Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on July 26, 1896 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 26, 1896
Page 3
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Through Hi* Nervine Is a Benefactor to Thousands." a TTIT.ZliY known Wisconsin publisher, ivbo r««l-.:cs .-.; Green Bay, writes 3;.-.:-cr. iit'n, ;SO:., as f</.io'*s: "Five vtars 11-0 I bcciiTifj so nervous that, mental work was a burden, 'i could not rest at nlrhi on accouc: o' siireoiessnus.i. My attention was called tc Dr. Miles' Kestoratm: NiTvinc. :ind I commenced to use It vrltn me vu ry bcss «irocs. Since tncn I hive ',;c-j- i bof.ic in csy bouse nnd use It •wntnaviT :E;.' nerve? bccooic'unstrun!:, with aivftys t'[ius:imOi;ood ri'»ui:s. Jiy'son also D «- M : '|oc* tukos ii lor nervousness i. jnu^, 1 ) wlth , liio novi . r fulling success. I bave rccom- mended It 10 many and ^ cu " os t ' nerr - AU w ' no .yj . t . suffer from nerve HC2.ll.il • troubles should try It. It is (.-co (rora narcotics, perfectly harm- loss, and yet sootnrs and strengthens. Dr. Miles, thrW'h liisServino is a benefactor to thousands." A. C. LEHMAN. Editor and proprietor of Duit JJANDS.MAK. Dr. MHOS' Nervine is sold on guarantee first bottio will benefit or money refunded. STATE NATIONAL BANK LOGAJfSPOBI. I> • $200.000 J. F. Johnson, President. S. W. Ullery, Vice President, H. J. Hettbtfnk, Cashier. DIRECTORS. f. T. Johnson. S. W. Ullery. J. T. Elliott. "W. M. Elliott. W. H. Snider. Buy and ••>'! Government bomJa. money en personal eecurlty and collater- Issue special certtncatca o.f deposits rlnK C per cent. Interest when left one r- 2 per cent, per annum when depos- '^oxesTn Safety Deposit Vault. of this tank for the deposit of deeds, Insurance SuclesT mortgagea and «ther vaUimblei, Knted at from 15 to »5 r«r year. THE Monsoo Typewriter Is a Good! Machine. A high standard ol excellence. Maw of the VMunson" consider It THE |BEST. You will find It a valuable assistant In jour of- lice. Address for particulars THE MUNSON.TYPEWRITER CO MANUFACTUBEKS. 940-344 Went Lake St.. Chleaso, 111. SIX SIX. Special Train EXCURSIONS -TO- Maxinkuckee Lake VIA THE VANDALIA LINE July ipth, 36th, and August and, 9th, i6th, 23rd. Fare for the round trip $1.00. Train leaves VandaJia station at 9:56 a m. CHAS. L. WOLL, :-: UNDERTAKER >: N». 41? Market Street Calls attended to promptly, d»T 01 ^entr»l Onion and Mutual telephonei. Office, No. 16; Residence, No. J3L L. G. PATTERSON ' ^fe>' " Has opened a Firs and Accident 1'tfsur- •nce offlco at 410 Broadway, up •**>"•«? •ollcltB a nhare of the pubUo patronaga. None but First Class Companies Eepro- s«nted. • Bound trip, rate to St. Joseph, $2; to Lake Maxinkuckee, $1. Train leaves Vandalla station every Sunday at 7 a. m. George Hardy, residing near the college, is slo^vly recovering from an nt- tack oC paralysis. Geo. Harrison has the flnwt line Of hammocks In the city. Traveling men are Invited to send Items of Interest to this column. Personal notes will be gladly received. Matter should reach The Journal!.office : .by"Frlday night to Insure publication the following Sunday. • '••'' . . Too nuicli -politic* is tihrays bnd for. Thei'e is room for nil fou-sdoutlou* workere 011 r.he n>;ul. The Salvation Army .of coiuinerce— the travi-Hiw salusnien of the couutry. Conduct liusiuoss an liiuaui.-ss. priud- pl,« and It will yield suitKrsictory rv- siilits nil ni-ound. I; is a hiM-culwin t;i.sk in l.licse rtnys ni 1 keen oimiiiii'Cttion to secure custoini'iv and -i-t Is .still more dirticult to iml'd tliein. There is ;i iTiiveilui; tn:in at lluusion, Texas, \vlio is su w.'in.ky on the silvv'r cjuesTin'ii iliiit he won't ,*pe:ik to his wife liecnnse slie lists golden hair. Tin 1 i-loi!iinu' and ^hoe ?:i'le-nie'.i have bail slieiir iniiTOg anil are all In. T-lio dry goods ami mUlliiery •fallows iii'i 1 innv ivadv to star: 'int. Leailci-sliip iik v :i.iiN sitpcr'nirity. -Can- timmd leadersliip of the '.rraveler.s' Pro- te<-lJve A^oeia.tiovi oC America over all other c^mmercM travelers' ovganJ/.a- lions in Hie l.'tHted S rat re is proof of uiuli-raabLe uiiu-ir. Thnfs ihe whole thing in a nutshell. The mi-ii vho are 'traveling rliroiigii •Ihe State ropiirt trade evf.r.vwl'.ere a« dUposud 10 fiilloxv t-.he hanul-to-iiioutli polity, that Is, buying but bny.lng lightly, aithougli stoc-ks a.re low on sea.son- able goods. Tlnis is prolxiWy it v'-'O' good po'lic-y iu'lts wiy IT combined vvirli •Juilieiic.us i'oiv.siglit, instead of lic-lnt: carriwl roo far. A •coini't'tent aivtJionity pbces the salaries- iiiu.1 coiimiiiission earned by the cuiumorcial tniveluw i» tW.< country at about $r.uO,000,000. These men also dis- tirlbuie In traveling expenses, rallrowl fare anil hcvtel biiHs another i^OO.OOO.OOO or a total of $1.000,000,000 invested nn- uaJ-ly iav tltis factor of trade. Yet ?o oveiily is t'lie- va^t sum di.st,ribuicd and w -well adjusrcxl to the needs of business that it ail ru.w OIL snuooUily, con- stantily augmenting commercs, dovol- aplug'rlie resou-rces of our country and malving It the wonder of the world. There was paid to members of U'O T. P. A. In Indiana th« mouth of June 1SOG the following indemnites: No. of Cortlfleate. T J. Vauglm H.458' S 23-00 E. >!.-Biiliehal't 10,002 oO.OO Geo. P. Smith 10.105 r,0.00 T S -Bonwh 1-WSS 1C.42 H S. Joius 1C-W2 2S.57 H. W. Kcosoncr 12.842 00.00 J E UiKtewpod...'.-18.140 WO-00 F. M. Jcnkhies 5.502 25.00 I, E. Long..... 10,500 800.00 There was i-eanailiuin? 1" the National Treasurer's hands tlic first of July, ISOT. $27,800.40. DEAFNESS CANNOT BE CUEED by local applications, as they can- reach the diseased portion of the < There Is only one way to cure deafness and that Is by constitutional remedies. Deafness Is caused by sn Inflamed condition of the mucous llnlnjg of the Eu- stachlan Tube. When this tube gets inflamed you have a rumbling sound or Imperfect hearing, and when it is entirely closed deafness Is the result, and unless the inflammation can be taken out and this tube restored to iti normal condition, hearing will be fiM- •troycd by catarrh, which 1s nothing but an "inflamed condition of the raucous surfaces. . We will give One Hundred Dollars for any case, of. deafness (caused by catarrh) that cannot be cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure. Send for circulars, free. F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, O. Sold by Druggists, 75f MASONIC NOTICE. Orient lodge No. 272, F. and A. M., wll 'hold a (special meeting Tuesday evening, July 28, 1S9C, for very Important work, to bo followed by a banquet. A FINE SINGER. Mr. E. B. Mufflen of DCS Molues, la., .will sing a solo in, Broadway Presbyterian church this forenoon at ' 11 o'clock. Mr. Mufflen is regarded as one of the finest singers of the day. ' A CHILD ENJOYS The pleasant flavor, gentle action, and soothing effect of Syrup of Figs, when in need of a laxative, nnd if the father or mother be costive or billons, the most gratifying results follow Its use; so that It Is the best family remedy known and every family should have a bottle. ..•:.. Subscribe for The Journal. Warda Friday Night. The Democrats hdcl their primaries Friday for the selection, of delegates to the County convention , to 'be -held August 1 for the noiriilntitlon of candidates for county offices. There was not an "entlmsuistic outpouring of the faithful," bul fhe attendance was fair atnill o'l! the meetings, . • ' FIRST WARD. ' The meeting In this ward was lieM at the Westshle engine house. There was :i creditable showing of Democrats prcs ent, C. N. Graflis was chosen chaJnnau ami M. A. Little secretary. The following delegates were named: N. L. Kale. Hivrvey Brown .Herman Adamski, John Ladders, Frank Gnthrte.John Rehwald, Julius Wagner, Thomas Courtney, A. D. Fansler. .lolm H. Mlnueman, Geo. W. Caini, Charles Huhl. Joseph Yeager, Will in m Diwican. IT. V, Trick, Tat Kearney. T. J. Schrader, Max .Tcnnings, Oeo. W. Fender, .T. B, Messlnger, An- rliony Hay. Harry Uhl. M. J. Gallagher, Ivruii Bnei'ger, Jr.. C. X. Grains, Richard H.-ixcI, Robert Hay, ,7oh.n Murphy, .Toh.n H. MiniioiiHUi. Peter WaJlrath, M. A. Little. Pat Hooley. George Kenuudy. and Peter'D, Smirh. SECOND WAIiU. Tlie See-ond wiink'i's met In the new i.-iiurr rotjiii, with a, fair attendance present. The meeting was called to order by . 'Piitrirk Ma'.ioney. conuniiteeman l'ri>m ilie lir.-t precinct of ihe wni'J. anil JIaj. ?. L. McF;idlii wax fiiosen chalr- iinan, and .'lo'r.n W. McGreevy secre-tai-y. There wa.s no .«peec:hm;iking. no preli- ii'iinnry fussing o-!' any sorr, The delegates ro the cmui'ty convention were named ami that was the find of it. Fol- lowi-ul' Is a lisu of the dologate.'': Williiiin Shannaha.il. George, Peters, Peter WeckCus, Henry Kamuici'ei'..lohn Urown. G. A. Shnfe:'. jr., Patrick Mahomey. Benjamin Mullett, AY. F. Bop]', J. W. McGreevy. .T. C, Wiiid. Jay Tay- Inr, Amly Hirbler. Matthias Schueebcr- gor. I'rederX'lc Dykeman, Anthony Cruswi-uioyer, S. L.-McFadiii. Henry ITuWer. Byrcui Wilson. Mlchiit'J Gar- rlgau. THIRD WARD. The Tliinl ward met -at the council fluimbor and was called to order by Dr. M. A. Jordan, cmmnirterman, who was selected eliairjiian. Adaw Feiker wa.= selected secretary and the nweting proceeded to business. There wa,5 no committee on resolutions, no endorsement of tlio Demo-Popu Chicago convention. and ,110 resolution of sympathy with the 1'opnlist convention at St. Louis. M, F. Sullivan presented a report of h!<s own design, naming tlie delegates which he wanted the meeting to name. Thera was decided opposition to this "one man biisinas's.- 1 us one of the Democrats in the audience put It. and oil motion the chair appointed a committee of one fii'om each precinct In tlie ward to select a list of delegates. Following « tlle ri ~ sult of tlie deliberations of the com-.. mittee, which the meeting conlirmed by vote: * Chris Berg, M. F. Sullivan, Alex Apple, Ed Diehl, Will lam Gayglin, Charles Johnson, Adam Graf, M.' C. Wade. A. Hausoj], Henry Kliiwick, Richard Irvin, George Rhodei-er, A. F. Nye, Geo. Feiker. John Irwin. John Mluneman, Anthony Ammi, George Palmer, Frert Gubbiu! William Heppe, 'sr.. Cyrus Reese. FOURTH WARD. Paul Tsiber presided at the meetiaig at the North street engine house, and John AY. Bmrnes was secretary. There was am attendance of about- twenty-four, • and a resolution was passed indorsing (•ho 1C to 1 convention, as Chairman T.iber called it, taki«g : care .not. to speak of it as the Democratic National convention. Uncle Ben Lonthain had the e.yes of t.he ward-hustlers on him, nnd when blie question was put lie meekly responded ''aye" with the rest. The no vote was not taken. The following delegates were chosen: Paul 'T.iber, 'Walter Uhl, .Charles Newell, John 'Shoerin, Etauiett Mulholland, M. J. Winueld;']r., C. W. Fisk, Thos. Pierce, •jr., Jesse .Stukey,' Hnrvey Glassco, Frank Stukey, Will Graflis, -Jordan Hec'Iit, Ohrls. Hober, George Hoffmaa, .Tuliiis Lciinoiman'antl Jos. J. Hertz. FIFTH WARD. 'The Fifth ward' organized by the selection of C. L.-Woll as chairman and Joseph Goss and C. D. Herrfck as secretaries: The following list of dele- Kates was selected: E. Gormeirly, G. Hellsman, M. Martin, F. Bower, E. 'M.Howard, J. H.-Heuch, Fred 'Mont-Tort, G. A, Shaefer, sr., AA'm. : Halpta, C. L. Woll, H. Brookmewer, jr.. W FarrcH. sr., A. G. Jenkines, F. M. Klstlcr, L. J. Bigg, S. J. H. DeWoU, .1. Mulcafliey, J. Craig. Joseph Mornn, F. Buirgman, D. Dallej', J. Mc'CHllen, T. Sample, C. Rogna, Thos. Collins, J, FrJcf, E. Fillmoi-e, Peter Jolly, C. W. Bnrgiman, C. Spitenagle, Tonej- Cook, H. Roach, Jr., A. McOarter, G: Hnrtma.n .Jaw. .Griffin, J. Montgomeiy. Henry Tousley. . » • • . .BETHLEHEM TOWNSHIP. Chainnau, Jnmes Buclwnau: secretary, S.-A. KessJer. Delfigates.—J. J, Brill, S. A. Kessler, J. W. Neffi, John Brinley, mul Jacob Leffel. Delegates Instnicted to vote .for Stephen G. Conrad for commissioner. : CLAY .TOWNSHIP. Chaiumn.il, -WJllnrd Jones; secretary, f $ix$ for' $3.00 $2.98 for $5.00 Shoes. Men's suits Jimule from Bkiolc and Blue Cheviots, Fancy Cheviots, in Light trlmtmcd. Our regular $S and $0 and Dark Colors, well made' ami (it-rules Men's Suits mswle from All-wool Materials,.in Dark, Medium arid Light Effects, all desirable 'patterns, cut down .from .$10 and if 12 TO Muii's SuMs, mbde f'rom Stylish Black ami Blue Thlbors Fancy Cheviots and Clay Worsteds, nicely made up in tilife wn-sou's patterns. Reduced Irani SIS fo Men's Suits, made firoin me most Fas.li- loniable Fa-biil'ts known to the trade, such as English- Clay Worsted?, Homespuns, Sro-ges. Clwviots. Colored Clays :uid Twills. Regular *1S goods Men's SuHs made from very finest Imported and American Fabrics, and sh.own Jn all t.he leading sfcyles. Many li'iied throughout witli Silk ami Sa-tl.n. Jlegnbil' $20 ami !?22 $3.98 $5-75 $7-50 $9.69 $12.95 *r> MEN'S TROUSERS. $1.30 TROUSERS, ox Ira well inado. hi dark and medium Colors. Stripe:- .%'j.riO TROUSERS, desirable patterns i:i Light and Da-rk Effects: hamlsojne- ly 'made wffli cont;::uwif: Wai^t Bauds, <?tc '. S'j..~n TROrSKRS. neat stylish tet-iis: IIOIKW. good? tliat will hold vhdr sha-pe and wear well $•1.00 and f-i.'iO TROUSERS made from high-grade materials; n:! Mils- .son's juiHorns; a perDevi fit g'uaran reed $1.48 i -•$2.75 OTTO KRAUS "Of Course CiiauucT.v •Cn.ster. Ddegate.'.—L. B. Custcr. Wilhu-d .Tones, .Taeol> Henkoc. -and As'hl'ord Crool;. JEFFERSON TOWNSHIP. L. B. Edwards, ehair.man; Gco. B. Davis secretary. Uclejrafes.—I-l'iram 1-Ia.r- vey, Fra.nk-Davis, James ruinous. Wm. ,T. Gibson. James E. Buchanan, WillarJ Calloway, nnd William La.iitz. .TACKSO.V TOWNSHIP. Cliaii'nKUi. ,T. Z. Loop; secretary. Clws. Reider. Ddewites.—James Holman, James Fanloy, James Marshall, David Emerlck. Daniel Burkit, Josepli Gniy. Fetor Oral!, Thomas Morpux. William Lilt;;, WiiUlam F. StnnJcy, Beiijamio. Wilson, David Dovla.nd. MIAMI TOWNSHIP. _^ * Chairman, Artlmr Howard; secretary, W. H. Fkllcr. Delegates—Henry Hop- l)«r. John Carter. Wi'lUaiu Fleislunan, JoliD«it.lia,n Cox, William Anderson, William -Burftmaii. • NOBLE TOWNSHIP. 'Geoi'ge Ziflii, chairman, John M. Tain, secretary. Delegates—Albert Winters. CharlesV. Sheets, Harry T. Roishter. DoitKlass Zinu, .Tames N. Boss and Ira Cot.ner. TIPTON TOWNSHIP. Chairman, J. W. Rice: secretary. Goo. Enyart. Dclepites.—W. M. Logan, Stewart Taylor, 'George Enyart, Win. Earner. Abe HelvJe, John W. Sneli, Sanino.1 Dorau, Jftseiih Bechdol, Frank rWllI'DS. Manny EngJer, Harry Stongh, Edward Guy. J. W. Rice, E. A. Suyder. At Wright, H, Mnrnan, Ol Erlmigb. CuM-los Rlnehart. WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP. George W. Itichnson chairman; W. H. Burket. seerctaiT- Delega.tes.—' CJinrles WeudMng, George Miller, H. G. Wari'lck. A. ,T. Hunter, He'rmnn: Martin, W, H. Burket, Joseph DeHaveri, "W. E. Fiirgnson, H. B; Carney, Alvln Ferguson, A. F.-Muii-pliy, John Novfcoger, and Roliert Rusli. ADAMS. Ei T. Obeiuch.aln, ehalrmnn; Isaac Auit seci-etary. Delegates — Daniel Woodhouse, G. Bawilinrt, M"arion Kreidcr, WllHard Au.lt, .T. M. Denniston, Abva- 'liam Moss. Charles Kinuoman. Riehni'd Ivirelmer. . HARRISON. Leonard Burton, chairman. Delegates —Levl Bundy, Peter J.FoK-lasong.Frank Batty. Williaim'Bnirtou, William Backus, 'Matthew Maroney, W. C. Dempscy, Levl MoitUgomery, William McDonald. DEER CREEK. W, E. Lybrook, chainn-'iu: Marvin Babb. secretary. Delegates-John Snider, N. >I Davis, Marvin Babb, Jolin Nelson, E. D. DeHaven/D. A. Lybrool;, C. R. Lybrook, Frank Sense. Robert • Meek, A.'J. Gray, Dow McBrldc, W. X. Peter, John Beck. BOONE. M. W. Ivisrlar, chalnna,u; George A. Bea, sccretavy. Delegates—Win. Gun- dnu'u, J. C. Ivtetler, H. E. Goodrich, Lewis Beckley, Miclwel Fve.^our, Mart Browi, Wan. Harvay.Audirew Bliss and J. H. BeckJey. CLINTON. Df!c=ntes—Jacob Reed, Taylor' Glr- iton, Joluu H. Smith, Daniel Mnhoney, .' Charles Best, Oliver' Reed ami Isaiah Hoffman. Hammocks at yonr own price at Geo. Harrison's. Drawings of AU Kinds Made by Subscribe for The Journal. B. GORDON. Draughtsman & Patent Attorney. Spry Block. Logansport N itural and Artificial Gas Bills due the Firs of each month, ten day's grace. All bills payable at the office of the;Company, 317 Pearl Street. Spacial-Low ratesNon heaters during th« months of May, Junejjuly, August andJSep- tember. CHEAP EXCURSIONS TO THE WEST AKD NORTHWEST. OJi August 4, IS, September 1, 15, 20, October 0 and 20, 1S9C; Tho Northwestern Line (Chicago & North-Western R'.v) will sell Home SeeKers' excursion tickets at very low rates to a large number of polnts'in the west and northwest. For full Information.' apply to ticket agents at connecting linos or address W. B. Knlskera, G. P. & T. A., Chicago, III. ; HALF RATES TO OMAHA. Via the North-Western Llue (Chicago & North-Western' R'y) August 13, 1C and 17, 1896, one fare for the round trip. On August 2-1- excursion tickets at very low rates will also be sold from Omblia to Denver and the famous Hot Springs of South Dakota. For full information apply to ticket agents of connecting lines or address W. B. Knlskern G. P. & T. A., Chicago, III. LOW RATES TO SALT LAKE Via, the North-Western Lino (Chicago & North-Western R'.v) August.C and 7, 1S9C. For full information apply, to ticket agents of connecting lines or address W. B. Kniskern, G. P. & T. A.. Chicago, 111. ' • . St. Joseph Is a most delightful resort during this extremely torrid weather. Fare for the round trip, $2.00. Train leaves Vandalla station at. 7:00 a. m. every Sunday. Subscribe JCor The Journal.

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