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Star-Phoenix from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada • Page 16
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Star-Phoenix from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada • Page 16

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
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SASKATOON SIAR-liiUEMA. THURSDAY, APRIL 1944. PAGE SIXTEEN Recital Given At Battleford Commission For Airman Transfer North Battleford R.C.M.P. Officer to Regina tion. The Greatness of God, Is a tianslatlnn fiom a Russian text.

Gordon Hancock as accompanist on the piano and organ, greatly assisted the soloists throughout the i ecttal. A collection at the close was devoted to war charities. Special Service Held at Ruddell Young Students Stage Play YOUNG. A capacity bouse witnessed the play, The Blight Penny," staged by th pupils of the Young High School on Friday. March 31.

the following participating; Doris Gjosund, Jenny Procktor, Hughle Smith, Marjorie Smith, Gwen Owen, Lorna Storey, Tack Wayne. Joyce Owen, Alfred Meyer, Gerald Storev and Eva panner. Pauline Burke, student, assisted In directing the three-act roonth a ocla, ,8 heId ln tha Paying room when musical games constitute part of the fun. The officers of the club are as fol- Died for His Country BIGGAR. Morris Packer, son of Mr, and Mrs.

A. Packer of Biggar graduated from the air observers' school at Edmonton last week and waa commissioned a pilot officer Pilot Officer Packer Is now on leave at the home of his parents. Pilot Officer Packer began his education In Biggar public and high schools, and prior to enlisting waa a student at tha University of Saskatchewan, He enlisted In February, 1943, and trained at Saskatoon, Brandon and NORTH BATTLEFORD. Recently promoted, Supt. F.

E. Spriggs, R.C.M.P, been transferred to Regina, It was learned at North Battleford Tuesday, Coming to North Battleford as a aub-lnspector tn 1934 to asume command of tins RC.M.P. sub-division. Superintendent Spriggs has earned the regard and esteem of citizens In this northwest section of the Province during his ten-year stay here. Mrs.

Bpriggs who has identifed herself closely with the cultural and community life of this city since 1934, will be missed in mtiny phases of activity here. On Mggeday members of the Governor Laird Chapter, I.O.D.E., assembled after Last Family Party Held at Glidden GLIDDEN. The final family party was held under the auspices of the Red Cross In the Glidden Hall on Friday, March 31, wltb a fair attendance. About $300 has been collected In the recent Red Cioes drive. The Glidden Womens Community Club met at the home of Mrs.

B. Fllyk on Thursday, March 30, with Vice-President Mrs. N. Campbell in the chair, when tho secretary repotted letters were beginning to come in from the central Mediterranean forces thanking the club for Christmas parcels received. It was decided to donate $13 to the local branch Of the Red Cross.

The club has been asked to serve lunch at the sale of G. Martin on Monday, April 10, and has accepted. This sale is one mile northeast- of Glidden. Procktor In uniform of Royal Canadian Army Cadets were ushers dance followed the play, and Lethbridge, When training at Saa- about $55 were realized. irki Immediately after the play A.

Halverson awarded the following students prizes for their essay on the "Development of the Pauline Burke; 2, Lorna Storey, Evelyn Robert and Gwen Owen, tied. The prize money was donated by the Saskatchewan Wheat Pool. ONE MINUTE NEWS ABOUT JOHNS-MANVILLE Roof Leaks Can Be a Headache Died for His Country RED CROSS ACTIVITIES their regular meeting to pay tribute to the woik of Mrs. Spriggs. Mrs.

F. Wright, regent, expressed regret at the loss to the chapter of so valuable a member. "Whatever Mrs. Spiiggs did, she ran led it through to a successful conclusion," said Mrs. Wright, mentioning that various activities convened by Mi.

Spiiggs had augmented 1.0 D.E. funds by more than $1,000 For the past 18 months Mrs. Wilght also pointed out, the departing member had most capably convened the I.O.D.E, tea rooms, run in conjunction with the patriotic service league here. In addition to devoting considerable time to I O.D E. work, Mrs.

Spriggs has been a valuable member of the women's chorus here, and in its early years, was active In the woik of the Connaught Home and School Club. RECITAL An unusually Interesting musical recital followed the evening service In N'oith Battleford Third Avenue United Church on Sunday. The pro-giam, arranged by Gordon Hancock, organist and choir director of the chuioh, featured the young Toronto violinist, L.A.C. George Bolus. Now seivlng at No.

13 S.F.T.S. here, Mr. Bolus showed fine musicianship and a remarkably keen technique. He has studied under Mr. Spwack, conceit master of the Toronto Symphony Orchestra, and Kathleen Parlow, world famous conrert violinist.

Mr. Bolus was heard to advantage In Romance, from Concerto No. 2, Wlemawskl; Liebesfieud, No. 1, Kreisler; Can-zorntta from Concerto Opus 33, iTschaikowsky; and Ave Marie, Schuheit-Wilhelinj. Highlight of Mr.

Bolus' contribution to the recital was Introduction and Rondo Capiiccloso, by Samt-Saens. This was followed bv Variations on a Corelli Theme, Fritz Kreisler. The rich mezzo-soprano voice of Mrs. June Holmes was heard to advantage In The Pages Road Song, and Into ths Night. Mrs.

Holmes has recently arrived in the city from Toronto. Also contributing to the recital was Allan Hancock, well known to Saskatoon audiences ns a reciter. Mr, Hancock's first selec I- ptj lows: President, Marlon L. Currant; secretary, Peggy Giogan; treaauier, Cecilia Clink. The emollment In the musical deprtmrnt shows that there are 33 pupils and the youngest pupil In grade 1 Is seven years of age.

It Is Intended to hold a night for the parents before the end of the term. Rev. Sister Leopold has directed the department for several terms, having first oLall come to the district nine years ago. The convent Is regarded as one of tho finest centres for musical training in the Province, and the pupils In the present class are making splendid progress. Robert Rledale was re-elected chairman of the Battleford United Church committee of atewardi at the annual meeting held at tha Queen's Court on Thursday evening.

Mayor W. R. Pearn was re-elected secretary, John F. Allan re-elected envelope secretary, and H. Kellington was named treasurer to succeed H.

Burllngham who held the position for many years until he recently relinquished it through 111-health. A resolution was passed recording gratitude and appreciation for Mr. Burllnghama untiring and valuable services, with best wishes for his future well-being. Other membeis of the board are Mrs. F.

McGinnis, I Clink, K.C., Mr. and Mrs. John Pinchbeck, David Downey, H. S. Stewart, Sheriff George Cockbum, Gordon Wallace, George Ward, and Mrs.

W. D. Sutherland, Rev. Currant expressed appreciation of the loyal end enthusiastic services of the officers and members of the board. Messrs.

Stewart, Ward and Pinchbeck were elected a committee to Inspect church property and to Investigate the possibilities of renovation and Improvement. The boaid members were guests to a complimentary dinner tendered by Mrs. I. Witt. Mrs.

Robert Risdalo was a guest of honor. MEOTA. An Impressive Palm Sunday service wa held In St. Mary's Church, when the Junior choir contributed special music as well as assisting with the full service of morning prayer. Rev.

G. Major paid a tribute to members of the Meota school teaching staff for their co-operation in emphasizing spiritual values, noting that as a community Meota was fortunate in respect to those with whom was entrusted the education of Its young people. He called on parents to more fully recognize their privilege and responsibility as custodians of young lives. The children In the choir ranged in age from to 13. Including Phyllis Crowston, Evelyn Hackney, Jean Crowston, Sheila Pattlnson, Loraine Hackney.

Joy Beatch. Phyllis and Gladys Rlshchynski, Patricia Anne Chase, Freddie Fitch, Conrad Collie. and Donald Chase. All those attending the service on Sunday morning were presented with a small cross fashioned from a piece of palm leaf, giving fuller significance to the day. The crosses were made by R.

Head who Is visiting at the vicarage. The annual meeting of the Meota Community Club will be held on Tuesday, April 11, at 8 30 oclock Jn the municipal council chambers. Meadow Lake Has Nursing Classes MEADOW LAKE. The home nursing classes held In the Avenue hotel at Meadow Lake throughout January, February and March, have been brought to a successful close. These classes have been attended by 70 women.

At the final meeting 42 women enrolled for emergency work, and their names have been placed on file by the Red Cross organization of Meadow Lake. There was a small fee charged each member attending the classes and after a few expenses had been met $22 80 was donated to the Meadow Lake Hospital for tha purchase of a necessary article. To show their appreciation, the women presented Mrs. Charles Laesch, the pitsident of the home nursing classes, with a beautiful electric pad. Aurora chapter of the Meadow-Lake I.O.D E.

held a "hard time party on Thursday, March 30, at the home of Mrs. F. M. Clark. Members paid admission by bunging a War Savings Stamp for the scrapbook, and woollen donations for Greek relief.

Bingo was played. Mrs. R. Higman won the costume prize, and Mrs. H.

McGinnis, honorary regent, who came from Big River for the event, waa presented with a special prize. "We Just had our house redeem atpd last fall and now some of the walls and ceilings are marred by uglv water stains. Whv didnt somebody warn us to have our roof injected for leaks This lament Is typical of the experience of many homeowners, especially In spring. So why not ask your Johns-Manvilie dealer to Inspect your roof NOW and make any necessary repairs promptly. He can supply you with J-M Asphalt Shingles which ensure a weathortrght roof and colorful beauty.

You'll be particularly interested In J-M "Flexstone" Shingles which are made with Asbestos felt to give you exti a protection against fire, weather and wear. Free illustrated literature on request. Security Lumber Co. 39 23rd St, phone 2198. REPORT GIVEN SOVEREIGN.

The Sovereign Red Cross Society has collected $1,298 61 in the recent drive for funds. This includes $200 raised by the Victory Workers" by the sale of lunches during the bonspiel. The secretary-treasurer, Rev. P. J.

Horn meisen. reported 117 subscriptions, and $1.38860 has to date been forwarded to headquarters at Regina. The drive has not been concluded. DRIVE GOES WELL MEADOW LAKE. More than $1,200 has been collected in the Red Cross drive to date, and more conn try districts are reporting other donations dally.

Mr. and Mrs. J. Needham, whose son, Frank, is In a German prison camp, received an encouraging letter from a service man from the same camp, who has been repatriated back to England. The letter say.

"We pilsoners will never be able to thank or praise the Red Close enough for the wonderful work they are doing. Without the Red Cross parcel of food each week I would hate to think what the outcome of our health would be." AUCTION SALE RUDDELL. A Red Cross sale of donated articles was held on Friday, March 31, and realized $106 83. Taylor and Miss J. Reid came from North Battleford to officiate os auctioneer and clerk, reaper lively.

SGT. GORDON CURIUE foimerly of Arelee, who was previously reported missing after an air raid over German territory on January 21, la presumed dead. Sergeant Currie was bom and educated at Arelee, and later went to work ss an elect! ician in the Toionto district. He enlisted with the R.C.A F. on Mnrch 1, 1913, and was stationed In Toionto with the Precision Squadron until June.

He then trained as an air gunner at Montreal, Quebco and Mont Jolt, graduating at the end of September. He at lived overseas on November 1, 1643, and on Januaiy 2, 1641, was ct edited with shooting down a German fighter over Beilin. Sergeant Curiie was in the news reel, "Home From Berlin," recently shown at the Tivoli Theatre, Saskatoon. Resides his widow and baby daughter, Joy Kathleen, now resident in Saskatoon, he Is survived by his parents, Mr. and Mis.

M. E. Currie of Arelee. thiee brothers. Wallace of tho C.A.F.,1 Saskatoon; Leslie and Vet non of Arelee; and four sisteis, Mis.

W. Somers of Perdue; Mrs. R. Connor, Mrs. Miller, and Mib.

T. Cowley, all residing In Ontario. THETHASTER HAT OF CANADA katoon he gained the Individual championship at No. 7 Initial Training School track and field meet in July, 1943, receiving tbe O.C.s trophy and several prizes when he won the shotput and discus throw, placing second In the 100-yard dash, and third in the broad Jump. More than 3,200 No.

4 ration books were distributed during March 29, 30, 81 and April 1 from the office tn the town hall under the direction of Mr. W. Mitchell, chairman of the consumer branch of the W.P.T.B. Th following voluntary helpers assisted: I H. Sanders, G.

Hutchings, and Mesdamo E. Nalsh, Ross King, Stewart, C. Rodman, K. Williams, Noble, S. P.

James, T. A. King, R. Briggs, A. Dean, G.

Dyck, C. Falrbairn, N. Dunbar, R. Buchanan, A. Banting, J.

Ross and Mias J. Ferguson, The school auditorium was decorated for the "Easter" dance held on Friday, March 31, by the high school students and teaching staff. Music was supplied by the high school orchestra, comprising Joyce Cutler, Eva Ross, Rueben Packer and Bob Stuart. A jolly evening was spent on Monday, April 3, when members of the United Church Junior choir were entertained at the home of the choir leader, Mrs. J.

Rutherford. Loah Newton, organist of the choir, assisted the hostess In organizing games and serving lunch. Recent donations to the Kinsmen MUk-for-Britaln Fund are: Biggar Stagette Club, $10; Kin ice carnival proceeds, $256. Program Given i By Craik Artists CRAIK. Before a capacity crowd tho United Church choir and assisting artists presented a variety concert in the Craik Town Hall on Friday evening, March 31.

The program: "Let's Sing Again," gathered around three principal groups of choruses, 12 patriotic song9 in national costume, eight Internationa! selections, and a number of old fashioned pieces In the dress of the period of the Gay with colored lights which had a telling effect. Miss Blrdrose was the soloist of the evening. Mis M. Cherry and Miss J. Thompson took the solo paits In group selections.

Austin Dewar was the male soloist. The trio sang modern songs and a sextet presented six Classical selections, Interspersed were a number of novelty hits In colorful costumes, "The Village Schoolhouse," "The Craik Rockettes" and the selling of special War Savings Stamps. Mrs. Austin Dewar was the accompanist and trainer of tbe group; REQUEST Representatives of the air training school at Davidson, being present, requested that tha program be presented at the camp on Monday evening, and this was done. Tha recreational hall at the camp had a large, enthusiastic audience who were strong in their demand for encores of ther various Items, Tha modern conveniences of light and loud speaker, that tbe hall Is equipped with, helped to bring out more fully the talents of the artists.

Mr, and Mrs. Steen of Aylesbury joined the party and Mr. Steen gave a number of selections on bis saxophone. F.L, R. Manwaring, padre of the camp, thanked the Craik friend for De Laval Separators and PARTS 63.00 No.

4 Junior P.O. MAURICE MARTIN of tha Avondale district near Dellsle, was killed In a recent flying accident while on active service in Britain. Pilot Officer Martin and his crew perished when tha plane In which they Were on a training flight crashed a few miles from the take-off. Maurice Martin wee born in the Dellsle district on April 18, 1920, and received his schooling ln the Avondale Public School and Dellsle High School. He enlisted in Saskatoon In April, 1941, and was sent to manning depot at Brandon, from where he was stationed to Edmonton for his Initial and final training as a navigator.

Ho went overseas In October, 1942, and had made many operational flights over enemy territory, Tho funeral service was conducted at a small village church near tbe airfield by the station chaplain, Squadron Leader Lowry, with full military honors. Burial was made in the Canadian section of the Royal Air Force Cemetery at Harrogate, England. Maurice wa a capable navigator and member of one of the outstanding crews. He was popular with all his companions. In the Avondale district where he had lived the whole of his' life up to the date of his enlistment he was popular.

Surviving ere his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. Martin; one older brother, Cecil, and six sisters, Mrs, L. Fairburn, Mrs.

K. MacGregor, all of Dellsle and Avondale; Mrs. J. J. MacKenzle of Calgary, Mrs.

S. Junop of Asquith, Ada of Ker-Robert, and Madeline of tho R.C-A.F. (W.D.) at Dafce. 400 lbs. capacity NO.

14 Standard 650 lbs. capacity 123.50 Z'XJtk Mervin W.A. Bids Farewell to Trio MERVIN. Membeis of the womens association held a social evening at the home of Mrs. Lea Clark on Saturday, Apill 1, in honor of throe members who are leaving the district shortly, Mrs.

Jack Saunders, Mrs. Lome Mussell, and Mrs. Jock Mitchell, The evening was spent In contests, games and singing. Addresses to each of the departing members were made by President Mrs. John Wylie, expressing regret at losing such valuable members, and told how their presence as well as their work would be missed In the W.A.

The presentations were made by Mrs. E. Kirkpatrick. A leather handbag was given to Mrs. Jack Saunders, and a china cup and saucer each to Mrs.

Lome Mussel! and Mrs. Jock Mitchell. They all replied with thanks, Mr, and Mrs, Walter Lockhart have received another cablegram to state their son, Pts. Alfred Lockhart, Is route to Canada on a hospital ship, and would go to No. 12 Military Hospital, Regina.

His condition is serious. Adanac Club Women Entertain Husbands ADANAC. The women of the bridge club entertained their husbands at the home of Mrs. Haugen on Friday night, March 31, for the final gathering of the season. Four tables were Jn play and honors went to Mrs.

W. Turbei field, Mr. D. Ferguson, H. Goodhew, and H.

Unsworth. The proceeds of $7.10 will be given to the Unity Pat-rlotto League, A dance in aid of the Red Cross was held In Langemarck school on Wednesday, March 29, and a large crowd danced to volunteer music by Mrs. H. Unsworth, Mrs. R.

Cum-min, D. Ferguson, N. Imrle, R. Cummlng, and E. Bloder.

Proceeds were $16.50. Repair and parts for all models carried on hand. AKITTS HARDWARE 83 10th W. Phone 2255 CAMPAIGN RESULT DAPHNE. During the recent Red Cioss campaign for funds, the Daphne "Willing Workers Club was Instrumental tn raising $98.69 for this cause.

The club realized $25.18, the net proceed of a whist drive and quilt raffled on March 17. The other $73.30 came from donations, through the medium of subscription list being placed In ths two local stoi (a. After deducting remittance charges tho $98.16 havs been forwarded to the Canadian Red Cross headquarters in Regina. GOOD RESPONSE QUILL LAKE. The Red Cross campaign has been successful.

To date $604 80 baa been collected, though there are still some receipt books to be turned In. During the distribution of ration books colleo-tois wers on duty in tha town hall. The Wlmmer Junior Red Cross held a sale of work on March 81 and realized $30 for the Red Cross. There are only eight pupils in this school. After the sale a social evening was spent, the Homemakers sponsoring a card party, REST DRIVE VET INVERMAY.

The most successful Red Cross drive ever held in this district has been completed, and $1,200 forwarded to the head office at Regina. No objective had been set for this branch, but more than double has been collected over any year previous. The $1,200 wa made up as follows: Invermay proper, $25; Chain of Lakes sub-district, $200; Newburn subdistrlct, $173. The canvassing committees were: Invermay rural, H. Deacon; Invermay town, Gordon Telfer; Chain of Lakes, Mrs.

Sidney Parsons and Dalton Jones; Newburn, Isabel Molr. The intermediate and Junior rooms sponsored a successful tea and bazaar Friday, March 31, in the Invermay school In aid of tha junior Red Cross. Proceeds were $50.05. whole affair was In chnige of ths pupils and the two teachers. Aprons, pot-holders, tea towels, woodwork, papef Easter lilies and other articles made by the children were on sale.

Three tables with children waitresses wers efficiently taken care of. This is the second tea and bazaar given by ths pupils for the Red Cross and both have been successful USEi Airman Makes 60 Flights 1 HOCICEY Presentation KERROBERT. Pilot Officer John Brondbent, 21-year-old mem-such a bright, cheery program. The I her of the R.C.A.F., brother of Mrs. members of the choir and friends Charles Dixon on Major, were invited to the officers' mess where a lunch was served.

The Craik co-operative organization baa amalgamated tbe two two stores and opened a modern went overseas ln March, 1943, and ha now made 60 operational flights over enemy territory. He recently was commissioned a pilot officer. He was born in the south of Eng I departmental store In the Mercan- -land and came to Canada at the tile Block. CUT the April meeting of WaedenvlUe Ladies' Aid held at the home of Mrs. Bob Blg-gart, Mrs.

R. Reid on behalf of tho members presented Mm. Jack Mur-lay with an electric table lamp, expressing appreciation of aervices rendered nnd extending good wishes for her future happiness. The guest of honor thanked her friends for their gifts and good wishes. Mrs.

Murray has been member of the ladies' aid for 18 years, filling the office of secretary for some time. Mr. and Mrs.furray are retiring from farming operations, and art leaving shortly to reside at the West Coast. THE MODERN REPEUENT lmn age of three years. He received his education at Nichol School near Major, and graduated from Mao leod, Alberta.

LOSE AT HOME HARRIS. Th Harris hockey team waa defeated 12-4 by the Tes-sier team on home Ice Monday evening, March 27. Tessier scored five goals in the first period, two in the second and five In ths third period. Harris scored all four goals in the second period. Harris: Danard, Husband, Whitmore, R.

Gordon, Vlttttoe, Genest, Mireau, J. Trask, W. Crawford, Jack Gordon, Tessier: Feather-dtone, Mann, Murrlson, HHl G. Braid, Smith, P. Braid, Major, Cohen, Lawton.

Referee, Lome How-ey. The Harris single men were defeated 7-4 by tbe married men In a hockey game Wednesday, March 29. Tbe married men scored one goal In the first period, four In the second and two In the third period Tha single men scored one goal in the first period, one in tha see-ond and two In the third period. The proceeds went to the Red Cross. VISITORS WIN ZELMA.

In probably tha last hockey gams In Zelma this season Colonsay Juniors defeated ths local team by 7-4 Saturday, April The play In tha first two periods was fairly even, but the visitors had more of the play In the final pe-ljod to gain a three-goal margin, Y1 Zelma Liberals Reorganize ZF.LUA. At a well attended meeting of the Zelma Liberal Association held Saturday, April 1, G. Duff was elected president; A. Cline, vice-president: Cline, secretary. The following wera added to the local executive H.

Nicholson, Mrs. G. R. Duff, Mr. C.

W. Cline, Wellwood Cowan, J. Eldorkin, John Brossart, Jake Volk, Pete Trautman, QuafUtj'ttaS 1 1ly Subs Utute Add Stomach Helped In 1 5 Minutes Don't suffer from MoxUnr, belchlrf, tad breath, heartburn, sour atomarh, dts tutted sleep and Indigestion, caused by ex ecu stomach acids. Taka DioUx which contains no sods, bat is 4 times stronger than sods tn neutralising excess acids. Con tains hrtpful ingredients In tablet form that act 4 was to combat Indigestion: 1 Neutra lisa excess acids; t.

Dispel gas; I. Help digest meat, starch, sugar and vegetables, and 4. Btimulata healthy bowel action. Oet Diotex from your druggist tinder satisfaction or money back agreement, gee how easy it is to i 11 you ilk. totes vuvssxr Fire Destroys Prairie Home Get Your New Spring Biltmore at ADILMAINIS LTD.

Cor. Avenue and Twentieth Street, West 1 1 RUDDELL. Fire destroyed the home of William Robinson, three mile west of Ruddell, on April 4, while It wa temporarily unoccupied. When Mr. Roblnon reached home at noon after taking hi wife to meet the bus, he saw smoko coming from th second storey window.

He Immediately called his neighbor to help, but th fire had gained such headway that little w-aa saved from hia fine home. The origin of the fire la unknown. Signs of Spring ROSFTORN ASSISTS NETHERHtLL. Tbe "Kentucky Kabin Koons wera presented tn the hall Friday evening, March 81, under the direction of W. P.

Sex. smith of Rosetown. Mis. W. H.

E. Graham was the accompanist. Proceeds of $85 30 wera In aid of the Netherhtll Red Cross. The April open meeting of the Red Cross was held in the school Monday afternoon with Rev. A.

M. Little presiding, Jt was decided to send $50 to headquarters this month. Plans wera completed for the diama festival to bo held on Friday afleinoon and evening, Apiil 21, balk LAIRD. The Red Cros rummage sale held in the Laird community hall on March 31 was a success, and $190 wa realised. In the raffles Mrs, J.

R. Dyck won first prize, Betty Robbln, second, and Letks-man third. M. F.pp was auctioneer, and E. H.

Nickel assisted. Shop at EATON'S for Biltmore Hats T. EATON t. LIMITED lent' Furnishings, Main Finos Par seed-looking, wen-groomed htlr, million use Brylereera daily. You too, ca htr hur (hit look tmui aad it in pltc all dav, Brjleretm applied to your hair tad ctlp.

overcomes dryness, Imparts a nturiluitre, and keep your hair aat without a sticky, greasy appearance, Aad ladies too, will Sad Irylereem effective la making their hair-do last longer, by keeping thoee dry loose ends la pltc. You can buy oconomical Brylcretm from any druggist la handy tub or jar. fireman C0QB C0 PLENTY. After coming ln like tha proverbial lion nnd remaining blustery most of the month, March went out like a lamb, proof of which was a butterfly noticed on a fast-disappearing snowbank March 81 by Graham Bled. Indoor butterflies are frequently seen during th winter months, but Mr.

Sled believes this is unusually ear ly for outdoor specimen! In Saskatchewan. Oth-r welcome harbingers of spring observed locally during tha past few sunny day Include horned larks, meadow larks nnd tha otherwise unpopular crow and gopher. Pupils of Plenty school collected $17.80 in a canvas of the village on behalf of the Kinsmen Milk-for-Urltaln Fund, the entire proceed going to supply powdered milk for shipment overaeaa SELECT YOUR NEW BILTMORE NOW tVe Have All tho New Shade and Mr The Gillespie Big 22 Ltd. Cole Work. 2nd Avenue, South SEE THE NEW BILTMORE HATS AT JACK GOGEL HU CHURCH BAZAAR ALBAN.

On the afternoon of Saturday, April 1, the ladles' aid of St. Aloytlua Romsn Catholic Chinch sponsored an afternoon tea bazaar and home cooking sale ln the CC. hall at which a large crowd attended, Fiocceds exceeded I $9U. esc 03 MEN'S REAR rhnna 2663 HI 21t Street, Et..

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