The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 17, 1950 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 17, 1950
Page 9
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TUESDAY, OCTOBER 17, 1950 BLYTHEVTLLE (ARK.)" COURIER NEWS FACE KTNB Housing Problem Solved; Nebhut Builds Own House Ever since the United States was eized by a housing shortage during »nd alter World War II various roups ami individuals have work- ther trying to solve the But one person Blyihe- j ! ViHe worked out his own problem >y constructing a house himself in its spare time. This enterprising individual Is lames Nebhut, director of advcr- *i"8 for Ark-Mo Power Co. ' , When Mr. Nebhut and ills wife, fame to Blytheville from Searcy in J3938 they moved in a house with ' sLUer, Miss Willie Nebhut, on f jHearn street. I Suitable j.'l For some ,tiir Lot Located , he had been on look-out- for a suitable location « which to build and last sum- Imer ) lc finally fcuud the spot lie (wanted, [t was a 70 hy ICO foot 'cor- per lot on Pecan Street and North Ninth, which he immediately pur- erased. With no previous house-building experience except that- of helping add two rooms to his sister's hause, Mr. Nebhut went to work, and what time he was not attending to his regular job duties, he. spent fashioning the neat little four room house in which he Jives today. With the occasional help of relatives the venture was completed this summer, and the Nebhuts moved Into their new home In July. Mr. Nebhut and his help were directly responsible' for building the entire structure except for a brick and fireplace and InstBl- and sou til. Exterior of the house is made of hemlock, a wood that Mr. Nebhut had shipped here from Pennsyl vania. The east exterior wall is of redwood- and the owner is In the process of constructing a rock patio and barbecue pit *on this side. Front entrance to the house Is attained through a door on the south side which opens Into a small hallway. 3 noors In Hallway Inside the hallway are three doors, the left door opens into the garage, the center one into a small closet and the right one into > sp2eeons living room. The garage, on the west side of the house includes a small storage room iu the rear in which is housed a deep freeze unit. • Part of the garage is used by Mr. Nebhut as n work-shop and such implements as a power saw, drill, a plafier are located near a side wall. The house Includes a living room, small, kitchen, bath room, bedroom and den. Floors are of hardwood except those In the kitchen and bathroom which are asphalt tile. Walts Ui all rooms except the living room and den are of painted rock board, Walls in the den are of natural redwood, and those in the living room are a combination redwood and rock board." The top half of the \iving room's north wall in papered with a wallpaper of Oriental design. On the west side of the living S Now Is Time to Safeguard Farms From Winter Fires DITI. .- „„ HAf " > - ThU Courier News Photo California-style ranch house Is the property of Mr. and Mis. James Nchh . rt , - e popery o Mr. and Mis. James Nebhut and „ located at 816 Pecan. Mr. Nebhut, with the occasional aid of relatives, constructed' .he entire house urmelf except the brick chimney at the right of the small front porch. Plumbing was installed by local plumbers. The outside of the house is made of brown hemlock. a wood which was imported rom r nn- sylvama When he first built the house, observers told him that the flat roof would tend to make he Le ™»Jly hot. bu{ Mr. Nebhut soived that probtem by insulating the ro.f and then appiynja do We a, pli a- hut pi r^o Hd ^ lhC """' g - Tt ' e h ° USe "^ °" l ' 1C " aCk SitiC ° f a ™ " y m '°* lot «" w »"'' « - w , h ,M h V K " S ° me dny Whe " matCrla ' and Prlces VCmi< " Ilc ls ""decided as to whether he will build the next house himself or have it done. »"iAuir ne Foils Dampness , the plumbmg. roc . m , s a , )rlck The ilat-top, .California ranch- logs can be burned for heating style house sits on the back part of purposes. The house is also equlp- ij.jthe large lot which extends north ' ped with an oil burning floor turn- When you need a PLUMBER v remember this number r^BR,?*; THE PLUMBER 109 N. 1st. Asphalt roll roofing, a vapor- ijroof material, can be laid on the ground vider a basementless hause 10 keep dampness 'rom rising up to decay the timbers of the building. FIRE-SHOPPING WALLS The National Board of fire Underwriters says that if it is impractical to put solid fire stops in ..trre walls of an existing house mineral wool insulation maj b« bfowj) between the studs. ace. An oval-shap'ed dining table of white pine has teen built in a corner of the living room nearest the kitchen. Located in this kitchen is a'40-gallon electric water heater. The bedroom is located on the northwest corner of the house and the 7 \'i by 11 foot de non the northeast. Alllc Fan Built In Despite the fact that the house has no attic, Mr. Nebhut has built in a 30 inch attic fan between two partitions between the bedroom and den to provide cool air for both rooms. The owner Is working on >ri outlet to enable the fan to provide air for the living room as well. In case he has overnight company, Mr. Nebhut .can merely open his combination 'couch-bed in the den and thereby have another bed room. U.S. Water Supply utilitiei deliver over )/ 12,000,000,000 gallons f^f of water FffftY PAY.' WATER Is Your Cheapest Commodity ...USE IT FREELY! plytheville Water Co. Blythev.lle, Ark. Real Estate Transfers Emma Dick Moore Veazey to Clarence and Virpie Moore. Lots 3 and •i of Section 25-15N-11E containing 30.22 acres more or less; 120 rods vest of northeast conier of SE'/i if Section 25-15N-11E containing 25 acres more or less; NE^l of SE'/i of Section 24-15N-ME containing 38 acres more or less; south hall of SE'/l of Section 24-15N-11E con- alning 80 acres more or less and NW!i of northeast half of Section 25-15N-11E containing 40 acres more or less. $1,500. Ida Mae Hinshaw to Horace H. Ind Anita Cowan Mooring, begin 40 feet east and 500 feet south of northwest corner of SW',1 :of NEC, of Section 17-15N-8E; thence south 75 feet: thence east 276 feet; thence north 75 ,feet; thence west 276 feet to ixjlnt of beginning, $000. I ^^ Maggie Kenchon to George Kel- o ... / T~i ~. er. Lot 13 in Block 5 of Hays Addi- "'"'fish Ask More Lost Week's Permit Total Was $26,700 Three building permits represent ing costs of $26.100 were issued las week at the, office of Joe Carney city engineer. Largest item was one Issued to Mr. ana Mis. John Lnync to build t. lc lummnui a six-room frame residence at 618 not Intended ^ccan. The remaining two permits wer issued to the following: . Rosco Graft-on, add a room am. bath with new roof to seven-room frame residence nt 11-15 West Hcarn, $2,GOO. Fir* prevention nulhorliles point out that now Is n good time for farmers to eliminate fire hazards and develop proper safety habits In order to guard ngatnst Ihe threat of disastrous fire next winter. Farm fires, which kill approximately 3,500 persons each year and destroy property valued at $100 million, arc most numerous during the winter months, reports show. Prevention measures taken now will pay off In greater safely laler. Source! l.lslerl About 85 per cent of all farm lire losses originate from the following sources: defective chimneys and flues; lightning; sparks on roofs; gasoline and petroleum products; matches and smoking; spontaneous Ignition; stoves, finances and heating pipes; hoi ashes and coals. Looking further for the cause of the fires, the experts say much of the blame can he laid to carelessness and the use of combustible exterior building materials, Farmers are cautioned to be careful In smoking, sec that children do not play with matches, avoid using kerosene or other petroleum products to start stove fires, shun use of flammable cleaning fluids, a oily rags, keep farm buildings free of rubbish, and deposit hot coals and ashes in galav.imzcd steel or other types o| metal cans. Those steps nre among (he fundamentals In common-sense fire prevention. Spiirks A Danger Since sparks on roois constitute one of the leading sources of farm Termite, Fungi Are No Longer Problem 'Ires, an Important lifeguard It W have rooting which will not bum, A typo of fireproof roofing which has won widespread popularity Joe farm homes and large service buildings is the kind made of two Incombustible substances, asbesto* fiber* and Portland cement,' Besides their, fireproof quality, asbestos-cement roofing shingle* have [he advantage O f being weatherproof, rotproof and Immune t* rats. They require little or no mam-' tcnance and last indefinitely. Th« shingles arc produced In four basic styles, as well as In a variety at colors, Pire-proteclive asbcstos-cemenl products nlso are available for exterior aiding, ,or lining Interior walls and ceilings and for such miscellaneous mscs as providing * firc-s.-ite base for stoves. (^sfo ittefwMz veeuxfa inside your..home! Hays Sullivan, frame residence 50,500. build six-room at 1001 Adams, .ion of town of Leachvllie. $1 and other considerations. Lillian Catherine Wright to Calvin Warren Wright, Lot a and east half of Lot 8 In Block 10 of chlckn- sawba Addition and carved out of east half of NE'A of NEK of Section 16-I5N-11E, $1 and other considerations. William o. and Josephine W Mueller to W. W. and Opal Carey NEH of SE',1 of Section 14-14N- 8E of Chickasawba District, $9.500. Max and Annie Laurie Logan and Harold B. and Marie D. Wright to Lloyd and Helen Roberts. Lot 18 In Block "B" of John B. Walker Second Subdivision, 5800. Max and Annie Laurie Logan and Harold B. and Mnrle D. Wright to Martin A. and Anita Tronkle, Lot It of Block "F" of John B. Walker Second Subdivision," $1,000. A. and Gladys V. Ellis to Millard D. and Pear) Decne Hooper. Lot 3 In Block 1 of Country Club Heights Addition. $6,500. Prank and Marie Hodge to Sumper T. and Christine Stovall. Lot B in Block "E" of Barren and Lilly Addition, $5,450. James M. and Betty Jane Gentry to Letha Mick Armstrong, Lot 2 in Block 9 of Ruddle Heights Addition $850. Redman Taylor to Clara Taylor Hurd. north 82.4 acres of SE'i o! Section 15-I4N-12E, $1 and other consideralions. Buren and nilth P. Flannlgna to Mrs. Ida Josephine French, north halt of Lot 8 In Block A of Stau- denmeyer Addition to town of Leachville. $2.850. Exports from Malaya .SINGAPORE (AP)-The British Government is reported to have asked the Singapore government to consider guaranteeing Malayan produce exports to n,e United suites with a view to increasing the colony's dollar earnings. The products will include copra, palm oil. limber, sago, pineapples, rubber products,' Malayan Jewelery, sllerware and curios. Tin and rubber, which hae established markets, are excluded. The guarantees suggested will insure, exporters against the risk of opening up new markets similar to those given by Britain to encourage trade with the gold area. Termites and wood-destroying fungi cause damage estimated at more'than $50.000,000 a year, but science ',.; now making It relatively easy to protect a home against these forces. One common method of controlling termites Is to place metal shields between the foundation masonry and the wood resting on the foundation, These shields are to kill tcrmltea but to force them out In th« open where they can be seen ind destroyed. Another' way of controlling termites is to use chemical preservatives. Wood treated with the better kinds of commercial preservatives also Is resistant to fungi. Fungi and the destructive varieties of termites require moisture in order to exist. Consequently only well-seasoned lumber should be used and adequate ventilation provided as mean* of preventing excessive moisture condensation. WARNING ORDER The defendant, Rubj JoycB Moi- ley, h warned to ippear Ui the Chancery Court, Chlckuawba District, Mississippi County, Arkansas, within thirty days and answer the complaint of the plaintiff, James B. Mosley. Witness my hand, us clerk of this court, and the «<tl thereof, on this 25 day of September, 1950. • Harvey Morris. Clerk By Anita Sykes, D.c. Prank C. Douglas, ally, for plaintiff. PITTSBURGH A HIAl Oll- BASf PAINT THAT COVfflS IN ONI COATf WALL HIDE Hollywood Continued from Page 6 brought forth this from Merccdrs: ."XVouldn'l that be wonderful fnr a boil. Knr danclnj all (lie wny across wilh a fellow you'll never e again—and It dotsn'l mnllcr." • *• • Elaine Tiarrle is huddling with attorneys on NBC's re-broadcast of John Barrymore's Shakespearean readings. It's Elaine's beef that her voice waj used In several of the records and that the network iniled to get her okeh. . . -. Movtetown photograpers are blaming socialite frene Wrightsman for Kirk Douglas' "nbsolutely-on-pictures" dictum. . . . Judy Garland snys she won't replace Mary Martin in the Broadway company of "South Pacific." The role's too strenuous for one thins and Judy's plans call for making a mint of money In the shortest possible time via personal appearances, radio and TV. • • . • Kuthryn Grayson went to bat with MOM for Dinah Shore as the perfect Julie in "Show Boat" and was lew ecstatic when AVA Gardner landed th« part. * * • It's definite that Warners wll remake "The Male Animal" as a. musical. New title: "Hot On the Campus." 7Vm« on Hit Hands LUCKNOW, India <AP)-A tlnj bell Bounded as Prime Minister Ja- waharlal Nehru completed 30 mln. utes of an address before the Institute of Pacific Relations here. The prime minister, with an embarrassed smile, shut off the alarit bell on his wrist watch. He had sei It so he wouldn't speak loo long. ' Even so, it took another ten min- ut« to ooncludt bit ipctch. UTLEY BROS. LUMBER CO. W/>o/«o/e ft.torr Holland, Mo. — Highway 6t — Phone 3-151 SPECIAL FOR THE WEEK: Fir Plywood 1-4" 14c-J" 25c-3-4" 33c Flintkote Roofing-Pittsburgh Paints Yellow Pine—No. 2, No. 3 & C Grad* Priced to Sell — We Deliver — CM fc* .WMixd easily — painted •vcr wiihooc streaking, Don't compart it with thort-li\«cl substitutes. Pittsburgh's new wonderworking Wallbirl* comes in 34 attractive colors—in S'\93 Flat, Scmi.Glos*, and G!oM •ALIOM , C«(tM fe tor Cr*« "Color 21 3 WEST MAIN ST. PHONE 2015 PITTSBURGH PAINTS &v£ fa&i, &naev ^ d' ' M 4 ' M" ... G««t<* MT«i.fc/. „. r... ..!£"..«, AMERICA'S TOP VALUE IN THRIFTY HOME BEAUTY Kern-Torn iti" your ouhfon^'rvg vh I r t I Via i « M t m* w oihobilit y «| 5up*r Kem<lone ii nol i«qu'r«d, for «oflfytny, fof biaulifut ffal moir* finiih, KtT-T»n« I* tf* ehoi<« of mill* on i. BUILDERS SUPPLY CO. Inc. S. Highway 61 W. H. PEASE Call 2434 J. WILSON HENRT

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