of 19 the Hawaiian summers, holder of for swimming. Puke Kahanamoku, who startled The building of the Great Wall of China was begun 214 B. C. Its length is 1400 miles and the height varies from 15 to 30 feet. the snuuiiuii& irtlis di uic vvijnuiic sainca i vniTirrl fur speed in the in Stockholm nearly twenty years i propulsion of a surfboard. This j i does not mean the speed of actual ! j surfing, which depends mainly on j ago and who is still able to hold his own among the best of 'em on the mainland, needs, as they say of after .7 . . ...... 1 the speed of the driving wave, but : rather the speed with which the dinner speakers, no introduction. Duke is still swimming, thanks to feg some time with his family at foe C. A. Bradshaw house on Rail- rpjud avenue- , Miss Mann visited friends in Wat- ville Saturday. men M, Mc Cabe is planning to take and P back t his home in the east Thost! near future. He plans to be about a month. Bert j" 1 pc Picture Carries KndWonderful Tale of A,o!hrilling Snow Scenes tro;iw . I'tyne of the outstanding features i. ''North of Hudson Bay," the Fox production starring Tom Mix, which opensd at the Unique theater Sunday for a 3 days' run, is the startling character of its story. The audience thrilled and thrilled as this uniquely compelling drama unfolded itself. This city and the Unique theater, have seen "snow" pictures before, but have never seen one whuso exciting authenticity was ro striking as it is in "North of Hudson Bay." Without any attempt to glamourize, or gloss stark reality, the picture succeeds in transcending the peak ! board can he driven hack from the perfect care he has taken of him-I sllore , where the wave8 are je. self; twenty years seem m no man Jack ner to have lessened the power of the perfection of that master stroke. But this story deals rather with Duke's five brothers, all younger than himself, some of whom promise to set records close beside his own. Dave Kahanamoku is slightly younger than Duke. For seven years he has served the Territory of Hawaii as captain of the life guards In another of those "punchy" American prize ring stories "WEST OF THE WATER BUCKET" ginning to curl; the driver lies flat! on his stomach and propels and I guides the heavy board with only f his arms. Sam has also set local records in the breast stroke and in free-stylo swimming that promise to go untouched for some time. There is little doubt that Paris will see him 1 this summer in the Olympic races. Louie, a natural clown, is larger than Duke, though only 15 years of age. His swimming prospects are exceedingly bright, and it is known that Duke counts 0u this , brother of romance and adventurous glam-iat Waikiki, and in that time has es- tablished no. slight record as a life saver. Dave has never gone into Ithe mdsic 10 Musicians at Every Performance THE RIZAL SERENADERS speed swimming to any great extent, : especially to carry on when Duke is but is a skillful trainer and has had jat last compelled to look on from the our. The scenes are not suggestive of overstuffed wallets, they are simple and grand. The cast headed by Tom Mix, includes Kathleen Key, a talented young girl whose work in this picture forecasts a brilliant screen career; Eugene Palette, Will Walling, Frank Campeau, Frank Leigh and Fred Kohler. J much to do with the victories of his lines. Louie has already cap-elder brother. 'tared a score of races in the gram- "William is also a life guard at. lmu. meets; he is still too young to j Waikiki beach. His specialty is ' mix it .with iIip older Ku-inimpps ml ,U..! P n,ii,l1iai.n flimPc' "NORTH OF HUDSON BAY "UifTOX MDC rWILLIAM FOX. S EEC I AL PRODUCT IONfVe canoe surfing, and the tourist party Sargent, 13, is the youngest MR. E. P. FOOTE at the Organ Irma Covey's New Santa Cruz Theater Orchestra TOMORROW AND THURSDAY 31 bolt from the screen and overpower one by their crushing beauty. New angles and specious arrangement of fadeouts and irises, promote the photographic quality. John Ford, the director, by careful management has given much (strength to the story. It carries through with a consistent smash, the sequences and suspense being admirably handled. The Picture Is The Thing Minen rasifv Tt.Um nmti ....... . - 1 ... ITS . 1$ -3nscilia Dean in "The White Ti Matinee iJtlc; Kvcnings 30cj Dailj ('vnliniious Mat 'nee Children 10c ger NOW PLAYING j: kkvijodvs i avoiuti; 'H; to iti'.in ioits In 1lie Superier t'tptii-t of Uie State of (.'alil'oi'iiia, in ami fur the County tif Santa Cruz. In the Mutter of the Estate of Wright II. ruck, deceased. Not ice is Hereby (livtn by the Vn-(lersigned, Marion It. Lucas, executrix of the will of aid Wright 11. l'cck, de-eea.sed, to the cre'liiurs of, and all persons having claims against the Mt id deceased, or .said estate, to tile them, with the necessary vouchers, in the office of the Clerk of the above named Court (which said office is situate in the Court lion.e in the City of Santa Cruz in said County aiul State), within four tnonlhs after the first publication of this notice, .tunic on the ll'th day of July, r.'IM. or m exhibit them, with the ueees.ary ouehers, within mid ncrioil. to the said executrix at '.'7 l'lymouth St., in the City of Santa Cruz. County ot Santa Cruz, Stale of California, which said hist named office, the undersigned selects as the place of biumiess. hi all matters connected with said estate. Dated: July 1!', 1fjt. MAUIOX It. LL'CAri. IJxenutrix of the will of said deceased. July 1J, to August it', 1821. M Tom ix in orth of udson Bay Watsonville - Salinas - Monterey San Francisco. Stage Schedules: TO SAX KRAXC1SCO Leave Santa Cruz 7 and 10:30 'a. ra.i 3 and 6:15 p. ni. . . -, , . TO SAX JOSK (With connexion for Oakland, Stockton, Sacramento, Merced and Valley points) 7 and 0:15 a. in.; 12:15, 2:15, 5tl5 and G:30 p. m TO VAT.SOVIJ.LK, Salinas, Monterey Leave Santa Cruz 8 and 10:30 a. in.; 1:15 and 5:15 p. m. Union Stage Depot 131 Pacific Ave Phone 665 A Ibiilliii' lie-man drama with the vast white grandeur of the frown wildcriioss as its stage I jyiPTOa I ..tfv htw' JVO'I'H.'K '10 'I'A vi;ns The Assessment l!oll of 'he City of Santa 1'iuz. County of Santa Cruz. State of California, for the year Itit having been completed by the Assessor of saiO City anil delivered to the clerk of the Council; .Notice is, hereby triveu that the Council of llic'oiy of Santa Cruz will meet as a Hoard of lOqualizatioJi ;i t the Council Chambers in the City Hall. Church Street in City on Monday, the tth clay of i Geo. X. White's "SNOOKY" GIRL SHOW 111 a Musical Cmiirily Itcvnc. I'rotly (iirls, l)a,,ling t'ostumcj. Singi-is Dancers Comedians OTIIKIl ATTKACTIOXS Clyde Cook Comedy, "The Orphan" Latest News' , DON'T MISS THIS GREAT SHOW August, on Monday the llth day 01 August, tin .Monday, the ISth. day of August and on Monday the tictli day of August, lilt; I, at the hour of nine o'clock A. M., of said days, to equalize tne usHeKsuietus 01 saiu ' uy, aim to fm hear and determine applications for Jj"J ii'uui hi, ii t,i d.'.i iiii in, ii aii, aim J. H. HORSNYDER DRUGGIST AND CHEMIST 132 Pacifld Avenue Phone 59 all matters that tuay come before taiu Hoard concerning the Assessment. Dated: July it, jyi'-t. S. A. KV'ANS, UZ Chrk of the Council of the Cilv ofii" Santa Cruz. . 3121

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