The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 24, 1952 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 24, 1952
Page 3
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THURSDAY, JULY 24, 1952 10th Ballot Win Predicted for Sen. Russell But Others Believe Southern Fight Has 'Cooked His Goose' CHICAGO l.fl — Sen. Richard Russell's campaign manager said today lhat Rus.sell will win Hie Democratic presidential nomina- Han on the 10th ballot. Hut elsewhere, mere u-as general belief that the Southern fight on BLYTHEVTLIE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Kefauver Kept Busy by Final Huddles in Nomination Bid CHICAGO (n*) — A round of last- hour huddles with backers anrt potential backers o! !ii s bid for the Democratic presidential nomina- of Tennessee, today. Sine of 263 votes when balloting begins tonight, the rangy Tennes- seean set out to build up his secondary strength. H'-, name will be sent before the convention by the governor of h I s home state, Gordon Browning, and one of the seconding speeches will purpose although rtelepale was be by lyiayor John Mines of Bos- j tlic crraiion of a saiHni: Senntr ton. California is expected to yield House committee to carry on in its lace I n " ir<nc - •*•"' lv -~ --•-••> •' at the speakers' platform niul hr.d been talking with Rayburn. Kefauver, who thinks the plat- Is Inadequate on two issurs. called Rayburn's action ".ij'biir.Ti v,' J Kefauver. whose direction' or the Senate's Investigation o! oi»ani/cd crime projected him into a nationally known personality, wanted the party to lie more concrete in its recommendations on crime and corruption probes. He advocated standing Senate- Did Dog Keep Long Vigil For a Bone? Mrs. Barkley Finds Convention Not the Fun She Expected PAGE T1TOEB . its place In the roll can lo Ten- nessce for the ziominatltiB speech. from a setback Riven qiliries. and the establishment of an Independent commission lo nan. die charges of corruption in gov- ... - ...... ..... .,..,,.,,,-,,1 iimn iju ,7Lii,iiiinji Hum a setoack plven i.umj^vi Hie convention floor during the last his ideas about the party platform i cmn '"i>l. several days had "cooked Russell's Kefauver was out lo capitalize on! He &lsn «'a»led Ihe platform (o "'""*" " the development. i include a plank acivocatin" safe. He accused Texas' Sam Rayhnm! Buartls '"''„ '""V" 23 ' '''ahl' of'wit- sneaker of the House and perma n(XSM!i wiled before congressional nent convention chairman of ha'c- • ° r Boveirnment, investiga- inc railroaded the platform lo adop- ~. S ro "'' s lion without givins Kefauver back- ,,, e l "" ei '; ho sal<( - woulrt he "» cis a chance to offer a minority' "Ralnst MrCat thyism." report. | Bo '" suBgcsMoiis were rejected by Aides o, the senator toid new, i nU^' loUr^S ^it aker in sianim: the minorltv re- Mnse." Sen. Edwin Johnson (old reporters that he expects Russell to got 215 voles on the first ballot and go in lo win on ihe 10th. It takes SIS 1 ;, volex to nominate. The latest Associated lab. illation of known first-ballot choices gives Russell liio'a voles. - . ------- senaor old news- Russell was being prominently men tlie i-hairuian failed ( o rec- meiuioncd for the vice presidential ', ocnize a Tennessee rieletrale pun .1™. .,.,- , ihls line. Russe , rae i| had a I Whiiaker of Chattanooga, for that pnr! which assembly fov action, Ka t before the Not for Vice "too young." He is 5*. Vice President Alben Barkley is 74. Russell's name will be the first to be put in nomination for' I^ cient today. Johnson said the nom- inajing speech will be made by Sen. Waller George of Georgia, Russell's colleague. Barkley had been asked by friends of Huwcll to make the speech but no word had been re.- from him and it was be- Move to Woo Vote ^^\JL i ^J I Ut independents and Democrats ..... .. „•, *.. I»M*. ;i^ - iinsi ine .enhower. the-candidate the IVnunrals nomin- men finally reached the bottom of an abandoned mine where a col- He dog has kcp'. a 25-day vigil and foun<l nothing — except a small bone. The animal had maintained a watch at the month of the shaft since last montii, refusing to leave. Residents of Iliis southwest Missouri community speculated that Ihe dog's owner mieht have tumbled Into the mine. The don is a slrancer in Ihe neighborhood. Volunteers spout the, past, «•«>!; pumping out the -flooded mine. Thousands of persons visited the scene, curious over what jniplit be found. Lust nicht miners Ted Hymcr find Oscar Uber were lowered down the, shaft. After a ihorom-h search at the bottom of Ihe pil, they reporter! (her fnnnd nothing —except the small bone Tommy ManviHe Separated Again NKW YORK IIP, Ashrstos heir Tommy Manville and his n i n t h wife, Anita noddy-Eden, have *pp,- aratrri after 12 dny.« of iinirriaae. In today's Ne'.c YotV: llaiiy Neu apuearcd Ihe follovvini! full-pa ? nriverti.sempni : arrived at her first Democratic convention with Mais in her eyes and expectations of "great fun." She said sn at a news ccilfercnei, last Saturday, tbe day alter she and her husband, vice President Alben W. Dnrkley of Kentucky, slepped off the train. The welcoming crowd chcerd and chanted "We SVant Barkley." A bund playd "My Old Kentucky Home." At HIP news conference, Jane Hadley B.nkley was asked if Ihe "Veep" was going lo win the Democratic presidential nomina- 1 he \v:i.s seekinp. j "Of cmirse he is." she laughed • merrily. "Haven't you all heard i lhat?" What about his age? was 74 too old lo be president? Such Ideas are j silly, she snapped. Why, she is I only 40. she said, but has a hard time keeping up wiih him. Today. Mrs. Ilarkle.y has been to her first convention. For her tt h:ui not brcn the gieat fun she i expected. Her eyrs were shining, but a cloud hid ihe stars. •The Veep, his candidacy opposed by delegates who said he is too I old. h:ul quit the contest. Deeply -hurt, he had packed his baits but stayed bis departure when a call came to address the convention. Motorcycle police, .sirens scream- ItlK, escorted them lo the amphi- theatre, last night. Delegates nnd gallcryllcs rose from their seats. They cheered and chanled "We Want Barkley." The. •gan roared "My Old Kentucky Home." Mrs. Barkley—In a bliu-k frock, wide-brimmed white hat. a large loved today lo'sel i '. a n ' i a nl l " clr ''"""-miMi in chica R o. advonlsempnt: imeri priniarilv' at wooin» lado ! Kisehhowo ^ Wm'-clf told news- " Tn -'«"'y Manville .Jr. is no lon=- endents and tied Demo i 1"°" ^ has hcrn n "" ;h '"" "usv Pr . r ? spo " 5lh ": '?"' »»>' h '»- i»«,r- rals to his suppon ' oi™'.,u''t ^ "'^ . wnrk " li? wi(h hi ' s Manviilc "" A " i! " EdC " The move Is based, these ad-' of thrDcm^craUc''^'.'.^^^'.^ 0 " 1115 i isers said, on a cull hv t>,,, „„„. I . "uoLnac, Salt Lake City. Utah. Mrs. Thompson seconded the nomination ot President Truman in 1918. Alabama lo Yield Alabama will <tive way to Georgia for the purpose of nominating Russell, Johnson said. The Georgia senator received 2 , - tective's car he cnlliiicd with earlier. ^*.^ v-.tvi B jw ^dimui ztjteivca ^b.l : r-.,,! , j • , ' votes »., the Somh's favorite son ! °° °' art .°' nnrt . R "'Ph Cake, GOP in 1948. Afterwards, he supported eomnutteeman from Ore- the Democratic ticket refusing to I f " n ' Spent most of lhe ^ with go along with Ihe Southrn s Eisenhower and discussed. Duff Ren. James H. Duff or Pennsvl- Uo'-'he 'cok.^ri'n uiJi^ ""',"»!' owr l !1 "" cn thp way home bumped into vania oullinori tbe plan at a news ! in Denver Hlstc " cnl Museum two cars, one ol them the samn rie- confcrcnce here last oighl after' he and two other Eisenhower leaders had conferred vith the conernl at his vacation iclieat near Fi-a- ser, Colo., 12 miles west of Denver. Duff, Gov. Dan Thornton of Colorado, 'and Ralph Cake, GOP Personal To Women Wiih Nagging backache , IhiH inltiurtntiL i liiaaiaaloHm .l«v.». ma n,.f,,llssuir t .rr,» 1 .; Hint l.tir^irlic-lc'rl nmrrn>,lr. Mim.r Mncl- Pon't neylii:! ynur>i>s if I h i-s'e fi^j,li - >i'ii. 'IVy p.ii.ti's 1HIU n mill ill'iretie. l.t=i,l j.uccc = ifn!ly hy nti!linn.< f',r i (ivrr 50yr:irs. tl's nmnT.ina hnw rn.Tnv timrft j Dn.-in's K ivc.):r,|.py r,-llff (r.,m thcso ,li.r,,,,,. tcr.i t\mh uut wii='.i:. Gel Puan'a I'jlLttoilnyl go along with Ihe Southern split I „""";" j""". ."'",'. ••••'—'"•••-••. "an which set up the Slates Rights I?! 1 ' 0 , 1 '"','!' vlrtllal 'v every phase of party. Russell watched last niRht's convention proceedings by television. He was jolled only once. That was when David Ch „,, an adviser on his public relations staff, visited Gov. Adlai Steven- , son, the object of a booming draft, movement. Charnay is head of Allied Public Relations, Inc.. of New York and Washington. He and Welly K. Hopkins, attorney for John L. Lewi.s' the forthcoming campaign. The day started with a breakfast of flapjacks and bacon, which Ki- senhower cooked. The general also inrnay, j pm '" rert '«"<*—Iroul, salad and At the Denver news conference in ihe Eisenhower campaign liead- rpiarters, Duff and Cake said particular emphasis had been placed at the Fraser huddle on a need for conlinumg and stepping up .the activ((i " »' the citizens 'commit- Kins, attorney for John L Lewis' "-"""" «• "'<• tnuens conimit- tJniled Mine Workers, spent about i e •"f" 1 ™ 2 '"'"" is headed by an hour with Stevonson Walter Williams of Seattle. Hopkins ^ Kespe,, ' I K*^™ ^^^ When they emerged. Hopkins | cord wiih Ihe idea and gave in- lolri newsmen that he had called I slructions assipning the commit- to "pay my respects." He did not j lee a key role in the campaign, elaborate. The committee wi',1 have the job The visit aroused speculation I o( bringing out n big vole of rez- Charnay may have been .sent by ; islered Republicans next fall But Russell to discuss the vice presi-! Duff said it will pivy special atlcn- rtency in case Stevenson gets Ihe j lion to Irying to win over Inde- nod, but the Georgria senator is-, pendents and disgruntled Demo- sued a statement saying: i craUs. "I had no knowledge of the in-1 The Pennsylvania senator added lention of Mr. Charnay to visit j lhat the. committee's activities will Gov. Stevenson and I am not ac-! be co-ordinated closely with the quainled with Mr. Hopkins. Mr. Charnay is not authorized to spealc for me politically or In any other capacity. I assume that Oov. work of the Republican National Committee and the regular GOP political organizations everywhere. Duff said Eisenhower "Is not • •-- •-• • ~ . i*un c,,\iu j^iairmiuwirr 'is noi Stevenson is fully aware of this only In robust health hut in ex- fact -" Icellenl good humor and feeling He knows who has flic cleanest, freshest wash in (own . . . who is sali.sficil wiih half. way, (ild-rasliioncil methods. How <in you rate? Do y o u know our delivery man? We Ihink you should . . . for he can help you to R new way of living. Let him lake washday drudgery out of your house ... let us show yiiu lhe results of professional laundry service . . . and you'll look forward lo his visits every week! Blytheville Laundry-Cleaners Phone 4418 • Buill lo slay white-smartest looking tires you can put on your cor, • Like oil Goodyear tires, these are tops f or safety, comfort and mileage, «> Stop in now-get the Goodyear Whil£ Side wails you've been wanting. 410 West Main SERVICE STORES Phone 2492 . bouquet of red roses in )ier artm— watched from a box high up and in back of tlu> rostrum hoped. It was a warm, heartfelt tribute lo n belovcrl leader who had served Inns and well, u was farewell to a thoroughbred. •• The eyes of Iho convention Vi.irliPd out Airs. Barkcy and watched to see how ,sho took It. She kept smilln s . But nnre. when j her husband's oration aptrurcd of ; attention, she quickly wiped &er eyes, j Then she was laken dov.-n to 'lhe platform lo sland by her husband while Ihe crowd cheered. A reporter at last Saturday's news conference had asked what Ihe BarkleyK would do if he didn't win. She wasn't thinking in terms then, nut slip replied she I /Moose Bests Two Can i AMHKRST. Canada </T)-A mooM liad ihe nest, of it when two oar* collided with lhe uninuil near here. Tw o men were taken to hospital and both cars were taiily damaged. TIM m/wwe atnbicd away info the womis, apparently not seriously hurt. Men, Women! Old at 40,50,60! Get Pep P«el Yeart Vounger, Full of Vin 6 REASONS TO CHOOSE !T AT 1. Mniu'.v-Hack Pledge 2. No Charne for Credit il. Low Price Policy •J. Tremendous Selection 5. fiiinranlccii Qimlity I). Iviisicsl Terms in Town . . . Wear Diamnads STORK IN MEMPHIS, ILtTHSVilUAW

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