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San Bernardino, California
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B-4 THE DAILY SUN Friday, January 24, 1958 is Li la Li if Topic Airman Doesn't Mind Expert From UC Experiment Station Slated Sand After Sea Tri By T.SGT T. X. THOMPSON ithey finally departed the Ca- phere of pure loafing, while the rvripr.i? 4FR Lieutenant naries bound for the British West returning pilot was awaiting his Dr. Tom Embleton, of the Hor- nnn Fmitrholz sat overlooking Indies. booking on a commercial airliner ticulture Department at the Riv- tho flight line here and out over This Dart of the trio was un-'for the last half of his triperside Citrus Experiment Station will be the featured speaker at the sun-baked desert and recol- eventful as to natural hindrances home.

ARRIVES HOME the January meetings of the Cit leeted that there was a day not and gave the pair of amateur too many months ago that he mariners the chance to absorb rus Discussion Groups in Upland I 'J V- A nl I 4.x 1 vj. v- jLtM I I I rlllg'lfciMIM SfeiiS.WWSg hill ill il wu- i 'h-'twoh statc Redlands, reports Dick Puf- would have welcomed the lack of some of the tranquility of topi visited his Cleveland home farn.fdv!?er- The "ubject of cal ocean travel in a small ves visible water such as he was REGISTER FOR BASEBALL-Officials of the Rialto left to right, Edward Chmielewski, Pat Toy, Ralph East-Boys Athletic Club assist boys in registering for the 1953 wood, president of the club, and Fran Johnson. Boys Rialto Little, Pony and Colt Leagues during a pre-reg- registering are Robert Adams, Terry Bird and Timothy istration held at the City Ball Park. Officials are, back row, Reid. (C.

W. McLaughlin photo) selthe feeling that in all probability is the reason that many of our forefathers were willing to put up with the hardships of the sea in the days before the luxury liners. Their leisurely trip lasted until Aug. 2, when they pulled into the port of English Harbor, island of Antigua in the British West In fore continuing to California. r.uu? W1U ue TT.

z. i ed at these meetings. His occupation is flying, and, This is the time of year when this remains his first love, but citrus growers begin to the sea also lias its charm for about fertilizing theirBcitrus the fighter pilot es The most 3 Asked if he had any similar the year fQT a citrus ag plans for future ocean voyages far as fertiiization goes, is during he said: sprjng flush -of growth, bloom Not at the moment, but that set. doesn't eliminate the possibility. This year many citrus growers "It was a wonderful trip, though wiu receive little, if any, revenue it had its anxious moments, and from their orchards.

This raises M). EMPIRE MEWS OF Insurance Unit Elects Officers Officers of San Bernardino Val dies. Here they developed the friend ship of Capt. Nicholson, an Eng TOP STORIES FROM ALUPQI NTS4 NTH NATIONS URCEST COUNTY one that I fully hope to extend at some future date." His sailing partner, Edward the question of how to fertilize the orchard for the coming crop. Most growers would like to adequately ley Insurance Associates were lishman, who ran a charter boat service for tourists in the picturesque city.

The Nicholson family made them their guests for the week Karko, has returned to his 111-! take care of their groves with the inois home and the status of (expenditure of as little monev as elected and installed at the an (PT-3) nual meeting of the organization. working man once again. possible. of Emigohlz's stay, making the New officers are president, Jack Plumb, San Bernardino insurance The answers to these questions, as well as all phases of citrus Where the spirit is willing, though, man will usually find a way. agent; vice president, Warren visit an enjoyable and memorable one.

Being the tail end of the trip, it was spent in a vacation atmos- Freeman, San Bernardino; secre fertilization, including minor element sprays, will be thoroughly This is a distinct possibility in the future. tary, Edward C. Strum, San Ber seeing. That time was early last June, when he was half of the two-- man crew aboard the 32-foot 5 yawl, the "Stout." With owner skipper Edwards Karko. Emigholz was battling the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Africa in the second of two 50-J knot storms that had threatened to overcome the F100 pilot and i his hometown friend.

For many hectic hours the angry Atlantic waters tore at the two part-time sailors, but they joined the Stout in battling back and emerged victors though the contest cost them one mainsail, one foresail and one jib. STURDY CRAFT I Theirs was a sturdy craft, and It carried them on a trip that neither is likely to forget for awhile. For the trip covered 4,000 miles and took them from June 10 until 2 Aug. 2, carrying them from Gi- fcraltar to the British West In- To go back a bit, the 1st Fight- i er Day Sqdn. flight commander was just completing his tour of duty in Germany when he was contacted by his friend, Karko, who hails from Willamette, 111., and purchased the Stout in Copenhagen, Denmark, sailing the boat to Germany.

The 27-year-old pilot, who hails from Cleveland, requested that he be permitted to return home from his overseas tour by this means. The request was granted and they decided to start their trip presented at these meetings. All nardino; broker of record, Van F. citrus growers are invited to at tend either one of these meetings. 7 7 FINALISTS IN INDIO QUEEN CONTEST TO BE WELL ACQUAINTED Bob Cameron, chairman of the Upland Citrus Discussion Group, announced that their citrus fertilization meeting will be on Monday, Jan.

27, at 8 p.m. at the OK INDIO The 11 finalists in the! tion at the Riverside-Plaza, when elude a professional photographer and metropolitan, newsman from Dunlop, Rialto; and directors Carol Strachota, Colton; E. M. Lash, San Bernardino; and Kenneth K. Kelly, San Bernardino.

The organization was formed on Dec. 5, 1945, and consists of 33 members. Its purpose is to service insurance for San Bernard-dino Valley College. Its members are from all school districts in the San Bernardino Valley Union Joint Junior College District which includes Colton, Bloomington, Rialto, Highland, San Antonio Fruit Exchange of all of the merchants pay tribute to the County Fair, Queen Scheherazade Court, the County Board outside Riverside County. All of the girls and representa fice, 217 A Upland.

Jack Wiley, chairman of the tives from their sponsoring body will be invited to the Indio Cham of Supervisors, and representa-1 Redlands Citrus Discussion Group, 1958 Queen Scheherazade contest will for the first time become acquainted with each other before the Riverside County Fair and National Date Festival opens on Feb. 14. Queen Supervisor Ora Jared announced that this year all of the girls will be together on at least two occasions before they move ber of Commerce Aladdin's Ball; tives of community sponsors. Following a supper at the Plaza, the public will be invited to view announced that their citrus fertilization meting will be on Tuesday, Jan. 28, at 8 p.m.

at the Feb. 11, at Palm Desert. In for mer years only the queen took' Redlands-Highland Fruit Ex part in this annual event Crest Forest, Lake Arrowhead, ceremonies from a stand erected for the occasion on one of the malls. Each girl and her sponsors change office, 130 W. Vine Redlands.

into their quarters at the fair On Feb. 13, the 11 girls will ar-MiUi Running Springs, San at the fairgrounds for the du-dore( Terrace Union and the San will be introduced. grounds at Indio. In former years, ration oi ine iair ana iesuvai. max Bernardino City Schools.

only the queen took part in pre- Judging of finalists is set for nignt, tney wiu De nonorea at a February 8, at 2:30 p.m., at the press preview for county and fair events. The girls will come together Jan. 31 for a preview presenta- Arabian Nights stage on the fair statewide 'publications. grounds. Judges this year will jn- Palm Springs Plans Rodeo PALM SPRINGS The 18th Annual Palm Springs Rodeo, During their stay at the fairgrounds, the Queen Scheherazade Jrom historic Gibraltar, returning ma.

South Atlantic. fcKAUTIFLX MEMORIES While the two storms that they Trip Through Colorado on Home Loan Activity For VA Hits Low WASHINGTON (UP) GI home loan activity dipped to a record low in December with a drop of 23.7 per cent in loan applications, the Veterans Administration announced. The VA said it received 8,508 home loan applications during the month compared to 11,157 in November. fought brought stark realism into Film Scheduled Saturday sponsored by the spa's Mounted Police, will be staged at the Polo Court will be housed in a building especially equipped for the girls. Mrs.

Jared and a staff of chaperons will be in charge of their activities. Meals are supplied by the County Fair, business firms and civic organizations. Finalists in the contest represent 11 school districts in Riverside County, with the two districts LOMA LINDA A "trip to Always striving to make his Grolmds Saturday and Sunday, Feb. 1 and 2. work more interesting, Midgley kept a list of everything good or bad about his job.

After eight i r. i i I It 'ym Sanctioned by the Rodeo Cowboys the two day event at tracts thousands of visitors to the in the City of Riverside combin famous desert resort. The Palm Springs Rodeo is noted for its years he had eight "goods." Eight vacations. Obviously he was a square head in a round hole. Quitting chemistry for good (chemistry's good), he went into vacations full time.

His Opus roughness as it is the first offi-, ing to name "Miss Riverside." Communites or areas competing are San Jacinto, BIythe, Corona, Elsinore, Perris, cial rodeo of the 1958 season and the stock has not been ridden for yesterday" on the last narrow gauge railroad in the U.S. will be one of the features highlighting -a Stan Midgley color motion picture adventure Saturday, Jan. 25, beginning at 8 p.m. in San Bernardino's Municipal Auditorium. Under the sponsorship of the Junior Women's Auxiliary at the College of Medical Evangelists, Stan Midgley will personally narrate his film, "Colorado Today and Yesterday." The feature-length program begins in Denver and includes such well known points of interest and beauty as Central City, Rocky Mountain National Park, Garden of the Gods, Beaumont, Banning, Palm Springs a two to three month period.

One, a movie about a bicycle trip in Utah, won the $1,000 first RockV Roll Rolls On HOLLYWOOD A vice president of RCA-Victor Records predicts rock 'n' roll "will monopolize the record market for at least five more years." W. W. Bullock told newsmen Elvis Presley "is the largest single factor" in the recording industry's growth. He said about 20 million Presley platters were sold in 1957. and Coachella Valley in addi prize in a nationwide contest.

He Appearing at the rodeo will be the BIythe Teen Age Quadrille, tion to Riverside, was on his way. In the following Winner of the Queen Schehera trick riders Edith Happy and years eight chucklelogues have established him as the Mark zade title will represent Riverside County at the State Fair, Sacramento, in "September. the trip, other parts are filled with some beautiful memories and at least one fine friendship, Emigholz said. In the city of Las Palmas, In the Canary Islands, they went into port during a very large celebration, which found the streets lined with flowers and featured a tremendous religious procession, though the two didn't gather the complete significance of the occasion. While they were in the island city they were the honorary members of the Royal Club Nau-tico and received the royal treatment all the way through.

"Though and Portugese are the basic languages there." he said, "German and English are also widely spoken. "Both Karko and I manage German, so we managed to get along pretty well." BOAT REFITTED The pair remained there while their small boat was being refitted and resupplied with stores. They received the tops in hospitality from the native people, staying as guests of the Yacht Club. Under clear, blue Atlantic skies Twain of the Camera. -F0NTANA- BEFORE TRIP Lt.

Don Emigholz, now with the 1st Fighter Day Sqdn. at George Air Force Base, stands by his "Skyblazers" acrobatic team F100 in Germany before his departure for the United States aboard the 32-foot yawl "Stout" with a hometown friend. The trip took nearly three the Royal Gorge, a bicycle trip through the San Juan and the Singing Sands of Alamo- sa. As an added feature, Midgley will show his color footage of this year's Rose Parade in Pasa-j dena including all of the floats GO months and covered 4,000 miles. (Official USAF photo) FONTANA'S Mary Stetler, and clown Sherman Crane as well as a full pgorgam of bareback bronc riding, saddle bronc riding, bull dragging and Brahma, bull riding.

All proceeds from the annual event are used by the Mounted Police to purchase equipment used in their desert and mountain rescue work. Hearst Castle to Be Open by May or June SACRAMENTO (UP) Hearst Castle will be open to tourists by May or June, the State Devi-sion of Beaches and Parks predicted. The division, in its monthly report to Gqv. Goodwin J. Knight, said a full time staff has been appointed to ready William R.

Disciplinary Board of Armed Forces Meets at Camp Irwin air and naval installations in the San Bernardino vicinity, meets each month at one of the member -RED LANDS- BARSTOW The Armed Forces Disciplinary Control Board of San Bernardino County met at Camp Irwin recently to discuss matters concerning the health, welfare and installation in turn. The local board is under the supervision of the Senior Board of the Sixth FOR THAT BEST BUY Regular $159 FREE EXTRA $30 DIAMOND Needle morals of servicemen stationed and many of the marching bands and other highlights. He describes his latest Rose Parade film as his best from standpoint of color and brilliance. "We had excellent sunlight conditions which make the flower decked floats really live on the screen," commented Midgley. A "Nutshell" description of Stan Midgley begins with his graduation from Princeton in the field of chemistry during the depression years.

Two of his best years came next. Then he found a job. Thereafter his colleagues began to call him "that crazy chemist." Not for his prowess with test tube and clothes pin, however, but because he rode his bicycle to work. A mere 48 miles every day. Hearst's San Simeon estate for U.S.

Army area. FIRE WOOD SMALL LOTS er BY THE CORD Desert Rock Dealers Hwy. 99 and Iowa PY 2-3620 BEni a unr in this area. The board, composed of the pro Maj. J.

A. Smith, of the Marine Corps Supply Depot, Barstow, public viewing. Sign Is Protested vosts marshals of the military, chairman of the board, presided I RIATTft In attendance, besides the regular members, were local repre HI-FI RECORDS AT REGULAR DISCOUNT LONDON (UP) The National sentatives of several civilian or ganizations interested in health Assn. of Funeral Directors urged the town fathers of suburban Purley to remove new road safe- "58 Admiral TV 21" $138 tv siems. The signs say: "Under and welfare: the California Highway Patrol, Public Health Service, California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control Feder takers love overtakers." RIALT0 al Bureau of Investigation and 56 SYLVANIA and kixiM ana SSI California State adjutant general, 132 RCA TV's Members of these civilian organizations act as advisers to the Disciplinary Control Board.

After the meeting, the board ate luncheon at "the Officer's Club and OF RIALTO MODERN BEDROOM SET TRI -DRESSER, HEADBOARD, 2 NITE STANDS ALL TYPES The Spotlight of Fashion this year is on color Stunning new shades Develop your most exciting personality wear a new color! Imported 9x12 Rugs i heard a brief description of the I mission and facilities of Camp Ir-! win by Lt Col. Morris E. Soren-i son, provost marshal here. Later the group was given a tour of the post and shown a demonstration of weapons at Garlic Spring Range. The demonstration fea- tured the launching, operation and recovery of a radio-controlled airplane target by the 47th 'Anti-Aircraft Detachment, and the opera-I tion and firing of an M48 tank and a flamethrower tank by members of Company 72nd Tank WAVE Special 0 Expert Hair Coloring 0 FREE ESTIMATES AFJYTir1E Guaranteed Work NO MONEY DOWN 3 Years to Pay BANK RATES LICENSED INSURED CALL Gibbs Masonry TR 5-1297 TR 5-3589 TR 5-3989 WHY BUY INFERIOR MERCHANDISE WHEN YOU CAN BUY THE BEST FOR LESS HERE? EASY TERMS 24 MONTHS TO PAY Store Hours: 1 1 A.M.

to 8 P.M. Tues. Thru Fri. 10 A.M. to 6 P.M.

on Sat. CLOSED SUNDAY AND MONDAY BLOOMINGTON ST1E 0M TR 5-4550 139 W. Foothill RIALTO Open fc'rery Evening Except Monday KENNETH J. ATKINS INSURANCE Ph. TRinity 7-2345 10128 Cedar tloominatwi Phone VA 2-1950 FONTANA 14387 Valley Blvd.


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